Blue Bloods (2010–…): Season 4, Episode 18 - Righting Wrongs - full transcript

Danny and Baez investigate the death of a woman whose body was dumped after she was killed by a lethal dose of lidocaine following secret plastic surgery. Meanwhile, Frank privately assigns...

I can't tell you how much
I look forward to this.

You look forward
to working out?

Girl time. You know, talking
about shoes and shopping

and anything other
than sports.

I live in a man cave, you know.

I could use
a little more of that.

The man, not the cave.

You know what you should
try? Speed dating.

I should not try speed dating.

Yeah, you should totally
try speed dating.

It takes, like, an hour and you
come away with, like, 20 dates.


I tell you what, you see
that food cart down there?


I will race you
to that food cart,

and, if I win,
you go speed dating.

What if I win?

Um, I'll do family
dinners for a month.

You ready?
On three.

All right.
Prepare to lose.

(chuckles) What?


Best defensive end.

Reggie White.

No way.
Michael Strahan.

The Minister of Defense.
That's all I'm gonna say.

DANNY: Oh, come on.
All right, best tight end.

Benny Allegretti. Hands down.


I had a crush on
him in sixth grade.

Oh, boy.

What do we got?

looks like mid-40s. No I.D.

Just this business card
in her jacket.

Dr. Alex Garland, St.
Benjamin's Medical Center.

No purse, no belongings?

Who called it in?

Anonymous 911 call.


Who's the best defensive end
in NFL history, by the way?

Jared Allen.

Jared? Come on.
Beat it with that.

What do you think?



But why would she be walking
along Newtown Creek?

And in Christian Louboutins?
Say what?

Those shoes cost
a thousand bucks, Reagan.

Don't even try testing
my knowledge of high-end shoes.


Hey, Sarge.
We got one under

for robbery and assault
in the first degree.

Daniel Carson.
It's a lie.

Oh, yeah. Just for the record,
he's innocent.

I'm sure.

Man, I was gonna bring it all back.
This is all a big mistake--

the witness I.D.,
the video surveillance.

The evidence we found
in his possession.

All right,

Janko, start the paperwork.

Reagan, you need to report

to the chief of Ds' office

Just me?

That's what the boss said.

You got it?

(indistinct chatter)

We'll begin

with the first gong.

You will have five minutes
with each candidate.

(gong clangs loudly)

A musician?

(English accent):
Yeah, drummer, actually.

We're playing up in Rhinebeck
this weekend

at the beer festival.
You should come and hang.

It's gonna be epic.

(gong clangs)

My bonus was worth more
than my parents' house,

you know what I'm saying?

(gong clangs)

Just one question.

Um, do you like kids?

What about
dogs? Uh,

I have a Chowhuahua.

Big head, little body,
falls a lot.

That's a really nice dress.

My mother helped me
pick this shirt out.

You're really pretty.

(gong clangs)

Nice to meet you... Erin.

First time
speed dating?

And last.
It's, um...


Yeah, I know.

(phone vibrates)
Sorry, um...

Hello. Just prepare
an order to produce

and I'll sign it
when I get back.

Okay. Sorry.

(phone vibrates)

You know,
we only have five minutes.

It's my office.

Well, I'm sure they
can live without you for five...

Reschedule it

the Saunder proffer.

Okay. Sorry.

No, you're not.

Excuse me?

If you were really sorry,

you wouldn't be taking calls
from work that can wait.

And how do you know
they can wait?

When you have exactly

five timed minutes
to talk to someone--

someone who, by the way,
isn't enjoying this

revolving door of "dates" any
more than you seem to be...

For your information,
I'm not your date.

Well, that's good,

because if you were and you were
rude enough to take calls

in the middle of a date, I'd have
been gone before the appetizers.

Well, that would have been
perfectly fine with me

because I certainly
would not want

to waste my time
with a man

who clearly has a problem
sharing attention.


(indistinct chatter)

Dr. Garland?

Detectives Reagan and Baez.

We have a few questions
for you.

Okay. Well, I'm working,
so this needs to be quick.

Uh, we're investigating
a homicide.

The deceased had no I.D. on her
other than your business card.

Well, I see hundreds
of patients a day.

I give out hundreds of cards.

Can you just take a look
at this picture and see

if you recognize her?

Dr. Garland,
you know this woman?

It's my wife.


Officer Reagan.

Please sit.

Yeah, we're ready.




(door opens)

You're not in trouble,
if that's what you're thinking.

I don't know what to think.

A ten-year-old
homicide case.

Michelle Lowe.

23 years old.

Her mother thinks we got
the wrong guy.

I want you to find out
if she's right.

Why are you giving it to me?

It's delicate.

Needs to be under the radar.

I need someone I can trust

and someone who is capable.

And I'm not asking;
it's an order.

♪ Blue Bloods 4x18 ♪
Righting Wrongs
Original Air Date on April 4, 2014

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Erin, hey.

This is now officially
your case.

People v. Serena Morales?

I have a scheduling issue.

Morales and her boyfriend,
Robert Sandoval,

robbed a bodega at gunpoint,

and Morales' defense attorney
is in your office waiting,

and he's won the last 19 out of
20 cases he's taken to trial.

So good luck.


If you're here to discuss
the Morales case,

you're gonna have to come back.

It was just handed to me,
and I haven't had time

to familiarize myself
with it, so...

Robert McCoy.

Pleased to meet you again,
Ms. Reagan.


I know your time is valuable.

Oh, please.

But if you just let me give you
a rundown on the particulars.

As you see them?
I'd rather make up my own mind,

and I was just handed
the case, so...

I'd like a bail reduction.

Your client, Ms. Morales,
has a record.

She's not the one
who had the gun.

Not according to the eyewitness

who was in the store
at the time,

who gave a statement that
it was your client with the gun.

The witness was high on coke.

I'll destroy her on cross.

Okay, well,
I guess I'll see you in court.

For this draft of your speech
to the U.N.,

do you want to get
into the intelligence division?

I do not.

(door opens)

Brooklyn D.A. James Campbell
is here.

Okay. I want you to sit sit in.

I may need backup.

What's it about?

Let's have him.

Mr. Campbell.

My DCPI, Garrett Moore.

Mr. Campbell.
Mr. Moore.

Please sit down.

Are you reinvestigating
the Michelle Lowe case?

Why would I do that?


The Brooklyn D.A.'s office
and One PP

have always had
a mutually beneficial

and respectful relationship,

Yes, we have.

We've provided you

with the trial transcript
of the Michelle Lowe case,

as requested,
but you haven't provided

a reason for that request.

Nor do I have to.

Proper protocol would have been
for you to discuss your concerns

about the conviction
with my office

before you began
an investigation.

There is no protocol to suggest
that I check with your office

for permission if I decide
to investigate a case.

This isn't just any case.

This is an extremely
high-profile case,

and one that could result
in handing a serial killer

the grounds for a retrial.

And whose fault is that?

I prosecuted
the Sam Mundy killings.

They were solid convictions.

One was sloppy.

If the commissioner decides
he needs to inform

your office
of any new development,

he will contact you.

If you taint that conviction,

then you can be the one
to tell the victims' families.

That went well, don't you think?

My wife is in Aruba
with a girlfriend.

She just left two days ago.

In-in fact, she
called me yesterday

to tell me that
she was there, safe.

I think we're gonna need
that girlfriend's name, Doc.

Emily Mathews.

It was supposed to be
a girls' week.

We'll need
her contact information, too.

DANNY: Do you have any idea
why your wife

would lie to you
about going to Aruba?

It doesn't make sense.

Mr. Garland,

is it possible your wife was
meeting with someone else?

Someone other
than her girlfriend?

I don't understand.

Did you ever have any reason

to suspect
she might be having an affair?


We're just trying to understand
why your wife would tell you

she was in Aruba
when she was here.

I need some time.


I went through all
of Nicole Garland's

credit card statements.

She never booked
a trip to Aruba.

Why the hell
would she lie

to her husband
about going to Aruba?

Maybe she was really
having an affair?

What did her
friend Emily say?

Emily's husband answered, and
said his wife is in Aruba.

According to him,
she's due back tomorrow.

Why don't you look and see
if there's a boyfriend hidden

somewhere in those credit card
statements and phone records,

and I'll talk
to the one person

who can shed some
light on this case.

The family?

No, the M.E.


So, what happened?


What did the chief
of Ds want?

You getting promoted?

No, I'm not getting promoted.


Are you gonna make me guess
why you were taken off patrol?

Do I have to guess

why I'm stuck processing
this collar by myself?

I can't talk about it.

Okay, you can't talk about it.

Right, 'cause
I'm just your partner.

No reason to think
you could trust me or anything.

I was asked
to not talk about it.


Good luck with it.

Eddie, come on. Wait.

No broken bones,
no contusions,

at least not the kind
that come from an assault.

What do you mean?
It means

all of her swelling
and contusions

were the result of surgery.

When did she have surgery?

Within hours of her death,
which might explain

the high levels
of fentanyl in her system.

What do you mean, fentanyl?

It's a narcotics pain reliever.
It's what killed her.

I know what it is.

What, you're saying
she OD'd on it?

More like she had
a reaction to it,

went into anaphylactic shock.

she stopped breathing.

Oh. What was wrong with her?

What do you mean?
I don't know.

You said she had surgery.

Was she sick? What?
What was she suffering from?

Perhaps low self-esteem.

She had a boob job
and a tummy tuck.

Your coffeemaker on the fritz?

You remember the first homicide
you ever caught?


Mary Ann Reynolds
from Athens, Ohio.

She was 18.

She was a prostitute
working Times Square

in the days
when it was full of sex shops.

You closed the case?

Her killer's doing life
in Sing Sing.

Did you give me this case
because I told you

I was frustrated about not
being promoted to detective?


I gave it to you because
I think you can handle it,

and I need discretion.

Do you know
where you're going to start?

With the witness who recanted.


that's gonna be difficult.

He died of a heart attack
two weeks ago.

Well, other than that,
what proof is there

that the wrong guy's
behind bars?

None... so far.

Okay, so why me?

When the witness died,

I realized that in spite of
what I had said to the mother,

that I had been sitting on it.


If I was smart,
I wouldn't be doing this.

It's a problem I had
when I was a detective.

I got too involved in my cases.

I think your brother Danny
inherited that.

Joe was certainly that way.

And I see it in you, too.

I need you to help me keep
a promise to a grieving mother.

DANNY: Thank you for coming in,
Mrs. Mathews.

Yeah, we can talk
right over here.

Nicole told her husband
she was going to Aruba,

but she was really
getting a mommy makeover.

Mommy makeover?
That's what she called it.

Tummy tuck
to get rid of

the stretch marks,
bigger boobs.

You notice
there are no daddy makeovers

to get rid of beer bellies

and fix receding

Okay, why did she tell her
husband she was going to Aruba?

She wanted

to surprise him with the results
at the end of the week.

She preferred
not to recuperate at home.

So, she was staying in the city.
Did she say where?

The Park Hotel.

Why was she getting it done?

She thought
her husband was getting bored.

She thought going
under the knife

would make her more
desirable to him.

I wish I'd been able to
convince her she didn't need it.

Do you got a doctor's name?

I don't know his name,

but I remember her telling me
she'd be able

to walk to his office
from her hotel.


The Lowe murder
was shocking.

Ten years later, I still
can't believe it happened.

Did you see
Michelle that day?

I saw her earlier in the
day, as she was leaving.

I reminded her to lock all
her windows before she left.

We'd had a rash of
robberies on this block.

Guy ever get caught?

I heard he was arrested,
but, uh, I don't know.

I just know the
robberies stopped.

You have a pretty good memory

of a day
that happened ten years ago.

It really affected me.

I-I still think about it,
the senselessness.

Was anyone else in the building
affected? Was she

friendly with anyone?

The Charltons across the hall,

Mrs. Fitzner next door.

Uh, I think those
are the only people

left over from that time.

And do you remember her having
any problems with anyone?

All I remember thinking
when she was murdered is, uh,

who on earth would want
to hurt that girl?

According to the phone records,

the last call she made was
to this office at 10:00 a.m.

the day she died.

Excuse me. We need
to speak to Dr. Levine.

Do you have an appointment?

No. It's about Nicole Garland.

Is she okay?

She's dead.

We need to speak
to the doctor now.

I have no idea why

she wanted to pay cash,

keep it a secret
from her husband.

That's none of my business.

In this type of practice,
a lot of women--

they like to keep the work
they're getting done a secret.

Kind of hard to keep
big boobs a secret.

Mrs. Garland was very specific
about the work she wanted done,

how she wanted
to handle her recovery.

She know she could die from it?

Are you suggesting that she died

from the plastic surgery
she received?

Yeah, I'm suggesting
it's possible, yeah.

Her surgery was routine.

I've done
thousands of them.

So, what happened this time?

I have no idea what happened
when she left the office.

In any case, I'm not answering
any more questions, Detective,

without a lawyer.


Come on in.

It-it was a long time ago.


Tell me anything
that you remember

about that night,
where you were...

Um, well, I just remember
that I went out with friends

after work that
night for a drink.

I... I didn't get home
till the wee hours.

Your neighbor, Mrs. Fitzner,
said that you were home.

I was here, but I never heard
any screaming

or anything like that,
nothing out of the ordinary.

Did you see or hear
Michelle come home that night?

Not a word.

I fell asleep around 10:00,

and I didn't hear about the
murder till the next morning.

Do you know
if she made it a habit,

opening her door
to strangers?

Well, I mean,
we wouldn't...

We wouldn't
really know that.

But, like everybody,

she was powerless over alcohol.

She was a drinker?


No, she wasn't a drinker.

I mean, she would have a
glass of wine now and then,

but she was a beautiful
young girl

living in Manhattan
for the first time, so...

I-I think she was careful.

Yeah, I mean, we always
reminded her that

she should be wary
around strangers, but...

I mean, she was young,


I'm hearing rumors that

you're reopening
the Michelle Lowe case.

I'm having someone look into it.


Can't tell you.

You can't tell me?


Come in.

I got to go, Dad.

I bring a
peace offering.

How did you get
past my secretary?

She, like me, has a problem
sharing attention.

And you don't take no
for an answer, do you?

Give me just a few minutes?

For old times' sake,
I'll give you five.

Only if it's five
uninterrupted minutes.


This case is important to me.

It's not about

Although I'm very good at that.


I want to help her.

I think she's being railroaded

by her boyfriend Sandoval.

I think he
paid off

the witness to say

it was my client
who had the gun.

Your client is no
stranger to crime.

She's got a record.

Felony assault

and felony

But she's been clean
since 2008.

Thank you for the coffee,

but I'm not buying it.

And I am not

negotiating a plea deal.

Do me a favor.

Check out her
last felony.

The felony

Check out who the prosecutor
on that case was.

(overlapping chatter)

Don't tell me
you were just stopping by.

I don't want you to be mad.

No, you want me to shut up
and not ask questions.

I want you to understand
that it's nothing against you.

It's just,
I'm doing something

that I'm not supposed
to talk about.

Because you don't trust me.

I do trust you.

as your partner,
you trust me with your life.

Just not with a secret?

Okay, great. I'm glad that you got
that out of the way.

Good night, Reagan.
See you tomorrow.


I'm working on a cold case.

There could be legal or
political problems if it leaks.

And you thought that
if you confided in me

I would spread it around
the entire precinct?

I didn't think
about it.

I just followed orders,
I guess.

I just wish you'd stop taking it
so personally.

Okay, done.
I won't take it personally

that for the last two days I've
been writing parking summonses.



I'm sorry. That really sucks.

But I have to admit
I do miss working with you.

I don't know why.
Maybe it's just

all the extensive meals
you like to take.

Maybe it's because
I'm smart and beautiful.

Yeah, that, too.


So, are we square?


Not until you buy me
a beer, big shot.

Get her a drink.

(speaks indistinctly)

How's my U.N. speech going
and why isn't it here?

That's not until
next week.

You're telling me
not to be prepared?

What's going on?


In spite of what
you said to the D.A.,

you're reinvestigating the
Michelle Lowe case, aren't you?

How long's Jamie been
on the job?

Feels fresh out of the academy.

Two years?

Same way I reacted.

It's been four.

You put Jamie on the case.

I've always been a hard-ass
about not using my job

to show favoritism to my kids.

There's unintentional

to being the most ethical PC
the department's ever had.

Jamie's a gifted cop,

but no one dares recommend him
for promotion

for fear that I'd question
their motives.

Would it be better if Jamie was
a detective already,

and the guys were whispering
behind his back

that it was nepotism?

It would be better if I wasn't
the one holding him back.

Did you know your nose
and your ears

get bigger as you get older?
What are you talking about?

And you lose elasticity
in your skin.

That's why we start to sag.

You trying
to tell me something,

or are you promoting
plastic surgery here?

What? No!

But I do think people
should do whatever they feel

makes them, you know,
feel better, look better

as long as it's
for themselves.

Well, that's the problem.

Most people don't do it
for themselves.

They do it to make
other people happy. Like Nicole.

She probably just did it
to appease her husband.

The check we ran on
Dr. Levine came back.

The medical board had him
under review for malpractice.

That'd be a pretty good reason
to hide a patient death.

What about you?
Would you do it?


No. I think beauty
is from the soul.

Besides, I'm already smoking hot.
Ah. Oh.

Excuse me.
Detectives Reagan and Baez.

We're looking into the death
of Nicole Garland.

I heard. That was really sad.
To most of the residents,

I'm the guy
who can get them a cab,

but Mrs. Garland knew my name.

She was a nice lady.

When did you see her last?

Wednesday morning.

She didn't come back here
later that day

or anytime after that?

No, Mrs. Garland
never came back here.

Anybody else come
by her apartment?

I'm supposed to be discreet.

I could lose my job.

You could also lose
your freedom.

It's against the law
to withhold information.

Obstruction of justice.

A woman came and stayed
till the next day.

Had you seen her before?

I've seen her before,
but I don't know her name.

Is she a relative?

Not unless it's what you'd call
a kissing cousin.

What are you saying?

You saying this woman

and Mr. Garland
were having an affair?

They're all over each other

as soon
as the elevator door closes,

like they can't wait to get upstairs.

What does she look like?

She's a... hot blonde
in her 20s.

Can we take a look
at the surveillance cameras?


Lied about his alibi;
he said he was home alone.

And as a doctor,
he has access to fentanyl.

Yeah, motive and opportunity.
Two of my favorite words.

This your girlfriend,
Dr. Garland?


You spent the night
with her, though.

Same night
your wife died.

Yes, she's a friend.

A friend who stays over
when your wife's out of town?

What are you getting at?

What we're getting at
is that you lied!

You weren't home
alone the night your wife was killed.

I love my wife, Detective.
The only reason I lied is...

Is because encouraging your wife
to get plastic surgery

while you're running around
banging some younger broad

would make you look like more
of an ass than you already are?

I'm not answering any other
questions without a lawyer.

Lot of that
going around.

How many open cases
you got, Danny?

I keep about seven
open cases in my desk drawer.

It's the ones you don't solve
you always remember. I got ten.

(groans) Why you ask, kid?

No reason.

Hey, how's your case going, Dad?

I'm working hard on it,
little buddy.

It's such a shame
that that woman--

anyone, really, dying
from an elective surgery?


Why would someone have
a surgery they don't need?

Women who want to look hot.

I don't think big breasts
and pumped up lips are hot.

I do.
ERIN: Oh, my.


(laughs) We're just calling it
like it is.

NICKY: It's kind of sad,
though, going

to all that trouble
just to look younger.

Sad? No, sad is dying before
you see your kids grow up,

before you see your grandkids
being born,

and then your

Growing old is a gift.

So is being beautiful
and single,

which is why
it's important to,

you know, stay open to dating.

Are we still talking
about plastic surgery here?

I think we're talking about Mom.

I don't need a man
to validate me.

How about one
just to have dinner with?

When did she become
such a matchmaker?

I really don't know.

I told her she's never
gonna find anybody

a guy as good as me,
so what's the point?

Hmm, so true.

Danny, you ever have a time
where you felt like

a case was unsolvable?
No, it hasn't happened yet, kid.

What about any of those
seven open cases?

I don't sleep
till I solve them.

That's why I keep them alive
in my desk drawer.

No wonder you wouldn't tell me.


JAMIE: I'd like to introduce you
to Michelle Lowe.

You were arrested about a week after
she was murdered.

You copped to robberies
on either side of her building.

So, you said that

you weren't responsible
for any of the robberies

in her building.
Every place that you burglarized,

you, uh, you went straight
for the jewelry and the cash,

no DVD players,

no TVs, no art,

nothing you couldn't just
stick in your pocket.

And I did my time for that.
I'm out of here in 64 days.

I spent a lot of time

looking at your robbery pattern
and Michelle Lowe's crime scene.

You know what I noticed?

I noticed that there was
no jewelry in her apartment

and her bedroom window was open.

So? A lot of people leave
their windows open.

Yeah, you would know,
'cause that's how you enter.

And then you hit the jewelry,
and then you exit

through the front door.
Every time.

I don't know why you're looking
to jam me up.

I did my time.

I'm not looking to jam you up.

I'm looking for you to help me.

Because I think that
you're a burglar, not a murderer.

I would never kill someone.

I believe you.

But I think that you were there.

That's why there was
no jewelry evident, and that's why

you didn't cop
to a robbery in that building.

So you can either
start talking to me,

or I can start running all kinds
of fancy forensic tests...

I didn't kill her.

Okay, but you were there
that night, right?

Hey, if you're honest with me,

I can help you right now.

I grabbed a bunch of stuff,
and I was on my way out.

I walked into the living room,
and she was lying there.

Blood everywhere.

I knew she was dead.
It was creepy.

I just shot out of there.

You didn't think to tell anyone?

I know how it'd go down.

They'd think, "He burglarized
her apartment.

He probably killed her."

That's some bad karma, man.

I want you to tell me everything
and everyone that you saw.

I didn't see anyone.

The other two apartments
were quiet, lights out.

The apartment across the hall,

the lights were on and there was
loud music blasting.

♪ Hey ya...

♪ Hey ya.

"Hey Ya" by Outkast.

What time was that?

Around midnight.

To this day, I still
can't listen to that song.



Please sit down.

I only opened
about six months ago,

so I'm still only half unpacked.

Why do I get
the impression,

if you were open
for six years,

it would look
the same?

No, it would be
even more messy.

Have to admit I'm more
of a super organized type-A person.

Well, I'm one of those

super-messy, piles-everywhere,

type guys.

Yet you have
an incredible success rate.

It's also why I'm not
married, no girlfriend,

and going to speed dating
in between court appearances.

I looked up the prosecutor
on the Morales case.

It was you.

I was a Brooklyn A.D.A.
for 12 years.

The Morales conviction
was the case

that made me
become a defense attorney.

You regretted convicting her?

I went for the highest charge.

I refused to negotiate.

Even when the legal aide lawyer
told me she thought Morales

was a victim
of an abusive relationship,

I wouldn't entertain a plea.

There's nothing wrong

with sticking
to the letter of the law.

Later her boyfriend recanted.

And admitted that Morales
really didn't know

anything about the assault.

She wasn't even there.

But the judge on the case
didn't believe him.

And the conviction stayed.

And then she did her time.

She stayed clean.

Until hooking up with Sandoval.

Well, I did look into his past.

He had a sealed record,
which I unsealed.

Gun possession charge,

which he blamed
on his girlfriend at the time.

Said it was hers,
not his.

Sounds familiar.

If your client agrees
to go through

a residential
drug treatment program

and community service,

I'll knock the charge
down to criminal possession.

That would be great.

Thank you so much.

You're welcome.

You're good.

You should double your fee.

I'm doing this pro bono.

You should triple it then.

Mrs. Garland

checked in on Wednesday night.

Checked out

on Thursday.

She was scheduled
to stay the whole week.

That's correct.

Well, she say
why she was leaving early?

She said she decided
to return home.

Can we see
your security camera footage

for her check-in and checkout?

No problem.

What's with the hat and glasses?

It's not that unusual
for someone

who just had cosmetic surgery.

Hold on,
freeze that right there.

Zoom in on that.

Right on her hand.

The manicure?

Yeah, I've seen that before.

It's the ju... the nurse!

The nurse in Dr.
Levine's office.

Sh-She had the same manicure!

Son of a bitch.

I think I should call
Dr. Levine.

And I think you
should have a seat.

Dr. Levine can't help you
with the charges. Sit down.

What charges?
Obstruction of justice, manslaughter.


I didn't kill anyone.

You said Mrs. Garland was fine
before she left your office.

She was.

Then why did you
check out of the hotel

using her name?

It seems you have a decision
to make, young lady.

And I suggest you make
it kind of fast.

You'll either go down
as an accomplice for murder

with Dr. Levine.

Or you're gonna cooperate
and make a deal.

I've never hurt a patient
in my life.

Until Mrs. Garland.

I didn't hurt her.

Neither did Dr. Levine.



The procedure went well.

She was in recovery

when she complained of pain.

The anesthesiologist had left.

It was just me and Dr. Levine.

So, what happened?

He gave her fentanyl
to ease the pain.

She had a reaction.

Started gasping for breath.

We tried to save her.


He tried to resuscitate her.

Nothing worked.

Dr. Levine panicked.

You didn't call 911?

He begged me.

He was already under review
for another patient.

And he was afraid
he'd lose his license.


As opposed to say...

losing a life?

I thought Joyce and I
answered everything.

And you have, and
I appreciate it.

But the investigation raised
some more questions.

Oh, what kind of questions?

Just want to make sure
I have my facts straight.

Your wife was out
and you were home.

Yeah, but I told you before,
I didn't hear anything.

Yeah, and you were asleep
by about 10:00?

That's right.

So, I'm just wondering

why the lights were on
in your apartment

and music was blasting
at midnight?

Maybe when my wife came home?

No, she wasn't home until 1:00.


But, hey.

It was ten years ago, right?

I-I can't remember
what I had for breakfast.

Maybe you just forgot
what time it was.

Right, maybe I went
to bed later.

♪ Hey ya

♪ Hey ya.

What is that?

Just my phone.

How long are you sober?

You mentioned being

over alcohol" last time.

That's step one in AA.

Nine years, I'm sober.

So, you were still a drinker
when Michelle was murdered.

♪ Hey ya
Yeah, I guess, uh...

♪ Hey ya.
You quit, though, that's good.

So, you were still awake

when Michelle
arrived home, right?

I might've checked on her, just
to make sure she got in okay.

Just being a good neighbor. Okay.

And she was friendly with you,
so she invited you in,

just to have a drink?

♪ Hey ya...
She was a friendly girl.

Um, do you mind
turning that off?

I know the type.

♪ Hey ya.
Super friendly.


She was beautiful.



And she had a great body.
I saw the pictures.

Yeah, she did.

I bet she liked you.

She's... out of my league.

If she was out of your league,

she wouldn't have
invited you in, right?

But she did.



So, according
to the toxicology report,

she had
a couple glasses of wine.

So, she'd had a couple.
you'd had a couple.

I bet she was flirty.

♪ Hey ya
Yeah, at-at first.

Uh, listen, can you,
can you turn it off now?!

♪ Hey ya.
Just, can you please turn it off?!

By the way, have you gotten
to steps eight and nine yet?

Making amends?

I didn't mean harm.

I know you didn't.

It was an accident.

♪ Hey ya
I just wanted to kiss her.


♪ Hey ya.

♪ Hey ya...
You just wanted to kiss her.

Not kill her.

♪ Hey ya.
Please? Please?

It's okay, all right.

♪ Hey ya.

(music stops)

You can tell me. I understand.

She was pretty.

She was flirty.

You just wanted a kiss.

That's right.

But then she said

she was gonna tell my wife.

I just didn't want her
to tell my wife.


So, we give your lids
a little lift. (door opens)

You'd like that, right?
I got a better idea.

Why don't you get the hell out
of here before you end up

dead like his last patient?

Get up, hands behind your back.

What are, what are you doing?

You're under arrest

for the murder
of Nicole Garland.

What are you talking about?

I didn't, I didn't
murder Nicole Garland.

Well, she's dead.

And you're coming with us.

You got something on your face.

All right, everybody.

I suggest you head home now.

The doctor's gonna be a while
dealing with a murder charge.


you all really do look good
just the way you are, you know.

I just dropped Morales off

at rehab.

I think this time
she's gonna stay straight.

I hope you're right.

I just wish they had
a rehab program

to get you off
of loser boyfriends.

Yeah, they don't. I've checked.

Can I buy you dinner?

Oh, you don't have to do that.

Do what?

Buy me anything as a thank you.

I made the plea based on the
merits of the case, not on you.

I wasn't asking you out
to thank you.

I was asking you out
because I like you.

Or think I might.

Oh, you think you might?

Well, given the chance.


You might like me, too.

Yeah, based on what evidence?

All right, you
got me there.

But I make my living
pleading lost causes.

So I'll ask one more time.

May I buy you dinner?


One thing I was wondering.

What made you go
to the super?

Just a hunch.

I wouldn't have
thought to go there.

You'd make a
good detective.

To be honest,
I'm not really sure

which way I want to go yet.

Well... if you decide
to make a move,

I know the PC.

That's a good hook to have.

So I heard.

Michelle's mother
has been waiting

for this day for ten years.

It might be a relief.

Or a disappointment
or a comfort.

Or all of the above.

Just tell her the truth.

Everything that happened.

You're not coming?


It's your case.

Thanks, Dad.

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