Blue Bloods (2010–…): Season 4, Episode 10 - Mistaken Identity - full transcript

Danny and Maria investigate a local bombing, but are met with tension and resistance from the community during the investigation. Meanwhile, Frank must deal with the political fallout when ...

You've got no choice.

Of course, I do,
and I not to attend.

Morning Baker.

All due respect, you're being
incredibly unreasonable.

Part of my gruff charm.

The Citizens Defense League

is a legitimate
civil-rights organization.

In the eyes of the IRS,
for tax purposes maybe.

Anyone else with half a brain,
sees them for what they are.

A left-wing
political action cabal.

They just want you to attend
their awards dinner next week.

Dreams die hard.

Forward the invitation
to the Inspector General.

She's got a prior
engagement in D.C.

Lucky her.
Still a pass.

We've got the Police Academy
curriculum meeting at 10.


Won't look right. A representative
from the NYPD should be there.

You look smart in a tux.
Have a great evening.

Look, I know
you don't like people...

I don't like these people?

The CDL is a bunch
of radical fringe bottom feeders,

who raise money
by vilifying the NYPD.

Final answer.

Double check
that air vent.

Right there.

Ah, what a mess.

Who'd be crazy enough
to bomb a mosque?

Hey, Rick.

How's it going?

Could be worse. You?

Ah, you know.

Same old same old.
Maria Baez, Rick Kelly.

Best marshal
the FDNY has,

not to mention the best
third baseman

the softball team's ever had.

Yeah, not anymore. Bum knee.

What have we got here?
Looks like

a pipe bomb tossed
through a window.

Pipe bomb. Anybody hurt?

We got lucky.

Smoke inhalation,
minor burns, but no casualties.

How bad's the damage?

The collateral fire
we put out pretty quick.

We're still assessing
the structure.

Hate crime task force
takes it from there.


You got it.
Good to meet you, Baez.

You, too.

He's married.

Just browsing.

Ah. Just telling you.


this is Imam Ansar.

Imam, were you here
when the bomb went off?

I was leading prayers
when I heard the window break.

Then there was
an explosion and fire.

You have any idea who would
want to do this to a mosque?

I thought that was your job.

Well, it is our job, but you
live here and we don't.

There are people who don't
want us in the neighborhood.

So, you've had trouble before?

Several break-ins.

They write on the walls--
blame us for 9/11

and everything else.

They hate us
because they fear us.

But our religion
celebrates peace.

Those people only know
what they see on TV

when it comes to your religion.

Those few who do violence

in the name of Allah
are not true Muslims,

and they bring violence
upon those of us who are.

And we are left unprotected.

Feel the love?

Well, rule number one
when I was in Fallujah:

never trust Americans.

Then why choose to live here
if that's how he feels?

I don't know why they choose
to live here, but they do,

and the sign on the door
says everyone's welcome,

so we got to back
that up, partner.

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Mistaken Identity
Original Air Date on December 13, 2013

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That mosque was vandalized

four times
in the past year.

Graffiti, a couple
of broken windows.

Any arrests?

A couple of 15-year-olds--
handled in family court.

Well, I doubt they
graduated to explosives.

What else?

Six months ago,
someone broke the lock

and went to town
on the prayer room.

What are we
talking about?

Urinated in the fountains

they use to wash their hands
before the prayers.


They also trashed the wall
facing Mecca.


Well, haters gonna hate.

It's a figure of speech.

Oh, okay.
Anything else?

They also tried
to get to the Quran,

but a couple
of uniforms showed up.

They collar up?

The perps fled,
but they tagged

the floor with a
gang symbol-- a "WN"?

WN? That's White Nation,
a prison skinhead gang

that operates
on the outside now.

They questioned the top guy,
some creep named Kevin Conklin.

Priors for assault
and harassment,

but he wasn't
gonna give anything up.

Can't wait to meet him.

Hey, did you hear
about that mosque bombing?

Yeah, no shortage of
knuckleheads in the world, huh?

Yeah, or in
this precinct.

I heard a couple of guys
making jokes about it.

Doubt they'd be laughing

if it was their church
that got hit.





Um, Dana, this is my...

my partner,
Eddie Janko.

Great to meet you.

Yeah, same... here.

Uh, so how was your flight?

Oversold, late taking off,
your basic nightmare.

Someone should
file a class-action.

Dana and I went

to law school together.


You ready to go?
Do I have a choice?

Jamie's agreed to be my date
for the bar association dinner.

Which means we have
to get him a tux.

That should be fun.

It's not, but at least
there's an open bar.

We should go.

Okay. Um, I'll see you tomorrow.


All right.

I understand, Mr. Mayor.

Well, we are investigating

classifying it
as a hate crime.

Hey-hey-hey. Ooh-ooh-ooh.

But it would be premature
to call it one yet.

I will keep you posted.

Bye for now.

I hate when you do that.

What, my job?

And why are you in here?

The president of
the Anti-Defamation League

would like to speak with you,

ditto the head of
the Arab-American Association.

Tell them we're doing everything
we can.

And you need to reconsider
attending the CDL dinner.

That again?


You're gonna blow off
a civil rights group

in the wake
of an anti-Muslim hate crime?

I already blew them off--

assuming you told them
I wasn't available--

and I will be damned
if I am going to say yes now

and make it look like I am
bowing down and currying favor.

Which would be

the exact effect.

You really want that?

Well, when you put it that way.
You got another way?

'Cause if you do,
I don't want to hear it!

Anything else?

You brief the press
in a half hour.

Lucky them!

Kevin Conklin?

Wow, you're good.

You two, why don't you
take a walk?

Come on, beat it.

Get up. Get your hands
out of your pockets.

Someone tried to blow up
the Mosque on 10th.

You know anything
about that?

I know it's a good start.

Too many damn Osamas
around here.

Think they own the place.

You were spotted in the area

a few hours before
the explosion.

That rat's nest
is on my way to work.

Got quite a mouth on you, Kevin.

You know, I got a place upstairs
that's a real mess.

You got your mop and bucket
in the car, chiquita?

We have department guidelines

for dealing with
verbally abusive subjects.

We're supposed to find
a way to make a connection.

Well, I'd say you made
a hell of a connection there.

Subject tried to put
his hands on me.

I saw the whole thing.

That's a damn lie!

Don't worry, tough guy,
we won't tell the guys

that the cleaning lady
kicked your ass. Come on.

Son of a...

Partner, this guy is
shut up pretty tight.

He ain't talking.
No one can place him

at the scene
at the time of the bombing.

We don't come up
with something quick,

we're gonna have
to cut him loose.

Your friend Kelly came across
a new witness

during his investigation;
he wanted us to talk to her.

Mrs. Sudarsky?

This is Detective Reagan.

Ma'am, can you tell us
what you saw?

I-I was coming home
from the doctor.

I got these gastric problems.
Don't ask.

As I passed by

that mosque, I saw a guy throw
something through the window.

Couple of seconds later,
I heard a loud boom.

Then there was
all this screaming.

Did you get a good look
at this guy?

Well, I, uh... it happened fast,
but I know what I saw.

Okay. Is this the guy you saw?

Oh, no, that's not him.

Are you sure?

The guy was skinnier,

but it's tough to tell
because of the robe.

The robe?
What do you mean, robe?

He was wearing a robe
and loose pants

and one of those little hats
that they all wear.

You saying the guy

that bombed the mosque
was a Muslim?

Yeah. Dark skin, beard.

I remember
asking myself,

why would a Muslim want
to hurt his own people?

That's a damn good question.

You know what
I'm talking about?

You try to help,
it's like pulling teeth.

Yeah, well, these people take
a lot of crap in this country.

Can you blame 'em?

Now you're going in!
What have I done wrong?

Tell me
what I've done wrong!


I've done nothing.
You're under arrest!

Release me immediately! Release me!
What happened?

What happened here?

I stopped this guy
to ask him some questions,

he gets out of control,
and then he punched me.

What'd you stop
him for?

He fit the description.

Description of this guy?

You must be joking.

He does have a point.

He was acting furtive.

I was walking down the street.

I just wanted
to ask him him some questions,

and he starts going off.

I told him I am a Sikh.

He kept insisting I'm a Muslim.

Whatever you are, you assaulted
a cop, and now you're going in.

I did nothing! I did nothing!

Hey, both of you, take it easy!

That's enough! You put
your hands on a cop,

you're getting locked up;
that's the bottom line.

Get him the hell out of here.

This isn't right.
Get him out of here!

This isn't right!

Get off of me.

What'd you get me?

If you bring up
the CDL dinner again,

I swear
I'll deck you.

No, we got
real problems.

One of our officers

questioned a local
about his whereabouts

during the bombing.


The guy took exception,

slugged the officer
and broke his nose.

I assume he's in custody.


But it's complicated.

The suspect is a Sikh.

Claims he was racially
profiled as a Muslim.

Still doesn't give
him the right

to assault a police officer.

No, it doesn't.

But which of these

is nothing like the other?

Oh, boy.


And he's not
just any citizen.

He is Dr. Pamar Hameed,
Chief of Neurosurgery at NYU.

So what?

He hit a cop
and that's against the law.

Plain and simple.

Well, the good news
is we finally have

an excuse for skipping

the Citizen's
Defense League dinner

that we can both
get behind.

They're filing a lawsuit
against the department

for violating
Dr. Hameed's civil rights.

You sure about this?

Mustafa Haddad's

the only Muslim we know
in this neighborhood.

Who else a we
gonna talk to?

But he hates non-Muslims,
especially us,

after you accused
him of killing

his brother's girlfriend.

I'm sure he's gotten
over that by now.

Besides, you got a better
idea, I'm all ears.

Okay, then.

Remember, they don't like women
in this place,

so keep your eyes open.


Remember us?
How could I forget?

Who do you think
I killed this time?


Place seems
to be doing well.

I'm the manager now.

And we still don't
allow women in here.

Then just think of me as a cop.

We have to talk to you
about something.

Let me guess.

- The Masjid bombing?
- Yeah.

You think I'm a terrorist now?

Look, would you just...

take a look at this
sketch of our suspect?

Is this a joke?

No, I'm afraid not.

You think a Muslim
did this?

We have an eyewitness
who swears to it.

A white witness?

You people are amazing.

You lay all the evils
of the world at our feet.

Why don't you just take
a look at the sketch and tell me

if you've seen this guy
or if you know anyone

from this community crazy enough
to pull something like this.

We don't turn on our own.

We are trying
to catch a guy

who's hurting Muslims.

You got as much reason as we do
to want him off the street.

You have no idea
what I want.

Okay, listen.


last time I met you,
you showed me a scar.

Yeah, and you still
haven't caught the guys.

So you, more than anyone,
should know how it feels

to see a crime against Islam
go unpunished, Mustafa.

So I should help you
frame a fellow Muslim?

I'm not asking you
to frame anybody.

In fact, I don't give a damn
what the guy looks like

or who he prays to.

We caught the guy who killed

your brother's girlfriend,
didn't we?

He was white,
do you remember that?

After eliminating every
brown suspect, including me.

Sorry, detectives.

You're gonna have to
do your own dirty work.

Look what the cat
dragged in!

Jamie Reagan!

Prince Charming!
Yeah, thanks.

Zip it, zip it.

Where did
you go, prom?

Told you I was gonna
catch hell coming in here.

Oh, they're just jealous
'cause you're so damn cute.

Besides, I wanted to see
where you hang out these days.


Where'd you park
the wedding cake?

It's not fancy, but it's cold.

Oh, hey, Eddie, join us.

No, I feel a little

Just sit down, Janko.



how was the big
lawyer shindig?

Kind of like Shark Week.

Come on.

I thought the keynote
speaker was pretty good.

"Civil Litigation
in the Internet Age."

I think even the waiters
were nodding off.

Oh, that sounds like that joker
from the diner the other day.

Don't remind me.

What happened?

Oh, girlfriend here orders
a chopped salad, as usual--

it's embarrassing.

Not everyone puts away a steak
sandwich at lunch, Eddie.

Okay, so he
tells the guy

no olives,
'cause he's allergic...

You're allergic to olives?

Oh, big-time.

Halfway through lunch,
he breaks out

in these massive hives.

Oh, my God.
It wasn't that bad.

Turns out, the idiot waiter put
olive tapenade in his salad.

So she threatens
to arrest the guy

for assaulting
a police officer.

I was looking out
for my partner.


How'd that happen?

I'll be right back.

She's really great.


Pretty, too.

Not like that, Dana.

You count on your partner
to cover your back.

Last thing you need is,

you know, personal stuff
getting in the way of that.

If you say so.

Okay, thanks.

Feds released our sketch
to the entire Bureau.

Only hits on the West Coast
both incarcerated.

Of course.

Investigators have any luck
tracing the bomb parts?

It was a pretty generic device.

Looked at video from every
camera angle on this block.

No sign of our guy.

I mean,
he threw a bomb

into a mosque in broad daylight,
we got an eyewitness,

and still
we're chasing our tails.


Yeah, Rick.


I'm on my way.

We got another bomb.
Mustafa's place, come on.


We got to stop
meeting like this.

Yeah, I wish.

Same bomb as the mosque?

Similar device,
as far as I can tell.

And we weren't
so lucky this time.

One of the vics
may not make it.

- Danny.
- Don't touch me!

I don't need your help!
Let me just check your...

I told you to get
away from me!

He won't let us
examine him, Detective.

Tell me what happened.

What happened?

One second I'm talking
to my old friend,

the next there's
blood... everywhere.

Okay, well, there's blood
everywhere on you, too,

so why don't you
let these medics

help you out, okay?
Come on.

Come on,
give him a hand.

Help him!

If you want
to help me...

find who did this.

Come on, just take care of him.

Any word on Mustafa?

He's gonna be in
the hospital overnight,

but he's fine.
Lucky guy.


Luckier than his buddy,
who lost his leg,

and is probably gonna
lose the other one.

You come up
with anything

on the names Mustafa gave us?

Omar Khan-- attacked a guy
for kissing the cheek

of an unmarried Muslim woman.

Ooh, that's a no-no.

Well, Omar moved to
Afghanistan last year,

so he's off the list.

How about the guy

who trashed the
Muslim marketplace?

Yeah, Sultan Rabbani.

Major dirtbag.

He is doing three years
for assault.

So he's no help, either.

You got something?

Uh, I've been scanning
through these Web sites

identified as anti-Muslim by
the hate crimes task force,

looking for people logging in
using Muslim names.

In case our guy
goes online

trying to brag
about the bombing.

You got anything?

Yeah, I wrote down all
the IP addresses of one of them.

This one traces back

to an address located
close to both

the mosque and Mustafa's place,

Baahir Zaki.

He started going on
the sites a few months ago.

Pretty regularly.

I think we should go
pay him a visit.

I had fun at
the bar last night.

Yeah, you just liked

watching everybody
mock me left and right.

Not at all.

Well, yeah, I did a little.

So Eddie's really great.

Yeah, she's
a solid partner.

Oh, come on.
Wait, no.

I'm serious, come on.

It's like I said,
we just work together.

Look, it's not
a big deal.

We live on opposite sides
of the country.

It's not like we're exclusive.

But you do find her
attractive, right?

Oh, all right.

I didn't mean to make you
feel uncomfortable.

Sure you did.

That's okay. I got to go anyway.

Got a date with Eddie.

Officer Kamins, sir.

Thanks for coming.

Please, sit down.

Thank you, sir.

Can I get you
some coffee?

No, thank you, sir.

How's the nose?

A little sore,
but no big deal.

on being cleared

in the investigations.

Back in uniform tomorrow.

Thank you, sir.

No real winners here.

I'm just glad I was cleared,

and the department's
not gonna take a hit.

Me, too.

You want to treat
people the right way.

Part of the job.

Big part.

Between you and me?

There's nobody else here.

I might have had it coming.

A little bit, anyway.

How's that?

Knowing what I know now...

if I'd have been in his shoes,
I might've done the same thing.

No, you wouldn't have.

He punched
a New York City cop.

But that instinct,

to walk in someone
else's shoes?

That's the most valuable
tool on your belt.

Never lose it.

Yes, sir.

Ever met a Sikh before?

No, sir.

They're proud people.

They've had a hard road.

But no matter
what's thrown at them,

they never turn their backs
on who they are.

Takes guts.

Yes, sir.

This is a city of immigrants.

You and me included.

Always remember that.

I will, sir.

Thank you.

Thank you, sir.

I'm not sure
how I can help you, Detectives.

We're talking to people
in the neighborhood, Mr. Zaki.

See if anyone knows anything
about the bombings.

I only know what I've read
in the newspapers.

It's terrible.
No thanks.

We understand you're a member
of the mosque that was bombed?


But you weren't there
when the bomb went off.

Allah is good.

Well, that's not what they say
on that Web site

you've been hanging out on.

A friend sent me the link.

It's frightening

how many people hate Muslims.

Yet you've been on that site
over a dozen times.

What are you implying?

Are you investigating me?

Should we be?

I was at my office

when the Masjid and Safad's
were bombed.



Sudi needs help
with her... homework.

Is everything all right?

Everything's fine.

Detectives, this is
my wife Aaliya.

And my daughter Sudi.

Detectives, this is
You're the police?Aaliya.

Yes, ma'am.

And, uh, we were
just leaving.

I wish I could be more help.

You've already been
plenty of help, Mr. Zaki.

So, what do you think?

I think he's lying
through his teeth.

Wife seems like she knows
something's going on.

I would agree with
that assessment.

So, why not ask her
some questions?

'Cause a Muslim woman's
never gonna talk

about her husband to strangers.

At least not
while he's in the room.

Church was crowded this morning.

Well, Christmas rush.

Everybody want to wipe the
slate clean this time of year.

How you holding up with
everything that's going on?

Ah, sixes and sevens.

Your cop Kamins?

Actually, the guy who hit him.

Well, we have him
airtight, Dad.

Even he doesn't dispute
what happened.

Well, he may not
dispute what happened,

but I'm pretty sure he feels
he had the right.

You know, I don't think I know
who's right or wrong here.

Will wonders never cease?

What charges is
your office gonna pursue?

Well, ven the extent
of Officer Kamins' injuries,

assault two
and resisting arrest.

Sounds pretty harsh.

Excuse me?

Dr. Hameed is a model citizen
with no prior record.

Officer Kamins is a good cop
with a spotless record.

I'm not so sure
the farther this goes,

the more damage is done.

An NYPD officer is assaulted.

And the PC is asking us

to reduce the charges
on the perp?

What I think I'm saying

is maybe the D.A.'s office could
look at this for what it is.

Two wrongs that cancel
each other out.

Does anybody bomb
Catholic churches?

Oh, I don't think you have
to worry about that, honey.

He's just trying to get
out of catechism class.

Am not.

Are, too.

All right, knock it off.

The answer is yes,
but not here-- knock wood.

Really? Where?


Pakistan, Nigeria,
Northern Ireland.

Other places, too.

Why does God allow it?

Doesn't work that way, Jack.

It's done in the name of God,
believe it or not.

You mean, like
in the name of Allah?

Not always.

In Northern Ireland anyway,
in the name

of the exact same God
that we pray to.

By other Christians.

So-called Christians.

This is really confusing.

It certainly is.

And that's why
they have a class

dedicated to it in school
called history.

Not really.

Are you
sure about that?

You ever study the Crusades?

Oh, yeah.

Birth of Israel?

The 30 Years War in Europe?
Okay, okay.

There's been a lot of good done
in the name of God.

And a lot of bad, also.

Yeah, what my father
used to say:

a lot of wars basically
boil down to somebody saying,

"I'm taking your house
and God said it was okay."


I'm gonna hang back.

She's not gonna talk to me.

Mrs. Zaki?


I was hoping to ask you
a few questions.

Is this about my husband?

Yes, ma'am.

Baahir is a good man.

No one's saying he's not.

Then why are you treating
him like a criminal?

Someone in this community
is hurting people.

And it doesn't seem
like they intend to stop.

Baahir isn't like that.

He's an educated man.

He programs computer

Yes, at Dineen Technologies.

We called them.

They said your husband
was laid off six months ago.

Yes, the company is downsizing.

It must be tough.

Especially because his
father is very ill.

The hospital bills...

Sounds like your husband's
under a lot of stress.

Allah will provide.

Is that
how Baahir feels?

He spent a few weeks at a
psychiatric hospital last year.

It was a very difficult time.

Please, I love Baahir.

Then help him
by telling us the truth.

Baahir's faith was strong.

But when things
started going badly,

he stopped going to prayers.

He started
acting strangely.

He felt that...

Allah had abandoned him.

That Allah's
benevolence was a lie.

This is a man I don't know.

He said he was at his office
when the bombs went off.

But if he got laid off...

H-He's been working at
his father's apartment...

repairing computers
until he finds a new job.

We're gonna need
his father's address.


Baahir would
never hurt anyone.

I hope you're right.

You're doing
the right thing.

Baahir Zaki?

We're coming in.

Watch yourself.


Back here.

Son of a bitch.

He's got enough explosives
to blow up the block.

We got to get this place
evacuated, partner.

I'll call the bomb squad.

No, no, no, no!

No cell phone.

Find a neighbor,
use a landline.


Found this.

Muslim Day Parade?
You don't think...

I hope not,
'cause the parade's tomorrow.

Focus on the start
and the end of the parade.

That's where
the largest concentration

of spectators is gonna be.

How long till this thing starts?

There are gonna be
thousands of people here.

Starts in three hours.

We're not even sure
if Baahir planted the bombs yet.

Well, that's why they
haven't shut it down.

Hear anything
from the wife?

Zaki never came home
last night.

He's not answering
his cell phone.

We have a team posted
at the hospital

in case he shows up
to visit his father.

He couldn't be
that stupid.


You're kidding me.

All right, we're on our way.

I guess he is that stupid.

He showed up at the hospital.

They're bringing him
down to the squad now.

So, Dana's pretty cool.

How come you never
mentioned her before?

It's kind of an on-again,
off-again thing.

Sure seemed like an "on thing"
the other night.

Yeah, I guess.
At least you and Dana have

the whole lawyer thing
going on, right?

Maybe, but didn't keep her
from being jealous of you.


That's ridiculous.

That's what I said.

I mean, even
if we weren't partners,

you are nowhere near my type.

Uh, ditto.

You're way too short.

And our family backgrounds?

Not compatible.

Yeah, I guess, uh,
a family of cops

wouldn't go down too well
at the, uh, country club, huh?

That's not what I meant.



My father was
a financial adviser,

and he made a lot of money.

But it was all a lie.

What are you talking about?

Remember Bernie Madoff?

That's my dad.

On a-a smaller scale.

His... company turned out
to be a Ponzi scheme.

And a lot
of really good people

lost... everything.

People I knew my whole life.

What happened to your dad?

He's doing six to eight
in Fort Dix Correctional.

I haven't spoken
to him in, like,

three years.

See, Reagan,
it's not your family

that's not good enough.

It's mine.

All available units

respond to 32nd and First,

for the evacuation,
Muslim Day Parade.

Units responding.

How's your father, Baahir?

He's dying.

I'm sorry to hear that.

Life is full of sorrow.

Sometimes death is a gift.

Like the gift you're planning
for the parade today?

Come on.

We visited your workshop.

You planted the bombs,
didn't you?


If Allah is as great
as he claims,

he will intervene.

Have dispatch
call One PP.

We got to shut the
parade down now.

That's gonna
take some time.

Make it happen.

Why don't you tell me where
those devices are, Baahir.

Where only the Most Merciful
can find them.

It's in his hands now.

Don't give me that crap.

It's in your hands now.

All my life,

I've struggled to be
a good Muslim,

to provide for my family
and to serve Allah.

I was promised

that if I did these things,
God would provide.

He hasn't.

My people need to understand

they're on their own.


This is where
I find peace.

Like my boys?

They mean everything to me.

My boys.

Now, let's just say

that they're down at
that parade right now,

not knowing that
they're about to be

blown to bits
by a couple of bombs.

As a father
and as a man,

can you imagine
what it's gonna be like

for me to lose my children?

Then maybe you can
imagine what it's gonna

feel like to
lose your own.

Hi, Daddy.

Hello, angel.

You okay?

Go see your papa.

Tell me where
the bombs are, Baahir.

Help me, please.


I'll help you.

But you only have
19 minutes.

Have the Bomb Squad
respond to the bandstand.

The bomb is in
one of the speakers.

Let's go!

I want this area clear, now!


All clear, guys.

Nice going, partner.

Hem du'Allah.

Thank God.


Detective Reagan.

You look a lot better than
the last time I saw you.


It only hurts
when I breathe.


What brings you down here?

I heard what
you did today.

You mean my job?

You know, sometimes,
when people are different,

they create a world

separate from the world
they live in... protect themselves.

I can understand that.

Though sometimes, not everyone's
trying to hurt you, you know.

Some of us actually
want to help.

What's this?

It's a verse from
a Sufi poem.

It's about friends...

coming from...
unexpected places.

Well, thanks.

Be well, Detective.

You, too.

Dr. Hameed.

Frank Reagan.

I was surprised to get
your call, Commissioner.

I felt privacy was in order.

Ex-cop owns this bar.

Intoxicants are
forbidden in my faith.

I took the liberty
of having tea prepared.


Thank you.

But before I accept
your hospitality,

I should let you know that
my lawsuit is going ahead.

I can't say I'm surprised.

I am aware of the harassment,

and worse,

that your faith
and traditions visit on you.

I imagine a man
of your intelligence

would not want to waste
the opportunity

to shine a light
on those injustices.

Can I ask a stupid question?

I-I don't want
to embarrass you.

I'm not easily


when we were kids,

I was told Sikhs carry
daggers in their turbans.


The Kirpan is one of our
five articles of faith.

As a neurosurgeon,

I advise against wearing
it in one's turban.

I was grateful that

the district attorney
reduced the charges.

If that has anything to do
with your department...

It did not.

Then I guess a "thank you"
would be out of line.

I was happy it was reduced
to a misdemeanor.

Dr. Hameed...

my officer was
trying to do his job.

But his judgment
was off,

and in the process,

he insulted a good man
and his heritage.

And that's wrong.

I came here to apologize,

on behalf of my men,
my department and me.

Dr. Hameed...

Officer Bob Kamins.

I know you two have met.

I just felt you both
deserved a do-over.

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