Blue Bloods (2010–…): Season 1, Episode 14 - My Funny Valentine - full transcript

D.A. Charles Rosselini overcomes Erin principle objections to dating her boss and a mayoral candidate, but she backs down after Nicky tricks them into a Valentine's date. Jamie dislikes the commercial fake romance, like grandpa, as it makes bachelors feel all the lonelier. A rich, divorced couple reports their daughter Chloe kidnapped for a diamond ransom, but after the delivery goes wrong it turns out that was staged with her boyfriend, who is alas found murdered by their accomplice, a drug dealer. Frank informally motivates a lazy detective to reconsider the 'open and shut' case against his cleaner Inez's robbery-accused cousin.


- Did you pack your retainer?

ELAlNE: You wear it for
ten hours tonight. Put it in--

After dinner. Got it covered, Mom.

And don't you forget to put on
the alarm system before you go to bed.

- Did I forget last night?
- Yes, you did.

What would I do without you?


She'll be right down.

Hello to you too, Elaine.

With a liveried driver now?

She rolls up to school in that?

What? Chloe likes it.
Makes her feel important.

ELAlNE: It makes you feel important.
It makes Chloe feel embarrassed.

ROGER: I was embarrassed being
dropped off at school every day

because my father was poor.

Chloe's embarrassed
because her father's rich?

Just tell him
to lose the chauffeur's hat, okay?

- Hi, Daddy.
- Hey, sweetheart.

Did you notice
Mom's awesome new haircut?

Doesn't it make her look
ten years younger?

You better get going.

- See you, Mom.
- Love you.

Love you too.

Okay. Thank you.

The Templeton verdict just came in.
Convicted on all counts except fraud.

Good work, counselor.
Hey, uh, I thought you'd wanna know,

Albany came through with funding
for Joint Fitter's Union investigation.

- Congratulations.
- Yeah.

Sorry. Uh, I was at this slot car
racetrack last weekend,

and I saw this picture. I could've sworn
it was you and your brothers as kids.

The old Kensington place.
That's still open?

What were you doing there?

I take my nephews over there
for the weekend sometimes,

- give my sister a break.
- You do?


- What?
- No. I just--

I just didn't see you
as the doting uncle type, I guess.

- You didn't, huh?
- No.

Well, maybe you don't know everything
about me.

I guess I don't.

Hey. It's after school already?

Yup, it is.

You must be Nicky.

This is my boss, Mr. Rossellini.

Nice to meet you. I saw you on TV.

Dancing with the Stars?

Ha, ha. Yeah, right.

Whoa, wait,
you don't think I can dance?

- No. I just-- l-- Actually--
- My mom is a great dancer.

- I am not a great dancer.
- I'm sure she is.

I'm sure you're fantastic.
Tell you what,

when you Reagan women are ready
to settle this on the dance floor,


Iet me know.

LlLA: Ha, ha. Mr. Bates is such a tool.
I hate algebra.

Hey, did you finish
reading Jane Eyre?

No. But if I had Jane Eyre's aunt,
I'd light her bonnet on fire.

Well, we have that test on Monday.

Some happy Valentine's present.

- I know.
- CliffsNotes?

Mrs. Leavitt makes her tests

There is no way
I'm reading 1 50 pages this weekend.

Hey, I have an idea.

I'll read 75 pages,
and you read 75 pages.

We'll talk on Sunday night and then
tell each other what happened.

- Genius.
- I know.

- Text me later.
- Okay. Peace out, Girl Scout.

CHLOE: Stop! Stop!
MAN: What the hell are you doing?


Help! Help!

MAN: That guy just grabbed a little girl.
Did you see that?


ROGER: That's right, my friend,
you're a loser.

I thought you were liquidating
those positions.

What, are you out of your mind?


Hold on a second.

I gotta take this. It's my daughter.

Hey, sweetheart. What's up?

Listen to me and do what I say

if you want to see Chloe again.

What? Who is this?

KlDNAPPER: I want $5 million
in diamonds by tomorrow.

If the stones are watermarked
or tagged in any way,

your daughter is dead.

What is this, some kind of joke?

Daddy? Daddy?

- Chloe?
- Daddy, help me.

Chloe, are you all right?

Help me, Daddy, I'm scared.

KlDNAPPER: I'll give you the time
and place tomorrow.

Don't even think
about calling the cops.



Baby, are you there?

COP: Detective Reagan.

DANNY: The parents?
- At the top of the stairs.

All right.

Ahem. Mr. and Mrs. Carson.

Detective Reagan.
My partner, Detective Curatola.

They said they'd call tomorrow,
but they could call sooner?

The diamonds are arranged for.
There's a Pinkerton guard

bringing them over.

I was assured you were the top guy.

My partner and I will do
everything we can

to help you get your daughter back.
I assure you.

so you two have joint custody?

He has Chloe Tuesdays, Fridays,

and every other weekend.
This weekend.

They won't be able to tell there's
surveillance? They said no cops.

We're taking every precaution.

Anyone else who might have known
Chloe's routine?

What time she left school,
the route she took?

Just us, Chloe's friends,

- my housekeeper and driver.
- What did I tell you?

Chauffeuring her around in that
ridiculous car, screaming money.

You wanted her to walk everywhere.

- If Hugo had picked her up, we--
- You're blaming me for this?

Ahem, uh, Mr. and Mrs. Carson,

I'm a parent.
I know this must be very hard on you,

but we need you to work together
if we're gonna help get Chloe back.

Sweetheart, have this tea.
It's calming.

And you are...?

- Vanessa Morris. His fianc?e.
- My girlfriend.

Do you live here?

- How is that relevant?
- I'm just trying to get the full story.

So we did speak to a, uh, Lila,

- the girl Chloe was walking with.
- They're best friends.

Anyone else we should speak to?
Did Chloe have a boyfriend?

- No.
- No. She would have told me that.

Okay. Um, we're gonna need to see
Chloe's bedroom.

It's right over here.


Oh, no.

I'm so sorry.

Oh, I'm sorry, mister.


it's nothing.

The mayor gave it to me.

- I'll fix it. I'll pay for it.
- Come on.

You okay?

Yes. Thank you.

Did your sister go back
in the hospital?

No, no, no. She's--
The chemotherapy was very good.

She's fine, thank you.

Inez, something's wrong.

My youngest boy.

Eddie, isn't it?

He got arrested last night.

- What for?
- He didn't do it.

What happened?

He was going to visit a friend
at work,

and a cop car came,

and someone in the car
pointed at Eddie

and said, "He's the one."

He said that Eddie robbed him
with a gun.

That's a serious charge.

It's a mistake.

He's never touched a gun in his life.

He's a good boy.

Inez, the police commissioner
cannot interfere

with an ongoing investigation.

Oh, no, commissioner.

No. I would never.

Oh, please. No.

No. I'm sorry.

I said too much already.

- l--
- lnez.

I'm going. I clean your office.

I'm all done, see?

This is interesting.

This is Chloe's cell phone records.

The only call she received,

other than from her mother and father
every single day,

was from a burner cell.

What, no name? Paid in full?

Calls started in September,
ran right up to yesterday.

They stopped pinging off
a cell phone tower in Southampton

and started pinging off
in the West Village.

- What? A summer romance?
- I don't know.

It's a secret romance.

Either way, we might have ourselves
our first lead.

So, uh, you've been dating anyone
since you and Sydney broke up?

Here and there. Nothing serious.

Valentine's Day is coming up.

I was wondering
maybe if you got any big plans.

No. Nothing. What about you?

As a matter of fact, I do.

- Really?
- Yeah.

Somehow you're
gonna improve on that snow globe

that you got your wife
for your anniversary.

Hey, she shakes that snow globe
every day, I'll have you know.

Says it makes her feel peaceful.

But Valentine's Day,
that's when I go all out, kid.

What's all out for you?

Two-for-one Mondays
at the Pig 'n' Whistle?

What would you say to a window table
at the Waterfront Cafe?

With a view of Manhattan

and a bottle of champagne
sitting on the table, chilled,

waiting for us.

I'd say that sounds pretty romantic.

Yeah? Well, uh,
that ain't where I'm taking her.

At least not until I make
captain's money.

But I do make a pasta fazool
that she loves.

Your wife is a very lucky woman.

She is.

Hey, Lila,

we need to ask you
a few more questions.

- Did you find Chloe?
- We're working on it.

Look, um, she's been receiving
calls almost every day

from a burner cell, which means
we can't identify the caller.

Do you have any idea
who that might be?

- No. Sorry.
- Look, Lila, I was your age once,

and I had a best friend and we knew
everything about each other.

You probably think you're protecting
Chloe, but you're not.

This person could be involved.
Could even be the kidnapper.

- It wasn't.
DANNY: How do you know that?

Because it's her boyfriend.

- What's his name?
- Drew.

- Drew what?
- I don't know his last name.

He worked as a lifeguard in
the Hamptons last summer.

Talks like this.

[lN NORMAL VOlCE] But he's
really cute, and they love each other.

Chloe's dad hated him.

So she was seeing him
behind the dad's back?

Her mom didn't like him either.

He's 19 and doesn't go to college.

- He came to the city to see her?
- Almost every weekend.

He crashed at this scary loft
in Bushwick

- where a bunch of stoners live.
- Do you have the address?

Uh-uh. Only way I'm going to
Bushwick is in an Army tank.

I'm willing to bet you probably got
a picture of Chloe with him

in that phone of yours right there.

Look, we're gonna e-mail this
to ourselves, all right?

And you don't worry.
You're doing the right thing.

Take it easy.

The boyfriend loves her.

- Or loves her father's money.
- Yeah.


Why hasn't the kidnapper called?

He'll call, Mr. Carson, okay?
Just try to relax.

It's torture, isn't it, sweetheart?

All right. What about
Chloe's, uh, boyfriend, Drew?

You mean that lifeguard?
I ended that.

He was too old and mature for her.

We have reason to believe
she's still seeing him.


Quiet down!

- Yeah.
- We're on. Mr. Carson, come on.

Boys, settle down!

I want you to buy a little time, all right?
Speak to your daughter.

Most important, just stay calm,
all right?

- We ready to go?
- Yeah.

Okay. Settle!

- Okay, answer the phone.
- Hello?

KlDNAPPER: Meet me at the corner
of St. Marks Place and 1st Avenue

at 2:00. I'll be wearing
a yellow baseball cap.

- Do you have the diamonds?
ROGER: Yes, they're here.

Uh-- Uh, where did you say
to meet you? I have to write it down.

KlDNAPPER: Shut up and listen.
Put the diamonds in a metal Thermos.

No GPS and no cops if
you want to see your daughter again.

I wanna talk to Chloe.

CHLOE: Daddy.
- Hey, baby.

I'm gonna get you out of this, okay?

Where's Mom?

Uh, she's right here. Hold on.

Are you all right?

Mommy. Mommy, I'm so scared.


- Chloe?
DANNY: East 3rd and Bowery.

- Send a radio car.
- No. Caller's gonna be in the wind.

- Move.
ELAlNE: She sounded awful.

I'm gonna get her back, Elaine.
What happens now?

We set up surveillance, make the drop,
then we'll follow him to your daughter.

Well, he said no cops.

You're gonna do the drop
then move off.

- They won't make us.
- What if they do?

- I just want my daughter back.
- They won't make us.

Just trust me, okay?
They won't make us.

We'll get your daughter back.

We gotta trust them.
Listen to the detectives.

They know what they're doing.

- No pressure.
- Yeah, right. Let's go.


Did you get a look
at those diamonds?


It's hard to believe something so small
could be worth a girl's life.


All right, there's our boy.

Yellow hoodie and the baseball hat.

He looks like a homeless guy.

You got something for me?

- Where's my daughter?
- What?

- Tell me where my daughter is.
- What's wrong with you? Get off me!

- If anything happens to her,
- Come on. Give him the diamonds.

I'm gonna hunt you down
and kill you with my own hands.

All right. He made the exchange.

Green coat, yellow hat.

We got him in sight. We're on him.

JACKlE: Be advised, the payoff
went down. Suspect is a white male,

approximately 36,

heading east on St. Marks,
wearing a yellow hat. Stay with him.

Hey, watch out.

Looks like he's waiting for someone.
Hold fast.

What's he doing with the diamonds?

Let's move.


Come here. Come here.

Get off me. I didn't do anything.

- Where's the girl?
COP: The ransom--

- Where's the girl?
- What girl? Just give me my money.

Money for what, huh?

You promised me a hundred bucks.
We had a deal.

I didn't promise you anything, dipstick.
I'm a cop. Come on.

Let's go.

Come on.

Let's hold on a minute.

Why don't you two go down the street
and have a cup of coffee?

I can't let you go in there alone, sir.

It's a pastry shop, Baker.

It's protocol, sir.

Okay, I'm your boss, right?

- Yes, sir.
- I order you two to go down the street

and have a cup of coffee.

If you're not out in ten minutes,
we're coming in.

Weapons drawn, I expect.

Thank you. Have a nice day.

- Commissioner.
- Please, sit down.

This place was on my old beat.

I'm sorry about all the intrigue,
Detective Ryan.

I didn't wanna go to the precinct.

It always turns into such a big deal.

But I could use some advice.

Yes, sir.

You collared a suspect the other day,
Edward Saldana.

Uh, yes, sir. Armed robbery.

Well, the vic made a positive lD
on the canvass soon after the incident.

And Saldana, he didn't have the gun
or the vic's wallet,

but he had the contents.

Yeah. Most of a hundred bucks
and the MetroCard.

Saldana told me that he was
on the East side to visit a friend, sir,

in a building that he worked in,
and the friend was not there.

Pretty thin alibi.

I read your fives.

Looks like a good arrest.

Here's my problem.

I know the mother.

I met the kid.
He didn't seem likely to go bad.

But that was a long time ago.

We always say

that it's just as important to work hard
to exonerate an innocent person

as it is to convict a guilty one.

If you think it warrants
a second look...

What a surprise.

I told you,
I've never seen that guy before.

Somebody came up to me,
offered me a hundred bucks

to pick up a Thermos.

What did he look like?

I have no idea.
He had a ski mask on.

That didn't strike you as odd?

It's freezing out. I wish I had one.

You're not gonna have to worry
about the cold weather.

Got you on an active burglary warrant,
now codefendant in a kidnapping.

You're out of your mind.

- Hey.
- Whoa.

You're out of your mind.
Now, who hired you?

Who hired you to pick up the ransom,
you junkie?

I mean, it was a hundred bucks.

He offered me a hundred bucks.

Hey, I just want my hundred bucks
to score, to fix.

I just want a fix. Please. All right?

He's probably telling the truth.
Book him, take him down to Bellevue,

get him a little methadone.

I'll go do the heavy lifting
with the family.

Well, I owe you one.

Mr. and Mrs. Carson.

- Where's Chloe?
- What happened?

We didn't get her.

The guy with the yellow cap turned out
to be a messenger. I'm sorry.

So you don't know where Chloe is?

What did he just say, Vanessa?

- Look, I understand your frustration.
- No, you don't!

Chloe is not your daughter.

The kidnappers want the ransom.

They're going to call back.
Something happened.

I know, I just...

I feel helpless.

It's okay. We're not giving up yet.


Excuse me.

Tell me you got something.

Okay, the boyfriend's name
is Drew Leland.

He's, uh, in the system for a
no-contest misdemeanor assault

back in high school.

I went to the parents.
They say he took a job

Iine fishing some bluefin tuna
out in Montauk.

They don't have any idea
when he's coming back.

Okay. This Bushwick loft
he's been hanging out in?

- His parents have an address?
- The parents don't know it exists.

But his bank records indicate
a purchase on his debit card

to buy some caviar
at Dean & DeLuca in SoHo.

Guess when. Yesterday.

Great. Drew and his accomplice
celebrating the $5 million ransom.

- Exactly.
- All right. I'll talk to you in a minute.


Is there news?

They found the kidnap van in Brooklyn.
I'm gonna head there now.

- What about Chloe?
- It's just the car,

but I'm gonna go over there and see.
I'll call you. Sit tight, okay?

What have we got?

CSU TECH: A guy walking his dog
saw a fire in an ashcan and called it in.

Officer on scene made
the van from the Finest message.

DANNY: Did he? Good eyes.

Someone knew what they were doing.

I'm not getting prints off the
wheel, gearshift or door handles.


- Hey, Reagan.
- Hey.

JACKlE: Come check this out.
DANNY: Thanks.

- What have you got?
JACKlE: Ooh.

A bottle of Dom P?rignon,
the king of champagnes.

Doesn't exactly look like a
Dom P?rignon neighborhood.

- No.
- What is that, caviar?


Maybe Mr. Dean & DeLuca
was here.


- Look at that, lipstick on the glass.
DANNY: Lipstick.

- What, think it was a female driver?
- Or it's Chloe's.

Then there's that.

Lipstick on the glass,
but the van is perfectly clean.

I can't figure out
if this is a kidnapping or a date.

Well, if this is a kidnapping,

I'd like to be kidnapped
next Valentine's Day.

What about the champagne flutes?


Yeah, all right.

Let me guess. The prints on the glass
were Chloe's,

and the ones on the bottle
on the other glass were...

Drew Leland. Yeah.

Looks like Romeo and Juliet
were having a little bit of a party.

JACKlE: Kids trying to run off
with the parents' money.

I'm gonna go to the old man's,
eat dinner.

JACK: Bless us, our Lord,
for these gifts we're about to receive

from your bountiful hands. Amen.

ALL: Amen.
FRANK: Well-done.

I smell something delicious.

- What is it?
- Bossa nova. Your Aunt Erin made it.

Osso buco, Grandpa.

Bossa nova, osso buco.

- What's the difference?
- But, Mom, like, what is it?

It's braised veal shanks.

DANNY: Hey, everyone.
- Hey.

- Hi.

JACK: Hi, Dad.
- Hi, boys. Hey.

- Hey.
- Hey.

Hey, Gramps.

How's it going out there?

Crazy case, Dad.
We just had to tell these parents

the daughter probably staged
her own kidnapping.

- What?
DANNY: Oh, yeah.

They're not buying it.
It's like talking to a wall.

- Why you think, for the money?
- I don't know.

I haven't figured that part out yet.
We just arranged a ransom pickup.

Nobody showed up.

- Wow. Even so, poor parents.
- Well, they're not exactly poor.

In fact, they're very rich.
It's just a messy situation.

Divorce, live-in girlfriend, you know.

Okay, let's change the subject.

Why? I'm not upset
about Dad's girlfriend. Are you?


He's taking her to Anguilla
for Valentine's Day,

but Mom and I have a date.
Right, Mom?

That's right.

Nicky wanted to have Peking duck
in the city,

so Peking duck she will have.

Valentine's Day. Ugh.


Because it's one of those holidays
that is dreamed up

by the greeting card companies.

What's a greeting card?

Something people used to send
before e-cards, honey.

I'm making Mom a nice card in school,
but it's a surprise.


Is that another Reagan trait,

Do you think it's hooey?

Well, I thought it was great,

but your Grandma Mary didn't like
making a big deal out of it.

She always hated the idea
of being required

to express her love on a certain day.

Well, that's Mom to a tee.

Reagan women don't like to be told
what to do.

- No, we don't.
- Still, it's one of those days, you know.

You're supposed to be hooked up,
and it's a reminder if you're not.

It's like a pressure point,
like New Year's Eve.

- What do you mean, pressure point?
- I don't know.

One of those days
when you're supposed to be happy

or you measure your happiness.

Some propose, other people
are disappointed by their mates.

Or if they're alone,
it exacerbates their loneliness.

You know,
you may be a genius, kid.

Exacerbate. Worsen.

No, no. The pressure point thing.

- I'm gonna get back to work.
- You just got here.

Gotta get back to work.
Pork chops were great.


- Pork chops?
- What? Lamb chops. Whatever.

- Go. Come on, go.
DANNY: Bye. Bye, boys.

Are you busy, Grandpa?

Not for you.

What are you doing?

Oh, I was thinking
about your grandma.

I found this box after she died.

You know what I said about
how she felt about Valentine's Day?

Well, turns out she saved every
Valentine's Day card I ever gave her.

Forty years' worth.

You miss her.

Every day.

So, what's up?

I think I might have screwed up.


I just didn't want Mom to be alone
on Valentine's Day.

She's not gonna be.
You're going out for Peking duck.

Well, that's only half the story.

I called her boss
and asked him to meet us,

and I was gonna ask you
or Uncle Jamie

or someone to come get me.

You called Charlie Rossellini?

I saw them talking after school, and
you could tell they liked each other.

Well, I'll be honest.
I don't like the guy.

But that's beside the point.

Why do you think you screwed up?

I don't know.

- I thought it was a really good idea.
- Hmm.

Just, after I hung up,
I was sorry I did it.

I mean, I want her to be happy, I do.

Do you like my dad?

I like your dad.

But I love my daughter.

That's what happens in divorce.
People feel like they gotta take sides.

But you don't.

Nicky, school night. We have to go.

Okay, Mom.

Good night, Grandpa.

Good night, sweetheart.

No phone calls, e-mails, nothing.

Task force is chasing down
the boyfriend's Bushwick address.

In the, uh, ahem, meantime,
we wanted to ask you, uh,

and Ms. Morris a few questions
of a personal nature

about your relationship.

We're all adults here.

Oh, okay. Well, um, you know,
in a situation like this,

we always have to wonder why.

As in if Chloe did, in fact,
plan her own kidnapping,

why would she do that?
What would trigger her?


Well, the other day,

when you two discussed
your relationship,

you referred to Ms. Morris
as your girlfriend,

but she referred to you as
her fianc?e.

I mean, Valentine's Day,
it's a big day for relationships.

So I was wondering,
did you two have any plans?

We were going to dinner.

Dinner? You kept saying
it was gonna be so special.

Valentine's Day tasting menu
at Per Se?

I call that special.
A thousand dollars a pop.

I was thinking
you were gonna propose.



Ms. Morris,
did you by any chance tell Chloe

that her dad was planning
on proposing to you?

Well-- But...

Why wouldn't l? We're really close.

I love Chloe.

ROGER: You told Chloe
we were getting married?

What were you thinking?

I was thinking that you loved me,
and that it was time.

JACKlE: So particulars of Drew
Leland's lnternet account came in.

Seems like he's been downloading
some movies lately.

Uh, Taken, Trapped
and Excess Baggage.

It's about a rich girl
faking her own kidnapping.

- Right.
- Oh, God.

- Got an address for that account?
- Yeah.

We'll notify ESU
and the Hostage Negotiating Team

on the way.
You two sit tight. We'll get back to you.

Let's go get him.

COP 1: We're in. Let's move.
COP 2: All right, going right.

COP 3:. We're clear.
COP 4: Nothing. Clear.

COP 5:

COP 6:

- Jack.
COP 7: We're moving upstairs.

- We got a fresh one in here.
JACKlE: Yeah.

COP 7:
Get the ME here. Now.

Rest is clear. What's this?

We got the boyfriend, Drew Leland.

- Yeah.
- The ex-boyfriend.

It would explain why he didn't show up
for the ransom.

Well, unless Chloe shot him,
third person theory is correct.

Then Chloe is not just in the hands
of a kidnapper.

- She's in the hands of a murderer.
- Yeah.

COP 8:
Down through the hall!

Twelve of us live here.
We come and go at all different times.

I just got back.
Drew is here, like, half the month.

Before now, have you seen
Drew here in the last two days?

No, man. He's got--
His room has its own entrance.

I didn't know he was here.

It's, like, freaking me out
that somebody killed him.

- You ever see this girl here?
JEFFREY: A couple times.

Yeah. I passed her on the way
to the, uh, bathroom.

- But, um, I don't really know her.
- We're thinking this girl and Drew

may have planned
to fake her own kidnapping.

Problem is they got someone else
involved now who has taken over.

We need to find out
who that person is.

Oh, man, that sucks.

So this Drew, he hang out with anyone
who was violent, had a drug problem?

I don't know, man, um--

This is a lot for me right now.


- Excuse me.
- You see that graffiti there?

Take a look at it.

I saw that same thing in Drew's room
over there. You know who wrote it?

Yeah, man. That's Taze.

He's a graffiti artist.
Drew buys pot off him. He's, uh--

He's intense. Ow.

He's not half as intense as me.
Now, your buddy Drew just got killed.

Don't you think we might wanna know
who this Taze is? Where does he live?

A squat somewhere in East New York,
an old factory...

Can you just, like, chill out, man?

Reagan. Uh...

That was a TARU tech
over at Carson's loft.

It seems that an e-mail just came in
from a dummy e-mail address,

and there's a video attached.

I'm not looking for diamonds.

I want a million in cash.

Put it in a duffel bag,

and bring it to the playground
at Tompkins Square Park

tomorrow at noon. Unmarked bills.

If you're not there alone
with the money,

I kill your daughter.


You got something to say to Daddy?

Daddy, I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry, Daddy.

KlDNAPPER: I don't think
she likes it here, Daddy.

Oh, my God. Oh, my baby.

DANNY: It's okay.
- What is he doing? What's going on?

T ake her in the other room.
She's gonna be all right.

ROGER: Elaine.
DANNY: It's gonna be all right.

Come on. It's okay. Shh. It's all right.

Come on.
Let's take this back to the beginning.

Looks like
they're in some abandoned factory.


All right. Roll it nice and slow.
Frame by frame.

You see the windows there?
They're washed out

from the, uh, light
in the background there.

Get a shot of one of the windows.
Just the window.

Right there. Right there. Stop.

Okay, just darken the background.
There you go.

All right.

Zoom in a little bit.

That's the, uh...

That's the Gates Avenue Armory,
isn't it?

I think that's the south side, so...

This must have been shot
from East New York.

East New York is where we found
the kidnap van.


So that would be Taze.

Shut up. Shut up!


Or I'll kill you now.

Rich little bitch like you.

Rich girl like you
got no idea how hard it is.

How hard I had it.


I'm gonna be a new man.

A rich man.

A rich man.


Hey! Taze, drop the weapon
and step away from the girl.

I said drop the weapon
and step away from the girl!

Right now!

You got nowhere to go, Taze!

Nice and easy.

Nowhere to go?

DANNY: That's it.
- All this is for me?

- Take it easy.
- For me?

Take it easy. Step to the side.

I said step aside!

All right.




COP 1:
Move in, move in.

COP 2 He's down.
COP 3:. Perp is down.

COP 4: Check him out!
COP 5: He's down!

DANNY: I got you. Hey.
It's okay. It's okay.


- It's okay. It's all right.
CHLOE: I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry.

DANNY: Is he gone?
JACKlE: Yeah.

COP 6:
Get EMTs in there now.

I'm sorry.

COP 6:
CSU en route.

It was my idea.

Drew said he would help me
because he loved me so much.

He was just supposed to kidnap me,

but then we realized we needed
someone else to drive the car.


And you guys paid him?

A hundred bucks.

We said goodbye to him
when we dumped the car.

[SOBBlNG] But then he heard
about the diamonds,

and he came...

He came to Drew's apartment
with a gun

and said he was going to kill me

if Drew didn't split the ransom.

Drew tried to protect me.

And Taze shot him.

There wasn't gonna be anything
to split with him, anyway.

We were gonna put the diamonds
in a safe-deposit box,

and then I was gonna show up
at my dad's house

Iike someone dropped me off.

So you weren't gonna cash in
on these diamonds and run away?

Why did you do it, Chloe?

I don't know.

Come on, Chloe.

I thought maybe...

Maybe Mom and Dad would be so...

Would be so worried about me.

Maybe Mom would stop being mad
at Dad

and it would bring them
back together again.


Sit tight.

Come on.


Mom. Daddy.




- lncredible.
- Yeah.

Looks like her cockamamy plan
might actually work.

Stupid kid.


ERlN: Knock, knock.
ROSSELLlNl: Who's there?

Can I come in?

"Can I come in" who?

I'm trying to be serious.


I'm, um...

I'm sorry it's so late notice,

but you've been out of the office
all day.

You found out about tonight.

That Nicky, she's a persuasive kid.
Not that it took a lot of persuading.

She should never have put you
in that position.

What did I just say?
It wasn't exactly a hard sell.

Right. But you know it would...

You know it's a bad idea.

Because I'm your boss?

All right.
You know, I won't be your boss

if I get elected mayor.

And then you fire my father.

Who says I'd do that?

Okay, well, even if you didn't,
and we were an item,

- how do you think that it would look?
- Come on, Reagan, loosen up.

Politics and government.
They're incestuous by nature.

I'm sorry. You know, I think,
for Nicky, she got ahead of herself,

- and she's not really ready--
- Hey.

It's Valentine's Day.

Your daughter made us
a nice dinner reservation.

I put on my lucky purple tie.

I'm sorry.

I have other plans.


Okay, um...

Good night.

It would have been fun.



Detective Ryan.

Sir, I decided to look further
into the Saldana case,

and I asked
Transit Special lnvestigations

to run the MetroCard
in his possession.

Check his whereabouts that night.

That's not something
an arresting officer would normally do.

Although, hopefully,
a good defense attorney would.

- What do you think?
- Well, Saldana used his MetroCard

at the Nevins station in Brooklyn
at 2030 hours.

Which means that he would have
been on the 6 train

at the time of the robbery. I also asked
them to run the victim's credit cards.

While Eddie was in custody,

somebody else
was making charges.

That's good work, detective.

You know,
it's as important to work hard

to exonerate an innocent victim
as it is to convict a guilty one.

Well, that being said,

you still have an armed robber at large
in your precinct.

I'm on it, sir.

Good night, lnez.

Good night. Commissioner.

You should know

my son Eddie was released
this afternoon,

and the charges were dropped
against him.

Always nice to hear good news.

Happy Valentine's Day.

Same to you, lnez.

Hi. Reservation for two under Boyle.
Nicky Boyle.

- Here's our girl.
- Hey.

NlCKY: Hey.

Happy Valentine's Day, Mom.

ERlN: What is this?
- A meeting of the Lonely Hearts Club.

Otherwise known
as the Reagan family.

- Well, what a nice surprise.
- We thought so.

- This is very romantic.
- Pfft. Not.


ERlN: Five unattached Reagans.
I don't know what to say about that.

- Better luck next year?
- Yeah. Ha, ha.


To better luck next year.

To better luck next year.

Hey. Whoa.