Blue Bloods (2010–…): Season 3, Episode 14 - Men in Black - full transcript

The former mayor gingerly approaches Frank after Jamie arrested his spoiled-rotten brat daughter, by the book, for drug possession and gross disrespect, which continues even in court. While Henry attends the funeral of his Hassidic friend, the New York grand rabbi, his junior son and designated successor is fatally stabbed just outdoors. Thus the firstborn, traditional successor becomes grand rabbi and prime suspect, or his bodyguard. Investigating, Danny and ex-Hassidic fellow detective Wolf Landsman find further possible motives in the rabbinical family's secret love life and consider further strong-armed acolytes opportunities.

My father's been
asking for you.

How's he doing, Levi?

It won't be long.

I'm sorry.

You remember my
brother Jacob.



Leave us. Leave us.

Somebody call the police?

How long we been
friends, Henry?

Over 30 years.

Never met a man
I trusted more.


And a goy, no less.

The feeling is mutual.

Anything I can do?

My final act...

as Grand Rebbe...

is to choose my successor.

I have two sons.

Jacob is older and
by tradition...

would succeed me,

but I know, in my heart,

Levi is the true leader.

Oh, Solly,
that's a tough call.

I'm praying for wisdom.

In the end I suppose

all a father can
give his sons

is the truth.

Smell that?

Smells like the good stuff.

Brings back memories, huh?

Only thing I remember
about that stuff

was jamming a bunch
of pizza in my face.

No, you...

You think they see us?

Yeah, I think so.

I think they're just
too stoned to care.

It's a good one.


Got it
from Billy's guy.

Oh, God, Rebecca, cops.

Relax, they don't bust people
for smoking pot anymore.

Actually we do.

Uh, can we see
some I.D., please?

You gonna put that out?

We're really sorry, Officer.

Don't have a stroke,
Bridge, it's cool.

Not really.

You mind opening your bag?


Some big green buds.

Must have set you back
a few bucks, huh?

Don't you guys have
any real criminals to chase?

Might want to ease up
on the attitude, Rebecca.

You don't know who my father is.

I don't really care.

Seriously, my parents
will kill me if I get arrested.

Trust me,

these clowns are not
going to arrest us.

Well, not till you said that.

Do me a favor--
get up,

face the fence, please.

Put your hands
behind your back.

Thanks a lot, Rebecca.

You're going
to regret this.

You're going to regret
ever meeting me.

Oh, I already do.

Your father was
a great man, Levi.

I only hope I can live up
to his leadership.

As I told my son
when he took over for me,

take what you can,
then make the job your own.

Yes... I got your messages.

The community is grieving.

It's my job to comfort them.

Everything else has to wait!


Come through here.



It's just us here.

Oh, my God.

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Men in Black
Original Air Date on February 8, 2013

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When you coming home?


Levi Morgenthal
was stabbed to death

outside his father's funeral.

Anyone in custody?

Not yet.

Want me to come down there?

No, no, I just thought
you should know first.

Oh, hey, I've got to go.

The detectives are here.

Don't wait up.

Sorry to get
you out of bed.

No, are you kidding me?
It's nothing.

Um, I know you were friends
with the victim's father.

I'm sorry.

Um, did you tell the old man
I was coming down,

and that you called me?

He's the commissioner.

He knows everything that
goes on in this city.

Right, well,

you're not
the commissioner anymore,

so I'm gonna have
to ask you to wait out here.

I know, I know.

Police only.

They come up
with anything on canvass?

No, not yet.
Who are you?

I'm Detective Wolf Landsman.

The Chief of D's,
I think, told you

that I was gonna
come down here.

Oh, right.

You grew up around
here or something?

I'm third generation Hasidic.

Really. Hasidic.

Where's your beard and
your, uh, ponytail things?

Those are called payots.

And I left them behind
17 years ago

when I left the community.

But I still know my way around here.

Well, I hope so, because
it's not always easy

to get cooperation
around here, you know?

The Hasidim are
very suspicious of outsiders.

Yeah, I know.

Back in Europe,
men in uniform tried

to wipe them off
the face of the earth.

Yeah, I know
about that, too.

The Grand Rebbe controls
the largest sect.

They have their own world
and their own rules.

Rule number one:
outsiders are not welcome.

Well, look, I'm not trying

to disrespect anyone's
religion, okay?

But I got my own rules,

and my rule number one is:
no one gets away with murder.

I'm only here to help.

All right,
this is the widow.

I'm Detective Reagan,
this is Detective Landsman.

We're very sorry
for your loss.

Thank you.

And who are
you, sir?

Uh, I was Levi's gabbai--

Asher Lefko.

That's his closest advisor.

Were you in the temple
tonight, ma'am?

No. I was at home.

Levi called me right before.

What did you two talk about?

He was upset about his father,

doing his best
to comfort everyone.

Do you have any idea
who would have wanted

to do this to your
husband, ma'am?

Only a godless animal
could do s-such a thing.

Well, look, if you think of
anything that might help us,

would you call, please?

It's my number on the...

She won't take it--
give it to him.

Thank you.
All right.

This officer will escort
you out, all right?

Standing room only in
that temple tonight.

Somebody saw something.

But the trick now
is getting them to step up.

Well, hopefully, that's
where you come in.

Well, this should be fun.


Thank God Solomon Morgenthal
didn't live to see this.

He even told me how difficult

it was going to be
for the community

to accept Levi
as the new rebbe.

Talk about an understatement.


What I would like
to know, Pop,

is how did Danny happen
to catch this case?

I thought I told
you not to wait up.

How'd you know about that?

I'm the police commissioner.

I know everything
that happens in this city.

Yeah, okay, I called him.

Solomon wanted
us to help Levi.

The least we could do is
find out who killed him.

Former police commissioner,
me, Danny--

it looks like
special privilege, Pop.

My friend and my
friend's son are dead.


I understand.


It's got to be hard
on Jacob--

losing a father
and a brother the same day.


Solomon hated choosing
between them.

What father wouldn't?

I suppose.

Why'd you and mom never have
any more kids, anyway?


Well... Irish Catholic family,

Come on, Pop.

Did you ever ask your
mother about that?

Well, matter of fact, I did;
couple of times.

And what did she tell you?

She always said
the same thing:

"Mind your own business."

Sounds like pretty
good advice to me.

Glad you could join us,

Sorry I'm late.
I basically had to show my piece

to get in this place.

Women are rarely allowed
in synagogue.

Unless it's a woman who's a
New York City police detective.

Detective McElroy,
Detective Landsman.

Okay, well, now
that the gang's all here,

who are these guys?


They're protecting
the new Grand Rebbe.

Some of them are

real animals.
Don't push them too hard.

Well, we got to do
what we got to do, right?

We're in a holy temple,
and the rabbi is in mourning.

Okay, so I'll play nice.

You are not to be here.

Excuse me?
With all due respect,

we need to speak with the rabbi.

I know you.

You abandoned your people.

You're as much an outsider
as they are.

It's all right, Benny.

You are the grandson
of Henry Reagan?

That's right, Rabbi.

He's been a great friend to us.

How may I help you?

Well, we're here to investigate
the murder of your brother.

We have some questions.
It'll be helpful

if you could
answer them.

Did Levi have any enemies?

None of our people would commit
such an atrocity against God.

We're not making
any accusations.

Although your father

did choose your younger brother

to be his replacement,
instead of you.

Must've been a little awkward
for you, right?

My father was a wise man,

and he made the choice
that he felt was right.

And I didn't question it.

And if you are asking me

if I had my brother killed

so that I could take his place,

then the answer is no.

I'd have sooner taken
my own life than harm Levi.

Uh, he meant no disrespect.

Well, then we have very
different definitions

of that word.

Now, if you will excuse me.

I have to prayor the souls
of my family.

That's your idea of going easy?

Hey, this may be your world,
but it's our case.

I'm gonna do what I got to
do to solve it, capiche?

It's working
like a charm so far.

I'm not telling you how
to run the case, Danny, but...

if you push these people,

they're gonna shut down.
Well, I'll be sure to use

plenty of pleases
and thank yous, okay?

Hey, guys,

we got surveillance tape
from the rear of the synagogue.

This is Levi leaving
his father's funeral.

And check this out.

That's that side of beef
from the, uh, synagogue.

Benny Roth,
Jacob's main bodyguard.

Roth left 53 seconds after Levi.

Just in time for Levi
to get dead.

This guy, he's always
by Jacob's side, right?

Most of the time.

I'll check
with my confidential informant.

Knows everyone's business--
who's doing what to who and why.

Yeah, sounds
like a real piece of work.

Do I insult your mother?

You're kidding, right?

If there's one thing
a Jewish boy never kids about...

Robert Levitt.

Thank you.
Mr. Mayor.

Not anymore, thank God.

I really appreciate
you seeing me, Frank.


And how are you, Garrett?



I mean, the place
looks the same and...

I'm not big
on redecorating.

Oh, thank you.


how are things at Ellison, Cohn?

Uh, I go in a couple of days
a week, make some calls.

Let's face it, uh,
they're paying me a ton of money

to put my name
on the letterhead.

Anytime you want
to switch jobs...

I'll take a piece of that.

You guys would die of boredom
the first week.

So, how are you doing
with the new guy?

Makes me appreciate the way
you handled the job.

That bad, huh?

I kind of wish I hadn't
given you such a hard time.

But it was just so damn fun.

I have also...

come to understand
how tough it is being mayor.

Well, we did go at it, but, uh,

I always respected
the job you did.



Well, I've got
that press, uh, thing.

Good to see you, Mayor.

Thank you.


I got a problem, and I'm hoping
you can help me with it.

Of course.

My daughter, uh, Rebecca,

she got herself
in-into some trouble--

smoking marijuana in the park.

Sorry to hear that.

She's a really good kid,

a little headstrong
maybe, but...

she's really got
a heart of gold.

She made a mistake,

but it's been blown
way out of proportion.

And, uh... I mean,
her mother is, uh,

about to burst herself
into flames; it just...

I'm sorry to hear that also.

I was hoping you'd talk
to the arresting officer.

That would be such a break
in the chain of command.

Not in this case.

The officer's your son Jamie.

So, Wolf, how is it

that your mom knows
that Benny Roth

is gonna be
at the sauna tonight?

Hasidim are creatures of habit.
And it's called a schvitz.

A bunch of fat, naked guys
sweating together? Good times.

The Talmud frowns on hot,
naked women sweating together.

Is that why you left the Hasids?
Can you think of a better reason?


We need to speak
to Benny Roth.

No goyim allowed. You want
to come in, get a warrant.

Look, I ain't a goy.

You ain't a Hasid either.

Okay, how about this?
If we got to get back

in our car and and leave,
then the next shield you see

is gonna belong to
the health department,

Fine. You two.

The shiksa stays out here.

You got to be kidding.

Bunch of fat,
sweaty guys, right?


I'll be right here.

With this guy.

Benny, no need to get up.
Got a few questions for you.

I got nothing to say to you.

We got you on tape
following Levi

out of the shul
the night he died.

Since when is that a crime?

Well, since the guy
that you muscle for-- Jacob--

got the job of his
dreams when you

took out his kid brother Levi.

You cops are all the same--

stupid and lazy.


Put it on.

You're coming down
to the precinct.


Who's going to make me?



A coward who spits
on everything he is?

If you were twice as smart,
you'd still be a moron.

You know, uh,
not for nothing,

but what happened
to going easy?

Your way's more fun.

Oh. That's true.

We're getting calls
on the Morgenthal case.

"Did the Commissioner handpick

his son Danny
for this investigation?"

What should I say?

Say no.


I talked to him.

Is he penitent?

Not especially.

I don't want to see this
in the papers, Garrett.

I'll figure out a way
to kill it.

I need you to run
this down for me.

Find out everything you can.

Strictly confidential.

It's time
to give it up, Benny.

Did you kill Levi
so he could become Grand Rabbi?

No way.

Me and Levi left shul
around the same time.

But when I got into the car
to go to the cemetery,

Levi was alive,
talking on the phone.


Men I was with will tell you
the same thing.

We're gonna
need those names.

I don't answer to women.

Well, you know,
maybe you should try it.

You might learn something.

Look, even if you didn't
kill Levi,

we've still got you
resisting arrest.

You want us to add
disorderly conduct to that?

Do you two, uh, shtup
this girl at the same time

or do you take turns?

- What'd you say?
- Danny,

Danny, Danny...
What the hell did you say?

Look, Danny.

You could beat
this guy all night;

he's not gonna give it up.

Let me give it a shot.

Go ahead.

Levi's killer isn't part
of the community.

This needs something.

No, it's good.

Nah, something's missing.

Grandpa's touch?

That must be it.

What did he call it?

He's "sitting shiva."

It's the blessing and the curse
of getting to be his age--

you go to a lot of funerals.

At least they're not his own.


I got a visit from the
former mayor today.

Yeah? How's he doing?

He's kind of wound up.

His daughter got collared
for smoking pot in the park.

Rebecca Levitt.


It was legit all the way.

I'm sure it was.

But I didn't know who she was.

If you did know who
she was, would you have

handled it differently?


Good answer.

She was a real
piece of work, too.

I've had gangbangers
show me more respect.

People treat you like you're
special your whole life,

eventually you start
to believe it.

Levi was into something
that got him killed.

Maybe he was doing
some business on the side.

But the Grand Rebbe's
a very rich man.

Levi stood to inherit
that fortune.

What about drugs?

I mean, I remember
the cartels using

the Hasidics for
drug mules or something.

Again, money's not an issue,
so why take the risk?

M.E.'s report.

Anything we could use?

They found a long, blond hair

on Levi's groin area.

And his Rivka isn't a blonde.

So maybe our
good little Jewish boy

was taking a walk
on the wild side.

Asher Lefko.

What is it now, Detectives?

We got evidence
that Levi Morgenthal

was having
an extramarital affair.

I don't know
anything about that.

That's kind of tough
to believe, Asher,

considering the guy
hardly ever left your sight.

Levi's dead.

Let him rest in peace.

It doesn't work that way.

Trust me,

you do not want to lie
to New York City detectives

during the course of a
homicide investigation.

Do you understand what
I'm saying to you?

Now, did he have
a girlfriend or not?

Her name is Karen Waters.

She's got a shop
over on North 3rd.

So, when did you and Levi meet?

Seven months ago,
Levi came into the shop.

Um... he was
just browsing and...

we started talking.

He wasn't like anyone
I'd ever met before.

And the feeling
was obviously mutual.

He was an amazing guy.

You know,
he was smart and funny.

And... he called me
his shiksa goddess.

At first, I took that
as a compliment.

How serious did it get
between you two?

You mean, were we in love?

I thought so.

So what happened?

I wanted him to move in
with me, you know?

I wanted to see
if we could make it work

outside of
the sneaking around.

But he wouldn't
go along with that?


He said that I had no idea
what I was asking of him.

That, even though he was
in an unhappy marriage,

that, uh... he would
never betray his people

his father's will.

That's a big step.

Trust me.

So... it was okay
for him to have sex with me

and convince me that he cared,
but... and all the while

he knew that he was never
gonna be with me?

He said that
it was a sin against God!

I mean, do you have any idea
how that makes me feel?

Did you have sex with Levi
the morning he was killed?

Yes, I did.

Um, I'm sorry.

He... was upset.

He was fighting with Rivka.

She suspected something.

She... wanted a divorce.

She said that?


But, you know, Levi,
he could never...

handle a scandal like that.

I guess Rivka and I
had that in common.

Tell you right now,
hell hath no fury

like a shiksa scorned.
She's got a motive and no alibi.

Yeah, but she
really loved Levi.

She doesn't exactly seem the type
to gut a guy with a knife, either.

Karen did say
something interesting, though--

that Rivka Morgenthal
wanted a divorce.

Right-- is that something
that's not allowed in

the Hasidic community?

No, the women can't ask
for a divorce.

Only the husband can file
for a get.

If the husband doesn't sign off,
the woman is stuck.

Yet another reason I won't be
converting any time soon.

So there was no way out
of the marriage for her?

The death of her husband.

Maybe we should call
your mom again,

see if she can tell us where
we can find Rivka Morgenthal.

Rivka Morgenthal, we need
to ask you a few questions.

Don't you people
have any respect?

Look, we know
she wanted a divorce.

So, what happened?

Did you find out
Levi was having an affair?

Hey, leave her alone.

Take it easy.

I loved my husband.

Yeah, but he
didn't love you.

That must've
made you angry.

Yeah. Angry enough to kill him?

I mean, that is
the only way you could

actually get a divorce, right?

I would never do such a thing.

But he cheated on you,
he humiliated you.

I could never please my husband.

I wanted children...

but Levi would never...

he... he wouldn't be with me.

If he sinned with another woman,
it's my sin, too.

Do you intend to arrest
Mrs. Morgenthal?

Not yet.

Then this conversation is over.

Go ahead.

That went well.

Better than I expected.

The lab identified
an animal hair

on Levi Morgenthal's jacket--

some kind
of rare gray fox.

So, what, the perp we're chasing's
got claws and whiskers?

Hasidim take a lot of pride
in their shtreimels.

Yeah, don't all guys?

No, shtreimels
are traditional hats

worn by Hasidic men
on special occasions.

They cost a fortune.

Usually, they use mink,
but if you've got serious money,

the sky's the limit.

I think it's time
we see Moishe.

Hasidic hatmaker to the stars.

Good. Hopefully, he can
lead us to the Promised Land.

Hi. Please.

Thank you.
The coffee here

is still horrible.

So, I spoke
with the arresting officer

on Rebecca's case.

He reported that she was...

disrespectful, noncompliant...

She's 16, for God's sake.

Okay? Disrespectful and
noncompliant is a badge of honor.

Not when you're
dealing with police.

No, you're right.
Of course.

You think a...

you think a judge will
send her to jail?

Well, the girl she was with
got off with a warning,

but if Rebecca
mouths off in court...

I am embarrassed
to admit this, Erin,

but... Rebecca
won't listen to me.

I used to run this
entire city, yeah?

I can't even control
a 16-year-old kid.

Well, I have one of my own.

I also know from experience...

that being the daughter

of one of the most powerful men
in the city

is not always easy.

You turned out okay.

Well, there were
some close calls.

When I was 15,
Margaret Connolly and I

wanted to drive to a party
on the Jersey shore.

I assume Frank didn't
hand you his keys.

Never bothered asking.

Our next-door neighbor,
Mrs. Oliveri,

kept her keys in the ashtray
of her station wagon.

Oh, brother.

I made it seven blocks

before I smashed
into the construction barricade.

The wheel got stuck
in a open manhole.

And when Frank
found out...?

It was not pretty.

But he helped you out, right?


No. He said...

"This is your mess.

I suggest you clean it up."

So I had to beg Mrs. Oliveri
not to press charges,

and I had to come up
with $2,700 to fix her car.

As parents,

our first instinct
is to fix everything...

and... sometimes
that just makes things worse.


Moishe, this is
Detective Reagan,

and this is Detective McElroy.

We're working on a case together.
It's an honor.

It's a joy to meet you, sir, a joy.
You, too.

Oh, I heard about the case.

They should string him up,

that rotseyakh
that killed him.

Wolf tells us that
you make the hats

for most of the community.

For the last 60 years.

Not ongepotchket schlock,
you know, by me.

Everything is the best.

We found some gray fox fur
on Levi's coat.

Do you ever use that in any
of the hats that you make?

Oh, hardly ever.

That stuff is very expensive.

Try to remember, Moishe;
this is very important.

That's no problem.

I've learned one thing-- that
you must write everything down.

You know, they got
computers for that now.

Do you think I'm gonna let
that meshuggener box here

tell me what I'm supposed
to think?

Never happen.

I'll never go with this
meshuggener box here.

Oh, wait a minute,
here it is-- I got it!

I got it!

Four years, past July.

Quite an order, I see.

Mink, gray fox.

Boy, that was
one hell of a shtreimel.

Do your records show
who you sold it to?

Of course. Absolutely.

Levi Morgenthal.

The hairs were
off of Levi's own hat.

He bought the hat.

I never said that he wore it.

What do you mean?
He came back to pick it up,

and I told him that
I'll help him fit it on.

So he told me that
he didn't buy it for himself,

he bought it as a present.

Okay, do you remember
who he bought it for?

He bought it for his gabbai,
Asher Lefko.

They were both mishpocha.
Best friends.

You've been a big help, Moishe.

Thank you. We owe you one.

Ah, thank you.
And you do beautiful work.

Wait-wait-wait a minute.

You say I do great work?

Do you see that hat,
how beautiful it is?

That's beautiful.

I love this hat.

Detective... try it on.

No, I couldn't.
No, no, come on, come on.

Try it on.
Go for it.

Go for it, you'll love it.


It's not against the
custom or anything?

We don't have customs here.

All right.


There, you...

You see?

What'd he say?

Uh, it's an old Yiddish proverb.

If you put a shtreimel on a pig,

would it be a rabbi?


That's funny.

Thank you again.
Oh, you're welcome.

All right, you've
been a big help.

Thank you. Come back.
All right.

Why would Lefko
kill his best friend?

Well, he knew about Levi's
affair, right?

And he obviously
didn't approve,

and you see the way
he looks at the widow.

You think there's something
going on between those two?

There's a motive.
So, let's pick him up.

No, we can't. Not a witness.

All we got on Lefko is some fur,

and his lawyer's gonna
say he was around Levi 24-7,

and the fur proves nothing.

Lefko's definitely our guy.

How do we collar him?

Maybe we got to get
him to confess.

And how, exactly, do
you propose we do that?

Crime of passion,
the way you get somebody

is you go after what they love.

So, let's go after
what he loves.

Oh, I haven't seen that
for a while.

You used to be a pretty
good-looking guy, Pop.

Still am.


I've been thinking
about something

that Solomon Morgenthal
said to me.

About how a father
owes his son the truth.

Like telling Jacob
he wasn't chosen?

That must have been a
pretty tough conversation.

But he had it.

It was the right thing to do.

I was married to your mother
for 46 years.

I never betrayed a secret
she asked me to keep.

But I'm gonna do that now.

You had an older brother,

Peter Christopher Reagan.

How the hell
did you find that out?

You never had much
of a poker face, Pop.

I sent Garrett down
to the Office of Vital Records.

I hope that was okay.

Peter was diagnosed
with leukemia.

18 months old when he died.

You were born
the next year.

It was your mother's call.

The Irish and their secrets.

I don't have to tell you
how much your mother loved you.

She didn't want you growing up

missing someone you never knew.

Neither did I.

I'm calling a lawyer.

Yeah, well,

I hope you're calling him
for her.

Tell him to meet us downtown.
Cuff her.

Rivka Morgenthal,
you're under arrest

for the murder
of your husband.

What is this, a joke?

We've got a witness
who saw a woman

matching Rivka's
description leave the scene

shortly after the murder.

What, dark clothes?

Floral headscarf?

Every woman in Williamsburg

matches that description.
Yeah, but only one woman

in Williamsburg wanted to kill
Levi for having an affair.

Now, back up.

But I told you
I was at home.

Which no one
can confirm.

That's right.

You were pissed off
that Levi was screwing around,

so you went to the synagogue
to find him and kill him.

Come on, leave her alone.

Asher takes good
care of you, Rivka.

Is that why you killed Levi?

So you could be with him?

You know what,
we'll sort this out

down at the squad.
Get her out of here.

Stop, stop, stop!


Or what?!

It was me; I did it.

No, I'll be fine, Asher.

Don't make up stories.

I kill-- I killed him.

Asher Lefko,

you're under arrest.

Anything you say can and will
be used against you

in a court of law.
My God, Asher.


Because he treated you
like dirt.

Listen to me.

He shamed you.

He doesn't deserve
a woman like you.

Oh, but you
did, right?

Oh... Asher...

I wa... I wasn't a rebbe's son,

but I-I always loved you.

Come on, get him out of here.

You sinned against God, and you

sinned against me!
Take it easy. Take it easy.

Back up, back up.

Look, we're sorry for your loss.


Miss Levitt, it's
alleged that you were

in possession of and
smoked a lighted

marijuana cigarette
in public view.

Do you dispute
the charges?


Excuse me?

Yes, we were
smoking pot, okay?

The report also cites

that you were disrespectful
and uncooperative

at the time of
your arrest.

Care to explain?


not really.

Your Honor,
my client's father

has requested to
address the court.

Of course.
It's an honor to have you

in this courtroom, Mr. Mayor.

Uh, thank you, Your Honor.

Um, I'd just like to say,
Your Honor, that...

my daughter is
a wonderful young woman...

...who needs to learn
to respect the law,

and that actions
have consequences.

I couldn't agree more.


No, this is way overdue.

Miss Levitt, I hereby
sentence you

to a $500 fine

and 1,000 hours
of community service.

There's a drug rehab facility
at Battery Park City

that's been closed
since Hurricane Sandy.

I'm sure they could
use a helping hand

to clean things up.

Next case.

This roll tastes weird.

That's 'cause it's a knish.

What's a knish?

It's like a potato pie.

It's Jewish food
for Irish people.

You should try the kreplach.

Oh, it's amazing, right?

I never eat anything
with the word "crap" in it.


It's "krep," wisenheimer.

And I think it was
very thoughtful

of Jacob Morgenthal
to send this stuff over.

He says thank you for the job
you did, Danny.

Oh, well, I'm glad.

I was a little rough on him.

Can you imagine having to choose
between two sons like that?

No. And that is not a choice
I will have to make.

But if you did,
who would make Commissioner?

Danny or me?

What am I, chopped liver?

Well, hold on, you're a
girl, you don't count.

I'm a girl? What does
that mean, I'm a girl?

A girl could never
be Commissioner.

Okay, wait, wait, wait.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.

Oh, really?

Wait, wait-- Dad, if you had
to choose, who would it be?

Danny, me, or Erin?

Well, you have the perspective.

You have the tenacity.

Huh? Come on.

What do I got?

You have the fire in the belly.

I got the fire in the belly.

Yeah, it's called gas.

Dad, who would you choose,

Keep learning and ask me again
in another year.

That's not an answer, Dad.

Yeah, epic fail, Dad.
That's a dodge.

Pass some more of, uh,
whatever that is.

Here you go.

Mad at me?


Mad at your mom?

No way.

I'm sorry you lost a son, Pop.

Well, we have that
in common, too.

Been carrying this with me...

all these years.

I think maybe
you should have it.

He was a good kid.

Just like you.

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