Blue Bloods (2010–…): Season 2, Episode 20 - Working Girls - full transcript

Erin is prosecuting a murderous criminal. When her key witness breaks down when he was suppose to testify, Erin calms him down and schedules him to testify the following day, but he is ...

The defendant, Uri Denko,

and two associates,
invaded the home

of Boris and Irina Ostrovsky.

Mr. Ostrovsky had refused
to make Mr. Denko

a partner in his
diamond importing business.

Mr. Denko decided
he was going to change

Mr. Ostrovsky's mind--
at gunpoint.

When Mr. Ostrovsky still refused
to cooperate,

the defendant put that gun

to the head of Irina Ostrovsky

and pulled the trigger.

Boris Ostrovsky's beloved wife
died in his arms,

while their two children
slept upstairs.

The people will present
indisputable evidence

of this heinous crime,

including eyewitness testimony
from Boris Ostrovsky.

And then I will ask you
to do your duty...

...convict Uri Denko of murder.

Are the People prepared
to proceed?

We are, Your Honor.

The People call Boris Ostrovsky.

The witness will be sworn in.

Raise your right hand.

Do you solemnly swear or affirm

that the testimony
you are about to give

is the truth, the whole truth,
and nothing but the truth?

(Uri speaking Russian):

(judge banging gavel)


(speaking Russian):

Your Honor...

(Uri continues in Russian):

One more word and you're
in contempt, Mr. Denko.

Please repeat the oath.

Do you solemnly swear or affirm

that the testimony
you are about to give

is the truth, the whole truth,
and nothing but the truth?

Your Honor, a moment
with the witness.

Boris, it's okay.
All right?

Calm down.

(Russian accent):
This man is an animal.

He threatened my children...

Your children are in Los Angeles
with your brother,

and LAPD has been notified.

They are safe.

You don't know that.

They're all I have left.

Your Honor,
the People request a recess.

A.D.A. Reagan!
A.D.A. Reagan!

A.D.A. Reagan!
Miss Reagan!

are you concerned about

the state of mind
of your eyewitness?

Not at all.

He was clearly shaken

by the defendant's
courtroom outburst.

Mr. Denko's conduct
was outrageous

and he was reprimanded
by the judge.

Mr. Denko has
escaped conviction

on two
previous murder indictments.

Do you really expect
a different result this time?

Mr. Denko is a notorious
organized crime figure

who is responsible
for executing an innocent woman.

I expect justice.

Some have speculated

that your office
rushed this case to trial.

Are you worried that
you don't have enough evidence

for a conviction?

We have truth on our side.

That is all the evidence
we need.

TV REPORTER: A source from inside
the D.A.'s office says heads will roll

if Denko walks.
Mr. Mayor.

How do you respond?

I don't respond to...

That daughter of yours sure
knows how to work the camera.

Taught her everything she knows.

Think she can nail Denko?

Well, the case is sound,

and she's
an excellent prosecutor.

Not much on the agenda.

Our city slept soundly
last night.

Deputy Mayor Glazer is

He's taking a job
in Albany.

Well, we're sure gonna miss him.

Listen, I'm the first to admit
Ron could be a little intrusive.

The guy must have sent me
50 memos

on energy-efficient
window treatments at One P.P.

I guess you won't be attending
the farewell party.

Well, I wouldn't want
to get emotional.

We'll have a little party of
our own to mark the occasion.

Look, Frank,
I have a name in mind,

but I wanted
to run it by you first.

You want my opinion
on a political appointment?

Well, as you know,

Deputy Mayor for Operations

is my liaison for all the city's
essential agencies.

I want to make sure
you two

have a good working

This someone I know?

Actually... know her quite well.

She's a star, Frank.

She's smart, she's tough.

The D.A. raves about her work.

You must be very proud.

I am.

(chuckles) Listen, I know
what you're thinking--

that this is
a conflict of interest,

but as far as I am concerned,
you're both professionals

working in the best
interests of the city.

Am I right?

Of course.

Good, Frank.

Very good.

Finish your essay?

My conclusion's
still kinda clunky.

You want me to
take a look at it?

Want me to take a look
at your closing argument?

Well, that would be tough since
I haven't written it yet.

Didn't you say you can't
have a good opening argument

until you know
your closing argument?

Well, I know it.

I just haven't written it yet.

Kinda thin, counselor.

I'm certainly glad that
you are not on the jury.

(phone ringing)


I'll be right down.

Everything okay?

No. I gotta go to work.

(sirens wailing)

DANNY: All right, let's get
a canvass going.

I want a three-block canvass
of the neighborhood.

You got it.

Find out what the hell
happened to this guy.

What happened?

What happened?!

Well, Ostrovsky told the
uniforms that were guarding him

that he changed his
mind about testifying.

Said he wanted to go
home and see his kids.

Now look at him.

I calmed him down
after court.

He was okay when I--

Well, apparently,
he wasn't okay, Sis.

He spoke to
his brother in L.A.

The guy was getting
strange phone calls.

Ostrovsky heard
and he took off.

And no one tried
to stop him?

Who's gonna stop him?

He declined police protection.

We have no right to hold him.

Uniforms tried to
follow him, they lost him.

20 minutes later,
he's dead.

Denko's crew was probably
sitting on his place.

Any witnesses?

Still canvassing,
but nothing yet.

Still gonna be able to make your
case without his testimony?

Denko's accomplices
fled the country.

I mean, I've got neighbors

who heard the gunshot,
saw the car;

I've got physical evidence,
but without a witness, I...

Hold on. Look,

we've been working with
the Joint Task Force

for three years,
trying to track Denko down.

This guy's
the biggest gun runner

and shakedown artist
in the city.

We can't let him just walk away.

We got him cold on a homicide!

Yeah, I know!

Well, then you
should know this guy

is the angel of death!
Come on!

This guy practically laughed in
our faces when we cuffed him,

said we're never gonna
take him down.

Can't let this guy walk away.

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Working Girls
Original Air Date on April 27, 2012

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ERIN: I was up all night,
going over the file.

We still have one shot
to nail Denko.

What, uh, shoot him
in his cell?

Sounds good.
ERIN: The nanny.

Sophia Babikov.

The nanny said
she was upstairs with the kids

the night the wife was murdered,

and didn't see anything
or hear anything.

She was scared to death.

Yeah, and I always thought she
knew more than she was saying,

but I had Ostrovsky,
so I figured

why put her
in the middle of everything

if I didn't have to?

Well... now we have to.

Thank you for coming, Sophia.

The police didn't
give me much choice.

They killed Mr. Ostrovsky.

I know.

That's why I needed to see you.

I told you,
I didn't see anything.

Come on, Sophia.

We know that Denko's crew
was in the house

for about 30 minutes.

Even the neighbors heard
screaming and a gunshot.

You want us to believe that
you didn't hear or see anything?

Look, Sophia, um...

what Detective Reagan is trying
to say is, uh,

you know,
maybe you remember something now

that, uh, you didn't before.

ERIN: I know you're
scared, Sophia.

Uri Denko's hurt
a lot of people.

And he's gonna continue
to hurt people,

unless we do something about it.

But in order to do that, I need
you to tell me the truth.

I heard them break through
the back door.

I came downstairs...

just as they shot
Mrs. Ostrovsky.

They put... put
a gun to her head...

and killed her.

So you saw Uri Denko
shoot Mrs. Ostrovsky?


The detectives are going to stay
with you, Sophia.

They'll protect you
until you testify.

We're going to keep you safe.

Just like Mr. Ostrovsky?

Deputy Mayor?


That's an incredible

Why me?

I'm sure you have
more qualified candidates.

I want a fresh voice.

Someone smart... independent...

who gets things done.

I appreciate
the confidence.

The Deputy Mayor of Operations
is my eyes and ears

in the major agencies: Police,

Fire, Emergency Management--

I never said it was
all glamorous...


Well, you do know that

I've never worked
in city government.

I've always been
a prosecutor.

That's exactly right.

You take a position, and you
convince a group of strangers

to see things your way.

Yes, but these are not jurors.

They're firemen,
paramedics, cops...

Your family is steeped
in city service.

You speak the language.

And you don't back down.

Would I have input on policy?

You'll be
in all the major meetings.

Working with the most powerful
people in the city.

Erin, you do a good job,

you can write your own ticket.

I assume you've discussed this
with my father?

I have.
And he's very proud of you.

Well, then I have to ask,

by putting a Reagan in this job,

do you hope to
gain leverage with the NYPD?

Would that be so bad?
Actually, yes.

I've never traded on the fact
that Frank Reagan is my father.

I'm not going to start now.

I'm very interested
in this job, sir.

But I need to know this offer
is not based on my last name.

It isn't.


Well, as you know,
I just started a trial.

Can I have a few days?
Of course you can.


Sophia and the witness.

Hello, Sophia.
I'm Sergeant Gormley.

We're gonna take
good care of you.

Detective Torres and his partner

are gonna alternate
12-hour tours

with Detectives Curatola
and Reagan.

Yeah, they're not as
good-looking as us,

but they get the job done.

ATF Agent Schilling is gonna
coordinate logistics.

I am worried about
my family in Russia.

When this man finds out
I'm testifying...

ATF has reached out to the
embassy and Russian authorities.

Your family will be protected.

You're doing the right thing.

Yeah, we're going to
take good care of you.

I take it you need me.

Thought you might
like some good news.

Glazer's history.

I know that.

Well, next time you talk
to the Mayor,

thank him for removing that
particular pain in my ass.

Yeah, well, at least
Glazer was controllable,

the mayor's
replacement won't be.

He's picked
a replacement already?

Oh, yeah.





Jim Erin's a pushover.

No-- Erin.

Your Erin?


Oh, boy.

Well, she'd be twice
the DMO Glazer was.

Yeah, so would a houseplant.

I didn't mean that Erin was--

I know what you meant.
You know I love Erin.

But not for this.

The DMO is by definition an
adversary of this office.

Yeah, he'd be paying her
to go up against me.

What do you think
he's up to?

I'm not sure, I don't know
whether he's declaring war

or trying to make peace,
but either way the guy

doesn't brush his teeth
without an agenda.

But never one that hits
this close to home.

(sighing heavily):

My home.

What are you going
to do to stop it?


I don't know.

I didn't say
it was your fault,

but the AC's pumping out heat
and it won't stop.

It's like a coming attraction
for hell up here.

Okay, thank you.

(hangs up)

AC's on the fritz;
repairman's on his way up.

Well, least it saves me
a trip to the gym.

Tell me about it.
She fall asleep?


Oh, really now?

What's that,
your boyfriend again?

Yeah. Paul.

Oh, sorry. Paul.

Now he's saying
he doesn't even think

I wanted to go to
Atlantic City this weekend.

He does realize that
you have to work, right?

Uh, yeah, he obviously
does not care.

Hm, well, he sounds
like a real keeper.


He is.

He is.

Maybe, I don't know.
Yeah, maybe.

No, he just,
he does not get the job.

You want, I should, you know,
go have a talk with him?

Oh, yes, Dr. Phil, please.

Go have a talk with him.

Because the last guy,
Derek the Dentist,

you had a talk with him
and he fled the state.

Yeah, well, Derek
the Dentist was a shmuck

and he wasn't
good enough for you.

Well, Paul
is good enough for me.

He just, he's just pissed
that I have to

spend the weekend with you
instead of him.


Tell him there's nothing
to be jealous about.

(knocking on door)



Slide your I.D. under
the door please, sir.

Police, turn around.
I'm just here to fix the heat.

I have to search you, sir.
Turn around.

All right, hold that.

I got it.

He's clean, Jack.

Come in and get that air
conditioner fixed quick, all right?

All right. It'll just take me a minute.
I got it.

It's too hot to sleep.

Okay, uh, well,
we're fixing it now.

Stay back here.

You electric workers' union?

Uh, yeah, about three years.


I got a cousin in Local Three.

They take good care
of you guys, don't they?

Oh, yeah.

Trouble is that's a welder's
union patch on your shirt.

Not an electrical.

Get your hands off the gun!

Drop it!

Get down here or I'll
air-condition your head.

Spread 'em!



We gotta move-- now!

Get her outta here.

All right, move.


You said I'd be safe.
Where are you taking me?

Relax, Sophia,
you're gonna be okay.

Stay right there.

All right, move.

Come on.

Come on.

What do you think? We gotta
call this in, get a new location.

We can't do it.
We gotta go off the grid.


All right, come on.


Right here.

What are you thinking?

The only people who knew
we were gonna be in that room

with Sophia are the people
on the task force,

and somebody planted that gun
before we got there.

Think we got a leak?

It's the only explanation.

Look, your place
is close by, right?

Can we take her there?

(door opening)




I have pork chops
and asparagus,

and Linda is doing
the potatoes.

You look nice.

Thanks. Ostrovsky's funeral
is in a half hour,

so... just thought
I should attend.

Good for you.

Where are you off to?

Oh, I got a speech
at the academy.

You think we should talk about
this deputy mayor thing?


It sure came out of left field.


Maybe after dinner.

That'd be good.

Okay, it's a date.

Works for me.

Oh, I forgot the applesauce.

I'll pick it up on the way back.

Anyway, thank you.

See you at dinner.

Yeah, knock 'em dead.

All right, so how do you want
to play this, Sarge?

I alerted
the Chief of D's directly.

No one on the task force knows
what went down.

Except the son of a bitch
tipping off Denko.


I got personnel files

on the whole team.

All these guys got
time on the job.

It won't be easy
to I.D. the leak.

All right,

Jack's gonna sit on the witness.
I'm gonna head into the squad.

All right.

Okay, everything looks secure.

And it's a very nice place,
by the way.

Yeah, where'd you think,
I lived in a cave?

No, I just didn't expect it
to be so girly.

Well, I am a girl, Reagan.

I know.

Ooh. Hello.

Yeah, it's me

and my cousin Andrea
in Boca.

Mm! Well, that confirms
the girly part.

All right, I'm gonna
head to the squad.

If you so much as hear a peep,

put it over the air,
all right?

And do not open that door
for a soul.


Here you go.



You're very good.

They're the woods
behind my mother's house.

When I was a little girl,

I named all these trees.

So you think you'll
go back there after all this?


If I'm still alive.

You'll still be alive.

Eight people on the task force
had advance knowledge

of Sophia's location, right?

Out of our guys, I'm gonna give
me, you, and Jackie a pass.

Thanks for the vote
of confidence.

Okay, that leaves Torres
out of our guys.

According to his file, he worked
for O-CID for three years,

including the Russian Mob.

Maybe they got
their hooks in him.

Guy's a decorated cop.
It ain't him.

So was Tommy Delacorte.

Now he's doing a dime
for a RICO case, Sarge.

I don't know.

All right, well, what do you got
on the four ATF guys?

We have Brookner, Schilling,

Moncrieff and Isherman.

They're all clean.

They're sending OPR
to help us out.


One of ours selling out.
Makes me sick.

We'll get 'em.

(knock at door)

Sophia's okay.

What the hell is going on?

We're pretty sure
Denko's got an informant

inside the task force.

Oh, well, that's just great.
Who the hell is it?

We don't know yet.

Where's Sophia?

She's fine.
She's stashed away with Jackie.

I've already lost one eyewitness
in this case.

I do not intend
to lose another one.


We need to get ESU in
for tactical support.


The situation's
under control, counselor.

Really? You could've fooled me.

Look, come on.

Bringing in more badges
just creates

more opportunity for Denko
to get inside information.

You gotta trust me on this one.

This poor girl is scared
to death.

I know.
She trusted me.

I put her life in your hands.

I know.

You better keep her alive.

(slamming door)

Guess you avoided
pissing her off growing up, huh?


The problem is she's right.

How'd the lecture go?

Tough to tell.

Even when I stink,
they give me a standing O.

It's good to be the king.

So, let's hear it.


We been working together
too long.

John Damiano.

City Commissioner over at
Environmental Protection.

I've met him. Good man.

Why am I holding his resume?

Damiano is the consensus choice
of the agencies for DMO.

They like him,
and he knows the turf.

If they move forward,

our little problem goes away.

Poole drops Erin in order
to preserve his relationship

with the chiefs.

And my name
never gets mentioned?

That's right.

Pretty elegant solution.

The chiefs can do
whatever they think's right.


I have no idea
what the mayor's up to,

but if he wants Erin,
he's gonna get her.

She's my kid.

You're a good dad.

Don't remind me.


Yeah, I understand.

Thanks for your time,

Torres checks out clean.

They all do.
I know.

There's only one way
we're gonna find this leak.

What, you wanna
put them in a room?

We got no choice.

Come on, Sarge, they're cops.

They're not gonna fold
under questioning.

Okay, we can call Denko's crew,
ask them which one of our guys

is playing
for their team.

You may be on to
something there.

What are you talking about?

Two birds, one stone.

Sophia, food is here.

Uh, can't say much
about the borscht,

but the, uh,
pierogies smell good.

Hey, are you okay?

Did you speak to your aunt?

The police had to move my mother
from her village in Russia.

Denko's guys were
looking for her.

I have to go home.

Sophia, you can't do that.

Yes, I can.

I know the law.
I'm not under arrest.

The subpoena says only

that I must
be in court Monday.

Yes, but you can't testify
from another continent.

I'm sorry. I have to go.

Whoa, okay. Wait, whoa-whoa.

S-S-Sophia, listen to me.

Denko pulled the same stuff
on Ostrovsky.

He threatened his children,
and the man was so scared

he came out of hiding, and when
he did, they killed him.

So I should let this man
kill my mother?!

The authorities will
protect her.

You don't know that.

What I do know is if you leave,

they will kill you
before you get to the airport.

I should never have agreed
to testify.

My aunt told me
not to get involved.

But you got involved!

You got involved because you are
strong and you are brave,

and you are tired of running

from men like Denko.

The only way scum like that wins
is if you leave.

I'll help you.


I know.

It's okay.

I know.

Mmm, these potatoes
are amazing.

Yeah, I threw in a little cream
and gorgonzola.

So much for
a heart-healthy Sunday dinner.

I made a plain batch for Henry.

Oh, yeah? Good luck with that.

So where are you
on the mayor's job offer?

Still reeling.

It sounds like
an amazing opportunity.

It is.

It's a game changer
for me and Dad.

He's gonna support you,

like he always does.

I don't know about that.

It's a whole new territory
for the both of us.

If I'm putting bad guys away,

then I'm still
in the family business.

This job...

I'd be responsible in areas that
are in direct conflict with his.

Yeah, well, you can't let that
dictate, though, right?

Well, I can't ignore it, either.


Feel better, sunshine?

Yeah, thanks. I didn't have
time to go home and shower.

Your toilet seat,
is that heated?

Nice, right?

I gotta get the commissioner one
for Christmas.

Look, this shirt,
it's really ripe.

Do you, uh,
got a washing machine?

Yeah, I, uh,

follow me.

Um, uh...

I, uh, think, uh...

you and Paul are
around the same size.

Well, in t-shirts, maybe.


That's pretty soft.
It's not Fruit of the Loom.


He's a bit of a clothes horse.

Must be a Wall Street guy.


And he gets to keep
his clothes here, huh?


A few nights a week, yeah.

Well, he's a lucky man.

Thank you, Danny.

I mean, 'cause he gets to use
the heated toilet seat.


(phone ringing)
Hey, Sarge.

You guys okay over there?

Yeah, we're good.
You ready to give it a try?

Good to go.

Okay, listen up.

I got Sophia Babikov's
new location.

Let's get to work.


It's Schilling.

I know where
they're keeping the girl.

First, the Giants
win the Super Bowl,

and now
my own granddaughter's

gonna become
a crooked politician.

Politicians run for office,

The deputy mayor is appointed.

Yeah, Erin's gonna be
a corrupt city official.

Thank you for that.

Well, no matter how you put it,

it's a dirty business.

Jack's running
for class president.

But that's a totally different
thing, right, Pop?

If you say so.

No, no, no.

It's completely different.

Yeah. Is Dad coming?

Hmm, he can't, sweetie.
He's working.

What do you think about Erin
working for the mayor, Dad?


the mayor's a smart guy.

I just wish I knew
what he was up to.

Pass the potatoes, please.

What is that supposed to mean?

It means the potatoes
are delicious

and I'd like some more.

ERIN: No, what the
mayor is "up to,"

as if he's only offered me the
job because I'm your daughter.

I didn't say that.

He didn't say that.

I think it's a smart move,
having an attorney in that job.

Yeah, and I think
Erin would make

an outstanding deputy mayor.

Thank you.
Yeah, one that happens to have

an inside track with
the police commissioner, right?

Do you work
for the mayor, Grandpa?

Yes, I do, Jack.

So if Aunt Erin
becomes deputy mayor,

will she be your boss?

No, not exactly.

They'll just be
working together.

Although Erin will

be able to get Grandpa
in big trouble

if he steps out of line.

Oh, your, um, your witness

testifies tomorrow
in the Denko case.

Should put you
over the top, yeah?

Yeah, if the task force can keep
her alive for the next 12 hours.

Denko's no ordinary

Yeah, not with an informant

that's giving him
confidential information.

Protecting witnesses
is not an exact science.

Oh, and one that I couldn't
possibly understand

because I'm not a cop?

I didn't say that.

He didn't say that.

He didn't say that.

But honestly?

No, you can't.

Sounds to me like it's an easy
way to defend incompetence.

Those people are putting
their lives on the line

to protect your witness.

I shouldn't have to sit there
and defend them.

These potatoes are great, Linda.
You do something different?

Taste the same to me.

You know, um...

you should probably
get some sleep.

You have a big day tomorrow.


What do you think?

It's beautiful.

They're the mountains
near my village.

It's for you.


It's very beautiful.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you for keeping me safe.

You're welcome.

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

I wish it was morning.

Close your eyes.

It'll be over soon.

Police! Drop it!

Drop it!

(officers shouting)

Hands where I can
see 'em-- up!

Well, looks like
you got the wrong address.

Come on.

Leave the cuffs on.

I guess it's true
what they say, huh?

When the ship sinks,
the rats run for the exit.

Just heading out
for a pack of smokes.

Come on, Schilling, save it.

The new address
you gave Denko's crew

was a setup,
and you took the bait.

His guy gave you up before
I even read him his rights.

So you gonna arrest me?

I don't know.

That's up to you.

I get it.

You want me to run, so you can
put a bullet in my back.

I wouldn't waste a bullet
on a scumbag like you.

You walk out that door,
I won't have to.

That bad tip you gave

got one of Denko's boys killed,

so the minute you hit
the street, you're a dead man.

Go ahead.

I'm not stopping you.

Heads up.
We're on the move.

You ready to
go, young lady?


Actually, uh, just
one thing first.

Yeah, we're ready
on this end.


Someone wants
to talk to you.



Figured she could use
the moral support.


So much beauty

wasted in a courtroom.

Can't wait to put you
in the cage where you belong.

You need a witness to do this.

Well, she's on her way.

I hope she makes it.

Morning traffic's a bitch.

Heading to the car now.

Estimating arriving at
the courthouse in 19 minutes.

Roger that.

All right, let's go.

Not home yet.

Keep your eyes open.

You okay?


My mother said
she's proud of me.

She should be.

What the hell
was that?!

We got company!
Jack, get down!


(tires screeching)

Danny, what the hell
are you doing?!

Son of a bitch.

That's what the hell I'm doing.

Works for me.

Secure that door!

(tires screech)

Glad you made it.
You ready?

Come on inside! Come on!

You'll be okay.

Heard you had some excitement
on the way in.

Yeah, well,
nothing we couldn't handle.

Look, I've been tough on you.

I just wanted to say thank you.

You'll get our bill.

Take care of her.

You know, if we hurry, I can
drive you down to Atlantic City.

You can still
get there in time

to hang out with
Mr. Wall Street.


I'll settle
for breakfast, though.


Sounds good.

You know, you cannot
keep that T-shirt.

What T-shirt?

Ms. Reagan, are the People
prepared to proceed?

We are, Your Honor.

The People call Sophia Babikov.

Raise your right hand.

Do you solemnly
swear or affirm

that the testimony

you are about to give
is the truth, the whole truth

and nothing
but the truth?

Your Honor!
Be quiet, Mr. Denko.

(gallery murmuring)

Ms. Babikov?

I do.

(gallery murmuring)

That for me?

Thanks for coming.

Thanks for asking.

Remember when we used to come
down here when I was little,

keep a lookout
for pirate ships?

You with that plastic sword,

talking a mile a minute about
how that's what you wanted to be

when you grew up.

That's right.

I didn't mean to

insult the department.

It was out of line.

I never thought for a second

you weren't up to
being deputy mayor.

I know it's been
awkward for you.

Eh, it's tough when you get
caught between your job

and the ambitions
of your kids.

But I would never
stand in your way.

I know.


We Reagans aren't...

real gushy, but...

I couldn't be more proud of you.

As a woman, as a mother,
as an attorney.

And you'd make a great pirate.

I think you can do
anything you set your mind to.

Thank you.

And the Denko case

is a great way
to end your legal career.

I called Mayor Poole.

I turned down his offer.

Because of me?


This case was as
bad as they get.

But I did my job, and a brutal
criminal is going to prison,

and the world's a little bit
better because of it.

I can make a difference.

I'm not ready to give that up.

And a wise man
once said to me,

"If you find something
you love to do,

you'll never work
a day in your life."

Not that wise.

Besides, I don't know

if I want to spend my days
keeping a bunch of cops in line.

I do enough of that at home.

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