Blue Bloods (2010–…): Season 2, Episode 16 - Women with Guns - full transcript

A TV journalist who has a "friends with benefits" relationship with Frank comes to town. And when she is nearly attacked but Frank saves her. He then asks Danny to investigate but she ...

Previously on Blue Bloods:

You're on your own
once you're at the location.

Uh, Lieutenant,
so we're clear,

I'm not committing
to a career undercover.

Hey, I know you, right?

Uh, I don't think so.

Uh, yeah, yeah, I do.
Noble Sanfino.

Jimmy Riordan.

His father and his uncle

are captains in the Cavazzere
crime family.

Don't want what you can't have.

It's my sister Bianca.

Well, you talk a big game.

Makes me wonder
what you really got.

Johnny Tesla. He's a made guy
in the Cavazzere family,

and he's also a real badass.

You need to get a thumb drive
into their system

and download
any transaction activity.

Hey, Riordan, wait up.

I think you got something
that doesn't belong to you.

♪ ♪

How much did they give
to the foundation?

Low six figures.

I'll stay for drinks.

The daily briefing
has you staying for dinner.

But you're going to pull me out
at 8:30 with a crisis.

I am?


What if you're having
a good time and want to stay?

Then we need to come up
with a code word for that.


Tom Goodwin, the ballplayer?

No, Doris Kearns Goodwin,
the writer.

She won a Pulitzer.

The only way I am staying
through one of these dinners

is if I'm seated next to
Doris Kearns Goodwin.

I'll talk to you at 8:30.

Jimmy Riordan. Who's this?

Jimmy, it's Bianca.



I know.

I need to see you.

Look, Bianca, I told you,

I can't be getting into anything
else with you, okay?

They killed Johnny Tesla.

Who did?

No, no, not on the phone.

You gotta come up.

I can't get anywhere
for a couple hours at least.

I'm at the Winslet in Tribeca,
room 1202.

Don't tell anyone I'm here.

Lieutenant Arbogast.



You made it.

Wouldn't miss it.

Thanks again for your generosity
to the foundation.

Just point me
where you want me.

Well, I've seated you
between the Dean of Faculty

at Sarah Lawrence and the
editrix of Allure.

But first...

Joan, would you excuse me.

Just a second.

Frank, you just got there.


Wow, what are the chances
of that.

Yeah, who would have thought.

I'm sorry.

Where were we?

There's Melanie Maines.
Do you watch her?

Oh, I caught a recent piece,
some indignant expose.

Couldn't walk
straight for days.

What do you mean?

Kept leaning to the left.

Oh, Frank, you're terrible.


Meet our police commissioner,
Frank Reagan.


Call me Commissioner.

You behave.



You're in town but
I didn't get the memo.

I'm just here for a minute.

Maybe you got a steady fella?

Oh, I can't get
anything past you, can I?

But that's not it,
or you would have

sent me one of those
long insomniac e-mails.

May I get you a drink, sir?

Yes, you can get him
a single malt,

neat, in a chilled rocks glass.

Very good.

No, that's all Bianca said--
"they" killed Johnny Tesla."

Yeah, we don't
have that.

We don't have what?

Anything, a body,
chatter on the wires, nothing.

She say when?

No, just that
they killed him.

Johnny Tesla...

was a made guy
with the Cavazzeres.

The Cavazzeres
and the Sanfinos have had

a peace treaty
for almost, uh, 20 years now.

But if some Sanfino
whacked Johnny Tesla,

boom, there goes
the Treaty of Glen Cove.

Could somebody be trying
to set me up for it?

Why you?

Because I had a beef with him.

Kicked my ass into next year
just a couple months ago.

So you killed him?

Who are you,
Joe Pesci in Goodfellas?

No, but they can make
anything they want out of me.

Jimmy Riordan doesn't exist,

doesn't have a job
or a home address.

If they need me
for something,

if they want me for something,

how are they going to find me?

Noble, or his sister.

Exactly. Can you tell me what
the hell is going on here?

So, you're here on a story?

How's your family?

All good, thanks.
What's the story?

You don't want to know.

Which makes me think
I do want to know.

Can you take the badge off
for the evening?

For starters, it's
called a shield,

and I don't wear one,
just a lapel pin.

Can you?

You look great.

Not too shabby yourself.

Everybody, dinner is served.

You hungry,

All right.


We're gonna have a
ghost in the lobby

and another one on her floor,
posing as maintenance,

to make sure it's
just her in the room.

Stop by tech
on your way out,

they'll switch your undercover
phone over to a transmitter.

Like, wire me?

No wires, just a cell phone

they can program to your number

and can keep tabs on you
and record what she says.

Get her to tell you
who killed Johnny Tesla,

find out who "they" is.

Look, when I got the files from
their boiler room operation,

I thought you had
enough to nail 'em.

For racketeering, maybe.

But If we can tie
Phil Sanfino to a murder,

that's not icing,
that's the cake.

You good with this?

Walk on the beach.

How'd you ditch
your detail?

That's confidential
police business.

Morse code with
the window blinds?

Boy, you're good.

Oh, are we actually alone?

That is a question
that requires a nightcap

before I even consider
an answer.


There's a newspaper stand
on 77th Street.

You want to go up, get us
the papers for the morning?

Yes, ma'am.


It's room

I'll be there.


The Times
and the Post.

You got it.

Stop! Police!

Get this off!

You all right?

I don't know!

♪ Blue Bloods 2x16 ♪
Women With Guns
Original Air Date on March 2, 2012

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Checking in, sir?

No, just visiting.

Bianca, it's Jimmy.

What took you so long?

What's with the gun?

I got some
trust issues right now.

Well, give it to me
or I'm out of here.

Give it.


Now close the damn door.

We were at my cousin Daniella's
new kid's christening...

You and Tesla?

Yeah, me and Tesla.
You want a cocktail?

No, I'm good.

Anyway, Johnny and me
are getting

our cars at the same time
and he goes off on me.

Not me really, but
Noble and Uncle Phil.

You know, my side of the family.

Says they accused him
of stealing something

from work
and that he's innocent.

Stolen like, skimmed?

No, more complicated.

The records or files
or something

from their investments company.

Then what?

Then, Johnny goes even more off.

He starts talking about how

Uncle Phil is a liar
and a thief to his own people

and shouldn't throw stones
in glass houses.

And I'm like, huh?

So, I go to him.
Uncle Phil?


He goes...

forget about it. Nuts.

Makes me tell him
who said such a thing.

I say, Johnny--
I defend Johnny a little

on account of I known him
my whole life--

Phil goes even more nuts.

I get the hell out of there.

You give Tesla a heads up?

I couldn't reach him.

Go to his house, nothing.

The car's there,
the dogs inside,

messing all over,
no Johnny.

What do you want from me here?

You know where they put him.

Put Tesla?

I saw what he did to you,

Tried to blame whatever he was
doing at the shop on you.

Beat you up for show.

At least that's what
my Uncle Phil thinks.


Look, I'm not saying
you had a hand in it,

but you know something;
I know you do.

I just want to know...

I had a history with this guy,
like, my whole life.

We had our bumps
along the way but, hey...

I don't know anything.
I swear it.

I know my brother
and Uncle Phil.

Something went down on Johnny,

they'd have gift-wrapped it
for you, you know,

here's the payback.

Didn't happen.

I am an investigative reporter
who specializes in stories

on financial
and political corruption.

I have angered a lot
of people with my work.

I wouldn't know how
to start ranking them.

You're working
on a story.

Who would be threatened by
what you're digging into?

Nobody that would try to scare
me off with acid to my face.

Well, suppose you let me be
the judge of that.

Suppose the subject
of my interview

may or may not be a person
of interest to NYPD.

I don't know where he is.

He gets in contact
his own way and time.

That would be
what we'd call a pickle.

Who doesn't want him
to talk to you?

The people that are
the subject

of the piece
I'm doing.

Okay, are they bigger
than a bread box?

Come on, Melanie, help us here.


in the safe in the closet
there is a Walther PPK

that I am licensed
to carry in 48 states,

including this one.

I will not leave this hotel
without that gun in my purse

for the rest of my stay.

Wow, case closed.

Oh, Frank.

I'm not trying to be cavalier...

but I am not going
to give up my source.

How about stalkers,
threatening mail?

My producer keeps a file on all
the cranks and the, the creeps.

It's up to date and he will
give you all of that.


Guys, it is very late.

It's 5:00 in the morning
where I woke up,

so I've had a long night.

You know I can't stay.

Well, I'll just take a pill

and try to sleep
for a couple hours.

I'll call you
when I wake up.

Good night.

This is my cell phone number--
it's always on.

You got it.

Thanks, Detective.

Drop me home?


Sorry to wake you,
thanks for coming down.

No problem.

We see each other

a few times a year,
when she's in town.


We met at a dinner
year before last.

She lives in Atlanta, spends
most of her time on the road.

We both like to keep
the friendship quiet.

This relevant to
the case at all?

No, but I thought
you might have questions.

Right, well, you know
that thing that kids have

about their
parents' sex lives?

It, uh, kind of never
really goes away, Dad.

Who said anything
about sex?


Beautiful woman.

Yes, she is.

After you, Romeo.

Please stay.

I don't want to be alone

I can't.
Why not?

You thought I had something
to do with Tesla disappearing.

So who else might?

Okay, I got to lay low,

and staying here with you
ain't exactly laying low.

You know, you may
never see me again.

What do you think
about that?

I think you're being
a little overdramatic.

What the hell do you know?

Bianca, I got to go.

Then give me back my gun.

Give it.

Get some sleep.

Is that it for
tonight, sir?

Yeah, good night.


Yeah, yeah,
it's Mike from the Winslet.

But most of the
threatening stuff we get

tracks back
to the two demos

with too much TV time
on their hands--

convicts in prison, retirees
in the warmer climates.

Not that we don't appreciate
their loyal viewership.

All right, what kind
of threats?

Mostly of a sexual nature.

I mean, some of the bigger
wing nuts have suggested

ways they'd like
to see her die,

but it's hard
to take 'em seriously,

given their
logistical challenges.

Anyone ever threaten



Okay, if you were looking
for a headline here...

I've flagged five
of these pen pals

whose e-mail correspondence
our security guys

have tracked back
to the New York metro area.

A couple of 'em had an uptick
in volume the last couple

of weeks-- these two.

All right, Murrow, and let's see
what DoubleWhiskey44 has to say.

You ever hear
of the butterfly effect?


Based on the
theoretical example

of a hurricane's formation being
contingent upon whether or not

a butterfly had flapped
its wings

several weeks before?

Harvard was closed
the day I dropped by.

Several weeks

after I make off
with files

from the Sanfinos'
phony stock operation,

Johnny Tesla gets blamed for it
and ends up dead.

And you're what,
sentimental about this?

His blood's on my hands.

A) we don't know for
certain that he's dead,

and B) when he handed
you that beatdown,

you think he
gave it a second thought?

Speak to me.

N... he's right here.

You got all this
off the wiretaps?

Oh, great, okay.

I'll let him know.

The sister disappeared from
the hotel soon after you left.

She's gone
off the grid.

Do we know what happened?

No, we don't,

but more importantly,

neither does Uncle
Philly or the family,

and, uh... they're looking
for Jimmy Riordan for answers.

To the tune of 18 missed calls

from Noble.
You want to keep that on?

How do they know
that I was with her?

Somebody knows
the hotel's doorman

and he gave them
your description.


The Nassau PD just found remains
matching Tesla's description

in a Dumpster

in back of a restaurant
in Great Neck.

My friend's here, I got to go.

Hey, Noble.

What did I tell you, huh?

What did I tell you?

Who died and
made you Dad?

Look, I said you want
to make a move,

you check with me first.

I'm the guy
with the map, right?

Look, come here, man.

You're wasted, man.

I thought you weren't
using anymore.

I'm not using anymore.

I'm not using any less,
though, either, right?

Come here.

All right.

Where's Bianca?

I don't know.

No, no, no, no, no, let's get
something straight here.

You want to tell me everything
that you know, okay?

You don't want to cut out
the middleman here--

that would be me--

I'm telling you that I don't know...
Okay, no, listen.

Because if they don't like
what I bring them,

they're going to want
to talk to you directly,

and, trust me here,
you don't want that.

You know
Uncle Phil?

Yeah, his favorite

let's peel back the onion.

I don't know where
she is, Noble.

Okay, but you saw her
last night, right?

Okay, so let's start

with who called who.

DoubleWhiskey44 is a wash.

We traced the other e-mail
to an IP address here. Jack?

Do you know, uh,
your patrons' screen names?

I know some of 'em.

Uh, that's
Surfer Grrrl.

Uh, that's Nevermind.

Yeah, well, we're looking
for an Edward R. Murrow.

I don't want to tell
you your business,

but that could be
somebody's like, real name.

It was somebody's real name--
famous news correspondent,

black and white TV,
always had a cigarette?

That sounds like what
Smiles has for wallpaper.

Who's Smiles?
His name's Miles.

We call him Smiles
'cause he never does.

He's usually in that
corner over there

or out having
a smoke.

Wait a minute.

Is that him outside
having a smoke now?


Well, he left his computer.

Keep an eye on him, Jack.

What do you know?

Edward R. Murrow.

Oh, look at that.

Hey, hey, get away from there.

Sir, uh, we're

We just want to ask
you some questions.

I've got a question
for you, Detective.

You got a warrant
to search my computer?

I wasn't searching your
computer; it was open.

People, anybody see
this cop on my computer?

Do you mind?

I'm on a deadline.


If it had been open
to an e-mail or a document,

I'd have no expectation
of privacy under the law,

but it wasn't.

I know my rights,

Melanie Maines says hello.

That's your second lie
in two sentences.

Sir, sir, we just
want to talk to you.

Detective, do you want
to tell your partner there

he's out of bounds?

Listen, listen, why don't you
let me buy you a pack of smokes

and we'll, we'll start
from scratch, all right?

No, no, I know my rights.
Come on.

I'm walking
and you can't stop me.

Okay, Danny, the last thing
your father's going to want

is for you to go
off book on this.

I mean, he knows
his rights.

I know.

I hate when
that happens.

Whoa, whoa, I say
when we're finished here.

No, as it turns out,
you don't, Noble.

You've given me nothing here.

I've give... What the hell
am I supposed to give you?

Where's Tesla?
What happened?

Who cares where he is?

Him and I had a beef, okay?

People know about it,
he's missing,

I want to know what's what.

What you don't know
can't hurt you.

Hey, I'm freezing my ass off out here
and I've told you everything.

I'll see you.

Yeah, except where my sister is.

Get it through your thick
head-- I don't know!

Okay, then, prove it.

Let me see your phone.


Man, let me see your phone,
let me see who you called.

Here, come on, man,
give it to me, dude.

Get the...

You need help, man,

but I'm not your guy,
not this time.

You're the one who's going
to need help, Jimmy!

Hey, don't you turn
your back on me, man!

Shut the front door!

No, it's true.

I guess it's been going on
for a couple of years now.

Apparently, she comes to town

and they...
Melanie Maines, the reporter?

Yeah, that's the one.

Who else knows about this?

You, me, Linda, uh, Jackie.

That's all,
as far as I could tell.


Yeah, Dad.

Okay, well, good for him.

Yeah, good for him.
But it'd be even better

if you gave that warrant
that I asked for

so I could try to get
some traction on Miles Drexler.

Well, with what
you have in hand, no.

I know. But, look,
you've got to have at least

one favor that you can call in.

For Dad.

You think it's serious?

Somebody threw acid on her face;
it's got to be serious.

Hi. It's Erin Reagan

for Judge Higdon, please.

That's not what
I'm talking about.

I know what
you're talking about.

You have a issue with this?

I don't have an issue
with it. It...

You're blushing!

I'm not blushing!

Yes, I'll hold.

Thank you.
I can't believe you're blushing.

Over here, Jack.

This guy can even make seashells
look creepy.

Look at this.

Well, the bedroom's
right out of, uh,

Better Homes and Bunkers.

I can imagine.

Let's see what we got here.


looks like somebody's definitely
been working with acid.

Don't move!

Whoa, okay, it's all right,
we're on the job.

I'm Detective Reagan;
this is Detective Curatola.

We have a warrant to
search this location right

here in my coat pocket.

Show me your shield.

What are you doing here?

Hey, Smiles!

You know, we went out and got
that warrant that you requested.

What are you looking for?

All right, time to
see your shield.

Officer Mercado, the 2-1.


AKA Edward R. Murrow.

He's been sending
threatening e-mails

to somebody who was attacked
with acid last night.

I never threatened her.

And I haven't written
her in months.

Shut up. Miles.

What time last night?


He was with me,
right here.

So you say.

Not just me-- he got on one
of his call-in radio shows.

Th... Which one again?

Shawn Liberty. WBZM.

I did a full five
minutes with Shawn

about the Freedom
of Information Act.

Could've called
from a mobile phone.

But he did it
from the landline.

Dump his phone; check
with the station.

The show is live.

You're detectives.
Go. Detect.

I hear you, Danny.

Let me know if
their story holds up.

Be in touch.

Sir, Melanie Maines is here.

Show her in.

Do you want Garrett to join?


Show her in, Baker.

Ms. Maines.

Please sit down.

Thank you.

Thank you, Baker.

I don't have a lot of time,

but I didn't want
to do this over the phone.

Shall I dim the lights?


Call your men off.

They're for your protection.

They are also
for your surveillance.

I told you I wouldn't
interfere with your business.

People who are any good
at evading the law develop

a sense of when
the law is around.

You will be interfering
with my business.

You were attacked, and your
attacker is still at large.

I have a gun;
I know how to use it.

I can't do what you're asking.

I swear I will not

get there first or during
if the opportunity presents.

Excuse me.


Ah. One second.

Um, hold on
a second.

Go ahead.

Got it.

Don't ask.

I won't.

I got to go.

Look at me.

If you got hurt
on my watch in my city,

I'd never forgive myself.

I won't. But even if I did,

it wouldn't be your fault.

That wouldn't matter.

I'm a big girl, Frank.

It's why you like me.

So treat me like one.

Hey, don't you turn
your back on me, man!

Sound quality's
amazing, isn't it?

You know, they
got this new chip

they put in there,
it's, like, the size of...

I want out.

You want out?

Tesla's dead because of me.

It's collateral damage.

I didn't sign up to
get people killed here.

You know...
if you were anyone else,

I'd tell you to quit bitching.

But you're not--
you're the PC's son.

So if you want to play
that card, go ahead.

I'm not playing a card here!

Oh, I know--
not just like that, but...

we both know what
we're talking about.

What do you want from me!

Well, my Uncle Phil wants
to talk to you himself,

and you're coming in either way,
so make it easy on yourself--

let me bring you in.

I told you everything
I know, Noble.

I'll meet you in
the same place in an hour.

Please pardon
the typing, Detective.

Bane of my existence.

It's fine.

We checked out all
metro area threats.

One of them popped,
but he had a solid alibi.

He's not our guy.

Back to square one?

Not exactly.
The thing is,

the guy that popped,
this-this Murrow,

he... he's very
likeable for this.

The problem is, it seems like
he's so likeable for it,

like somebody else knew
how likeable he was for it.

Maybe someone
set him up.

Somebody inside the network?

How many people have access
to the security profiles?

Counting the overseas bureau,

probably a couple dozen.

All right, look, that's a lot
of people in a lot of places.

You think you can
narrow it down for me?


Well, you were her gatekeeper

for what, nine years?

Okay, is there anyone

in the orbits of work who

might've had it in
for Ms. Maines?


I'm the exception.

Now, we've had
a mutually beneficial

and friendly relationship
ever since I came on with her.

But there is

a long list of people
she's fired,

had fired, dumped on,
pissed off.

I can get you that list,
no problem.

But right now

I have a meeting that
won't start without me.

I'm on a cell phone
if you need me.

All right.

I'll be in touch.

Make sure you
get me that list.

You got it.

Come on. Get in.

Where we going?

We're going to meet my
uncle; I told you that.

Get in.
No. Where?

What the hell does it matter?

'Cause I don't get
what's going on here.

'Cause I want to know
where we're going

to see if you're capable
of stating a true fact.

His club in Brooklyn.

Look, just humor me.

All right? Let's say
I wanted to send e-mails

looked like they came

from one of your
customer's laptops.


Okay, how hard
would it be to hack into

one of their accounts
in here from out there?

20 bucks' worth of spy-ware--
not hard at all.

20 bucks?

I run a hot-spot cafe,
not the Pentagon.

What's all
this about?

Hold on.
Yeah, Jack?

They're picking up a suspect
in the attack on Melanie Maines.

They got him off the
security camera at a sub shop

on Lexington half hour before.

Yeah, he fits the description,
and he's carrying

the same container
that contained the acid.

Where at?

His girlfriend's apartment.

It's, uh, 402 Humboldt
in Greenpoint.

Okay. You ask 'em
to wait for me.


Questions about what?

My sister,
for starters.

I told you...
I think that

they think that you're giving
off some sort of a cop scent.

What the hell
is that supposed to mean?

What are you hiding, man?
Last chance.

I'm not hiding anything.

Are there cops
watching you for something?


You know, 'cause the doorman at
the hotel where you met Bianca,

he seemed to think
that there were cops there

and that they
were watching you.


Well, you're wound pretty tight
for a guy without a secret.

Why don't you just
shut up and drive, man.

Whoa. Oh, hold on,
hold on.

Yeah, Detectives,
can I borrow him just

for a second, okay?

Have you read him his rights?
All right.

Who hired you?
Who said I'm for hire, man?

Come on, I know you didn't
plan this thing on your own.

Who hired you?
Nobody hired me.

Last shot
I cut you a break.

Who hired you?
Okay, okay.


Who hired you?
All right.

She did a story on the TV
about my whole crew, all right?

Made us look like a
bunch of little girls.

That guy was, like,
her bitch, you know?

Who are you talking about,
Craig Iverson?

Her producer?
Yeah, him.

And what break?
Come on.

What break, man?
You'll get your break. Shut up.

Dad, it's me.

Look, it was Iverson.

Do you have a positive I.D.?

No, not face to face-- they're
just bringing Alvarez down

for processing now,
but, look, he did give up

that they knew each other,
because Melanie did a piece

with this guy's crew in it.

And how the hell
did that happen?

Hold on a minute.

Boss, our guys lost Ms. Maines.

They went into a Starbucks

on 86th,
then they must

have gone out the back and had
another car waiting for them.

Danny, we don't have them
in sight right now.

I'll get back to you.

I know where she is.

Ah, shoot.


That's the place up ahead,

and that is Bobby's Escalade
out front.

What's that mean?

Bobby's only there

when Phil wants to conduct
the conversation someplace else.

What the hell
are you talking about?

You know, so he can peel
back the onion?

So nobody can hear.

Just keep driving then.

No, no can do.

Look, you just...
you just stay cool.

I'll handle this, all right?

I thought you
already handled it, Noble,

that you were
bringing me in safe.

Just shut up, okay?

Just stay cool,
all right?


Thank you, Noble.

I got it from here,
just go inside.

Look, you asked me to bring
him in, you didn't say anything

about Bobby being here.
I certainly didn't

say anything about you telling
me my business, Noble.

Phil, let's just talk
to him inside, okay?

What the hell's going on--
first your sister and now you?


If I want your opinion,
I'll ask you for it.

Now get inside and wait.

Come on, get him out of the car.

All right, look,
all right, all right, all right.

I got some things to say,

but not like. Not like this.
Let's go.

Whoa, whoa.
Come on.

Wait a second,
just wait a second.

Jimmy, it's okay,
just-just be straight

with them, all right?
Hold on.

What part of this is okay, huh?

Just give me a... wait a second.
Just give me a second.

Why don't you sober up
and be useful again?

Just give me a second.

Oh, that's great.

James Riordan,

you're wanted for
questioning in the murder

of one Johnny Tesla;
you want to come with us?

No, I don't want to come with you.
You're coming with us.

Hey, I don't know anything
about this.

Hey, you want to add
resisting arrest to this?

Okay, easy. Easy.
I get a lawyer?

Do I get a lawyer?

Yeah, you get a lawyer.

You set me up?

Answer me!

Of course not.

Mr. Riordan, you have
the right to remain silent

and to refuse to
answer questions.

Anything you say may
be used against you

in a court of law.

I am here alone
with my producer.

And my only agenda is

to get his side
of the story.

Oh, I'll call you back.


Damn it!

You tell your father...

I apologize, Ms. Maines.

What the hell
is going on here?

Craig Iverson,
you're under arrest

for attempted assault
in the first degree.


You have the right
to remain silent,

anything you say...

Craig, what the hell is this?

What? Why?

What is this?

You were gonna fire me.

For what, getting older?

You hacked into my e-mail?

Just use me up

and then toss me aside
when you're done?

So you toss acid in my face?

That was just a warning.

You can't treat people
like this!

I treated you just fine,
and you know it.

Age has nothing to do with it.

You're just sloppy

and arrogant
in your work.

Come on.
Craig, you're so sloppy,

you can't even get
your revenge right.

Anything you say may
be used against you...

I want to talk to a lawyer.

How many times have we laughed

when the guy on the tape
copped to that?

You're a son of a bitch,
you know that?

You're a son of a bitch.
Come on, come on.

Trust me, you'll
thank me later.

Look, he's going down to the
squad for processing, all right?

My old man's close by.

He said if you need
a ride back into town,

he'll be happy
to give you a lift.

Thank you.

You're welcome.

Nothing on the wiretaps
that they knew where Bianca is.

I've got a couple of men
looking into it from our side.

They'd really off
one of their own?

Johnny Tesla
was one of their own.

At any rate,
Jimmy Riordan's retired for now.

We got what we need on
the Sanfinos and the Cavazzeres.

All that's left is a roundup,

thanks to your good work,

Look, when I said I wanted out,

it was just the nerves talking.

Just the nerves?

I've never been responsible

for somebody's death before.

It sucks, don't it?

I'll get over it.

No, you probably won't.

That's a good thing, too,

because if it didn't eat
at you just a little bit,

you wouldn't be
one of the good guys.

You'd be more like one of them.


Anybody handles themselves in a
situation the way you just did,

keeps his mouth shut
and his jockeys clean,

we need that guy.

Thank you.

Oh, hey.


I was this close
to making a clean getaway.

What's in the box?

It's a parting gift.

You lost that interview
partly 'cause of me.

I didn't want you
to leave town empty-handed.

It's me that should have
gotten you something.

You don't have to open it now.

I want to open it right now.


If you're going to carry,

you need a proper holster.

That piece in the purse thing
is for amateurs in old movies.

I never thought I would
say this about a holster,

but it's kind of beautiful.

It's French calfskin

and conformed to fit
your Walther perfectly.

I know a guy.

Of course you know a guy.

It's made to be worn
on the inside of your thigh.

Thank you.

You're welcome.

So, you got to go?

I've got church
and Sunday dinner.

Better go to
confession first.

Where are you headed?


It's a little island
in the British West Indies.

Three days of white sand
and blue water.

You want to come with?

Some day.

No pressure.

No regrets.

Keep telling it
like it is, baby.

I'll see you, Frank.

♪ Ba-ba-ba ♪

♪ Bum-ba-bum-bum-bum. ♪

You sang loud in
church today, Grandpa.

- Did I?
- Yeah.

And you bent the phrasing like
you were channeling Sinatra.

Wasn't on purpose.


Grandpa had very good sleep
last night.

Woke up a new man.

Full of vim and vigor.

Now, boys,

to make a proper
Irish coffee, the last step

is crucial,
so pay attention to this.

You have to ladle the cream

over the back of the spoon,

so it doesn't just plop in

and muddy the coffee

and the whiskey.

Thank you.

Pass the virgins down.

Would you like them
one at a time or all at once?

Well, you walked
right into that one.

Am I missing something?

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