Blue Bloods (2010–…): Season 3, Episode 15 - Warriors - full transcript

When a 10-year-old boy is the victim of an incident in the projects, Danny's heated approach to the case lands him in anger management class.

What do you mean
"cause undetermined"?

It's a homicide!

You know what,
the only thing undetermined

is how you even got your job
in the first place.

Yeah, that's right.

Making friends
again, Reagan?

Don't sit down, let's go.

We got a shooting
on 118th and Broadway.

Possible gang related.

So I'm riding with you?

What happened to, uh, Mac?

She's testifying at the Adamo
trial for the next two days.

Why didn't they ask me
to testify?

it might have something to do

with the defense's claim
that you intimidated a suspect

into making a false confession.

I did?

You need to work on
your social skills.

I do?

Hey, how'd your case go?

We won.

Thank you.

So, what's your record
so far this year?

Uh, 12 convictions
and one mistrial.


What do you think
makes you so good?

Oh, I don't know.


I've definitely gotten better

with the more trials I've done.

Sort of like... driving.

You know,
the more you practice,

the better
driver you become.

Okay, Nicky,

I am sorry
that I have not been

practicing with you,
but we have plenty of time.

You keep saying that.

We have more than a month.

No, it's less than that.

Okay, well, isn't your dad
taking you driving this weekend?

No, he's going away now.

Of course he is.

Maybe you just
don't want me to drive.

That is not fair.

No, Mom, what's not fair
is that I'm supposed to take

my driving test and there's
no way I'm going to pass

because you said
that you'd teach me,

and you haven't even
taken me out once.

Tell me that's not
the shooting victim.

Ten years old, Devon Williams.

What's the story?

He has a gunshot wound
to his shoulder.

He's in shock;
lost a lot of blood.

Where you taking him?
St. Vic's.

What about the parents?

The mom's right there.

Ma'am, I'm Detective Reagan.

Look, do you have any idea
who would do this to your boy?

Ma'am, please,
anything you tell us can help.

I can't help your son
unless you help me, all right?

Can you tell me anything?

I don't know.

I don't know.

Hey, get her on the bus,
all right?

Go on.

We'll find out who did this.

Anybody see what happened?


Nobody saw nothing, huh?


Hey, you.

Come on, a ten-year-old
kid gets shot on the stoop

and nobody saw
it happen?

what about you? Hey.

Get out of my face.

Hey, Danny, Danny, Danny,
come on, Danny.

Move on.

Doing okay, Reagan?

Who the hell
shoots a ten-year-old kid?

People say New York
is a tough city.

But it's also a place
where dreams come true.

Our city was built by immigrants

who came here
with nothing more

than a wish for a better life

and a willingness to work hard
to that end.

New York has always embraced
music and culture,

and the musicians here tonight

represent the finest in their
field from all over the world,

so I think
it is entirely appropriate

that the last stop

on their American tour...
is New York City.

Hear, hear!

That was lovely,
Frank, as usual.

Thank you so much
for doing this for me.

Oh, I know better than
to say no to you, Joyce.

Mm, good.

I'll remember that.

How much longer?

Just shake some more hands,
take some photos

and you're out of here.

In minutes.

15, 20 tops.

Ten, and you have a deal.

Excuse me.

I'm Isabelle Nassar.

How do you do?
Frank Reagan.

Yes, I know.

You're the
Commissioner of Police.


I enjoyed your solo.

Thank you.

What you've said...
it was beautiful.

Well, thank you very much.

I guess you're going back
to Turkey tomorrow.

I can't go home.

As soon as I set foot
in my country...

I'm going to be killed.

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Original Air Date on February 15, 2013

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I can assure you that nothing
came from this office.

Nor will anything.

This is Detective Baker.

If you'll
give me a moment.

I don't believe I'm early.

Would you like a
coffee, some water?

No, thank you.

Excuse me.

Please don't tell me you had
anything to do with this.

Okay, I won't tell you.

We just received this
from the mayor.

"As you have
suggested such,

"so many times in the past,

"I will defer to you in dealing
with the State Department.

It's all yours, Frank."


I'm staying for this.

Let's have her.


Don't pick a fight.


Deputy Secretary
Carmen Castillo, this is...

The reason why I had to take
a 6:00 a.m. flight

this morning from Washington.

I requested a
one-on-one meeting.

Mr. Moore is my
Deputy Commissioner

of Public Information.

The press is all over this.

This is my building.

When we have a meeting
in your office,

you can exclude him.

Well, the press should never
have been informed.

My sources say the story
came out of DC.

Well, there wouldn't be a story

if you had followed proper
protocol, stayed out of it

and contacted
us immediately.

My protocol is to provide
necessary protection

to persons seeking asylum,

then notify the proper agency.

Where is she?

In a safe house.

I'd like to see her.

Isabelle Nassar
cannot ask for asylum,

because she had sex
with an American.

We don't know what she did.

What we do know is she snuck out
of her hotel

to meet with a young American

and her chaperone reported it to
her family in Turkey.

This is in Turkish.

It's the story of
a 17-year-old girl

who was killed by her father

because she kissed a boy
in public.

Those laws have been changed.

The customs haven't.

That father is
Isabelle Nassar's uncle.

And Isabelle's own father

at the trial that his niece
deserved to die

she brought shame on the family.

Her uncle was acquitted.

You're an expert
in, uh, Turkish affairs?

I'm a cop.

I've been a cop all my life.

I know when someone's
telling the truth.

Two things: her fear is genuine
and the threat is real.

This woman is the responsibility
of the State Department.

Well, we can both agree on that.


You turn her over,
and then stay out of it.

Oh, boy.

I was sitting with Devon

and I heard a pop-pop.

I didn't even know what it was
until I saw blood

on Devon's shirt.

I want to move but I
don't have that kind of money.

I mean, that neighborhood,
that building,

there's always drug dealers
hanging around outside.

You believe one of
them was responsible?

All I know is the cops
were there two weeks ago

when they arrested a couple of
them gang bangers,

but I saw one of them this
morning, back on the street.

So you tell me,
how's that work?

Ms. Williams, we're sorry.

these things happen.

But the cops aren't the ones
who shot your boy.

We catch this guy,

he's gonna go away
for a long time.

You know, when I
saw you this morning,

I got the impression
you knew something.

I think you think it's one of
those gang bangers, don't you?


So why don't you help us out
and give us a name

so we can find him.

I only know his street name:

Tiny Martinez.

This Tiny Martinez...

you're pretty sure he's
the guy that did it?

All I know is our block
is run by the Saints.

Tiny's in the Double-Treys.

When he started trying
to sell in our building,

the gangs started
hating on each other.

I don't think it's a coincidence
I saw Tiny this morning.

You think he was
looking for revenge?

I don't know what
makes someone fire a gun

into a street
full of people.

Or maybe you don't even need
a reason to fire a gun up here,

'cause there's never any cops
around anyway.

No, no, no, no, no--

remember you look in
your mirror, behind you,

make sure that
nobody's coming,

and then slowly take your foot
off the brake

and gently
put pressure on the gas.

Okay, gently...
I said gently.

Okay, okay, relax.

All right,
you're doing good.

Just make sure you keep
looking in your mirrors.

Okay, what's this guy doing?

There's not even
a passenger in his car.

Give him a minute.

What is he doing?
Come on.

Let's go! Come on!

Mom, what are you doing?

He's probably
texting or something.

Honestly, people need
to pay more attention

when they're driving.

Why don't you
just go around him.

Nicky, you're going too slow.

Get back in you lane.

I'm doing fine.
Just stop it.

You're making me nervous.
No, there's a car coming at you.

You're not doing fine.

Get back
in your lane.

Are you kidding me?

Really? Really?

Mom... relax.

Go around
if you're in such a rush.


I didn't say to pull over.

You're fine-- just
keep going straight.

You know what? I ca...

Okay, all right. What...

How do you stop this thing?


Okay, you're fi...

Mom, would you
just stop?!

I can't do this.

What do you mean you can't do it?
You're doing fine.

I can't drive with you.

You can't drive with me?
What do you mean?

I mean I can't drive with you.

You're just impossible.

Forget it.


Guy walking into the park,

orange hoodie--
that's Tiny.

What does Narcotics
know about Tiny?

He's smart.

He's never been caught
with any felony weight.

He's always been able to ditch it;
and he's got a good lawyer.

We've been watching him
for a couple of months now.

He always has one of his
guys make the actual transaction.

Okay, this guy Tiny,
he usually packing?

We have a credible CI
tell us he's carrying

a nine-millimeter on him today.
Same caliber that hit Devon.

Exactly. So what the hell
are we waiting for?

Hold on, Danny.
For all we know,

all these guys
are carrying.

No Lone Ranger
stuff, capisce?

Got it.
No "I" in "team," Sarge.

My team is ready.

Okay. So on three, then?

Let's do it.

Good. Three.

Whoop, whoop!

Hold it!

Move! Police! Hold it!


Hold it!


He dropped the gun!
Get the gun!


Hold it!

Come here!

Let me see your hands.

My leg!
Shut up!

I'm hurt, man.

He threw me
down the stairs, sir.

I didn't throw him
down the stairs, Sergeant.

Oh, my leg, man!

Shut up!

Call for a bus.

Oh, my leg! It hurts, man!

I didn't throw him
down the stairs.

Believe me, if I did,
I'd tell you.

I should have never
left the hotel.

I'm sorry
about all this.

I didn't mean to put you
in a difficult situation.

Don't worry about me--
I got pretty broad shoulders.

I approached you because
I could see you were a good man.

You could have pushed me off

onto someone else,
but you didn't.

No, I didn't.

How you holding up?

That woman
from the State Department...

kept asking me for...


evidence, witnesses

to support my claims.

I don't have
any of those things.

I just...

know my father.

He is a man of...

great faith...

and protecting the family name
is more important to him

than anything.

Well, I'm a man of faith...

...and I can't imagine
anything more important

than protecting my kids.

I brought shame.

And in my family...

that is unforgivable.

I don't expect you
to understand.

I don't understand.

But I believe you.


this decision will ultimately
rest with the State Department,

but I promise you...

I will do everything I can
to keep you safe.

Hey, hold on.

Hold on.

Hold on a second, guys.

I want to show
you something.

This look familiar?

I think you dropped it
on your little run.

If you say so, man.
Look, I don't care what you did.

I don't even care
what you plan on doing.

All I care about is finding out
who shot Devon Williams.

I don't know.
You're gonna

lie to me?
Just like you're lying

about your little injury here?

Just you lying about giving
a crap what happens here?

Who the hell shot that kid?

Off him, Detective.

Come on! Get him
out of here!

Sarge, I know what you're
gonna say, all right?

No, you have no idea
what I'm gonna say.

He's a scumbag, and he's lying.

And the patrol guide
doesn't make exceptions

for scumbags like him.

Come on, we got
a ten-year-old kid

lying in a hospital bed
and he knows something!

And on top of that,
I got a Narcotics sergeant

telling me I can't
control my guys.

And a hothead like
you puts his guys in danger.

Look, that guy got
what he deserved, okay?

Last week you got into it
with IA; week before that,

it was Adamo's
defense attorney;

this morning it was
the M.E.'s Office; and now this.

Now what?!
I'm doing my job here, Sarge!

You know what,
you just bought yourself

some sensitivity training,
starting tomorrow!

I need to work this case.

You know what you need to work?

Your freakin' anger management.

See, I was going to give
this guy a summons, right?

Then he starts
with the attitude.

So I arrested him.

You know, I-I'm just...
really tired of going

into neighborhoods
trying to help people

and getting treated
like I'm the enemy.

And is the answer to treat the
people who live there like the enemy?


Maybe if he knew why you were there,
in the neighborhood,

he might support
what you're trying to do.

Or maybe he just might try
to blow your brains out.

We don't...

we don't interrupt
like that... here.

Oh. Forgive me.

Our responsibility
as cops

is to...


Yeah, uh, are you a cop?

I was speaking for the group.

Oh, right.

It is our

to try to understand the culture
of the communities we work in.

What about when it's the culture

of the community
to hate the police?

I mean,

how many of you
have been spit at?

Or cursed at?

Or how about
getting pegged

with garbage?

Then your job is
to try and change that.


Yeah, how do you propose
we change that, Doc?

Maybe, uh, the cops

and gangbangers all get together

and hold hands and sing songs
in the streets or something?

It doesn't really work that way.

But... then again, you
wouldn't know that, would you,

because... you're not a cop.

Detective Reagan, is there something
you want to contribute,

besides some levity?


Why don't you tell us
what gets under your skin.


Not much.

Something that makes you
feel stressed.

No, I don't feel any stress.

You're a major-case detective--

you have the most
stressful job there is.

You're damn right.

Why don't you tell us
why you're here.

I have no idea why I'm here.

Okay. You can start by sharing
why you're angry.

I told you I'm not angry.

If you don't learn
how to control your anger,

your anger will control you.

Put it on a bumper sticker, Doc.

So, you're angry because...
you don't want to be here?

I'm not angry.

I'm frustrated.

Because the fact is,

I shouldn't be here;
I should be out trying

to solve the case
of a ten-year-old kid

who was shot
in front of his own home.

But instead,
I got to sit around here

talking about my feelings
in a circle with you,

a guy who's never
spent five minutes

on the job, but yet, somehow,
you think you're qualified

to tell us
how we should do ours!

At least you're not angry.

The Turkish government

is demanding
that she be sent back.

Turkey has a
strategic geographic

significance for us.

And the State Department cannot
afford to strain relations

with them at this time.

We're talking
about someone's life here.

Turkish law was amended,

They now allow
for stiffer prison sentences

for men who kill

their female relatives
for transgressions.

Honor killings have increased
tenfold in the last six years.

Those laws were only changed
to placate a UN sanction.

The State Department
isn't in the business

of interpreting other countries'
laws and customs.

Well, shouldn't you be
in the business

of protecting a woman
whose life is in danger?

We have no
proof of that.

So far, the news story
is limited to the affair

and her desire to stay here.

It's in everyone's best interest
if it just stays that way.

Except hers.

After seeing her...

I agree with you.

Her fear is real.

But what happens
when she goes back...

is unknowable.

I'm not asking you
to rewrite policy;

I'm asking you to safe a life.

I only wish I could.

I'm scheduling
a press conference

for later this afternoon.

I expect you to be there
standing behind me...

in support.

Absolutely amazing
the damage this thing can do.

This little piece
of hardware here

is gonna cost you
25 years to life

if ballistics match the bullet
that hit Devon Williams.

I didn't shoot Devon.

Who did?

Come on, tough guy,
he said, "Who did?"


Does this have something to do
with Saints territory?

You don't know what
you're talking about.

Yeah, I do.
Is it a turf war or not?

It's getting
a little hot in here--

you think you can, uh,
do something about that?

Look, ordinarily, a smart-ass crack
like that would really piss me off,

but as you can see,
I'm not angry, right?


But I do want you
to know something.

I know where you deal
and I know where you live,

in fact, I even know where
your girlfriend lives,

and I'm gonna be shadowing
you everywhere you go.

And when I get the chance,

I'm gonna lock you up,
and I don't give a damn

if the charges stick or not,
I'm just gonna

lock you up again and
again and again and again!

Until you cooperate.

You a crazy dude, huh?

I didn't even do nothing, man.


But you know something,

and that's just as bad.

Okay, you live at

26291 East...

A'ight, man, a'ight.

I'll talk deal,
but not with him.

Get me somebody
from the DA's Office.

All right.


In the DA's Office,

we call it "refugee roulette."

The asylum outcome

depends on the
immigration judge

that has been
assigned to the case.

I think the Deputy Secretary
is sympathetic.

You're telling me
it's out of her hands.

Without any new evidence,

if the judge has signed off
on it, it's a done deal.

You want a drink?


So, it's probably
not a good time

to ask for some advice.

No, it's a good time. What?

I promised Nicky
that I would

teach her how to drive,

but then I got
busy and forgot,

and the test is less
than a month away.

I gave her her first lesson.

How'd it go?

It was a disaster.

She thinks that
I'm a terrible driver.

Well, you are.

No, I'm not.

I'm a very careful
and skilled...


As for driving, you have

no patience,
you yell at other drivers

like they can hear you,

you use the horn liberally...

Well, that's what
it's there for, to warn people.

That Erin's coming?

That's funny.

I'm not a terrible driver.

Don't feel bad.

None of the Reagans can drive.

I haven't driven in five years.

Pop gave up his license.

Danny can drive...

...but only at

100 miles an hour.

Actually, there is one Reagan
who can drive.

e patient one.


He went back and forth
from Harvard all the time.

Without incident.

Oh, I got to go.


I'm late for a plea bargain.


Even if ballistics
don't match

the bullet that hit Devon,

with your record,

I can get you
in for five,

for possession of
an illegal firearm.

No way.

In your last
court appearance,

you used Alan Zuckerman
as your attorney of record.

That must put you back,
what, 400 an hour?

But he is one of the best
defense attorneys I know.

You should call him,

ask him if Erin Reagan can
get you a five-year sentence

for possession.

He'll tell you.

And then we can talk.

Hold up.

What you offering?

It depends on what you've got.

Like something substantial
enough to break open

the Devon Williams case, maybe.

Then I'll reduce
your felony

to a misdemeanor,
recommend a year.

No. No time.

One year community service,

three year probation.

One year probation,
no community service.

Yes, community service.

Three year probation;
it's mandatory.

No more negotiations,
you take it or leave it.

The Devon shooting was a hit.

A hit?

Who'd put out a hit
on a ten-year-old kid?

Word is Devon wasn't the target.

So who was?

One of your gangbanging
buddies, what?

His mother-- Letitia.

Isabelle Nassar,
the Turkish national

who requested
permanent residence

while on a stop
here in New York

during a musical
tour of the U.S.,

has been found ineligible for
asylum in the United States,

in accordance
with the Refugee Act of 1980,

which regulates asylum policy.

This decision fr
the State Department

has been finalized by
an immigration judge

and removal procedures
will begin immediately.

I've been thinking about
this whole driving thing.

Forget it.

I take the subway
everywhere I go, anyway.

It's not like I really
need my license.

No, everyone should
have a license,

and I'm sorry I didn't spend
more time teaching you.

It's really no big deal.

But I've decided
I'm not going to teach you.

I think it
would be better

if Jamie showed you
how to drive.


Okay, you don't need
to look so excited.

Oh, I mean, sorry, I...

I'm just happy to have
some extra driving time.

Okay, you can talk to him

about when you're
free for...

...for lessons.

And I am a good driver.

I am.

Behind enemy lines in a tank,

for sure I'd want you to be
the one behind the wheel.

Ha, ha, ha.

The stress manifests
itself in many ways,

whether it's drinking or
flying off the handle

at our loved ones,

taking our anger out on them--

bottom line,
we all need ways to decompress.

So, let's go around and share
our coping mechanisms.

We'll start with you,
Detective Reagan.

I don't really have any
mechanisms, Doc, I just cope.

So what do you do
with all your anger?

Why is anger such a problem?

I mean, seriously,
when did anger

become such a bad thing
in this world?

Anger is not a problem;
it's what you do with it.


Now, you've never
roughed someone up

because you think
they have information

to help you close a case?

You never had to be pulled

off a perp to stop you
from doing some real damage?

You know, sometimes,
we do what we got to do

to get the job done.

You ever lose your temper
with your wife or your kids?

Don't bring my family into this.

I would love to
leave everyone's

family out of this.

But the truth is
they live this job

almost as much as you do.

Because you can tell me

all you want how much
you don't get angry,

or don't bring the
job home with you,

but you're lying to
yourself if you believe that.

Hey, let me tell you something.

You'd be angry, too,

if you had to see the stuff
we saw every day.

And I'll tell you
something else.

If I ever got killed, murdered,

like an animal in the street,

I hope the detective

is mad as hell, too.

You know why?

'Cause that's the guy
who's gonna stay up at night,

sleepless, wondering
if he missed something.

That's the guy who's gonna
eat, drink and sleep the case

until it's solved.

You know how I know that?

'Cause I'm that guy.

I do what I gotta do.

Okay, Doc?


As long as you understand

that I have been sitting
in this chair long enough

to know that, eventually,
that's also the guy that breaks.

The guy that ends up
back here, in front of me,

wondering how his
life fell apart.

Sorry to have
to ask you this,

but do you have
any involvement

in drugs in any way?


Are you involved

with anyone else who might be?

What's this about?
I told you those gangbangers

were fighting about drugs;
I got nothing to do with that.

We know you told us that,
but we also have reason

to believe that the bullet
that hit your son Devon

was actually intended for you.

For me?

Who'd want me dead?

Is there an ex-boyfriend

or an ex-husband in the picture?

All right, hold...

Devon was shot because of me?

What about Devon's father?

What's your relationship
like with him?

He, um, he was angry
he lost custody,

but I don't need to worry
about him; he's in prison.

He's in prison?

For what?

He got drunk one night,
got into a bar fight

with some guy, guy hit his head.

Darryl got charged
with manslaughter.

And you filed for divorce

since he's been locked up?

That drove him crazy.

That, and the fact that

I wasn't bringing Devon
up there to see his daddy

behind bars.

But I'll tell you
something, Detective--

I'll be the one behind bars

if anything else
happens to Devon,

'cause I will kill
whoever's responsible.

Pass the potatoes--
not the healthy ones.

You can have mine;
I'm saving room for dessert.

So, do you want to talk
about how your group is going?

What group?

Don't listen to her.

Danny's C.O.
is having him go

to anger management.



- Anger what?
- They teach you

how not to get mad.

But Dad doesn't get mad.

He gets even.

Change the subject, please.

Listen, this is
your group here, too.

You know, this is

your numero uno,
and you should maybe hear

what they have to say, too.

You know, Danny,

come to think of it,
I've never

seen you lose your temper
with Linda or the kids.

No, I do.
No, you don't, Dad,

You never yell.

Yeah, well, I-I really do.

I've actually

never seen you get mad
at your family.

Only your siblings.

Well, Sis,

you know, if I've lost
my temper with you,

you probably deserved it.


And you, too,
you buttinsky.

Now, can we change
the subject, please?

Thank you.


Grandpa, I watched

that press conference.

I can't believe
you didn't say anything.

The decision is final.

So they're just
gonna send her back

where she might get killed
because she went on a date?

It's not as simple as that.

Why not?
It's not his call.

Yeah, well, I've never
seen that stop you before.

The law is very clear.

To grant asylum,
the petitioner must prove

that their life is
in imminent danger.

But her life is in danger.

She needs proof.

History isn't proof enough?


But it looked like you agreed
with that lady.

Well, that's what it was
supposed to look like.

But why?
Because there is

a chain of command,
and in this matter

the State Department
is at the top.

It's not fair.

Nicky, I can't tell you

how many times I've had
to stand behind the mayor

and keep my mouth shut.

Sometimes, that's the job.

Grandpa, you have
to do something.

I mean, this woman could die.

I know you--
y-you never give up.

Doesn't that make you angry?

Yes, it does.


All right, thank you.

Ready to take a ride?

We're not taking a road trip.

What are you talking about?

He was released a week ago.

Devon's father
was released from prison?

Why wasn't it in the system?

A bureaucratic oversight.

Now, that's a shocker.

Great. Reagan.



All right.

Devon's father
just snatched him up

from the hospital.

What else, Sarge?

I talked to his P.O.

The address he gave us
is vacant.

Okay, but does he have
any other family

besides his ex-wife in the area?

His father died when he was in
prison, but he owned a bungalow

on Candlewood Lake
in Connecticut.

Candlewood Lake in Connecticut.

That seems like a good place
to lay low.

If he was gonna rent a car,

he'd need a credit card and
a license, right? So that's out.

Uh, there's a train
to Danbury,

but that don't leave
till 2:00 p.m.

I'm checking buses right now.

Next bus for Danbury

leaves in 20 minutes, Sarge.

Let's go.

Now, that's good.

Thank you.
Doesn't taste like

they burnt the beans,
like so much of the coffee

you get in the city these days.

I'm glad you like it.

Mmm, mmm.

In my experience,

guys who don't like small talk
are generally bad at making...

Small talk.

Can't get nothing past you.
Never could.

I saw the press conference.

Frank, what can I do for you?

Isabelle Nassar.

What about her?
I want to know

what you think of her--

her character, her talent,
her potential.

stays right in this room.


Police! Hold it!



Stop this bus!

Stop the bus!

Open the door!

Come on!


Everybody stay seated,
be calm.

Stand back!

Take it easy.

Just take it easy, all right?

Why don't you put
that gun down, Darryl, okay?

You put your gun down first!

- I can't do that.
- Go.

I swear, I'll use it. I will.

Just take a breath,
all right? Go.

I know you're angry.

All right?
I know how you feel.

Yeah, you know...
you know how I feel?

Yeah, I do.

I got two boys of my own.

Believe me, if anybody tried
to keep me from them,

I would be pissed off, too.

You're damn straight. No one!

No one is gonna tell me
that I can't see my son!

That's right.
That's right

'cause you're his father.

I'm with you on that, okay?

You got to take care of him

'cause that's
what fathers do, right?

That's right.

Okay, okay, but here's
the problem, Darryl.

Here's the problem.

You got to get control
of your anger

before your anger
takes control of you.


I need you to think
about what you're doing here.

I'm trying to get
my son out of here.

Can you understand that?

Course I understand that.

I just need to get away
from here.

That's not gonna
happen today,

okay? We got a dozen cops
around this bus

who do not want to
see anyone get hurt.

I do not want to see anyone
get hurt and guess what--

I don't think you want to see
anyone get hurt either.

Am I right?

Especially not Devon.

I'm trying to help my son,

and you all won't let me do it.

Look, it's time
we focused on him, okay?

Your boy
needs help.

He needs to be back
in the hospital,

all right?
And there's only one person

who has the power
to make that decision--

that's his father.

So why don't you think
about your boy and let me

take him to a safe place?

Let me get him back
to the hospital, okay?

Go on.

Go on, papi.

It's gonna be okay.


I'll give you a second
with your boy

if you give me that gun.

Listen, it's gonna be okay.

I love you.

It's gonna be okay.

Okay? It's gonna
be okay, papi.

Come in.



You know, your... your
required sessions are over.

Yeah, I know that.

You okay?

Yeah, I, um...

I know you think I have
a problem with anger, Doc,

and, uh...

I guess you're right.

Though I also

have a problem
with people not being angry...

not being angry
at senseless violence

and our kids getting shot down
in the street.

Like that ten-year-old boy
who got shot outside his home?


It got to you, didn't it?


What do you do
with all that anger?

I just put it
into catching the bad guys.

But that doesn't make it
any easier.


I looked up your file.

Two tours in Fallujah,

a brother who was killed
in the line of duty.

Yeah, look, Doc, I-I...

I didn't really come
to rehash all that stuff.

I, um...

I just wanted to say I know
there's a lot of guys who do,

but I don't bring
the job home with me.

I don't yell

at my wife and kids.
I don't even let them know

half of what goes on with me.

And that's how it's gonna stay.

And I have no doubt
you're a good dad

and a good husband,

but how do you plan
to keep it all

from eventually
catching up with you?

I don't know.

Well, this is a nice surprise.


you're taking Nicky
driving in the city?

What are you thinking?

I was thinking that every driver
should have the pleasure

of driving over the most
beautiful bridge in the world.

I don't know about this.

This is just... You sure
you know what you're doing?


And no backseat driving.
Especially from you.

What is that supposed to mean?

Oh, you forgot about the time

when you dented
the back of Dad's car

by backing into your
ex-boyfriend's car?

On purpose.
It was not on purpose.

And then she made me
lie about it,

tell Dad that
it was a stray baseball.


Okay, whenever
you're ready, Nicky.

And the time that you got
pulled over for speeding.

I was only going
50 miles per hour.

In a 20-mile-an-hour zone.

Mom, I never knew.

You know what, Jamie?

I have a lot
of ammunition on you,

so you better...

Someone once said that New York

was a place
where dreams come true.

Well, no more so than today.

I'm very happy to announce

that Isabelle Nassar
has been granted a work visa

as a result of a job offer
from the New York Philharmonic.

This gracious offer will
allow Miss Nassar to remain

in the United States and was
made possible by a grant from

the Manhattan Arts Foundation.

I would like to introduce
their president, Joyce Powers.

Thank you so much
to Miss Castillo

and the State Department

for expediting this visa
for Miss Nassar,

a very gifted cellist and
a remarkable young woman,

not only for her
exceptional talent,

but her determination
to make our city her home.

I would like to introduce you
to this extraordinary talent,

Miss Isabelle Nassar.

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