Blue Bloods (2010–…): Season 1, Episode 16 - Age of Innocence - full transcript

When an unidentified young girl is found murdered at a debutante ball, Danny and Jackie look to the prostitute found giving her a hard time on the hotel's surveillance camera for clues. Meanwhile, Nicky gets a glimpse of her first murder victim as she rides along with Danny when he gets the call to investigate.



I can't believe my mother made me
take out my nose ring.

How do you think I feel
in this penguin suit?

It's better than this dress.
I look like a wedding cake.

Actually, it's kind of hot.

If you like
the whole virginal daughter thing.

Oh, please.
There isn't a virgin in the room.

Debutante balls are such a joke.
Screw family tradition.

I wish I was raised by wolves.

Mom says you and Uncle Jamie
and Uncle Joe

used to play detective
around the house.

- Mm-hm.
- You always wanted to be a cop?

Well, actually, when I was 3,

I wanted to be a fireman
for Halloween.

But Grandpa, your great-grandfather,
said, "As long as I'm alive,

no Reagan will ever wear
a turnout coat

because the FDNY is nothing

but a bunch of thieves
and glory hounds."

- His words.
- What happened?

Well, Grandpa found me the smallest
blue uniform he could find

and he let me use his slapper
for a day.

I got so much candy from shaking
down the kids in the neighborhood

that I decided I never wanted
to take the uniform off again.

- You never did.
- Not until I made detective.

What other questions you got?

Well, Mrs. Eaton says
the point of oral history is stories.

Well, Mrs. Eaton is very smart.

I don't have as many stories
as Grandpa, but I'll see what I can do.

My feet are killing me,

and if I have to smile any longer,
my face will crack.

At least two more hours.

Let's go get high.

Mrs. Carmichael is watching.

If we get caught,
we're gonna get in trouble.

- You know that, right?
- We won't.

Yeah, jailbreak.

Right under the warden's nose.

All right.

Come out here. Come out here.

- So you've got it?
- Tell me you've got a light.

Do I ever not have a light?
Here we go.

All right.

- Hide. Go.
- Hide, quick.

- Hide, hide.
- God.

ROB: Who's that?
- It's Mrs. Carmichael.

Quiet, she'll hear you.





No. No, no, no.
I'm on my meal right now.


Yes, sir.


Rain check on the interview, kid.

- But it's your break.
- Well, my break is over.

They found a body
at a debutante's ball,

so I'm gonna have to go.

It seems the Chief of D's
is showing off for the Trumps.

Drive all the way from Manhattan
to Park Slope and come right back?

- It will take forever.
- I'm not gonna let you take the train.

- Let me come with you.
- No. No.

I'm gonna be a cop.
I gotta learn sometime.

Nicky, your mother would kill me.

Grandpa let you ride along
when you were 14.

Yeah, and Grandpa caught
a five-day rip when he did.

And you'll get ten if you show up
at the scene at midnight.

Please, Uncle Danny.


Just like your mother.
Come on. Come on.


DANNY: Nicky.
COP: Step back.

In the car until your Uncle Jamie
gets here to take you home. Got it?

- I told you I would.
- All right.

Thank you.

- Hey, what do we got?
- A cluster. I locked down the hotel.

They got every Fortune 500 kid there,
and they're begging to let their kids go.

We know if the DOA
is a debutante?

No. There's no lD. There's no clothes
on her, for that matter.

Looks like the perp took the clothes
and dropped them somewhere else.

Vultures from the press
are starting to gather.

Have uniforms keep them back,

so we don't get a photo op
before we notify next of kin.

- Thanks.
JACKlE: All right.

CRAlG: Hey.
- Hey.

Jane Doe is a teenage girl.
Head trauma and strangulation.

Man, she's young.

Yeah. Sixteen, 1 7 years old.

Hey, kid, get out of there.

What are you doing?

Are you guys asleep over here
or what?

COP: Sorry.
DANNY: I told you to wait.

Hey, you get back in the car
and you wait for your uncle.

Get in there.

You guys, keep your eyes open.

Hey, sorry I'm late. Just...

No, it's all right. Thanks for coming.

No problem. But is--
You think Erin is gonna--?

She's gonna kill me. It's all right.

- I won't tell her.
- What do you mean? No. You gotta--

My fault. I promised I'd stay in the car.
Mom is gonna flip out.

Listen, you go home
and you tell your mom the truth, okay?

I'll call her myself later.
We'll straighten it all out.

- Deal?
- Okay.

All right. Be good.


Hey, Jamie.

All right, so nobody recognized the girl.
The place is full.

It looks like we're about to have
the first riot ever

- in the history of the Social Register.
- Oh, rioting rich people.

They'll change their tune if the DOA
happens to be one of theirs.

No. It couldn't be one of our girls.

Why don't you take a look

- and see if you recognize her?
- No.

Exactly how many debutantes
did you have here tonight, ma'am?

Our annual cotillion.

- About 50 from all over the world.
- Fifty, huh?

What a tragedy
for all these young women.

We had to stop the ball

before the presentation
of the debutantes.

Well, not to mention the tragedy of
the young woman who was murdered.

Then there's that.

- You know all these girls personally?
- Of course.

These are society's
most promising young women.

- Well, of course.
- Okay. Take another look. A real look.

Definitely not.

One of the most important nights
in this city's social calendar

and it's just been ruined
by some nobody.

- Probably a street kid.
DANNY: Yeah.

A dead street kid.

She's definitely not a street kid.
She's in excellent health.

You mean aside from her being dead.

Good nutrition, clean skin. Looks like
she had braces on her teeth.

She's somebody's
well-loved daughter.

So she comes from a good family.

- Somebody report her missing?
- You'd think.

I ran her prints
through Missing Person. No match.

All right. Let's take a look.

Forensics come up with anything
to help us lD the killer?

Male, from the size of the hands.

See the thumbprints
on either side of the larynx?

She's got eight fingertip bruises
in the back of her neck.

It's up close and personal.

Well, people are sick.

Well, strangling someone takes time
and a lot of anger.

Whoever it is probably knew
who she was.

Whoever she is, she didn't deserve to
be murdered and dumped in the trash.

I'll tell you that. Thanks.

Yes, Baker?

The mayor's new
deputy press secretary is here, sir.

Five minutes early.


Miss Connors?

Thank you.

Commissioner. Sue Connors.
It's so good to meet you.

Nice to meet you.
Welcome to New York.

It's a little bit colder than Atlanta,
but I'm having a ball.

Please, sit down.

Thank you.


So, what can I do for you?

Well, we sent you some material.

We have been inundated with requests
about you.

I've gotta tell you,

I've been doing this a long time,

and I've never seen such a deluge
of media interest.

I am talking about an in-depth feature
in Vanity Fair,

a fabulous spread in GQ,

and New York magazine wants you
on the cover.

That would be
the Ten Most Eligible Men cover.

I don't think that's for me.

- So you've read my proposal.
- I did.

- You could have told me that.
- You didn't ask.

I've heard you're publicity shy,
but like it or not, commissioner,

this latest incident puts you
on the national radar.

You're a hero.

Getting shot didn't make me a hero.

Well, the mayor feels this exposure
would be very good for New York.

You mean, the mayor feels
that it might be useful

during the upcoming election.

And that would be useful
for both of you.

May I remind you,
you serve at the mayor's pleasure.

And may I remind you

that I have my own deputy
commissioner of public information.

Mm. All due respect, I don't think
you're being well-served by him.

This meeting is over.

- You know what I think?
- I have no idea what you think.

I think you're dug into a position,

and you think it's a sign
of weakness to change your mind.

And I resent your obdurateness.


There's no reasoning
with someone like you.

You're walled off,
and you don't even know it.

But I see right through you.

Have a nice day.

DANNY: If I gotta look
at one more businessman

with a wheelie getting off an elevator,
I'm gonna eat my gun.

Shoot me first, please.
It would be a mercy killing.

Tell me about it.

JACKlE: Oh, look. Well,
there's our victim in the polka dots.

DANNY: Who's the redhead
she's arguing with?

She's a hooker.

She works the pervs
who like them young.

I know.
I remember her when I worked Vice.

She's about 25.

You got a name?

I don't remember.

All right, well, the ME said
that the killer was probably a man

based on the strangulation marks.

Maybe these two had a girl-on-girl
action planned for the john,

something goes wrong.

Well, either way,
she could be a witness to a homicide.


Of course you were. That was not bad.
You tell a good joke.

- See? You're funnier than you think.
- Yeah.

Hey, Renzulli,
I wanna report a crime.

Damn tagger vandalized my gate.

Hey, Nestor. That's you.

That's a pretty good likeness.

He made me fat.

That's terrible. These kids today.

You have any idea who did this?

If I did, I'd handle it myself.

I got a Louisville Slugger
behind the counter.

Take it easy, Pops. All right?

Hey, it looks like they signed it too.

Looks like TMac.

Well, great. Now you got a name.

Checking in, sir?

Actually, checking out is more like it.

You get a lot of hooker traffic
around here?

What hotel guests do in the privacy
of their own room is their business.

Okay, but if one of those guests
wanted a help

making that transaction,
they'd turn to a smart guy like you.

It's against hotel policy to help guests
with illegal transactions.

Kid, I'm not trying to roust you here.

I wanna know
where the lonely hearts might turn

if they're looking for jailbait
or something.

that information doesn't come cheap.


How about I slap these cuffs on you
and drag your ass out of here?

I might mention Elite Escorts.
They're very discreet.

And if I was partial to redheads?

Ask for Tiffani.

I'll do that.


Um, hi. It's Tiffani.

Maybe I should join you.

You could soap me up,
get me all clean.

I've been a very dirty girl.

It's just a little extra for water play.

It's not a problem, is it, Daddy?

Actually, you got two problems.
One is I'm not your daddy,

second is you're under arrest.
Turn around.

Come on, turn around.

It's a shame. You're cute.

Murder? I didn't kill anyone.

Well, this is you and her
on a hotel surveillance video,

and that's you hassling her.

And, coincidentally, she turns up
three and a half hours later in an alley.

- So?
- So you tell us what happened,

- and we'll go easy on you.
- What? I didn't know the bitch.

- Why were you fighting with her?
- That hotel is my turf.

She came in looking all nervous,
dressed like me.

I figured she was working.

So she's on your stroll.
So she pissed you off?

You're right.
I got exclusive with the bellhops.

Was she a hooker too?

She said she wasn't.
But I told her to get off my track.

She acted like I didn't know
what I was talking about.

Did she tell you
what she was doing at the hotel?

She said she was meeting
her boyfriend for the weekend.

She looks a little young
for a romantic getaway.

- So do l. Drives the guys nuts.
- Oh.

HENRY: Morning.
FRANK: Morning, Pop.

How's that shoulder?

Stiff, first thing.

The mayor has got
a new press secretary.


She's a piece of work.

Wants me to do magazine covers
and personal interest stuff.

Really? What do you think?

I think it got you in a lot of trouble.

It got me fired.

Then why did you do it?

Well, I didn't know
that would be the result.

What I was trying to do
was change the perception of the city.

You remember how wild it was
before we cleaned it up.

And the mayor thought
that I was trying to upstage him

and take all the credit.

Mayor's trying to turn me into a hero.

We could use one.

- You think I should do it?
- Don't put words in my mouth.

Can I tell you something?

I don't think
I'm gonna have a choice.

- Meaning?
- There's something on your mind.

Francis, you were circling the drain
when they brought you to the hospital.

Not quite.

Life is short.

It's over before you know it.

I'm talking
about grabbing a little bit of it.

Having some fun.

You had a life-changing experience.

Like losing your wife and your son?

Compared to that,
getting shot's nothing.

So our girl comes into town
to meet her boyfriend at the hotel.

And who is he?
Is he a rich guy from the city?

Or a businessman out of town?

Odds are he's older.
Maybe he's married. Maybe he's not.

- Never sleep with a married man.
DANNY: Don't say that too loud.

The sarge will have a broken heart.

Oh! Please.

Anyway, she goes upstairs
but never comes back down.

Somehow she ends up dead
in the alley. How's that?

It's too bad they don't have cameras
on the guest floors.

The case would be solved already.

Can I talk to you, please?

DANNY: Look, I was gonna call you.
- Yeah, that would have been nice.

Instead, I had to hear it
from the principal at her school.

About how she's going around

telling all the other kids
about a murdered girl,

- and all the gory details with it.
- She said she was gonna talk to you.

That's not the point.

You took my daughter
to a crime scene,

You didn't talk to me.
For what? A school paper?

I thought
she was gonna stay in the car.

She's 14 years old. What 14-year-old
is gonna stay in the car?

What do you want me to do?

You want me to cuff her
to the armrest? What?

She shouldn't have been in that car.

I'm sorry.

If I could take it back, I would.

I'm sorry.


She didn't need this, Danny.

I'm feeling like a meatball sub.

Why don't we hit that deli on Tenth?

That's a good idea.


Hey. Well, lookie here.

back in the nabe of the crime.

Hey, Picasso!

Hey, kid! Stop!

I hate it when they run.

- Go around. Cut him off.
- All right.

Come here, you son of a gun. Hey!

Stop right there! You little scoundrel.

Son of a gun.

Hey, Mr. Picasso!

You're mine, kid!

Son of a gun.

Hey, chico! Hey, you son of a gun!

Sucker is fast, that kid.

What do you know?
A lifetime supply of spray paint.

And what else?

There you go. Textbooks.

Bet I know which he uses more.

Property of Chadmore Prep,
signed out to Mr. Tom Mackey.


I got you, kid. Dead and stinking.

MANAGER: Over 1,500 rooms, and
we were fully booked on Thursday.

- We'll need a list. That's 1,500 perps.
- Or more.

Conventioneers like to bring
their wives or girlfriends.

- Not to mention the body parts.
- The what?

The prosthetic makers.

They've been playing practical jokes
on our staff.

Room service found a hand
in a dinner trolley.

- We really need the list, please.

It's gonna take at least a week
to go through all those names.

Yeah, it is.

Unless, you know,
we leak the girl's photo to the press.

I'm just saying.
Come on, you know the media.

A girl murdered.
They're gonna eat it up.

It will be a national story in 24 hours.
Can't hurt.

And headlines is gonna read,
"The police don't have a lead."

We make the N.Y.P.D. Iook bad.
For a minute.

Look, we can't find the killer
until we know who the girl is, right?

- Headquarters is gonna be pissed.
- I got one Reagan mad at me already.

Might as well double down.

In a breaking news update,

the body
of an unidentified teenage girl

was found today outside
an upscale New York City hotel.

Anonymous sources say
the police have no leads

and have not yet identified
the scantily clad victim.

Is that right?
Oh, she was abducted by aliens?

I'll tell you what,
give NASA a call, okay? Goodbye.

It's your daughter?

- Detective Reagan.
JACKlE: Sure?

Okay, we'll get right back to you.
I'm so sorry.

Go ahead.

And the name is Betsy?

Okay. Thank you.
It's a teacher from Upstate.

- Says the girl's name is Betsy Vickers.
- Betsy Vickers.

I was just speaking to her father
from Brewster.

I'll bring her up on DMV.

Vickers, Betsy.

Here we go.

Sixteen years old.
She just got her learner's permit.

Her father said
she was his pride and joy.

He's beside himself.

Well, then the ME was right.

She said she probably came
from a loved family.

- Who would want to kill a girl like this?
JACKlE: An animal.

- Here you go.
- Thank you.

I just...

I just don't understand
what Betsy was doing in New York.

Where did you think she was?

Skiing in Vermont with friends.

It was a reward
for her midterm report card.

She's always struggled with science,
but this time, she worked so hard.

So you didn't know she was missing,

No. I-- You know,
we told her to go on the trip.

You know, have a wonderful time.
All that, and...

And then we saw that photo on TV.

Uh, I'm sorry you had to find out
that way.

Did you call at all? Check in?

I worried. I wanted to call.

But I told him not to.

Let her have some freedom.

Oh, God.


My baby was dead,
and I didn't even know.

I'm sorry, I can't.

- I can't.
JACKlE: We'll go get some air.

Thank you.

A couple more questions,
okay, Mr. Vickers?

Do you know
if Betsy was dating anyone at all?

No. She had boyfriends,
you know, like kids...

She dated a little bit.

She said most of the guys just wanted
to get drunk

and get to third base.

No. She was at home.

Every weekend.

She went online a lot?

Yeah, like every kid goes online.

Oh, here's the computer
you asked for.

We brought her yearbook
and some other stuff.

I tried to get on it,
but I don't know the password.

We'll have our tech people take a look
at it, see what they can find.



You okay?

What did you see?

- Hey. Shh.
- I had a bad dream.


- It's over.
- There was this man,

and he was chasing us and...

He caught us,
and somebody was screaming and...

She was just lying there
with her eyes open.

Okay. It's over. It's over.

- It's over.
- Somebody killed her.

Okay, sweetie. Come on.

It's just a dream.

Shh. It's okay.

Cracked the password.

Couldn't really find anything juicy--
Excuse me. --on her e-mail account.

It was mostly just gossip
between girlfriends,

but I found something
kind of interesting

here on her SocialGizmo page.

It's a bunch of private messages
between Betsy and this guy,

Lee Huntington.

"lf I know what love is,
it's because you taught me."

Very romantic guy.

Yeah. It's just, like, poetry.

Wait, listen to this one.

"You will be mine on Thursday.
I can't wait to hold you in my arms."

And choke your neck.

- She was murdered on Thursday.
- Yeah, she was.

Looks like her prince turned out
to be a frog, right?

Or maybe just a possessive freak.

Either way, I think we got a suspect.

Uh, well, actually, I looked him up.

There's no record of Lee Huntington
in any of the department databases.

There's always a first time.

There's something about that name.

Huntington. It's familiar because it's
one of the large hedge fund families.

Like, the Black-- Blackstone Group.

Ah. Bingo, Marshall Lee Huntington
was at the debutante ball,

which puts him at the hotel
on Thursday.

- Same night as our victim.
- Mm-hm.

I like when rich people do bad things.
Let's take a ride.

We need to speak
to Marshall Lee Huntington.

Please wait here. I'll go get him.

This guy is gonna miss his maid
in Rikers.

He may end up
being somebody's maid in Rikers.


- You Marshall Lee Huntington?
- Can I help you, officers?

Detective Reagan.
This is Detective Curatola.

Excuse me, but I don't think
you should be having this conversation

- without Mr. Huntington present.
- Who are you?

I'm Howard Markham.
Marshall's tutor.

This isn't a good time.
We're in the middle of SAT prep.

Don't be a tool, Howard.
Let's see what they want.

- I've heard enough about Lord Myron.
- It's Byron. Lord Byron.

And I'm getting your father.

Speaking of names,
you go by Marshall or Lee?

My friends call me Marshall,
but my family calls me Lee.

- Why?
DANNY: Well--

This about that dead girl
at the hotel?

Well, that dead girl has a name.
It's Betsy Vickers. Do you know her?

- No.
DANNY: Really?

Well, you invited her
to the hotel for a hookup.

What? No.

I was there for the debutante ball
with my girlfriend.

Or maybe you had a big night planned.
A city and country action on the side.

I don't know what
you're talking about.

Don't say another word, Lee.

They have no right to talk to you.

Howard, you can go.

And you are?

I'm Truscott Huntington.
And what is your business here?

We're just having a little chat
with your son, sir.

They're asking
about that murdered girl.

You have a warrant?


Then get out of here.

Your son is 18.
He can answer questions for himself.

Go. Learn something, will you?

Well, have a glorious day.

No tags on these walls.

I guess TMac doesn't like
dirtying his own nest.

- Hey, kid. Come on out here.
- Man. Look, I'm sorry. I'm really sorry.

Oh, well, if you're sorry, you know...

Please. Don't arrest me.

- It's gonna kill my mom.
- Should've thought of that

- before vandalizing private property.
- Not vandalism, art.

- It's what I do. My passion.
- Good.

Now we got something to talk about
on the way to the precinct.

Please. Just listen to me, please.

Just come in.
Let me show you what I do.

It will only take a second.

After that, I promise, I'll go wherever
you want me to go. I swear to God.



All right.

Yeah, you have 15 seconds.

- Let's go.
- Come in.

You did all these drawings?

TMAC: Every one.

That's great.

Yeah. You can pretty up your cell
at Bridges Juvie.

I got in the School of Visual Arts


I'll be the first one in my family
to go to college.

My two brothers are in jail.

I know I screwed up.

Please. I just need another chance.

Oh, brother.

Put the cuffs away, Reagan.

You just keep the ink on the page
from now on.

Yes, sir.

Don't make me come back here.


I saw you guys leave here,

but now you're back here

I told you I wanted a body.
Where you at?

We're close, boss. We are.
We have a named suspect.

We're just connecting the dots.

All right, good.

- I don't know, Jack.
- What are you thinking?

I don't know. I know this
Lee Huntington kid looks good for this,

but I'm just not sure.

- Well, if not him, then who?
- I don't know.

I mean, we've got no phone records
of him ever calling Betsy.

Surveillance cameras don't show him
anywhere near any elevators

- going up to any guest rooms.
- Well, he could have taken the stairs.

He could have.
My gut just says it's not him.

Famous Reagan gut? Please.

I know. But you saw the kid.

I kind of believed him when he said
he didn't know any Betsy Vickers.

Well, Betsy met Lee Huntington
at the hotel,

and she did wind up dead,
so is that a coincidence?

Unless it wasn't Lee.

Bless us, oh, Lord, for these gifts
we're about to receive

- through your bountiful hands. Amen.
ALL: Amen.

Thank you for watching
over Frank Reagan on that terrible day.

Pass the potatoes.

Grandpa, "please."

I'm sorry, Sean.
Please pass the potatoes.

I would just like things
to get back to normal, okay?

You given any more thought
to that magazine article?


What magazine article, Dad?

The mayor is trying to hitch his star
to your father's wagon.

Hero by association.

Well, there is a good story there.

I lit a cigar and got sloppy.
That's the story.

Hey, Nicky.

Cat got your tongue?
You haven't said a word since church.

Yeah, Nick, you doing okay?

I know it's a big deal.

- What's a big deal?
- Nothing.

- No. Come on, what?
- Yeah, what?

Can we not talk about it?

Why don't we just concentrate
on our dinner, okay?

Can I please be excused?
I have to work on a report for school.

DANNY: Hey, Nick.
- I'm sorry I got out of the car, okay?

- What did I miss?
- What do you think you missed?

How long are you gonna stay mad
at Danny?

He said he was sorry.

Oh, I don't know. Maybe until
my daughter stops having nightmares.

She won't even talk to me about it.

- Talk about what?
LlNDA: Shh.

The adults are talking, okay?

She's withdrawn.
And I don't even know what's going on.

Well, you know, some of the moms
with teens at school,

they go online
to see what their kids are thinking.

- They do?
- What did I just say to you?

- I tried to friend her. She blocked me.
- So use an alias.

Okay. Rights of privacy?

- I'm an attorney. What do you think--?
- Excuse me.

What did you just say
about a phony profile?

LlNDA: What?
- Alias.

Sean wants some milk.

What you working on?

I gotta do this report.

I threw up
the first time I saw a dead body.

You really looking at that screen?

Or are you hiding behind it?

I cried.

I wanted to be a cop so much,

But I don't think I can.
I'm not strong enough.

You're strong enough.
You're a Reagan.

You're growing up, Nicky,
I'm not gonna sugar-coat it.

I've cried.

But I learned pretty quick
that you can't be a cop,

especially a good cop,

if you let your emotions take over.

So you sit on them.

You push them way down.

I don't know
whether that's a good thing,

but it's a necessary thing.

I had a partner who always said,

"Cops can't cry
so that their city can."

Do you pay a price?

I think so.

But it's the price you pay
for the privilege.

You're 1 4 going on 40.
But you're still 1 4.

You've got time.

But if that's what you decide
you want,

you're my granddaughter,
you're strong enough.

You better give Sean his milk.

I made that up.

So I'm looking for an alias.

We got two profile pages

supposedly belonging to the same kid.
One under Marshall Huntington,

- the other under Lee Huntington.
- He says he goes by both names.

but if you look at the Marshall page,

nothing connecting him
to Betsy Vickers.

It's the Lee page that's got
all the romancing stuff going on.

Which name his friends call him

He said Marshall.
Which makes sense.

I mean, the Marshall page is--
Sounds like a kid.

"BTW homes,
that video made me LMAO."

But look at the Lee page.

Yeah. It says,
"Sorry you had a bad day, my friend.

By the way,
I love your profile picture."

Doesn't sound like a kid
saying that stuff.

Especially not this kid.
Maybe they used an alias.

Like there's two different people
writing this.

Well, somebody was definitely
seducing Betsy Vickers online,

but I don't think
it was Marshall Huntington.

We need to figure out who set up
that Lee Huntington account

on SocialGizmo.

Well, don't worry about it.
We got wonder boy on the case.

He'll find something.

Hey, I can hear you in here.

Good. Then shut your mouth
and keep working.

Uh, okay, I think I got it.

Ask and you shall receive.

What have you got for us,
wonder boy.

The Lee account was set up
on a computer at the Huntington's.

DANNY: You sure?
- Yeah. I triple-checked.

The billing is going
to Truscott Lee Huntington.

So what? So the dad kills Betsy
and let's the son take the fall for it?

I believe that. The way the guy was
looking at me. A predator.

All right.
Well, what about this tutor? Howard?

I mean,
he had access to the computer too.

Well, he seems harmless to me.

Maybe. He's 30 years old, educated,
and what does he do for a living?

He spends all his time giving his
knowledge to some Richie Rich kid.

If he's not happy, you never know.
And he didn't have a wedding ring on.

If you're single and unhappy at work,
you're a suspect for murder?

Let's go take a look
at the hotel registry again.

Hey, Howard.

I wanna thank you for coming down.

We don't wanna waste
too much of your time,

but we need your help.

To be honest, we want you to kind of
give us the scoop on the Huntingtons.

I signed a nondisclosure agreement.
Mr. Huntington could sue me.

Well, that's fine.
We'll just keep everything between us.

- Do you think he did it?
- I don't know.

- What's he like?
- He's a bully.

He's boorish, rude.

He's awful to Marshall.
Calls him, "My moron son."

Well, the school says
he gets straight A's.

Because he father pays me
to do his homework.

Gotta be frustrating, huh?

I mean, you do all the kid's homework,
you do all the hard work.

He just gets everything
handed to him on a silver platter.

I feel bad for Marshall.

He'll never know how it feels
to earn something.

And he definitely doesn't know
what it's like to romance a girl.

Not without his good looks
and his father's money.

You know how to romance a girl,
don't you?

I mean, the right way.

With words, poetry,
stimulating conversation.

And that's why you set up
the Lee Huntington profile page.

Isn't it?

Yeah. See, the words gave it away.

Wait, that wasn't me.

Sure it was. I mean, you all but said
Marshall was a dumb brat.

What dumb brat is gonna go around

quoting Lord Byron
and Emily Dickinson?

I mean the poetry, the romance.

It worked.

Betsy fell in love with you.

Well, she fell in love
with Lee Huntington.

And she went to the hotel that night
expecting to find some teenage poet.

But instead she found you.

No. I wasn't there.

Yes, you were. You checked in
under the name George Byron.

That's Lord Byron's real name.

Yeah, see, we did our homework
and checked the hotel registry.

It was me she was in love with.

- I thought she'd understand.
- Understand what?

That her teenage dream boy
turned out to be a 30-year-old pervert?

I don't think so.

She didn't love you,
and that's why you killed her.

I didn't, I didn't.

Yes, you did.

Because you couldn't handle
the rejection.

So why don't you just tell us
what happened, Howard?

She got upset.

She called me a dirty old man.

She said she was going to call
her parents.

I told her it was me
she fell in love with. Me and my words.

I tried to calm her down,
but she fought me

and then she started screaming
and yelling at me.

So l...

I didn't--
I just needed to make her stop.

So you choked the life out of her.

I just wanted her to love me.

Nicky is very strong.
She's gonna be fine, sweetheart.

I know. I just-- I never expected her
to have to deal with something like this

on top of everything else
that she's going through.

Well, she's lucky she has
a very good mother looking out for her.

Nicky has got a lot of growing up
to do.

Who knows where she's gonna end up
on this.

A cop.

Why not a doctor or a journalist
or a lawyer?

What is so wrong
with being a lawyer?

What kind of lawyer?

She's-- It's going by so fast.

It does. Too fast.

Look, Erin,
Danny feels terrible about this.

MAN: I'll be outside.
- Danny--

- Miss Connors.
- Commissioner.

Please sit.

This is my daughter Erin.

- Hi.
- Miss Connor is the mayor's

new deputy press secretary.


Thank you. Nice to meet you.

I didn't mean
to disturb your breakfast.

Yet here we are.

I just wanted to apologize
for the other day.

There was no need
to make it personal.

Well, it takes two.

And I do tend to dig in.

Nice meeting you.

You too.

What was that about?

The mayor wants to make a hero
out of me.

She's very attractive.

She insulted my DCPl
and called me obdurate.



You can be obdurate.

Well, thank you.

Dad, do you think it's time

that you start thinking
about getting on with your life?

You've been talking to Grandpa?

No, I don't need to talk to Grandpa
to know

that you've been through
a life-changing experience and--

Let's see. Life-changing. You mean
like going through a divorce?

You need to get on with your life.

I asked you first.

And what was the question again?

Do you think it's time

that you start thinking
about moving on?

How do you know I haven't?


Hey, Renzulli.

Hey, Nestor, my friend, how are you?
What's up?

I'll tell you what's up.

That damn kid
tagged my store again.

- Oh, yeah?
- So much for second chances.

Well, go on. Laugh.

Oh, come on, Renzulli, laugh.

Or maybe this time
you won't think it's so funny.

I told you that kid had talent.

Is that us?

- I think it's us.
- Yeah.

I guess he saved the best for last,

Fine. When you lose the trial,
it'll be 25 to life.

Always the hardass, huh?

Runs in the family, doesn't it?

Yeah, pretty much.

Look, I wanted to come by
and tell you that I know I screwed up.

And you've got every right
to be mad.

Though l...

I wish you wouldn't be anymore.

Wanna be friends again?

You're such a pain in the ass,
you know.

Yeah, well, I'm a Reagan.