Blue Bloods (2010–…): Season 1, Episode 13 - Hall of Mirrors - full transcript

When an undercover counter-terrorism agent is shot, Frank assigns Danny to the case because he is the only officer he can trust given the victim's involvement with infiltrating a sleeper ...


MAN 1: All right, all right!
Run it, run it, run it!

MAN 2: Nice, boys.
MAN 1: Run it, run it!

MAN 2: All right, boys,
keep turning it over. That's good.

Good stuff! Right stuff!


MAN: Everyone's friend.
You don't fool me, Sammy.

Now, jab, right hand. Let's go.
One, two, three.


Come on, Rocky Balboa.
We've got a tour to do.

- Nice work, Jamie.
- Same time next week?

- You got it, brother.
- Okay.

Looking good, kid.

You only joined this boxing team
to make me feel fatter and older, right?

Gotta stay in shape
in case somebody tries to bully you.

- Oh, yeah?
- Yeah. You wanna go a round?

- With me? No, I don't wanna hurt you.
- Yeah.


Sammy, come on,
just like we practiced.

Let the good ones alone,
put away the bad ones.

Keep your head over the ball.
Come on, Sammy, let's do it.

Just watch.
I'm the Pakistani Derek Jeter.

Watch the offside.

Come on, Sammy.

MAN: You've played your last game,
my friend.


Come on, let's get this done.

Great stuff!

Come back! Return!
Get back! Steady!


MAN 1: Yeah! Great stuff! Great stuff!
MAN 2: Yeah!

Good job.

MAN 3:.
Somebody, please!


MAN 4: Keep him still.
- Someone call an ambulance.

Sammy. Hold on, mate. Hold on.

"Queens, distraught father suffocated
his two children then shot himself."

Two homicides in Manhattan,
one a robbery, one a domestic.

One shooting in Brooklyn.

"Bartender ran down the street naked
with a shotgun,

fell and shot off his big toe."

- Full moon.
- Tomorrow night.

Don't they know it's Saturday?

- Crime never sleeps, sir.
- When they invented electricity,

they thought it would eliminate crime
at night.

That didn't work.

Commissioner, there's been
a shooting in Central Park.

I'll be at my desk, sir.

When my head of intelligence
busts into my office unannounced,

he'd better have more than that.

The victim was one
of our counterterrorism undercovers,

Sammy Khan.

How is he?

He's been rushed to Bellevue.
He's critical, but not likely.


Why was Sammy shot?

That's the big question.

Is his cover still intact?

Well, we better find an answer

or we're gonna have to scrub
the whole operation.

- I know why you called.
- You do?

I think you're overreacting, Dad.

- In what way?
- Jack's wrist.

He's gonna be fine.
It's a sprain, it's not even broken.

Deputy Commissioner.


- How did Jack hurt his wrist?
- Football.

SOREN: We're not here to talk
about football, Danny.

Then this is about
the Central Park shooting.

The vic was a Pakistani.

- He's one of us.
- A cop?

His real name is Samir Muhammad.

His cover name is Sammy Khan.

One of six deep cover operatives
in our counterterrorism program.

It's an elite program. Best
and brightest of the Muslim community

- dedicated to fighting terrorism.
- What was he working on?

Sammy had infiltrated a sleeper cell.
And he had also brought

another undercover cop
into the cell as well.

If he was shot
because he was a cop--

Then the other undercover cop's life
could be in jeopardy.

- Right.
- So why not pull this other man out?

Oh, we would.

But Sammy revealed to us some
information about a potential attack

that the cell was planning for two days
from now.

And it's supposed to involve
major casualties within the city.

He knows the day of the attack,
but the other specifics,

including the targets, have not been
revealed to him as of yet.

Look, with all due respect,
you've got one man down,

another man's life in danger,
why not just scrub the project?

We pull the other undercover,
we lose contact with the cell

and any chance of possibly
stopping the attack. You see?

Okay, so why me?

Because we need a detective
that can make this look

just like any other
standard investigation.

And, Danny, we need somebody
we can trust absolutely.

That would be you.


All right.
Me and my partner will get on it.

No, no, no.
She can work the case with you,

but you cannot,
under any circumstances,

- tell her about Sammy's status.
- But she's my partner.

- That's gonna be a little tough.
- Danny, I know what I'm asking.

the three of us are the only ones

who know he's a cop.
His family doesn't even know.


All right.

You have 48 hours, detective.

Crime Scene just dropped off
his belongings.

Vic's name is Sammy Khan.

Twenty-six years old
out of fair Pakistan.

Perps wearing
motorcycle helmets with some design,

- so there's no positive lD.
- I was just planning on sitting around

doing nothing this weekend.
I'm so thrilled to be working.

Why didn't North get this case?

Well, you know,
it's Central Park, broad daylight.

The kind of thing scares tourists away.
It always falls down on Major Case.

Lucky for us we were catching.


This is what we call
a frequent-flyer job. Right over here.

Somebody that calls us all the time
for unfounded jobs.

Sometimes it's just lonely old people
who want someone to talk to.

Sometimes it's crazies, I mean--

- Hey, it's New York, right?
- Who is she?

The name is Melissa Samuels,
poor little rich girl.

In the last year or so, we responded
to a number of jobs at this location.

I mean, she's a nice enough kid
but a little, you know, cuckoo.

Tells us someone has been
in her apartment,

moving things around, blah, blah, blah.
We never find nada.

JAMlE: Sounds like a nut.
RENZULLl: Sounds like a nut?

She could be. We'll find out.

JACKlE: So here's Sammy Khan's
stuff from the crime scene.

"Jihadis, be strong."
This guy is a student? Yeah, right.

What does he study besides hating us
for being everything he's not?


According to his file, he's
a grad student at Hudson University.

So he's learning how to build things

so he can knock them down. Oh.

And look at this.

I think someone did us a favor

Maybe. For now,
he's just a kid who got shot.

Excuse me, this from a man
who decked someone in Minion's Bar

when they said
we should get over 9/1 1?

All right, look,
when the Towers came down,

yeah, I was full of hate. Very much so.
Like every New Yorker,

I wanted revenge. I went active
in the Marines, I went to lraq.

Know what I learned after two tours
and all the madness I'd seen?

Aside from the crazy ones,

we all want
pretty much the same thing.

We want food on our tables,
a roof over our heads,

and happy, healthy kids.


Is that Sammy's phone?

Look at that. Farrah is calling.

Oh. Guy's got a thing
for Charlie's Angels.

Farrah is an Arabic name
that means joy.

- Hello?

- Farrah.
- Sammy, is that you?

Hello? She hung up.

Maybe she didn't expect anyone
to be answering.

You know what?
I'm gonna give this to Gormley,

see if he can get dumps on the phones
and figure out who Farrah is.

I'll be back.

How are you doing?

- Good. How are you?
- All right.


DANNY: I need to ask you
about one in your congregation.

- A Sammy Khan?
MAN: Yes. I heard the horrible news.

- He was a respectful young man.
DANNY: Really?

Well, would you know of anybody
who might have a problem with him?

Any reason
somebody would wanna shoot him?

Young man like Samir? I can't imagine
why anybody would want to hurt him.

Well, I spoke
to the local community affairs officer.

Told me some of the guys
are going more radical here,

including Sammy Khan.

It is a constant struggle.

But they are like outsiders of all kinds.
They are defensive about their identity.

Oh, is that what we're calling it

We stress the true interpretation
of the Koran.


I hope he recovers fully.


[WHlSPERlNG] Take off your shoes,
put on the scarf.

Come on.

Listen, I'm gonna need the names

of the younger radical members
this officer was talking about.

I'm not sure what you mean
by "radical."

Extremists. People who use their faith
as justification for their behavior.

I cannot condemn someone
for the tenor of their belief.

If I think they are dangerous,
that is a different story.

Does shooting qualify
as dangerous?

You're Catholic, yes?

- Yes, I am.
- Do you have any idea

how many of your churches
were burned in this city

when you were the new people
in town?

- Actually, yes, I do.
- We don't have time for this.

Excuse me.

Here's what I need.
I understand the history of this city.

If you understand it,

you know the Catholics learned
to trust the cops,

and then the cops helped them.

That's what I need from you right now.
I need you to trust me.

And you have to understand, I'm
just trying to find out who shot Sammy.

Okay. I will help you however I can.

All right.


We've gotta go.

I know. I have no proof, but I am sure
that somebody has been in here.

No sign of forced entry?
Nothing stolen? Anything amiss?

My books. I always arrange
alphabetically by title, and now look.

- They're all out of whack.
RENZULLl: Mm-hm.

My silverware,

I always lay the knives north to south,
the spoons the opposite.

Aside from the books and spoons
being moved,

what makes you think
someone has been in here?

When I walk in the door,
I get this feeling.

The best way I can describe it

is it's like everything is dirty
even if you can't see it.

You have a security camera.
Has it picked anything up?

No. My brother told me
I needed to install it.

Seemed to help
for a couple of months,

but then, one day I came home,

and my stereo was playing

Who's that?
The guy that makes my vodka?

Does anyone else have a key
to the apartment besides you?

- No. I'm alone.
JAMlE: Hmm.

Except my housekeeper comes
twice a week,

but she's very protective of me.

RENZULLl: We checked around
from stem to stern.

Actually, we have to be getting back
on patrol, so...

You don't believe me, do you?

- I have no reason not to believe you.
- He doesn't believe me.

Um... This is Widener Library, right?

- You went to Harvard?

I'm the sixth generation of Samuels
to matriculate.

I'm the first generation in my family
to go.

And now you're a cop.


That's pretty cool.

Noble, actually.


I'll be outside.
I don't wanna accidentally witness

any secret lvy League handshakes

Did you take these?

Yes. That's what I do.
I have a studio on 28th Street.

They're beautiful.

MELlSSA: Thank you.
- Um...

I'm gonna give you my number.

If you have a problem,

you can call me anytime.



we need to start thinking
about pulling the plug on the operation.

Where are we
at this exact moment in time?

Our window is closing fast.

I just got off the phone
with Detective Reagan.

They've made very little headway
in the investigation,

though he is still aggressively pursuing
every angle.

What about our other operative?

Status quo from him.

Although, there has been
a serious uptick

in lnternet conversation.

A chatter about possible attacks.


Tough choice, Frank.

If Sammy's not been compromised,
pulling the plug might be a big mistake.

Two years of work will be lost

and God knows
what else we might lose as a result.

On the other hand,

our additional undercover
is still out there, exposed.

We're still a go. We've got time.

Just make the most of it.

You got it.

When was the last time we were given
unlimited overtime to chase a case?

When Officer Martin was killed.
Are you complaining about overtime?

I'm saying some kid gets shot playing
cricket and money is no object?

- I don't know.

Check this out.

We finally got the phone dumps
on Sammy Khan's cell.

- We found your mysterious Farrah.
DANNY: Yeah?

A Farrah Ahmed.

She made several dozen phone calls
over the last month.

But get this, the phone calls stop
the day before Sammy was shot.

- You kidding me?
- No.

And then the phone call that came in
when you guys had the cell.

- We got a pedigree on Farrah?
- Not much.

A Pakistani national.

She goes to the same college
as Sammy Khan.

Excuse me. Hey, babe.

No, I'm not gonna make it to church.

I don't know.

If I can make it to dinner, I will,
all right?

I'll try.

I'll see you at dinner.


All bent out of shape because
he's gonna miss Sunday's dinner?

- Yeah.
- Boohoo.

Two days in a row with this crap.

This girl is just a plain wackadoo.

Who says she ain't moving
the stuff herself, huh?

She's not making up the scared part.
She was frightened.

We're not in the business
of making the boogeyman go away.

A real crime perpetrated
by a real criminal?

- That's our bailiwick.
- Right.

Besides, if she looked like
a linebacker,

you'd think she's nuts, too. Yeah.

I'm not imagining things.

Oh, all right. Yeah.

Look. Every piece of furniture
has been moved.

And look here. Someone turned
all my work upside down.

What else has to happen
for you to believe me?

Please, miss. Please.

I hate to ask this,
but you're on medication?

You're gonna be like all the rest.

There's nothing wrong
with being anxious

if you came home to this.

the precinct is two blocks from here.

I drive past your house
to and from work.

I'll keep an eye out for you, okay?

I need you to have these.

No, please. That's not what we do.

No. I'm going to Chicago for a week
just to get away.

- If you see anyone while I'm gone...

- So are we ready, kid?
- Yeah.

Have a nice trip.


Farrah is in Pakistan.

- Since when?
- Friday.

Her roommate came home to a note

saying she had to rush off
to lslamabad. Her dad was sick.

So it wasn't a planned vacation

Or a well-planned vacation.

You think she was involved in the hit
on Sammy?

I'd sure as hell love to find out.

You know, you could have made
those phone calls in here.

You know, my wife,
she's being a pain in the neck.

I'm gonna head over to the old man's
for dinner. Catch you when I get back.


Nick, heard you played
some serious game.

Yeah. One more win

- and we make the tournament.
- Whoa.

I wish Dad could have seen it.

She scored 20 points,

and her coach said
that she's the best player on the team.

Of course, she takes after me.

Only I couldn't jump.

Didn't you see the movie, Grandpa?
White Men Can't Jump.

Ha, ha, ha.

Nobody jumped in basketball
back then, right, Grandpa?

- Set shots ruled the day.
- Yup.

Grandpa was probably
like a human windmill,

throwing those elbows everywhere.

If I could run like Nicky,

I wouldn't have had to make up for it
by throwing elbows.

Well, if I had her speed,
I'm sure I would have saved Dad

- a bundle on college tuition.
- No. That was money well spent.

- Hey. Sorry I'm late.
LlNDA: There he is.

- Hey.
- Sorry about earlier.

- Oh, that's all right.
- Tough case.

- Where's Grandpa?
- I don't know. I think he's working.

- Nicky scored 20 points at basketball.
- Oh, yeah?

Hey, congrats. Just like your uncle.

You know, if you had stayed
with basketball and gave up football,

- you wouldn't be on the DL.
- But I love football.

- You love football.
JACK: I do.

So much for first grade detectives
not working Sundays.

Well, you know, what can you do?

Well, if the guy wasn't shot
in Central Park,

one of the most famous places
on Earth,

your husband wouldn't be working

Hey, come on, give me a break.
Do you think I wanna miss this?

But you're right. Media wouldn't have
covered it after day one.

Day one, page 1 7.

Crime in this town has always been
about location, location, location.

Well, especially when it happens
to rich people in rich neighborhoods.

- Sorry.
JACK: Grandpa, you're here.

- How's the wrist, Jack?
- No biggie.

Grandpa, you're late
for Sunday dinner. You're never late.

Well, I was working, Sean.

- Here, eat.
- Thank you.

You know, Erin, it's not only rich
people who read the newspapers.

He wasn't a rich guy who got shot.

He was a poor immigrant
from Pakistan.

ERlN: Okay. But if he had been shot
in Marcus Garvey Park,

no one would know his name,
you wouldn't be working on Sunday.

Well, fair enough.

I'm just saying that mothers
in the projects cry just as hard

as the ones on Park Ave.

Erin, cops can't cure society's ills.
It's a path to foolishness.

What do you think, Dad?

Well, I'd like to think
we chase all cases the same,

but media drives the resources,
so the press cases get the attention.

FRANK: How is it with your partner?
- Terrible.

- I'm not good at lying to my partner.
- I hate it too.

Intel is investigating threats
against Sammy on the lnternet.

- Do they know who posted them?
- No. But if made by radicals,

- we're pulling the plug.
- I'll stay on it.

Help in the kitchen?

Okay, no need to know.

Come with me, first.

And that girl, Farrah?

Love to hear what she has,
she skipped town before the hit.

my people in Pakistan are on it.

- You've got operatives in Pakistan?
HENRY: Secrets and lies.

Look, you have no need to know.
We'll find the girl.

That's fine. I don't wanna know.
But what I need is more time.

Well, shoot, Danny,
you've got 24 hours.



Excuse me, you don't--

Hey, you! Stop!

Officer needs assistance.

- Shots fired.

We got nothing from the attempted hit
at the hospital.

Perp wore gloves and a mask.

Talk about trying to finish up a job.

Good thing they moved Khan
to a different hospital.

Yeah. Whoever tried that
sure wanted him dead.

Yeah. I never heard of that before,
though. Why would they do that?

Intel tracked down
those lnternet threats

to an lslamic shop
over on Steinway Street.

Steinway. We'd better get going.

This time of day,
the traffic is going to be impossible.

FRANK: "Early in the morning
When the birds were still nesting

I mounted my steed

Well-bred was he, long-bodied

Outstripping the wild beasts
And speed"


"Swift to attack, to flee
To turn yet firm as a rock

- Swept down by the torrent"
- Is that Kipling?

No. It's "The Hanged Poems."
Ancient Arabian.

Sammy's favorite.

"Bay-colored and so smooth
The saddle slips from him

As the rain from a smooth stone
Thin but full of life

Fire boils within him
Like the snorting of a boiling kettle

He continues at full gallop"

Are you the owner?

The manager. Malik.

That the only computer you got
in here?

That is our only computer.

And as you can see,
anyone is free to use it.

Is there a sign-in book
or a log-in or something?

- No.
- Sammy ever use that computer?

What do you want?

World peace. But we'll settle for finding
the guy who used this computer

- to threaten Sammy Khan.
- I can't help you with that.

Do you know Sammy Khan?

He comes in here occasionally.

Have any problems with anyone?

I never saw him have a problem.

You know anyone
who would want him dead?

That's an absurd question.

It's not an absurd question.
You know what?

We're gonna borrow
your computer here.

You can't take that.

We can.
This is the warrant that says so.

We use that for our files,
our accounting.

Best Buy is having a sale,
get yourself a new one.


You catch that motorcycle helmet
in there?

Hey, I'm not blind, partner.

Black Kawasaki 750,
just like the shooter had.

I'll run the plate.

What's the deal with this case?

What? Kid got shot,
we're trying to figure out who did it.

No. It seems like you're chasing
this case on your own,

and you're giving me
half the information.

I mean, what is it?

What, you don't trust me or...?

You don't think
I'm a good detective?

Just the Central Park thing, Jackie.

There's a lot of pressure,
a lot of heat from 1 PP, you know?

Hey, this is Reagan. Yeah, look,
I need you to run a plate for me, okay?


- Yeah?
- Counselor.

- Hey.
- Hey.

You know, every time you show up

in that uniform,
all the women in the office

are giggling like schoolgirls
for the rest of the week.

Thanks for looking into
Melissa Samuels.


Happy to help my kid brother out.

Though I don't like
bending the rules.

I think there's more to the story.

I'd like to help out if I can.

Well, it turns out

Melissa Samuels' parents were killed
in a plane crash.

Gulfstream went down when they were
trying to land in Martha's Vineyard.

Melissa and the pilot
were the only survivors.

Enough to explain
her being a bit fragile.

Well, it was also enough for her family
to have her committed to Fairwick,

a mental health facility
favored by the well-off.

She was there for eight months

and she was released
with a diagnosis of acute anxiety.

Renzulli says if she keeps calling,
we might have to EDP her,

- send her down to Bellevue.
- Well, it might be hard.

She's not in danger of hurting herself
or others, so...

- But every time you get called there--
- I know, I know.

It takes resources off the street.

You know, Jamie,
you have a really big heart,

and that will never be a bad thing
no matter what Danny says.

But you keep trying
to make the world right,

being a cop is gonna eat you alive.

- I've seen it happen a hundred times.
- I know that, sis. I'm just trying to do

- the right thing.
- I know.

And I love you for it.

Sooner or later,
these things usually come to a head,

so just trust your gut,

and if you think she's legit,
keep an eye on her.






You're kidding me.


Best news I've heard in 36 hours.

What's 36 hours?

The bike, it belongs to Malik.

The bike tripped off
a license plate reader

on Central Park West
two minutes after the shooting.

Fleeing the scene,
so it puts him right in our kill zone.

Well, what do you know?

Speak of the devil.
Where is he going?


Hey! Where are you going?



Come here!

Come here!

Nice try, scumbag. Get up.

So it's like this, Malik.

Your motorcycle was at the scene
of a shooting, death threats

against the victim came from
a computer in your store.

This is no coincidence
why we picked you up,

so don't start any of this
religious-persecution crap.

This is America.
There is no religious persecution here.

Okay. You posted these threats
on the lnternet.

The so-called brother "will burn.

- He'll suffer in the grave for eternity."
- Come on.

Why did you shoot Sammy?

You are accusing me
of being a violent person?

You are the one who carries a gun
every day of your life.

- What does that say about you?
- It says I'll do whatever it takes

to protect my city.
Now why did you shoot Sammy Khan?

I did not shoot Sammy.

- Then who did?
DANNY: Yeah, who did?

With the same gun we found
in your apartment.

What kind of deal
can you make for me?

And there it is.

Calculus of despair.

Give me a second.


This is the only deal
you're gonna get, you punk.

Your ass is gonna rot
inside a prison cell

until they replace yellow cabs
with spaceships

if you don't tell me
who shot Sammy Khan right now.

Do you understand me?

Who did it?

Who did it? I said who.

My roommate, Raheem.

- He shot Sammy.
- Why?

Why did Raheem shoot Sammy?

He would not tell me.

He would only say,
"Sammy deserves to die."


Hey, Jamie, man,
what's going on, bro?

I'll be right back. I forgot something.



It's okay.

It's okay. It's okay.
Everything is okay.

I knew you believed me.

I got him.

Oh, my God.

It's my brother.

- My own brother?
- What?

No, no, no.

No, it's all right.
I've got him, you're okay.

Everything is all right.
He can't hurt you.

- We're down to three hours.
- We've got an lD on the shooter.

Raheem Davi out of Pakistan.
He's Malik's roommate.

Problem is Malik has no idea
why Raheem shot Sammy.

- You got a location?
- He's in the wind.

Minutes after the shooting, Raheem
started making calls to Farrah Ahmed.

She never answers,
never returned the calls.

Our people in Pakistan
confirmed Farrah's story.

Her father did have a heart attack
last week.

Excuse me.

My people told me Farrah is landing
at JFK in less than an hour.

All right. I'll get on it.

Danny, knowing who shot
Sammy Khan is not enough.

I need to know why.

Yes, sir.

Excuse me.

Your attention, please...

There. One with the orange scarf.

- Is that her?
- Mm-hm.

Excuse me. Farrah Ahmed?

- Who are you?
- We need to speak to you.

Come on. Come with us.

Why? I haven't done anything.
What is this? Some kind of profiling?

Listen. Nobody is profiling you, okay.
It's about Sammy Khan.

Have a seat.

What about Sammy Khan?

How close were you and Sammy?

Sammy is a good friend.
He always looks out for me.


What's happened?

He's been shot.


Is Sammy gonna be okay?

Well, he has the world's
best doctors, so...

Listen. I need to ask you
about Raheem Davi.

- How long have you known him?
- Raheem? Why?

Our families are friendly
back in Pakistan.

They come from the same village.
They made plans for us.

They expected you to marry?

In their dreams. Which is
the only place it will ever happen.

But Raheem is a bit obsessed
with the idea that I'm his property.

He's been calling me nonstop
for the last two days,

begging to see me.

I wonder why.

He shot Sammy. Oh, God.

Look. Is there any other reason
why Raheem may have shot Sammy?

Raheem is crazy jealous.

But he never liked Sammy,
even before I met him.

So I can't say for sure.

Will you help us catch him?

Farrah. You came back.

I knew you would come.

Did you hear about Sammy?

RAHEEM: What about him?
FARRAH: He was shot.

- Why would anyone shoot Sammy?
- Who shot him is not important.

Maybe it's a good thing.
He was trying to come between us.

- Now we don't have to worry.
- But he's my friend.

He is a low-class animal
who does not respect tradition.

Forget about him.

Did you shoot Sammy?

Now you can be mine finally
and totally.

No one can come between us,
as our families have ordained.

I am not going to marry you.

I'm gonna love the man I marry.
That's why I came to America.

Why did you shoot Sammy?


I shot him because of you.

And I'll shoot him a thousand times
over and over.

I will make a monument
out of his grave.

Hey! Hey!

It's all right.
You've got nowhere to go, buddy.

The park is surrounded.
Just let the woman go.

Come on.

Call for backup! Cut him off!

Come here.

- Aah! Aah!
- Come here.

MAN: There you go!
DANNY: There you go! What?

JACKlE: Get his arm. Get his arm.
DANNY: What did you do it for, huh?

Lousy, stinking jealousy.

Hands behind your back.

Best news I've heard in two days.

That's fantastic.
Get him out of here.

Commissioner Reagan, please.

Nice work, detective.

I've got 36 minutes
with nothing to do.

Sammy's cover is still intact,
the operation is a go.

Thirty-six minutes.
That's quite a son you've got there.


SAMMY: What happened?
- Well, detective, you got shot.

So they tell me, sir.

Sorry about that.

We can talk about what happened

I want to stay in the program.

Well, good news
is your cover is still intact.

Do you remember what you asked me
when I started?

I think so.

I asked if you thought you could make
the sacrifices required.

And you said that the same radicals
attacked your family back home.

That's right.

America gave me safe harbor
from that.

America gave me the chance
to fight for what's right.

And that is a debt
I have sworn to repay.

You know, Sammy,

when I first became a cop,

the bad guys were pretty easy
to figure out.

They were no less bad,

but now the threats come
from all over the globe.

I can't win this battle
without men like you.

I'll make a deal with you.

You heal up, we'll talk about it.

Thank you, sir.

Well, actually, Sammy,

thank you.


Yeah. Yeah. Come on.


Hey. Good work, kid.

So I guess this is the part
where I say I'm sorry.

That I was wrong.

You were right.

Just some weird hunch I had
that she was on the level.

Lucky for Melissa you stayed with it.
Because I was no help to the girl.

So why did the brother do it?

The family cut him out of the will,
so all the money was going to her.

If she was declared incompetent,
he's next of kin.

All the money goes to him.

The root of all evil. I'm glad I was born
good-looking instead of rich.

Still, nice work.

I should have known better.

You got something special.

A different kind of instinct.

You remind me of your brother Joe.

- Thanks, sarge.
- You're welcome.



- Hey.
- Detective Malevsky.

What's going on?

We didn't get a chance to talk
the other day.

Your brother, Danny,
what a hot dog.

Grandstanding that judge.

He's a good detective, though.

So was your brother, Joe.

That's what people say.

You know, we worked together
in the Warrant Squad.

Lydia Gonsalves worked there too,
but you knew that already.

Boy, I bet with your brother killed
in the line of duty,

your family worries about you.

Just make sure you're careful.

It can be dangerous out here.

Nice car.

At 4:00 this afternoon,

detectives from
the New York City lntelligence Division

took into custody
four Pakistani nationals

for allegedly plotting
a bioterrorism attack

against New York City's
water supply system.

I would like to introduce
Deputy Commissioner Soren,

the head of N. Y.P.D. Intelligence,

to brief you on the details
of this operation.

Good afternoon.

First, I would like to stress
that this was a serious threat

made by a sophisticated cell

whose members were hell-bent
on seeing the realization of their plan.

And that if executed...

You know,
I think Sammy was a cop.

Why do you say that?

You think I'm a lousy detective?

What kind of question is that?


when I mentioned 9/1 1,
you didn't react.

And then you tell me
to get out of the Malik interrogation.

And what really tipped it off
is you stopped talking to me.

Like my stupid ex-husband
used to do.

No city is sustained.

Second, I'd like to...

You know you can trust me, Danny.

- With anything.
- I already know that.

- Do you?
- Yeah.

Because I think
you're a great detective.

SOREN:, state and this great country.

And now,
I'd like to turn the microphone

back to Commissioner Reagan.

FRANK: Here in New York City
we have learned, firsthand,

that our enemies will stop at nothing
to inflict harm upon us.

And for those who would assail
this great metropolis, hear this.

Our fight against you
will respect no clock,

no calendar, no boundary.

In short, we will stop at nothing

to hunt you down
and bring you to justice.