Blue Bloods (2010–…): Season 4, Episode 16 - Insult to Injury - full transcript

Jamie get a fake phone number from a sexy bicycle messenger who he later discovers is using counterfeit $50s. A woman named Jill calls Danny threatening to end her life. Frank chaperones Sean's school field trip to a museum.

Morning, Baker.

Morning, sir.
How are you feeling?

Better. Thank you.

There's a decision to be made.

I'm afraid there is.

Detective Reagan

and Officer Reagan are both
scheduled to work today.

You asked me not
to request changes.

So you didn't. Good.

A.D.A. Reagan has a deposition.

Wheels of justice have to turn.

Yes, sir. CompStat's scheduled
to end at 1300 hours,

and your subsequent meeting
with the mayor

has been postponed, again.

Who postponed last time?

The mayor did, sir.

Last two times.

But you instructed me
not to push back

in the absence
of a burning issue.

And you couldn't find one?

Try as I might.

What about
our former commissioner?

Under the weather, conveniently.

You're the
police commissioner.

You can always have an excuse.

It would have to be
an honest one in this instance,

and we don't have that.

In summation.

You're clear to serve
as a chaperone

on your grandson's field trip.


Sir, if I may?

On the bright side,

some alone time
with your grandson.

It's not exactly alone time when
there are 30 other ten-year-olds

to be roped and corralled.

Good point.

Hey, Sarge, where's Baez?

I brought her favorite coffee.

That organic, free-trade,
single-bean, low-acid stuff?

Yeah, kind of tastes like motor oil.
She had a court appearance today,

testifying on
one of her old cases,

which means you're parked
at your desk.

Oh, no, no, no.
I'm good at flying solo, sir.

No, no, no, no,

not when you owe me
a month's worth of DD-5s.

What are you talking about?
Says who?

Says me, after I saw you
dumping your unfinished ones

over on Slattery's desk.

There you go. And...

...enjoy your motor oil.

This weather
is ridiculous.

Crazy as this is, it's supposed
to blow over by about noon.

Speaking of crazies,

do you remember that
guy covered in blood

we caught a couple months
ago on 46th Street?

Knife in hand, tried to
convince us he was a chef?


I ran into the detective
that we handed him off to.

Said he tied that dumb-ass
to four homicides.

Eh, like we couldn't
have done that.

You know?

Oh, hey, are you jealous?

Oh, no, I'm just tired
of everyone else

getting to solve the puzzle,
you know?

Most we get to do
is take it out of the box

and put a few
of the edge pieces together.



Now, that is sweet.

It's called an ass.
Lots of girls have them.

Uh, I meant the bike.

Trust me,

he really did.


Do you race?

Just through traffic.

I'm a bike messenger.

I work for Blaze Couriers.

Must pay well.

It'd take me a lot of overtime
to afford a bike like that.

And for you, miss?
Just a water, please.


All you got is a 50?

That or 100.

Anyway, I'm Maya.

Jamie. This is Officer Janko.

You got something
I can write on, Jamie?

Yeah, just this.

Hold this.

Call me if you, you know,
want a ride.

Way to go, Reagan.

You got yourself a number with
virtually no help from me.

Hey, who says I need your help?

I tell Jamie
since he's a rookie,

find a nice girl,
give her a ring.

Baby steps, Stavros.

We got to get this guy
a girlfriend first.

All right,
can we just order, please?

Two whole grain bagels,
one mocha, one juice coming up.

5-4 Squad.

Let me talk
to Detective Kilbane.

Detective Kilbane hasn't sat
at this desk since 2009.

Do you have a forwarding number?

Actually, Detective Kilbane
retired a year ago

and he died a few months later,

Thank God for small mercies.

This is Detective Reagan.

Something I can help you with?

Listen to me, I only called
to talk to Kilbane,

but I'm happy to tell you, too,

that your precinct, the NYPD,

your whole system failed,

and I'm gonna make sure
the whole world knows.

And how do you plan on
doing that?

Once I kill myself,

they'll know.

♪ Blue Bloods 4x16 ♪
Insult to Injury
Original Air Date on March 7, 2014

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What-what do you mean
the world will know

after you kill yourself?

I'm sorry, did I stutter?

You know, if you're hurt,

hurting yourself more
is not gonna solve anything.

You understand that, right?

Why don't you tell me your name?

It's Jill.

Jill what?

It doesn't matter.

It does matter, Jill.
What's your last name?

What are you gonna do
if I tell you?

You gonna suck at your job
the way Kilbane did?

I'm gonna grab a pen
and-and some paper

and I'm gonna take down
some information,

and I'm gonna talk to you and
listen to what you have to say.

Okay, you go grab
your imaginary pen.

I'm trying
to help you here, okay?

Except that you are the problem.

I'm the problem?

Usually people got
to meet me first

before they figure
that part out.

No, I mean you-- cops, lawyers,
judges, all of you.

And you think threatening
to kill yourself is gonna help?

Listen, Detective,

it's not a threat.

Look, why don't you
just talk to me?

All right?
Give me a chance to show you

that I'm better than the other
cops you spoke to, all right?

What's going on?

A girl called for Kilbane

threatening to off herself.

So send her to the hotline.

Who are you talking to?

Jill, take it easy, all right?

Look, I'm not gonna lie to you.

I'm talking to
my pain-in-the-ass boss.

See, I got problems, too,
all right?

Sarge, Jill called

saying that Kilbane and the 5-4
and the system failed her

and she wants to kill herself.

And you're the guy that's gonna
keep her alive?

I'm the one on the phone
with her.

Bedside manner isn't your forte.

Well, pardon me.

Get TARU down here
to pinpoint her location

and get me
somewhere quiet to talk.

Jill, are you there?

Not for long.

This is Stavros
from coffee shop.

Hey, Stavros, what's up?

I'm victim of a crime.

Counterfeit $50 bill.

From that girl
in front of us today?

Yes, the girl on the bike.

You're police, so I call you.

No, you did the right thing,

Do me a favor,
hold on to that bill, okay?

All right, thank you.

Hey, what's up?

Uh, Maya today gave Stavros
a fake 50.

So the future Mrs. Jamie Reagan
is a crook.

Like you know where every bill
that you have came from?


Her white knight.

I'm just saying, she could've
picked it up making a delivery.

Well, you got her number, right?

Perfect reason to call her.

It is, huh?

No! Put that on speakerphone.

(man speaking Japanese

She gave me a fake number.

Or, you know, maybe she runs
a sushi joint in her spare time.

So, what do you
want to do?

You want to go
after that fake 50?


First, we find Maya.

What? Maya?
She's riding all around town.

Yeah, well Blaze Courier
is over on 53rd.

They'll know where she is.
Come on, shorty.

You cops think

you're so smart.

Do you even realize
how you ruin people's lives

with your promises?

Well, who promised you
something? Detective Kilbane?

Yeah, him, everyone,
and my life

still went to crap.

Okay, well, I'm not him.

Yeah, you could've fooled me.

Same smug voice.

You know, you're not exactly

Miss Sunshine yourself,
are you there, Jill?

So maybe you and I have
something in common after all.

Did you hear that?

That is the gun

that I'm gonna kill myself with.

And when I do, my blood

is gonna be on you.


You sure this isn't a prank?

Some sad sack

frequent flyer looking for a new
cop to hang her problems on?

She's serious, Sarge.

There's something else going on
with her, but she's serious.

Okay, well, I got TARU

and a phone set up
for you in the box.

Okay. Jill, I want you to hold
on just for one second, okay?

I'm gonna, uh,
go somewhere quieter

where you and I can talk
without interruptions.

Yeah, okay.

Then everyone can eavesdrop.

Well, look,
here's the good news.

These phones are so crappy here,

if anyone else gets on the line,

you'll hear it from the static
or the clicky...

echo-y voices.

Listen, just hang on, okay?

Good-bye, Detective.
, listen.

You said you wanted to talk,
you wanted someone to listen.

Well, now's your chance.

Don't hang up.

You able to locate her?

Working on it.
Putting her on speaker.

Jill, are you there?


Yeah, I'm here.


Look, let's talk
about Kilbane,

because obviously you're upset
about one of his cases,

and I'm assuming
it involved you.

You a victim
or did he put you away?


Family member?


My parents were murdered.

Are you happy now?

No, I'm not happy.

Actually, I'm sorry.

Number's a no-name

prepaid cell.
I can't even reach

the carrier to have
them ping it for us.

Keep trying.
Maybe they can triangulate.

What was that beep?

I told you I'm not gonna lie
to you, Jill.

It was me
unable to pinpoint

your location.

Yeah, well, of course you can't,

because I am smarter than you.

I guess you are.

Grab Kilbane's files.

We got to figure out
what case this is.

Look, I want you to know
I'm very sorry

for your loss, Jill.


I lost my mother
a few years ago,

and I had a brother
who was murdered, too, so...

maybe I can kind of relate
to what you're going through.

You know, they say
it gets easier...

But it only gets worse.

Oh, there they come.

Keep those lines straight.

Okay, pause right here
one second.

Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh.


Joyce Carpenter.

Frank Reagan.

You're taller
than on TV.

Aren't we all?

That's a good one.

Uh, I hope my subbing
for my daughter-in-law

isn't a problem.

Oh, the police commissioner?

Are you kidding?

It's all the boys
can talk about.

And the girls?

Girls mature faster than boys.

It's now a fact.

We graduated more women

at the academy last year
than ever before.


I take it you have a daughter?


She's what I like
to call pre-pre-med.

At ten? How does that work?

Discipline, drive,

The three D's.

Yeah, we don't really
call it that.

A few ground rules
before we go on in.

The kids are buddied up,

they're gonna stay in two
straight lines.

I'll take the ad,
you just follow in the rear.

You don't need to do anything

but look authoritative.

I'm told I'm good at that.

Granular issues are
better left to me.


Can I call you Frank?


This isn't
my first rodeo.

I ran the kids' trip
to D.C. last year

and to the Boston Freedom Trail
the year before that...

Thank you for your service. as counter-intuitive
as this may seem,

you're really just
to follow my lead.

Thanks so much

for coming, Grandpa!

Are you kidding?

When I was your age,
I wanted to live in that place.

Uh, Shane,
time to find your buddy.

It's Sean.
It's Sean.

Sean. Sorry.

Buddy up.

Here we go.

All right, moving forward.

Two straight lines,

Move it along, kids.

Let's go.

Keep with your buddy.

Indoor voices, please.


Hi, Commissioner Reagan.



Yeah, she worked for me.

Past tense, huh?

She quit a few
months back.

Oh. Fake number
and a fake job?

She say why she was quitting?

Only said she found
a better gig,

so I can take this job
and shove it.

And a bad '70s song reference.

I really hate this girl.

What was Maya's last name,
do you know?


Taller? Tilton?

You don't know?

Operation like mine--

it's cash in, cash out.

All I need to know
about my riders:

they deliver crap on
time and don't kick out

too many car windows on the way.

So no idea where
Maya lives, huh?

Even better,

I don't care.


221 East 77th!

Have a nice day.

There you go.

Dead end.

Unless we call
a few of these

high-end bike
shops around here,

see if anyone of them sold
her that pricey bicycle.

Oh, you really are pissed.

What? It's a puzzle.

Oh, it's a puzzle?

It's a puzzle.

Your parents sound like
very nice people.


Kilbane never even
got their names right.

Kept calling my dad "Ralph."

You know, Jill,

I never even really
knew this Kilbane guy.

Think I met him once
at a Christmas party.

But there are a lot
of good cops out there.

I come from
a whole family of them.

Couple lawyers, too.

Oh, you think
they're any better?

After that son of a bitch
went to prison,

they said it was
all over, too.

So the person who killed
your parents was convicted?

Not that it matters.

Okay, when was that?

All that matters

is that he got out a month ago.

She's calling from somewhere
in Washington Heights,

between 163
and 172 streets.

Sarge, can we get
someone up there?

That's 50 square blocks,
hundreds of buildings.

What are we gonna do,
not even lift a finger?

All right,
I'll send some cars,

radio cars, too,
but don't get your hopes up.

Am I boring you,


No. I'm right here, Jill.


you said the person
who did this got out

about a month ago.

Any chance you might want
to tell me their name?

You'll know when
you find our bodies.

What do you mean,
"our" bodies?

Didn't I mention?

Before I kill myself...

I'm gonna kill him.

You never said anything about
killing anybody else, Jill.

If I don't kill him,

he's gonna do it
to somebody else.

And then you'll be a murderer.

Like that really matters.

Shouldn't it matter?

I watched my parents die

and I was left all alone, okay?

Dekker deserves

to die for that.


Stupid me.

No, you're not stupid,

you're just hurting, okay?

But killing him is not
gonna make anything better.

Yeah, well...
I'll be the judge of that.

Dean Aaron Dekker.

Let me guess... drunk driver?

He smashed into my parents' car

on Christmas Eve in 2008.

And guess who was
in the backseat?

So you're about 22 now?

We were coming home
from midnight Mass.

And I remember that
these headlights

just came out of nowhere
and our car was spinning.

And I remember that Dekker
never even got out.

He was so drunk, he just

sat there laughing
the whole time.

You said Kilbane
got him convicted.

He was supposed to be

in for 13 years, okay?

Do you hear me?

But then a month ago,
I saw him on the street.

And he was drinking

again, and he was
laughing again!

We got her last name,
we got Dekker's last name.

Tell the Sarge to get on it.
He could find them.

Then have him call my sister
and ask how Dekker got sprung.


listen to me.

I know you're upset, okay?

You have every right to be.

I understand completely.

But killing him
and killing yourself

is not the answer.

If you had

any idea what it feels like

to see a monster walk free
while your parents are dead,

you would know
that what I'm gonna do

is exactly the answer.

Hello, Maya.

Twice in a day?

What a coincidence.

Well, we're cops;
we find criminals.

Is this about that $50?

Ah, it's funny you
should mention that.

Yeah. We didn't.

No, I'm just saying,

I thought it looked
a little dodgy.

But you paid with it anyway.
No, look,

I probably got it on a delivery.

I work for a courier service.

Not lately.

In fact, we haven't found
any place of employment

for you since you quit Blaze.

In fact, we haven't found
So it's really weird

you can afford
a fancy place like this.

Or that you paid cash for a
fancy bike at Yorkville Cycles.


I'm sorry for giving you
that fake number.

A little sleight-of-hand?

Keep the cops' eyes off the $50?

I said I don't know
where I got it.

So you wouldn't mind us
going through your bag, then?

I mean, if you like
sweaty gym clothes.



I didn't make those.

Yeah? Then who did?

- I can't tell you.
- All right.

Hands behind your back, girly.

Well, I only make
the deliveries, all right?

All right, listen.

He is a whack job,
and if he finds out

I even took a $50 from
the bundle, he'll kill me.

Isn't it weird, Officer Janko,
how her mouth keeps moving

but all we hear is
"blah, blah, blah"?

Let's go.


Wait. Wait wait,
wait, wait.


His name is Ronnie Warner.

He's an artist
who couldn't

make any money,
so he started making money.

Where'd you meet him?

At a club,
all right?

Look, I...

I'm a singer--

or a least trying
to be one--

and when he found out
that I could ride,

he asked if I would
courier for him.


I knew it wasn't
the right way to go, but...

haven't you ever wanted to be
something more than you are?

Okay, okay,
tell your sob story

to the Feds when
we turn you in.

No, come on.

Here, hold on, partner.

Hold on.

Maybe we don't.

mean, collaring her is good,

but collaring her and Warner,
that's even better.

As much as you want
to solve the puzzle,

that is not our job.

Yeah, well, a little
initiative never hurt.

Remember, look with your eyes,
not with your hands.

Keep those rows
straight, please.

Okay, stop right here.

All right.
Bathroom break, anyone?

Okay, Frank,
could I talk to you, please?

Yes, Joyce?

Uh, I don't know if...

if you've been noticing,
but there's a man back there.

He's been following us
from hall to hall.

That's Detective Nuciforo.

He's my security detail.



You always have to stay alert
for stranger danger.

You know, they're just kids,
after all.

Well, while we're
on the subject,

if I might make a suggestion?

I know things have changed
since I was a boy,

but some things are timeless.

I'm not reading you.

Well, if you put a bunch
of ten-year-olds together,

boys and girls,
and tell them to pee,

no one'll go first.

That's not true.

Last chance for
a bathroom break, kids.


Okay, everybody, take five
up against the wall.

At ease.

I got to go.
Get out of the way!

I really got to go!

This isn't on the schedule.

Well, see, that's another thing;
the schedule.

To be honest, it's killing us.

What do you mean?

Well, so far, we've been through
the Hall of Biodiversity,

the Hall of Gems & Minerals,
the Hall of Ocean Life.

Yes, so?

They're ten!

They want to see the dinosaurs
and saber-toothed tigers.

Well, they want to have salty
snacks and drink soda, too.

Doesn't mean it's good for them.

I'm gonna go
freshen up.

When I get back, we're getting
back on schedule, okay?




This is my friend, Daisy.

Well, it's nice
to meet you, Daisy.

You having fun?

Very much so.

Your mom says that you want
to be a doctor.

That's what she tells me, too.

But can I tell you a secret?


What I really want to be
is a park ranger.

Is that right?

I know a lot about it already.


can we see the dinosaurs soon?

I'm working on that.

Now you're the one
who's being quiet, Jill.

Just getting ready.

You really think

you can kill Dekker?

Come on. It's not like
the movies, kid.

The screams alone
will be terrible.

It's exactly
what I want to hear.

Okay, so where is he?

Oh, you gonna go protect him?

Where were you
when I needed protecting?

I'm here now, Jill.
I'm protecting you right now.

I mean, what's gonna happen
to you if he's not there,

if you can't find him?

I mean,
what if he recognizes you

and runs?

Dekker's not gonna get away.

You really think
this'll work?

Your partner didn't
seem to think so.

That's why I'm not just
some clown off the street.

If Warner thinks that
I'm your boyfriend,

then he'll let
his guard down.

The guy is
seriously paranoid.

He's gonna grill
me about you.


Where did we meet?

You delivered a package
to my house last year

when you were working
for Blaze.

Where'd you grow up?

What do your parents do?

Mom passed away, Dad...

Dad's a security guard.

What's your
favorite position?

All right, that
one was for me.

Your feet spread apart,
hands on the hood.

Good one.

You really
from Bayridge?

Your dad really
a security guard?

Bayridge, yeah.

Dad-- not exactly.

This is it.

Ronnie has to
buzz us in.

So, um, smile
for the camera.

Wait, wait.


No? What's wrong?

This is. Come on.

Why'd you change your mind?

I just did.

No one's found Jill
or Dekker yet?

No, still searching.

You get any backstory
on his trial?

It was open-and-shut; Dekker
had been drinking all day

in a bar in Maspeth

and then crashed
into the Gallagher's car.

He got 13 years for first
degree vehicular manslaughter.

So how's he out now?

After he was sentenced,

Dekker hired another
lawyer who found

inconsistencies in
Kilbane's paperwork

and the way the Breathalyzer
had been administered.

I never heard
Kilbane screwed up.

That's because my office
made mistakes, too.

Dekker's lawyer said he
wouldn't take it public

as long as
Dekker walked.

Sarge, we got addresses
on the girl and Dekker.

All right. Excuse me.

Jill, listen to me.

You do not want this thing
to end in a bloodbath.

Do you hear me?
You don't have to do this.


It's the only way the world's
gonna know the truth.

Jill, listen.

I told you
about my sister Erin.

She works at the D.A.'s office.

She's here.

She's gonna try to help you.
Hold on.

Hi, Jill. I wasn't on
the case back then,

but I know
what happened,

and I think I can talk
to my boss...

When are you people gonna get it
through your thick skulls, okay?

There are no more

police investigations.

No more court cases.

You had your chance
and you blew it.

Jill, just talk to her
a little bit.

It's time to go.

Jill! Jill!

First he dies,

and then I do.

And remember,
I am only doing this

because all of you screwed up!

Listen to me.
Do not do anything...

Jill? Jill?


Answer the phone.

Where the hell is she now?

Our girl is moving south
on the West Side.

But the area's still
too big to pinpoint.

Well, if she's headed
to Dekker's place,

she won't find him.

Patrol found
his place empty.

Trying to find his ex-wife;
maybe she knows.

What about Jill's place?

Uh, missed her, too.

We searched inside,
found nothing indicating

where she'll make
her move on Dekker,

but I got a description
of her car

and I put it out over the air.

I'm not surprised

Kilbane messed this up.

Probably couldn't even read
his own notes.

Those cheap cell phones
she's using,

she can take a text on that,

I don't know.
Some can and some can't.

Come on, Jill.
Do the right thing.

Danny, did you talk to Ryan?

'Cause he might know her plan.

Who's Ryan?

Her brother, Ryan Gallagher.

It's right here
in Kilbane's notes.

She never said
she had a brother.

I don't know why not.

He was in the car
the night of the accident.

I'll find Ryan.

Son of a bitch.

She was Warner's courier,
so she knows everything:

where he gets his paper,
who's on his client list.

She agreed to
testify against him.

Secret Service has had Warner on
our radar for quite some time.

Glad I could help.

Time to go.

Guess it's too late
to give you my real number.

Concentrate on not getting
a prison number.

Oh, well.

It was cute
while it lasted.

You're still here?
Tour ended hours ago.

I wanted to watch you
march Warner in.

That didn't happen.

Maya jerk you around again?

No, nothing to do with her.


You want to go grab a drink,
talk about it?

I'd be talking
to the wrong person.

Night, partner.

I got to say,
I like the zoo better.

Stuff moves at least.

So, you having any fun?

Yeah, the butterflies were
pretty cool.

So I guess that was fun.

But I don't think Daisy
and her mom are.

Yeah, well, it's tough
when your parents

chaperone one of
these things.

I get the feeling it's tough
with Daisy's mom, period.

Mm. Hold on a second, Sean.


Could I have your attention?
Thank you.

I think that we should

give a big hand
to Mrs. Carpenter

for putting on
such a great trip.

And, you know,

we were, uh...
we were talking a while ago,

and I think that Mrs. Carpenter

feels that because

there's two of us and 28 of you,

maybe you should decide
what we see next.

So, anybody for dinosaurs?


North American mammals?


Okay, let's eat up and clean up
on the double.

We got a lot of ground to cover.

You just do not give up,
Detective, do you?

Guess my text got
your attention, huh?

Is my brother really there?

Jilly, what the hell
are you doing?

Th say you have a gun.

You had no right
to get him involved in this!

Of course

you're upset Dekker's out.

You think I'm not?

But don't become him.

Look, you don't get a vote,
Ryan, okay?

You stopped visiting
Mom and Dad,

and I still go
every single Sunday.

I go when you're not there.

I just can't
deal with you anymore.

Why? Because I still care?

Nothing you do
will bring them back.

And they would want you
to move on.

Please, don't do this.

Jilly, I can't lose you,
too, okay?

Dekker's ex says
he spends most of his time

in a bar near
Hudson Yards.

I got a radio car headed there,
so keep her on the line.


Jill, listen to your brother,

He cares about you
and he doesn't want

anything to happen to you.

Neither do we,
so stop this, okay?

You got to stop now.

It's too late now.

Jill, it's not too late
for anything, Jill.

Just drive away!

The RMP's 15 blocks

from the bar;
keep her on the phone.

Look, maybe you do care,
Detective Reagan.

And maybe you're
not like the others.

Jill, just
listen to me.

Get back in your car, okay?

Just get back in the
vehicle and drive away.

Ryan, I want you to know
how much I love you, okay?

Jill, I love you, too. Please.

Please, look, look,
I know I've been a bad brother

and I haven't been there
for you sometimes, but please

just don't do this,
don't leave me right now, okay?

Just get back in the car.

Hi. I-I'm sorry.

My, , ....

my front tire went flat.


I-I can't even find a jack
or anything.

I'm always happy
to help a pretty girl.

It's got to be Dekker.

I'm sure it's in here.

No jack.

I can always give you a ride.

Come on, Jill. Come on, Jill.

Don't do this.


Haven't we met?

You're gonna wish
we never had.


Keep her on the phone.
They're only a few blocks away.

Jill? Jill?

Bye, everyone.

Jill, no! Jill, Jill!

No! No, stop!

Come back! Jill!

Jill, stop it!

I'm sorry, Detective.

Her car's nowhere in sight.

She's gone.


Danny, you did
everything you could.

No, I didn't. I screwed up.

I shouldn't have
brought the kid.

Go ahead, say it, Sarge.

I blew it just like
you said I would.


You did good, Reagan.

Just can't figure out,
if she didn't kill him there,

where the hell
is she taking him?

She's got to know we got cars
at her place and Dekker's.

You said that you
and your sister visited

your parents, right?


No, they don't have graves.

They were cremated and had
their ashes spread around.

But Jill wanted a place

to go so she could talk to them.


My mom used to volunteer in
the gardens at Riverdale Park.

They let us plant a tree tre.

That's got to be it.

And as superintendent
of the police commission,

he cleaned up corruption
in the department,

and he earned
a reputation

that helped him become governor
of the state of New York,

and then the 26th president
of the United States.

Didn't he go to war, too?

Ah, he was
a soldier, yes.

Maybe you remember him

and his Rough Riders
at the battle of San Juan Hill.

But you know

what Theodore Roosevelt loved
more than politics

and battle and everything else?


He loved nature.

Can anybody tell me

how President Roosevelt
showed the American people

how much he loved our land?


Well, let's see.

Uh, let's not put anyone
on the spot, Commissioner.

It's not an exam.

Teddy Roosevelt created
the U.S. Forest Service,

established 51 federal
bird reservations,

four national game preserves,
150 national forests

and five national parks.

That is exactly right.

How do you know all that?

I want to be a park ranger
when I grow up.

I mean, sort of.

And I'm sure you'd
make a great one, too.

But you can do more than
one thing, you know.

You can?


Take Teddy here.

Top cop, governor,





and he wrote a whole lot of
books about his experiences,

so you can add writer
to the list as well.



Go! Go, I said!

Why'd you bring me here?

Shut up!


Shut up.

You don't want to do this.

Turn around and
don't look at me.


Get on your knees!

Get on your knees!


For the love of God, please.

Don't kill me.

Where's your laugh now, huh?

Laugh? What laugh?

What I heard
when I watched

my parents die-- where is it?!

Where is it?!

I'm sorry!

I have a drinking problem.

And-and I did my time!

I'm sorry.

You are gonna pay
for what you did.

Do it!

Go ahead!

Just do it already!

Except you can't.

Can you, Jill?

You didn't think I'd give up
that easy, did you?

Well, it's too late.

Leave me alone.

You're a smart girl, Jill.

You proved it all day long.

just couldn't figure out
one last thing.

How to get revenge

without killing him.

You don't think I can shoot him?
Watch me!

I'm waiting, Jill.

Not that easy, is it?

Please kill him,

and then kill me.

It's not gonna happen.

Why? It's fine.

You can use my gun.

Just tell everyone
that I did it.

And then what?

Ruin this beautiful

Come on, give me that.

Give me that.

Step back, sweetheart.

Step back.

You all right?

Thank you!

She's crazy, right?

Go to hell, you son of a bitch.

It's okay.

Let's get you
out of here now, okay?

Let your parents
rest in peace.

Heard you had
a great time, kiddo.

I had a blast!

I held a walking stick.

I'm looking forward
to that myself.

He means the insect.

I know that, Darwin.

So, Frank, how was Joyce?

Seldom right,
but never uncertain.

Yeah, she always
did seem a little...

intense to me.

I heard she's the B word.


Excuse me.

That's not appropriate, Jack.

Sean said it, not me.

Is that true, young man?

Because your ability

to sit down for a week

hangs in the balance.

A kid on the trip said it first.

And Nicky said it
wasn't bad language

unless you actually
said the word.


Oh, really?


Technically I'm right.

Technically you're still young
enough to get grounded.

Actually, I made some judgments
when we first met,

and I don't think
they were fair.

I thought cops are
supposed to be able

to tell who people are
from just one look,

so they don't trust
the wrong people

and get shot at or something.

They teach us character
assessment in the academy.

And cops are only human.

I can't believe
I just said that.

Works the other way, too.

Sometimes someone
you think is nice

turns out to be a crook.

Not that being right

does you much good either way.

Come on, Grandpa.

It's time for dessert.
Just one more page

on this and
I'll deserve it.

Very funny.

Secret Service was impressed.

I hear things.

So, they told you
I went off the reservation?

And returned before you got
yourself into trouble.

Dad, how long was it
before you made detective?

Three years.

Danny made it
in three and a half.

Good genes.

Guess I didn't get them.

Been on patrol for...
for four years now.

Four years?

Seems like you just
graduated the academy.

You think something's
holding you back.

Can someone grab
those napkins, please?

And give me a hand in here?

Yeah, I'm on it.

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