Blue Bloods (2010–…): Season 1, Episode 4 - Officer Down - full transcript

Frank mobilizes the entire NYPD to find the killer of an off-duty police officer who was murdered during a diamond heist.

MAN: I'm telling you,
this guy is as solid as they come.

You reach out to me with this score,

I'm thinking there's no guy
more right for this than my man Kola.

Why is he giving me a beef

about whether or not
the stones are going to be there?

- Did you tell him how far back we go?
- I've known you my whole life, bro.

No, man, it's just--
He's a perfectionist.

Trust me,
that kind of attitude pays off.

I've been with this guy
in some serious takedowns.

Montreal, Detroit, Chicago.

He never blinks.

Here he comes.

Okay, one more time.

I know, I know,
never leave the truck.

- So I am boring you?
- No, man, it's just--

I get it.

Never leave the truck.

You, three minutes
means three minutes,

not a second more.

- When we're inside?
- I watch the room.

You watch the room.
Somebody wants to be a hero,

you make them a martyr.

WOMAN: Good morning, sir.
Nice to see you again.


- Sorry, sir, the commissioner's not--
- He's my son, Einstein.


- Commissioner.
FRANK: It's okay, Bill, he's my father.

Hey, my old Fitz special.

You know
you'd get a lot more firepower

if you used an automatic.

These days I'm surrounded by people
who can shoot for me, pop.

that thing is practically an antique.

It was built to last.

Exactly what your grandfather said
when he gave it to me.

- I like carrying your gun, pop.
- Fair enough.

I got my new lD. Thought it was silly
how they stamped "retired" all over it.

You may as well say,
"Rest in peace."

You're lucky
they're still paying your pension.

- Heh-heh. What is this?
- It's supposed to be a camel.

It was a gift from the police chief
in Amman, Jordan.

Brave new world.

I was lucky if I got a pine plaque
from the Poughkeepsie police.

Here, pastrami on rye,
Mrs. Friggins' Kitchen.

What happen
to your war on cholesterol?

Let's just say it's a tactical retreat.

JAMlE: Hey, so we're set
for Shakespeare In the Park tonight?

Can't wait.

I was sitting with Grandpa
the other night

and we were looking
at pictures from the old days.

I remember seeing this pin
on his uniform, Blue Templar.


- Was it some kind of fraternal group?
- Yeah, back in the days.

He said you were tapped for it too.

But if it was such
a back-in-the-day thing...

Are you a cop or a reporter?

It's nothing for a rookie
to worry about.

KOLA: If we work smart,
by tonight we will be rich.

Get out of here.

You and Danny
bringing the girls to a play? You?

Mr. Ivy League. But Danny?

Yeah, Shakespeare in the Park.

My cousin's a sergeant
in Central Park.

He hooked us up with the tickets.
No waiting in line.

Danny Reagan and Shakespeare
in the same sentence.

- The funniest thing I heard.
- I'm trying to civilize him.

Yeah, you and what army?

Adam 10-52, family at 4-6-7 west 5-2.

No, not today.

Please respond.

- Do you know this job?
- Do I ever.

It's a chronic domestic job.

Every three months, two knuckleheads
go to war over something.


The only good thing
about this frigging job

is it keeps my marriage
in perspective.

John Ganley is a pig.

He sleeps with women not his wife.

He's a Lothario.

Alice, you've changed tactics.
It shows initiative.

A pig.

Alice, you can basically say
whatever you want

but the bullhorn and the pig
they got to--

- Penelope stays.
- You named it?

JOHN: Hey, Renzulli?
- Yeah.

You see what I'm up against.

I read the Constitution.

Freedom of speech.

do you want to help me out here?


Abundant case law
supports restrain of speech

when it infringes on public order.

- Where did you find this one?
- You wouldn't believe me if I told you.

Alice, you can stay but the bullhorn
and Penelope, they gotta go.

- Officer, deflate the pig.
JAMlE: You got it, sarge.

Okay, three minutes.


MARTlN: Yeah, I can talk, Mom.
I'm on meal break.

Yeah, no,
John has not told me anything.

He says
it's an anniversary surprise.

So I'm looking forward to that.




At the end of the day
I'm not gonna force him.

Three minutes now.

MARTlN: Thank you so much
for letting Vincent stay over. All right.


Police. Don't move.



I'm sorry, sir.

We have an officer down.

Where? When? How?

A uniform assigned
to Manhattan South Task Force.

She happened on a 1 0-30
in the diamond district.

- Who is she?
HOGAN: Police Officer Michelle Martin.

On the job since '04.
Married, one child, a boy, 6 years old.

Likely? Not likely?

She was pronounced en route
to Bellevue, sir.

We're withholding that information
so it doesn't get out over the airwaves.

Assemble all the super chiefs
and chiefs

in the command centre forthwith.

- Yes, sir.
FRANK: Hogan?


I want all tours extended.
No cops go home.

MAN: All areas on level 2,
nobody gets through.

DANNY: lnspector?

Hey, this is my new partner,
Detective Jackie Curatola.

We worked Manhattan
North Narcotics back in the day.

- Tough first day in the command.
- No joke.

- What have we got?
- Bad news, Danny.

The kid was on the job six years.

She was in my command
when I had the 3-4.

She was real police.
The guys knew what they were doing.

They were in and out
in three minutes.

The take is north of 5 million.

So this officer,
she just happened upon this?

Yeah. According to her sergeant
she was on duty but out to meal.

She swung by the block
to get a wedding ring resized.

- Damn.
DANNY: How are we doing

on the canvass?

Witnesses are all over the map
with descriptions of the perps.

The only thing they all agree on
is three male whites, one tall.

The tall one's the shooter.

So the tall guy shoots her.

She fires back after she's hit
and nails the small guy.

Tough kid.

All right, so they come out,
the small guy is hit around here,

stumbles over to the van.

This is probably his blood
so we've got a bleeder.

I want to check out hospitals,
doctor's offices, veterinarians.

Anywhere he might have gone
to get some help.

All right, good. Okay?

At this time
we have over 300 members of service

deployed on canvass, extending
a thousand feet out from the location.

Add another hundred uniforms.
Go river to river.

- The ConElectric truck?
- Nothing yet, sir.

- I want it found.
HOGAN: Yes, sir.

Department should be advised
the feds are on board.

I want the DAs in all five boroughs

ready to expedite any paper
we might need on warrants.

Any questions?

Let's get at it.

Sir, the family and the husband
of the deceased

are waiting for you in your office.


Sorry I'm late, Sydney.

This is so terrible.

I can't believe another cop
has been killed.

- It's been all over the news.
- Yeah.

That poor girl.

I guess this is no night to go
to Midsummer Night's Dream.

Yeah, no, Shakespeare can wait.

It always starts the same way.

- What do you mean?
- Well, the fanfare.

The damn media will be crawling
all over this story like a pack of rats.

Yeah, front page coverage
for about a week

but then you know what happens.

I hope I never find out.

The whole world moves on.

And the family is left to suffer
in obscurity.

I can't imagine.

They said she had a 6-year-old son.


You know,
the department will do what it can.

The family will get a nice pension.

She'll make the Wall of Heroes.

Maybe they'll name a street
after her.

But the hurt,
well, that goes down the generations.

How do you deal with the day-to-day,
not knowing if Daniel will come home?

Every time I hear
a cop has been shot,

I hold my breath
until I know Danny is okay.

And even though
I feel awful for the other family,

God forgive me,

I'm so relieved it's not my Danny.


Thanks for coming in.

Your fence give you anything good?

The ice came out of the clear blue sky.
Not a whisper in gemstone community.

His guess,
stones are going out of the country.

There's an Argus camera
with a view of the crime scene.

It didn't get anything.
Come here, look at this.

It's set the same exact time
as the 91 1 call.

- Yeah.
- Back that up.

Hold on.

How is it that the one street light
in New York City

that blocks our view of the crime
is being fixed?

This guy just happens to come along
ten minutes before the heist to fix it?

Do you think it's a coincidence?

No, no, there's 330,000 streetlights
in New York City.

How do you know that?

I dated an electrician, Local 3 guy,
long story.

Enlighten me some other time.

- I don't believe in coincidences. You?
- No.

How does that happen, huh?

Three hundred and thirty thousand
streetlights in New York

and you just happen to be
fixing one that messes up my day?

What are the odds on that?
You're a gambler.

- Who told you I gamble?
- Well, let's see.

Your computer, your phone bills,
your text messages, your e-mails,

your credit cards
and your bank records.

Look, I know every asinine thing
you've done

since the second grade
so don't play with me.

- I'm just a streetlight guy.
- Really?

He says he's just a streetlight guy.

Those are my kids.

Go ahead, touch it.

Touch it, come on, touch it.

How does it feel? Feel good?

- Well, you better learn to love it.
- Why?

That's the closest you're ever gonna
get to touching your kids again.

Don't touch anything.

You know what cop killers get?

Maximum security,
which means no physical contact

so you don't touch anything.

Cop killer?
All I did was park my truck.

They killed a cop, you helped them.
That makes you a cop killer.

Don't look at me.
Turn your head away from me.



I was in over my head with my bookie
for 50 large.

He said if I don't help him
and his guys he's gonna kill me.

I swear on my kids' eyes,
these guys are savages.

- And?
- Who's your bookie?

- I give you these--
DANNY: Don't look at me.

I give you these guys,
my life is not worth a plug nickel.

- Who's your bookie?
- Pick better friends next time.

- I talk, I want witness protection.
JACKlE: Yes.


What else can we do
for you today, Andrew?

Hey, jackass.
Tell me who your bookie is.

Ricky Vintano.

Ricky Vintano?
Happy Jack Vintano's kid?

Yeah, that's him.

All clear.

We just missed him.

It's still cold. Let's go.

Hey, I want you to get dumps
on these computers forthwith.

- Got it, Danny.
- Go.

I bet you Ricky winds up
at his daddy's.

Big tough guys do.

Check the answering machine, please.

FRANK: Detectives?
- Commissioner Reagan.

Vintano leave anything behind
that'll tell where he's going?

We seized two computers.

CCS will acquire the hard drive.
We'll see what trail this guy left.

We're thinking about
giving Happy Jack a shake.

He'll have three words,
"Call my lawyer."

Put him under 24-hour surveillance.

The kid makes contact,
we'll know about it.

Yes, sir.

They found the truck abandoned
in a parking lot over on West 51st.

Crime Scene Garage
is gonna start processing it.

Let's see if this tells us anything.

The family was in my office, Danny.

I gotta get this son of a bitch.

I'll kick down every door this punk
has ever walked through, Dad.

I know you will.

JACKlE: Hey, sarge, we finally got
somewhere on the camera footage.

This video came from a camera
located outside a nightclub on 5-1.

It's halfway
between the crime scene

and where the perps dumped
the ConElectric truck.

That is our boy Ricky Vintano

making his getaway
with the diamonds.

Splitting up part of the plan?

Ricky might've called an audible,
went into business for himself.

Either way we still have to nail
Ricky and his two pals

whether he's with them
or against them.

We rounded up
every heist guy left walking

and we've torn through every associate
of Ricky Vintano,

so far we got squat.

When we checked all the hospitals
for a bleeder, we got nothing.

You should check this guy out.

We snagged him from
one of Ricky Vintano's gambling joints.

This is Billy Leo.
He tends bar for Ricky Vintano.

Now, the problem with Billy is,
he's on parole

and we found an eight ball of coke
in his sock,

then 2 ounces in his car.

Tell them what you told me.

About a week ago, I'm closing up.

Ricky comes in with two guys.

Some Albanian I don't know

and the other guy,
it took me a minute to recognize.

- Why's that?
- It's been about 1 5 years.

He's older, looks like he's been
gobbling steroids but he's still short.

It's Jimmy C.

Jimmy Costello.

DANNY: Johnny Fat's kid.
- Yeah.

Him and Ricky Vintano,
they been best pals since growing up.

Two brats
with major mob guys for fathers.

Okay, this other guy with Costello,
he's short, kind of stocky.

No, tall, 6'2", built, foreign accent.

Seemed like a very heavy guy to me.

Is that it? It's all you got?

I give you something and
you're gonna throw me to the wolves?

These guys scared me just sitting there
and drinking and I don't scare easy.

We can't help you.

I can't do the kind of time
that comes with that weight.

Hey, you think you're scared
of those guys? They just killed a cop.

You don't know how scary
that can make me.

You want to walk on the coke?
I need more.

I need something real.

I need something real
and you ain't got nothing.

When they left,
I went to lock the door behind them.

They got into a black Caddy,
a rental.

How did you know it was rented?

The guy put his keys on the bar.
It was a car-rental keychain.

DANNY: Do you know how many
Caddies are rented in New York?

This is baloney.
We ain't got time for this.

It had New York plates.

It started with MAL.

You always remember
license plates?


It's my mother's initials.

Jimmy Costello, another wannabe
son of a real gangster.

He stabs a kid
outside a bar up on Fordham Road,

his old man
sends him up to Montreal.

Yeah, I remember that case.

Didn't the witness to the stabbing
OD on heroin?

But Jimmy stayed up
in Montreal anyway, right?

Happy Jack banned him
because he was too wild

but mostly he wanted to keep him
away from Ricky.

How ironic.

Costello caught one bullet and nothing
has come up in our medical canvass.

I doubt
he's in any condition to travel.

If Ricky split with the diamonds,
Jimmy and the Albanian

are gonna be looking for him,
so he's probably still here.

So we lD'd two out of three.
Ricky Vintano and Jimmy Costello.

We just need our shooter.

Let's track down that black Caddy
and see what it says.

All right.

I don't care what time,
keep me posted.

Hey. Heh-heh. Nicky.

You got your hair cut,
now I can see your beautiful face.

Thanks, Grandpa.
I missed you so much.

I missed you too.

- How was the coast?
- San Francisco was amazing.

Plus, we went to the aquarium
in Monterey.

It's so much cooler
than the one in Coney lsland.

The best time in my life.

That's great.

Of course, she's two weeks
behind on her schoolwork.

What? Hey, you're a Reagan.

In the kitchen, hit the books.

Go on.

She's been dying to see you.

Yeah? I think you're stuck
with the role of bad cop.

Yeah, which is ironic

since I'm the only one in the family
who isn't one.

HENRY: Hey, Francis.
FRANK: Yeah.

Happy Jack Vintano's kid
is the main suspect?

Well, he ain't no Happy Jack.

Jack used to run the numbers
between Bay Ridge and Riverdale.

Transports you, does it?

Should I put on some Sinatra
and Nat King Cole?

Different day,
different way to do business.

Business, he calls it.

Yeah, Happy Jack used to be called
"the good bad-guy."

I'm sure his victims felt differently.

Give me some help here.
You know the way the city used to be.

I never had your appreciation
for the grey area, Pop.

Well, let me tell you something.

If Happy Jack wanted to hurt you,
you probably had it coming.

He was strictly a numbers
and sports guy.

No guns, no girls, no dope.

A regular Mother Teresa.

How was he with the lame
and downtrodden?

The guy was a Marine in Korea.

We were in the same unit,
six months apart.

He gave the commissioner
a run for his money.

He was a worthy adversary.

But in a case like this, cop killed,
Happy Jack Vintano was on our side.

You remember
when they killed Jimmy Farrell?

Yeah, nice kid, airborne ranger,

back from Nam,
a chest full of medals.

I went to see Vintano off the books.

The mutt who killed Jimmy Farrell,
two days later, he showed up dead.

Wrapped in a bow.

Well, nobody chased
that case too hard.

- Good old days.
HENRY: Maybe not.

But let me tell you something.

Unlike today,
everyone knew where the line was

and what it cost
when you crossed it.

You know, Officer Martin

joined the department right after
seeing me speak at Syracuse.

You know, sometimes I think
you blame yourself for Joe.

Anytime a cop dies
it's like losing a member of the family.

Don't forget he jumped out of bed
every morning he was on the job.

And everything I've heard
about Officer Martin

says she was the same way.

The price of leadership
inspiring people to their doom.

No, you inspire people
to do the right thing.

The price is what we sometimes pay
for the life we choose.

I know all that.

Thank you.

Is this the surveillance video
on Happy Jack Vintano?


This guy owns the pork store,
the cheese store,

the bakery, the fishmonger.

Why they call him
Happy Jack.

He should have his own show
on Food Network.

Makes me want to move to the Bronx,
all that good food.

Yeah. He's a man of habit
but no sign of prodigal son Ricky.

- I almost feel bad for the old man.
- That's a maximum almost.

He was the king of his own world,
now it's all passed him by.

Hey, that Caddy, turns out
it was rented outside of Buffalo

by Jimmy Collins, a.k.a., Costello.

Nothing popped up on the LPRs,

but it did pick up a ticket last night
on Bruckner Boulevard.

Want to check it out?

I understand I can get some
of the best sausage in the city here.

So the food is lousy
in Brooklyn these days?

Brooklyn ain't what it used to be.

Not much is.

I see that kid of yours
made out good.

A matter of perspective.

The kid now has my old job.

It's better him
than some creep off the street.

You had a good run.


Come here, I'll show you something.

This is beautiful.

He grows the fennel
and the chili peppers himself.

He throws a little extra cold red wine
into the mix.

It reminds me of the stuff my father
made in Calabria when I was a boy.


We were talking about my kid.

I need to ask you about yours, Jack.

I thought you were retired.

I'm coming as a courtesy.

You know all the time
and energy we spent

trying to outsmart each other?

Who runs the numbers now?

You go to 7-Eleven, you bet a horse

and the state will take your money
at the OTB.

We were the bad guys.

You know things change.

The funny thing is,
I can see that but my kid is blind to it.

You made it this far, alive and free.

That's a million-to-one shot
in your racket.

I did but now my son.

I was never one of those morons
that wanted their kids around this life.

I don't know. Is this how it goes,
the sins of the father?

You know better than most, Jack.

A cop goes down,
no quarter is given.

Man, oh, man.

You got Danny Reagan's
cell phone number?

There's the partial plate.

And there's the ticket.

Do you think we should wait
for a warrant?

No, can't you hear that person
calling for help?

Oh, yeah.

Pop the trunk.


I think we found Jimmy.

Yeah, too late.


Officer Martin
was something else, huh?

Mortally wounded
and still had the wherewithal

to put a slug in this creep.

Nice shooting. Just wish
you would have gotten to him first.

Did he bleed out?

I don't think he had time,
look at his neck.

Classic manual
strangulation markings.

Crushed larynx.

The guy was choked to death.

Oh, don't tell me,
no honor among thieves.

I'm shocked. And my mother complains
about her retirement package.

Ricky better hope we get to him
before his partner does.

As long as we get the shooter,

I don't give a damn what they do
to Ricky Vintano.

The perps were picked up
on this camera on 5th Avenue

Iocated right near the crime scene.

Time stamp is two days
before the officer was killed.

They're casing the place,
so who's our shooter?

This third guy.

We sent his picture to lnterpol

and they believe it is Dukajan Kola,
a.k.a. Monster.

He's a high-stakes jewel thief,
an ethnic Albanian from Montenegro.

How does he tie in
to Vintano and Costello?

Interpol believes
he was hiding out in Montreal

where he hooked up with Jimmy C.

This guy Kola
is a real piece of work.

He's wanted for home invasion
outside of Montreal

with five bodies attached.

He shot and killed a family of four.

The fifth body was his partner,
which means he doesn't like to share.

No. It also means he's not gonna leave
New York City without his diamonds.

Let's find Vintano
before his partner does.

Do you got an extra pair
of collar stars?

I can't find mine.

How was your trip to the Bronx?

Are you gonna bang a guy
for trying to pitch in?

Your pal Happy Jack knows enough
to use throwaway cell phones

but not enough to know
we have shotgun mikes

that can pick up a conversation
two blocks away,

which is what TARU did
three minutes after you left.

- So?
- So he called his son.

He's trying to save his son,

which is exactly
what we would be doing.

- We?
- So send in the Marines next time.

Do you know what the press will do?

How are they gonna find out?

Is Happy Jack gonna post it
on his blob?

Do you think N.Y.P.D.
is the only agency watching Vintano?

I get it, I get it.

You're worried your senior-citizen
father is going to embarrass you.

My worry is you may have cut off
our only avenue to a cop killer.

Okay. Okay.


Maybe I shouldn't have gone
and seen Vintano

but the only way
you're gonna get this kid

is if Happy Jack reels him in.


Monsignor Moran, Mr. Mayor,

Mr. and Mrs. Martin, John,


Back in the days when the city
first formed the police department,

the poet Walt Whitman wrote,

I dream'd in a dream

I saw a city invincible to the attacks
of the whole of the rest of the earth

As a New York City police officer,
who worked the city streets every day,

Officer Michelle Martin knew
better than most

that the dream
has not yet been realized.

But Officer Martin endeavored
to make the dream a reality.

She was devoted.

She was true.

She was brave.
And she made a choice,

she chose to live a life of service.

She chose to put herself
in harm's way,

to be a guardian
to the people of this great city.

We will never be able
to thank Officer Martin.

She made the supreme sacrifice.

But this we can and will do,

we will remember her always.

We will remember
that even when mortally wounded,

she had the strength and composure
to return fire.

We will remember that in her life

and in her death,

she embodied all
that we as citizens can hope to be.

May God bless--

May God bless Michelle
and welcome her home.

DANNY: The funeral was tough. Tell me
you've got some good news for me.

JACKlE: I've got some news
that's gonna cheer you up.

Here, hop in.

I'll change in the back.

All right, listen to this.
This just came in.

Ricky called his father.

RlCKY: Dad, I'm all banged up.
I've got nowhere to go.

Ricky, the cops are listening.

You gotta turn yourself in.

It's the only way.

Can we locate
where the call originated?

Yeah, it came in from Parkchester.

The RTC just called. Said Vintano
did a bit up in Greenhaven.

What's Parkchester?

Didn't Ricky have a cellmate

when he was in Greenhaven
from Parkchester?

- A Shawn something?
- Shawn Randolph, yeah.

He got compassionate parole in '98,

had, uh, liver cancer.
Died three months later.

Right, but he's dead,
that's why we scratched him off the list

of known associates of Ricky's.

- So who's in Parkchester?
- His ex, Lori Kent, still resides there.

She made half a dozen visits
up to Greenhaven--

Get this. --after Randolph croaked.

So Shawn's ex
was visiting Ricky in prison.

Wow, ain't love grand?

- Don't look, I've got to do my pants.
- Oh, please.

The body wasn't even cold yet.

This tomato jumps horses.

Yeah, well,
let's pay the merry widow a visit, huh?

Don't make me do anything
you're gonna regret.

Put your hands on the dashboard.

Put them on the dashboard
before I put a bullet in you.

This is my lucky day, Ricky.

I got you before the bad guys did.

Hey, keep smiling.

Lawyer. Lawyer.



Your lawyer can't help you now.

You're a cop killer.
Even your old man can't help you.

Hey, my dad had nothing to do
with this, all right?

Reagan, Reagan,
what are we doing here?

- Yeah, what are we doing here?
- Shut up.

Wait a minute. Wait a minute.

- Listen to me, listen to me.
- Step aside, Jackie.

- Just listen to me.
- Jackie.

This whole case, you haven't said
anything about your brother Joe,

and I know it's probably killing you.
But do not do anything stupid.

Listen to me.

We worked together what, three,
four years back in the day, Jackie?

You're a good partner.

You always had my back.
Do me a favor.

Watch it one more time, okay?

Come on. Get out.

Let's go.

Come on.

Come on.

Get up.

Get up. Get up.

Move. I said, move.

Do you know what happened
in this spot on July 13, 1975?

- 1975, I was 2.
- Yeah?

Your old man killed a guy.

He shot him twice
in the back of the head.

Bang, bang.

You're crazy.

Yeah, you want to know
what happened next? Nothing.

You want to know why?

Because your old man killed a guy
that the whole city wanted dead.

Yeah, Happy Jack killed a cop killer.

- Yeah, so?
- So now you're a cop killer, Ricky.

Yeah, you've become the thing
that even your old man

knew had to be wiped out.

- Don't know what you're talking about.
- How about I spell it out for you?

Last time a cop killer
was pulled out of the river

with two bullet holes in his head,
they still ruled it a suicide.

- You starting to get the drift?
- I'll give you the diamonds.

- I'll give you the diamonds--
- I don't want the diamonds.

You killed a cop.

- All I did was drive, bro.
- Yeah, wrong answer.

So now I'm gonna give you a choice,

You're gonna give me the shooter
or I'm gonna do what Happy Jack did.

I'm gonna put two bullets
in the back of a cop killer's head.

The shooter, Ricky.

Give me the shooter.

- Hey.
- Monster.

- What?
- Monster, they call him Monster.

His name is Kola.

There's a warehouse
over by the Manhattan Bridge.

- That cop-killing animal still in there?
- He's in there.

Perimeters are locked down.
There's only one way out.

Come on. Come on.

Here we go.

Now I can sleep.

Renzulli, you brought
your cute lawyer friend with you again?

Oh, yeah.

What's he got to say now?

Actually ma'am,
I'm pretty much speechless.

Well, for once, so am l, Alice.


I see Danny made the case.


The silent treatment.

You know
you're just like your mother.

That was the trouble
with the Rileys: stoics.

The Reagans, we punch walls,
we throw a few back,

we howl at the moon.

My mom, your wife, could do more
with a look than a thousand punches.

Say what you will,

but I never knew a Reagan
to take a heart attack.

Rileys, all that holding it in,
sooner or later you're going to explode.

Every one, once they reach 60,
they're like a ticking time bomb.

The next time you feel compelled
to save the day,

pick up the phone
and call the police commissioner.

Chain of command.

The reason they have "retired"

stamped on those lD's
in such big letters

is to make sure guys like you don't
forget that they put their papers in.

LlNDA: How's dinner, boys?
SEAN: Good.

I tell you, these meatballs, ain't bad.

Italian feast night at the Reagan's.

One good thing that came out
of pop's trip up to Arthur Avenue.

To visit his good bad-guy buddy.

Keep it up and I'll call social services
and report elder abuse.

I know it's boring but these days,

the bad guys
are usually just plain old bad guys.

You know, you have a very,
very limited view on things.

Oh, this coming from

- the family philosopher.
- Right.

I'm not making excuses for the guy.

LlNDA: I don't see crime going away
anytime soon.

- I mean, read the papers.
DANNY: Let's hope not.

- Every one of us will be out of a job.
ERlN: Yeah.

HENRY: Yeah, but I'd still rather deal
with the likes of Vintano.

At least there's some logic
to what he did.

- What's the kid facing?
- He gave us the shooter--

Not enough time,
that's what he's facing.

He's not Sammy the Bull.

Five years, witness protection
and onerous lifetime probation.

If he spits on the sidewalk,
it's bye-bye, Ricky.

He got off easy.

That's the one thing
that has changed.

Back in the day, you could set
one of those mob guys on fire.

- They still wouldn't talk.
- Ever try that, Grandpa?

ERlN: Danny?
DANNY: I'm joking.

- I'm joking.
- It was the good old days.

HENRY: Yeah, like nowadays
these so-called mobsters,

they're all singing
like, what's her name, Lady Goo-Ga.


Grandpa also picked up
some good-looking cannoli.

Leave the gun. Keep the cannoli.

No, leave the gun, take the cannoli.