Blue Bloods (2010–…): Season 1, Episode 12 - Family Ties - full transcript

When the son of a Russian gangster is killed at his own engagement party, Danny delves into the world of the Russian mob and the family politics that exist. Meanwhile, Erin is thrown into a high-profile corruption case.



To Maximilian Grushenko.

This party is a happy night
for my humble establishment.


I lift my glass to the guests of honor,
Sophia and my son, Mischa.

We honor their engagement.

To my daughter and her young man,
I wish you a glorious wedding

and a long and happy life.

Does the best man have a toast
for us?

To Sophia and Mischa,
I'll see you under the table, huh?


Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!

Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!

Now I wanna dance.

A perfect match, no?

Thank you for this wonderful party.

Have you told your husband
the wonderful news?

The last time that I took the bus
up to Greenhaven.

Alex doesn't have too much more time,
does he?

Eight and a half years.

MAN [ON TV]: In a late-breaking story,
Deputy Mayor Randy St. Clair

arrested this afternoon
on charges of bribery and corruption.

St. Clair has served
as the mayor's top deputy

since his administration began.


Manhattan District Attorney Charles
Rossellini had little to say to reporters

- who tracked him down tonight...
- Can I sleep over Charlotte's house?

- Shh.
- I think that's a question

that's better directed
to Mr. St. Clair's legal counsel.

- I will say that...
- Is that your boss on TV?

Yeah, that's Mr. Rossellini.

Sorry, I think that Mr. St. Clair
will get his day in court and so will we.

- He looks conceited.
- Let's be also clear this city is not...

- So can l?
- No.

MAN: It is yet unclear
how St. Clair's arrest

- Maybe on Friday night.
- will affect the election.

But considering the position
Randy St. Clair holds

- in the current...
- You gonna send that guy to prison?

-...what impact it will have.
- That is somebody else's headache.

Sir, this is your chance to get...

- Politics.
FRANK: Maybe.

Didn't Rossellini tell you
the mayor was gonna have problems?

- He said next year's election.
- Yeah, well, he's ahead of schedule.


I have to run to the ladies'.



Come here. You are so hot.

You are such a bad boy.

You have no idea.



- Unh!
- No!







Brighton Beach?

You kidding me?

Grushenko, the mob boss?

His son?

- What now?
- Uh...

A guy got killed
at his own engagement party.

Oh, hey, sorry I'm late.
A big rig flipped by the Gowanus.

Hey, I was getting ready to call
in a Missing Persons on you.

No worries, the victim's still dead.

Three shots from a.38
will do that to you.

Two in the chest,
one in the abdomen.

Single shooter,
no shell casings found on the scene.

What other nuggets you got?

How about an eyewitness?

Oh, eyewitness?
Come on, Jackie, it's Brighton Beach.

All those Russians look at us
like we're the KGB.

So, of course, nobody saw anything.

- Nobody heard anything.
- Right. Video?

Owner of the club said he turned off
the security cameras

out of respect
for Grushenko's privacy.

I mean, who takes out a mob prince
at his engagement party?

Maybe the caterer
who didn't get the party?

Ooh. Or maybe somebody

- who's trying to send a message.
- More likely.

Who's in the box?

The victim's fianc?e and her mom.
No eyeballs. We'll get a low profile.

- How's the fianc?e taking it?
- Take a look for yourself.

Ooh. I know her.

- What do you mean?
- The mom.

I went to high school with her.
Her name is Anna Parnas.

A Russian Roman Catholic.

Yeah, it was either St. Anne's
tartan plaid or a chastity belt.

I'm guessing
by the age of her daughter,

it wasn't the chastity belt
that she chose.

What's her story?
Are you guys friends?

Fourteen, we were friends,
1 5, we were soul mates,

and 1 6,
she was knocked up by a mob guy.

That explains that. Well, these
Russians don't talk, even the women.

Maybe, since you've got a little history
with her, she might open up to you.

Why don't you take point?

- Sir, chief of Brooklyn South is here.
- Bring him in.

- Commissioner.
- Maximilian Grushenko.

We don't know yet the significance
of the events, sir.

If it was a power play,
a message, a personal vendetta.

A man's son was taken out.

Not a single witness from the party
or neighborhood.

In Brighton Beach, Baker, the
community brought their suspicions

of the police with them
when they immigrated

- from the Soviet Union.
- You have a history with the father.

When I was deputy chief
of Brooklyn South,

we broke the Russian brigades

but all we could get on Grushenko
was four years for fraud.

It seems the apple didn't fall far
from the tree.

Young Grushenko traffics
in counterfeit goods,

bootleg cigarettes, exotic dancers.

You should know, sir, your son,
Daniel, has been assigned the case.

Why should I know that, Bob?

I'm the police commissioner,
I don't assign detectives to cases.

Have all tours in the 6-5 extended.

Grushenko will want revenge.
I don't want bodies piling up in my city.

Yes, sir.

I guess I heard
you were with the police.

I guess I heard
you married Alex Vayakovsky.

- You lost your accent.
- Poor little immigrant.

That wasn't for me.

Um, okay, Sophia, so how long
were you looking for your fianc?

- before they found him?
- I don't know.

About an hour, maybe.

And do you have any idea
what he was doing back there?

I don't know and I don't care.

I'm assuming then
you know how he was found,

with his belt undone,
his zipper down?

Girls threw themselves at Mischa.

He was handsome and rich and cool,
but he loved me.


So then do you know
who he was back there with?


I'm assuming you know that Mischa
was part of the family business?

His murder doesn't count
because you call him a gangster?

I'm not saying that.

We'll hunt down his killer
just like we would anyone else's

but that's why I'm asking you.

I need to know
who had a motive to kill Mischa.

Was it a jilted lover?
A business rival?

He was his father's son.
What do you think?

I don't wanna talk about this anymore.
Let's go.

You know, not to be insensitive
in your time of grief

but since you had motive...

- You think I killed Mischa?
- I don't know.

Maybe you followed him
and saw him with another woman.

It wouldn't be the first time
a woman pulled--

This is outrageous. We came to help
and now we're being accused?

All I'm saying is you probably
shouldn't leave the Tri-state area

until we get this checked out.

You were always jealous of me,

But to take it out on my daughter?


Come on, honey.

That went well.


- Good morning, Reagan.
ERlN: Hello, sir.

Watch any TV last night?

ERlN: No, the roller derby
doesn't come on until the weekend.

CHARLES: That's very funny.
Seriously, how did I look?

Well, your tie was a little bold
for TV.

- Really?
- I'm kidding, sir.

This one is no cakewalk.

We were forced to indict St. Clair
a lot sooner than we would have liked.

- Yeah, why is that?
- Well, he recently bought property

in Montenegro and we were worried
he was gonna flee the country.

Randy St. Clair is a well-liked guy.

Powerful friends in the mayor's office
and the media.

This is a press case.
We're gonna catch a lot of heat.

Well, that comes with the territory,

I'm glad to hear you say that,

Good luck.

Haven't had your coffee.
You're usually quicker on the uptake.

- Excuse me?
- St. Clair, he's all yours.

Uh, sir, isn't that
Kevin Firestone's case?

Firestone's a good man.

A dogged investigator.
But I need my top gun on this one.

Sir, I'm flattered,
but it's not fair to Firestone.

I wasn't asking your opinion,

I'll handle Firestone.
You get the files. Dig in.

JACKlE: Boris, you're his best friend.
You don't know anything?

I don't know nobody have beef
with Mischa.

At the party, anywhere else.

Word on the street
is you did a two-year stint for Mischa.

You're like an adopted son
to his old man.

What have you got,
some Cain and Abel thing?

If Grushenko think I harm Mischa,
I already be chopped to pieces.

You see Mischa leave the party
with anyone?

No. And if I did, why I tell you
and not Maximilian Grushenko?

Because you'd be charged
with hindering the prosecution.

What happened to your finger there,
tough guy?

I slam it in a door.

This conversation is over.

Hey. Look, you were the best man
at Mischa's wedding.

You're gonna sit here and tell me
you don't care who his killer is?

We even up on our own.


Don't worry about meal today, kid.
My wife made some fresh lasagna.


I'll spring for the sodas.

She makes her own noodles too.

Makes all the difference
in the world.

- Did you know that?
- Nice.

Hey, did you hear
about Lydia Gonsalves?

- Who?
- I thought you might know her.

Used to be on the job.

Worked warrants
with your brother Joe.

Oh, yeah, right.
What happened to her?

Yeah, she ate a gun.

She committed suicide?

Yeah. Shouldn't have pulled
the plug on the job so soon.

Lots of cops get depressed
when they vest out.

This one didn't even wait
for the pension or disability.

It's too bad. She was young.

Won the medal for valor too.

Hi, Kevin. I'm sorry.

Sure you are.

Do you think I've been campaigning
for this case?

Just don't flatter yourself
that you got this case

because you're some kind
of hotshot trial lawyer.

You're being used.


Rossellini gave you this case

because your daddy is the mayor's
handpicked commissioner.

This way,
he insulates himself from charges

he's going after the mayor,
his political rival.


You're just Rossellini's tool.

Be still, my heart.

For a minute,
I thought it was a customer.

I'm gonna need to ask you
a few more questions.

I'm sorry about the mess.

I had to let the last of my help go.

Ever since Alex went away, I have to
work to keep the wolf from the door.

What do you mean?
Grushenko's not helping you out?

There's no Maximilian Grushenko
Charitable Foundation, no.

Well, your husband,
this man, Alexander Vayakovsky,

is one of his brigade, isn't he?

Well, I didn't know what that meant
when I married him.

He's doing 20 years to life
for disemboweling a man

who owed him a little bit of money.
Do you know what that means?

Every day I went to the trial, and
every day I sat there and I listened.

And I thought,
"How can this be the same man...

...who lived with me, who played
with Sophia, who took care of us?"

- You never married?
- Uh, for a minute. Yeah.

No kids?

You know what? Enough about me.
Let's stick to the topic.

Do you know anyone
who'd have a motive to kill Mischa?

I thought I killed him.

Sophia, don't be fresh.

Why don't you ask Sergei Sokolov
who killed him?


You know how upset
he was that I was marrying Mischa.

You know those things he said.

- Who's this Sergei Sokolov?
- Nobody.

He's a sweet boy
who works in a flower shop.

He had a boyhood crush on Sophia
during high school, that's all.

You called me first, Reagan.

I did, Max.

You want something to drink?

- Eat?
- No.

You said it was a private meeting.

He's overprotective.

Oh, so it's an official visit.

It's a condolence call.

A new kind of pain.

You lost a son, Reagan.

You understand.

I'm sorry for your loss.

And I'm sorry to see bloodshed
return to Little Odessa.

This was my slip joint pocketknife.

American elk.

I gave it to Mischa
when he turned 1 8.

I didn't want it back so soon.

I didn't want it back ever.

Do you remember
the last time we sat together?

Very well.

I did my time.

You should still be there.

You want to find Mischa's killer,

I'm not stopping you.


Bury your son, Maximilian.

Take time to grieve.

Let us speak for Mischa.

You and your brigade
sit this one out.

Sergei Sokolov?

SERGEl: Long time since cops
came around for me.

Yeah, let's go in and talk.

Yuri, these detectives
want to talk to me.

I have work to do in the back.

Start putting these wreaths together
for the funeral, okay?

- Yeah.
- For the Grushenko funeral, huh?

Business must be booming.

- Mischa was a friend of mine.
- Yeah, we know.

You used to run with him
back in the day.

SERGEl: Until I figured out
that life wasn't for me.

Good thing.
You had quite a record as a juvenile.

Vandalism, grand larceny,
assault with a deadly weapon.

I had anger issues.


You know, back in Russia,
my father was an engineer.

Here, the school janitor,
all for a better life for me.

Family Court give me counseling.

Anger management.

Help me turn my life around.

Is that why you and Mischa
stopped becoming friends

or was it
when he stole Sophia from you?

That was high school.
It's a long time ago.

Well, delivering
all those floral arrangements

to Sophia's engagement party
must have really frosted you.

I brought the arrangements

and then I was a guest
like everybody else.

See Mischa leave the party
with anyone?

I heard about it. Disgusting.

He was screwing around
at his own engagement party.

He treated her like dirt.


So much for the anger management.
I'll take this.


DANNY: Hey, Sergei,
these guys friends of yours?

Those Grushenko goons? So what?

So what?

Those kind of guys aren't gonna
give you a Miranda warning first

Iike I would, that's "so what."

I had nothing to do with this.

Right. I mean, why are we here?

Why are they here?

You may wanna change your mind
about cooperating.

the next wreath might be your own.

Correction. The next wreath
goes to the owner of Club Tatiana.

JACKlE: Well, he doesn't own
Club Tatiana anymore.

Smells like singed hair.

No wonder, look at the burn marks.

Somebody must have taken
a welding torch to this guy

before they jammed that knife
in his skull.

JACKlE: Yeah. Grushenko
or someone was looking for answers.

Like the identity of the Madam X
who lured Mischa to the storage room.

If there was a Madam X.

Or why he turned off these security
cameras because Grushenko

obviously didn't do it for the privacy
of himself and his guests.

This guy must have been begging
to die before the end of this.

We gotta figure out what this says.

Oh, yeah.
Uniform said it means, "Only the first."

Great. Who's next?

ERlN: Looking at prime real estate
in the Tribeca waterfront.

Perfect for a 90-story skyscraper.

At least that's what Dick Meltzer

The developer.

Unfortunately for Meltzer,
that parcel was only zoned

for a five-story,
mixed commercial, residential use.

So he needed a heavyweight
to rezone that parcel.

Randy St. Clair,
deputy mayor for development.

So Meltzer throws these big parties
with St. Clair as the guest of honor.

- What kind of parties?
- Parties at the Axiom Hotel

with Madam Eva
providing the girls.

- Okay.
- On June 1 1th,

Meltzer had his henchmen

deliver a bag full of cash
to Josh Saunders

who is St. Clair's top aide.

- Meltzer will testify to that?
- Yeah.

But here's the problem
with Firestone's case.

We have two hookers and a madam
to testify against St. Clair,

a churchgoing father of four

and the mayor's
most trusted associate.

They are going to get destroyed
in the cross-examination.

So we are left with Josh Saunders,
our cooperating witness.

St. Clair's bagman who worked for him
for three and a half years,

never saw any other illegal activity
the whole time.

This is what we got for the sweetheart
deal he cut with Firestone?

The highest profile public corruption
case this office has brought in years.

And guess what.
This case, it's on life-support.

I don't know.

Saunders was willing to bag money
for St. Clair once,

I'm betting he did it plenty.

We need more on Saunders.

He's the key.

He came out of the gulag,
tough guy.

But the man I saw,

nothing prepares you
for the loss of a child.

I read your fives. You got a suspect?

Well, I met with one
of Grushenko's chief rivals

in the exotic dancer supply business,
this Albanian.

He pointed out the obvious,

it would be suicide for any of those
guys to take out Grushenko's kid.

- Which leaves you with...?
- Two suspects. The jealous fianc?e...

- And the rejected ex-boyfriend.
- Yeah.

This club owner, Dad,

do you think Grushenko
took a blowtorch to him personally?

That'd be my guess. And he'd already
done it when I met with him.

I'm gonna get this son of a bitch.

Guys, dinner's on the table.


So, Erin,

this whole business with your boss
and Randy St. Clair,

suddenly he dumps it in your lap?

Can we not right now, Grandpa?

St. Clair? That's not Mom's case.

Well, that's not entirely true, honey.

You said that was somebody else's

And now it's mine.

How convenient.

He waits for an election year
to get his shorts into a knot

about St. Clair's alleged shenanigans,
and now a Reagan is lead attorney.

So what? We don't prosecute?

I don't know,
the timing is a little bit suspicious, sis.

You know all these politicians, they all
got their hands in the cookie jar.

- It's the second oldest profession.
- Yeah, and every cop is on the take.

When people take that view
of the police department,

- we all resent it.
ERlN: Exactly.

Doesn't this city deserve

to have its business done honestly?

- Heh.
- Yeah, Erin's right.

- I don't think the guy should walk.
- Nobody's gonna walk.

But you're in the same

You're tarred
with the same damn brush.

I'm just surprised that a smart cookie
like my granddaughter

- lets Rossellini use her that way.
- That's enough, pop.

- Dad.
- Don't tell me that's enough.

- I'll decide when it's enough.
- Grandpa.

All right, maybe I shouldn't have said it,
but it's still true.

Sometimes I think he forgets

that I'm all grown up
and can take care of myself.

He'll calm down.

I understand that some see it
as a zero-sum game.

As Rossellini's star rises,
the mayor's falls

and that could be bad for you.

Not your problem.

It's a big case, Dad.

I'm not gonna deny
being excited about it.

Hey, I'm proud of you.

You got the highest conviction rate
in the DA's office.

And yet Grandpa thinks I'm being used
and so do a lot of people.

It's frustrating.

When I was promoted to deputy chief
of Brooklyn South,

my boss called me in his office

and he told me straight out

that he hired me because my dad
was a police commissioner.

And he said he was bucking
for chief of D's

and he expected me
to put in a good word for him.

- Did you?
- No.

Goes with the family business.

The Reagans are stuck with it.

Dad, you earned every position
you ever got.

So did you.

ERlN: You were Mr. Randy St. Clair's
private banker?

You were responsible
for transferring

$4.5 million of his money offshore
to the Cayman lslands?

Transferring money offshore
is not illegal.

If Mr. St. Clair doesn't pay his taxes,
that's his responsibility.

Not about taxes. I'm talking about
kickbacks and bribery.

Where our client's money comes from
is not our concern.

How about Josh Saunders' money?

We take the private part
of private banking seriously.

So unless you have a subpoena...


I'll have to consult my attorneys,
of course.

You're free to do that.

Are they aware
of how many trips you took

to the Caribbean
with Mr. Saunders?

Those were business trips.

Right, of course they were.

St. Kitts, Cura?ao,
British Virgin lslands.

I see many business meals

and many business suites
shared with Mr. Saunders.

Well, last time I checked,
that wasn't illegal either.

You're right, it's not.

But what is illegal
is facilitating Mr. Saunders

to extort money from Mr. St. Clair

and to hide said funds
in a dummy foundation

controlled by Mr. Saunders.

And that will get you ten to 15.

It's my suggestion

that cooperation may be the only card
you have left to play.

What do you wanna know?

DANNY: Sergei, we subpoenaed
your phone records, buddy.

We need to talk to you.

Hey, hey.

I said we need to talk to you.

I've got nothing more to say.

Nothing to say? You had plenty to say
to Sophia and her Mom on the phone

before he got murdered.
What's that all about?

I was trying to stop her
from marrying Mischa.

And believe me, her mother
wasn't trying to discourage me.

But you didn't think you'd go this far.

I'm not saying another word
without a lawyer.

You know what that says to us
when you lawyer up, right?

- Means we're looking at the right guy.
- Makes us come after you harder.

Do what you gotta do. Hm?

What I have to do
is deliver these flowers.




- Sergei Sokolov? Is he still breathing?
- Apart from the severity of his burns,

got intra-abdominal bleeding
from lacerations to the liver and spleen

and a cranial hemorrhage
from the blast.

In English, is he gonna make it?

I'm not really optimistic, officer.


- What's the word?
- He's likely.


As you were.

DANNY: Commissioner.
- Chief Winston.

- You both, okay?
DANNY: We're fine.

- And the bombing victim?
- Prime suspect

in the murder of Mischa Grushenko,
hanging on by a thread.

The techs in bomb squad
are analyzing the explosive device.

First impression,
it's sophisticated,

- cell phone detonated.
- Remotely triggered?

- Looks that way to them.
- Doesn't fit Grushenko's MO.

We gonna be able to tie this
to his earlier bombings?

Not according
to the bomb squad techs.

Bombs in the '90s
were simple pipe bombs.

This device is next generation.

So new blood.

New blood, old lions.

Check with lnterpol. See if any
of Grushenko's brigades qualify.

- Yes, sir.
- I want Grushenko for this.

They say his people
have a code of silence.

What they really have
is a code of betrayal.

That's how we got the brigades
the first time

- and that's how we'll finish them now.
WlNSTON: Yes, sir.

No one is turning my city
into Baghdad.

Come in, Mr. Saunders.

Where is Kevin Firestone?

Kevin's moved on.
This is Erin Reagan.

Your cooperation agreement with us
is based on telling the truth,

first, with us now,
and then when you take the stand.

Kevin ran that all down for me.

Yeah, that was before he knew
you were extorting money

- from your boss, St. Clair.
- Don't know what you're talking about.

No? Chelsea Cole,
the dummy foundation.

St. Clair could hardly go
to the authorities

since you were pilfering money
from his own ill-gotten gains

but maybe this will refresh
your memory.

Two point three million dollars
in five separate offshore accounts.

I guess you thought you and Chelsea
were gonna have a good time

after you served your token
two-year bit.

Your deal with Kevin Firestone,
it's off the table.

Here's the new deal.

You tell us every illegal act

that you and St. Clair committed
while he was in office

and then we'll decide
what kind of deal you deserve, if any.

I want my lawyer.

Yeah, word to the wise.

Your friend Chelsea Cole
will not be waiting for you

outside the federal penitentiary
when you finally get out.

Anyway, she's already cut her deal.

Reagan, have a couple detectives
come in here

and escort Mr. Saunders
into federal custody.


I'll tell you.

All right.
That ought to be enough pierogies

to at least buy us a search warrant.

- Pierogies? What?
- That was lntel.

Our friend, Boris Litvinenkom?

- Oh, from the caf??
- Mischa's best man.

Turns out he's a former Uzbeki rebel
with extensive bomb-making expertise.

- Oh, that explains the missing finger.
- Yeah, it does. Let's roll.


MAN 1: Freeze!
MAN 2: Police!

MAN 3:. Back up! Back up!
MAN 4: Get down! Get down!

MAN 5:
Stay down!

MAN 6: Over here by his desk.
MAN 7: Get down!

Get the bomb squad in here.
Come on!

Look at this.
We've got detonators, circuit boards.

It's like a Soviet
Fourth of July in here.

What do you wanna bet we find traces
of PETN that match our bomb?

Hey, Boris, how are you doing?

- Sorry to bust in on you like that.
- I have right to remain silent?

Well, you haven't heard
what I have to say yet.

MAN 8: Perimeter secured!
JACKlE: Reagan.

I just spoke to the doctor regarding
Sergei Sokolov, he's conscious.

See if that knucklehead's wised up.

- Throw him in an RMP.
MAN 9: Everything is secure.

DANNY: I'll tell you, Sergei,
you're one tough man to kill.

I'm Russian.

Well, too bad you survived
only to learn

that we like you more and more
for the murder of Mischa Grushenko.

- No, no.
- No?

Well, Maximilian Grushenko
thinks you killed his son.

- Why shouldn't we?
- Because I didn't.

Then who did?

I don't know.

You know, Sergei.

I think you do know a lot more
than you're telling us right now.

- I don't know who killed Mischa.
- Then what do you know?

I know who took Mischa from party.

Who took Mischa from the party,

Sergei, who took Mischa
from the party? Come on.

Her name is Svetlana Bayul.

- Who is she? Where do we find her?
- Dress shop.

She used to work
at Anna Vayakovsky's dress shop.

DANNY: That's your friend Anna's
dress shop.

We have visitors.

The cops? What do they want now?


Hello, detectives.

Uh, my partner here and I believe
we know who killed Mischa.

- Sergei Sokolov?
- No, darling, it wasn't Sergei.

Sergei was a very nice boy.
He'd never do such a thing.

- Who was it then?
- You wanna tell her, Anna?

Come on, Mom.

We know about the plane ticket
you bought

for Svetlana Bayul back to Kiev.

Her mother was sick.

Okay. And we know about
the $2,000 money order you sent her

- on the day of the murders.
- I don't understand.

Svetlana who used to work here
killed Mischa?

No, my love.

It was Svetlana who took Mischa
from the party.

Svetlana was expecting
I take a picture of her

and Mischa to show you proof
he was a very bad man.

She wasn't expecting I'd shoot him.

Shoot him?

Mama, you?

I tried everything
to make you change your mind.

I didn't want you following
in my footsteps.

So it's better her father,
now her mother's in prison as well?

There are different kinds of prison.

I traded one for another
so that my Sophia could be set free.

Yeah, good choice.

You have the right to remain silent.
Anything you say--

Yeah, I know all that.
You can save your breath.

Good. Suit yourself.

This is how much I love you,

- You understand?
SOPHlA: No, please.

Tell me it's not true!


We used to eat fries and drink Cokes
after school, what happened to you?

We were children.

Come on, Mom.

Yes, sir. Take her right away.

That leaves Grushenko.

Wait until he tells his story
in open court.

Feel like you won the Super Bowl.

Well, not that it's about winning
or losing or politics.

Was this a tough sell to the clan?

- I thought about that.
- I bet you did.

I bet you didn't mind hurting
the mayor one bit either.

Hey, do you wanna live in a city

where the wealthy and the powerful
can buy their own brand of justice?

I'm sorry, sir,
I'm tired of being the monkey

in the middle on this one.
I should be going.

Do you wanna live in a city
where the district attorney

can buy a drink
for his ace prosecutor?

- In theory?
- In five minutes.

I'll get my coat.

I think I'm gonna have to get
a little creative with this one.

Do your thing.

You know I will.


Make sure no one interrupts me.

What's this?
You want to get heavy with me?

And do what?
Chop off the rest of your fingers?

Maybe break your arm
in a few places?

The reality is, if I thought
it'd make you give up Grushenko,

I'd be happy to do that.


Give up Grushenko.

Yeah, you're not gonna give up

I mean, why would you?

Well, here's the thing
you don't seem to understand, Boris.

And what Grushenko failed to tell you
is that times have changed.

Yeah. And those bombs you make

in that little boom-boom room
of yours,

those are now considered weapons
of mass destruction.

That's federal.

- What you are saying?
- It's a capital offense, dum-dum.

Death penalty?

Life without parole at best?

You don't get it, do you?

Boris, you're not like a son
to Grushenko.

You're nothing to him.

He doesn't give a damn about you.

And for all he cares,

you're gonna rot inside of a prison cell
for the rest of your life

for the hit that he ordered on Sergei.


And if I can tie you to the hit
on the nightclub owner, guess what.

He's gonna let you take the hit
for that one too.

When all you really probably only did
was just hold the guy down

while Grushenko
took a blowtorch to him

and stuck a knife right in the side
of his head and jammed it in.

- I don't know.
- And jammed it in.

And he jammed it in right through
his skull and into his brain.

- Don't know what you're talking about.
- Yes, you do.

But you're not gonna give up
Grushenko, are you?

No, because you're like a son
to him.

Well, I've got news for you, Boris.

You know what Grushenko's doing
right now?

Probably walking down the boardwalk
grieving his real son

and laughing his ass off about you.

The feds are on their way,
tough guy.

Hey, just wait. Wait.
Come on, come back. Hey.

Hey, just-- Come back. Hey. Come--

I'll give you Grushenko, okay?

For the nightclub guy,
for everything.

Just come on, come back.

Come back! Come on, hey! Hey!

I give you the entire brigade!
Come, come on!

Hey, come back! Hey!

Hi, Nicky. I just stopped off
to have a drink with a--

With a colleague
and, so, have dinner without me.

I'll be home as soon as I can, okay?
All right. Love you.

- How old is your daughter now?
- Fourteen.

- A great age.
- For what?

God, you're right,
that's a miserable age.

It's all coming back to me now.

But I think about that, you know.

Your miserable adolescence?

Life with children
and what that would be like.

Well, considering you're a well-known
ladies' man and a workaholic,

I don't think you'll
have to find out soon.

I'm willing to change 50 percent.

Which 50 percent?

I'm gonna treat myself
to a cab tonight.

Nonsense. I'll drop you off.

- It's really not necessary.
- I insist.

I'm parked right up the block.

It really got colder
since we went in there, didn't it?

Yeah, here.

Oh, no, you just said
you were right down the--


I didn't ask for that.

You didn't?

This way.

DANNY: Not bad. Nailed Grushenko.
I'm sorry about Anna.

Sacrificed her whole life for her kids.

I hope it's worth it.

And I know its twisted logic, but...

I don't know,
it kind of makes sense to me.

- Is that crazy?
- No.

Makes sense in some dark,
gloomy Russian kind of way.