Blue Bloods (2010–…): Season 10, Episode 14 - Fog of War - full transcript

Danny and Baez work with Texas Ranger Waylon Gates when they are part on a case to find the Lone Star Killer; after Eddie's partner mistakenly shoots an undercover cop, Internal Affairs accuses Jamie of not supervising properly.

(static crackles)

Backup team one
in position.

MARTINSON: Copy, backup team one.
We go on my command.

I was working a drug raid
at this park just last month.

And how much you want to bet

we collar the exact same

Your tax dollars at work.



Shots fired! Park entrance!

Police! Don't move!


(siren approaching)


Don't move! Drop your gun!

Drop your gun now!

On the ground now!

Oh, no.

Sarge. Sarge.

MARTINSON: All units, all units,
move into north field.

Oh, my God.

Oh, my God.

Sergeant Price.

She was coming right at me,
firing her weapon.

Central, 10-13.

10-13, we have an officer down.

I repeat, we have
an officer shot!

Hang in there, Sarge.
Hang in there, Brenda.

Help's on the way!

Stay with us!
Stay with us, Price.

Hang in there, Sarge!

Sergeant, stay with us!

Help's on the way!
Help's coming!

ABETEMARCO: Shooter is, uh,
Oliver Landry.

Says he was walking
home from work

when these guys
tried to rob him.

What are their conditions?

The guy who took it
in the gut is okay.

Uh, the other guy
might have spinal damage.

Mr. Landry's weapon--
is it registered?


Carry permit?

Negative, but he got
a premises permit

and the right
to defend himself.

He wasn't on his property.

And you can't shoot
someone who doesn't

present a threat, like
the victim he shot in the back.


You mean perp.

From what I just saw,
there could be three perps here.

Come on, uh...
Landry's just a regular schnook

trying to get home from work.

Hey, he's being called
a hero for taking a stand.

He's also being called
a white man

who gunned down
two unarmed black guys.

No, they took a knife off one
of these guys at the hospital.

Which was nowhere in evidence
in that video.

Come on, you really
gonna charge this guy?

I would like our hero
in this office ASAP.

(siren chirps)

(siren wails)

(both sigh)

This blows.

We'll be at the courthouse
in a few minutes.

I know.

The witness they're
delivering ran drugs

from the Texas border
for the Ace Double Treys.

His testimony could
cripple their operation.

Yeah. Great.

(tires screeching)

Gun! Gun!


Look out!
(tires screeching)

You okay?

Stay low!


Baez, driver's on the move!

Come on! Come on, Wiley!

Danny, the witness!

I got him!


(tires screeching)





Hear anything?

She's in surgery;
that's all we know.

That's her husband, right?

Yeah, Jason. He's here
with his two little girls.

Someone took them
to get some Cokes.

I got to go say something.

I'm not sure now's the time.

I can't not.

Uh, Jason?
JASON: Yeah.

Jas-Jason, I'm-I'm
Officer Eddie Janko.

I was with Brenda
on the scene.

Yeah, what--
yeah, what happened?

Hi. Sergeant
Reagan, Jamie.

Yeah, what the hell happened?

There was some
confusion at the scene.

Okay, what does that mean?

Friendly fire.

Friendly... friendly fire?
You guys are the NYPD.

James Addison.

I was on the scene, too.

I think that, uh...

it might've been me
that shot her.

At what scene, in what world

does my wife look like
one of the criminals, man?

What the hell happened?!

I am so sorry.

Oh, you're sorry?!

- Hey, hey, hey...
- Oh, you're sorry? - Hey, guys.

Doctors are hard at work.

(sobs softly)

So let's concentrate
on that, okay?



(door opens)

Your vehicle's standing by.

Garrett and Gormley
are on their way up.


ETA at the hospital's
at least a half hour

even with lights
and sirens.


Train leaves in 30 seconds.
Where are your coats?

Boss, we lost her.

She died on the table.

The initial report said wounded.

I know.

But the final report...

♪ ♪


The husband and two kids
were at the hospital.


Well, still are, I imagine.

Half hour, at least.

You want to send word
to have them wait for you?

God, no.

♪ Blue Bloods 10x14 ♪
The Fog of War
Original Air Date on February 14, 2020

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♪ ♪

(cameras clicking,
quiet chatter)

The death of
Sergeant Brenda Price

is a profound loss to her family
and to this department.

She died in service
to the city

and its citizens,
and we owe her

our deepest thanks.

I'll take some questions.

(reporters clamoring)
Commissioner, can you...

Commissioner, can you
confirm that Officer Price

was killed in
a friendly fire incident,

shot by a fellow officer?

The investigation is ongoing,

but preliminary evidence
points to

the fatal shot coming from
a fellow officer's weapon.

(reporters clamoring)


Will you identify the officer

who killed Sergeant Price?


Will that officer face
charges for this incident?

We can't speak
to that now, Robert.

Will he or she be discharged
by the NYPD?

I got this.

What happened earlier today
was a tragedy,

pure and simple.

And the officer
who fired that fatal shot... not the perpetrator here.

Those drug dealers selling
their slow death in that park

are the ones who caused
my officer's sudden one.

That is what we know.

So let's please...


stick to those facts.

(reporters murmuring)

You know, you guys...

a little courtesy
goes a long way.

police radio chatter)

(siren whooping in distance)

Guys definitely knew
what they were doing.

Block our cars,
tons of firepower.

Had to be the Ace
Double Treys.

I guess that's why you guys
up here get the big bucks.

Who the hell are you?

The guy whose prisoner you lost.

Travis Wiley was captured
by the Lone Ranger?

Funny. Never heard that one.

Seriously, who are you?

Texas Ranger Waylon Gates.

Chased Wiley along

the Laredo border sector
for three months

before I finally took him down.

So what are you
doing in New York?

Came for the trial.

Now I got to get
my prisoner back.

Well, unfortunately for you,

you have no police powers
in this city.

From what I can tell,
the folks who do

don't use them very well.

The ADTs are one of
the most dangerous

drug gangs in the country.

Which might just suggest
you were a few guns light

on your little
courthouse convoy.

Well, I'm gonna suggest

that you head back
to the O.K. Corral

while we rustle up Travis Wiley.

Sound like a plan?


even a blind hog
finds an acorn now and then.

Well, the hat's
definitely working for him.

(phone ringing, busy chatter)

ERIN: Well, thank you
for coming in, Mr. Landry.

Of course.
We don't have much time.

We have a number of
press requests this afternoon.

Yes, you've been getting
a lot of attention.

Hopefully, that won't last.
I'm a very private person.

This experience has been...

extremely unsettling.

Well, you told the
police that you left

your accounting firm
late last night?

I probably should've
called for a car,

but I wanted some fresh
air, so I decided to walk.

And that's when
the two men approached you?


They demanded my wallet.

And you reported
being beaten and robbed

in that same area six weeks ago.

After I was attacked
the first time, I was afraid

to leave my apartment.

Being armed was the only way
I could go back to work,

back to my life.

We acknowledge the absence
of a carry permit.

And the two men your client
put in the hospital?

It was a clear case
of self-defense.

LANDRY: I feel terrible about
hurting them, Ms. Reagan.

But when they threatened
to kill me,

I just-- I felt like
I had no choice.

It's Ace Double Trey turf.

Looks like they left us
a surprise.

Let's get crime scene
down here,

see what they find.

They won't find anything.

The weapon's been wiped clean.

You handled the evidence?

Didn't have to.

I know these guys,
and it's not my first rodeo.


How'd you know to
meet us here?

I've tracked every shipment
between the Zaragoza cartel

and the ADTs
for the past 18 months.

Trail usually leads here.

Okay, smart guy. Well,
if you got all the answers,

what trail leads
to Travis Wiley?

Pop the trunk.


Son of a bitch.

ADTs must've ordered him
to take Wiley out,

keep him
from testifying.

Yeah, well, that plan
didn't work out too well.

Wiley overpowered this guy while
he was still wearing handcuffs.

That boy's Texas tough,
quicker than a jackrabbit.

Yeah, Wiley's smart, too.

Kept him alive
to avoid a murder beef.

Which would kill his deal
with the Feds if he gets caught.

Trust me, I'll catch him.

Uh, why didn't the ADTs

kill Wiley when they
ambushed the caravan?

'Cause they didn't want a bunch
of U.S. Marshals as witnesses.

Now Wiley's in the wind.


Hey! Where the hell
are you going?

I need to find Wiley
before the ADTs do.

No. We need to find Wiley.

Best way to do that
is as a team.

You might know Wiley,
but we know the city.

I guess that makes me the hunter
and you the guides.

Well, you can call it
what you want, cowboy,

but we work together.

What's up?

I walked the scene where
Landry shot those two guys.

I'm not happy.


Because I hate being wrong.

Two nights ago, Landry
was walking east.

The two guys were
heading west.

Yeah, I read the report.

Yeah, but, uh, Landry's
apartment is over there.


Landry says
he was on his way home

when the two guys
walked towards him.

But he was walking away
from his apartment

when the incident occurred,
not towards it.

Why would he lie about that?

I was wondering
the same thing.

Till I read the description
that Landry gave

of his assailants six weeks ago.

It matches our two vics
in the hospital.

So you're saying those two guys
didn't find Landry...

Looks like Landry found them.

(knock on door)

You wanted to see
me, Lieutenant?

Yeah. Wanted to give you
an update on the investigation.


Initial report from
the Force Investigation Division

states that Sergeant Price's
death was an accident.

How about IAB?

They interviewed
all the officers involved,

came up with
the same conclusion.

So Officer Addison's
in the clear?

Looks that way.

Good news in a bad situation.

So the investigation's complete?

(sighs) Not yet.

IAB is looking into
the command decisions

made in the planning
of the operation.

I made those decisions.

Keep your head on swivel.

I'm gonna miss you
while you're gone.

Taking a leave of absence
feels like a smart move.

Get my head together.

And getting cleared
of wrongdoing

takes some of the weight off.

I keep running through it
in my head, you know?

Like, what I could've
done different.

Yeah. Don't.

What do you mean, don't?

It's a dead end.

Don't shoot.
I'm a cop.

The hell you just say?

Let it go, Eddie.

I wasn't talking to you, Janko.

Well, now you're talking to me.

Everyone's thinking it;
I'm just saying it out loud.

Take it back, or you
and I are gonna go.

Come on, Eddie. It's not worth it.

Screw you, Janko.

Take it back!
Hey, hey, hey, hey!

Take it back!
Get off me!

Take it back!
GORMLEY: Ten-hut!

(clamoring stops)

At a time like this,
tensions run real high.

I get that.

The usual gallows humor
falls flat,

little beefs become battles,

and saying the wrong thing
can cost you a broken nose.

Or worse.

I get it. I do.

Sorry, Commissioner.

I came here to pay my respects
to this house

for the loss of Sergeant Price.

But... I'm just
a figurehead in this.

Showing real respect
lies with all of you.

Respect for the job.

Respect for each other

as the cops
she served with.

She wouldn't accept
anything less.

And neither will I.

Copy that?

Yes, sir.


Carry on.

You're handling the
Oliver Landry matter?

Yes. I seem to have
drawn the short straw.

I hear you may
charge him

with some pretty serious crimes.

How do you know that?

I don't know it;
I just heard it.

And what's your interest
in Oliver Landry?

I told you when we met,
I'm a victim's rights guy.

Well, it appears that Mr. Landry
stalked the two men he shot,

which makes them
the victims here.

Even if they robbed
and assaulted him in the past?

There is no evidence of that,
but even if there were,

he should've called 911

rather than taking justice
into his own hands.

But at the end of the day,
it's about justice,

not dialing a number.


Justice provided by the state,

not by vigilantes.

Oliver Landry is also a symbol.

An ordinary citizen

driven to the brink
by urban predators.

Alleged predators.

And there isn't
a separate category for symbols

under the law.

They're treated
just like everyone else.

Prosecuting citizens
for defending themselves

from clear and present danger

is not the policy
of this administration.

Or any sane administration.

Then we agree.


And if Albany
passes some version

of a stand-your-ground law,

then we will also agree
on a course of legal action.

But until then,
I'm afraid my hands are tied.

I'm sure someone out there
can help you untie them.

Find him or her.

When I was a kid,
the Texas Rangers

were just a baseball team.

Oh, they still are.

But they're not much help
on a border recon team.

I always thought
you guys,

you know, caught bank robbers
and lassoed desperados.

We still do that stuff
on the weekend.

Tourists love it.


Wiley's photo is
in every sector car

and on every cop's smartphone
in this city.

Right. Now it's just a matter of
time till someone picks him up.

Wiley runs drugs across
the most heavily policed stretch

of the Texas-Mexico border.

He's not fixin'
to stroll down Main Street.

He's right.

I mean, the Zaragozas want
him dead more than the ADTs do.

His best bet is to lay low
for a while.


Okay, but lay low where?

Wiley did five years
in Huntsville.

Shared a cell
with a safecracker

named Randall Bragg.

And that helps us how?

When Bragg got out,
he decided to go straight.

Took a job in his uncle's garage.
Doing what?

Changing wagon wheels?

Turns out,

his uncle's garage is in Queens.

You two know the way to Queens?

So you planned the drug sweep

that resulted
in Sergeant Price's death?

(clears throat)

It also resulted in seven
arrests and the confiscation

of a large amount
of controlled substance.

And what would you call
the loss of Brenda Price?

A tragedy.

The worst kind.

And your decision
to have uniforms

backing up
plainclothes officers?

Was totally by the book.
I stand behind it.

Did the uniforms know
which officers

were working plainclothes?


And you reviewed
that information

with them the morning
of the operation?

No, I wasn't, I wasn't there
that morning.

Lieutenant Martinson
ran the TAC meeting

and supervised the operation.

And why is that?

I was finishing
a report for my C.O.

But Lieutenant Martinson wasn't
involved in planning the sweep.

No, but I briefed him
on the operational details.

We're investigating whether
your absence from the operation

failure to supervise.

The operation was supervised,

just... not by me.

And now a decorated officer
is dead.

♪ ♪

DANNY: Looks like
somebody else got wind

of Wiley's prison buddy.

We got a fresh one.

Take a look around.

Randall Bragg, I presume.

Cue the buzzards.
He's done.

The Ace Double Treys
left their calling card.

Question is whether
Bragg knew Wiley's whereabouts.

Hey, Reagan.

Take a look at this.

Wiley does love
his fried chicken.


but he didn't love it
enough to finish it.

Wonder why.

I'm guessing
Wiley heard the ADTs show up

and split through the window.


If he did, he took off just in time.

And left his buddy Bragg in the
other room to take a beating.

That's Wiley.

Boy needs to look up
to see hell.

Hell is exactly what
he's gonna get from the ADTs

if we don't find him first.

Officer Addison
is here, sir.



Sit down.

Thank you, Baker.

(door closes)

Thanks for
coming up, James.

I appreciate the
invitation, sir.

Well, I just wanted
to check in,

now that the dust
has settled.

You mean now that I've been
cleared by the department.

Well, I have to let
the process play out

before I can weigh in.

I understand.

How you holding up?


I understand you're taking
a leave of absence.

Yes, sir. Going down to
my sister's place in Florida.

You coming back?

I don't know.


I reviewed your record.
You're a terrific cop.

Fatally shooting one of our own

kind of blots out
what went before.

If you let it.

I can deal with the ones
that blame me,

but the ones
that look at me with pity,

like I'm damaged goods...

Transfer to another house.

Everybody on the job
knows what happened.

And those looks
will follow you around

wherever you go-- is that it?

Yes, sir.


Tell me one thing
that lasts forever.


You can't.

Nothing does.

It is my hope
that one day soon

you can put one foot in front
of the other and move on.

And it is my sincerest hope

that it is out there
on our streets.

♪ ♪

SEAN: Why do I always
have to set the table?

ERIN: Because you're
the youngest.

SEAN: I've always been
the youngest.

Dinner's almost ready.

I'll be in in a minute.

They're not gonna
hold you responsible

for what happened
with Sergeant Price.

Maybe they should.
(mutes TV)

What are you talking about?

It was my game plan.
I chose the personnel.

I knew the layout
of the park.

If I had been
on the scene that morning...

Brenda Price
would still be dead.

You don't know that.
And you don't know that

anything would've been different
if you'd been there.

But it's possible.

Price was running toward Addison
firing her weapon.

Which might not have happened
if you guys had been

coming from
a different direction.

And if you'd been there,
you could've known that how?

It was my operation.

It was my job
to ensure the safety...

...of my officers.

Instead, I
passed the buck.

That's failure to supervise.

I hope you didn't
say that to IAB.

Not yet.

♪ ♪

No offense, Eddie.
It's not the same.

What Dad means is
we don't eat fake meat.

It's not fake;
it's plant-based.

Plant-based meat?

Sounds like an oxymoron,
you ask me.

Like "open-minded Reagan."

You see, Eddie, the thing is

we're a traditional menu
kind of family.

From which, no offense,

you could all
stand to take

a heart-healthy break
once in a while.

You're one to talk.

I admit, I'm one of the
biggest carnivores here.

And even I

am willing to give
this stuff a chance.

So what are they made of?
Mung bean,

brown rice,
sunflower oil...

Wait a minute.
What the hell is "mung bean"?

Excellent source of protein.

Oh, so you've had one?

Oh, fat chance.
No, I read the label.

The label probably tastes
better than the actual burger.

No, it tastes really good!
I'm serious.

And it's better for you
and for the planet.


All right, I'll try one,

but only if Dad tries one.

I'll only try one if Dad does.

Gee, thanks. No.

How 'bout you, Pop?

No cow, no how.

Oh, man.
Easy money, sister.

Aw, damn.

Reagan men have a
lot of strengths.

Embracing change
is not one of them.

Oh, come on, that's a
load of... mung bean.

Says the guy who still owns

the Mustang he drove
in high school.

It's a classic car.

Too bad it hasn't run
in 15 years.




It looks like you've gotten
your money's worth

out of that sweater.

It's just getting broken in.

And you're the one
who gave it to me.

Yeah, when you first
became commissioner.

All good things
must come to an end.

Okay, that's enough.

I'm gonna try mung on a bun.

(inhales sharply)


Not bad, actually.

Aw, Pop!

Faint praise.
Pass the imitation fries.

Well, if the D.A. wants Landry
charged with attempted murder,

he certainly has
that authority.

Which he's
delegating to me.

Yeah. Chatwal knows
the city's divided on this.

He's gonna want
a front man-- woman.

There is a case for
throwing the book at Landry

and condemning
vigilante justice,

but the mayor is
dead set against it.

Facts be damned?

With the mayor, his
opinions are facts.

So, how do you serve
two masters?

It's a complicated set of facts.

Both positions are defensible.

Well, "defensible" has become
a politician's word.

Last time I checked,
you're still a prosecutor.

Okay, so you tell me.



Ignore the D.A.
Ignore the mayor.

Hell, ignore me.

The only stand
that's truly defensible

is the one you yourself
are willing to own.

(sportscast playing over TV)


You want some advice?


Well, I'm gonna give
it to you anyway.

Don't rehearse
for bad news.

If it is bad, you deal
with it when it comes.

And if it's good,
you deal with that.

Anything else is
a waste of time.

♪ ♪

And here I thought I was
getting an early start.

Beat me to it.

You know, what y'all
call barbecue up here

would get you
shot in Austin.

Well, you wouldn't catch me
ordering that stuff

that you call pizza
down in Austin either.

Fair enough.

You here all night?

With nothing
to show for it.


You always go balls-out
like this on every case?

Something tells me
we've got that in common.

I suppose.

Except, when I work overnight,

it's because, uh, it's personal.

This personal?

♪ ♪

Three years ago,
my partner Dex and I

got wind of a coke shipment
coming across the border,

courtesy of the Zaragoza cartel.

Those guys make the Ace Double
Treys look like Cub Scouts.

Smart, too.

DEA was chasing its tail

till Dex and I found ourselves
a trail of bread crumbs.

Travis Wiley.

Travis was gonna run
the drugs to New York.

We were gonna run 'em
all out of business.

So what happened?

The Zaragozas made the Feds.

Then all hell broke loose.

When the smoke cleared,
we had four dead officers.

Including Dex.

I'm sorry.

That was the day I swore

I'd shut down
the Zaragoza pipeline.

Or die trying.

Well, let's get to work.

IAB called.

Lieutenant Sloan said
you submitted a statement

admitting failure to supervise
on that drug sweep?

That's right.

Said it was
the first time in 16 years

that a cop ever did that.

I wasn't trying
to make history.

Well, what the hell
were you trying to do?

Tell the truth.

Supervising officers
cover each other's operations

all the time.

Yeah, but cops don't
get killed all the time.

In this case, the two things
aren't connected.

I think they are.
Yeah? Well, smart guy,

IAB disagrees.

What's that mean?

You've been cleared
of any wrongdoing

in the death of Sergeant Price.

I don't understand.
The operation went south.

It's not on you, got it?

But if I had been there...

No, no, no, enough.

Your old man taught me
this Latin thing: mea culpa.

You ever heard of it?

Yeah, it means "my fault."


But IAB looked into
the evidence,

and you were cleared.

You ain't culpa.
End of story.

All right?
Be thankful.

You dodged a bullet.

Baez is still in the crime lab.

Maybe they'll come up
with something from the garage

that we can use.

Got it.

Much obliged.

What do you got?

Wiley's grandma Wilma
lives in Lubbock.

Only person
he gives a damn about.

Uh, and?

Our special ops group
is up on her phone.

She just got a call
from the Fiesta Motel.

In Astoria.
Yeah, I know it.

Hey. Wait up.

♪ ♪

Yes, sir.


No sign of him.

Clear here, too.

Couldn't have gotten far. Let's go.
All right.

(door opens)

(door closes)

Damn it, Gates.

How the hell'd
you find me?

Followed the bread crumbs
from Grandma's house.

Get on your feet.

Come on, Travis.

You used the couch trick
in Abilene.

Let's go.

Don't worry, the Feds
got a nice comfy room

waiting for you at the courthouse.
I'm a dead man.

Quit your bellyaching.

Once you testify, the
Feds will stick you

in some backwater town,
you'll meet a nice girl,

have a few kids.

Dead's sounding
better and better.

(tires screeching)

You might get your wish.
Get in and get down!

Take cover!


10-13! We got shots fired
at this location!

How many we got?

I count eight.

Six now.

You ready to get the rest?


(tires screeching)

They're going.

No, they're not!
No, they're not!

(tires screech)

(sirens wailing)

Come on.

They're done. It's over.

They're all done.

Where the hell did you learn
to shoot like that, the saloon?

Marine sniper school.

I didn't know you were a Marine.

Semper Fi, partner.


Hey. You okay?

He's fine.

Think your horse has one
more ride left in her?

I sure hope so.

'Cause nobody's dropping
that son of a bitch off

at the courthouse
besides me or you.

You know, you lose
that funny accent,

you'd make a decent Ranger.

Well, I do look good
in a cowboy hat, you know.

Told you.


Hi-ho, Silver. Let's go.

(engine starts)

♪ ♪

You got a second?

Do I have a choice?

You're charging Landry?

This office is, yes.

I didn't speak to this office.
I spoke to you.

I thought you heard me.

I did hear you.
I heard your opinion on a case.

I lost my brother Michael
to a violent crime,

in this city,
in a robbery at an ATM,

where they got his money
and shot him anyway.

I'm very sorry.

And I knew that.

Then you can understand why...

Yes. But having it
color your thinking

on the policies of this office,
as our mayor?

That a question?

A rhetorical one.

You must know
that I also lost a brother

to a violent crime.


So we're both
in the same sad boat.

But we are also public servants.

And we can't be making things
personal like that

without compromising
the oaths we took.


I still think
you're wrong in this.

And that is your right.

And for the record,

my brother's death
does affect my work,

every day.

He was a terrific cop.

And whenever I have
a tough decision,

I always think,
"What would his advice be?"

I've taken enough of your time.

(door opens)

(door closes)

Hey, Dad? Pop?

In here.

You guys ready?

Hey, we got lights and sirens.
We got some time.

Sit down,
have some coffee.

And, no, answer your question,
I'm never ready for this.

Amen to that.

One foot in front
of the other.

There's extra weight,
you're part of why it happened.


But IAB cleared you
in Price's death, so...

end of story.

Yeah, I know that.

Just... doesn't lift
the weight somehow.

That report you were
working on the morning of

is gonna help with funding
more cops on the street.

And that takes priority
over any single drug sweep.

And if I'd been in the street
that morning,

we might not be going
to a funeral today, you know?

So now you're gonna
play the "if-thens"?

Just don't.

Jamie, you know how proud
I was when you became a cop,

but I'm pretty sure
I told you once

that I had a concern.

You're pretty much
a perfectionist,

and police work's messy.

And heartbreaking.

And nobody's gonna be perfect
at this job, ever.

The hard truth is
you can do everything right,

and good cops still die.

When they do, you
mourn the loss,

check on their family,

and get back to work.

(bagpipes playing
"Amazing Grace")

Eddie told me
she saw you out here.

I didn't want to go inside
out of respect for the family.

It's good you came.

I hear you may
leave the job.

It's probably better
for everyone.

Best cop I know told me
you can do everything right,

and good cops still die.

But I pulled the trigger.

I can't get past that.

(bagpipes stop)

Hey, um...

I was in pretty bad shape...
at the hospital.

I'm sorry for how I...

No, no, no.

No apologies, please.


I shouldn't have bothered you.

I-I shouldn't even
be here now...

No, no. Thank you for coming.

I appreciate it.

Brenda's death was, uh...

an accident.

She loved being a cop.

She knew the risks.

She always said
the job's worth it.

She sure wouldn't want this
to cost losing another cop, too.

(crying softly)

♪ ♪

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