Blue Bloods (2010–…): Season 4, Episode 1 - Unwritten Rules - full transcript

When an armed robbery ends with the death of a police officer, Frank makes it a mission for the NYPD to bring the suspect to justice.

You Reagan?

Eddie Janko.

Sarge says we're, uh...
we're riding together.

Something wrong?

No, um, I was expecting a...

Fat, sweaty Hungarian guy?

Sorry to burst your bubble.

Uh, no offense.

Oh, no, trust me,
it's really hard to offend me.

My real name's Edit,
after my grandmother,

but Eddie's just
easier all around.

Okay, um, who was
your last partner?

Actually, I just graduated
from the academy last week.

Oh, seriously.

You're my first, Reagan.

Be gentle.

I just meant,
all of my other partners

have had at least as much time
on the job as me.


Should I come back
in a few years?

I'll let you know
after our tour.

units, 10-13 from the officer.

Shots fired, corner of

three-two and nine.
Units responding.

That's us. So much
for starting slow. Hey!

Do you mind if I drive?

I don't think...

Hey, hey, whoa!

Hey, what have you got?

to a 10-30 in progress.

That jewelry store, two perps.

We took shots
when we came through the door.

One of them flew out the back.

I chased him, he got away.

My partner went after
the other guy.

We got a body.

Hey... hey...


Where are you hit?

Put pressure on it!
Put pressure on it!

Lori, Lori,
where'd he go?

He took off... through the park.

Hang in there, Collins.
You're gonna be all right.

We have an officer shot.
inside Lenox Avenue.

Stay here.
Stay with her.

Come on, come on!
Get her in!

All units, 10-13.

We have a confirmed officer shot
in Lenox Avenue park,

vicinity of park house.

Units respond.

Officers Reagan and Janko
were first to respond.

Officer Collins
is in surgery now.

How bad?

Took one to the
stomach under her vest.

Lost a lot of blood.


How's my officer?

We did everything we could,
but there was too much damage.

She died a few minutes ago.

I'm sorry, Frank.

Her husband's
in the chapel.

I'll talk to him.

With their
five-year-old daughter.

Andrew and Katie.

We lost her.

Sir, this is my partner.

Officer Janko, sir.

You going back to the scene?

As soon as we talk
to the detectives.

We need to get
this son of a bitch.

♪ Blue Bloods 4x01 ♪
Unwritten Rules
Original Air Date on September 27, 2013

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All right,
we'll get a toss going.

In fact,
toss the whole neighborhood.

And I don't give a damn
if people are sleeping.

Wake 'em up.

Hey, anything off the canvass?

I've been talking to a bunch
of folks in the neighborhood.

Keep hearing the same name:
Angelo Reid.

Angelo Reid-- can anyone
place him at the scene?

No, but word is,

he just finished
his ten upstate-- armed robbery.

You get anything
on the other perp?

Just Officer Salazar's

Stay on it, okay?

You got it.

Detective Reagan?

This is Miss Caruso.

How are you?

Lives next

to the jewelry store.

Says she saw a man with a gun
running from the park.

Ma'am, do you think if, um,
we showed you some photographs,

you might be able
to identify this man?

Well, it was dark,
but I can try.

All right, why don't you put her
in a radio car,

all right?
Bring her to our office.

Come with me, ma'am.

How much information you
want released to the press?

Stick to the basics.

Chief Arbogast is here.


Hell of a week
to start a new job.

Where are we, Dino?

Working on an idea
of the shooter,

nothing yet on the second perp.

Got uniforms
at the house.

Family's coming up from Philly.

I knew this girl, Frank.

I was at little Katie's

Whatever it takes.

It's hard to say for sure.

It-it happened so fast.


I don't think she's
gonna make this guy, Danny.

This guy Angelo-- he's got
a rap sheet a mile long.

Surveillance video puts him
right outside the jewelry store

a few hours before
the robbery.

We need more than that
to make the collar.

All right.

How you doing, Mrs. Caruso?

Oh, hi.

Can I get you some coffee?

Nah. Just wish I could help.

Yeah, me, too. So...

why don't we take another
look at this, okay?

Oh, okay.

Now, you said that the guy
had short hair, right?


Well, that eliminates
those three.

But he wasn't bald, right?

Okay, now, that
eliminates those two.

only this one man.

Is that the man that
you saw, Mrs. Caruso?

I suppose it could be him.

Okay, I need to
know for sure.

I want you to take a
closer look, all right?

It could be him,
couldn't it?

That's him.

Good. Just sign this.

I'll have an officer
escort you out. Officer?

- Thank you.
- Thank you.

Make sure she signs that.

Got it.

Kind of drew her
a diagram there.

What do you want me to do?

Someone takes out a cop,
all bets are off.

Yeah. Got it.

Transit cop spotted a guy
fitting Reid's description

in Grand Central.

Let's go catch a train.

the main concourse now.

You got eyes on him, partner?

Not yet.

Hang on.

I got him.

He's using the lady
with the stroller as a cover.

Fits his MO.

I'm going in.



You taking a trip, Angelo? Huh?

Was I jaywalking again, Officer?

Making jokes now, huh?

I ain't kill no lady cop.

Lady cop?

Who said anything about
a lady cop, tough guy?

I got ears.
You got nothing on me.

I got an eyewitness saw you

walking out of that park
last night.

Let me tell you
something, buddy.

You're gonna burn in Hell
for this one.

It's okay; take your time,
Mrs. Caruso.

Exactly how old
is this witness?

You see anyone you recognize,

just tell me the number
and let me know

where you recognize
him from, okay?

I... I-I think

it might be...

...number three?

Number three.

Are you certain, ma'am?

Well, he looks different
from his picture,

but I'm pretty sure
that's him.

There you have it.

Number three.

All right.

Clear out
the lineup, please,

and escort Mrs. Caruso over

to Sergeant Gormley's office
for me, all right?

Thank you.

Thank you.

Good job.

That's your eyewitness?


She picked the right guy.

"I'm pretty sure that's him"?

If I put her on the stand,

Reid's attorney is going
to eat her for lunch.

Well, I'm sure your office
will have her prepped.

What else do you have?

We got Reid hanging
around the jewelry store

a few hours
before it was robbed.

He lives in the neighborhood.

We need something solid
to charge this guy.

A weapon, possession of
stolen goods, something.

Well, the MO of the heist
fits two of Reid's

previous burglaries, all right?


"Crowbar on the lock.

Cut the alarm."

Not exactly a signature, Danny.

Come on, this guy knew
why we were picking him up.

Doesn't qualify as confession.

We don't need a confession.

Mrs. Caruso picked this guy
out of a photo array!

Which is not admissible
in court.

Not to mention...

You don't have
to mention anything!

He killed a cop!

I know that, which is why
I pulled rank to get this case.

I want him
as badly as you do.

But I cannot put that lineup
in front of a judge!

You cannot or you will not?

Excuse me?

This guy's a cop killer,
and you're worried

about your batting average?

You seriously think
that I am worried

about a loss on my record?

Reid is our guy.

You toss that lineup
and I gotta cut him loose!

Then give me something
I can use,

and I will charge him.

Until then, he is free to go.

I can't believe the son of
a bitch is still on the street.

Reid's probably on his way
out of town right now.

I doubt it. The moron
thinks he got away with it.

Maybe he did.
That's not gonna happen.

We got anything
on the second perp?

Maybe we find this guy,
he rolls over on Reid,

we can all sleep at night.
But the problem is,

we got nothing;
he's a ghost.

Hey, there's no such
thing as ghosts.

Let's see who
he's hanging out with.

All right.

According to his sheet,
Reid pulled burglaries

with four other lowlifes:

Brandon Lefko...

Doing 12 years upstate.



Deported to
the Dominican Republic.

Ed Garvey.

OD'd in Jersey last year.

Reid's not exactly hanging out

with the National
Honor Society here.

Which leaves Joey Fabrizio.

Let me guess.

On probation.

We got two felonies on him,

but he's out on the street.

Let's get a warrant card
out on him.

This guy's hiding
in a hole somewhere.

We're gonna dig him out.

You may be sorry, Tom, but I've
got an officer in the morgue

and a cop killer on the street.

I'll be expecting your call.

District Attorney.

Wasn't his call
to let Reid walk.

Whose call was it?

Deputy Bureau Chief,
in the Trial Division.

Please tell me
that Deputy Bureau Chief

doesn't share
the PC's last name.

Wish I could.

We got another
problem, Frank.

Angelo Reid called the Post.

Says he's getting
threatening phone calls,

and someone tossed a brick
through his window.

Claims police harassment.

There's zero proof
it was cops.

Still doesn't look right.

And if Reid happens

to end up dead
at the hands of cops,

all hell's gonna break loose.

Put a radio car on Reid's house.

Well, we are gonna give
this skel protection?

If anything happens,
it'll look like

we're behind it
or let it happen.

The rank and file
are gonna go nuts.

Put a car on Reid.

You're the boss.

What are you gonna
do about Erin?

Give me a minute.

How are you holding up?

I'm gonna ask you something,
and you can say "no."


I'm putting a car
on Angelo Reid.

There have been threats.

I want to ask Renzulli
to put you on the detail.

No one will know.

I thought
I was just another cop.

You are.

You're also a lawyer,

and you will understand the why
of this more than most.

Do what you have to do,

Have you lost your mind?

There was no
compelling reason

to charge Angelo Reid.

Except for the fact that
he killed a police officer.

The sole eyewitness
could barely I.D. the guy.

You would never
have proceeded.

Don't be so sure.

Now the cops are certain
they've got the right guy.

Do you disagree?

No. He's most
likely the shooter.

And yet, you still
let him go.

We decline
to charge suspects every day.

A lot of them are guilty,
but you still need evidence.

There are rules
in situations like this.

I know there are rules,

but there has to be
reasonable limits.

Probable cause just doesn't

disappear because
a cop is shot.

Maybe not, but it damn well
takes a backseat

when a member of the justice
system is the victim.

The effectiveness

of this office depends on
its relationship with the NYPD.

They set 'em up,
we knock 'em down,

and the bad guys land in jail.

I know how important
the relationship is.

It is a lot more than that.

Are you ordering me
to charge Angelo Reid,

despite the clear
lack of evidence?

Oh, no... you don't
get off that easily.

This one is all yours.

You fix this.

I can't believe

we're protecting
this piece of garbage.

Yeah, someone had
to get the assignment.

At least we pulled
night shift...

you know, it should
be pretty quiet.

It doesn't bother you,
sitting on this guy's house?

Yeah, I wish Reid was
rotting in a cell.

At least we can
keep an eye on him,

make sure he
doesn't skip town.

Do you think it was cops who
called in those threats?

Could be.

Collins had a lot of
friends on the job.

They deserve a shot at him.

An eye for an eye...

...leaves the whole
world blind.

Last time I checked,

Gandhi wasn't a cop.

You're not the only one
that went to school, Reagan.

Here we go.

What do you want?

Uh, good evening,

I just want to tell you guys
how safe I feel,

knowing you're out here.

Watch your mouth.

Yeah, whatever, chief.

Thing is... I really
need some cigarettes.

Well, that sounds like
a personal problem.

There's a drugstore
right on the corner.

I know you got my back.

Tell me we're not
giving this guy

an armed escort to buy
a pack of smokes.

That's the assignment.

Look on the bright side.

Maybe he'll trip
and break his neck.

Okay, if you get anything

on his whereabouts,
would you give me a call?

Yeah, I'd appreciate it.

I got nothing from
Fabrizio's parole officer.

You check with his family?

I spoke to a cousin
in Hell's Kitchen.

Hasn't seen Fabrizio
in four years.

We're chasing our
tails here, partner.

We gotta
face facts, Danny.

This guy may
have blown town.


Or maybe not.

Take a look at that.

Fabrizio was busted

for shooting up
in prison. So?

Yeah, but he was popped twice

for scoring heroin
in-between felonies.

So this guy's
a needle head.

If he's got a habit,

he's got to have
a dealer, right?

Which means he's
sticking close to home

in order to score
the drugs that he needs.


Says here
he was collared

scoring off a local dealer
named Trevor Powell.

You don't say.

Let's go chat with Trevor.

Trevor Powell.

Got a few questions
for you, tough guy.

I ain't holding nothing, okay?

Shut up.

A New York City cop
was killed last night.

That has my partner

and I in
a pretty bad mood.

So we'd appreciate
your cooperation.

Give him a toss.

We're looking for Joey Fabrizio.

Joey Fabrizio.

You got collared

selling drugs to the guy.

It doesn't ring a bell.

But you're holding
something, hmm?

What's this?

Son of a bitch.

Would you
look at that?

Funny, but Joey Fabrizio's
wanted in connection

for a jewelry store robbery.

Stuff similar to this.

How much heroin
does a rock

like that buy you, Trevor?

I don't know where they...

Shut your mouth.

I'm gonna give
you two choices:

you're gonna give me
an address where

I could find Joey,
or I'm gonna stick this

down your lying throat,
you understand me?


Start talking.

I want this guy alive.

Two, that way. Go.

Two more. Come on, go.


Hey! Hold up!
He's on the run!

Hold it, Joey!

...somebody cover the windows!

Subject exited
a window onto the alley.


Put your hands in the air

and drop to your knees.

On your knees!

On your knees!

You got nowhere to go, Joey.

Got nowhere to go.


I'm not dying in jail.

You don't have to die at all.

Just take it easy.
All right?

Lower your weapons.

Everyone, lower your weapons
right now!

It's just me and you
here, all right?


You cooperate here,
we can work something out.

With a dead cop?

It ain't happening.

Let's talk.


don't do that.

Joey, we could
work something out.

Do not put your hand
on that weapon.


Do not put your hand
on that weapon!

No! No! Hold your fire!

Hold your fire!

Hey, hey...

you're not gonna make it.

Look at me.

You understand me?
You're gonna die.

This is your last chance
to make

something good
out of your useless life.

You understand me?

Tell me who was in
on that score with you.


Joey! Tell me!

Tell me! Joey!

We just lost our best shot
at nailing Angelo Reid.

I thought that
Officer Collins' father gave

a beautiful eulogy.

You did good, too, Dad.

I've had a lot of practice.

Was a strong turnout.


I saw badges from
Rockland county and Westchester.

My office has started
a fund for the girl.



Did you know Officer Collins?

No, I didn't.

Then why did you go
to her funeral?

For the same reason hundreds
of other guys in uniform went.

Out of loyalty.

Okay, obviously,
some of you are mad at me.

Figured that out all by
yourself, did you?

What's going on?


Everyone's got a job to do,
and each one's different.

Your dad is chasing someone

that may have done
something really bad.

"May have."

The guy's a stone
cold killer, Erin.

Okay, unfortunately in my job
you can't just say it.

You need to prove it.

Are we talking about the guy
who killed Officer Collins?


And it's a complicated issue.

Guys, why don't you take
your plates and...?

And go in the other room?

There's a big shock.

Okay, well...

I think this is really a good
opportunity for them to learn

about what a lawyer
can and cannot do.

For instance,
a lawyer cannot charge

someone man with a crime,
especially a murder,

without sufficient evidence.

I heard there's a witness.

Who I.D.'d the shooter.

So, what's the problem?

It is highly unlikely
that the witness

will hold up
on cross-examination.

So that guy who left
a five-year-old girl

without a mother walks free?

Not if the police
can establish

probable cause
to make an arrest.

And there it is.

The classic DA line.

Detective, could you please

hand me this case
on a silver platter?


Your sister never said that.

Thank you.

Look, I hear
what you're saying, Erin,

but I'm guarding this guy
that you let go.

And he's laughing in our faces.

That's not Mom's fault.

Look, I'm sorry, but I cannot
charge someone without proof.

I took an oath.

So did that officer
we buried today.

All the men at this table

took an oath.

To put their lives on the line

to protect the people
of this city.

I know that.

And all we ask is
one thing in return;

the one thing
that brought all those cops

to that funeral today.

You think I'm being disloyal?

Is that how you feel about this?

That I'm betraying the family?

I think you were in a tough spot

and you did
what you thought was right.

I see.

Okay, well, clearly I am
not welcome here.

So, bye.

Wait, Erin, don't go.

You know, for the record--

loyalty is a two-way street.

How did the direct go
on the Benson case?

It didn't.

Oh, I thought you were putting
the arresting officer

on the stand today.

I would have if he'd
bothered to show up.

No phone call, nothing.

Same thing happened to Paul
on his domestic assault case.

Call the ICO
of the precinct and...

Don't bother.
Would you excuse us?

Walk with me.

What's going on?

So far we've had
five reported no-shows

by police officers
scheduled to testify.

All from the same precinct.

Officer Collins' precinct?

Blue Flu is bad
for business, Erin.

And it has a nasty habit
of spreading.

So this precinct intends
to boycott our office

until we charge Angelo Reid?

That's blackmail.

That's payback.

They know most criminal
convictions can't be secured

without their testimony.

Well, we can force them
to appear.

Word of advice.

When your house is on fire,

don't reach for the gasoline.

How many cases
we talking about?

Five no-shows

in Collins' precinct,

another three from the 15th.

Can't be sure they're connected.

I've never been a big believer
in coincidence.

Press have it yet?

Daily News is running

a Blue Flu cover
in the morning.


They're pretty pissed
down there.

Reid walking was a
slap in the face,

and now we're protecting him.

Who's behind it?

I'd rather not say.

Who ordered it?

Jim Kelsey.

Suspend him.

Why didn't you tell me
about this?

They lost a fellow officer.

That kind of sacrifice
deserves respect.

Not like this.

Kelsey put the department
in a hell of a spot.

We've got a major PR problem.

You're talking PR?

No offense, Garrett,
but you never walked

a beat a day in your life.

I'm doing my job.

Maybe you should give it a try.

You don't know what it's like

to watch your partner
die in your arms.

I do.

Blue Flu stops now.



You want to sit?

I want to thank you.

I understand the officers
will be testifying again.

They weren't too
happy about it.

I figured.

It takes a lot to push them
into something like this.

So, you do think I screwed up.

I think...

that your grandfather
went too far.

This isn't a question
of your loyalty to our family.

Thank you.

Cops and prosecutors...

have different sets of rules.



I got a hunch you remember
the four by 100 relay

at the state high school finals.

Yeah, I dropped the baton.

Thank you for reminding me.

When the baton gets dropped,

both runners are responsible.

You and I both know

your brother can go too far.

But he is doing everything

he can possibly do

to get justice here.

Are you?

Yo, yo, yo!
Checking in for the night!

I'd really love to slap
that guy around.

A few more hours, we'll be
off this detail for good.

You think they'll
make a case for him?

I don't know.

We got company.

That's Ricky Salazar.

Collins' parer.

Come on, let's go.

W-Wait, you're-you're gonna go

against Salazar and the guy
who killed his partner?

No, but we don't really
have much choice.

Yeah, I didn't take this job
to go against other cops.

Fine, stay here.

If things go bad, call a 10-85.

Hey, Ricky.

This doesn't concern you, Reagan.

Hey, hey! Hey!

I've got unfinished business
with this guy.

You don't want to do this.

Reid needs to pay
for your partner.

But this is
not the way to do it.

Are you standing up
for this guy?


Hurting Reid won't bring
your partner back.

And you'll go to jail.

Which means Reid
takes out two cops.

It's not worth it, Ricky.

Go home.

What if I don't?

You guys leave right now,
and this never happened.

You want Reid...

then you got to
go through me.

Me, too.

Let's get out of here.

Let's go.

I know I'm not your
favorite person right now.

You're not welcome
around here.

We need to talk, Danny.

So, talk.

You blame me for Reid walking.

No argument here.

Okay, well,
maybe I could've done better,

but you did manipulate
that witness.

Maybe I crossed the line.
So what?

I did what the
hell I had to do

to get that scumbag
off the street.

Yeah, and then
you stonewalled me,

which I...
may have taken personally.

Okay, so maybe
I made it personal.

Okay, so neither of us

did our best work here.

I guess we didn't.

But now there's a cop killer
on the street.

Appreciate you
coming back in.

Well, it's the least
I can do.

You guys have been taking
such good care of me.

You understand you're
not under arrest.

You're free to leave
at any time.

The rights I read
to you still apply,

even though you've declined
to have an attorney.

I don't need a lawyer
to deal with you.

No, you don't need one yet.

You are aware
of the fact

that Joey Fabrizio
gave you up, right?

Yeah, nice try.

In his dying declaration,

he copped to robbing
that jewelry store

and made you as his partner...
and also,

as the shooter.

Then why not
just arrest me, hmm?

Stick me
in front of a judge right now.

That'll happen soon enough;
but in the meantime,

I wanted to be
the first person on earth

to let you know that you will
spend the rest of

your miserable life
behind bars, you piece of crap.

What do you want?

Good afternoon, Mr. Reid.

I'm Erin Reagan
with the D.A.'s Office.

AKA his guardian angel.

You already let
this guy walk once.

What the hell are you doing?
I'm not done questioning him.

Has the detective informed
you about the new information?

He never proved Joey gave me up.

Hopefully, I won't have to.
I'm here to offer you a deal.

You're what?!

If you plead guilty,

I am authorized to offer you

a sentence of seven years parole
after five.

Whoa! Seven years for
a cop killer?! Are you crazy?!

In light of the controversy
surrounding this case

and the fact that the critical
witness is deceased,

my office would like
to avoid a trial.

That is ridiculous.
This is not happening.

This is not your call,

I think you're dealing 'cause
you know you can't win.

You are free to reject the deal.

In which case,

this will go to trial
on a charge of

murder one, punishable
by life without parole.

Life without parole.
That's right.

That's exactly what
he's gonna get and no less.

I need to think about it.

The deal expires in one hour.

You can write your statement
and then make your decision.

But even if I write down
my statement,

I could still turn down
the deal, right?


What do you think
you're doing?

You're not making...

you got a pen?

Stick this thing
in your eye.

The "guardian angel"
was a little over the top.

Everyone's a critic.
All right, so, what?

We get him to sign
the confession,

and then we got him
on murder one, right?

No, not exactly.

We need him
to explicitly reject the deal.

And what if we don't?

Then I need to honor
the terms of the agreement.

No, no, no,
you're-you're telling me

that he could actually only get
seven years for killing a cop?

I had to dangle the deal
in front of him

to make sure that he confessed.

If-if we can get him
to turn it down,

then we have the confession,
we put him away.

And if we can't get him
to reject the deal?

Well, then I'll have a lot more
free time on my hands.

So what do we do now?

You keep playing bad cop, and
I'll keep my fingers crossed.

I hope I didn't keep
you waiting.

You didn't.

Henry Haywood's
buried over there.

Motor patrolman, volunteered
for Teddy's Rough Riders,

died on San Juan Hill.

We've been burying
New York cops here

for over a century.

Police Arlington is like a history
of our department,

history of the fallen.

We're not doing enough
to honor their memory.

I'd like to help with
the restoration campaign.

Somehow I knew
I wouldn't have to ask.

Thank you.

Yes, sir.

Tough couple of days.


You crossed a line, Dino.

I'm sorry
you feel that way.

How I feel... isn't the point.

How you understand your job,
that is the point.

Sometimes you're not gonna
like yourself very much

for the decisions
you have to make;

knowing how the men feel
about the decision you made...

but you're gonna have
to make that tough decision

again and again

because that is the job
you accepted.

I get that.

No, you don't.

But you will.

I made you my Chief of
Department because I had

every confidence
in your ability to do that job.

Thank you.

But if you ever withhold vital
information from me again,

you'll be gone in a heartbeat.

Have you completed
your statement, Mr. Reid?

Yeah, it's all here.

Thank you.

And have you decided
to accept the plea deal?

Seven years, parole in five.

You'll put that in writing?

Of course.

This is baloney. Hey.

You can't do this.
What the hell

did I come up
with that fake story

about Joey Fabrizio
giving him up for

if you're gonna give him
a sweetheart of a deal?!

Detective, you shut up!
You're supposed to put him away!

Do not listen to the detective!

You can't do...

You stop!

Hold on a second.

Hold-hold-hold on a second.

He just said
Joey never gave me up.

He's right. I did say that.

Which means you got no case.

No, no, no, we have a deal
in place, Mr. Reid.

You said I could reject
that offer

even if I wrote down
a statement...


That's right, she did say that.

Then consider it rejected.

Did you just hear the subject
reject the deal, Detective?

Yes, I did, in fact,

hear the subject
reject the deal, Counselor.

Then, in light of
Mr. Reid's confession,

please book him on
a charge of murder one.

Get on your feet.
Get on...


What the hell
you talking about?!

I only confessed
'cause you offered me a deal!

Which you just rejected.
I never said

that your confession would be
thrown out with that deal.

Did I ever say that, Detective?

No, you didn't
say that, Counselor.

No, your confession remained
perfectly valid

and admissible evidence.

No, you set me up.

No, you set yourself up.

You lying bitch!


And you are going
to die in prison.

Come on.



I feel like I owe you
an apology.

No, you don't.

No, I do.

What happened with Salazar,

I wasn't...
sure how to handle that.

It's a difficult situation.

You backed me up.

We're good.


I became a cop because

I thought there was always
gonna be a clear line

between right and wrong.

Usually is.

Well... I wanted you to know
that I respected what you did.

I'm really glad
we're riding together.

Is that yours?

Oh, yeah, it's a high school
graduation present from my dad.

It's really fast.

Don't hold it against me.

This photographer actually
did a pretty good job.

Yeah. I like this one.

Danny's making

a pretty funny face, though.

That's why I like it.



What's going on?


I was just in the neighborhood.

I see.

And maybe I could use a drink.

You got it.

I smell cookies.


Hey, don't use the one of me
with the funny face.

It's not that bad.

You know...

when one of our own goes down,
we step it up a notch...

...especially this family.

We're all in the same business,

but we all have different jobs.

Sometimes it's easy to forget

we're all on the same side.


I understand that Angelo Reid
was booked on murder charges.

Must be a hell of a story.

I'd like to hear it.

Me, too.

He confessed.

That's it?

Yeah. No big deal.


To Officer Lori Collins.

To all the fallen.

And to Joe.

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