Blue Bloods (2010–…): Season 4, Episode 17 - Knockout Game - full transcript

Danny and Maria investigate when an expectant mother is a victim of a "knockout game," in which teenagers punch unsuspecting civilians in the head. Meanwhile, Frank wrestles with promoting ...

How about "Matt"?

Matt? No.

No, not Matt,
not a shot.

What is wrong
with Matt?

Baby, "Matt"
rhymes with "fat."

He's gonna get made fun of
the first day of pre-K.

And his name has
to have, like...

I don't know,
significance, you know?

Someone that
he can look up to.

Someone like

Very funny.
Come on.

Jeter would be nice.

How about Mike?

You'd name him...

you'd name him
after me?

Well, you said someone
that he can look up to.

I can't think of a better
role model than you.

You're up, Moses.

What did I do
to deserve you?

Come on, bro.

You got lucky.

Yeah, I got
damn lucky.



Hey. Baby.



Hey, can you hear me?


Hey, somebody help!

Somebody help us!

Somebody call 911!


Somebody help!

Yeah, what's up now?

Got knocked out, right?

Uh, yeah, what's up?

Yeah, I told you,

bro, I'm ready.

Let's see you walk
the dog now, huh?

Tonight's attack
makes three this week

and an even dozen
in the last month.


Chief Helfond?

The incidents are centralized

in Brooklyn and Queens,
mostly at night,

all within a two-block range
of a subway stop.

We're not sure that's a factor,

whether it's a home game
or an away game.

Video surveillance footage
in nearby stations?


All right,
so what we know is...?

That this knockout game

is just the kind of
random urban nightmare

that gooses the 11:00 news

and scares the tourists
back to Indiana.

Which is why

the mayor's office is...
We will deal with

the chamber of commerce issues
in due time.

Not our clock to set.

What we know:

it's not
about money;

not one victim was robbed.

Or sex--
there's no sexual assault

attached to any
of the incidents.

Did any of the victims
know their assailants?

Not that we know of.

So it's not revenge, either.

All of the victims are white.

All of the assailants are black.

Yes, so far.

Walks like a hate crime,

talks like a hate crime.

We can call this
whatever we want.

We're going to call it
what it is.

They post the footage

on the Web,

like it's their highlight reel.

So it's also a social
media phenomenon.

So a copycat profile.

In the '80s
we called it "wilding."

Scores of teenagers
rushing through subway cars,

knocking people
to the ground,

snatching whatever
they could get their hands on

like bats out of hell.

Took people years
to get over that.

Where we start:

in the communities,

with our confidential

What are we offering in return?

Look, this kind of
stupid, random brutality

gives regular street crime
a bad name.

Let's appeal to
the sense of pride

in the professional criminal.

That's all for now.

Could you see their faces,
Mr. Rose?

It was dark.


How about, uh, their clothes?

Anything unusual?

Any easily identifiable
pieces of clothing?

No. Do you know how much longer
they're going to be in there?

The doctor said he'd come see us
as soon as he could.

I know, but they've been in there
a long time with her, you know?

I'm sure they're
doing their best.

Could you tell
how tall they were?

Tall, short, average?


I don't know.

Was one of them
bigger than the other?

Um... yeah.

Maybe. Honestly, I don't really
remember too much, you know?

Everything happened so fast,
and the three of them

just came out of
nowhere, you know?

Three of them?

You said there were two of them.

Yeah, yeah. No.

Um, I just... I don't know.

Look, I just want
to see Stephanie, you know?

I think... I think
that she needs me,

my baby needs me.

Your wife's pregnant?


Our first. Six months.

A little boy.

Mr. Rose?

Yeah, doctor, hey.
How's she doing?


Your wife's doing fine.

She's stabilized

and is responding

Thank God.

Okay, thank you.
Thank you.

And my baby?

Um... maybe you
should have a seat.

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Knockout Game
Original Air Date on March 14, 2014

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Good morning.


Keep your coat on.
We gotta go.

I just got here.

Can I get a cup of coffee?

There's nothing
in here.

That's our entire case.

Nothing came back from
the canvass last night?


Cops knocked on every door,
nobody saw a thing.

And we got bupkus from
surveillance cameras.

And our witness can't
give us a description.

Exactly, which is why
we got zero. Come on.

Well, where
are we going?

We're gonna go see
Third-Person Thorpe.


Who's that,
a cartoon character?

No, he's my CI.

He runs the

If anything happened
up there, believe me,

Third-Person Thorpe's
gonna know about it.

Hi. I'm running a bit late,
so can you call

counsel for Richard Jennings
and push a half an hour?

Um... I will need my notes
for that meeting,

so if you could
e-mail them to me...


Okay, I'll just, uh,

take a look at those... ow!

...take a look at them
on my way in.

Could you just
hold on for a second?

It's 8:30.
We're going to be late.

I'm back. Um...

you might have
to cancel my lunch.

I think that's it.

All right?

I'll see you soon.

You almost done?



Hey, what's going on?

You said you would
be out of here by 8:30.

Yeah, I'm almost done.

What if Nicky comes home?

She slept out at a friend's.

I know, but what if
she forgot something?

What if she stops here
on the way to school?

What if...
What if, what if, what if.

What if you got in here with me?

I'm not kidding, Jack.

Yeah, neither am I.

Come here.
What... oh, my God!

I still have
my robe on.

Let me fix that.

Just like that.

Oh, my God!

It just comes undone.

Top o' the morning to you,


Well, if it ain't J Edgar?

Hoover was FBI.
How many times I gotta tell you?

Thorpe knows what Thorpe knows--

a cop's a cop's... a cop.

Detective Baez.
I'm Hoover's partner.

Well, a friend oJ Edgar's
is a friend of Thorpe.


Come on, knock it off.
Get in there.

We're here for business.

So how can
Thorpe help you?

You been watching the news?

The latest victim
of the knockout game

was a pregnant woman
just a few blocks from here.

Terrible, terrible.


They just said
she lost the baby.

Yeah, she did.
And that's why we're here.

Somebody's got to pay
for this, Thorpe. - Oh...

J Edgar... now, you know

Thorpe is a businessman.

That knockout game
is for punk kids

with no

you know... no ambition.

Yeah, but if a pigeon
takes a dump

up in this neighborhood,

Thorpe's gonna know about it,

isn't he?

You flatter me, J Edgar.

But, uh, Thorpe-Thorpe's
in the dark on this one, man.

I'll tell you what, though...

Thorpe'll ask around for you.

How's that?

Yeah, that's not good enough.

What Thorpe supposed to do?

I mean, he can't know
what he don't know, you know?

Well, maybe we'll just jog
Thorpe's memory then, huh?

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa...
what are you doing?

Searching the apartment.
For drugs.

This isn't even
Thorpe's place, man.

It's-it's my girl's.

Well, then, we'll be sure
to keep it neat.

- Just sit there.
- J Edgar, come on, man.

Y-You know you can't do that
without a warrant, baby.

You gave up those rights
when you got paroled, my friend.


ll, look at that.

Yo, that ain't

It's felony weight, Thorpe.

You want to tell me

who's running
the knockout game now?

J Edgar, come on, man.

That ain't even half a gram.

You know
Thorpe'll bounce

in 36 hours on
a half a gram, man.

That's true.


I mean, you could
probably d36 hours

standing on your head, huh?

No doubt!

No doubt,

But tell me something:

could your girlfriend
do that time

standing on her head?

Oh, J Edgar, don't even
play like that, man.

Cuff her.


Get up, come on, let's go.

Aw, hell no.
No, you can't do that.

Get your hands off me!

Get up.
What are you doing?

The apartment is legally
registered in her name,

which makes the drugs
technically hers.

Her drugs, her collar.

Get your hands off me.
Wait, hold up, hold up.

Just... that's not necessary.

Thorpe, get her off me.

Okay, I'll talk.

I'll talk.

Willie Hayward.

My cousin.

That's the dummy running
the knockout game around here.

Cut her loose.

Why you gotta
make things so difficult?

The knockout game is news.

I try and push the press
to sit on new incidents,

that's censorship.

And "news" and

in the same sentence gets me,

and by extension you,

hung by the rafters.

You're not actually
trying to frame this

as a freedom-of-the-press issue?
Not just me...

Because A.J. Liebling was right:

"Freedom of the press is limited
to those who own one."

Is that supposed to be funny?

Invite them in.

Invite them to stop publicizing
this stupid "game."

Invite them to have a hand

in possibly sparing
some old lady a broken jaw

instead of giving these animals

another 15 minutes of fame.

I'll send out the invitations,

but I wouldn't book
the hall just yet.

What's this?



What's this?


How did it get on my desk?



At Deputy Commissioner Moore's
request, sir.

Thank you, Baker.

You don't really expect me
to sign this.

Let me give you the background.
It landed on my desk...

First of all, please go do
the job you're paid to do.

That's all for now.

Thank you.

You got Hayward's mug shot
over there?

What do you think?

Close, but it's too grainy
to make a positive ID.

I think it's still worth
having a talk with him, though.

Let's go.

Can I help you?

Yeah, looking for this guy,
Willie Hayward.

You seen him around?

Don't know him.

Take a closer look, tough guy.

Sorry. Never seen him before.

Sure, you haven't.




You Willie Hayward?

My name is
"I want a lawyer""

Yeah? You like knocking
people out, huh?

Lawyer, lawyer,
lawyer, lawyer, lawyer.

Yeah, you'll
get your lawyer,

but you're gonna do
something for me first.

Yeah? What's that?

Take a lie detector test.

You might be dumb,
but you're not deaf. Get in.

Hey, hey,
what are you doing, man?

You can't do this to me.
What are you doing?

Hey, stop, come on!

- You guys can't do this to me!
- Whoa!

Oh, squirrel!

What about now?
You hear anything?

Okay, okay, okay,
I'll talk! I'll talk!

I think I heard "uncle."

Come on, let me out!
I think you're right.

Hi, there.
Should I fix us a drink?

Maybe in a minute.

What's this?

Oh, come on, Francis.

Get down off your high horse.

You already asked me about it,
and I already said no.

Yeah, you said no.

That's one vote,
it's not a landslide.

It is in this instance.

Who the hell do you think
you're talking to?

You enlisted the help of my DCPI
in an effort

to carry out something

I specifically told you
I was against.

Timothy Doherty is a superstar
sitting on the bench.

He deserves the promotion

for the good
of your whole department.

Your whole department.

That's not the issue.

The issue is his name
is on my desk

because his old man
is a drinking buddy of yours.

And so what the hell is so bad
about that?

I don't work that way!

Well, maybe you ought to.

Pop, I'm not going back
to the last century

where the top spots went
to the guys with hooks.

Nobody's asking you to.

And by the way,
it worked just fine.

No, Pop...

it didn't.

Because it valued greased palms
over an honest rise up.

There's a bottle
of Finnerty's 18

that I'm about
to crack open.

But it was a gift
from the Dohertys,

so I won't pour
you one

lest it might make you choke
on your righteousness.

And consider this:
you haven't once said

that Timmy Doherty isn't right
for the job.

And if raising
him up

because his old man is
a friend of mine is wrong,

isn't keeping him down for
the same reason just as bad?

Come on. Let's go.

I'll process him.
You deal with that.

All right.

Mr. Rose.

What can I do for you?

Is that him?

It's a little bit early in
our investigation to know that.

Yeah, but you think that's him?

I don't think anything.

It's best not to jump
to conclusions, you understand?

But he's involved?

Look, Mike, I understand
you're hurting.

You have every right
to be, okay?

But I don't think
it's a good idea

you just popping up
around here unannounced.

I just want to look him
in the eyes

and I want to tell him
what he did to my family.

Why don't we go have
a little talk, okay?

I know you want
someone to pay for this, Mike,

and believe me,
I do, too,

but this is a bad road
you're going down.

Stephanie can't get out of bed.

She's just laying there like
she's in a coma or something.

It's gonna take some time.

A lot of time, I'm afraid.

It took us five years
to get pregnant.


You have any idea what a miracle
it was that that even happened?

Ten rounds
of in vitro.

I had to stick a needle in her
stomach every single morning.

It was round after round

after round
of the same thing.

The embryo didn't take.

Six months ago, a little miracle
happened, you know?

God shined his light on us,

That's what we told ourselves.
And for what?

And for what, so they could
just go and do this?

He's gonna give us a baby

so he can just to take it away
from us? That's...

What kind of God does something
sick like that to people?

I don't know the answer to that.

You're messed up in the head,
you know that?

Stick somebody in a trunk
and drive around like that?

You nuts, man.

Almost as nuts as running around
punching innocent strangers

in the face for giggles, huh?

Is that you?

Maybe, maybe not.

You want to go back in the trunk?
No, no!

Okay, it's me.

The guy on the bike, what'd
he do to you? Did he rob you,

call your mother a name, what?

So why'd you punch him
in the face?

I don't know. It's a game.

A game? The guy's got his
jaw broken in two places.

He can't work for a month.

He's got no way to take care
of his kids. Some game.

He was a punk, man.

No, you're a punk, man.

Tell me what happened
two nights ago.

Two nights ago? I didn't do
nothing two nights ago.

I'm not screwing around
with you, Hayward.

I got a pregnant woman
who can't get out of bed

and probably never
will again, because

you knocked her out
and killed her baby

all for a freaking laugh!

I didn't do nothing
two nights ago, okay?

I didn't hit nobody!
I didn't hit no lady!

You know what?
Forget the trunk.

We'll try the roof
this time.

Yo, I'm not messing
with you, man!

I'm telling the truth.

I was at the Knick game
that night with my boys.

Better hope you and your boys
somehow ended up

on the kissing cam.

Check my phone.

They played the Bobcats
that night.

Okay, let's look at your phone.

That's me.

I see it's you, dummy.


That's ten minutes before
Stephanie got hit. Lucky you.

Told you I'm innocent.

Sit your ass down.

You're still going down
for the other knockouts...

tough guy.

Got a minute?

My time is all yours
to take up, as you know.

All right.

I want to apologize for getting
into this with your father

and attempting the end run
around you. It was out of line.

Yes, it was.
It won't happen again.

Then let's put this behind us.

Fine by me.

How are you doing
with the media?

But I stand by my decision
to recommend Officer Doherty.

I thought we just agreed
to put this behind us?

Frank, I consider it an
important part of my job

to be straight with you,

for good and for bad.

And the truth is, I put those
promotion papers

on your desk again today.

Are we gonna have
a problem here, Garrett?

We already do.
How's that?

You're very good
at giving advice.

Your counsel is invaluable,
both in this building

and out in the world,

and everyone around you
appreciates it.

But it's a one-way street
with you, Frank.

It is not.
It is, too!

At some point
in your life,

you went up the mountain
and came back down

with your own tablets of what is
and is not the right thing

to do, written in stone.

Which allows for certainty
but not always wisdom.

Two media outlets agreed
not to sensationalize

any further events
on the knockout game.

That's a start.

The Jewish Daily Forward
and The Village Voice.

A slow start, but a start.

I have a conference call

with the editors of the Post
in 30 seconds.

Do what you can.

See you later.

Hey, Detective, what's up?

Mike, the guy you saw
down at the squad--

he's not our guy.

We're back
to square one.

Sorry to hear that.

Me, too. You mind if I come in

and pick your brain
a little bit?

Yeah. I'm not sure
how much help I'm gonna be,

but yeah, yeah, sure.
Come in.

I don't know what else
I'm supposed to do.

You know?
Got to move on, right?

Maybe this'll give me
some of that closure

or whatever it is they call it.

I get it.

Why don't I give you
a hand, Mike?

We can just talk
a little bit.

That is if you're up for
answering a few questions

about the other night?

Yeah, yeah. I mean, I...

I really don't know
how much help I'm gonna be.

Like I said, you know,
what I saw,

I don't really remember much of.

And I didn't see much
to begin with, so...

All right, well,
why don't we start

with how many
of them there were?

Um, there were three of them.

You remember how tall they were?

Taller than you?

Taller, taller, yeah.
One of them was taller.

He was maybe six two.

Okay, what about the other two?


One was really short.

Uh-huh. They have any
identifying characteristics?

Uh, scars, tattoos?

Nah, they were
bundled up pretty good.

Remember their voices at all?
They say anything?

Anything distinct?

Maybe one guy called
another guy's name?


Sweetheart, you're up.

Excuse me, Mrs. Rose.

I don't want to be rude,
but you said Moses.

Who's Moses?

Just before they hit me,

I heard someone say,
"You're up, Moses."

You did?

Was the tall one
the one who threw the punch?

Yeah. Yeah, it was.

Why? You know this guy?

I collared a drug dealer
in that neighborhood

a couple of times,
goes by the name of Moses.

And he's a big guy?

He's at least six two.

Moses Caldwell.

Got his first collar
at age nine.

Hell, I even collared him
when he was 11.

19 years old,
he's already been collared

for robbery, larceny,
gun possession.

This doesn't end.

I collared him once for larceny.

I told him
I'd cut him some slack

if he got counseling.

He told me I could
"you know what"

my "you know who" instead.

Reagan, Baez?
Yeah, Sarge.

The want card you dropped
for the knockout attack?

What was his name?

Moses Caldwell.

65 just caught a homicide,

D.O.A. in an alley.

We ID'd him
as one Moses Caldwell.

Your card popped as soon as we
entered him into the system.

Ah, geez.

How'd he go?

Shot in the gut, close range.

Well, I guess he paid
the ultimate price this time.

Where you going?
Oh, I got to go tie a toe tag.

Are you the one
that found him, Sarge?


Got a call from a guy
who lives up above.

Complainant said he saw
a body in the alley.

So, we checked it out.

Take a look.

Found this.

That'll be Moses, all right.

We hear Moses may have been
in a beef

with another dealer
in the neighborhood?

Moses beefed with everybody.

Anyone in particular?

You know how it is
when these corner boys

want to start a turf war.

Look, sorry to say it,
but chalk this one up

to a public service homicide.

One wastoid wasting another.

Something up, Reagan?

Huh? Um, no.

Nah, everything's good.

Officer Timothy Doherty, sir.

As you were.

Please, sit down.

It's an honor to meet you, sir.

Thank you.

I'm afraid I've got
some bad news.

Despite what you've
been lead to believe,

I am not promoting you
to the intelligence division.


Your father and my father

are old friends

as you know.

And I think they got it
in their heads

that it was time for you
to move up the ladder.

But if I promote you
because they're buddies,


it's just not right.

I understand completely, sir.

You do?
Yes, sir.

And I want to thank you.

I asked my father
not to pursue this,

but he insisted.

You're not interested
in the promotion?

Oh, it's not that, sir.
I would very much like

to make my way
to the intelligence division,

and I sincerely believe
that I would be an asset,

but not with a hook.

And I was hoping that you, if
anybody, would understand that.

Why me?

Well, your father
was commissioner

before you, and...


That didn't come out right.

And you think I'm here
because I got a leg up.

Permission to open my mouth

to remove my foot, sir?

Permission granted.

What I mean is

I know enough about you to know

that you got here
under your own steam.

And my father says

that you had some reluctance
when asked to step up.

Maybe because you were moving
into your father's job?

Right on both counts.

My point is,
knowing the department,

I'm sure there was
some behind-the-back talk

you had to deal with
about how you had a hook.


that's what I meant about

if anybody'd understand,
you would.

And I do.

I love being a cop, sir.

And, sure, I've got some goals.

Some pretty lofty ones, in fact.

One day hoping it's me
sitting in this office.

But I've got a long way to go,

and I'm enjoying the good work

that's gonna get me there.

Thanks for coming by, Officer.

Thank you, sir.

I'm sorry.
We both know you're dreaming.

I don't think the judge
will agree with you.

I do, and....

I'm sorry.
Can you excuse me for a moment?


What are you doing here?

I was in the neighborhood.

Saw these, thought of you.

Gerbera daisies, your favorite.

They're beautiful.

Um, I thought we discussed this.

This is my office.

I don't really feel comfortable
with people knowing about this.

I know, but I got
this idea in my head,

and I just wanted
to share it with you.

And I couldn't help myself.

And you couldn't think
of anyone but yourself?

Okay, I deserve that.

But just hear me out.

About me having to rush out
the other day 'cause of Nicky.

What about it?

What if it wasn't like that?

What if we told her?

Told her what?

About us?


Uh, the other day was lovely.

But I think we should
just leave it at that.

And what if I wanted
more than that?

You don't.

You don't know that.

I do.

I know you.

Will you at least
think about it?


I-I do need to get back
to that meeting.

Thank you.



Evening, Detective.
Is everything okay?

Everything's fine.

Just, uh, wondering if I could

steal your husband for a minute?

Uh, uh, yeah, of course.



What's going on?


I'm here to tell
you that the guy

who assaulted your
wife is dead.

Wow. Really?


He was killed in an apparent
drug-related turf war.

All right, I should
probably go tell Steph.

She's gonna want to hear this.

I noticed you're not wearing
your work boots tonight, Mike.

No. No, I'm not.

I was thinking
maybe it would be better for you

if they didn't exist anymore.

I saw your boot print
at the scene.

He beat my wife.
He killed my baby.

Don't say another word.

I swear, I just wanted to go
and look him in the eye like I told you.

I swear to you, Detective.
Mike, I'm warning you.

And I didn't want anything
like that to happen...

Just stop talking, Mike!

Look, my heart breaks
for you and your family

and what you've gone through.

But I'm gonna make something
very clear to you.

So I need you to
listen to me, okay?

I am not here to ask you
where you were last night.

But at some point I may have to.

Pass the salt, please.

Unless I'm not supposed
to have any.

Lord knows

you know best, Francis.

It's coming down, Grandpa.

Danny, can you pass me
the roast beef?

Hello? Earth to Dad.


Aunt Erin wants
some more meat.


Well, here you go.

Something's on your mind.

It's nothing, Dad.

Yeah, he's been
like this all day.

Just because a case is closed
doesn't mean you have closure.

It's not even my case
I'm thinking about, kid.

Another guy in the squad
caught a tough one, is all.

What's the case?


And this detective
is pretty sure

he knows the guy who did it.

Well, that's good, right?

Yeah, except that
the detective might've

done the same thing
if he was in this guy's shoes.

The murder?

The dead guy,

he's a very bad character.

Career criminal and he killed
this guy's daughter recently.

Oh, my God.

That's awful.

It is awful, but
it doesn't give

anyone the right to
become a vigilante.

I didn't say that.

When society accepts
killing in the streets

without regard for the law,
it's called anarchy.

I know that,
but doesn't someone have

the right to defend
their own family?

And take justice
into their own hands?

I'll tell you this...

any monster who lays a finger
on anybody at this table,

they'd be fertilizer before
the courts could get to 'em.



He's a cop.

He took an oath;
there's no fine print.

He's got to pursue the evidence,
let the courts decide.

Yeah, well,
that's the thing, kid.

There's only one little
piece of evidence

connecting this guy
to the crime.

And if the detective
dumped it, well...

there'd be no case at all.

So now he's committing a crime?

Give him directions
to the East River.

Sounds like this detective--

your friend--

is more interested in
being a judge than a cop.

Maybe it's time for
a career change.


Who wants more potatoes?

- I'll take 'em.
- I do.


Mike, why don't you
grab your coat?

I need to talk to you
a second out here.


Everything okay?
What's going on?

Sorry to tell you, Mike,
but you're under arrest.

Turn around and put your hands
behind your back. Come on.

For what?

The murder of
Moses Caldwell.

You have the right

to remain silent.

Anything you say
may be used against you

in a court of law.

You have the right
to consult an attorney...

This is Detective
Danny Reagan

taking a statement
from Mike Rose

on seven of April, 2014.

Mr. Rose, can you
tell us what happened

on this past
Thursday evening?

Where should
I start?

From when I left
your house, please.

Okay, um, well,
you came to my house

looking for me
to help identify

the person who
assaulted my wife.

And what did you learn
from that interview?

My wife gave you the name
of the guy who attacked her.



During that time,
what did you do?

Well, you mentioned that
Moses was a drug dealer

in the neighborhood where
we were attacked, so...

uh, after my wife
went to bed,

I drove over to
that neighborhood.

You went to look for Moses?


And did you
find him?


He was dealing drugs
on the corner.

Did you approach Moses?

No, not immediately.

I waited for him
to be alone.

So, um, he ducked
into a back alley

and I intercepted him.

And why did you do that?

Why'd you intercept him?

He beat my wife in the face

right in front of me.

He knocked her out cold.

I thought that my wife was dead.

He killed my unborn child.

So you were there
to get revenge?


I honestly do not think so.


Then why did you
go there, Mike?

I just wanted to
look him in the eye.

I swear, that's all
I wanted to do.

I just wanted to
look him in the eye.

I just wanted him to see me
as a real person.

To know what
he did to me,

to know what he did
to my family.

And did you do that, Mr. Rose?

Yes, I did.

And then what happened?

He pulled a gun on me.

Moses pulled
a gun on you?

What did you do?

We were really close.

I mean, we were probably
about this far apart, so...

I don't know why,
but I just grabbed it.

You took the gun from Moses?

Uh, we both had it.

And we were wrestling,

we wrestled to
the ground,

struggled back and
forth with it,

and then out of nowhere,
it just went off.

And who pulled the trigger?

I honestly don't know--
it just went off.

Was anybody shot?


He was shot
in the stomach.

And that was that.
He was dead.

I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry.

So your "friend" caught
a tough case, huh?

Come on.

He's telling
the truth, sis.

And what about that evidence

that almost found its way
into the East River?

We found his footprint
in the alley,

which puts him at the scene.

And what about the gun?

How do we know your guy Mike

didn't just bring it
to the party?

We found a silver-plated
nine millimeter

in a Dumpster
down the alley

with Moses' prints
all over it.

Same make and model

from Moses' two previous
gun possession collars.

And we got witnesses
in the neighborhood

who confirm that it's
Moses' weapon of choice.

You have a M.E.'s report?

M.E.'s report.

It's consistent with
Mike Rose's story.

The powder burns on
the victim's coat

confirm he was shot
at close range.

Well, what about his record?
Any arrests?


It's a pretty bold move,

going down to that neighborhood

just to look a known
drug dealer in the eye.

Yeah, it was.

Any history of violence, or...

domestic disputes?

No. He's clean.

Okay, well, I'll take it
to the grand jury

and see what they think.


Well, what do you think?

It doesn't matter what I think.

I just present the evidence.

You present the evidence

and then you make
a recommendation,

which is why I want
to know what you think.

I think it adds up.

And I think Mike and his family

have been through enough.

Thank you.

This was delicious.

Yeah, I remember how much
you loved this restaurant.

I do.

But we used to only come here
when it was a special occasions.

Well, I was hoping that...

tonight could maybe
be one of those.

Right. The Nicky question.


You really think we should
be telling her about...

whatever it is
we've been doing?

Only if we want
to keep doing it.

And you do?

Yeah, I do.

Very much so.

I do, too.

And I think you're right.

You... think I'm right?

You never think I'm right.

Well, on this very
rare occasion, you are,

so I think you should enjoy it.

We can tell her tonight when
we get back to the apartment.

You can move back in
over the weekend.

Say again?

Well, we're not going to tell
our daughter that we're dating.

Why not?

Because dating is what you do

when you're getting
to know someone.

We were married.

If we're gonna get
back together,

I assume that you wanted
everything that entails.

Don't you?


Erin, that's not
what I had in mind.

I know.

You want just the fun stuff.

The easy stuff.

Just like when
we were kids.

You don't want
the adult version,

with the commitments
and responsibilities, do you?

Which is why we are
not gonna tell Nicky

about whatever this was... ever.

Are you breaking up with me?


Yes, I am.



The grand jury
decided not to indict.

Oh, thank God.


Thank you.

Thank you,

for everything.

You know this could have gone
either way, right, Mike?

Yeah, I know.

You two going to be all right,
going forward?


Yeah, I think so.

We've been
talking about

maybe trying for
another baby.

That's great.

Well, if you need any help, uh,

painting the nursery again,
you let me know.



Got a minute?

My time's all yours to take up.
Oh, cut it out.

What's that?

A bottle of Finnerty's 18.

I thought you had a rule
about booze in the offices.

I do. That's why I hide it
in the bookcase.

Thank you.

You're welcome.

I promoted Officer Doherty.

I heard something about that.

I just wanted to thank you for
bringing him to my attention.

Not me.

I was just carrying water
for Henry.

The truth is,

you saw something in him.

Well, let's hope I'm right.

Actually, I gave him
the promotion.

Let's hope I'm right.

Of course.

I stand corrected.

How is my campaign to kill
freedom of the press going?

The editors at the Post

politely declined
to participate.


Well, polite for them.


I made my case

to all that mattered.

God forbid
there's another incident,

but if there is,

we'll know if
we have friends in this.

All you can do.

Hope springs eternal.

We got CompStat in 20.

I'll see you down there.

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