Blue Bloods (2010–…): Season 3, Episode 10 - Fathers and Sons - full transcript

The mayor forbids Frank to cause a panic and ruin holiday business by calling for the public's help in search of a sniper who kills drivers who have no connection, except their cars' excessive CO2 footprint, a line thought brilliantly suggesting by Jamie's study of the unusual ammo used. Despite being distracted by Sean's bad fall while bicycling Danny finds a clue, but the resulting suspect died in a staged suicide.

Sorry, but giving up
is not my "fort."

You mean "for-tay""

No, I mean "fort,"
it's pronounced "fort."

How much you want to bet?

Oh, well, I'll bet you the
house, but you know what?

Let's start with 20 bucks.

I'll go easy on you.


Let's see.

It begins with an "F."

Yes, I'm aware of that.

Forte-- pronounced "fort,"
not "for-tay."

Read it and weep.

Can't be.

Oh, but it so can be.

Mm-hmm, come on.

Hey, Strunk and White, you done?

Yeah, we're done, Sarge.

Thank you.

You asked me last week
for a heads up

next time we got
a bad traffic accident, right?

Yeah, why?
Well, we just got

two cars go through
the guardrail,

over the edge of the BQE.

Two cars.

Okay, you know what?

Uh, we'll check it out.

Since when do detectives
catch car accidents?

When they don't think
they're accidents.

Come on.

Detective Reagan.
This is Detective Lansing.

What can you tell us?

What you see is
what you get.

The woman driving the SUV
fell asleep at the wheel,

wound up driving herself
and this poor bastard

over the edge.

Both DOA?

That's right.

This falling asleep
at the wheel--

where'd you get that from?

That's what
two eyewitnesses say.

Where are the eyewitnesses?

They had to go to work,
you know.

We took their statements.

You let
the eyewitnesses leave?

You know, Psychology
Today says

eyewitness testimony isn't
as reliable as we thought.

Psychology Today?

You don't read it?

You do?
I do.

Look, I don't read
much of anything,

but I agree with
her on this.

I don't have much faith
in the testimony

of someone driving 50 miles
an hour and late for work.

Is there something going on
here, detectives?

Just show us where
the other victim is.

The woman
driving the SUV?

Right this way.

If you don't mind me asking, why
are two Major Case detectives

at the scene of a car accident?

We're crossing our fingers.


She the only
one in the car?

That's right.

Can you open it up?

What's the
cause of death?

That's a 50-foot drop.

Yeah, I saw that.

And that,

that's where a .223 round
went through her skull.

That's the cause of death.

Thanks, Abby.

Beef up patrols
on all major highways?

Put Highway Patrol
on 12-hour tours.

Yes, sir.

All right, people,
let's take it

from the top.

You know what
I'm about to say.

I do.

And you already
disagree with me.

I enjoy watching
you make your case.

We now have two people who have
been shot on our highways,

Frank, a week apart
but from the same gun.

Tell me something I don't know.
We need to hold a press conference.

This is a serial sniper,
a highway hit man.

Oh, you're already writing copy.

I know what
you're going to say.

If we go public, we're gonna
set off a panic.

We could.

I think a little panic
here is a good thing.

Given the circumstances,

why not have everyone on alert?


Just a little.

Frank, I may not be doing a very
good job articulating why,

but I know in my bones we have
to tell the public about this.

Because sometimes it's the 12th
man that wins the game for you.


There are eight million people
in this city.

That's 16 million eyeballs
out there looking for clues

that can help us catch
this son of a bitch.

You were going to hold
a press conference all along,

weren't you?

Shall we?

May 24, 1883.

That's exactly right.

Which makes the
bridge how old?



That's right, so imagine that,
just think about it.

In an age before computers
and heavy machinery,

the men and women
of this city

built the greatest
bridge ever

with just their bare
hands and their hearts

and minds.

That's cool,

but why do
we need to know

so much
about the Brooklyn Bridge?

Because your great-great-
grandfather helped build it.

He did?

That's right,

that's my mother's
dad's dad.

He was the first one

of our family
to come to America.

Yep, and when he laid
those limestone blocks

down, he laid

our roots with it.

Our family has lasted
here in Brooklyn

for as long
as that Great Bridge has.

That's cool, right?


Let's go.

Whoa. Hey, watch it!
Watch it!



Oh, my gosh.

Oh, my God.

Sean, are you okay?

- Sean.
- You need any help?

Run, get some help.

Nicky, call 911.

Oh, my gosh, Sean.

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Fathers and Sons
Original Air Date on January 4, 2013

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Why can't we just get him to a cab,
take him to the hospital ourselves?

No, we can't move him.


I don't know what's wrong with
him; it might be his neck.

If we move him,
we could make it worse.

I'm not going
to take that chance.

Aunt Erin,
we need to do something.

Excuse me.

What do we got?

It was a bike accident.

He hit his head hard.

He's been in and out
of consciousness.

Okay, step back.

Is he going to be okay?

Yeah, he's going
to be okay.

One, two, three.

All right,

these are
our two victims.

First, Gerald Webber

shot last week in Queens

and Angela Miller shot
this morning in Brooklyn.

And we're certain there's no
connection between the two?

The only thing
they have in common

is that they both get mail.

Uh-huh, how about a link
between the locations?

Two different boroughs
and two miles apart.

That's right, but we may
have found something.

Great, you're garbage
picking in my squad room.

Just hear me out,
okay, Sarge?


You haven't gone down
one of these rabbit holes

with Reagan yet, have you?

Haven't had
the pleasure.

Oh, and what a
pleasure it is.


are you ready or not?

Born ready.

Okay, here we go.

We had the trash cans pulled

from where CSU says
our guy took his shots, okay?


Was thinking, you
know, maybe he throws

his shell casings
in the trash or something.

Right, and does he?

No, he does not.

So why am I standing
here, Reagan?

You're standing here
for this, Sarge.

Greener Grass Restaurant.

Thanks, I already ate.

You never heard
of it, have you?

Do I look like I eat organic?

And neither did I,
so we did

a little checking,
and guess what--

this, it turns out,
is a tiny, obscure,

little health food spot
in the East Village.


Well, we think this belongs
to our shooter.


Is there a rifle in that bag?

'Cause otherwise you're grasping
at straws, Reagan.

A thousand different people
could have used that trash can.

That's right,

but how many people
could have got their lunch

from this obscure little
health food spot

in the East Village, then

dumped their trash
in this bucket in Queens

and also...

...this one in Brooklyn?

Son of a bitch
gets me every time.

Thought he might.

Excuse me.

Hey, sis, can this wait?

So then I tell him, the
only way he's getting me

in a bikini in November
is if he wears one, too.


Oh, come on, you don't
think that's funny?

No, no, I think that's funny.

That is funny.

Well, you don't look so hot.

Is everything okay?


Frank, I'm not saying no

to a press conference,
I'm saying let's wait.

For what?

Until we have more information.


is exactly what we're hoping
to get more of, Mr. Mayor.

Frank, not to mention

a boatload of hysteria
during a busy holiday season.

Holiday shopping
is not my concern.

No, it's not,

it's my concern,

and on the brink
of the biggest season

of the year,
you're going to bring about

a public transportation overload

and a retail sector meltdown.

I am trying to stop
a serial killer, sir.

And you will do just that,
Frank, I have no doubt.

But you're gonna have to do it
without telling the world

we have a serial sniper.


I need a moment.

Excuse me.



It's okay.

I'm sorry, Danny.


Where's Linda?


Is he okay?

I don't know.

What do you mean
you don't know?

Is our boy gonna be
all right or not?

Danny, we got to talk
to the doctors, okay?

All right?

Just hold on, okay?

How's our son?

Sean has suffered
significant brain trauma,

so unfortunately, that's produced
a diffuse cerebral edema.

What does that mean
in English?

Think about like the
whole brain is bruised.

It's swelling and causing
increased pressure.

What does that mean?
What are you saying?

Is our son in a coma?
Does he have brain damage?

What are you saying?
Right now he's in and out

of consciousness, and we expect
he will be for some time.

And as for any permanent damage,

we won't know
until the swelling comes down.

Doctor, are you doing anything
to reduce the swelling?

We're not.

Have you
considered steroids?

I'm an RN at St. Victor's.

At this point, any attempt
at direct treatment

could only make matters worse.

So we just sit here?

Well, in time
the swelling will go down

on its own, and then we'll have
a better sense of how severe...

Look... the
truth is,

we don't know what
we're dealing with right now,

and we won't
until we give it more time.

How much time?

We're about to do another MRI.

That should give us
some information.

How much time, Doctor?

Through the night, at least.

Maybe as much as a few days.

Thank you.

I'll check in
with you later.

Be a minute.

Jack, have a seat.

How bad is it, babe?

You heard what they said--
they don't know.

You know, the best thing
that we can do right now is...

we should stay positive.

What if the swelling
doesn't go down?

Danny, we're not even gonna
think like that right now.


It's gonna be a while

before we know anything
definitive over here.

Danny's gonna put on
a tough exterior,

but look out for him, will you?

We're on it, Dad.
How are you doing?

Oh, I'm okay.

We're pretty sure
it's the same guy.

Both ballistics reports
confirm that he's using

some kind of ammunition
with a lead substitute.


Well, there you go--
40 grand a year at Harvard

finally paid off.


Look, Jamie, I got to go.

I'm sorry.

I'm just jammed up here.

Tell Danny and Linda I called.

Keep me posted.

Right, Dad.

plain with lemonade,

and I stopped by the house to
pick you up a change of clothes.

An elderly man
was shot and killed

on the Cross Bronx Expressway 40
minutes ago with the same gun.

Okay. Tell the press I'll
be down to make a statement.

You shouldn't do that.
This morning you told me I had to.

That was before
the mayor said you can't.

You're a man
of great courage, Garrett.

I'm a man who knows

when to cover your ass
as much as his own.

That's why you pay me.

Now, listen to me,
the mayor...

The mayor...
isn't in charge here.

I am.

Frank, I told you I wasn't
ready to go public with this,

yet you went ahead anyway.

You're welcome.

I beg your pardon?

Now you don't have to explain

why the public
wasn't informed sooner.

I see-- so I
should thank you?

I would prefer that
you let me conduct

this investigation as I see fit.
In other words,

stay out of your way?

Mr. Mayor...

you violated a direct order.

I serve at your pleasure, sir--

I don't take orders from anyone.

Frank, you and I

have danced around this
in the past.

Now, how
many times

do you think you can draw
a line in the sand

before I dare to cross it?

I took an oath
to protect this city.

Any lines drawn are out of
a commitment to honor that oath.

Frank, you are right
about one thing--

you do serve at my pleasure.

And lately, it has not been
much of a pleasure.

That's all, Commissioner.

Look, I know
this is difficult,

but we just don't have
enough information at this time.

Can you give us an idea
of when you may have more?

Hey. Anything?

I'm at Greener Grass,
following up

on those takeout bags you found.

No surveillance cameras,
no credit card receipts--

it's a dead end.

Okay, is there anyone
who works there

who can identify him?

Off of what, two half-eaten
black-bean wraps?

That's their most popular item.

All right, all right,

look, just keep me
in the loop, okay?

I'm gonna have to take
some personal time, Kate, so...

Right. Of course.

Danny... how is your son doing?

Fine. Look, just check in
if you hear anything, okay?

Of course.
We're all praying for you.

Yeah. Thank you.

You didn't have to do that.
Yes, I did.

What did the
doctor say?

She said...
no change, you know?

It's been 24 hours--
what does she mean, no change?

Didn't she say, 24 hours, we
would know something, Linda?

It's been 24 hours--
we know nothing.

Our son is still
laying there.

I know, but, Danny,
y-you have to understand,

this happens sometimes, okay?

Sometimes the contusion

is so severe that the nerves,
they get sheared.

What does that mean?

What does it mean

that the nerves "get sheared"?

Can someone speak English
to me around here?

You know what, honey, m-maybe...

maybe it's best if you just go
work on the case a little bit.

I don't know what to say to him.

There's nothing
to say.

Well, what do we do?

Are you feeling guilty?

It happened
on my watch, Grandpa.

Thank God it did.

You may have saved
that boy's life, you know.

I don't know about that.

You think Danny
will ever forgive me?

Anything less than a thank-you
from Danny Reagan,

I will personally
knock him on his behind.

You have always been my knight
in shining armor, Grandpa.

I am worried about Danny.

You think he'll be okay?

Danny can do anything.

Except nothing.

Well, you may be right
about that.

Just like his old man, that one.

Yeah, and Dad's
got his hands full.

Yeah, but
right now

the only thing churning
around in his mind

is this concern over Sean,
Danny and Linda.

And memories of Joe.


Losing Joe pushes buttons
in all of us

at a time like this.

But your dad carries
an extra burden.

In his mind...

he ordered his son
into harm's way,

and he didn't come home.

It happened on his watch.

I'm gonna get back
to the hospital.


I'll take the evening shift.

Does this thing work?

Careful-- more people die
from soda machines than shark attacks.



How you doing?

Me, I'm fine.
How you doing?

Linda says you're gonna
take some personal time.

Let me guess--

you think it's a bad idea, too.

It depends. Is this what you're
gonna do with your free time?

Come on, you know if it
was Nicky in that bed,

we wouldn't be able to pry
you away from her side.

Probably. But I don't
hunt serial killers for a living.

I'm sure Dad's got 50 detectives
on the case by now.

Let's hope one of them
is half as good as you.

I'm serious.

I meant to say

something to you earlier.

I'm glad it was you
that was with Sean.

I wish I could've done
something more, Danny.

No. If he makes it through this,

it's because you were there
and you acted so quickly.

He will get through it.

You don't know that.

No, but I believe it.

And sometimes that's
more powerful than knowing it.

You sound like Mom.

Blind faith.

There's nothing blind about it.


You really still believe,
don't you?

I couldn't do what I do
every day if I didn't,

and neither could you.

I don't know about that.

All those years
of Catholic school.

All those Sundays going to Mass.

I was just going
through the motions.

Whatever faith I had
slipped away from me

a long time ago
when I wasn't looking,

and it's gone, sis.

It's not gone.

It's just buried under a lot
of mutts and mopes.

That's all.

That's all.

Hey. Hey, Danny.

Got a minute?


Bring that coffee
to your mom, okay?

Be right there.

What's up?

Dad told me about the
unusual ballistics report.

Yeah, rounds were made
of bismuth or something.

Yeah, an element.

It's got a lot of the
same properties as lead.

Yeah, right.

But it's much more
environmentally friendly.

What are you talking about?
Like, green ammo?

Exactly. Yeah, we used
to go to the range

with a guy who would
shoot with the stuff.


I thought they just
made shotgun rounds,

but when my buddy
put me in contact

with the president
of the company,

he told me something that
might help your case.

You're going to tell me
they made rifle ammo?

Some experimental stock.

And get this-- in .223 caliber.

Just like the shooter.

Company just went
out of business.

Had a big fire sale.

This guy bought a
ton of their stuff.

Peter Westlake.

Good work, kid.

I think I got
to go, babe.

I know.

It's okay, Danny.

There's not much
you can do here

rather than drive
yourself crazy anyway.



I need you
to be brave, okay?

You take care
of your mother

and your brother,
all right?

Yes, Dad.

All right, buddy.

Don't you go
anywhere, baby boy.

I'll be right back.

I love you.

Take care of our baby.

I will.

Put your hands
behind your back!

What the hell is going on?

Are you Peter Westlake?


You got a bunch of green bullets?
I can explain...

Yes or no?!
Yes. Yes.

Why? Why'd you do that?

For that.

What the hell is that?

It's... art.

Sorry for your
trouble, sir.

Ah, don't be.

You've given me
my next piece.

Early Pollock?

A dollar for your thoughts?

We're missing something.

We're not seeing it.

I mean, we got a black man
in Queens,

a young woman in Brooklyn,
an elderly man in the Bronx,

but something doesn't add up.


I don't know.

I mean, we got stuff that
connects the shooter, right?

We got the trash
from the health food store,

we got the green bullets,

but we got nothing
connecting these victims.

So, what do you think,
that these are random?

No. No, no, no, no.

This shooter, he's choosing
these people for a reason.

So, what's the connection?

We got it, Sarge.
It's their cars.

Victim one drove a Challenger.

Victim two an Excursion.

Victim three a 911.

I don't see it.

All three of these vehicles
have one thing in common.

They're all gas guzzlers.

Well, I get the SUV,
but the others?

Yeah, but all three of them
fall under the gas guzzler tax.

Which is?

A law that says
that any car that fails

to meet fuel economy standards
will pay a penalty tax.

Sarge, this guy

is eating organic food,
he's using green ammo

and he's targeting gas guzzlers.

An environmental extremist?

Yes, our shooter's trying
to save the environment

one dead motorist at a time.

So, we'll get going on
all the hard-core green groups.

In this city,
there's got to be at least 50.

We'll start
with the federal watch list.

All right, go.

That may be true,
Mr. Leaf.

You're the only green
group with a stated goal

of obliterating
the human race.

That is not meant
to be taken literally.


Then why does it say,

"The only way
to save Mother Earth

is to eradicate the human race
from existence"?

Detective, you wanted
to know where I was yesterday

and the day before;
I told you.

My staff confirmed it.

Now, please leave.

Hold on. Mr. Leaf.

You know, if you want to deal
with this down at the precinct,

I can make that happen for you.

I told you everything I know,
which is nothing.

Now, what do you want?

I want to know who's going
around killing innocent people,

and I think you can help me
find out who did it.

That's right.

There is nothing innocent
about what we do to this planet.

Now, if somebody wanted
to do something about that,

well, then,
I applaud their courage.

So you condone this behavior?

If somebody broke
into your house

and set it on fire,
wouldn't you have the right,

under the law,
to kill that person?

That is not the same thing
as taking an innocent life.

It is if you consider
the Earth your true home.

You know what?

Maybe I do see your point.

Maybe you're right. Maybe...
Hey, hey.

Get your hands off me.
What the hell are you doing?!

Get your hands off
me right now.

Maybe you're right.

Maybe we are the problem, and
maybe we can help you fix it.

By starting with you.

Hey, what the hell
are you doing?

I'm donating to the cause.

I don't know anything.

I think you do. I think you do,

and you better start
talking right now

before I put my carbon footprint

down your ugly...
Okay! Okay!

Okay, I'll tell you!

Start talking.


I met... this guy...

at a rally.

He was a...

a former military guy.

He was talking about doing
something like this,

but he wanted to go big,

asked if me and my group
would help him.

And you don't say anything
to anyone?

- You don't call the cops?
- I thought he was crazy.

I never believed he was
actually gonna do it.

What's his name?
I don't know!

Like I said,
he was just some guy

at a rally.

Did you take any pictures
at this rally?

Uh, yeah.


Yeah, I think I did.

Do you have one
where we can see his face?

Kate. Look,
if I got a little

over-the-top in there
and it made you uncomfortable,

I apologize.

You got nothing
to apologize to me for.


We got what we came for,
didn't we?

Let's hope so.

Hey, listen, Danny.

I'm all caught up
on my cases,

I got nothing going on
the next couple of days.

I'm happy to go overtime,

take the load off of you.
That's okay.

That's okay.

I can't even begin to understand

what you're going through.

But the option is there
if you want it.

I appreciate it, Kate.


Let's get back to work.

We're just a few blocks
from the health food place.

Let's see if anybody around
there recognizes the face

from the picture
Leaf just gave us.

Good idea.

Look, do you know the guy

or not?

Sorry, man. Can't say that I do.

We think he comes in here,
orders a black bean burrito.

Excellent choice.

You being funny?

'Cause I really

lost my sense of humor
this week.

No, dude. Just saying.

It's not "dude,"
it's "Detective."

Take another look
and see

if you can get over
your short-term memory loss.

Sorry, dude...

Detective, I...

I-I don't... I don't
know the dude.

Thanks for your time.

No problemo.

Didn't Leaf say he
was former military?

Would explain his skill
with a rifle.

Let's run the photo through
the Defense Department database.

See what pops.

The doctors aren't really sure
what he can hear

in this condition.

But we're gonna say

our nighttime prayers.

Hey, all right, could you put it
on speaker for me?


Now I lay me down to sleep,

I pray the Lord my soul to keep,

Thy angels watch me
through the night,

And keep me safe
till morning light.


Thank you.

It's coming through right now.

Now I lay me down to sleep.

I pray the Lord my soul to keep.

If I should die before I wake,

I pray the Lord my soul to take.

Hey, Danny.

Uh, I'm gonna have to,
uh, run, okay?

The Department of Defense came
back with a hit on our guy.

I'll call you guys
as soon as I can.

I love you. Bye.

Got a name.

Matt Hinkle.

Matt Hinkle,
138 Downing Street.

Okay. Let's roll.

Matt Hinkle?!

Police! Open up.

This is us, let's go.

Go! Go!


We finally get to him...

And he blows
his brains out.

Remington 700 bolt action.

That's the gun
the shooter used.

Yeah, it is, but he kills
himself with a nine millimeter.

Thank you.

You ever won the lottery, Kate?

Do you think I'd still be here?

I'm just saying,
what are the odds

this guy blows himself away
right before we show up?

You think he knew
we were coming?

One person knew.

Our friend
at the green group,

Mr. Leaf, called
and gave him a heads up?

What if it wasn't a suicide?

Open that.

That military report say
he was a righty or a lefty?


Then why'd he shoot himself
with his right hand?

Leaf killed him?

Son of a bitch.
He puts us on his trail,

buys himself enough time
to get over here,

end this thing with one shot,
leave that rifle, case closed.

Let's go.

Richard Leaf?!

Hey! Hey!


Police! Hold it!


Here you go.

Don't shoot. Don't shoot.
Shut up.

I wouldn't waste
a bullet on you.

A generation from now,
I'll be a hero.

Well, for now, you're just
gonna be a convict.

Oh, looks like he broke his leg.

You know, it's kind of ironic,
it was an SUV took you out.

I'll call a bus.

Make it a hybrid, okay?

I will get started on that,

and I'll have all of this
out of here shortly.

Thank you. And I want
to write personal letters

to the victims' families.

Of course.


Mr. Mayor.
Excuse me.

Frank, I wanted
to come down here personally

and tell you
how very proud you made us.

Sir, you didn't come all the way
down here to tell me that.

I came down to tell you
that I'm sorry, Frank.

For what?

Well, I've been rough
on you lately.

I didn't know your grandson was
in the hospital.

How is he?

I'm afraid we're not out
of the woods yet.

Well, my family and I
are praying for you and yours.

I appreciate that.

Anything you need.

Thank you, sir.

And Frank,

you made it clear that
you don't like to take orders,

but I'm going to insist that you
follow this one to the letter.

Go be with your family.

All living things
look to you, O Lord,

to give them their food
in due season.

You open your hand,
they have their fill.

Glory to the Father and to
the Son and to the Holy Spirit.

As it was in the beginning,

is now, and ever shall be,
world without end. Amen.

You know, the doctors--

they want us
to keep talking to you.

They're not sure
if you can hear us.

Just like your old man.

You're also unpredictable,

and you'll do anything
and say anything,

like your old man.

And you drive

your mother crazy,
just like I did,

Uncle Jamie and Uncle...

Hey, Joe...

If there's a version
of this where you're up there,

and you can actually hear me...

...maybe you could knock
on somebody's door?

Put in a good word?

Hey, buddy.


Hey, can you hear me?

I can hear you, Daddy.


Okay. Tell me your name.


Yeah? That's all right. Hey.



Thanks, kiddo.

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