Blue Bloods (2010–…): Season 2, Episode 18 - No Questions Asked - full transcript

Frank finds himself working with the Mayor and Reverend Potter from a previous episode, in a program to buy guns which may have been used in a crime but will not be used against them. But when a gun which was believed to have been used in a robbery wherein someone got shot, is turned in the officer who got it takes a photo of the one who turned it in and gives it to Danny. But Danny tries not to use it. But when he hits a road block; when the man who was shot was trying to describe the shooter to a sketch artist, Danny tries to lean him towards the man in the photo and comes up with a sketch of the man in the photo. He arrests him but he claims he didn't do anything. Eventually Frank learns of what happened and tells Danny to let the man go and start from scratch. Something happened to Nicky at school and turns to Jaime for advise.

Previously on Blue Bloods...

Yet another example

of Commissioner Reagan's
extreme tactics and one

that I don't see him practicing
in the white neighborhoods.

This guy is dangerous.

Only if you're standing

between him
and a television camera.

We supported Mayor Poole
in his election,

and we demand
that he remove Frank Reagan

as Police Commissioner.

No willingness
to work together.

No interest
in building consensus.

A genuine leader
is not a seeker of consensus,

but a molder of consensus.

you're early.

Commissioner Reagan,
good to see you as always.

New look?

Part of a spiritual
rebirth, if you will.

A new church, a new
outlook, a new me.

Couldn't help noticing
the reporters camped outside.

Thought we might say a few
words after the meeting.

No, thank you.

I won't keep you waiting long.

There's just one thing I have
to take care of. Excuse me.

This isn't gonna work.

What, you don't like the beard?

The guy should be a felon.

And yet, it didn't surprise you

when he walked
on a technicality.

We had a case.

No we didn't.

That's why we leaked the story.

- Well, I don't like him.
- Nor he you.

But this is the mayor's baby,
and Potter comes with.

Frank, the gun buyback program
does some good.

Oh, half the guns
we pay 200 bucks for

are barely functioning relics.

It's not Antiques Roadshow.

We're just getting them
off the street.

And if somebody's smart,
they could dump evidence,

and we got to pay them for it.

Chance you take

for a greater good.

That's not worthy of you,

and I would rather have the
money for more officer training.

Frank, we already

said yes to this, so what
are we talking about here?

I'm just venting.

We're putting him back
on the map with this, Garrett.

In exchange for which
he's helping us

get the word out
in the community.

They trust him.

And if even a
little of that trust

spills over to the NYPD,

it'd be hard to call this
anything but a success.

As much as you hate
to admit it, you know I'm right.

Well, what are we waiting for?

Your happy face?

Close enough.

Hurry up! Do not

get my goods
on the floor!

Hurry... up!

I done told you.

I'm sorry.

You better not

be stalling me, man.

That's all there is.

You holding out
on me, old man?


Take it easy, man.

That really necessary?

Man, shut your ass up.

I ain't playing
with you, old man.

Get over there.
Open it. The good Oxy.

Open it!


Better stop messing
around. I'm tired of this.

No. Don't!


Stop, man!

Don't! Be cool.

Oh, my God!

No, no!

Yo, what happened?

I'm good. We got to go.

We got to go now!

♪ Blue Bloods 2x18 ♪
No Questions Asked
Original Air Date on March 30, 2012

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Second pharmacy hit in this
neighborhood in as many weeks.

Only this time,
they came out shooting.

Unbelievable. Guy comes in for
some Band-Aids for his kid,

and he gets a gut full
of lead for his trouble.

Any word on his condition?

Ah, he was unconscious
when the bus arrived.

They were rushing him straight
to surgery at St. Victor's.

And we're thinking this
might have been an accident?

Couple of witnesses
outside said

that the shooter seemed like
the nice guy of the bunch.

Said it seemed like
the gun just went off.

Anyone get a look
at this Mr. Nice Guy?

Uh, this is Miss De la Cruz.

She was near the victim before
he tried to disarm the shooter.

She didn't get a look
at the shooter's face,

but she did get a
look at the gun.

He kept sweeping it past
my face, over and over again.

I'm sorry
you had to go through that.

His gun--
it was a Colt .45 automatic.

- That's pretty specific.
- My father has one.

- He taught me to shoot on it.
- Really?

He didn't want me
to be like one of those girls

in the movies, don't know
how to hold it right

in case I ever needed to.

Smart man.
Do you remember anything else?

The grip. It wasn't black
like usual.

More white
with a pearl-like finish.

I guess you did get a good look.

Yeah, someone holds a gun
to your face that long...

I don't know
that I'll ever forget it.

I understand.

Let's get a Finest
out on these grips,

and let's track these
three amigos down soon

before they start leaving
more shells than pills around.

New York, our message is clear.

You give us your guns,
and we will give you 200 bucks,

no questions asked.

Now, last month, Mayor Poole
and Commissioner Reagan

got 200 illegal guns
off of our streets...

Listen, we think we can do
a lot better than that today.

No, I know we can do better.
Now, what do you say?

Now, now, now, now,
come on, friends.

You're making me look bad
up here.

Now, I promised the mayor
and Commissioner Reagan

that we would deliver.

Now, one more time.
Are you ready?

I can't hear you.

That's what
I'm talking about!

New beard, same old act.

Well, it's not like we
didn't see this coming.

We know how Potter loves
the sound of his own voice.

To put it mildly.

I will not go down there.

You don't have to.

No, I don't, do I?

Oh, no.

Guy holds his own
press conference,

somebody's got to go,
and it's not gonna be me. Baker?

I have a luncheon.

Yankee Legends
are gonna be there.

I see.

Yes, sir.

could you call the Yankees
and tell them

DCPI Moore is going
to have to take

a rain check today?

Yes, sir.

You'll keep me posted?

I'll live-blog
for my Twitter feed.

Hey, Jack?

Finest matches
on the grips go out yet?

Yeah. Every cop in
the city's looking out

for a .45 automatic with pearl
grips, but there's nothing yet.

Oh. How about the customer
that got shot?

He's alive, but
the report from

Ballistics just came back
on the bullet.

There's no link
to any other shootings.

When can we talk to him?

Well, Doctor's gonna call me
as soon as he comes to.

All right. Well,
my CI's got squat

as far as these robberies
being gang-related,

so it looks like this
crew's unaffiliated.

You know, I was thinking, if
those witnesses were right,

and the shooter did show some
heart when his gun went off,

then it's only a matter of time
before he gives up his buddies.

- You think?
- Oh, you never know.

You know, there's a reason
that's a lottery slogan.

Who you calling?

I got this guy who used
to customize guns for lowlifes.

I'm thinking, pearl grips
can't be too popular a choice.

That's true.

Hey, guys.

Hey. Beware

the gluten-free meatloaf.

So, what's your point?

I'm not saying I want you to go
all Sweet Valley High on me.

But I should ixnay
the Pride and Prejudice?

At least until
we get through Homecoming.

If we get through Homecoming.

I don't know.

I have a good feeling
about it this year.


...what was that?

What was what?

You were flirting.

Well, trying to anyway.

With Carlos?

I thought he was still with Amy.

All's fair in love and war.

You're terrible.

Oh, my God.


This isn't happening.

What a skank.

Did you take one of these,
too, Reagan?

Diane, wait!

Always the quiet ones.

See you later.

Bye, skank.

Veronica, thank you.

Next time, bring some

of your world-famous cookies
for me, okay?

Will do, Reverend.
See you later.

Luis, thank you very much for coming.
Ah, good to see you.

I appreciate your support. All right.
Yeah, always.

Mr. Deputy Commissioner.

I didn't know
we were expecting you.

And I didn't know you were
holding a press conference.

Well, as Deputy Commissioner
of Public Information,

I'd think you'd know better
than anyone,

if you're not using the media,
they're using you.

Anyone else you're using,

Have I crossed the line?

I thought we were partners.

I think I delivered.

You're here on our dime,
not the other way around.

But you already knew that,

which is why
we didn't get the heads up.

So you're here
to keep an eye on me,

be my baby-sitter?

Do you need to use the potty?


Glock 19. Nine millimeter.

Six rounds.


Okay, sir, she'll give you
your $200 bank card. Next!

Colt .45 automatic.

It's a beautiful piece.

Pearl grips.

You don't see that
a lot these days.

If you say so.
My money?

Yeah, yeah,
just give me a second.

You got that Finest message?

Pearl grips.

Is there a problem?

No, no. I'll be right with you.


Hey, hey, Ma.

No, I'm good.

Look, can I call you right back?

I'm just...
Am I getting my money or not?

Yeah, I really,
really have to go, Mom.


Gun's operable.

All righty, here you go.

She has your money.

Sorry for holding you up.



Look, it's such a good thing
you're doing out here today.

On behalf of the
NYPD, we wanted to...

May I see your phone, Officer?

I'm sorry?

Now, Officer.

I-I... Excuse me.

Everything okay here?

Yeah, he's trying
to take my phone.

Do you need a time-out,

"No questions asked,"

and she's here trying to take
pictures of these good people.


Let me see it.

There are no pictures here,

Thank you, Officer.


You know, as much
as I don't like the guy,

you shouldn't have lied
to Reverend Potter.

When I gave him the phone,
there was no picture

'cause I put it in my trash bin.

So, you lied to Deputy
Commissioner Moore as well.

Oh, great,
is there anyone else you'd like

to invite to your disciplinary hearing?
Look, Detective,

I know what I did was wrong,


Come on, I got a guy
handing in a gun

that was just used
in a shooting.

How do I look the other way on
that and still wear the uniform?

Sometimes wearing the uniform

means you have
to look the other way, okay?

It's "no questions asked."

That is the rule
on the gun buyback program.

I'm a cop.

My job is to enforce the law,

not the rules.

And all due respect, Detective,
I didn't ask any questions.

Go back to your precinct.

And not a word
about this to anyone.

Are you gonna use it?

Get back to your patrol.

You're starting to sound
a little bit like your father.

Give me a break.

All right, are we gonna use it?

- Hey.
- Hey.

I got the leads
from my gun guy.

One of these names probably
belongs to those pearl grips.

Okay, and?

And what?

Forget it;
we're not using the picture.

We can. You just won't.

Yeah, because it's wrong.

It's kind of wrong.

Okay, well, I'll remind myself
to use that one

when we get ourselves
kind of jammed up.

Look, she took the picture--
that was wrong;

we agree on that--
but it's done already.

You can't put
the genie back in the bottle.

No, but we don't
have to go asking

the genie for three
wishes either.

Did I miss something
around here?

Since when did we start
following the rules?

Jack, this is different.

All right, it's the mayor

and my old man

and the Reverend Potter.

It's just...

It's political, all right?

Just forget about it.


All right, great.

I'm on my way.

Look, our victim's awake.

Why don't you see
if you can get

any traction on those leads.

I'll get started
with the victim.

Meet me at the hospital.

And forget
about using the picture.

Frank, we got 500
guns off the street,

we made a friend out of
an enemy, and for once,

we might even get some good ink.

You sound like
you're selling tickets.

It's a win, Frank.

We should just take
the W and move on.

When are you going to tell me
about the problem?

There was no problem.


It was nothing.

Just Potter being Potter.

He had a few words
with one of our cops.


He claimed she was
taking pictures

of the people donating guns.

Said she was violating our
"no questions asked" policy.


As you might expect,

he was long on accusations,
short on evidence.

Is he going to leave it alone?

Hard to say.

I want to talk to the officer.

Frank, it's done.


Just think back to the robbery

at the drugstore, okay
Mr. Cunningham?

You gotta keep trying so we
can find the guy who shot you.

All right, look,

Jimmy explained
this to you, right?

We're not looking
for a positive ID

on any of these photos.

We're just looking for
similar features, okay?

You see something that
resembles the guy--

the eyes, the nose--

Jimmy puts it
into the sketch.

Can you just try
a little more?

All right.

I got it.

I don't know.

I really don't.

Just keep going;
I'll be right back.

This guy is pretty weak, Jack.

I don't think he's gonna help.

How about the pearl grip?

Pearl-gripped hardware
is not as rare as you'd hoped.


But, um...

I did run ballistics on it.

On the pearl-gripped gun?

Please tell me you did not

run ballistics on a gun that
we are not supposed to have.

I did not run ballistics on a
gun we're not supposed to have.

All right,
I'm not asking,

but if I was,
what does it say?

It's a match.

The gun that Perez intercepted
at the buyback is the same one

that put this guy in
the bed; are you sure?


And the guy in that picture
could be the shooter, Danny.

But he'd have to be crazy.

What do you mean,
someone's gonna use a gun

in a shooting and turn around
and hand it over to the police?

How many smart shooters
have you met?

So, start from the eyes,

and just move down
to the slope of the nose.

Does anything
look familiar at all?


I'm-I'm not sure.

Did he have a wide nose,

maybe a high bridge?

As I recall,
I'd say it was wide.


Any distinguishing features

around the nose?

Not that I can think of.

Let me see those
photos, okay?


Working on the bridge
of the nose, right?

All right.


Either of these two guys,

they resemble your guy?

Um, I think so.

This one, all right. Okay.

What's next?

Uh, the mouth.

The mouth, all right.

This guy's mouth
look similar at all to you?

Yeah, it does.

Okay, there you go.

Put that in there, all right?

Sir, you think you could, uh,
just look at this picture?

Just need a moment
of your... right.

Ma'am, you want to take
a look at this?

Uh, you know him, or maybe seen
him in the neighborhood...

Hey, hold on, hold on.

Look, these guys are
robbing pharmacies...

Yo no se nada.
Come on!

Sal de aqui. Vete!

Hey, you seen this guy?

Come on,
you help me find a bad guy,

you can keep ignoring me
like you're doing right now.


Oh, yeah, that one;
I know this guy.

Says he knows this guy.

Yeah, I know this guy.

Yeah, we can't talk
over here, though.

Let's go inside.


Hey, it's-it's me again.

Look, Diane, I don't blame you
for not wanting to talk to me.

I should've stuck up for you.

And I am so sorry.

Call me.


Everything cool?

Yeah, just calling a friend
about homework.

A friend at school's
just going through some stuff.

I may not be a detective yet,

but I was a teenager.

Promise you won't tell Mom?

She'd go all D.A. on me.


Haven't you ever heard
of the blue wall of silence?

Someone got their hands
on my friend's selfy

and spammed it
to everyone in the school.

Okay, one more time
in English. A selfy?

It's a sexy picture
you take of yourself.

Oh, okay.

I see what
you mean.

The whole school turned on her

and I just... sat there...


I should have said something.

I should have done something.

Do you want to know what
your grandfather would say?

That he's disappointed?

That a Reagan doesn't do that?

He'd say it's what
you do next that counts.

For my fifth birthday, my mother
bought me Princess slippers.

I cut off the toes,
turned them into holsters.

You love the job.

A little too much if you're
listening to my mother.

Top ten
in your graduating class.

Two years on the job,

and already several

Do you know
why I asked to see you?

Not really, sir, no.

Well, I understand
you had a run-in

with Reverend Potter yesterday.

That was nothing, sir.

A small misunderstanding.

Well, small or not, still,
we wanted to thank you.

Thank me?
The reverend means well,

but like many of us,
sometimes his lesser qualities

overshadow his greater ones.

We wanted to thank you
for treating him with respect

in the face of some pretty
insulting accusations.

Reverend Potter's charge
wasn't without merit, was it?

At roll call, the sergeant
read out a Finest message.

Pearl handle
on a Colt automatic.

I'm not at my post 20 minutes
when what comes walking in.

Colt with a pearl handle.

I got a bad guy standing
right there in front of me.

Every cell in my body is
screaming I got to do something.

But the reason it's not
on the phone when I check it?

I deleted it while you
and the reverend were talking.

But it was still
in your trash bin.

Commissioner, I am so sorry.

Think this bodega owner
gave us the wrong address?


We'll give it a
little longer.


Look like our guy
over there?

Looks like him to me.

Let's go see.

Benjamin Banks.

Oh! Oh!

Oh! Oh! Oh!

Hey, hold up!

Come here!


Come here.

Get on your feet.
Turn around.

Put your hands
against the vehicle.

Spread your legs!

You know, if you
pull your pants up

next time, you
might get away.

What the hell did I do?
I don't know.

I got a guy
with a belly full of led

who thinks you fed it to him.

What do you think, Jack?

- I agree. Let's go.
- No, man.

Shut up.

So, what did I do?

Who says you did anything?

I don't know.

Jamie you have a drink with,
you want to unwind.

Erin, you want
to give advice.

You want to throw one
back with me,

it's usually 'cause
I screwed something up.

Heard you like a guy for
the pharmacy shooting.

Yeah, we like him pretty good.

How did you get to him?

Bodega owner recognized him

from a sketch we got
from a eyewitness.


That's good police work.

Thank you.

This your guy?

Did you use it?

Officer Perez came to me.

She showed me the photo.

I sent her packing,
I crumpled it up.

Did you use it?

Not exactly.

Not exactly.

The witness was having trouble
getting the sketch going right.

I made a few suggestions.

So you not only blew off our
No Questions Asked policy.

You coached a witness
into making an ID.

I made a suggestion, I gave him
a nudge in the right direction.

Have you booked him?

We're holding him.

He walks.

That... If I got
to bend the rules a little bit

to get a bad guy off the street,

I'm gonna do it,
and you would, too.

The hell I would.
The hell you didn't.

All right,
kid, get lost.


We're cutting
you loose.

Here's your hat.
What's your hurry?

Hey, why-why
you letting me go?

Look, would you just beat it
before I fall down on your fist?

Assaulting an officer will keep
you here another eight hours.

I'm going.

And pull up your pants.
Hey, what's going on, Reagan?

I leave for a couple of hours,
you letting the prisoners go?

Oh, Jack,
you remember I told you

we were gonna get jammed up?

Guess what. We got jammed up.

I am sorry, Danny.

We'll live. How'd it go at the hospital?

I spent the last hour doing
a photo array with the victim.

He saw Banks's picture

ten different ways.

Didn't pick 'em once.


So he's not even our guy.

Let's pull the fives

on the other witnesses,
all right?

I'm gonna read
their statements again.

Wait. What are we doing?

We're gonna start from scratch.



Diane, wait!

Guess I'm not a
social leper anymore?

Diane, I'm sorry.

Now. Practically let 'em
pin a scarlet letter

on me the other day.

Look, you have every right
to be mad at me-- I was wrong--

but I'd really like
to make it up to you.

How? Do you have
a time machine?

No, I got something
way better than that.

An uncle with a hook in TARU.

You think I need to move
to another country.

This is worse than I thought.

TARU's not a country.

It's a division of the NYPD.

Tactical Assistance
Response Unit.

What are you talking about,

My Uncle Jamie's looking into

who spammed that text
to everyone.


He's going to find out
who did this to you.

Oh, my God, Nicky. No!

Diane, I...
Listen to me.

If you really want to help,
just drop it.

I just want to forget
that this ever happened.

You know, Jack,

one of my first cases.

We like this bike messenger
for an assault

coming off a, uh,
bar fight in Chelsea.

It was nasty.

The bartender caught
the business end

of a longneck right
in the throat.

He made it through, but

the thing is,

the detective
that I caught with was certain

that the bad guy was gonna
come back and finish the job.

So certain, he put a uniform
outside the bartender's walk-up.

Sure enough, that night,
he hears a noise.

He goes around the back,
he looks up in the fire escape,

and he sees the bike messenger.

It looks like he's got a piece.

Just as the cop's
about to blast him,

he realizes

that the bike messenger
is not carrying a piece.

It's actually a freaking rose.

A rose?

Yeah. It turns out,

the bike messenger and
the bartender were boyfriends.

They-they didn't have
a bar fight.

They had a knock-down,
drag-out lovers' quarrel.

All right, so,
that's a great story, but...

I mean, what are you thinking?

That the shooter is sleeping
with the victim?

No, no, no. That's not...

Look, each and every one
of these statements--

all the witnesses
are saying the same thing.

That the shooter was showing
compassion during the robbery,

like he didn't want anybody
to get hurt.

All right, so you think
he feels bad, you think

maybe he goes by the hospital to
make sure the guy pulls through.

Anything can happen, right?

I'll get the hospital.

Jack, tell 'em to make sure

they give us all
the surveillance video they got

anywhere near the victim's room, all right?
Yeah, yeah.

Officer Perez.


Officer Perez.

As you were.

I'll be brief.

I know you're in the
middle of your tour,

and Central's
holding jobs.

When you return
to your precinct,

your desk sergeant is
gonna give you a two-day rip.

That's for violating
department policy.

Yes, sir.

You're losing your seat
in the car for a few tours.

You'll be walking a foot post.

And you might want to drop
by Reverend Potter's church.

He's always looking
for volunteers.

Of course, sir.

Officer Perez,
what you did was wrong.

But the instincts that drove you
to do what you did--


I'd ride with you
in a radio car any day.

That is all.

Thank you, sir.

at Potter's church?

Please tell me that doesn't mean
you're going to tell Potter?

Well, Garrett...

...the truth will set you free.

Hey, Nicky.

Uncle Jamie?



For the record, this counts
as your birthday present.

Thank you so much, but...

I'm sorry you went
to all that trouble.

What's going on, Nick?

Diane doesn't want my help.

Not that I can blame her,

considering what a good friend
I was the other day.

I don't think that's it.

She doesn't want your help

because she doesn't want
you to know the truth.

Diane sent that picture
to everyone herself.


I know, it doesn't make
any sense, but she did.

Actually, it makes more sense
than you would think.

It's really annoying sometimes.

At home, our parents refuse

to accept the fact
that we're growing up.

They try and keep us frozen
in time as little kids.

But here at school,
it's even worse.

I mean, if you...

If you're not willing to grow up
faster than everyone else,

it's like you don't even exist,
like you're invisible.

She sent that picture
to get noticed.

It shouldn't be this hard.

No, it shouldn't.

All right, how we doing
with the transfer

on the hospital
surveillance video?

It looks good. You know,
facial recognition software

is actually quite simple really.

Well, can you make it really simple?
Danny, he's still

trying to figure out how to text
with those little smiley faces.

I simply freeze on a good angle
of the suspect. There we go.

There's our guy.

Look at him. He
just couldn't resist

asking the nurse how
the victim was doing.

Now, the computer will analyze

the details
of the subject's face

while simultaneously

those same characteristics

with anyone else we already have
in the database.

Oh, we lock up

a lot of people.
It's gonna

take a while. We should probably
go to lunch first.



There he is.

There's your guy.

"Terrence Banks."

That's the same last
name as our collar.

Hold on.

They're brothers.

Let's go.

This guy maxes out
just three weeks ago

on a grand larceny conviction.


and he's already trying
to earn his way back in.

Must have missed his friends
on the inside.

Those cries of distress?

Or maybe
a bad telenovela.

Let's go with yours.

I like that idea.

Whoa, whoa!

What the hell, man?
Where's your brother?

W-What do you want him for?
Terrence isn't...

Where is he?!

What, what?
N-No, look, he's not...

I'm on it, Jack.

Oh! Sit down.




Hold it!

What is wrong

with you Banks
brothers, huh?

You guys love to run, don't you?

I didn't...

You didn't what?!

I didn't mean to shoot that guy.

It comes with the territory

when you're robbing people
at gunpoint.

Get on your feet.

Come on. Come on.

Hey, hey, look, man,
it's not his fault.

It's that crew he runs with.

Okay, look, they don't
give him any choice.

Well, you know
what they say--

you are
who your friends are.

Okay, look,
what if he gives 'em up?

Okay, would you cut him a deal?

Let me ask you a question.

Why'd you turn in
your brother's gun, Benjamin?

Look, I found it in his room
while he was asleep, okay?

I didn't know anything
about the shooting.

I just wanted it
out of our place.

I told you
to stay out of it.

You spend your whole life
trying to cover for this kid?

And this is the
thanks you get.

- Look, he's my brother.
- Yeah,

and you almost did
a bid for him.

Now say good-bye.

I'm sorry, Benny.

Look, man, look,
d-d-don't worry.

I'm gonna get you a lawyer.

Don't say anything.

Step away
from the car,


You wanted to talk?

Thanks for meeting me.

My mom's waiting.


Well, I spoke
to my uncle.

After I asked
you not to.

Pathetic much?

Junior college much?

Long overdue.

Anyway, I wanted to tell you
what my uncle found out.

I know what he found out.

I can explain.

Whoever hacked into your phone
must have been a geek genius.

They put up some kind of
firewall or something,

I don't know.

Anyway, I'm sorry,
but it's untraceable.

Thank you.

For what it's worth,

I know that what I did
was so not normal.

Diane, we're
in high school.

There's no such
thing as normal.

Besides, it's what you
do next that counts.

Hang this weekend?


Knock, knock.

Mom, what are you
doing here?

Playing hooky.

You want to join?

What do you have
in mind?

Shopping spree, mani-pedi?


Anything you
would like to do?

Well, if you promise
not to spaz out too much.

How about just a cozy
movie night at home?

I can handle that.

Looked like
you were having

a pretty serious
conversation with Diane.


Okay, okay.

Congratulations, Mr.
Mayor, every paper in town

is touting the success of
the gun buyback program,

but the real feather
in your cap comes

from the Ledger.

This is an advanced copy
of tomorrow's editorial.

They cite your leadership
and steadfast support

as the key

Well, it's easy to be a stalwart

when you feel so strongly
about the cause.

Oh, they got it right this time,
Mr. Mayor.

You put this
coalition together.

You deserve
all the credit.

Actually, Reverend,
they reserved

their most lavish
praise for you.

"F. Scott Fitzgerald
famously said

"there are no second
acts in American lives.

"Well, somebody forgot to
tell Reverend Darnell Potter.

"he proved
the best way

"to right a wrong
is by doing good,

"and what good he did:

over 500 guns
off the street."

Well done, Reverend.

Thank you, Commissioner.

Oh, this means a great deal.

That is not to say
there wasn't a hiccup.

Really, Frank, a hiccup?

Reverend Potter,
this is confidential.

I'm gonna have to
trust you with this.


One of the guns we
bought back was used

in a robbery and a shooting
earlier that morning.

If that gets out,
that could taint everything

that we worked for.

Yeah, I'm afraid
it could.

I have everything here

and I'll be happy to
share it with you.

Mr. Mayor, this is
a need-to-know file

and New York Police business.

you have no need to know,

and I would like
to keep it that way

in order for you to maintain

plausible deniability.

Well, Frank, you know
I've always trusted

your judgment in these matters.

If it is indeed need-to-know,
it's that way for a reason.


Well, like, my great-
grandmother used to say,

only a fool goes looking
for a rainstorm in the sunshine.


Very good.

I'll say good night, then.

Reverend Potter.

Good night, Commissioner.

Mr. Mayor.

Hey, hey, hey, you
wash your hands?

Let me see.


Let me see--
other side.

Try again-- this time
don't be afraid of the soap.


Hey, hey, hey.

Come on, it's still

my house, you know.
Might be,

but it's my chicken.

I know it
pisses you off,

I don't do the job
the way you did it.

You know what pisses me off?

When I bust your chops
for doing

the things you think
I used to do myself.


What makes you think that
I used to bend the rules?

I work with
guys every day

that you used to
work with, Dad.


More often than not,
the end results

of the things we do
wind up

being more about luck
than skill.

I was always lucky.

That's how we're most alike.

I just don't want
to see your luck run out.

So I guess
you were looking out for me.

No, I was being
the commissioner.

You guys done?

Dinner's ready.

Okay, who wants to say grace?

I said it last week.

Don't even look at me.

I always say it.

Well, one of the boys
can say it.

- Yeah.
- No.

I want to say it.

Well, what do you know?

Bless us, our Lord,
and these gifts, which we are

about to receive
from thy bounty,

through Christ
our Lord.



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