Blue Bloods (2010–…): Season 2, Episode 1 - Mercy - full transcript

When a supporter for the mayor elect is found dead, Frank is put on the spot when the mayor wants him to position it to the public as a random act of violence. Meanwhile, Jamie goes undercover at a bar and meets a suspicious patron.


- You know the drill.
- Yeah, I'm right here.


Hey, honey, how are you?

Oh, I'm just heading into
the governor's office.

Doesn't look like I'm getting out of here
till after dinner.

Shoot, I completely forgot.

Look, uh, tell Erin I'm sorry I missed her,
and you guys have fun, okay?

All right.

Call you from the road.


Cole sends his love, but he's stuck
in Albany, so he has to bag on dinner.

Aw. Love back.

Hey, we're two single gals
looking for trouble tonight.


BAKER: Haitian ambassador requested
a meeting to formally thank you

for the N.Y.P.D.'s
help in his country.

I've slotted him in between PBA
and port authority superintendent.

Thank you, Baker.

Have this hand-delivered
to the mayor-elect

first thing tomorrow morning.

- Sir...
- It's customary.

How's your father faring
with Mayor Poole?

- Well, he resigned today.
- Hmm?


All the commissioners offer letters of
resignation when the mayor is elected.

And my father is nothing
if not customary.

Well, I'm sure it will be okay.

Cole has worked closely with Poole,
and he really likes him.

Well, I think the question is if Poole
likes Commissioner Reagan.

And my dad's too proud to sit around
and wait for the axe to fall.



Anybody looking for a party?


Farragaut, where do I know
that name from?

Yeah, he's a big fundraiser guy
for the new mayor.

You know, it's been in all the papers
the last couple months.

No, no, I know about that. I'm not
talking about that. It's something else.

Wait a minute, he's married.

His wife, Lisa Farragaut,
she's an old friend of my sister.

I gotta make the call, Jack.

Yeah, I'll be there in a few.

ERlN: Okay, just promise me that
you're gonna let me pay the next time.

This is not a freebie.

- There's a guy I want you to meet.
- Okay, I'm giving you cash right now.

He's divorced,
he has a daughter Nicky's age,

Iooks like the guy on Mad Men.

- Oh, poor girl.
- No, he does.


LlSA: He lives in Chappaqua
but works in Midtown.

Okay, hold on. Danny,

I'm in a restaurant.
Can I just call you right back?

Yeah, actually, I'm with--


No, what-- ?
What are you talking about?

Are you positive?

Okay, I'm gon--
I'll call you back later.

No, l-- Jus-- I'll call you back.

Erin, what's the matter?

I think we should go, okay?

What's going on?

Just come with me.


Erin, tell me what's going on. Erin.

Just-- Let's just go outside, okay?

LlSA: Erin, wait.
ERlN: Sorry, excuse me. Excuse me.

LlSA: Erin, ple--
Just tell me what Danny told you.

It's Cole.



I'm sorry.

- What are you-- ?
- I don't know. I--

- Oh, God.
- I don't know what to say.


All right, guys. Listen up.

I'm only gonna say this once,
just once.

Each team is to blend in
with the clientele at your locations.

Observe and report on the service
of alcohol to minors

and on the buying or selling
of narcotics on the premises.

Reagan, you'll be working
with Atwater.

Any questions? Atwater?

How many nights are we talking?

Three, tops. You'll all be back
in the bag come Friday.

We're supposed to blend in.
Can we have a drink ourselves?

Maximum two. So make it last.


All right. Let's hit the street.

- Beats working patrol, huh?
- Say that again.

Hey, Reagan.

So you think you can manage
out there without me?

- I guess we'll find out, huh?
- Your first undercover assignment.

- It's a big night.
- I appreciate the opportunity, sarge.

Just remember this,
the uniform does half the job.

So eyes wide open. Okay?

I want my favorite driver
back in one piece.




I'm so sorry.

- Is there anything I can do?
- Thank you, Frank.

We'll do everything possible
to find who did this, I promise you.

I'll take her home
and spend the night.

- Oh, no. That's really not necessary.
- Lisa, please.

Can you take Nicky for the night
and make sure she gets to school?

- Done.
- I need to get out of here.

I'll meet you out front.

Dad, Cole told her he was stuck
in Albany and couldn't make dinner.

- Do the detectives know?
ERlN: No.

No, I haven't left her side.

Does the mayor know he's dead?

He knows. Go with Lisa.
I'll get Nicky.




Here you go, pal.

- Twenty-eight.
- Wha...?

For two drinks?

Service included.

Ahem. Bet you a drink I can guess
where you went to college.


Sorry, but I'm not a--
Not a gambling man.

Oh, it's not gambling.

If she guesses which college you went
to, you buy us both a drink.

She's really good.
She's, like, got sick sense.

You mean sixth sense?


- Yeah. Ha, ha.
- Okay,

I get to ask three questions.

Mandy, don't be a whore.

Screw you, Brian. I was just guessing
where he went to college.


Westchester Community.


Hmm, I'm fading. Bump me?


Little young for you, no?

I'm just minding
my own business here, pal.

You saying my girlfriend
was hitting on you?

- I'm not saying anything.
- Hmm.

Bry-Bry, heh, take it someplace else.


Dalton lacrosse goons.

I swear to God, they put something
in the water over there.


Hey, I know you, right?

- I don't think so.
- Oh, yeah. Yeah.

I do. Noble Sanfino.

Jimmy. How you doing?

Saint David's, right?

- Sorry, man, can't help you.
- No, no, no. I--

I know I know you.



It'll come to me.

Hey, how's Lisa doing?

Well, I spent the night at her house.
Haven't slept a wink.

What have you got?

Nothing that's gonna give her
any comfort.

Her husband wasn't in Albany
yesterday at all.

- Where was he?
- Good question.


The lab's processing the evidence
from the crime scene,

trying to put together a timeline
of his last few hours. Reagan.

Parking records show that he got
five tickets in the last three months

on a pretty skeevy block
in the Lower East Side.

- We're gonna head over there now.
- I'm not heading anywhere.

I got called back to court. Can't your
people get their ducks in a row?

It's my third round
with the same grand jury.

Maybe they can't get enough
of your pretty face.

Why don't you start the canvass?

- I'll try to catch up.
- Yeah.

- Can I ride along?
- No.

But what you can do is accidentally
bump into my partner

while she's down there, okay?

See how the real pros work.

- Take it easy, all right?
- Thanks.

Excuse me, sir.

Can I ask you a question? N.Y.P.D.

You recognize this guy?

Oh, yeah. Sure.

Yeah? When's the last time
you see him?

This morning.

Right here.

Yeah, very funny. In person.

- No, just on the paper.
- All right.

Look, you might wanna talk to this guy
over there, uh, Dexter or Darrell.

He's kind of like
the mayor of the block.

- The guy in the hat?
- In the green shirt.

All right. Thank you.

Yo, Darrell.


What? Relax! What's your problem?

Darrell, N.Y.P.D.
Yo, excuse me, sir. Whoa.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Hey, hey. You know this guy?

- Yeah, I know him.
- You kill this guy?

- No, I knew him. That's all.
- Why are you running, then?

My parole officer, she found violations
like I blink my eyes.

If she found out that I got questioned
about a guy who got killed--

All right. Calm down. Calm down.
You're not in trouble.

Just answer my questions.
Forget about her.

He comes by sometimes two,
three times a week.

Drives a Range Rover.
Expensive, you know?

A while back we made a little deal.

He flipped me a 20,
and I'll watch his car.

You watch his car, the one that has all
the tickets? You're a great lookout.

He don't-- He don't care about tickets.
I'm watching for tow trucks.

- When's the last time you saw him?
- Yesterday, around 6.

- What building?
- 344. Apartment 1 B.

1 B? Why do you know 1 B
when you're watching his car?

Because he said if a tow truck come,
buzz 1 B.


All right, how long did it take him
to come out?

I don't know. I had to have dinner
at my mother at 8:30.

JACKlE: You had to go to your mom's
for dinner? Okay. Just--

No, no, just relax. Relax.

Officer, come babysit my friend here.
One of you come with me. Chill out.

Farragaut was here yesterday, 1 B.

Hey, perfect timing.
We're in here now.

Can you open the door for us, sir?

It was a girl, young, in her 20s.

- What's her name?
- I'm not good with names.

I call them all "honey." But I thought
I heard fighting coming from there

- when I was having dinner last night.
- And? What'd you do?

SUPERlNTENDANT: It was dinner.
When I finished, it had already stopped.

You know the signs. You see
something, you say something.


That's about terrorists.
She's just a girl.

All right. Move over.

N.Y.P.D. Anyone home?

Hello? Coming in.




- How old did you say this girl was?
- Maybe 25.

All right, well, clothes are gone.
Cosmetics are gone.

So is she.
So thank you for the backup.

- Somebody liked little girls.
- This is like a movie set.

Yeah, Gidget Goes to Hell.

Well, looks like Mr. Farragaut
had a dirty little secret.

My God.


Oh, Erin. Go outside.

Yeah, this is Detective Curatola.
I'm at 344 East 2nd Street,

Apartment 1-Boy. Requesting an
a- run from crime scene.

We're here.

- Oh.
- Wow. Why wasn't I invited?


LlNDA: I am loving this dress.
- Thank you.

- Dad!
LlNDA: Wow.

Guys, if you finish your homework,
I rented Waterboy.

SEAN: Oh, sweet.
- I'm here.


- Why am I going to this again?
- Because Tony Bennett is singing,

and because the new mayor
invited you.

It is customary for a new mayor
to review the standing commissioners

from his transition office,
not at a fundraiser.

Maybe he wanted
to get to know you better.

If Tony wasn't singing,
I'd have passed.

And maybe he knew that.

Don't burn the bridge, Francis.

Erin, how's your friend Lisa
holding up?

Oh, not so good. But her mom
and both her brothers are with her.

- What have you told her?
- As little as possible.

LlNDA: All set. There you go.
- Thank you.



- Thanks for being my date tonight.
- You're welcome.

Although maybe it's time you both
start seeing other people.

Just saying.


Commissioner Reagan.

Mr. Mayor,
do you know my daughter?

Erin, heard good things,
many good things.

- Congratulations on your election.
- Well, on the shoulders of giants.

Not the least of which was our late,
great friend Cole Farragaut.

That aches.

- And it will for a very, very long time.
- Yes.

Frank, may I have a word in private,

- Sure.
- Erin, it was a pleasure.

- Have you spoken to Cole's widow?
- I have.

It's the random acts of violence
that are the worst tragedies of all.

Random, senseless.
A damn carjacking.

Where they didn't even
keep the car?


Cole's family is going through
a living hell.

The sooner we can dispose of this
case and get it out of the news cycle,

the sooner we can begin to heal.

So I got your letter of resignation.

Can I assume you will consider
staying on?

Commissioner serves
at the mayor's pleasure.

But not at his bidding.

I'm aware of that, Frank.

Just so long as we understand
the difference.

ANNOUNCER: Please welcome
Tony Bennett and Carrie Underwood.


It had to be you

It had to be you

I wandered around
And finally found

Somebody who

Could make me be true

Could make me be blue

And even be glad
Just to be sad

Thinking of you

Some others I've seen

Might never be mean

Tony's gonna think
that you don't like his song.

Or try to be boss

What did Poole say?

He wants me to rubber-stamp
Farragaut's murder

as a fatal carjacking.

- He said that?
- In so many words,

which tells me that someone
involved in the investigation

told him about the girl's apartment.

He doesn't wanna be burned
by a scandal in his inner circle

- the moment he takes office.
- Not my problem.

For nobody else

Gave me a thrill

With all your faults
I love you still

- It had to be you
- Wonderful you

It had to be you


Thank you.

Tony and I recorded that
for his 85th birthday album.


Thank you.


I see my old friend Frank Reagan
over there.

My driver got a speeding ticket.
Could you take care of that for me?


Thank you. Ha, ha.



Hey, Long lsland iced tea,
vodka, rocks.

I remember where I know you from.

Okay, where?

Stardust, back in the day.

Maybe you remember me.
Can't say I remember you

or much of anything
about the nights at that place.

If you can remember what happened
at Stardust, you weren't really there.

- Amen.
- Ha, ha. Thank you.

Listen, I'm gonna
meet this chick later.

She'll need just a little encouragement,
if you know what I mean.

You think you could point me in the
direction to score a little something?

Why would you think
I could point you?

Stardust alum.

You see that guy behind me
working his phone?


It's a cop.

I never forget a face.

And I can always make a cop.


Lisa, what are you doing here?

At 8:00 this morning,

I had two detectives at my house
with a warrant

to search Cole's home office.

They took his files.
They took his laptop.

It's just procedure.
We're doing everything we can--

Kyle, my youngest, asked me if
his father had done something wrong.

They just need to go through
each and every detail.

Do they suspect Cole of something
that ended in his murder?

Not exactly.

He was my husband.

You are my friend.

I wanna know everything you know.

JACKlE: His records show
Cole Farragaut rented the studio.

The whole thing screams
of love shack.

Well, if somebody else dug that up,
why are we chasing the lead?

Well, word's come down
from the PC

that they want us to plug any holes
on this case.

So they thought it best
to be going with the family.

When my old man wants something
done, he usually asks me himself.

I agree.
Something weird's going on here.

Police. Open up.

Smells like teen spirit.

I know that smell.


Juicy perfume. My niece wears that.

Whoever she is,
she's one tough cookie.



DANNY: Shut up.
- Did Kiril call you?

I was calling him.
I swear, I was calling--

- Shh.
- Shush.

Just wanna ask you a few questions.

Almost from when
Cole start seeing me,

he talk about wanting me
for his own.

He get apartment for us,

and he come to take me there.

But Kiril found out.
How, I don't know.

Who's this Kiril?

Kiril, my boss.

Kiril always knows what is planning.

Cole get angry and tell Kiril
he does not have me to own.

You do not try telling Kiril that.

So, what happened then?

First, Cole punch Kiril hard,

Iike he is taking me no matter what.

Kiril is strong too, though.

They fight more. Kiril wins.

Cole stop breathing.

I do nothing
because Kiril will kill me too.

What's this Kiril's last name?

Kiril have a lot of last name.

I don't know what one now.

Nikolina, where's Kiril?

I don't know.

You gotta do better than that.

Probably back in Croatia, I think.

That's not what you think, Nikolina.
You think he's still here.

You thought Kiril was the one
who sent my partner and me

to your apartment to get you.

Now, Nikolina, tell me where he is.

I swear, I don't know.

All right. Well, I'm gonna
check with lmmigration.

See your status. And maybe
that'll strike up your memory.

Please! I'm not child.

I know all Cole want me for
is for sex.

But last day of his life,
Cole tried to save me.

His last wish was for me to be free.

Okay. I think we've heard enough.

Lisa, I'll try to hold her
as a material witness to the--

And then what? Put her on the stand
so every gory detail gets broadcast?

Have my boys live this out
for the rest of their lives?

No. Let her go.

- Look, it's a police matter now.
- I don't care.

Let her go.

You're saying Lisa would rather see
her husband's killer go free?

If the alternative is exposing him
as getting murdered for his obsession

with a hooker, then yes.

Plus, the girl admits
that Farragaut started it.

So if we put Kiril on trial,

any decent defense attorney
is gonna run with that.

So you're thinking about
walking around the murder charge.

I think I can indict Kiril
on sex-trafficking charges

and with the right judge
get a comparable sentence.

You got the ammunition?

Nikolina named six other girls.

So if I can get her and the others
as cooperating witnesses,

I have a case.

I see two problems.

One, there's no guarantee that
Farragaut's relationship with the girl

isn't gonna come out
in court anyway.

So you run the risk of looking
like you're covering it up.

And that's a hell of a risk.

What's the other?

When someone's murdered in my city,
I like to see the killer brought to justice.


Commissioner, Mayor-Elect Poole is
making a round of the chiefs' offices.

- Scheduled?
- lmpromptu, apparently.

Should I invite him up?

Apparently, he doesn't think
he needs an invitation.

Don't burn the bridge.

Well, there's something to be said
for going out on top.

You're not ready.


It's a hell of a lot easier
to put yourself in harm's way

than it is to ask others to do so.

At least for me, anyway.

Play nice.

Erin. Frank.

I would have been happy
to introduce you around myself.

I always found it useful to, um,

just arrive unannounced
and dive right in.

there is an etiquette to this office.

One that I'm sure you'll appreciate
once you start running this city.

Well, I just wanted to commend you

on whatever you did to keep
the Farragaut case on track.

No commendation required.

My people are working
with the DA's office

to find and punish those responsible.

I see. Well, then,
for seeing that it's progressed

without any leaks to the press.

Well, it's not leaks to the press
that I'm worried about right now.

I'm trying to find out
who talked to you.

Frank, you know,
I had a long conversation

with the outgoing mayor about you.

He characterized you
as having a problem with authority.

I draw a paycheck as
a New York City police commissioner.

I not only don't have a problem with
authority, I pretty damn well define it.

Well, to some, yes.

But to others, Frank,

you define a kind of white,
lrish-Catholic, middle-class,

Iast-century way of thinking.

You accept that?

As you are an African-American,

community activist

whose own polling shows

deep gaps in support
across racial and ethnic divides.

But still, I won the election.

Thanks for dropping by.

You have a good evening.

- Hey, have the same as him.
BARTENDER: Sure thing.

Thanks. Hey.

Hey. So how did you
make out last night?

Oh, pretty well,
under the circumstances.

Yeah, sorry I froze you out there.

But, look, cops make me tense
even just hanging around.

No problem.

Good news, though.

The doctor is in the house tonight,
and he's got some fresh mash.

What's mash?

Heh. Where you been, man?

Look, it's like blow and X
got together and had a kid.

It's the best party you've ever been to,
right between your ears.

I'm in.

Yeah, me first.

All right, so let me get this straight.

He kills a guy, a guy that you know,
and you're just gonna

- go after him on pimping charges?
- Sex trafficking.

Se-- Look, it's still a prosecutor
pleading down a killer.

It will carry the same sentence
as manslaughter if I can make it stick.

Did you speak to Dad about this?

Yeah. Earlier today in his office.

And what happened, did he
throw you out of his office himself?

Or did he have his security
throw you out?

I think that he is wise enough
to see that a murder trial

would only mean that Lisa and
her boys would be utterly humiliated.

I don't see the justice in that.

I cannot follow you
down that alley, Erin.

I'm not asking you
for backup here, Danny.


Look, to make the trafficking charge
stick, you need the girl.


Jackie has been hammering her
for hours. She will not give up Kiril.

Do you really think
you have a better way?

She won't give him up for us,
but maybe she'll do it for herself.


Erin, we're ready for the interview.



Whoa, did you get some?

- Not yet.
- No, back there. He's expecting you.

Um, ahem, you okay, man?

Yeah, just some ride, dude.

I feel like the back of my head
is sliding off.



Whoa, whoa, whoa.

- Hey.
- What the-- ?



No, hey, hey. All right, okay.

- Get him out.
- Call 911.

Not for an OD. House rules.
Get him the hell out of here.

Hey. Let me get your seat.
Away from your seat. Excuse me.

MAN: Okay.
WOMAN: Oh, God.

Don't crowd the man.

- Uh...
MAN: Yeah, I don't know.

Yeah, I need an ambulance.
Corner of 88th and 3rd,

possible overdose, 88th and 3rd.
Make it quick.

Did he ever beat you?

What kind of beatings?


Cigarette burns to back of knees.

How much longer can this go on?

I think she knows what she's doing.

Those special football shoes...

What do you call them?
With the things on the bottom?



He'd put those on
and kick you all over.

Do you know where Kiril is?


You don't know where he is, but you
know a place where he might go.

Club, a park, a friend or a relative.

No, I don't know.

You only go free if you tell the truth.

- I don't know.
ERlN: You can only truly be free

if Kiril is off the streets.
You know that.

Kiril always find a way out.

No. Not this time.

Is there a place
where we can find Kiril,

arrest him, and make him pay
for what he has done to you

and to all the other girls?



There is a caf? in Astoria

where they show Croatian
football match by satellite.



Kiril Farkas.
You're under arrest. Get up.

- Get up.
- I want lawyer.

Get your lawyer
when you're arraigned.

- I know my rights.
- You have the right to remain silent.

Why don't you shut the hell up?


DANNY: Put him in the box.
KlRlL: I want my lawyer now.

- Yeah, yeah.
- Do you understand English?

Yeah, whatever. Give me his number.
I'll let him know you're our guest.

JACKlE: Is that Kiril?
- Yes. He is Kiril.

Is she back there?

That lying little whore?
Is that why you bring me here?

POLlCEMAN: Hey! Hey!
JACKlE: Come on.

Hey. You kill your boyfriend
and blame me, huh?

- Lock him down.
KlRlL: Is that what you're doing?

- Shut your face.
KlRlL: Okay.

Okay. I get it now.

Kiril have the Google.
I know boyfriend VlP.

So, what? Whore kills boyfriend,
but his VlP friends...

- Hey, shut your mouth. Shut up!
- ...tell you to stick it on me.

All right. So come on, arrest me.
Let's get CNN. I tell all about him.

- I get it now.
- We're down that alley now.

- You're not.
KlRlL: Come on, arrest me.

I'm not?
I arrested this guy on your charges.

What the hell you want me
to do with him?

Okay. I tell all about Mr. Big-Shot-
Pervert-Guy and his little whore.

Just put him in a cell.

Yeah, and then what?

- Detective.
- Who are you?

I'm Agent Stark with lmmigration
and Customs Enforcement.

I have orders to take over custody
of Mr. Farkas.

- lmmigration?
- On what authority?

U.S. Department of Justice.

Mr. Farkas is being deported
to Croatia.

- Croatia?
- Where they have an active warrant

- for his arrest.
- Croatia? Okay. Heh, heh.

Okay, I want lawyer now.

You'll get lawyer. Waiting for you
at the terminal in Zagreb.

No. No, I have papers!

- You can't send me back!
- Hey.

I kill you! No. No, come on.
Please, please, please.

He will stand trial in Croatia.
Is that right?

Yes. But not the kind that's
gonna have reporters covering it.

Just a judge and a hangman.


The trial over there
will never become public.

It's not the way
I planned it at all, but--

But you know what they say.

If you wanna make God laugh,
tell him your plans.

How will you manage?

I have three boys
who need me now twice as much.

It's not the time for hiding out
or feeling sorry for myself.

But you will take care of yourself.

Yes, yes, by taking care of them.


Take a look at our Christmas card this
year and let me know how I'm doing.


Thank you.

You're a good friend.

Well, with a strong background
in community activism

in a city as diverse as New York,

you'd be bound to have some
connections with lmmigration.

I've made a few friends
along the way.

Some of them in lmmigration.

Good friends to have.


Well, whatever favors
were done, Frank,

were done for the common good.
Wouldn't you agree?


Well, assuming you don't disagree,

I do appreciate the discretion
shown by your department.

Let's be clear. I did nothing for you.

If you're returning my letter
because you think I played ball here,

- you're misguided.
- That's not why, Frank.


No, it isn't. Listen,
I could bring back public hangings

to Washington Square Park,

and I'll still be labeled "soft on crime."
So that's part of it, sure.

But there's something else.

You know, as a kid in Bed-Stuy,

they would lock up the hoop courts

every weekend due to budget cuts.

But there was this one cop
from the precinct

who got a key somehow, and he
would come out Saturday morning,

open them up, come back and kick us
out at the end of the day and lock up.

There's really no way you'd
remember me, but I remember you.

And it was the first time
that I considered a white, lrish cop

could be one of the good guys.

And that still goes?

I want you to stay on
as my police commissioner.


thank you.

Can I ask a favor?

- Shoot.
- I'd like to think about it.

Give you my answer
Monday morning.

- All right, your half-hour starts now.
- Okay.

So, what'd he say?

The mayor asked me to stay on.

NlCKY: Wow, that's awesome.
ERlN: That's great news.

Just hold on a minute.

I told him I'd give him my answer
Monday morning.

- You made him wait?
- Yeah.

Look at you,
messing with the new mayor.

But this is great news.

He needs you more
than you need him.

What is this, some kind of
negotiation here, Dad?


It's a decision
that affects the whole family,

so I thought I'd give you all a chance
to weigh in.

There are two of you,
and soon enough maybe three,

who, like it or not, have your old man
as their ultimate boss,

or else the guy down the street
who throws a long shadow.

That's never been a problem for me.

Oh, sure it has.

For all of you.

You boys never wonder if you catch a
case because of who your old man is?

When I was PC,

if guys were letting off steam

or shooting the bull
about some gray area of the job,

they'd clam up
when your dad came around.

He felt outside the circle
because of my position.

You never heard that from me.

You really think I didn't know?

Well, since we get to weigh in,

I say, better the devil you know
than the devil you don't know.

ALL: Ha, ha.
- Nice.

- He knows what I mean.
LlNDA: Okay.

And conversely,

I can always pick up the phone
and get the PC on the line any time.

I know a lot of guys who'd be glad
if you stayed.

Up and down the ranks.

You know what?
Let's just take a vote.

All in favor of Grandpa?

Francis, you can't abstain
in your own election.



At the table you said a lot of men
would be glad if I stayed on.

Are you one of them?

I can handle it. I voted "yes."

Excuse me, sir. This pier
is within a New York City park.

You can't smoke here.

I'm sorry, officer.

How about if I just let it go out?

You have a good night,

Thank you, officer.


Sure not gonna miss having a nanny
at city hall.

You are still the PC, Dad.

That bar you were working was
padlocked by the state this morning.

That's a good thing.

And the guy you took to the hospital

has been calling around
trying to find you.

He was?

How did you know that?

OCCB has a tap on his phones.


What's going on here?

His father and his uncle are captains
in the Cavazerre crime family.

He's a wiseguy?

His record's clean, but nobody
thinks that tells the whole story.


OCCB has tried to get inside
the Cavazerre family

for a couple of years,
but with no luck.

My guess, when the time's right,
they'll come to you.

With your blessing?

Son, I think you can do anything
you set your mind to.

So as your PC, sure.


But as your father...