Blue Bloods (2010–…): Season 1, Episode 10 - After Hours - full transcript

When a doorman at a New York City hot spot is murdered, Danny returns to investigate the nightclub scene he left behind years ago. Meanwhile, Frank makes a decision about an ex-partner's future.



Hey, King, can I get in?

- King!
WOMAN 3:. King!

- You two, come on.
MAN 1: Hey, King!

WOMAN 3:. Pick me, please.
- These two.

WOMAN 4: Hey!
MAN 1: Hey, remember me?

- Not tonight.
MAN 2: King, just the two of us. King.

- Come on, over here.
- You.

MAN 3:.
Over here. Come on.

- You're looking good, King.
- Not you, just her.

- Sorry.
- Seriously?

Yo, King.

- You.
- Hey.

KlNG: You look gorgeous tonight.
- Hey.


- Friends, come on. Very nice.
BOUNCER: Whoa, whoa, whoa, no.

You're not on the list.

- What list?
- My list.

You forget who the hell I am?

I remember.
You're the suit who's not getting in.

Oh, you think I'm a joke.

Let's see how wise you crack
when I put a Glock 9 in your face.

You and what hedge fund?

Hey, come on, King!

King is dead!

The King is dead!

- He's crazy.
VlNCE: You're toast, man! You're over!

WOMAN 5: King!
KlNG: Good.

Come on. Guys, all in.

Listen. Keep your hands--
This is to protect yourself.

Keep those hands up at all times.
Come on, right there.

All right, one, two.
Come on, one, two.

Hook, you've gotta watch the left.
Sean-o, you're up, come on.

Stay right there and let your bro--


Watch the right, Dad.

What are you doing?
Watch the right. Knucklehead.

- What are you doing?
- Okay.

Enough roughhousing.
Give your dad a hug.

He's working nights,
not gonna see a lot of him.

- No, five minutes more.
- Five minutes more.

Hey! Hey! Hey!

Upstairs and I'll be up in a minute.

LlNDA: Thank you.
- Go.

That was unfair, I wasn't ready.

Brush your teeth.


- I'm gonna miss you this week.
- Yeah.

- I hate when you work night watch.
- I know.

- Nothing good happens after midnight.
- Right. So you be safe out there.

- I will.
- And watch the left.

Watch the right.
Watch, watch, ooh, ooh.


Yeah, I know.

You bet, Jimmy.
Looking forward to tomorrow.

Oh, and happy anniversary.

Happy anniversary?

Oh, inside joke with an old partner.

Ha, ha. Jimmy Burke of the 2-1.

I thought I heard something

He ain't perfect but he's my partner.

Isn't that what somebody I know
used to say?

You couldn't inherit
your mother's cooking.

You had to get that elephant memory
of hers.

Yeah, but I got your
sunny disposition.

Wait, the 2-1, weren't you involved
in a shooting up there?

I was.

You never really told us about that.

Well, son, you were young.

The last thing I wanted you kids
to think about

was your old man could have bought it
on a rooftop in Harlem.

It was that close?

Close enough
where I call him each year

on the anniversary.

I gotta turn in.
I've got a big day tomorrow.

- Good night.
- Night, Dad.

Good night, Francis.

Night, Pop.

Jimmy Burke took two bullets
that were meant for your dad.

He spent six months out,

Iine of duty.

I don't get it. How could you have
a beef with a guy that saved Dad's life?


Looks like your king is in trouble.


I love this city at night, Jackie.
Oh, listen to this record.

We're going out tonight

Come on, sing it.

We're going out tonight

We're going out tonight

Danny and Jackie
Are going out tonight

- You enjoying yourself, Reagan?
- How could I not be?

Come on, we just took a statement
from a 6'4" transsexual escort

who thinks her labradoodle
was dognapped by her shrink.

How can I not be having fun
right now?

I'm telling you, Jack, they can keep
Central Park and Times Square.

This is the New York I love,
one you never see on a postcard.

Now there's an untapped market,
tranny hooker postcards.

Is there anywhere you'd rather be
right now than out on the streets?

- Yeah. In my bed.
- Your bed?

What are you talk--?
Then move to Jersey.

Come on,
this is the city that never sleeps.

You can't beat this place.

I heart New York.

I know. I know.

King, let me in.



Get down! Get down!

King? King?

Somebody, help!

DOA was right here.

Richard King, 27, a.k.a King.
The doorman from the club.

CSU puts the shooter
out in the street.

DANNY: Eyewitnesses?
- I got about a couple dozen people,

trying to get in,
but everybody is looking this way.

All right. So shots ring out,
everybody scrambles.

Plus, they're all drunk.

By the time they get their bearings,
our shooter is in the wind.

Almost like you've done this before,

Yeah, once or twice.

So nobody's eyes were working.
Their ears?

Witnesses confirm hearing
one shot.

Vic caught it in the neck.

I see one eyeball
that wasn't snockered.

Anyone here from the club
we can talk to?

Owner's right over there.

Clear it!

Sabrina Glick, she owns this place?

- What, you know her?
- Not really. Just what I read about her.

She's a Page Six staple.

You'd like her,
she only comes out at night.

Hey, let me know if you want help
questioning her, detective, huh?

Heh, heh. That's funny. Get lost.


I had just come out
to check on things.

I was about 20 feet away
when it happened.

- But you didn't see who shot him?
- You'll see it all on there.

DANNY: Actually, the shooter
is out of frame there.

Where were you again?

I'm right over there.

Have any other cameras?
Another angle?

Can't see much of anything here.

JACKlE: Well, we're gonna need
to take this for evidence.

TARU can enhance the video,
maybe expand the view.

Yeah. What can you tell us
about this guy, King?

What kind of guy was he?

He was Brad Pitt
in Thelma & Louise.

He just popped.

Two months after I put him
on the rope, he put us on the map.

We've been the hottest club
in New York ever since.

We're still talking
about the door guy here?

DJs and doormen, the new celebrities.
They're the real stars around here.

I mean, all due respect.

I worked the door at the Vault
back in the days.

So, what happened? Too old now?

Too married and two kids.

Too bad.

Okay. Well, any girlfriends,
jealous lovers,

King have any of those?

He's been with Benita Ginn
ever since I've known him.

She's a night nurse
at the downtown hospital.

Beautiful, sweet,
not exactly the murdering type.

How about someone with a grudge?
Any enemies?

Ah, only the rest of the city.

These doormen,
they're the one person in the city

that can say no
to the rich and powerful.

Did King piss anyone off last night?

Yeah, I didn't think about that before.
But the bouncers did mention

that one of our guys
got pretty angry with King last night

- when he turned him away.
- How angry?

Angry enough
to threaten to come back with a gun.

- But like I said...
- Do you know a name?

Vince Walker. He runs
one of the biggest funds on the street,

- but you know how these guys are.
- You know where we can find Vince?

He's in your phone?

Yeah, anyone who's anyone
is in my phone.

I'm not in her phone.

130 North Moore, Tribeca.


Let's flag this guy.
His credit cards, phone and license.

He could be a flight risk.
Oh, and if you happen to think

of anything else,
don't hesitate to call.

I won't, Danny. Oh, and, um...

You too.


She's doing her residency
in Laguna.

Can you believe that?

A doctor in the family?

I don't know what's harder to believe,
little Mary Kathleen is a doctor,

or there's a Bronx Burke
living in Laguna.

Ain't that the truth.

There's something on your mind,

Word is going around
that Deputy Chief Russo

- is gonna pull the plug.
- He puts in his papers this week.

Any chance
I'd be considered for the spot?

Being number two
in Manhattan South,

it would be a stepping stone.

And the bump to chief,
it wouldn't hurt.

You're not happy in the 15th?

Oh, no, no, not at all.

I'm having a ball there,
but I've been a CO for three years.

I'm ready for the next challenge.

Well, your numbers are pretty good.

And they're getting better.

I'm facing the firing squad
at CompStat this week.

I think your guys are gonna like
what they hear.

Well, you know how I do things,

I won't do contracts,

but if you're right for the job,
you'll be in the mix.

Well, that's all I'm asking,
be considered.

What is this, a GQ photo shoot?

Hey, Erin Reagan,
as I live and breathe.

What's going on?

Breakfast with Judge Walters.

He's been killing me
on my search and seizures

so I thought maybe some hash browns
would soften him up.

He's on a no-carb diet.

Sit down.
It's like having flowers at the table.

You want some coffee?

Yeah, I'll join you boys.

Doorman says we just missed him.
This guy's in the wind, Jack.

- Wall Street Heliport.
- What's up?

Real Time just got a hit on the guy's
Amex, he rented a chopper.

- Do you think he's going sightseeing?
- Yeah.


Hey! Hey, kill that right now!
You, put your hands in the air!

- Hands where I can see them!
- I didn't do it!

- What?
- I didn't do it!

- Oh, you didn't do it?
- No.

Oh, okay.

Well, get back in the chopper
and enjoy your trip.

He's taking off, everyone!

- He didn't do it!
- Thank you.

- He's kidding, moron!

- Get over there.
- Let's go. Over here.

- My guy didn't do it.
- That why he booked a helicopter

to take him to a private jet
to Cuba?

One of the few countries we don't have
an extradition treaty with?

He was nervous.
He knew it wouldn't look good.

I can assure you, my client is an
upstanding member of the community.

No, your client is a scumbag, okay?

But being that we're the kinder,
gentler N.Y.P.D.,

if he's got a good alibi,
we're all ears.

Otherwise, it's three hots and a cot
courtesy of the city of New York.

Fine, detective.

Go to Hell.


No pun intended,
but what the hell is this place?

Dominatrix dungeon.

Don't tell me
you heart this New York too?

Oh, God.

NlCKA: People have a common
misconception about what we do here.

DANNY: I bet.
NlCKA: For the most part,

most of our clients
are average citizens.

Many of them
are highly successful businessmen.

Right. In other words,
you beat the crap

out of spoiled rich guys
who hate themselves.

It's a bit more complicated than that.

Well, I'm sure it is.

I had a guy who asked me
to lick his boots once.

I broke his nose instead.

Well, he should have known better.

You don't seem to be
the submissive type.

Lady, if I take out my handcuffs,
I'm not playing.

Don't touch me.



Like I said,
Mr. Walker was in fact here

at the time of question.

So unless you'd like me to give you
a complimentary whipping

or if you'd like to give me
a spanking...

...I'll see you out.

DANNY: Actually, we're not
quite ready to go yet.

- Ouch. That hurts.
- I'm sure it does.

Not that you exactly strike me
as the girl-next-door type,

but you got any proof
other than your say-so?

Go. Come on.

See the time code here?

Like I said, 3:.25 a.m.



This guy manages

- a 700-million-dollar fund?
- Yeah, and we wonder

- why our economy is in the toilet.
NlCKA: Bad boy.

DANNY: Is that a diaper?
JACKlE: I think it is.

He's a good boy.

Good morning, CompStat panel.

Fifteenth Precinct is proud to report

a reduction of 20 percent
in violent crime across the board

in the last three reporting periods.


As you were.

let's talk about the strong-arm robberies

in the vicinity
of the 68th Street station.

What were your
deployment tactics there?

I employed a two-tiered strategy.

My anti-crime units
gave it special attention.

I increased the plainclothes presence
in the station itself.

Well, the 7-4 had a similar situation
in LaGuardia Park.

Those same deployment tactics
proved unsuccessful.

- Any thoughts as to why?
- I can't speak for the 7-4, sir,

but at 1 5th, we hit them hard,
we hit them often,

and over time,
those are the results we achieved.

Let's move on to burglaries.

Your numbers are down

Care to enlighten us as to why?

I started a burglary task force, picked
out my youngest, sharpest officers.

Seems to be working.

And where could you be improving?

Where could we not?

Thank you, inspector. Carry on.

Let's turn our attention

to the rash of push-in robberies.

Look who's here. Hey, you're home.

Hey. Just trying to catch a few hours'
sleep before I head back out there.


- What are you doing?
JACK: Daddy's home.

- What are you doing?
SEAN: Dad.

- Hey.
LlNDA: Easy, you guys. Come on.

- Watch your uniforms.
DANNY: What are you doing?

- What are you doing?
JACK: Daddy!

We have dinner at your father's house.
He's out of town this weekend.

- I'll be there. I'll be there.
- What's that?

Who is Sabrina?

That's a witness in a case.

Writes her number
on a cocktail napkin?

Come on, she owns a nightclub.

Oh, a nightclub, great.

Danny's favorite
old stomping grounds.

- Kids, get in the car.
- Bye.

- You'll be late for school.
- Bye.

- Love you.
- Love you too.

"A mysterious stranger
is on his way."

No, he's not.

Ah, yes, he is.

Not while your grandpa
has 36,000 armed men at his disposal,

- he's not.
ERlN: That's right.

- I like your hair, I think it looks nice.
- Thank you.

I'm glad somebody noticed.

Henry, your turn.

The day I put my future
in the hands of a cookie

is the day
they're singing "Danny Boy."

- Oh, you're a party pooper.
- Buzzkill.

- I'll go.
- You already went, twice.

Guys, guys, come one.

Here, you can read me mine.


"You are wise beyond your years."

That's very fitting, Jamie.

Mm-hm. The wise man who left
Harvard crimson for N.Y.P.D. blues.

You better check the expiration date
on that one.

Very funny. It's still the best decision
I ever made.

Amen. What do you got, Dad?

- "You will take a chance."
- Ooh.

And it will bite you on the tush.

You have been grumpy all night.
What gives?

I plead the Fifth, counselor.

Pop's upset because I'm considering
bumping Jimmy Burke up

to deputy chief.

He hit it out of the park today
at CompStat, by the way.

That mean you're giving him
the bump?

I still don't get it, Grandpa.

Look, what Jimmy Burke did
for your father cannot be repaid.

But what he did to his own wife
cannot be forgiven.

Jimmy Burke was a cheater?

Fifteen years and three children,

and he hooks up with some chippy
from the bar.

Now, it tore the family apart.

Call me old-fashioned,
but don't ask me to trust a man

if his own family won't.

I don't know, Grandpa.

Lot of guys in the 1 5th
would run through a wall for Jimmy.

They think he's a stand-up guy.

Then you know a lot of guys
with their heads up their asses.


And you?

Since when are you okay
when a guy cheats on his wife?

Didn't say I was okay with a guy
who cheats.

I said, it doesn't necessarily
make the guy a bad cop.

Oh, well,
now that we got our priorities straight.


Saved by the cell.

I'm gonna take this. It's for my case.


Is this a bad time?

Is this Sabrina?

Oh, I like the way you say my name.


What is it?

You said to call if something
comes up. Something has come up.

You wanna tell me about it?

That's for me to know
and for you to find out.

All right. I'm on my way.

Who was that?


Who was that, Danny?


You mean, Sabrina?

You know what's funny?
Of all the cases in New York,

you happen to catch the one
starring Angelina Jolie.

It's my work, babe.

That's what I came out here
to remind you of.

I'm just saying the man is no good.

Give it a rest, Pop.

I gotta go.

You wanna talk?

No, I don't think that's a good idea,

You're my daughter too,
you know that.


Jackie? Hey, Sabrina just called,
she said got something for me.

- Why don't you meet me at the club?
- Yeah, can't.

I just got ahold
of King's girlfriend, Benita.

I'm on my way to see her now.

All right, we'll double back,

meet at the Squad Room.
I'll see you.

- Yeah.
- Great.



Hey, Dad, you got minute?

I haven't seen that look on your face

since you brought home a C
in science.

You remember everything.

It's the only C you ever got.


It's your mother's ring.


We called off the wedding.

She's off in London for six months.

It's not her fault, it's mine. I...

Ever since I came on the job,
I haven't really been there for her, so...

Sometimes the job is tougher at home
than it is on the streets.

Just hope I haven't let the best thing
that ever happened to me

walk out the door.


you know,
when you decided to give up the law

and become a cop, I was...


Well, l, um...

I knew you weren't thrilled.


you knew how much
your mom wanted

to keep you
out of the family business.

And I felt that the least I could do

was see
that Mary's wish was honored.

But you didn't stop me.

It wasn't my decision to make.


And it wasn't your mom's.

It was yours.

For what it's worth,

there's not a day that goes by
I'm not proud to have you on my force.

But I'm sorry about you and Sydney.

I am.

But, please,

keep trusting your gut.

It serves you well.



Excuse me.

Excuse me.

You rang?

- Hey, get over here.
- Can't do that.

Oh, yeah.
Too married, two kids, right?

That's right. We should talk.

I'm all yours.

Let's go.

King and I drove up
from North Carolina three years ago.

We weren't even dating yet.
Just really good friends

with something in common.

Both dying to move to New York.

Okay, so when did King become
your boyfriend?

Somewhere around Maryland.

He pulled over
by the side of the road,

said he couldn't go any further
until he told me his secret.

Then he kissed me.
It was one of those kisses, you know?

Yeah, I'm afraid I do.

From that moment on,
we just never left each other's side.

I was the first one to get a job
working nights at the hospital.

We wanted our days together,

so it was perfect when he got the job
as a doorman.

A perfect New York story, huh?

It was.

Until it wasn't.

A couple of months ago,
things started to change.

He started hitting
the after-hours scene pretty hard.

Especially the underground
poker rooms.

King was a gambler?

Yeah. Just not a very good one.


In case I got you in hot water
with Mrs. Detective Reagan.

- What is this?
- Last best-kept secret in New York.

My favorite Nolita boutique.

Buy her something nice,
all will be forgiven.

And you brought me down here
just for this?

Wow, you really are married, huh?
No foreplay, just right to it.

You're enjoying yourself, aren't you?

I'm just happy you're here.

I'm not here. I'm on duty.

Now, what's up?

King's cell phone. I found it
in the back room this morning.

A lot of calls from the same number.

- Lemon.
- Lemon?

Who's Lemon?

He's British.
Some kind of gangster or something.

He runs this really sceney
after-hours casino.

King goes there a lot?

He swore it was just for fun,
a way to blow off steam

after working the door all night.

I had no idea how bad it was
until I read his e-mails last night.

He owed Lemon
over a hundred thousand dollars.

That's a lot of steam.

Think Lemon could've killed him?

I don't know.

But he had
a hundred thousand reasons.


Don't worry.
If he did this, we'll nail him.

It's, uh-- It's not that, it's just...

I can't believe King did this to us.

You're pregnant?

Eight weeks.

I'm sorry.

Okay, so where do I find this Lemon

just in case I wanna give him
a squeeze?

I'll tell you if you dance with me.

I can't do that.

Alphabet City, corner of 6th and B.

Great. Thank you.

And I don't think you're the kind of guy
who likes to take charity.

I'm not dancing with you.

- This is not happening.
- Oh, come on, Danny,

you remember what it's like out here
where all the fun is.

Depends what you consider fun.

Come on, I don't bite.

It's not your bite
that I'm worried about.

It's your hips.

Look, Ma, no hips.



Excuse me, excuse me, excuse me.



DOORMAN: All right, dark jeans
and the brunette, come on.

- We're too full. I'm sorry.
MAN: Lift the rope up, please.

What's up, Jackie?

I don't know, you tell me.

You chasing the case
or are you chasing that skirt?

Come on, when have I ever not
kept my eyes on a case?

I'm just saying,

if your wife saw your eyes
on that one...

If my wife saw me, yeah,
I'd probably be dancing on crutches.

- Exactly.
- But I did get an address

of a new suspect.
Wanna go knock a door down?

Yes, please. Let's go.


OFFlCER 2: Show me your hands!
OFFlCER 3:. Hands up!

OFFlCER 4: Let's go!
DANNY: Money on the table!

Hands where we can see them!

Out of the way!

There he is.

- You must be Lemon?
- Delighted to meet you.

Delighted to meet you too, mate.

Yes, he owed me money.
No, I didn't kill him.

Sit down.

A hundred K?
It's a lot more than just money.

Can't be good for you,
having that kind of paper on the street.

Oh, muscle and murder are pass?.
I'm into synergy.

Synergy. So you're kind of like

more the Gordon Gekko type
than the John Gotti type.

The millennium is a decade old,

The future is in coming together,

not breaking apart.

How exactly
did you and King come together?

Mm. I forgave him
his considerable debt

and he accepted my offer to join me
in an exciting new business venture.

An offer he couldn't refuse.

Good to see
blackmail is still in vogue.

- Some tools of the trade are timeless.
DANNY: Yeah.

Now, tell me
about this new business venture.

We were opening a new nightclub.

- You and King.
- Mm-hm.

Yes. I bring the money,
he brings the crowd.

We would've owned this city
in a week.

So King was leaving Sabrina.

It's the scoop of the century, I know.

He was breaking it to her
the night he was shot.


I gather it didn't go over too well.

Yeah. No synergy there.

And now I'm out a hundred G's.

Erin Boyle?

Molly Griffin.

From the Kelly case last year.

Oh, Mrs. Griffin, yes.

I am sorry to bother you,
it's just there's something going on

and I knew you were the only one
I could talk to.

- Oh.
- It's about the police department.

Now, I know your father is--

Okay, if you have a complaint about
the police department you really--

No, please,
I don't wanna cause any trouble.

I come from a police family.

I know how hard their jobs are.

It's just...

- Something is not right about this.
- Okay, what is it?

My granddaughter.

She was mugged a few months ago
in the stairwell of her building.


- Hey, Dad.
- Hey.

Linda and I are fine, Dad.

Are you getting better at this
or am I getting worse?

No. Your voice, it goes up in pitch
when you're worried about your kids.

Is that right? Well, put your old man
out of his misery

and tell me I've got nothing
to worry about.

You got nothing
to worry about, Dad.

Talk to you later.

So is it true that King told you
him and Lemon were opening a club

right down the street
only hours before he got killed?

She's not going to answer that.

- Do not answer that.
- Yes.

It's fine. Danny and I are friends.

That's quite a big piece of the puzzle
you left out.

I'm not stupid.
I knew how it would make me look.

It looks worse now.

Danny, please. Do I look like someone
who goes around killing people?

Hey, King moves to the new rope
right down the block.

You and I both know
all your customers are going with him.

You're a tough girl,
you won't let that happen.

- That's nonsense.
- Really? That's motive, Sabrina.


Yes, I was pissed off
when I found out he was leaving,

and why shouldn't I be? He was
nothing before I put him on that door.

I made him a star. And I'm supposed
to be happy when he leaves

- and takes everything I built with him?
- Exactly how unhappy were you?

This interview is officially over.

I wouldn't go too far, okay?

When that video comes back
and you don't make a cameo,

you're gonna be seeing a lot of us.

You know how to reach me.

- Hey.
LlNDA: Hi.

DANNY: Did you bring dinner?
- I did.

Ah, roast beef.


- All right, let's go eat.
- Okay.

- Come on.
- Hi, Jackie.


Not at all.

I know you'll do us proud
at Manhattan South, inspector.

And once again, congratulations.

Knock, knock.

Hey. I was just heating up
some Mother Kelly's, you interested?


We need to talk.

What about?

Jimmy Burke.

- So she's a suspect now?
- Yeah.

- Any chance I can get on the jury?
- I'll see what I can do.

In the meantime,

I know I don't always get to do
special things for you, but today I did.

Oh, Danny!


Look at that. What do you think?

Purple, your favorite color.
It matches your sweater.

Look at that. Aww.

- What?
- In 1 5 years of marriage,

did you ever see me wear
something like this?

What's wrong with it?
It's nice, it's a new style.

- It's gonna look great on you. Nice.
- New style.

You been reading Vogue lately,
have you, Danny Reagan?

Look, I'm a big girl.

I know sometimes
a man's eyes wander.

And if your mind wanders too a little,

then so be it.

Just don't ever make me feel
this small again.


Her granddaughter was mugged
in the stairwell,

but when the officers from the 15th
took her complaint,

they classified the attack
as harassment.

I bet it felt like more than harassment
to Mrs. Griffin's granddaughter.

So three weeks later,

a friend in the neighborhood
is burglarized.

This time they classify the burglary
as trespassing.

Jimmy is cooking the books.

Yeah. But why?

He turns a felony
into a misdemeanor,

it looks like violent crime
is dropping.

As stats go down,
his stock goes up.

I'm sorry, Dad.
I heard you when I came in.

You already gave Burke
the promotion.

I wasn't talking to Burke.

I gave Gibson
the Manhattan South Command.

You already passed over Burke.

Trust your gut.

It's a funny thing about decisions.

You don't seem to need to have
to talk yourself into the right ones.

Good for you, Dad.


Only now, I've gotta say goodbye
to an old friend.


Hey. Think fast.

Ooh. I could have told you
that wouldn't work.

Yeah, so why didn't you?

Because you had it coming.

And I also knew
that the store didn't take returns.

- That looks good on you. You keep it.
- Oh, really?

TARU finally uploaded
the video enhancement

- on your surveillance video.
- Beautiful, thank you.

Look, we've got a wider picture.

And look at that, there's Sabrina.

Wow. Look who was telling the truth.

Let's watch it again.

See that?

Yeah, it was a flash.
What's that? Reflection of the shot?


That's not a reflection. It's a spark.

- A bullet hit a streetlamp.
- A ricochet.


So that means
that King wasn't the target.

Then who was?

The only other person
who was there.


Listen, the bullet that killed King

ricocheted off of a street light
outside the club.

He wasn't the intended target.

- All right, well, then who?
- You.

That's ridiculous. Who in the world
would wanna kill me?

Something tells me
the list might be longer than you think.

Listen, we need the names of anybody
you're romantically involved with.

Uh, yeah, you and my mother.

Whoever tried to kill you is out there.
Give him a chance, be my guest.

And you think the list is so long
I need a pad.

Sabrina, we're running
out of time here, okay?

I don't think I like the way
you say my name anymore.

Fine. Then who?

There was only one.

Let's get this person on the phone,
give him a call.

- Can't.
- Why not?

Because he was shot
the other night.

Of course. King?

Oh, my God.

Did Benita know?

I certainly didn't tell her.

She's two months pregnant,
you know that?

Do you even care about that?

- Probably not.
- Easy, Jack.

Yeah, I'm gonna wait outside.

That was your wife
I saw the other day, wasn't it?

Yeah, why?

Let me ask you something.

What does she got
that I don't have?


I'm sure you know by now.

The N.Y.P.D. has got more gossips
than a beauty parlor.

Gibson is the right man for the job
and he deserves it.

Well, I appreciate
you giving it to me straight.

You've been cooking the books,


you give it to me straight.


I've given 40 years of my life
to this job.

You know what I got to show for it?

Three bullet holes,
two destroyed marriages,

- and not a decent sleep in a decade.
- I'm not some tomato in the bar

getting weak in the knees
from your war stories, Jimmy.

For what it's worth,

it's only the past six months.

I was gonna get my bump
and then pull the plug.

You meant well,
otherwise you wouldn't have done it.

I've heard it, Jimmy.

My whole life as a cop, I've heard it.

Come on, Frank.

I'm carrying two alimonies
and four college tuitions.

Going at it two star
was my only shot

at not spending my golden years
hanging Sheetrock.

If you no longer had the commitment,
you should have put in your papers.

All we got out there is our word,

We lose that, we got nothing.

We lose that,

we are nothing.


...everything we've been through.

Are you gonna bust me down?

To captain.

And I'm reassigning you to the 1-2-5.

Staten lsland.

Or you can pull the plug right now

and leave with your pension
and your dignity intact.

Thanks, Frank.

Everything we've been through.

Now, if you'll excuse me,
I got some police work to do.

Heading back to North Carolina?

Another five minutes
and I'm done here.

You'd be willing to take a little walk?

I'm afraid that's not possible.

When did you learn
they were sleeping together.

That night.

I went on the computer
to send him our first sonogram

and he left his e-mail page open.

- Where did you get the gun?
- He gave it to me a year ago.

To keep me safe.

Ironic, huh?


Just keep walking.

Officer Gonsalvez.

You were on the warrant squad
with my brother that night.

I said walk.

You said to meet
on the next corner.

I lied.
Better tell your brother Danny

you need a refresher
on picking up tails.

Been on you for three blocks.

- Where are we going?
- Just move.

How did you find me?
Who are you working for?

And what do you want?
Even think about lying

and I'm a faint memory.

I got your number
from the Pension Section.

Follow the money, not bad, rook.

Not working for anyone. I wanna know
what happened to my brother Joe.

Read the official report.

I did, it's a snow job.

Okay, so maybe you've got
a little Reagan blood in you after all.

Why did you leave the department?

I loved being on the job,

but my daughter needs a mother,
not a dead cop.

Did somebody threaten you?

Was it Blue Templar?
Is that who killed Joe?

So how are we doing?

You tell me.

I never stepped out of bounds,

I ain't that guy.

I know.

Do you?

Of course.

Just-- I know Danny Reagan
from when we first met.

Running around the city
all hours of the night.

- More girlfriends than I had shoes.
- Yeah.

But when we got our thing going,
I never looked back, did l?


But sometimes I wonder.

Maybe you miss it.

I mean, it sure is more exciting

than sleepy Staten lsland
with me and the boys.

Says who?

You mean that?

Yeah, I do.

- I love you.
- I love you.