Blue Bloods (2010–…): Season 4, Episode 7 - Drawing Dead - full transcript

When an officer is accused of using excessive force on a suspect, Frank finds his department under scrutiny from the community and the mayor.

I love driving back.

I looked for a place down here
when I got my gold shield.

So, what happened?

Well, one month's rent
on a one-bedroom

costs more than my car.

Yeah. What's wrong
with Brooklyn anyway?

Nothing, but, I mean,
check this out--

it's beautiful,
it's safe.

Well, judging
by the call we just got,

I don't think
it's that safe.

What do we got?

Ted Kramer,
Wall Street guy.

Gunshot to
the head.

Close range.

They didn't take
his fancy watch.

No signs of forced entry?

No, Detective.

It's a serious security system.

Checked it. Disabled.
Whoever pulled the trigger

probably took care of that
after this guy let him in.

No signs of a struggle,
nothing stolen.

I don't think it's a burglary.

Looks like a professional hit.

Question is, who'd want. Kr?

Don't take this

the wrong way.

You drive just like
my grandmother.

Yeah, well, you drive like my
brother when he was 14, so...

You can't drive
till you're 16, chief.


I'm just saying, it's not like
you're gonna get a ticket.

Well, if I do, it's not like my
rich dad is gonna pay it for me.

Boy Scout.
Daddy's girl.

All units, shots fired,
corner of Clinton and 12th.

12 David responding.

That's more like it, yeah.

We got two suspects drawing
shots from behind that car.


Go, go, go!

Police! Drop your weapons!

All right, stay here.
I'm going around.

Stay, stay.

Give it up!

You're not getting out of here!

Drop your weapon!

Drop it! Put 'em on the ground
right now! On the ground!

On the ground! Put 'em down!
On the ground now!

On the ground!
Hands behind your head!

On the ground!

Central, 12 David.
Keep 'em coming.

I got two under.

One fled the scene.

Stay here.

Why'd you have to shoot him?
The kid was unarmed.

Hey. Hey, what happened?

He had a gun.
I had no choice.

That cop shot him in the back!
He didn't have a gun!

He's just a damn kid!

Central, 12 David.
I need a bus forthwith

at 3275 Clinton,

regarding one male shot.

Oh. Where's the gun?
What happened?

Uh, I don't know.
Calm down.

I've been trying to
stop the bleeding.

He didn't have
no damn gun!

You shot him
for no reason!

All right, all right,
hey, calm down. All right.

All right, back up!
Central, 12 David.

I'm requesting a 10-85,

regarding large disorderly crowd
at this location, forthwith.

All right, calm down!
Hey, back up!

Back up!
Hey, back up!

The current unrest
on Clinton Street began

when 14-year-old Marcus Green,
fleeing purported gang members,

was chased by NYPD officer
James Montero,

who then shot the youth
in the back.

There's no word on the boy's
condition at this time.

So far, police
haven't engaged protestors,

but violence
is clearly escalating.

Kid died on the table
five minutes ago.

Five minutes from now,

the news will hit the street.

Like a bombshell.

We're ready.

Sheer numbers,
for starters.

Contain the crowd without
inciting further violence.

It's easier said than done.

They are to stand down
unless directly attacked.

What about attacks
on private property?

I will not have someone shot
over a plateglass window.

What are they saying?

Witnesses claim
that Green was unarmed,

including local shop owner
Marta Dominga.

Marta, please. Thank you.
Thank you for talking to us.

Can you please tell us what
happened and what were your thoughts.

Well, the cops come
into this neighborhood

and they treat everyone
like a damn criminal,

and we're sick of it!

This is not right at all,
because this boy

was 14 years old.

Did he have a gun?

No, he had not gun.
And that's not right.

I mean, what about us?
What about our neighborhood?

We need some protection, too...

They find the weapon yet?

Not yet. All due respect, boss,
we can't put that fire out

with just a squirt gun.

Do we have trained officers
on the scene?

Then let's put

that training
to good use.

We will play for a tie
until further notice.

Yes, sir.
I am late

for my briefing with the mayor.
Sir, Montero's

a good officer--
no need to play defense here.

We got a 14-year-old boy
shot dead by one of our own.

The reality is, public sentiment
is going to dictate

how some of this goes.

Just trying to stand up
for our guy.

I'll stand up for him.

Let's just hope
he did the right thing.

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Drawing Dead
Original Air Date on November 8, 2013

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Who would want to kill Teddy?

We were hoping you could
help us out with that, Mr. Phillips.

Did Mr. Kramer have
any enemies you knew about?

He was a wonderful guy.

He was a great partner.

People loved him.

No issues
at the office,

pissed-off clients, nothing?


There was a small disagreement

between Teddy
and the other partners recently.

Oh. What about?
Well, Teddy wanted

to bring in a new partner,

some art dealer--
zero experience in securities.

But it's his company, right?

Yes. But...

under the partnership agreement,
he still has to get

majority approval
to bring someone new aboard.

Which I'm assuming
he didn't get.

The only thing
this guy brought was capital,

and we're coming off
a record year, so he...

was rejected.

How'd Kramer take it?

Not well.
He stopped

coming to the office,
wouldn't answer his calls.

I hadn't spoken to him in a week.
This art dealer

that Kramer wanted to bring in,
did he have a name?

Teri Damiri.

Family's loaded.
They've got a gallery

up on Madison.

Sounds familiar.
Is that that guy

that hangs out at the clubs
with the movie stars?

Another reason we didn't want
his name on the letterhead.

I'm gonna have
to ask you again,

Frank, do you have
a credible witness

who says he saw
the kid had a gun?

The incident is under
investigation, Mr. Mayor.

Don't give me

the company line, Frank.

I am following procedure,

and procedure dictates
we interview

every possible witness,
not just the kangaroo court

TV puts on.

And who would be
a credible witness to you?

Another cop?
Oh, come on.

We both know that won't fly.

You're damn right, it won't--
the people

in the community
have eyesight, too.

I'm not saying they don't.

You don't lean
toward them, do you?

You always lean toward your own.

If you're playing
some race card here, save it.

I am not playing
a race card.

You and me,

we're better than that...

and I know that.

But the card I am playing...

Six months ago I was shot
by a kid from the projects.

A minority kid.

And every day I wish one of yours
had beat him to the draw.

But, Frank, wishing it
won't make it so.

No more than you wishing
that the people's beef

with your department's
use of force

is 100% unfounded.

You know I want
to work with you here.

And I hope you know...

that I would like
to lighten your load if I can.

I do know that.

What can I do?

I'm gonna hold a press
conference on the shooting.

I wa you to be there.
I already

released a statement.

We have a full-scale riot
on our hands, Frank.

A statement is not gonna cut it.

I am not gonna hang
my officer out to dry

before I have
all the facts.

No one is asking you to.

Well, somehow it always
turns out that way.

You're just gonna have
to trust me on this, Frank.

Now, when do we get
the Internal Affairs report?

72 hours.

If Officer Montero
is found negligent,

he will pay the price.

If Officer Montero
is found negligent,

I'm gonna do everything
in my power

to see that he's charged
with murder.

That'll be the price of that.

Teri Damiri?

Thank you, Natasha.

Welcome, Detectives.

Are you in the market
for some fine art today?

Eh, something tells me
this stuff's

a little bit
out of our price range.

True beauty has no price.


Yeah, so, you and Ted
Kramer were friends?

I loved Teddy. I can't
believe what happened.

We understand you wanted
to partner up with his firm.

Teddy needed
a little cash infusion.

He was good customer,

and a hell of a guy.
I was trying to help him out.

Hm. His partners said
they had plenty of dough.

Look, Teddy made
a few deals

his associates
didn't know about.

Big-money plays
with considerable risk.

And you offered to step in?

Yeah, but it didn't work out.

It made no difference to me;
clearly I don't need the money.

But I felt bad for Teddy.

He was in a tough spot.

He's in a tougher spot now.

You know who might
have killed him?

A lot of bad guys out there.

I have to be honest

with you, Counselor,
I'm a little surprised

your client is in this office.

I've advised
Officer Montero he has

no obligation to speak to you.

And yet, here he is.

This is a proffer session.
Nothing my client says

can be used against him.

Unless he contradicts himself
in future testimony.

We're hoping it
doesn't come to that.

In light of the public outcry,
with many prominent leaders

speaking out against my
client, we are concerned

that department brass

may encourage
the IAB to...

sacrifice Officer Montero
in order to keep the peace.

"Department brass"?

Oh, I'm not here to disrespect
anyone's family.

My client deserves a fair shake,

and we feel the D.A.'s
investigation offers

his best shot to get it.

I'd like to hear your version
of what happened.

I chased the suspect
onto a crowded street.

I ordered him to stop.
Instead, he turned around,

aimed a weapon at
me, so I fired.

Was your gun drawn
the whole time?

Yes. The original call
was shots fired.

I-I couldn't be sure
if he had a gun.

Are you certain he had one?
I didn't see it

at first, but,
when he turned back toward me,

he had a weapon in his hand.
It was

a stressful situation.
Is there any chance

you might be mistaken?

No way.

Why wasn't a gun found
at the scene?

I don't know.

Neither do I.

I know this looks bad,
but I swear to God...

I fired in self-defense.

I could see
he was just

a kid.

I didn't want to hurt him.

The death of Marcus Green,
regardless of circumstance,

is a tragedy.

I want to assure
the public

that the shooting
is being investigated

and the full results
will be released shortly.

Until then,

I urge restraint and calm.

The last thing this city needs
is further violence.

I echo the commissioner's call
for restraint.

This is a terrible incident,

but the public needs
to remain calm.

Does this shooting fit into

a larger pattern
of excessive force

by the NYPD
in minority neighborhoods?

There is no evidence
that Officer Montero

used excessive force...
But it most certainly

does leave a lot
of unanswered questions.

This tragedy fits
in a well-established

and disturbing trend.

The use of excessive force
in minority

and poor communities
is a grave concern.

And one that I promise

will not be tolerated.

When our children
aren't safe, our city

isn't safe.



You come up with anything?

Oh, the only thing I get
from Kramer's financial records

is that I definitely chose
the wrong profession.

"Cash withdrawal:

80 grand, 100 grand, 200 grand"?

What's this guy spending
his money on?

Oh. Here we go.

The cash was wired
to various casinos,

the Borgata, Mandalay Bay,

Close to two million bucks
in all.

Son of a bitch.

He's a degenerate gambler.

With very deep pockets.
Yeah, kind of guy

gets himself in too deep
and gets himself popped.

You know what?
Let's take a ride.

Come on.
Where are we going?

I got a C.I. who's in
the gambling business.

He'll let us know if this
guy got himself whacked

for not paying his marker.

Hey, do you have anything
on Officer Montero?

Graduated third in his class
from the police academy,

earned a citation
for community outreach.

You try his C.O.?

Says Montero's
an exemplary officer.


it looks like our Marcus Green

is not as innocent
as we thought.

He's got a juvenile record.

Those records are supposed
to be sealed.

Yeah, I've got friends
in low places.

"Marcus Green...

"arrested for carrying
a loaded .38-caliber pistol

when he was 12."
Doesn't mean he was armed

when Montero shot him
in the back.


But it does mean we have
a lot more work to do.

Might look like any other
nondescript dive,

but it's actually
the biggest book east of Vegas.

How come OCCB
doesn't shut it down?

Most of their best snitches
work out of here.

And there's ours.

you're killing me. I bailed
your ass out 100 times, Lester.

Come on, Lester.


Gary's got to go now.
Have a nice day.


Working a homicide. You do
remember police work, right?

Hum a few bars.

Detective Baez, Gary Heller.

Believe it or not,
Gary used to be on the job.

You were a cop?


Till the, uh, unpleasantness.

Unpleasantness being
he lost a kilo.

A kilo went missing
under his watch.

You ever speak
to the Jamaicans you framed?

Why dwell on the past?

I make a lot more dough taking
bets and the hours are better.

I'm sure.

You're a lot
more fetching

than his last partner.
All right,

knock it off. I need you
to focus, okay?

You know Ted Kramer?

Kramer? Hmm.

The broker that got popped
in Tribeca, right?

Yeah, and he liked to gamble.

Lot of folks do.


Kramer was a player.

High-stakes poker.

Bet big, lost bigger.

He ran around with a rich
art dealer, a Damiri.

They gamble together?

Uh, lo , guys...

getting into
a sensitive area here.

Is Damiri a player or not?


he was more of a businessman.


he set up games
for his big-money pals.

And keep a piece
of the action

for himself.

That's the American way, honey.
We done?


Say this Kramer lost big.

Was he into Damiri?

You kidding me, Danny?

No, I'm not kidding you, Gary.

Damiri uses Russian muscle
to police his games.

He's in business
with the Russian mob.

Those guys got
no sense of humor.

I'm done talking.

No, you're not.

Was Kramer into Damiri?
Yes or no.

Kramer was in a seven-figure
hole with Damiri.

That's a bad place
to be.

You guys were never here.

Action to me?


Bet's to you.

I call.

$75,000. You, sir.

All right, ladies and gentlemen,

we are the police.
This game is officially over.

Sir, why don't you drop
that bottle.

Everybody get your hands onto
the table where we can see 'em

with your palms up.
Give those three a toss over here.

Make sure they're not carrying.

Step back, sir.

What the hell is going on?!

Just the man I'm looking for.

Turn around.
You're coming with us.

We have almost 400 grand in this pot.
Hey, you can

walk away now or you can count
your winnings in jail.

Hey, hands up.

You guys are making
a big mistake.

The only one making a mistake here
is you with your little gambling operation.

It's just poker, Detective.
It's a victimless crime.

Tell that to Ted Kramer.

Get your ass out of here.

Get a good night's sleep?

You could've questioned me
last night and then released me.

But what fun would that be?
Guess he didn't like the holding cell.

We just wanted to
give you a chance

to see how the other half lives,
you know?

Sort of a sneak preview for you.

Please. I host poker games
for my friends

so they can have
a little privacy and relax.

What's the big deal?

You keep a piece of every pot--
that illegal.

I got to pay for the room,

the staff, refreshments.

And what about
your Russian friends?

There's a lot of
cash flying around.

I like my guests to feel safe.

And what happens
to your guests

when they don't make
good on their debts?

Are you guys serious?

Dead serious.

I sell art, okay? To collectors

all over the world.
I don't kill people.

And the thugs at the hotel?

poker's something I do for fun

to help out my friends.

Sort of like the way
you helped out Ted Kramer.

Listen carefully.

The most powerful people

in this city play my games,

along with the billionaires
who get them elected.

They're all in my book:

names, dates,
amounts won and lost.

It's my little insurance policy.

Insurance policy against what?


These people
don't want to...

read about their gambling habits
in the newspaper.

It's bad for business.

So if you're smart,
you'll back off

before you get yourselves
in serious trouble.

And if you're
really smart,

you'll tell us everything
you know

about the murder of Ted Kramer.



Thank you. Good morning.

Hi, Teri.

Good morning, Bruce.

Detective, are you gonna, uh,
charge him with anything?

Not at this time, no.

So I'm gonna take him with me.

Good to see you. Thank you.
You, too. Bruce.

Remember, Detective, a smart
player knows when to walk away.

I'll remember that.

Let's go. Give my best
to your father.

- He's a good man. - I will.
Have a good day.


Come on, number five.

Come on, number five.
Number five.

Number f...

You should be pulling
a hansom cab.

We need to talk.


You're like a recurring
nightmare, Reagan.

What are you doing here?
I missed you.

You sat down
at Damiri's top game.

That's the biggest game in town.
Will you relax?

Nobody's gonna trace it
back to you. - No?

They will if you keep
showing up here.

Come on.
Stop your hyperventilating.

You owe me, Danny.
You owe me big-time.

No, I don't owe you
a damn thing. You owe me.

Now, I need you
to confirm something

that Damiri told us.
He says he's got a black book

with a list
of all the games in it.

He calls it his...

Yeah, his insurance policy,

Yeah. So it's legit?

Yes, it's legit.
And there's names in there

that you wouldn't believe.
Now, are you gonna back off?

No. I just need to know
what I'm dealing with.

then you should know...

there's a name in Damiri's book
that hits real close to home.

What the hell
are you talking about?

Your home.

You got a minute, Gramps?

For you?

I'll clear my busy schedule.

Uh, working a homicide.

This, uh, big shot Wall Street
guy got himself whacked.

I'm surprised it doesn't
happen more often.

Yeah. Seems he got in
over his head

in a mobbed-up poker game.

That'll get you
killed, all right.

The guy we're looking at
runs the poker game.

He's a party-boy art dealer,

goes by the name
of Teri Damiri.

You know, this Teri Damiri
keeps a black book

with all of his clients' names
in it, Gramps.

Your name's
one of them.

Please tell me
that's a mistake.



I got tired

of beating the retired cops
I play with.

I went looking
for a bigger game.

Bigger game? The game I broke up
has a $200,000 buy-in.

How much bigger
are you looking for?

That's the top game.
Mine was only 15.

15 grand?

Gramps, are you crazy?!

It's not like I've got to pay
a mortgage or something.

It's an illegal poker game.

You're the former commissioner.

What happens
if your name comes out?

That's my problem.

No. It becomes Dad's problem,

the current commissioner,

who's got the inspector general
hanging around his neck!

He doesn't need this!

And I don't need a lecture
from you.

I saw a bunch of people

on TV throwing bottles
and stuff at a police car.

Well, they were angry
at what they felt

was an injustice.

You mean, that kid
getting killed?


You know, guys,
we talked about this

on the way over here.

I don't think we need
to go over it again.

Listen to your mom.

His name was Marcus.
He was a year older than me.

I want to hear
what Grandpa thinks.

The officer told him to stop,

and he didn't, and I think...

So, that makes it
okay to shoot him?

It's complicated, Sean,

and all the facts
haven't come out yet.

But he shot him
in the back.

There's more to it than that,
and I promise you,

that officer did not set out
to kill that boy.

Well, I doubt
Marcus Green woke up

that morning expecting to die.

Nicky's entitled
to her opinion.

I talked to Montero's partner.

He said that James is
a basket case over this.

Well, I'm sure that that kid's
family is hurting, too.


Lot of pain to go around when
something like this happens.

Pain and blame.


is Officer Montero
gonna go to jail?

If he is indicted, he will stand
trial just like anyone else.

That's right.

Not even cops
are above the law.

Ain't that right, Gramps?

Yeah. Yeah, that's right.


You know, I read an
article in the Times.

Cops hardly ever get indicted
for shootings like this.

The Times mention
that Officer Montero was doing

the best job
that he could?

Can't ask much more
than that from a guy.

Boys, sometimes cops

only have a split second to make
a life-or-death decision.

But he's still responsible
for his actions, right?

- Absolutely.
- We all are.

We're all responsible
for all of our actions

all of the time...
all of us.

And if you live

long enough, you're bound
to make some mistakes.

It's what's called

being human.

So best not to sit
in judgment.

Can I ask you
a question?


We say family comes first
around here.

Is that no matter what?

This have something to do
with what I saw at dinner?

It would help if I knew
what we were talking about.

It's just a question, Dad.


Family comes first.


Good night.


Want some breakfast?

No, I'm all right,
but I do need to talk to you.

Your Marcus Green investigation.

When I first reviewed the file,

I thought
Officer Montero had screwed up.

And now?

I interviewed Montero.

He is convinced
that Marcus Green had a gun.

And I know for a fact that kid
is no stranger to firearms.

No witnesses, no weapon.
I know.

I also know that members of
that community rarely cooperate

with investigators.

Or the D.A.?
I know

our investigations
should be separate,

but this cop's career,

his life depends on us
finding the truth.

I'm not sure
that I can get there on my own.

It's gonna be good.

Wait exactly one minute.

Yes, sir.

Excuse me?

Miss Dominga?

Frank Reagan.

I know who you are, and
I already talked to the cops.

Mm. Saw you on TV.

You were pretty angry.

It shouldn't take a kid
getting shot

for people to know
what goes on down here.

I agree.

I gather you're not a fan
of my police department?

Well, maybe that's because

we're tired of getting hassled
in this neighborhood.

But when we need help,
you can't find a cop.

This store got robbed

two weeks ago.

It took over three hours
for someone to show up.

It's unacceptable.

And I'll find out why,
you have my word.

You didn't actually see
the shooting?

I heard the gunshot,
I walked outside,

I saw him laying on the sidewalk
with a bullet in his back...


Excuse me, sir.


In your sworn statement,

you said you never saw
a gun on the ground.


And... there were
no other witnesses?

I mean, I don't think so.
I don't know. No.

I've been a cop
for a long time, Miss Dominga,

and... when bullets
start flying around,

things get very confusing.

Now, if you saw a gun

and picked it up
to prevent further violence

and forget to mention that
to the investigators,

that's understandable.

But if you hid that gun

to incriminate Officer Montero,

that's called tampering
with physical evidence

and hindering prosecution.

Both felonies.

So, I'm gonna

ask you one more time.

Did you see a gun on the ground
next to Marcus Green?

I'm gonna squeeze Damiri

to give up the Russians
who killed Kramer.

Okay. Just make sure
my name doesn't come up, okay?

You got it.

You also got something
else to worry about.

Story of my life.
What now?

One of those high rollers
you turned me onto--

I interviewed him.

He told me it was his bookie
who turned him onto the game.


You can never trust a damn actor.

You understand that this
makes you an accessory

to Damiri's gambling
organization, right?

Come on! You're...

You're gonna jam me up for
pointing a guy toward a game?

Look, I can put in a good
word with the D.A.'s office.

In exchange for you
doing something for me.


I can't bring down Damiri
without his black book.

You're the one who's
gonna get it for me.

How the hell am I supposed
to get my hands on that?

Come on, Gary. You're a former
cop and a pretty damn good one.

You could figure it out.

You know I need
that book.

Come on, I'm not asking
you to cure cancer here.

All right?


I will get you that damn book,

but after that,
I am free and clear on this.

All right.

You got a deal.


Thanks for giving me the chance
to get straight on this.

I owe you one.

No, you don't.


Hey. You okay?

Yeah. This case is
just turning out

to be a bigger headache
than I could have imagined.

What's going on with you?

When I dumped
our victim's cell phone,

a couple of numbers
came up private,

so I got a subpoena
for the subscriber info.

Turns out Kramer had
a 45-minute conversation

with Arthur Phillips

the day he died.

Wait, his partner?

The same Arthur Phillips

that sat in this chair
and told us

he hadn't heard
from Kramer in a week?

Thought maybe
we should chat about it,

so he's in Interrogation.

Well, look at that.

Let's go chat about it.

So you knew
about the gambling?

Teddy came clean
the morning he died.

Said he owed Damiri

close to $3 million.

$3 million, and what,
Damiri taking over partnership

in the firm was supposed
to wipe out Kramer's debt?


And you didn't think
to tell us this?

When Teddy told me
what was really going on,

I offered to get the partners
to change the vote,

but Teddy refused.

He said this guy

was too dangerous.

Looks like he was right.

Did Damiri ever

threaten Kramer?

Damiri said his partners
were tired of sitting around,

waiting for their money.

They were going
to collect on his debt.

In blood.

Due to the potential
for public unrest,

I have been given advance notice

of the grand jury's decision
on the Marcus Green case.


They are declining
to indict my officer.

That neighborhood
won't accept that verdict.

They will... once you do.

Frank, I don't have
that kind of power.

This decision is going to wreak
havoc no matter what I say.

A hundred bucks says it won't

so long as
their mayor

gets out in front and
explains it to 'em.

Unless of course you
think it's rigged, too.

Then they'll see
right through you

and then, yes...

there will be rioting
in your streets.

Our streets.
Those ones,

those neighborhoods--
I can only police 'em.

I do not have
their respect,

much less their affection,
and that's that.

Stand the hell up,
would you, Frank?


Because you never used

to sit down
when you came in here.

You always pace about
like some cop instinct told you

that a moving target
was harder to hit.

This better?

Don't treat me any differently
because I'm in this wheelchair.

I'm not.

Then, where the hell were you
after the press conference?

The old Frank Reagan would
have been up in my grill

the moment we left
that stage.

I thought about it.

But I didn't hear
a peep out of you.

Take the kid gloves off, Frank.

You got shot

and it put you
in that wheelchair...

but not by an NYPD officer
doing his job.

James Montero shot that boy
in self-defense.

That's the verdict,

and unless you have solid
information otherwise,

it is your duty
to lead by example

and fully and publicly accept

that this particular tragedy...

could not have been averted.


You're the mayor
of that neighborhood

and all the ones like it

and not just by elected office
but by much more.

By the respect and affection
you command

from the people
who work and live in them.

Use it or lose it.


I'm gonna schedule
a town hall meeting...

you and me... at
the Clinton Street Rec Center.

I'll be there.

Try not to smile when they boo
when I'm introduced.

I will try.

Try harder.

Welcome back, Mr. Mayor.

Officer Montero.

I know you're
busy, Ms. Reagan,

but I wanted
to thank you.

I was just doing my job.

It was more than that;
you were the only one

willing to find out
what really happened.

I'm just glad they're putting
you back to full duty.

Actually I'm taking
a leave of absence.

I need some time.

I hope you're not thinking
of resigning.

Marcus Green was
a troubled kid,

but he was still
just a kid.

You did what you had to do.


Now I need to find a
way to live with it.

You think Damiri's going

to give up his Russian friends
that killed Kramer?

If he thinks it'll keep
his ass from rotting away

and growing old in
a prison, he will.

Teri Damiri.

Let's check his office.


It's Damiri.

They shot him in the head.

I guess his Russian friends got
to him before we did.

Yeah, I guess

they didn't want him
naming names.

He's cold.


Damiri's black book.

With the pages ripped out.


They cut his throat.

It's what
the Russians do

to snitches.
Which means

the guys that did this are
halfway to Moscow by now.


Teri was in the wrong place
at the wrong time.

I'm gonna go call it in.

I did a stupid
and reckless thing

that could have put our
good name in jeopardy.

I'm sorry.

What are we talking about?

Remember when I told you

I went to Atlantic
City last year?

I was actually in a hotel room

on the Upper East Side.

A high-stakes poker game.

Played for 12
hours straight.


It gets worse.

I didn't know it at the time,

but it turns out

that the Russians
were involved in it, too.

Danny was working a case
involving a gambling ring.

There was a
black book,

a sort of master list
of all the players' names.

My name was in it.

And Danny, being Danny,

was trying to figure out
what to do about it.


Commissioner shouldn't know
any more about this.

But the thing is...

I've been a poker player

all my life.

Always the
best guy

at the table.

But never at the best table.

I just wanted to know
what it felt like

to go up against real players
for real money.

Must have been a hell of a game.

Yeah, it was.

Learned my lesson,
a damn expensive one.

How much you lose?

Expensive for them.

Let's just say

that the Widows' and Kids' Fund
got a pretty healthy donation.

♪ Mama, take this badge
off of me... ♪

♪ I can't use it anymore... ♪

Danny Reagan in church
on a Monday?

♪ It's getting dark,
too dark to see... ♪

Everything okay?

♪ I feel I'm knockin'
on heaven's door ♪

♪ Knock, knock, knockin'
on heaven's door ♪

♪ Knock, knock,
knockin' on heaven's door... ♪

Bless me, Father,
for I have sinned.

♪ Knock, knock, knockin'
on heaven's door ♪

♪ Knock, knock, knockin'
on heaven's door. ♪

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