Blue Bloods (2010–…): Season 10, Episode 19 - Family Secrets - full transcript

After getting a match from an unknown relative from a DNA network, Sean Reagan does some detective work to figure out who this mystery person is; Frank gets a personal request from a woman (Bonnie Sommerville) to transfer her son to a safer assignment.

So, why did you run this namethrough the NYPD database?

It's not important.

Is it related to a casewe're working on?

No. It's fine. Don't
worry about it.

Is it personal?

It's got nothing to do
with you or this office.

You can't do that, Anthony.

What are you talking about?

Unless this name is relatedto a case we're working on,

then it's off-limits. Erin, you got to
be kidding me.

No, I'm not. This officeis not for personal use.

Yeah, well, then,
you want to tell that

to the rest of the
Reagans who come in

like they own the place,
asking you for favors?

Okay, that's different, Anthony,

because... Yeah, it's different
because it's your family,

so they can waltz in, uh,

whenever they want for
whatever they want.

Come on, Anthon... Yeah, message received.

I got to go. Look,


Pick up.

Anthony, please. Please pick up.



Hello, beautiful.

Who, me?

How was your day?

Let's see, do you want to hear

about the suspicious odor call

or the hit-and-run?

I haven't eaten yet, so neither one.

Do you hear that?

Hear what? Shh.

You think it's a cat?

It's coming from over here.

What is that? Oh, my God.

Oh, my God, Jamie.
It's a baby.Okay.

Is he okay?
He-He's alive.

All right, get-get him up. Let's get him inside.

Anybody, call it
in! We need a bus.

We got a baby.

Hey. What do we got?

We gota male Hispanic DOA.

Looks like he tooktwo to the chest.

Best I can tell, he ran throughhere and went out the back door.

Any witnesses? Not yet.

Any lunch crowd? Owner
didn't see anything?

He says he only saw the vic.

Any idea of the shooter?

Male wearing a hoodie,

which pretty much describes
half the neighborhood.

Oh. Well, great.

Any security cameras?

Just the front.

ID? Only the phone.

But the bodega owner
says he was in a hurry.

Let's get a canvass started.

That's funny.

His last call
was to Anthony Abetemarco.

Imagine that.

He just got here.


Hey, there he is.

I'm sorry to just show up, but it's kind of important.

Anytime. Anytime. Uh, it was just supposed to be

like a regularschool assignment,

and then this pops upand then... Hey.

Take it easy.

What assignment?

Family ancestry. You know, you, like, spit in a tube,

and you send it out, and they tell you

all about your relatives. I understand DNA testing.

What's the problem?

Mine got a match.


A first cousin.

It's not Nicky. It's a guy.


your mom's brother Jimmy
was always kind of

a loose cannon, so...

Your side of the family.


Either Erin or Jamie has a kid

that no one knows about,

or no one told me about...

Could it be my dad?

It's not your dad.

It would have come back
as a sibling, so...

that's out of the way, okay?

Now, what do you know
about this guy?

Just this.

See how his lineconnects to us?

Did you contact him?

No. I didn't eventell my dad.

I came straight here.

I don't know, Sean.

If there was a skeleton
in the family closet,

I'm pretty sure
I'd know about it.

It's no skeleton.

It's a real-life guy,

and he's justwalking around out there.

Son of a bitch, it is him.

You want to let us in
on what's going on?

He's my witness in a case
against Juan Acosta.

The head of the Apostles?

Yeah. Acosta's about
to start trial

for the murder of
a father of four,

and Geo Valdez was
my star witness.

Wow, you two didn't think
to have protection on him?

Protection was supposedto start tomorrow.

That's when I was supposed to

hand over his name
to the defense.

We wanted to start it sooner.

He didn't want to gettaken off the street yet.

Well, it looks like he's
off the street permanently

now, doesn't it?

Yeah, well, without Geo,
I have no case.

That is, unless we can prove
Acosta ordered the hit.

Well, you better
figure it out fast

'cause the trial starts
in two days,

and I don't want Acosta
walking free.

Course not.

She wouldn't saywhat she wants.

Do you want me to stay?

No. It's okay.

I met her a long time ago.

I know her parents,
and I got some free time.

Otherwise, I'd just sit here
and worry about something.

Paula Hill.

Nice to see you again.

Hello, Commissioner.

Please, sit down.

So, it's been a long time.Yes.

The last time I talked to you, you were trying to convince me

not to drop out of the academy.

Yeah, I lost that one.

Turns out my son hascarried on that tradition.

He's in the firearms unit.


Which is why I am here.

I would like you to transfer him

to either the 6-4 in Brooklyn

or the 1-16 squad in Queens.

For what reason?

Because your son Joewas his father.

And because, as his mother,

I'd like him to have
a safer assignment.

I dropped out of the academy
because I was pregnant.

Did my son...

Did he know? No.

I kept it from him.

May I ask why?

Because I had no interest
in being in a relationship

at the time.

Because I knewif I told him,

he'd insist ongetting married.

Or at least wantto be involved in raising him.

It was just a fling.

We were never gonna be
each other's soul mates.

And why now?

Because he has always been
asking who his father was.

And now he's doing DNA testing.

He was no more
than two hours old

when you picked him up,
umbilical cord still attached.

But he's gonna be okay?

His body temperature
was dangerously low,

but there was no visible
signs of injury.

So, healthy?

He's in the NICU.

Had to be put on oxygen, and
we have no medical history,

but I'd say an extremely
unlucky kid.

Unlucky? I thou... I thought yousaid he was gonna be okay.

Oh, he will be.

But abandoned by your mother
and left to die?

I'd call that unlucky.


What's wrong?

This whole thing is wrong.


Any word from the mother?

The detectives have the case.

They put a word out

to ERs to look out for mothers
seeking medical attention,

then they're starting
the canvass.

I want to work the canvass.

Eddie... Eddie,
your tour's over.

I have to do this.

Hey, you're letting
this get personal.

It doesn't get any morepersonal than this.

Which is exactly why
you shouldn't do it.

This is exactly why I should.

How many times do we
deal with situations

that we can't change?

Most of the time
we respond to calls

where someone has already been
raped or murdered or mugged.

But this... this is a chance
where we can do something

that could change
this kid's life forever.

Last night, I was playing
Call of Dutywith him.

Today I'm picking out
funeral clothes.

We're very sorry for your loss.

And now you're telling me he wascooperating with the police

against Juan Acosta?

No wonder he was killed.

Teddy, do you think Acostahad something to do with it?

Come on. Why else?

Geo had no enemies. Did your brother confide

in you at all about
what he was doing?

You know, testifying?

No. My brother spent his life
protecting me.

You think Geo told anyone else?

A friend? A girlfriend, maybe?

No way.

He and his girl were fighting.

Fighting about what?

She thought he was
cheating on her.

And was he? No.

When he wasn't hanging with her,

he was hanging with me,

but she didn't believe him.

Do you have any idea
who he was with last night?

I know he met her at DeTitta's.

After that, I don't know.

So he was with his girlfriend,
who he's fighting with.

Any idea where we can find her?

I know she works at a cafe
on Second Ave.

I just...

I can't believe he's gone.

Once again, we're really sorry.

His nameis Joseph Hill.

Graduated the academyin 2016.

Got assigned to Brooklyn North.

Currently, he's working
as a detective

in the Firearms
Investigation Unit.

How did he get FIU when he'sonly been on the job four years?

He intervened in
a bodega robbery.

Subdued the perp without injury.

Saved a young womanand a baby.

Got his choiceof assignments off that.

You want to tell me why
we're looking into him?

Not particularly.

I'd like to meet
with Detective Hill,

please set it up.

Uh, what do I tell himthe reason is?

That his police commissioner
requests a meeting.

That is all.

Something on your mind?

No. There's something on yours.

Detective Joe Hill
is my grandson.



Named Joe after his father?

Um... I assume so.

Does he know?

Well... I don't think so,
but I'm not sure.

How are you gonna handle it?

With care for all concerned.

How's thatgo?

I have no idea.

We just have a few questions.
This shouldn't take long.

Mr. Acosta, can you give usyour whereabouts yesterday

between the hoursof 1:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m.? At the gym.

Did you communicate with anyone, uh, other than your attorney?


We'll be checking
your phone records.

Are you suggestinghe's lying?

Yes, I am.

My client agreedto speak with you.

He doesn'thave to cooperate.

Your client shouldn't
even be out on bail

as far as I'm concerned.

He has no criminal history.

Oh, he's got criminal history,

he just hasn't been caught.

Ain't that right, Mr. Acosta?

That would only imply
I'm better at my job

than you are at
yours, Detective.

Are you planning to fileadditional charges?

Not yet.

But one of our witnesseswas murdered. Geo Valdez.

That's too bad.

Shut your mouth.
My client

just gave youhis alibi.

Your client could have
ordered a hit.

My client is a businessman
being wrongfully prosecuted.

Is that what you tell yourselfto feel better

about representing him?

Your witness was murdered.

Maybe you should do a better
job of protecting him.

Yeah, 'cause it
sounds to me like

without this witness...
you got dick.

Do not say another word.
Get up. Meeting's over.

We'll see you in court.


Joe Hill.


Commissioner. It's a real
pleasure to meet you.

I'm sorry, I didn't have timeto change into my dress uniform.

We just took down a case
in Hunt's Point

when I got the call
to come down here.

Understood. Have a seat.

How'd the operation go?

Little hairy at first,
then one for the good guys.

And the haul? Seven handguns,

fully automatic long gun,
nine keys of heroin.

All in a day's work.

Never a dull moment.

And you're the youngest
detective in your unit.

Guys I work with,
they're the best.

Well, your record
seems to indicate

they feel the same way
about you.

Tell me something.

Why did you request Firearms?

I didn't join the department
to get cats out of trees.

You know what I mean?

I do.

I do.

I know the job runs
deep in your family.

And yours, too.

Well... not like you

Am I in trouble
for something, sir?


No. I'm just calling in membersof specialized units

to get the lay of the land
from the guys in the trenches.

That's all.

Well... things are
great on my end.

Terrific COs, dedicated
guys in my unit.

I'm happy to be here.


Is there anything else, sir?

No. Just... thanksfor the good work.

Hey, green. Color of the day?


For my unit to be effective,

we sometimes need to blend
in with the population.

Color of the day... don't leave home without it.



Watch your six.

Always, sir.

Camila Garcia? Detectives Reagan and Baez.

Need to ask youa few questions about Geo. I don't know anything.

That seems to be a running themein your neighborhood.

Yeah. It's called survival.

You know anyonewho'd want to harm Geo? I just told you, no.

Really? Then why did Teddysay that you two were fighting? What does this

have to do with anything?

Shouldn't you be looking for
who killed him?

Did you know that Geowas gonna testify

against Juan Acosta
in a murder trial?


I didn't think
he'd be that stupid.

Why is that stupid?

Because Acosta owns
this neighborhood.

You know what else is stupid?

Cooperating with the cops.
That's what got him killed.

When did you see Geo last?

We met at DeTitta's.

What'd you two talk about?

We talked about getting married.


Does that sound like two peoplewho are fighting to you?

Hey, how'd the canvass go?

I froze my butt off for nothing.

Anything come back
on the... duffel bag?

I'm gonna send it to the crimelab, see if anything comes back

on prints or DNA.

I'm gonna go to local stores
and see if anyone sells it. Hey, Eddie...

And don't tell me to leave this
to the detectives, Jamie,

I don't want to hear that.

I will work on this on my
own time if I have to, okay?


I was gonna see if you
wanted my help with it.

Oh? Yeah.

In fact, I've already
called a bunch of places.

There are only three stores

that sell bags like that
near here. I figure we take

a picture of the duffel, see
if any of 'em recognize it.

I thought you were gonna tell meto take a step back.

Yeah, well, I've
kind of realized

when you're standing on
a cliff ready to jump,

I can't ask you to
take a step back.

So... my best
bet is to just

take your hand and
jump with you.

Well... then let's go.

Hey, Danny.

I tracked downthe security footage

from the restaurantfrom where your vic

met with his girlfriendbefore he was killed.

And? They met for about an hourand a half.

Okay, so what's the headline?

Let me show you.

Look like they're getting along. Maybe she told the truth.

Keep watching.

She's going
through his phone? She's taking pictures

of what's on his phone.

Son of a bitch. That's what girls do

when they thinktheir boyfriend is cheating.

Yeah, or testifying.

I'd love to see
what's on his phone.Yeah.

Except now we need to see
what's on herphone.


Do you carry Raver brand
duffel bags?

Yeah. Back wall.

Do me a favorand look at this photo,

see if you recognizethis bag?

You a sergeant?


Love cops.

Um, the bag?

Yeah. Those are pretty popular.

Want me to show you
where they are?

Um, actually, we're lookingfor a woman

in particular
who might have purchased

one of these recently.

Yeah, a pregnant woman.

Or she might havejust given birth.

Yeah. There was a pregnant
woman in here yesterday.

I remember her 'cause
she was kind of upset.

Upset, how?

I don't know. Just looked
like she'd been crying.

She kept asking
for an insulated bag,

so I showed her that one,

'cause it's the heaviest one
we have.

What did she look like?

She was pregnant.

Dark hair,

I don't really remember.

Well, did she pay with cash
or credit?

Do you know how many
people I help a day?

Well, uh, could you go through
the receipts and see?

And what do I get
for doing that?

You get to be a hero.


What? A hero?

Could help us with the baby.

Hey, what's this all about? Don't look at me.

Your dad asked meto call you.

There he is.

Thank you.


Joe fathered a son
he never knew about.


Oh, my God.

Wow. I did not see
that one coming.

- Nor I.
- We don't know

anything about this. Did you
know something about this?

Yeah, it started with my familyancestry project for school.

Detective Joe Hill ofthe Firearms Investigation Unit.

The NYPD Firearms Unit?


No way.

Oh, yeah.

How do we know that our Joedidn't know about him?

His mother told me.

Sure it isn't some kind
of scam or something?

Yeah, you sure
this whole thing checks out?

They use the same DNA tests thatyou guys use for crime scenes.

Very accurate.

So, what... this makes him
25, 26?


Does he know about us?

I don't think so.

Have you met him?

Yeah, I did.

What's he like?

What's he like?

I-I just met the guy,

and, uh, he's my grandson.

I will say this. Uh, he carrieshimself in a certain way.

The way he kind of sets himselfbefore he's gonna say something.

You know what I mean?

Yeah, I do.

Kind of like...

Exactly like...

Was it eerie?

No, it was more like familiar.

Same way he talked
about being on the job.

Well, how was that?

Like all of you when
you first came on.

Like being a cop was like
playing for the Bulls

with Jordan or the drums
with Springsteen.

It was just familiar.

I'm just blown away.

Yeah, tell me about it.

Personally, I can't wait
to meet the guy.

When do you think
that can happen?

How'sthat gonna happen?

I have no idea.

Why don't we just invite
him to Sunday dinner?

Well, there's one other thing.

If you walk in his shoes,
how's he gonna feel

when he finds out who's on his
father's side of the family?

He's one of us. He'll be fine.

Pop has spoken.

I think we should
meet him together.

I'm in.

Me, too.

Me, three.


So, he and his mother are comingto family dinner?

I guess. You guess?

I just don't want to see
my dad get hurt.

Why do you think
your dad might get hurt?

All I know is, this guy'sa complete stranger,

and how do you make up
for all that lost time?

That is what I'm saying
about this baby.

Hmm. He could grow up
never knowing

who his mother is.

How could you

leave him outside, not knowing
what was gonna happen to him?

Maybe she's young, maybeshe's assuming he'll get adopted

by a great family.

Maybe she's a psychopath.

I think she dropped him in frontof the precinct for a reason.

If she loved him, she would
not have abandoned him.

She would have made sure
that he found a good home.

I know one way to make surehe goes to a good home.

Do not even go there.

You would not agree
to adopt a dog.

You're telling me
you would adopt Cayden?


Yeah, I forgot to tell you,
I-I gave him a name.

It means "great fighter."

But you're not getting
too attached or anything.

No, I'm not. I'm...

That's not what I'm saying.

What are you saying?

I'm... saying maybe he is betteroff if we don't find his mother.

What do we got?

She erased the screenshots fromher photos and from the trash,

but it automatically
backed up to Photobank.

And these two platforms
aren't connected anymore,

so the existing photos
are still there.

Okay. Show me the pictures
she took of Geo's phone.

"Acosta doesn't
suspect anything,

but I want time to get my familysquared away before I testify."

And these are texts
between Geo and who?

Uh, the D.A.'s office.

Did she send these pictures
to anyone?

Yeah. The numbercomes back to a...

Don't say Juan Acosta.

Juan Acosta.

Something wrong?

Yeah, Camila got
her boyfriend whacked.

May I approach the bench?

Yeah, let's make it quick.

My main witness was murdered.

A delay in the trial
won't raise him from the dead,

as far as I know.

I have reason to believe
that Mr. Acosta

is connected to the murder.

There's reason to believel'll get a date with Brad Pitt.

But without evidence,
there's no valid reason

to inconvenience the court.

Mr. Acosta is a
very dangerous man.

He's been accused
of murder in the past and...

But he's never been convicted.

She's right. Facts, Counselor,
not conjecture, please.

I'm asking for three days,
that's it.

I cannot in good conscience
inconvenience a jury

and delay a trial with nothing
more to go on than a hunch.

It's more than a hunch,
Your Honor.

It is without supporting
evidence, Counselor.

I don't see a reason
to delay proceedings.

I'll hearopening arguments

tomorrow morning.

I think it's further up.

I think that's her.

Hey, can we ask you

a few questions?


Is this you?

No.Don't lie to us.

You left your baby outside ofa police precinct in the cold!

Are you gonna lie
to me right now?!

Take it easy.

You bought a duffel bag

at Empire StateSporting Goods?

We want to help you.

Your baby had hypothermia.

Eddie. Eddie.


Is he okay?

Is my baby okay?
Please, is he okay?

He's okay. He's in a hospital.

I'm sorry, I'm so sorry.

Sorry. Please...

I already told you everything.

Except the part about youratting out your own boyfriend.

I don't know what
you're talking about. Yes, you do.

You told Acosta that Geo
was gonna testify against him.

I don't even know what you mean.

Then why'd you go
through Geo's phone?

I didn't.You went throughGeo's phone

and you took pictures
of his personal text messages.

I was only going
through his phone

to make sure
he wasn't cheating on me.

Really? Then whydidn't you take

any pictures of himtexting other girls?

Instead of taking a picture
of him texting with the D.A.

about testifying against Acosta?

And you got Geo killed doing it.

If Geo testified, Acosta would automatically think

I knew about it,
and he'd have me killed, too.

So you sacrificed
your own boyfriend?

No, he sacrificed me!

You could save yourself
right now,

'cause you're looking
at accessory to murder.

Tell me whothe shooter was

and I'll help you out.


You do realize that if Acosta
finds out you were up here,

even just visiting a friend,
he's gonna assume

you're cooperating, too,
and you're as good as dead.

How will he even know?

You like taking photos
and sending them to Acosta.

We could take one, too.
And I'll send it to him.

Say cheese.

You can't do that. Sure, I can.

Unless you want to help me outand tell me who the shooter was.

You have no idea
how scared I am.

Don't you think Geo was scared?!

And now he's dead!

Tell me who the shooter was.

I heard it was
a guy named Cortez.

He works for Acosta.

Where do I find him?

He lives in the Garfield Houses,

but you better get there
before Teddy does.

Why the hell
is Teddy going there?

He found out
Cortez was the shooter.

When? Couple hours ago.

He's looking for revenge.

Could I ask you something?

Did my son Joe,

did he talk about
our family in a way

that made you want to keep
your son away from us?

How do you mean?

I'm not sure.

Just a thought
that won't go away.

He had nothing but love
and respect for you.


But nothing. It was on me.

I just felt,
for all Joe would talk about

w-walking in his father
and grandfather's footsteps,

that he'd also be
walking in their shadows.

And I wanted my son

to be free to make
his own choices.

Good for you.

But this week has forced my handin ways I did not see coming.

So you told him.




How'd he react?

With a thousand questions.

And with a laugh, looking back
at his meeting in this office.

He said he knew somethingwas up, but he couldn't

quite put his finger on it.

So much for my poker face.

Look, I'm glad
you're coming to dinner.

We can answer his questions
in person.

Yeah. So, what about
his reassignment?

You know, I've thought
about that for years now.

What do you mean?

Should I have leaned on placingmy son in a less active unit?

Would he still be
with us today if I had?

So you dounderstand.

Course I do.

Thank you.

I also understand... uh, I know...

That we lose cops to friendly
fire, to senseless execution,

to suicide.

A rookie's walking a quiet beat,

and suddenly he finds himself

between a gun
and a cash register.

There's no rigging the odds.

Of course there is.

It's simple logic.

Not in this line of work.

Your son's chosen line of work.

You're actually turning me down?

I am trying to think
of what's best for him.

Okay. So, when you're done
thinking about it,

you let me know.

Until then, I would rather
you didn't contact us.

I'm sorry you feel that way.

I'm sorry he ever found out
about you.


Please help me.

Please help me.

Shut up!


What the hell are you doing,

Don't come closer.

This is not the way to get
revenge, kid, you hear me?


He killed Geo.

Please, he's crazy.

Shut up! Shut up!

Teddy! Come on, put the gun
down on the bed, all right?

So nobody gets hurt.

Is this the gun you used
to kill Geo?


Is it?!

Teddy, you don't want
to do this. Come on.

Help. He killed my brother.

You don't know what that's like.

Yes, I do.

Somebody killed my brother, too.

And hers.

I know exactly how you feel.

Both of us do.

Killing him is not gonna
make you feel any better.

Let's just put the gun down
on the bed, all right?

Let this scumbag spend
the rest of his life

in prison,
regretting what he's done.

So you don't have to.

That's the way Geo
would want it.

I promise you.

Drop it.

On the ground. On the ground.

On the ground!

You did the right thing.


The judge is gonna let me
read Geo's testimony

to the grand jury.

Not the same impact
as having him there, but...

it's something.

And Danny said he might have
something for us tonight.


What's this?

It's the criminal history
for Julia Kowalski.

She was chargedwith possession of

a forged instrument... she got a fake driver's license

when she was undocumented.

Since then,
she has gotten a work visa

and her record is
spotless clean.

In fact, the family she worked for

the past five years havenothing but good things

to say about her.

So, why'd you look into it aftermaking such a big deal

of me running her name?

You accused me of playing
favoritism to my family.

And maybe that's true,

but you're my family, too.

Thank you.

I talked tothe detectives.

She put him in the duffel bag,

figuring she'd rather
take her chances

with Child Protective Servicesfinding him a good home,

rather than those lawyerswho brought her here.

The lawyers that
brought her here?

Yeah, two adoption lawyersrunning a baby ring.


They were paying her $2,000
to give him up.

That's it?

Yeah, well, all the motherswere from poor areas,

so $2,000 might as wellbe a million.

Huh. Then they'd turn aroundand sell the kids

for 30 to 80 grand.


What's gonna happen to him now?

Well, his mom is petitioningto get him back.

You okay?

Well, I'm happy that he gets

to be with his mom.


There isn't really a but.

I think I just...

was trying to think of a...

a reason for all of this, and...

why you and me found him.

But there isn't a reason.

Yeah, there-there is... we...

we saved his life.

And probably others.

When I told you
I didn't get attached, I lied.

I know that.

But I know a waythat we can get a baby

that's ours to keep.

Oh. Oh, yeah? Mm-hmm.

Hmm. Oh, well, maybe this time,

I get to be the hero.

Before we bring the jury in,

I'd like to request
an adjournment.


Didn't we go through this

New information has cometo my attention.

Sensitive information.


The People have enough

to tie Mr. Acosta
to the murder of Geo Valdez.

We're in the middle of trial... Including

two witnesses.
He's being charged with

murder in the second degree.

Your Honor, the People can bringcharges against Mr. Acosta

when this trial is over.

Why, so he cankill someone else?

I'm asking for two days

to bring this murder case
to the grand jury.

And I ask that
Mr. Acosta be remanded.


You can step back now.

Juan Acosta,

you're under arrestfor the murder of Geo Valdez.

You stupid bitch.

Looks to me like you're the onewho's got dick now.

Your son is late.

Well, he left his phone
in the car.

There are no phones
at the table.

I don't know what to say.
He likes to have it close by.

Come on, Sean.

Hope you got your phone on mute.

Sorry I'm late, uh...

We have company.

Everyone, uh,
this is my cousin Joe.


Hi, everybody, uh...

I'm Jamie,
this is my wife Eddie.

Great to meet you,
Sarge. Hey, Eddie.

Hey, Joe.

I'm Erin.

I got to ask... how'd you
get out of becoming a cop?

Oh, I'm the smart one.

All right.

There you go.


Just Henry.

Or Pop.

Welcome, Joe.


Danny Reagan.

I heard about you.

I trust that's it's all good.


He's a Reagan.


I hope this is okay.

It's more than okay, Joe.

And call me...

call me whatever you want.

Yes, sir.

Except sir.




I'll take that.Thanks.


Uh, Reagans say grace.

So, Sean...

you started this mess.

Name of the Father,
the Son, Holy Spirit.

Bless us, O Lord...

And these, thy gifts,
which we are about to receive

from thy bounty,
through Christ our Lord. Amen.

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