Blue Bloods (2010–…): Season 4, Episode 19 - Secret Arrangements - full transcript

Danny and Maria investigate the murder of a respected college professor who was involved with a questionable scholarship program. Meanwhile, Danny discovers that his father didn't tell him that the District Attorney is investigating Danny for ethical and procedural violations.

You see anybody running away
from the vehicle

when you found
the body?

No. No, sir.
All right.

Officer Callaghan's gonna
take you down to the squad.

I'll be down there
to talk to you soon.

I thought this was one
of the safest big cities.

Well, it's still
a big city.

What do we got?

Uh, car's registered
to a Benjamin Daniels.

Put it together with
the parking stickers

and the stack
of graded papers,

he was an
English professor

at Hudson University.

Did you get his wallet?

Well, it's
not here.

Wallet, watch...

No, no.

Canvassing the neighborhood.

MLI clocks time of death
approximately 2330,

so I'm guessing it was
pretty deserted around here.

They get his cell phone, too?

No, that's the thing.

We have his phone?

We have both his phones.

Both his phones?

There was one in the cup holder,

and a burner in
the glove box.

An English teacher
with two phones.

So the question becomes...

What's this English professor
doing with two phones?

I'd say he's talking out of
both sides of his mouth.

Mike! Yo!

Yo, Mike!

Mike! Yo!

Well, it took you long enough!

What seems to be the problem?
Yo, Mike!

She's been yelling like that
for the past two hours.


I don't think
a Mike

even lives in that building.

Well, did you tell her to stop?

Only about a dozen times.

Listen, my granddaughter

is trying to sleep upstairs.
Mike, yo!

Okay. Hey, miss.

I think you need
to take a break.

I'm looking for Mike.

Yeah, he's clearly
not looking for you.

Mike! Yo!

Miss, I need you
to give it a rest.

Says who?
Says me,

Officer Reagan.

Ma'am, you need to stop.

You're disturbing
the whole block.

Mike, you gotta come down!

All right, ma'am, listen,
I don't want to have

to write you a summons, okay?

Leave me alone!
Hey! Hey, all right.

All right, you're
coming with us.

Ow! Hey!


Ah, she bit me!
She bit you?


Listen to me.

If you ever try and bite me,

that will be the last
solid food you ever eat,

you understand?



They're takin' me away, Mike!

ADA Reagan
to see you, sir.


Let's have her.

Erin, he's all yours.

Pleasant surprise.

Well, not for long.

Want some coffee?

This meeting
never happened.

Well, as far as I can tell,

you're just a dutiful daughter

checking in on her dear ol' dad.

Heard in the halls

that you have five detectives

who are having remarkable
success at getting statements,

tips and confessions
through interrogations.

Can't argue with success.

the DA can.

He's likened these detectives

to baseball players
batting .700.

Not likely,
unless they're juicing.

The DA is considering
launching an investigation.

The NYPD has an arm for that.

So does the DA's office.

Guess who wins?

And I can't call him
on it, can I?

We would both be compromised.

Because Danny's on the list.

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Secret Arrangements
Original Air Date on April 11, 2014

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This just doesn't
feel real to me.

We have theater tickets
for Tuesday.

I don't know
what my life is now.

Again, we're very sorry
for your loss, ma'am.

How long were
you married?

Uh, w-we were coming up on 30.

We met in grad school
when he was a young poet,

we got tenure together

here at Hudson.

It was a...

it was a very,

very long, loving romance.

You should see the poems
he wrote me.

Your daughter?

Oh, God.

I, uh, I have to go call her.

Mrs. Daniels,

we want to respect your privacy,

and we will,

but we do have some
important questions

to ask first, if you don't mind.

Do you know what your husband
was doing last night?

Uh, he... uh, told me
he had to work late

and not to wait up.

So you were here alone,
by yourself?

Yes, I taught a class
until around 8:00.

Then I came home, I...

prepped for
a lecture,

fell asleep early.

Do you know
if your husband

had any issues
with gambling or drugs?

No. That's not Benjamin.

Why would you ask that?

When one person has two phones,

these are things we look at.

Well, no, Benjamin
only has one cell phone.

There were two phones
in his car.

Excuse me.

He is a good man,

a wonderful father,
an excellent


He is the victim here.

He is the victim here, ma'am.

And all we're trying to do
is find out who's responsible.

Hello? Val?


I'm so sorry.
God, Seymour.

I just heard.
President Winters

contacted the trustees.

Seymour, these are
Detectives Reagan and Baez.

I'm Seymour

I... can't
believe it.

I just saw
him last night.

Where was that?

We had a committee meeting

at the administration building.

What time?

was at 6:00,

wrapped up
around 7:30.

We had a drink afterwards
in his office.

I guess I left
him around 9:00.

Did he have plans
he talked about?

Any stops before home?

No, nothing.

I'm sorry.

I-I'm still trying

to process this.

We were close.

I have to go

call my daughter now.

Of course.

We'll be in touch
later this evening.

Yes. Uh, Seymour,

would you show
the detectives out, please?


The dump came back
on Daniels' phones.

The second was a burner
he only used

to communicate
with one other number,

another burner,
now out of service.

Well, everyone's entitled
to a private life.

A secret life?
You're on your own.

Here, let me
put that...

I'll just

file this.

Over here.

Anything new from
the DA's office?


Did your source
give you any sense

of how far along

the investigation
has progressed?

The word "preliminary" was used.

Shift your weight.

What if Danny
wasn't on this list?

I would do everything
in my power

to protect a detective

who was under the microscope

for being good at his job.

Do you think Detective Reagan
steps over the line?

I think he probably
steps on the line.

But more importantly,

what I do know

is what I don't know.


every move he makes.

And you have to wonder
how the DA's office

is going to define that line.

It is clearly defined

as constitutional law.

I hope Danny's
familiar with them.

I made sure of that.

But he takes the job personally.

Didn't you, Frank?

I did.

But Danny is quick
to the temper.

He came out that way.

Colicky baby,

hyperactive kid,

rebellious teenager,
gung ho Marine.

Great cop.

No argument here.

I don't know what to tell you.

I need a sounding board,

I'm not looking for advice.

I'm going to give you
some anyway.

All right.

It occurs to me
that you should

be having this off-the-record
meeting with your son.

Let's get her processed

and then get you
checked for rabies.



Is that really you?

Hey, man,
what's going on?

I thought we
weren't hanging out

until later tonight,
when I get off work.

And boy, do I think
I need a picture

to send the rest of the guys.

No pictures, no pictures. No pictures.
All right, all right!

Mental picture's

- And who is this?
- Oh, my bad.

This is my partner Eddie.

Oh, so you get
the prettiest partner

because you're
the commissioner's son?

Eddie, this is my
friend Spencer Croft.

It's nice to meet you.

We lived together
at Harvard.

But now he's
a venture capitalist

in from California
to gyp some whiz kids.

Oh, impressive.

I swear it sounds
fancier than it is.

I'm low on the
totem pole, trust me.

They make me wash the jet
before I ride in it.

You're funny.

Jamie got the smarts

and the looks
and I got the funny.

Not that funny.



I gotta pee!

All right, well,

duty calls.

I guess we better go
process vampire girl.

Yeah, yeah, yeah,
I'm on it.

Spencer, I'll see you tonight.
Sounds good.

It was nice meeting you,
Officer Eddie.

It's Janko.

It sure is.

All right, let's go,
Officer Eddie.


Okay, been looking through

Benjamin Daniels' computer here,

subpoenaed his ISP,

got a dump on his history.

Nothing unusual,

except for his
most trafficked site.

"The Winifred O'Daire

Scholarship Fund for
Promising Young Women."

He teaches college.
What's unusual?

Watch what happens
when I click on her...

lady business.

Why you clicking on
her lady business?

Doubt this is

a merit scholarship.

I was just about to work on
cracking the login,

which will take me
either two days...

or two minutes.

These are the
scholarship girls?

Where are the ugly ones?

Click on one of them.


looks about 19...

She look like
a physics major to you?

This is an escort service.

So Daniels was having an affair.

With a "promising young woman."

I have a feeling I know
exactly what she was promising.

See if you can track
down whoever it is

that's running this...
scholarship fund.

Whoever it is
knows what they're doing.

Got the location
pretty well cloaked.

You know, I may be an idiot,
but don't these nonprofits

have to report donations
of a certain size somewhere?

Yeah, they do.

Here's a list of major donors.

Donors, huh?

You mean a list of the johns.

All right.
Look who we got here.

Benjamin Daniels
right next to Seymour Kerwin.

The guy we met at
Daniels' apartment.

Who didn't know
nothing about nothing.


The secret to keeping
a secret life secret.

I think that's our guy.

Mr. Kerwin?

We need to talk
to you for a second.

I-I'm sorry, I'm-I'm just,

uh, going in for a meeting.

Ah, well, it's about
the Winifred O'Daire

Scholarship Fund.

Uh, let's have a
word over here.


First of all,
it's not prostitution.

a consenting adult,

and happy to be involved.

Is that a wedding band
you're wearing?

My wife hasn't touched me
since the Reagan Administration.

Okay, why don't you tell us
about the scholarship?

How does it work?

There's this guy.

He's like a matchmaker.

He picks the right girl for you.

Then you have dinner.
It's like a date.

You see if you hit it off.

If you have
any common interests.

And if it's the right fit...

Right. No pun intended.

Don't make it dirty.

It's not dirty.

Come on, we know what
this is all about.

It's not just about sex.

Sometimes it's just dinner.

Some-sometimes there's nothing.

She's tired, I'm tired.

You miss that,
having a girlfriend.

Someone who thinks you're smart.

Who looks up to you.

Who cares about you.

You miss that.


What's the name of the girl
Benjamin was seeing?

Her name's, uh, Maggie.

I don't know her last name.
I swear.

Who's behind
The Winifred O'Daire

Scholarship Fund?

I was introduced
to the guy by Benjamin.

He runs the whole thing
out of a coffee shop.

This guy have a name?
I don't know his name.

But the coffee shop is called
The Unlucky Penny.

It's in Greenpoint.

All right.

The heart wants

what it wants.

Whatever you say.

What's that? Chicken?

You don't want to do that.

Ah, doesn't seem to bother you.

Trust me.

Take some rice.


Wow, that was hot.

You okay?


Detective Reagan
has extraordinary success

in getting results, doesn't he?

Yeah, you could say so.

Why do you think that is?

Well, he's like a good salesman.

He sees the customers,

knows if they need
a hard or a harder sell.

Do you think
he ever goes too far

to try and make a sale?

He can get pretty
loud in the box,

but, uh, I never saw
anybody coming out

looking worse
than when he went in.

And he gets fewer

civilian complaints
filed against him

than a lot of less
productive guys.

Or maybe they just get lost?

No, sir.

Your neck ever get stiff
from looking the other way?

No, sir.

Commissioner, um,
to be honest,

your son drives me nuts.

You know?

He's meticulous and sloppy
all at the same time.

His paperwork is a salad.

And half the time,

I don't know where he is
and what he's doing.

And he puts on three times
the amount of miles

on the car than anybody
in the squad.

But if you got any others

like him at home,
please send them my way.

I appreciate your candor.

Is everything okay here, boss?

I mean, anything
I should know about?

Not at this time.

Could you

put together his case files
for pick up from my office?

Yes, sir.


Yes, sir.

Thank you.

Any ideas?

Yeah, guy with the
hat in the back.

Sure looks like
he's running

a business.
Oh, yeah, two phones.

Seems like an epidemic.

I'm guessing one of
them's his hot spot.

Sure beats working
out of a cubicle.

Excuse me, sir.

You mind if we step
into your little office?

I'm kind of working here.

Yeah, so are we.

Detectives Reagan
and Baez.

And you must be...


...Jeremiah Kade.

Why don't you tell us about

the Winifred O'Daire sugar daddy
service you're running.

It's a scholarship fund.

Slash prostitution ring.

I run an aboveboard

nonprofit institution

with a 501-C3 status.

No, you pimp college girls
to old guys.

That's what you do.

All I do is

match scholars with sponsors.

What they do beyond that
is their own business.

Okay, whatever.

What's your end of it?

There's an administrative fee.

Ten percent.

All that is a matter
of public record.

Our girls get access
to an education

they can't afford,
and our sponsors get

the hands-on experience

of shaping
the next generation.

Yeah, we know what the hands-on
experience is all about.

Look, Mr. Kade.

We're here
to investigate a murder,

a murder
of one of your sponsors,

Benjamin Daniels.

Who was he sponsoring?

Any additional information,
you'll need a warrant.

No, actually...

Mr. Kade,

what do you think would happen

to your little service
if we were to,

I don't know, release a
statement to the press

tying your scholarship fund
to a murder, hmm?

You'll leave me
and my business alone

if I tell you?

We're only investigating
a murder.


He was sponsoring Maggie Parker.

She's a junior at Hudson.

Where Daniels worked.

Let's go find her.


you'll be hearing
from my buddy at the I.R.S.

But he said
you'd leave me alone.

He did. I didn't.

Oh, somebody's sleepy.

Ah, I stayed up way
too late last night

catching up with Spencer.

I haven't seen him
in a long time.

Hmm, he seems cool.

He sure thinks so.

He asked me
to give him your digits.


For real?

This is where you fish
for compliments?

Seriously though, he's only
ever seen me in my uniform.

I look like a 12-year-old boy

dressing up like a cop
for Halloween.

Whatever. It worked.

So, did you give him my number?

What are we,
back in middle school?

I'm gonna start passing notes
for you guys?

Just my number, Reagan.

You don't need to say yes
because he's my friend.

I'm not.

Look, Spencer's a good friend,
but when it comes to women,

he's a gentleman.

Right up until he finds
another girl to be gentle with.

I can handle myself.

He wants to take you out
Sunday night if you're free.

Hmm, I have plans

with my old friend
from high school.

I'll tell him it's a no.

Wait, wait, wait.
This is perfect!

We could make it a double date.

You would totally love Hayley.

No, I don't know.
Trust me, trust me!

She is awesome.

I'm gonna text her right now.

Will you let Spencer know?

Sure, yeah.

Maggie Parker?

Detectives Reagan and Baez.

What's going on?

Professor Benjamin Daniels was
a friend of yours, right?


Mind if we come talk inside?

Wow, pretty nice place
you got here.

Thank you.

Better than living in a dorm.

And so close to campus.

Can't be too cheap though.

I didn't know scholarships

covered private housing.

You know about the Winifred
O'Daire Scholarship?

Yeah, we do.

There's no law against friends
with benefits, is there?

There is against prostitution.

Yeah, this wasn't that.

How so?

He cared about
what I had to say.

He was romantic.

He took me on dates.
How many guys

have ever written you
a love poem?

Yeah, I'm sure the money didn't
hurt, either, though, did it?

That was separate.

When was the last time
you saw Mr. Daniels?

Uh, we were together

the night before last.

The night he was murdered.

Just tell us
what happened that night.

He came over around 9:30.

I was cramming for a mid-term,
he brought me sushi.

And left around 11:00
when my friend came by to study.

We're gonna need
the name and number

of your friend
for starters.


We're gonna need all
the text messages

and e-mails between you
and Mr. Daniels as well.

Those are private.

Not anymore they're not.

It's a murder investigation.

You don't want
to turn them over,

we'll have a subpoena
down here in a few minutes.

I had nothing to do with it.

I didn't say you did.

My parents, they can't know.

Look, I'll give you

all the correspondence,
whatever you need.

Just, please...

You're obviously keeping
something from us.

What do you mean?

You're not cooperating
because you don't

want us to tell your parents?

This isn't some history exam

where you get a "C"
and you don't want

Mommy and Daddy to find out.
Somebody's dead.

Somebody you
supposedly cared about.

And you're standing in the
way of our investigation

because you don't want us
to tell your parents?

All right, all right.

I broke up with my boyfriend,

and he thought
it was because of Ben.

Okay, this ex-boyfriend,

what's his name?


Milo Finley.

He showed up last week
out of nowhere.

Ben and I were
in the middle of...


He went crazy.

I had to call security.

He called me a whore.

And he threatened Benjamin.

He must have gone
through with it.

Hey. I ran Milo Finley.

Yeah? What'd
you come up with?

23, college dropout.
Let's see.

Jumped a turnstile,
drunk and disorderly,

public urination.
You know, basic frat boy crap.

No history of violence?

No, but the dump on
Maggie's real phone said

that Milo called her 108 times
after she broke up with him.

You're kidding me.

Detective Reagan.

I'll catch up.

You got a visitor.

Oh, look who made bail.

I got a cousin
who loves me.

Good. I hope
you love him back.

What's up?
I need to talk to you.

All right, come on over
to my desk.

Someplace private.

Okay, we can talk
over here. Come on.

What's going on?

Look, Detective, you were
straight with me,

so I'm gonna give you
a heads up.

Two days ago

I got pulled out
of my cell at Rikers

by two detectives,
want to interview me about you.

What'd they want to know?

Mostly they wanted to know
how you got a statement out

of me, if you hit me
or violated my rights, or whatever.

So what'd you tell 'em?

I told 'em you asked questions
and I didn't confess.

And I gave you info on a guy
in exchange for a break.

These guys say
what unit they were with?

They have a pin on their lapel?

Nah, they were just suits
with badges and haircuts.

Okay, all right.
Thanks, for your help, Bobby.


don't forget I did this.

I don't forget anything.

Son of a bitch.


Everything okay?

No. Who's investigating me
and why?

I don't know
what you're talking about.

You're lying to me.

You got a tell, Sarge;
you run your fingers down

your tie whenever
you fib to your wife

and say you're working overtime,

but you're really going out
for beers.

You do it all the time.
You just did it now.

I don't know
what you're talking about.

Sarge, who's looking at me?!


Where's Grandpa?

He's out.


Someone's looking into me, Dad.

Who is it?

I really can't talk
about that now.

So you do know about it.

Yes, I do.

You didn't think
to come to me...

...tell me about it?

To what end?

To what end? To any end.
I'm your son.

So what are you asking for?


I run 35,000 cops.

I don't have a VIP list,

nobody gets comped.

Okay, so you're gonna fall back
on that?

No, I'm gonna stand on it.

With you, with anybody.

Why are you looking
into me, Dad?

Can you at least
just tell me that much?

Who said it's me
looking into you?

Well, let's see. It's gotta be
someone with enough juice

to pull one my perps out
and ask him

if I violated his rights.

It's also gotta be someone
with enough juice

to have my case files
sent to One PP for review.

That tells me that
it's one person-- you.

Shoddy work, Detective.

If you or one of your chiefs
thinks I'm not doing

the job the right way,
then just come to me,

the same way you would Jamie

or the same way
you would have Joe.

You do have the right
to remain silent.

You're making jokes?

No, not in the least.
And shut the hell up!

Dad, all I'm asking you is if
someone's got a beef with me,

point 'em out
so I can defend myself!

It doesn't work that way!

Works that way where I'm from.

Look, I'm a grunt.
Always was, always will be,

and nobody's mistaking me
for the next Reagan

being groomed for an office
upstairs. I get it.

You're talking crap.

I'm not talking crap, Dad,
I'm talking the truth.

That's all
you can come back with,

I'm talking crap?

If that's all you think
of yourself,

you're the only one.

Oh, please, spare me the lesson
for once, would ya?

Answer me this, Danny.

Do you really think I would side
against you, ever?

How sad for you.

Now get out of my house.

Come back when you're ready to
have a conversation for real.

What do you got
against salt?

Too many cooks.

Need some help?

No, I think I've got it.

Linda's bringing
her garlic bread.

You look tired, Dad.

I didn't sleep well last night.

I got a surprise visit
from your brother.

He knows.

He thinks he knows.

He thinks it's coming from you.

So I heard.

Uh! This should be a fun dinner.

So, whose turn is it
to say grace? Danny?

Not feeling too thankful
today, Gramps.

Somebody else?

Not here.

Well, I'm just saying.

Wow, am I gonna have to wear
a coat sitting between you two?

What's that supposed to mean?

Leave it alone, Linda.

Just say grace.

Bless us, O Lord,
and these Thy gifts

we are about to receive
through Christ Our Lord. Amen.


If I said it that fast,
I would get in trouble.

Your father doesn't worry
about things like that, Jack.

Hey, let's keep it civil.

Linda, could you pass
the garlic bread, please?


Thank you.


you look
nice today.

What, you got a date
or something later?

My friend Spencer's in town
buying a company.

We're gonna go out tonight.

Spencer Croft?


I always knew
he would go places.

He did. California.

He was quite the charmer.

Yeah, get in line.

Isn't he that kid that went on
the tuna trip with us one time?

Caught a 120-pounder?

That's a lot of tuna.

Need a lot of mayo.

Nice one, Sean.

Kid made a funny.

I laughed.

Let's just get through
the meal, okay?



I said not here.

Uncle Danny,

no phones at the dinner table.

Gotta go.

My partner found our suspect.

Really? Can't it wait?

Let him go, Linda.
He's not here anyway.

Corner of the bar.

Milo Finley?

I'm not driving, bro.

It's not "bro,"

it's "detective."
Her, too.

We need to talk to you
about Benjamin Daniels.


Your old girlfriend's
new old boyfriend.

Bitch can do what she wants.

Mr. Daniels was murdered.
Do you know anything about that?


Thank you.

You just made my day.

Where were you Wednesday night?

I was right here on my stool.
Right, Keira?

Totally found him asleep

on the toilet around 2:00 a.m.

Posted it. Got a lot of likes.

Look, I got my heart broke.

You never been there?

No, but you're
breaking mine now.

Oh, that aim, Reagan.

It was close.

You're, like, an embarrassment
to the entire PD.

Oh, really? 'Cause we both
know who the better shot is.

Oh, you wish.

All talk.
All talk, this girl.


Beat that, Jame-o.

Okay, you know what?
If I get this last shot,

Jame-o is buying drinks
for the rest of the night.

All right, let's see it.



Like, so easy!

That's how you do it.
You see that?

Um, so, my friend,
I would like

a margarita on the rocks
with salt, please.

Sure ya wanna mix

like that, ya lush?

Oh, I can handle my liquor,
thank you very much.

And get one
for Hayley, too.

Eddie, do you want to come
with me to the girls' room?

I need you a sec.

Why do girls always need
to pee in pairs.

We do not, okay?

Okay, try not to miss us
too much.

Okay, we'll try.

You realize you're kidding
yourself, right?

What do you mean?

You said you were
not into Eddie.

She's like my sister.

Well, I think you want
to kiss your sister.

And I don't mean Erin.

I don't. Come on. Man, I...

I can't even go there.
Well, I'm not

going there either,
'cause if I went for it,

it'd be in strict violation
of bro code.

Ah, so, what, you want to leave?

Of course not. I plan to kill
you in beer pong

at least three more times

before the night
is through.

I'm gonna get those drinks.

All right.

I was on the desk
from 8:00 that night.

And you only saw
Mrs. Daniels once?

That's it? You sure?

Yeah. Like I said, Mrs. Daniels
comes home like, 9:00,

and I didn't see
her after that.

All right. This door here,
it's the only other exit in the building?

It's always armed?

Far as I know.
All right.

Can we open it up?

You're the police, man.

See? It works.

Can you turn it off?

Can anybody come down here
and open this door?

Anybody who knew
where the key was at.

The key's hanging
right there.

It protects from people coming
from the outside, not from in.

Oh. So it's possible, then,
that somebody could come downstairs

and maybe drop off
their laundry,

grab the key, disarm the door,
go out for a while,

come back, rearm the door,
grab their laundry,

go upstairs like nothing
ever happened?

I guess. Don't know why
they'd want to.

Thank you.

Guess we should take a
closer look at Mrs. Daniels.

I guess you're right.

You are so wrong
about the lyrics.

No, I've heard that song
a bajillion times.

My mom loves that song.

It's "crystal ball."

I know what I'm
talking about.

Yeah, well,
my mom loved it, too.

Her and my dad used
to put it on and get tipsy.

And dance.

And my sister and I would
sneak down and watch.

And the lyric's...
♪ Or anyone at all.

That's... that makes sense.

No, it doesn't.

It's "You don't need
a fortune-teller

"with a crystal ball
to tell us

in the autumn that the
leaves are gonna fall."

♪ Or if the evening sun

♪ Will slip into the sea

♪ It's inevitable ♪

♪ Like you...

♪ And...

♪ Me.

Oh, th-this is me.

Yeah, sure is.

You should get inside,
it's late.

Oh, okay.

We've got a day tour tomorrow.


Bright and early.

Okay, I'll see you later.


Where are we
with the Daniels murder?

Well, husband was having
an affair with a college girl,

so we like the wife, but...

But there's certainly
no probable cause

to make the arrest.

What do you got so far?

Well, finances indicate
the husband was spending down

their retirement to put
the girl through school.

And then there's
these gooey love poems

that he was sending
to the college girl.

"In the gallery between
wakefulness and slumber,

"hangs a radiant canvas


"surely by a haloed master.

"This is your forever face.

"And I am the sole docent

"in this epha...
mm... eph...


museum." Wow.

You had me feeling
all warm and fuzzy there

for a sec, Sarge.

Don't get carried
away, hmm.

Let me see one of these.

All I have is lingerie receipts.

"On the N train

"coursing through the veins
of Ersatz Athens

"pumped by a hungry heart,

"we soon feast on
Moussaka and Tsatsiki

"And I toast
you Artemis with Retsina.

A trip to Olympus for the price
of a subway token."

Is this a poem about
them taking the N train

to Astoria for Greek food?

Maybe it is.

Read that part again?

The-the end, about Olympus.

"A trip to Olympus for the price
of a subway token."

Subway token.

When's the last time
anybody used a subway token?

MetroCard came out in
the early '90s, I think.


Maggie wasn't even born yet.

I think this guy was recycling.


No, the,

the poems.

Imagine you're the wife
and you find out

he's having an affair
with a 20-yea-old college girl.

That's bad enough.

But now add in the fact
that he's

sending her poems
that he wrote for you

when you were falling
in love with him?!

That would really send me
over the edge.

You look awful.

Hopefully this hangover

egg and cheese sammy
will do the trick.

I'm not sure how you look
so together after last night.

I have the metabolism of a
D-1 football-playing frat boy.

Lucky you.

Hopefully the radio'll
be quiet today.

Yeah, fingers crossed.

What is taking
so long with our order?

So, about last night...

I shouldn't have done that.

I have a knack

for going after
the wrong kind of guys.

Either they're off-limits
or just plain off.

When you work together
long enough,

either you hate each other or...

Or make out on the sidewalk?

It was a crazy night.

It was gonna happen
sooner or later.

At least now it's
out of our systems.

We'll laugh about this
for a long time.

How is the investigation going?

It's going well, uh,
we may be onto something,

Mrs. Daniels, but we could
really use your help.

Please, sit down.

Mrs. Daniels,
we have reason to believe

that one of your husband's

students may have been
involved in this murder.

But his students loved him.

Yeah, well, that may actually
have been the problem.

I'm sorry?

Do you recognize this girl?

Well, we work
in different departments,

so there's not a lot
of student crossovers.

That's not what I asked you.

Do you recognize this girl,
yes or no?


Mrs. Daniels, I understand

this is
a difficult time for you.

But we strongly suspect
that your husband

was having an affair

with this women,
his student.

Uh, look, I-I...
I've already told you.

That is not in his character.

Well, people can
surprise you sometimes.

In fact, we were thinking
maybe you should

take a look
at some of these poems

he wrote for her.

Excuse me, what are you doing?

Here, why don't you
start with this one?

Or this one.

How about that?

That one, any of these.

Tell you what, Mrs. Daniels.

How about I just
read one for you?

Please, just stop this!

"Your cheek the apple shames,

"And the brightest star turns

"ignominious shooter,

mortified by the wink
of your eye."

He wrote this for you,
didn't he?


Yeah, he did.

He wrote them for you,

and then he made a mockery
of your marriage

by stealing them from you

and giving them to her,
this woman.

His new girlfriend.

His new lover.

Your replacement!

I could never let that happen!

Hi, Dad.

I forgot to ask
if it was dinner,

but I was hungry
so I brought some.


So, I wanted to tell you
that I talked to Danny,

and I told him
that the investigation

was preliminary
and that it was

initiated by the DA's office.



I never heard from him.

Did you call him?

I thought we should
all have a drink.

Scotch or scotch?

Why didn't you just say?


Say that it was
the DA's office.

Because I do not have license
to interfere in their business.

You should've said something.

I should have, huh?

Well, I disagree.

I don't take orders
from you.


What's that?

Something I wrote.

Wh-What is it?

Just take a look.

"Addendum to the
interrogation guidelines

for the detective bureau."

It is a draft that
recommends techniques

developed and implemented

by some of my most
productive detectives.

Is that right?

Also flags some techniques

that will no longer
be acceptable.


Let me guess
which section I'm in.

Actually, you'll find yourself
in both sections.

Here you go, Dad.

Pizza will be warm in a minute.


What, are we
gonna watch TV?


Something special
coming on?

Yeah, I finally had
all our home movies

transferred to digital.

Welcome to the world premiere.



What year?

Judging from my bathing suit,
I'd say early '80s.

♪ What a wonderful world

And judging from Mom's

bathing suit,
I'd say early '50s.


She's my mother.

I'm allowed.

♪ I see skies of blue

♪ And clouds of white

♪ The bright blessed day

♪ And the dark sacred night

♪ And I think to myself

♪ What a wonderful world...

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