Blue Bloods (2010–…): Season 4, Episode 5 - Lost and Found - full transcript

Erin and Nicky are eating breakfast and they notice a girl. Later they see she left a note at the table asking for help. So Erin calls Danny and he's hesitant to look into it. But when he learns that the person the girl was with is not her parent he talks to her mother who denies that her daughter is missing. But when he and his partner talk to the parents at a diner, they admit she was kidnapped by a man who wants them to help bring some people from Croatia into the country. But they say that Customs wouldn't allow them to enter so now they don't know what to do. Jamie and Edit are assigned to keep an eye out for someone robbing jewelry stores so they wait. But a man enters who wants to return an item and wants a refund but the owners don't give it. He freaks out and the guard tries to ask him to leave but he grabs the guard's gun and demands his refund. Jamie tries to talk to him. Frank learns that the department chaplain has been arrested for drinking and driving, and it wasn't his first time. He talks to him telling him he needs to get his act together. But Garrett does some checking on his own and reveals something Frank was not aware of.

So, next weekend,
I'm going to be in Baltimore

for the DA's conference,

which means Grandpa is going
to stay over,

so be prepared
for Westerns,

and try to act interested.

And you are not listening to me.

Look at how cute
that little girl is.

Yeah, she's adorable.


Dad's kind of a jerk.

that is not a crime.

Five minutes ago.

What do you mean?

Five minutes ago,
you were that age.

Feels like a hundred years ago.

Hmm. Just you wait,
young lady.

I know. Pretty soon,
I'll be out of school,

and I'll have a job like you,

and then, I'll have
a bratty kid of my own.

I am just saying
that it goes by fast,

so you should enjoy this age.

You know what I'd really enjoy?

If you let me stay
by myself for once

when you go away
for the weekend.

Finish your breakfast.

I don't care what
the United Nations says.

That particular nation
owes my city

over $2 million
of unpaid parking tickets.

Yes, sir.

Figure out some kind of
insider insult in that

culture and have it delivered
to their embassy,

courtesy of this office.

Bad idea, Frank.

Then come up with a better one.

I didn't expect
to see you this morning.

You told me to deliver the news

even if it's not something
you want to hear.

Should Garrett be in on this?


The department chaplain,
Father Markham,

got picked up on a DWI
about an hour ago in the 8th.

At 9:00 in the morning?

It's 5:00 somewhere,
as they say.

Where was he stopped?

This time,
on the West Side Highway.

This time?
Turns out,

it's the fourth time
in two months, and this morning,

he rear-ended another car.
The lady was fine.

She, uh, refused
medical aid at the scene.

The PC's office might want
to reach out to her,

make sure she's doing okay.

Let legal handle it.

A goodwill gesture?

Could look like a cover-up.


Where is he being held?

Actually, he's sleeping it off

in the back room at McDerry's.

I'm not sure
I heard you correctly.

The officer who made
the initial stop realized

he was our chaplain,

and he was trying
to do the right thing by him.

Which is why I never heard
about the other three DWIs.

Each time he got popped,

it went farther up
the chain of command,

and now that we have an
accident report to fill out...

It landed on your desk.

And now, on yours.

How's everything
over here, Erin?

Delicious, as always.

I'll take this
when you're ready.


So, what's the rest
of your day like?

Boring class, boring class,
fun lunch.

Boring class, boring class,
boring class...

Okay, can you please try
to make me feel like

you are ready to apply
to college next year?

What in the world?!

What's wrong, Ruth?

That little girl
who was just here?

Why would she write that?

Go see if she's still outside.

We knew there was something
weird with them.

Okay, um, did they
pay by credit card?

No. Cash.

Excuse me. I'm sorry. I'm an
assistant district attorney

from Manhattan.

I'm wondering if anyone knew
the man who was sitting here

with a little girl, or
if you had gotten a good look

at his face?

Mom, they're gone.

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Lost and Found
Original Air Date on October 25, 2013

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Uncle Danny.


Your mom said something about
a little girl in trouble.

What's going on?

She was hear eating breakfast,
and she wrote this note. Look.

Where did she go?
She left with her dad.

How do you know it was her dad?

Oh, God,
what if it wasn't her dad?

What if he's just some creep
who kidnapped her?

Relax. Maybe she's just
playing a prank. It happens.

Did anyone touch this table
after they left?

No. Mom asked the waitresses
to show her the security tape.

Hey. Thanks for coming.

You do know that I
have a day job, right?

Yeah. Did she show you
the placemat?


I also remember the time she got
lost for all of five minutes

at the Thanksgiving Day parade,
and you still wanted Dad

to call in the
aviation unit.

Okay, I am not overreacting on this.

Yeah, she's right.
There was something weird

about the girl's dad. I knew
we should have said something.

Yeah, and maybe you
should have done

a stop-and-frisk
while you're at it.

I'm joking.

Okay, so, that camera
caught them

on the way out.

And, look, she looks about
eight years old to me.

Uh-huh. Eight years old,
brown hair, red windbreaker.

I can't make his face out.

There's not much
to go on here, sis.

'Cause his head's turned away.

This is the camera
over the front door.

We can only see the top
of his head.

Very observant.

- Okay, you see that?

He went
to hold her hand, and

she wouldn't let him.

Okay, I had an eight-year-old
who didn't want

to hold my hand
in public, too, sis.

Just watch.

Okay, you see that?
You wouldn't do that.

Okay. Fair enough.

But I still can't tell
if this is a matter

for children's services
or the police.

Actually, hold that.
Hold that. Rewind.

Freeze it right there.

Those look like karate pants,
which would make that...

a dojo patch.

I'm gonna need the tape, all right?

So, you'll find her,
Uncle Danny?

I'll find the karate school
and see if I can ID her.

If there's something going on
with this girl,

I will find out,
and I'll let you both know.

Thank you.
Thanks, Uncle Danny.


I'm gonna need a single egg, ham
and cheddar on a roll. To go.

You're right, Detective.

It is a dragon on the bottom
of the pants leg.

Okay, I need to know
if those letters

are the name
of a dojo.

I'll see what I can do.
All right.

You got an early start.

Keep working on that,
all right?

Yeah, I caught a case
on the way in. Well, sort of.

Like we don't have enough

It's a favor for my sister.

Her and my niece
were out to breakfast,

and a little girl at the table
next to 'em left a note

saying, "Help me," and then,
she kind of disappeared.

Did you check
with missing persons?

Yes, and an AMBER Alert.
Nothing on both counts.

Come on, Reagan. You know that
until a ransom demand is made,

it's not a kidnapping.

I know, I know.

We'll just give it
a little time.

If nothing pops,
we'll turn it over to ACS,

and we'll get back
to our own cases, all right?


You were able
to enhance it?

Enough to get the name of the school.

Gotham Karate Academy.

Beautiful. Let's go.

So, does this mean we can
catch cases from my family, too?

'Cause, you know, my sister--

she's been nagging me
to find her a boyfriend.

That's funny.
Can I drive?

That's funnier.

Their M.O. is pretty
straightforward, actually.

They, uh, come in as a couple,

both wearing a hat
and sunglasses,

ask to see the diamonds
in your highest range.

He plays the bored husband,
says he'll wait outside.

You buzz him out.

He holds the door,
she whips out a hammer,

smashes the case,
grabs everything she can.

And then, off they go.

Oh, my.

It's not going to happen to you.

We're gonna make sure
we stop it in its tracks.

They look swarthy.

Are they Middle Eastern?

Uh, description
has them ID'd

as Latino or Hispanic.

Where do I come in?

You're to handle
store business as usual.

You're not to draw your weapon
under any circumstances.



So, let's, uh, open up and hope
for an uneventful day.



One... two...

Excuse me? Sansei?

Little help here?

Yeah, if you guys want
to enroll, just take a seat,

I'll be with you in, like,

ten minutes or so
when class is done.

Not that kind of help.

This little girl-- is she
a student here in your class?

Yeah. Lottie Holden.

Lottie Holden. What can
you tell us about her?

I don't know.
She's a sweet girl.

When was the last time you saw her?

Two nights ago... in class.

Look, is everything okay?

Mm, the man in the
picture with her--

is that her dad?

Not the way I remember him.

That guy looks
too tall.

And her dad's
got curly hair.

Her parents still together?

Yeah. Yeah, Lottie talks
about them all the time.

We need to contact them.

All right, well,
they run a travel agency.

13th and, um, Walter.

Holden Euro Travel.

- Thanks.
- One...

And my wife-- you know,

she has no interest in,
um, marital relations?

So, I'm just tempted
as tempted could be

with this, uh, coworker.

You know, and why not?

If your wife gave up beer,

does that mean
you have to give up beer?

Yeah, exactly.

Pay the attention to your wife
that you're paying to this


She may surprise you.

Keep it in your pants
till she does.

Uh, thank you, Father.

Say three Hail Marys
for strength.

Bless me, Father,
for I have sinned.


Actually, I had
a pretty good week.

You sobered up?


Get down to the 8th precinct
and turn yourself in.

You'll be book, arraigned
and released

on your own recognizance.

Even priests do penance, Jerry.

Please check again.

I need to get them
through customs

in Maribor.

Mrs. Holden.

Yes. Uh, where would you like
to vacation today?

Um, Dubrovnik is lovely

and a great deal
this time of year.

We're not vacationing.
We're investigating.

Detective Reagan
and Baez.

You're police?

Is your husband here,
Mrs. Holden?

He really should be
in on this, too.

Um, Scott went
to passport agency.

Hmm. Um,

well, we have a few questions
about your daughter, Lottie.


Is something wrong?

Well, she left a note

asking for help in a diner
in Midtown this morning.


This man took her away.

This is...

this is my husband.

Sure about that?

Of course.

I know my
own husband.

He took Lottie for breakfast
this morning before work.

Is that a crime?


Why would she ask for help?

Our daughter loves
to play jokes, so...


Well, sorry
to waste your time then.

Maybe you need
to get your eyes checked.

That woman was lying her ass off.
I don't think she wanted

to be seen talking to the cops.
Okay, what do we do?

We'll talk to her husband.

Hey, Scott, hey!

Play along.

Good to see you.

How's it going? Uh, have we met?

Detective Reagan.
This is Detective Baez.

You play along, okay?

Give us a smile.
There you g...

Big smile.
There you go.

What-what is this about?

Your daughter Lottie.

Which means you're gonna

grab your wife,
you're gonna meet us

at the diner around the corner
in 15 minutes,

all right? We'll see you there.
Y... Well,

we can't be seen talking
to the police.

We're not the police. We're
just a couple of old friends

from the past.
Get your wife. Hurry up.

30 grand for a watch.

Aren't I worth it, lamb chop?

Maybe that replica...

Mr. Bayless.

How have you been?

I've been better.

I-I'm sorry. What's-what's
your name again?


Thanks for asking, Brian.

Big day's coming up pretty soon,
isn't it?

Big day?

as supposed to be yesterday.

Supposed to be...

You postponed?

My fiancée canceled the wedding.

The day before yesterday.

Oh, my.


Probably more information
than you wanted to know.

I'm so sorry for your trouble.

How can we be of assistance?

I have the, uh...
the-the receipt.

Let me just take a look.

I mean, she-she hardly
even wore it. She, uh...

she's a landscape designer,
and she didn't want to ruin it.


I'd just... like my money back.

I'm sorry, Mr. Bayless,
but this is a custom piece.

There are no refunds.

It says here on the receipt.
I don't care what it says

on the receipt!

It's-it's an $8,000 ring

that I never want to see again.

Take it easy, bud.
These are...

These are good people.
I'm sure we can help you out.

Who are you?
I'm just a guy.

This your girlfriend?


She looks nice.

So you probably want
to stay away from me, pal.

I might be contagious.

With what?

Bad luck. Look, I...

I don't want to cause
any trouble here.

I just want what I came in for,
which is the money...

I can give you store credit.
That's the best...

Why would I ever want
to buy something else...


I'm going to have
to ask you to leave.

What are you gonna do,
arrest me?

Come on, sir.
Let's go.

Get your hands off me.

Hey! Hey, guy!


Whoa, whoa, hey.

No-Nobody move.

What'd you do that for, huh?

I just want what's mine.

Okay, well,
that gun's not yours,

so why don't you just
put it down?

Shut up!
My boyfriend's a lawyer.

Listen to him
before this gets any worse.

I'm done listening!

I've listened to so much crap
over the last two days!

Okay, look, nobody's gonna say
another word.

All right?
You just put the gun down,

and we'll all walk away.

Nobody's going anywhere.

Go to the back.

Everyone. Move!

Why don't you sit down.

We know you're afraid.

We're here to help.


we have to talk.

And what if something
happens to her?

We have to leave.

Hey. Little girl's life
is in danger.

Nobody leaves
until we get the truth.

Talk to us, Mrs. Holden.

What's going on
with your daughter?

Lottie was kidnapped.

It happened two days ago.

I went to pick up Lottie
after karate class,

and she wasn't there.

And then-then he called.
He said he'd taken her,

and we have 48 hours
to get him what he wants.

And that if we even think
of going to police

that he will know.

What is he asking for? How much?

He-he doesn't want money.

He wants his people flown
from Zagreb.

In Croatia?

We specialize in travel there.

I'm Croat.

It's a growing market.

He came in
a few days ago.

He said his name
was Bodan Vidoslav,

and he wanted
to buy tickets for two,

uh, business associates
to fly here.

That didn't strike you as odd?

No, he seemed normal. I mean,
he filled out all the forms.

I mean, we even have copies
of his driver's license.

We're gonna need all of that.

We started to arrange travel
and then I get a call

from my friend
in Croatian consulate

that the men he was trying
to bring here

were flagged by Interpol
as Croatian mob.

Hit men or something.

They said his name
was fake, too.

They told us to call him back,
say that there was a...

a problem with his visas,
refund his money

and just walk away
and let Interpol

handle it.

What happened
when you told him that?

That's when he... lost it?

No, no. He said, "Fine."

He just walked away and, uh,
took his money and left.

And then he took Lottie

and said that if we didn't find
a way to bring them in here...

...that he would kill her.

When does the clock run out?

He's going to call at 9:00

to arrange the swap, but...

his associates

aren't on the plane.

We couldn't make it happen.

Please. Please.

She's our baby.

She's everything to us.

We'll get her back to you,

safe and sound.

Reagan, tell me why we're not
just gonna shoot this guy.

We draw, he fires--

someone's gonna get killed.


My name is Jamie,
and this is Eddie.

And I'm screwed.
You don't have to tell me.

No, you're not.

What's your name?


Grady. Okay.
I'm a criminal defense attorney.

All right? Can we take
30 seconds to walk through

where we are right now?



Right now,
the only charges against you

are menacing
and unlawful imprisonment,

and that's only
if someone presses them.

No one's gonna
press charges here.


A-And I'll give
you a full refund.


I don't have that kind
of cash in the store.

You'll go back on it.

Cancel the check.

- Hey! Get up!
- Grady...

Grady, I'm trying
to help you right now

because you're not doing a very
good job of that yourself, okay?

How long since you slept?


Go! Open the register!

There's maybe $200
and change in there.

And you touch a single dollar,
that makes this

armed robbery,
which you didn't

come here to do or you would've

brought your own gun.

I just came
to get my money back!

Grady, what's her name?


The bitch.

She's-she's not a bitch.

Is she worth
losing your life over?

Look, please,
I don't even know you, lady.

No one is worth that.

No one.

Her name's Alyssa.

Here's the text of the remarks

you'll be giving to
the governor's council tomorrow.

And I pushed the Battery Park
town hall

till next week.
Thank you.

There's more.

I also went over
to the chaplain's office

and did a little
asking around

about Father Markham.

And why would you do that?

Because I know he's a friend
of yours, Frank,

and you'd think it'd be
out of line to do it yourself.

I see.

Seems his... drinking

started accelerating
about five months ago,

around the time a cop
he'd been counseling

took his own life.

Some sergeant he'd been
in the trenches with

during and after 9/11.

Jimmy Luckland.

How'd you know?

I only heard he passed away.

Luckland invested out
about four years ago

and kind of fell
off the grid.

Even stopped cashing his
pension checks, but apparently

Father Markham stuck with him.

Damn it.

Not to sound harsh,

but don't chaplains deal
with cops dying all the time?

Jimmy Luckland wasn't just
another cop to Jerry Markham.

Working the pile, me and Jimmy,
and a lot of other guys,

took refuge
in St. Paul's Chapel.

Slept in the pews.

Father Markham was there, too?

Feeding us, praying with us.

Jimmy cracked up.

Couldn't go in anymore.

Jerry stayed by his side.

Made him his right hand,
made sure he felt...

that he still
belonged down there.

Sir, Father Markham's
on the line,

says he needs to come see you.

Won't take long.

I'm out.

Yes, sir.

He's gonna resign.

And then on Monday,
we were gonna go to...

Nigeria to work on a...

a clean-water project

for our honeymoon.

Yeah, we're weird like that.

That's not weird,
that's doing something good.

We're not a "we" anymore.

Maybe she just...
got cold feet.

No. She's in...
she's in love with another guy.

She couldn't have been
nicer about it, but...

and now I'm...

going on this...

trip to Africa...

...all alone.

And you just thought that
if you could get a refund...

you could use the money there?

D-Do you know how much
$8,000 can buy there?

How much good it can do?

You're not going
to Nigeria on Monday...

Grady, but...
with a smart lawyer

and the right ADA--
which I can help you with--

you can get there real soon.

But you've got
to end this, okay?

Right now.

Okay, you want a hostage?

I'll stay.

We'll stay here together

and we'll work this out,
all right?

But you got
to let these people go.

That's the deal.



Reagan, Reagan, I'm not
leaving you with him.

Call for backup.

Go before I change my mind!

Police! Drop the gun!
What? Wait!

I thought you said you were a lawyer!
Put it down!

I'm also a New York City cop.
Put it on the ground right now!

Sorry, Grady.
You're under arrest.

You had me for a second.

I thought you actually
gave a damn.

I do--
otherwise you'd be dead.

Hey. You got the ID
the kidnapper gave the Holdens?

Yeah. Like Interpol said,
the name Vidoslav

is fictitious.

Yeah, his name
might be fictitious,

but he can't fake
the ugly face.

Which is why
I'm running it

through facial recognition,
see if it matches up

with any other hump.

How they doing?

About as well
as can be expected.

A lot better
than I'd be doing

if my kid was out there
with that maniac.

Well, hopefully,
he's just some dummy.

I mean, he did break the number-one
rule of kidnapping--

don't take your victim
out for pancakes. - Yeah.

I got a bad feeling that just
means he doesn't give a damn.

Okay, here we go.

Vigor Kovacs.

OCCB says he's a mid-level
Croatian gangster over here.

Surprise, surprise.

Well, if he's bringing
hit men to the U.S.

he's not planning on becoming
a choirboy anytime soon.


Mr. Holden said this guy Kovacs
didn't even know

the associates
he was bringing over here.

He said he had their information
on a piece of paper,

like they, uh, like they were
recommended from somebody else.

What are you thinking?

I'm thinking maybe we
could surprise this guy Kovacs.

I mean, if he doesn't know
the guys, he's never seen

the guys, he doesn't know
what they look like.

If we inserted two of our guys
to go make the switch...

Well, we better make it quick--

we only have a few hours left
until he calls.

Let's make some calls
of our own.

Erin. Hey, you
got a minute?

Barely. What's up?

I need your help.

Made a collar earlier today,
kind of a complicated situation,

and the prosecutor that I

caught in ECAB will only see
things in black and white.

Is he calling it a bad collar?
No, the opposite.

I tried to tell him all
the mitigating factors,

but he seemed determined to
just nail this guy to the wall.

You know, criminal possession
of a weapon, robbery one,

robbery three,
unlawful imprisonment.

Was it a hostage situation?

Yeah, and I was
one of them.

Wait. What?
It's not as bad as it sounds.

Nobody got hurt.

The guy gave it up.

And I looked up his sheet,

and he's never had so much
as a speeding ticket before.

What's your stake
in this, Jamie?

He's just a regular guy
that snapped.

I mean, throwing him
into the system

is not an answer
unless the question is:

What can we do to make
a bad situation worse?

Okay, why did he snap?

His fiancée dumped him
the day before the wedding.

He went to return the ring,
but they wouldn't take it back.

Okay, well, you know
I can't just waltz in there

and override
another ADA's charges.

But you can sweet-talk, though.

Says the man who's
trying to sweet-talk me.

What's his name?

Grady Bayless.

I will look into it.


S-So why hasn't
he called us yet?

I mean,
the 48 hours are up.

We have ten minutes left.
Just try and stay calm.

Well, what if he
found out we're here?

Maybe he's already killed her!

Scott, please, try and relax.
Sit down.

This is it.
Quiet down out there.

Everyone settle.
You good?

Scott, you okay?

You ready?

Nice and calm.


You went to the cops.

What? No. No, we didn't.

I saw you on the street
talking to two people in suits.

Uh, no, that...

that was my brother
and his wife.

He, uh, he's an accountant.

We all went for coffee.

The police aren't involved.
I swear.

So my people are on the plane?

Royal Eastern Air,

arrives 8:30 tomorrow morning.

I knew you can do it
with the proper motivation.

So we'll mt them
coming off the flight?

No. We can't do it
at the airport.

That was the plan.

I know. But I had to use
fake passports to get them here,

so the faster they're gone,
the better.

I'll pick them up, and...

and drop them at my office.

Bring Lottie,
and we'll make the trade there.


But not at your office.

In the park down the street.

Any tricks,
and your daughter dies.

Please let us talk to Lottie

just we know
she's okay.

Mommy! Mommy!

Did you get
a location on him?

He redirected it somehow.
It's pinging

all over the
five boroughs.

This guy's good.

Yeah. We're gonna
have to be better.

I'm sorry about Jimmy.

I let him fall off my radar.

You and everybody else.

Jerry, you've been dealing
with loss for a long time,

a lot of years.

Why this time?

Why this time what?

It sent you diving
into a whiskey bottle.

You really want to talk
about my drinking?

Not in the least.

But when four DUI's
land on my desk,

you don't leave
me much choice.

I'll budget for cabs;
let's leave it at that.

Let's not.

The Thursday
noon-to-1:00 confessions...

used to have 50 cops
go through here.

And now?

Spiritual problems
became chemical imbalances.

Crises of faith became
a form of PTSD.

There's a pill and a professional
for every crisis now,

and a chaplain
may as well be a guy

with a typewriter repair shop
same block as an Apple store.

Self-pity has never
been your style.

You have to change with the times.
Knock it off!

I appreciate your coming
in person, Frank.

Looks like I can close up early.

Nobody's coming, Frank.

And even if they did, I couldn't
do anything for them anymore.

Stand your post, Jerry.

I don't know, Frank.

Day comes keeping faith feels
just like waiting by a phone...

never rings.

Screw it.

Eight exits, two playgrounds.

This park is gonna be
a nightmare.

Why do you think
Kovacs chose it?

Guess he's not
a dummy after all.

Hey. You our guys?

Which one's Croatian?
I am. Name's Horvat.

All right, Horvat, this guy
asks any questions at all,

you do the talking. You, just
stand there and look Croatian.

Copy that, Detective.

Both of you,
there's a little girl involved,

so, I don't want to see any guns
until she's out of danger, okay?

Scott, you ready?

All right, we'll be near her
the whole time.

Kovacs brings
Lottie forward,

don't do anything,
don't try to be a hero.

Just let these guys do
their jobs, all right?

Keep your head down,

we'll get your girl back
to you, make the trade.

All right, let's go. The clock's ticking.

You got eyes on him yet,

Not so far.

Horvat, everything okay
with you guys?

It's all good here, Detective.

I got him. He's coming in
from the east with the girl.

Scott, start walking over.



It's okay, Lottie.

Stop right there.

Please. I brought them
like you asked.

Just let her go.

Who's the mayor of Zagreb?

Milan Bandic.

In Zagreb, what highway

runs to Rijeka?

What highway runs to Rijeka?

Kovacs, never mind him.

He's shy.

Those are not my men.


Let the girl go.

Come on, I know you got a heart.

You don't want
to kill a little girl.

You're right.


Lottie! Lottie!

Hold it!

It's okay, Lottie.

Come with me.


Come on! Come on!

Stay down!

Hold it!

Hold it!

I got the girl.
It's over.

You ain't gonna shoot me
in the back.

Try me.

Guess I won't have to.

Stay in the vehicles.

Oh, my gosh.

He done?

Yeah, he forgot
to look both ways.

How's Lottie?

Got to get her to the
hospital to be sure,

but from the way she hugged
her dad, yeah, she'll be fine.

Oh, that's all that matters.

Cold cuff him.

I got a phone call this morning
from Pirate Bob,

who says that the blues
are running so thick

off the Rockaway Inlet,

they re calling it catching
instead of fishing.

We should book it.

Yeah, when's available?

Tuesday dawn.

Sounds great.
Count me in.

What?! You don't like to fish.

Yeah, but I like to catch.

You have the attention
span of a gnat.

Thanks, Dad.

Danny's going fishing.

Jamie, I just got a text.

Know that collar you asked me
to look into?

Yeah, Grady Bayless.

Yeah. Hung himself in his cell
at Rikers this morning.

I'm sorry.


You okay?

Yeah. May he rest in peace, huh?

...which we are about to
receive from thy bounty.

Through Christ
our Lord. Amen.



Did anybody else think church
was really boring today?

Not me.

Brownnoser. You did, too.


Tell us how
you really feel, Sean.

Well, you weren't the only one
who was bored.

Grandpa was nodding off.

I was engaged in contemplation.

Sean, I'm not sure the point

of going to church is
to be entertained.

I'm not saying

but, you know,
just interested.

You know what
I like to do?


You know where
you're going with this?

Yes, I do.

I listen to the
sermon and what

it says about
faith and mercy

and perseverance,

and I just
try to apply it

to something that's
relevant in my own life.


Like what?

say, the sermon
is about faith.

Like it was today.

Faith can be a very vague idea

until you put it in your own

words and thoughts.

So, maybe try

thinking of God's plan for you

if, say, for instance,
you had a penalty kick

in a tie game with seconds left
on the clock.

I see.

There you go.

But all we play is
other Catholic schools.

How can God
take sides?

Faith isn't about results

Or about keeping score


Well, I didn't mean it

It's complicated.

Even when you grow up.

That's right.

It's not all about
guarantees, boys.

It's just faith.

I'm really confused.

Me, too.

'Cause it is confusing,

because even when you do
what seems like the right thing,

sometimes... things still
turn out wrong.

Can shake your faith.


Police! Freeze!

They let deputy commissioners

say that?

I'm not sure,
but I always wanted to, so...

You banged in sick.
You don't look sick to me.

Thanks, Doc.

Don't you want to know
how I knew you'd be here?

Somebody gave you a list
of likely locations

and sticking their nose
in my business?

Good guess, but wrong.


Your father needs a favor.

What kind of favor?

Pump a guy up?

I'm not his guy, not today.

Do you really want me to go back
and report that?

This an order?

When he asks a favor...

I file it under order.


Where's the guy?

I'm dropping you.
I need to change for this?

No. It's come-as-you-are.

You're not coming?


Who am I looking for then?

Oh, he'll find you...
or you'll find him.

Can I help you?

Not really sure
what I'm doing here.

I was sent here by my father--
Commissioner Reagan?

I can't say
I got the memo, either.

Father Markham.

Jamie Reagan.

I'm, uh, department chaplain.


Something on your mind?

Nothing I can't figure out
on my own.

No disrespect.

None taken.

Good day, Father.

Listen, I was...

I just put a pot of coffee
on over in the rectory.

I make damned good coffee.

You came all the way out here.

At least join me for a cup?

Sure. Thank you, Father.

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