Blue Bloods (2010–…): Season 3, Episode 23 - This Way Out - full transcript

As the Reagans rally together to take down the leader of the gang responsible for the murder of someone close to them, Danny looks to the gang leader's girlfriend to lead them to him.

Previously, on Blue Bloods...
What is happening

at the Bitterman Houses
has gone on long enough.

In the Bitter End,
Los Lordes makes the move.


Is that you?
Skinny Vinny.

Gang that runs this place--

they got a mute button
they can push.

That's Santana,
right there.

He's the leader
of Los Lordes.

Oh, and she's his girl?

So it's war that you want.

If I gotta step on your throat,

so be it.
Stop! Police!

- Vinny, it's a setup.
- Come on.

You're gonna be okay.

I told you this is the end.

you heard me wrong.

We still got nothing to pick
up Santana and his crew on,

No warrant...
No, I heard you right.

But they killed Vinny.

...want cards,

Come on, they killed a cop.

Or they know who did.

But we still
don't have a play.

I'm still not taking
"no" for an answer.

Me either.
But... what are we gonna do?

We're gonna do what my mother
told us to do

as kids on a rainy day:

we're gonna go make our own fun.

It's worse than a bad idea...

This isn't about your comfort level, Frank.
Comfort level?

You want me to get up
in front of

an auditorium full of people...

Citizens of our city.

Yes, some of whom

almost certainly
have information

about the murder of
one of my police officers

and won't say a word.

So speak your piece--

to them, in their house.

We got a big divide here.

You want to win all
their hearts and minds,

I want to grab some of 'em
by the short and curlies.

Frank, the promise you made
to this city was to heal the rift...

between the NYPD

and the Bitterman community.
Which starts

when one of them
gives up Officer Cruz.

They have to make
the first move.


Town Hall meeting, Frank--
7:00 p.m.,

Bitterman Housing Project.

I'll see you there; you and me.
Is that an order?

It's an opportunity you don't
want to pass up, Commissioner.

So it's an invitation.


It's an invitation, Frank,
to that part of you

that's smart enough to hold
more than one equation

in your thick Irish head.

So what are you saying?
You're not gonna serve me now?

Get out.

Well, I have rights,
you know.

For your own damn good, get out.


Oh, 'cause Santana's
coming down.


Well, you just texted him
when I walked in.

Oh, don't play dumb;
I saw you.

Reagan, you
did me a favor once--

you took care
of me and my sister.

I'm not gonna forget that.

you just returned the favor

by calling Santana down here.

You're crazy.


Well, you want to hear
something really crazy?

I can kind of predict
the future, Nona,

and this, uh,
doesn't end good for you.



This is a place
of business.

That right?

And you're bad
for this business.

Oh, what's this?

An NYPD officer was
murdered in cold blood

in the Bitterman Houses.

I was wondering if you may know
something about the shooter.

I don't know nothing.

Detective Baez, are Mr. Santana
and his associates

displaying a threatening

or hostile attitude,
in your opinion?

Definitely, Detective Reagan.

Mm-hmm. And are you
at all concerned

that Mr. Santana
and his associates

may be carrying
concealed weapons?

Very concerned.

Me, too.

Turn around and get your hands
against the bar-- move!

You, too.


You know,
your own rules say, "Stop,

question and frisk."

Yeah. Um, how's this
for a question?

What's your favorite movie?


...what do we have here?

You got a carry permit
for this, tough guy?

I left it at home.

Really? Too bad for you.

What's with the phone?

My name is Carlos

I'm Mr. Santana's attorney.

I'm recording two
NYPD detectives

harassing Mr. Santana
in his place

of business.

Put it away.

No police had been summoned,

and no crime was occurring.

I said put it away!

If you do not cease
and desist, I will...

file a complaint.

You stay put,
you come with me.

Turn it off.

Why don't we make
a deal, Detective?

I don't make deals
with you.

You stop jackin' me and
I'll fix the other thing.

Doesn't work that way.
Well, it can if you're smart.

I am smart, and it still
doesn't work that way.

Why don't you ask your papi

before you start
rejecting my, uh,

generous offer?

- What did you say?
- Reagan...

we have a bird in the hand.
Let's take him in.

Commissioner Reagan,

we had 19 murders

in this project last year.

And do you know how many arrests
were made by the NYPD?


Yeah, six.

I'm not happy,
and you're not happy.

But you can be sure
my homicide detectives

work as thoroughly
and efficiently... they can

under the circumstances.

W-What circumstances?
What does that mean?

It's like
the NYPD can't be bothered

'cause of the address is

more like it!

No, sir.

Could I ask your name?

Raul Pereira.

Mr. Pereira, first of all,

thank you for having
the courage to speak up.

And I would like to
ask you a question.

You're not gonna like
the answer.

I'll take that chance.

Say your cat is stuck up
in a tree,

and you call the fire department
to help you get him down.

But when they get there,

you won't tell 'em
what the cat looks like,

or where the tree is.

Sir, I ain't talking
about no damn cat!

That is exactly the position
you put the NYPD in

when you won't cooperate
with police...

...and identify the who,
the where and the when.

Ladies and gentlemen, please,
please listen.

Just settle down,
and we can finish.

Thank you, Commissioner.

Listen, I, as a child of the
projects myself, completely...

No, I...

I completely understand
your frustration, I do.

♪ Blue Bloods 3x23 ♪
This Way Out
Original Air Date on May 10, 2013

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Thank God
you're okay, Francis.

I'll say a prayer
for Mayor Poole.

And call in when you can.

Your father literally
dodged a bullet.

How about Mayor Poole?

They don't know how bad.

We must know something.

We will when they know.

Erin, say a prayer.

My God.

The suspect has been identified

as 16-year-old Hector Santiago,

a resident
of the Bitterman Houses.

I know him.

What the hell you mean,
you know him?

Vinny baby-sat him
back in the day.

He called Vinny
"Skinny Vinny""

The kid's, like,
not all there.

I'd say so.

No, I don't mean
'cause he did this.

He, uh... he was born that way.

Hold on. Is he Los Lordes?

A banger? I doubt it.

Or maybe he thought
he was earning his colors.

Maybe, but I can tell you this.

There's no way
the kid acted alone.

Could be
he was promised something

in exchange for taking a shot
at the PC, maybe?

Who said anything about him
taking a shot at the PC?

Nobody, but let's be honest
with ourselves.

Who's the more likely target--

the black mayor
from the projects himself,

or the white top cop?

Where are you going?
I'm going back to work.

As far as I know, I'm the only
detective in the city

with a Los Lordes soldier
in lockup.

I'll pick my rosebuds
while I may.

God help us.

I don't think he can hear you.

What do you mean?

Who wants a drink?

Drink to what?


Pray to what God? For what?

For the fact that both you

and your father are alive,
for starters.

Just cut the crap.
Just stop

kidding ourselves, admit
that it's a losing battle?

How bad?

He took two bullets--
one to the shoulder,

but one's lodged
in the spine.

He's paralyzed from
the waist down,

but they're prepping
him for surgery now.


Dr. Heller.

- Good.
- Frank!


He wants to see you
before we go in.

Come with me.

Mayor Poole?

What, are you bulletproof?

No, just lucky.

They catch that kid?


I was just standing there...

all of a sudden...


Who is he?

Just a kid from the projects
is all we know right now.

Show respect...

earn cooperation, make repairs
with that community.

I'll try.

Don't try, just do it, Frank.

I'm sorry
I have to put that on you.

Wouldn't have it any other way.

I mean it, Frank.

I hear you, Carter.

We gotta go.
This way.

Good luck, boss.

All right, how about
we try this again?

Who gave this kid Hector
the gun?

And who planted the gun
in the auditorium?

It's not like
there's a lineup card, man.

It's not like this,
it's not like that--

why don't you tell me what
the hell it's like then, man?

I really got to go
use the toilet.

You'll use the toilet
when you give me something.

For the five-hundredth
time, man!

He has a right to
use the facility.

He'll pee when I say he can!

How about I paint
the picture for you, huh?

Yesterday, I brought you in here
because I believe

you know something
about a cop killing.

Now, if I have you
locked up over that,

I'm sure half the population's
probably gonna want

to bake you a cake.

I told you, I don't got nothing
to do with that!

But today, if I can connect you
and your crew

to the attempted assassination
of, what,

the second black mayor
in the history of New York City,

when word gets around the prison
amongst all the brothers,

that your crew
shot that mayor,

what position you think
that's gonna put you in?

I really gotta go pee, man.

I think it's gonna put you
in two positions:

one position is curled up
on the ground

like a pig with a shiv
stuck in your back...

...and the other position

is on your knees,
serving them

like the bitch
that you are.

Man, this is wack, man.

He peed!

I was telling you
the truth, man. I had to go!

Well, why don't you
tell me the truth

about something else then, huh?

What, man? You turn against
your own crew?


We all grew up there.

We all got out moms,

our aunts and cousins
and godparents.

And you know what?

It's not being free
walking around

knowing what's gonna
happen to them.

I don't care how far from
the Bitter End you can get me.

I know that, back home,
they're taking out

the pliers, the butane
and all of that,

trying to find out
where I'm at.

That's the damn truth,

I'd say good morning,
but what's the use?


You get anything out
of our friend?

Fear and loathing.

Anything else?

He peed himself, literally.

I'm telling you,

Santana gets more shock and awe
out of these guys

than we ever could, partner.

There's no playing
the weakest link here.


Gonna have
to get Santana himself.

It's all or nothing.


And that I will
faithfully discharge

the duties of the Office
of the Mayor, City of New York,

to the best of my abilities,
so help me God.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Bring my car around.

Commissioner Reagan.

A moment?

Ms. Newhouse?

Um, this isn't how anybody wants
to take office, obviously.

Well, until we have
a clearer idea

of Carter's prognosis
going forward,

the Public Advocate
serves as the Acting Mayor.

And the Police Commissioner

at the pleasure of that Mayor.


And you'll join me
at the press conference.

Five minutes, tops.

And when the first reporter
asks you, "What's it like

"taking orders from a woman

who's been mayor
for all of half an hour?"

That I serve the people
of the City of New York

and I do so at the pleasure
of the mayor,

for as long as he
or she sees fit.

And she has one request:

to do whatever it takes.


To round 'em up
and bring 'em in--

everybody with even a whiff
of a role in Cruz's murder

and the mayor's shooting.

We intend to.

Every minute counts, Frank.

I don't want a series
of status reports and updates

which cost me cred

and make my PC
look weak.

We need shock and awe here.

We need evidence
and corroboration.

You have the full support
of this office behind you.

I'm not asking for
nor do I want anything

other than the license
to do my job as I always have.

These are extraordinary

and they call for
extraordinary measures.

To make the most of whatever
time you have in this office.

The whole world is watching.
Whether or not you keep your job

will be judged by how you handle
the next few days.

I can be your top cop, Grace.

Doesn't make me your guy.

World of difference there.

There is an enormous
police presence

out here this morning,
a show of force on the heels

of last night's
assassination attempt.

But as one resident put it,
"It is too little, too late

for the community here
at the Bitterman Houses."

You got that right.

Hey, Reagan, there's plenty
of blame to go around.

No point in, you know...

Hey, Vinny ever talk to you
about what it was like

growing up here?

This building.

So, what do you
want to do?

Let's do what Vinny would do
if he were still here with us.

Where are you going?

Let's talk to Hector
Santiago's mom. Come on.

I'm so sorry.

Your detectives have been in
and out of here

all night, asking questions.

Please leave me alone.
I have no more to say.

I'd like to help
your son Hector.

Why would you do that?

In the memory of
my late partner Vinny Cruz.

I don't think
that Hector acted alone.

Makes no difference
if he didn't.

At least tell me how
I can talk to him.

His English is very good,
I saw to that.

I'm not talking
about his English.

What you really want to know
how you can break him?

He's already broken.

He's been broken all his life!

Please, please, can I ask you
for some respect?

I mean,
she's lost her son

as surely
as if he'd been killed himself.

We're trying to help you.

Please, don't come back.

I have lived here all my life,

and I know every trick
in your book.

I will show them
to the elevator.

We can find our own way.

We may not live in palaces,

but that doesn't mean we don't

have pride or manners.

I'll show you to the elevator.

You guys are unbelievable.

What are you
talking about?

Half the people
in there are tied

to Los Lordes, right?

Relatives, godparents...

"We don't think
he acted alone.

How can we get him
to give up the bangers""

Thanks for the tip.

I haven't given it to you.

The radio calms Hector down.

It relaxes him;
it lets him focus.

The all-news stations.

The radio? That's it?

That's it.

You got any idea of the
price of things around here?


All right, I've already
wasted too much time

walking you
to the elevator.

Hey, Baez.

Oh, and bring the boss.

All right, these
are the dumps

on Jorge's cellular
over the last three months.

Highlighted blocks represent
a pattern of calls

made every couple of weeks,
always clustered in the evening

over a 48-hour period.

They're always to five specific
numbers that trace back

to Santana Ricky and a few
of the other top dogs.

And they're made on the move.

All the calls are all bouncing
off of different cell towers.

Exactly. Now, the pattern
picked up again last night,

but it went dead right around
the time the mayor got hit.

All right, I'm sort
of following, but...

They move guns and drugs, right?

Well, what if it's all

amongst these five
in a schedule that

the pattern represents?

The schedule got interrupted
by the little ruckus

with the mayor
back at the ranch?

It'd make sense.

There's a lot to fill in.

We start
with an eavesdropping warrant

to go up on their phones,
we do a little surveillance,

wait for them to make a pickup
or a drop, and boom.

All the while hoping
Santana's stupid enough

to just go about
business as usual?

Not stupid enough, Sarge,
arrogant enough.

I'm Officer Reagan.

I'm Detective Crowley,
this is Detective Jones.

You're the PC's kid--
I got that right?

His son, yes.

All right, and they said you
had some information for us.

Well, it's a tip.

Well, I hope it's a crowbar,
because this kid's nailed shut.

The sergeant and I paid a visit
to Hector's mother's apartment,

which was stocked full
of Los Lordes ears, apparently.

The radio calms him down,
helps him focus.

The all-news stations.

The radio.

Geez, that's good to know.

What happened to him?

Looks like he fell down.

Officer, just chain the monkey up

in there, will you?

What's that?

Bzzzzt! Skinny Vinny's
friend. Ray-gun.

That's-That's right, Hector.

I'm Jamie Reagan.

They told me it was a toy.

Told you what was a toy?

The heavy gun.

They said it shot caps.

It was supposed to be funny.

Aw, save it for the tape.

You know, we'll...
we'll take it from here.

Take it to where?

Thank you for that tip.

Detectives Crowley and Jones
are trying to break the kid.

What's the progress?

Little to none.

He's got some
serious handicap issues

on top of he's another one born
allergic to cops.

All his rights covered?

Legal Aid attorney,
kid's got his meds,

psych evaluation's been done,
all the bases are covered.

Cover 'em twice.

Our work in this case
will be defined

in one way only--
extraordinary police work.

None of this shock and awe crap.

We're going by
the book as far as we can.

What's that mean, Ed?

There's no chapter in the book

about an attempted assassination
of a mayor.

Well, then we're writing it.

I want cases against these thugs

that the DA has no choice
but to prosecute.

Not the kind we have
to ram down his throat.

Airtight cases
on a silver platter.

Copy that.

The whole department is
to be leakproof

both with the press
and city hall.

Every syllable
goes through Garrett.

Before you return any calls
or e-mails, talk to me first.

This about Newhouse?

This is about us doing our work
without any interference,

any outside agendas
or any showboating.


Yes, sir.

Yes, sir.

I don't get it.

None of these guys are using
their cell phones.

All right, tell the other
units to stand by.

Copy that.

Their phones have
been dead since 5:00.

Probably swapped them out
for pre-paid ones.


Not stupid or arrogant.

But on the move.

We got eyes on Santana,

but we don't know
where he's going.

Come on.

He's squaring the block.
He's made us.

Or he's being cautious.
Hold on.

Damn it. He's on the move.

Hang on.


Damn it!



Jamie has something he would
like to... talk to you about.

And he needed to lawyer up?

No, he just asked me
to come along.

Well, I'm pretty
damn busy here, so...

Look, I can't begin
to understand

what you're dealing
with here or...

Cut to it, son.

I think the detectives
interrogating Hector Santiago

are tuning him up.

Or looking the other way
when his guards do.

I don't pretend
to know

what "getting it done" means
under these circumstances.

Do you think an order like that
would've come from this office?

I'm not saying that.

Walks like it, talks like it.

It's not my business.

I am your PC,
and I am your father.

How could it not be
your business?

There's parts of you,
I have no idea what...

goes on.

I thought you should hear this
directly from Jamie.

All right.

Thank you for bringing this
to my attention, Officer Reagan.

Yes, sir.

How did you come to observe
Santiago's treatment?

I brought the detectives
some information that I'd gained

while on patrol
in the Bitterman Houses.

And Santiago was present?


Did he remember you?

Respond to you?

Very much so.

Looks like he's pulling
into a parking lot,

middle of the block.

Keep him in sight.
We're almost there.

He's right here.

Where the hell is Santana?
Dropped him uptown.

So you've been driving
this vehicle all night?

No, he picked me up
at my cousin's

and then I dropped him.

Uh-huh. Why are you
parking it here?

He said this is where he wanted
his car for the night.

What the hell is this?

Would you open
the trunk, please?

Open it yourself.

Long as I got
your permission.


get a warrant.

I can do that.

We need a warrant, partner. still heavy getting up

toward Fort Hamilton Parkway;
a crash there is now cleared...

Okay, Hector,
let's try this again.

What was the name
of the guy who told you that

the gun was a fake?

Come on.
Help me help you, Hector.

This is a waste of time.

I'm with you.

Let's just give it
a few more minutes.

No, no, no.
I gotta get some air.

Take an umbrella.


Barometric pressure
8.0 and rising,

winds from the
southeast at ten

to 15 knots,

chance of rain 90%

with a likelihood
of severe thunderstorms,

a coastal flood

advisory is in effect
until noon tomorrow.

Traffic in 60 seconds.


You're pretty good
at remembering some stuff,

am I right?

What did the guy who gave you
the gun say to you?

Hector, here.

Under my chair.

Okay, and what did he say

when he told you
that he wanted you

to fire the gun in the meeting?

It ain't real, Hector.

It's just for fun, man.

Like Grand Theft Auto:
Vice City.

But, uh...

you don't remember his name?


you remember
Skinny Vinny, Ray-Gun,

that kind of thing.
Why is that?

They don't scare me.

Hector, can you tell us
what he looked like?



Okay, but what else?


black curly hair,

brown eyes,

Los Lordes tat

here, black T,

gold watch, locs...

Locs? What...

Low-cost sunglasses.

Red sneakers, rosary beads,

red bandana here.


foot soldier?


Keep it moving.

Got the warrant.

Good. Keep an eye
on the entrance, all right?

There's been a lot of interest
in this vehicle.

Why don't we just flatbed it
back back to the command?

No, just give me a few minutes,
all right?


Come on!

Look, I'm a Porsche fan, okay?

Same way, say, a...
guy who owns a canoe's a...

big fan of yachts.

Dreamer of dreams.

These things are built
to very specific

tolerances of fit and finish,

down to the millimeter.
If anything's out of whack

in this vehicle,
I'm gonna find it, partner.

Like this. Come here.

This door panel's
t up to spec.

And I don't think this...

is a factory option.

That's a street value
of a dozen Porsches.

Private meeting.
Why don't you beat it?

I said beat it. Move.

You, too.
I'll see you later.

Well, we found
a very large quantity of drugs

in your vehicle, Santana.

Yeah, well, I don't know
how they got there.

Yeah, you do.

But being as it wasn't in your
possession when we found it,

legally we can't charge you.

Nona, however, well...

It was in her

and we will charge her.

We picked her up,
what, an hour ago?

She's really upset with you.

She knows nothing about nothing.

Let her go.

I don't think you know much
about anything either.

In fact...

this would be
a good time...

for you to do the right thing
for once in your stinkin' life.

Yeah? What's that?

Don't let Nona do a bid for you.

A 20-year bid.

Yeah, right.

You really that cold?

No, sweetheart...


She's a detective.


You see, if I take the hit
every single time

one of my crew members
gets busted,

I'd have been locked up
since I was, like, nine.

Now, if you'll

excuse me, Detectives,

I got a business to run.

You don't have the balls
to go down there

and tell her yourself, do you?

You booked her,

and you seem to like
playing her daddy,

so I'll leave that to you.

You appointed yourself
Nona and Noni's protector

since they were
little kids.

You failed.

Now stop trying
to take it out on me.

I'm gonna talk to her.

And I'm gonna tell her
a little story

about a bad little man.

It's a free country.

Not for long.

Not for you.

This is Detective Reagan
from the 5-4 Squad.

The inmate Nona Palmeira

we need to move to protective
custody right away.

Nona Palmeira,
she was arraigned and remanded

earlier this evening--
I need her moved!


What hospital?

How is she?
She took a shiv in her back,

another one in her ribs.
It was a set-up.

Either that or she makes
enemies real fast.

Hey. Look, I'm sorry.
For what?

I should've known
he would do this.


It was four bitches,


Please stand back.

Reagan. Here.

Thanks. What do you got?

One of the four inmates involved
received an outside call

at 2320 last night, from a Hispanic male

telling her to "take car""
of Nona Palmeira.

And the C.O.s did nothing.

The officer monitoring the call
took it to mean,

you know, "watch over her."

Who's the inmate?
Uh, one...

Rosa Escobar, in for assault.

Place of residence, unit 5-5F,

the Bitterman Houses.

Of course.

Rosa Escobar
received a call

from a cell phone which traces
back to a Carlos Villalobos,

a lawyer

who answers to Santana.

With the message to quote,
"take care of you,"


I want you to see if you can
follow me, okay, Nona?

You got shanked in jail
on Santana's order,

where you
were being held

for taking the fall
for his narcotics possession,

approximately ten days
after you buried your sister,

who threw herself off of
a roof with your nephew

rather than live the life
that the Los Lordes

had sentenced
the both of you to.

Does that sound
about right?


So what the hell are you gonna
do about it, Nona?

What are you offering me?

I am offering you the same thing
I offered you as a kid.

I'm gonna do everything
in my power to see to it

that you can have
a fair shot at a normal life.

I know I failed the last time,

and I don't want to fail again,

but it's up to you.

You got to give
me something

that I can use to help you,

or there's nothing I can do.

And I will walk away
and I won't look back.

Help me, Nona.


The DA is still waffling,

but he has indicated
that he is willing to allow

Hector Santiago's testimony
as eyewitness testimony

as long as it is corroborated
by Nona Palmeira's.

Well, you know
I have to ask, Frank:

Was there coercion?


She was attacked in prison
on Los Lordes orders.

We flipped her this morning
in the hospital.

And the kid?

There was evidence to suggest

that one of the lead detectives
on the case had engaged in,

or allowed to occur,

some physical abuse
of the suspect.

As soon as it was brought
to my attention,

he and his partner
were removed from the case

and placed
on modified assignment.

So is this clean
in the NYPD sense or...

clean in the larger sense?


There's one other thing: I...

don't usually go in
for theatrics,

but in this case,
I'd like to make an exception.

A show of force--
an orchestrated sweep.

To what end?

To give the people
what they want.

Courtesy of Mayor Carter Poole.

Thank you, Frank.

Thank you, Carter.

I wish I could be there
standing with you.

So do I.

At 0600 hours this morning

a joint task force consisting
of the Detective Bureau,

the Narcotics Division,

ESU, the Warrant Squad,

the Gang Division

and patrol--

armed with warrants for arrests

on charges including conspiracy
to murder in the cases

of police officer Vincent Cruz
and Mayor Carter Poole,

narcotics possession
with intent to distribute,

enterprise corruption
and racketeering

and a number
of other serious charges--

conducted a sweep of
the Bitterman Housing Projects

and arrested 47 members
and associates

of the Los Lordes
criminal organization,

including their head.

These arrests were made
with information

given by the residents
of the Bitterman Projects,

at their own risk,
with no promise of reward,

other than
full NYPD cooperation

in restoring law and order
to their community.

I would like to note

that this operation was carried
out with the full input,

and by design of,
Mayor Carter Poole,

with the explicit intent
of conducting

the investigations and arrests
in such a manner

as to build trust
between the NYPD

and the Bitterman community--

a trust that has been absent,

on both sides,
for far too long.

Bless us, O Lord,
for these, Thy gifts,

which we are about to receive

from Thy bounty,
through Christ, our Lord. Amen.



Hope He can hear us.

He can always hear you.

But you have to listen very
carefully for His response.

And hear our prayers
for Carter Poole.

And his family.

And his recovery.


Okay to pass?


Danny and I are taking
my sister's house in Quogue

the second week of July.


The Irish Riviera.

Biggest bluefish I ever caught

was off the jetty
just east of there.

Are you, um,
trying to rub it in?


I'm bringing it up

because the house next door
is for rent, too.

Same week.

Nice place.

Five bedrooms,

comes with a boat
and a slip.

Are you asking
what I think you're asking?

Can I just say that I have often
wondered what kind of

fantastic woman
has dinner

with her in-laws every single
Sunday without complaint.

Thank you, Frank.

Look, I know
I'm not the matriarch,

but I am a mother and a nurse,

and I think it's the perfect
prescription for this family.

No cases

except for cold beer,

and no shifts except for who
digs the next batch of clams.

You serious?

Yeah. But it's coming up,

so you got to lock in
some vacation for that week.

Well, I'm kind of moved.

Well, I'm the only one at this
table who, when I cut myself,

I don't bleed NYPD blue,

but from where
I'm sitting... guys need
a break from it.

How would that be a break
from it? We'd just be moving

the family business
to the beach for a week,

way I see it.

Yeah, but this way

you can keep tabs on each other.

And anybody who talks shop
gets kicked off of the island.

So what do you say?

We can take you crabbing.

- We know a great spot.
- You do?


Danny, you okay with this?

Oh, yeah. Mm-hmm.

We don't have to pay for
the other house though, do we?

No, they'd chip in.
Oh, yeah.

Then of course I am.

What do you guys say?

I'll bite.


Deal then?

A week at the beach.

Amen to that, too.

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