Blood & Water (2020–…): Season 1, Episode 1 - Fiksation - full transcript


I'm coming.

Oh, there you are.

Everyone's been asking for you.

What is it?

Everything okay?

- Yeah, I'm fine.
- So...

why don't you put a smile on that face
then for us in the meantime, huh?

That's better.

Hey, this is a party, okay?

Not a funeral.

Now, won't you put this on the table
for me over there?

- Sis.
- Hey.

Do you know when Ubaba is coming?

I'm not sure,
but he's gonna be here, okay? Don't worry.

Now give me a kiss.

- Wait, let me go. Gross.
- I'm your older sister. Come on.


No phones, please.

Yes, Mom.

Listen, have you seen the matches?

I'll get them.

Sis, he's here!


♪ Happy birthday to you ♪

♪ Happy birthday to you ♪

♪ Happy birthday dear Phume ♪

♪ Happy birthday to you ♪

- Hip hip hip!
- Hooray!

Welcome all.

Thank you all for being here today.

It really means a lot to us.

Thank you, especially,
to those of you who have been here

on the 16th of August
for every single year

since our beautiful
little baby girl was born.

Seventeen years is a long time
to look for someone.

But we'll go another 17 if it means
I get to hold my beautiful first-born girl

in my arms again.

So please, when you do pray...

just ask God to bring her home.

To make sure that those who took her
are brought to justice.



Don't forget to make a wish
for your sister.




♪ Blood ♪

♪ Blood and water ♪

- Books again?
- Take a break from that Xbox.

"There's nothing like looking
if you want to find something."

"Love, Dad."

At least this one has pictures.

And you, Makhu.

If you want to achieve something in life,
first you must...

- Write it down, I know.
- That's right.

Now, open it.

What does it say?

"There is no greater agony
than the untold story inside you.

Maya Angelou. Keep hoping, love, Dad."

Thanks, Baba.

- Can I see yours?
- Oh, my God.

Yours is more boring than mine.

Don't be stupid, Siya.
It's supposed to be empty.

- All right. All right. All right.
- That's not a nice word.

Are you staying over this time?

Puleng, I think you need
to be patient with us.

We're gonna work something out.
I promise you.

I'll be back just now. Hmm?

This girl.

Wow, Zama, wear less.

Puleng, whatevs.

So, I met this guy Chris, all right?

He's 17, he's rich,

he loves to travel, he loves to party,

and he likes my ass.

So basically everything you love?

Yeah, exactly.

Friend, can you please
go with me to his party?

Babe, I can't.

The Khumalo National Day
of Mourning forbids it.

Okay, let me know if you change your mind.

W-w-w-wait, before you go,
is this a yay or a nay?


It's a nay for me.

Sorry, Zama, I... I'll call you back, okay?
I have to go.

Why is he leaving already?

He'll be back soon, okay?

Don't worry. Everything will be fine.

Dad left.

I know.

- You told him to go, didn't you?
- He said he had somewhere to go.

- Why does Phume get such a big cake?
- What?

Siya went to Spur for his birthday,

but Phume gets a three-tiered cake
and she's not even here.

Go and gather up the dishes...

- Ma...
- Go!

I'm going to Zama's.

You're not going anywhere.
We've got guests. Puleng!


♪ Funny thing about love is
One day it's here... ♪

Come, come, come, come!

♪ One day it's gone ♪

♪ Funny thing about you is
You were the one ♪

You can say it, you know.
You'll feel better.


You're like, "Fuck!"

- Zama.
- What?

This girl.

How did things go this year?

Do you want to talk about it?


Same old.

So, Chris,

that guy's totally into me.

I mean, why else am I on the VIP list?

Wait, there's a VIP list
for a house party?

Yeah. Maybe that's how people do it
in Llandudno.


Zama, why are we going so far?

Am I even on this guest list?

I don't know. We'll see when we get there.

Relax, it's going to be fine.

So, how did you meet him?

He DM'd me.


I was stalking his Instagram profile,

and I accidentally liked a picture
he posted, like, 35 weeks ago.

I wanted to die.

Who's going to be at this party? I mean...

What if these people are dodgy?

Definitely no one we know,
and rich people can't be dodgy.

You barely know this guy.
Like, what's his surname?


We'll ask questions later.

Drink, girl, drink.

♪ We're going to a part-ay ♪

Why did you let me leave
the house in a granny cardigan?

Friend, don't stress
about clothes, okay?

Your face makes anything look beautiful.

Come. Sissy.

- Excuse me?
- Sorry.

- Your name?
- Zama and Puleng.

Zama can come in, but Puleng,
you're not in the list.


- I knew it. I'll just go home.
- No, no, no, friend, wait. Wait.

Give me five seconds,
I'll be back right now, okay?

Give me five seconds. Trust me.

You can't just leave me here.

Stop there. Next, come.



Uh, Addie. It's... It's fine.

- You can let her in.
- Come in.

Three, two, one, go.


Yaas, bitch!

Let's, uh, get out of here.


Friend, I'll catch you later.


- Ow!
- Oh.

- Ow.
- Shit, oh, shit.

I'm so sorry again.

Oh, shit. Let me just...

No, it's fine. It's fine.

I see you made a new friend.
Does she want kush?

Seventy bucks.

It's worth it.

No, thank you.

Try not to burn her clothes next time,
and maybe she'll fuck you.

Pardon me.

Oh, excuse me. Sorry.

Excuse me, sorry.

Hello? Can I please have a cider?


- Can I please have a drink?
- Wow.

Mind if I try?

Hey, Jono. Can I have a cider, please?

Of course.

What are you having?

Me? Oh.

- I'll have a cider as well.
- Two ciders.

Girls gotta stick together, right?

I've only got the one.

- Oh, it's fine. You can have it.
- No.

She'll have the cider. I'll have a G&T.

How much for the cider?

Okay, no?

Cute cardi, by the way.


Shit. Puleng? Friend?

Friend, wait.

- She can join if she wants.
- I'm so sorry about that.

Is everything okay?

Yeah, I'm just trying to unsee
what I just saw.


Wait, did... did he just say
I could join in if I want?

Well, what can I say?

I know how to pick them.


Uh, look, friend, I'm so sorry
for leaving you hanging.

I will find you around when I'm done.

- Done? Ew. Ew, Zama.
- Yes.

- Give me a kiss. Give me...
- Ew.



I shouldn't even be here.
There's too many people.

So then, tell me to leave.

Is this even real?
'Cause if it is, I'm all in.

This is real.

Someone's here.

Does this phone belong to anyone?





Wade is not here. This is Puleng speaking.

Just put Wade on. It's his mother.

Please, it's urgent.

Does anyone know where Wade is?

He's by the photo booth.


Uh, just one second.

Yes, who's looking for me? Oh.


Not me. Mommy.

Dude, she's waiting.

Oh. Oh. Mo... Mommy.

Hi, Mom.

Where are you?

You should've been home hours ago!

Did you conveniently forget
that you've got a curfew?

- I'm sorry.
- I want you home right now!

- I'm sorry.
- Do you hear me?

- Yes, I will.
- Right now!


So, um...

Where did you find it?

- In the couch.
- In the...

Of course.

Um, please, can I get...
Can I get you another drink?

Another cider, maybe?

They're all out.

I tried already.

Okay, how is this?

If I can get you a cider,
will you help me pack up?


How quickly can you get that cider?


That's cheating.

I didn't know there were rules.

I... I'm Wade. You are?


Puleng. Okay.

How do you know Chris?

Um, we're at the same school,
Parkhurst College.

We're not friends or anything. He just
asked me to do the photo booth thing.

- Hmm.
- And you?

I'm a plus one.

It's a long story.

Ah, no.

Please don't. I hate pictures of myself.

Oh, wow.

That's actually not bad.

You're really good at this.

Um, I have a great subject.

Do you...

know this girl? Um...

You remind me of her.

Like the shape of your faces
and something about your eyes.


She's way too pretty.

She's a'ight.

- Yes, you're right, she's totally hideous.
- Mm.

Yo, everyone.

Move closer.
Fiks, make your way up, please.

Fiks? Fiks?

Ladies and gentlemen,
your birthday girl, Fikile Bhele.

That's Fikile,
the one I was just talking about.

It's her birthday,
of course, if you didn't know.

Happy 17th birthday, you old hag.
I love you.

Now, let's drink!

Is it Fikile's birthday today
or during the week?

Uh, it's today.

She shares the same birthday
as my sister.


That's cool. Where is she?

Oh, uh, she's out
with some friends, I think.

Shit. Um, I have to go.

Puleng, it was awesome meeting you.

I would love to stay in touch with you
on Instagram or something.

Yeah, just search "that Puleng."

That Puleng. Okay. Okay, bye.


I'm sorry.

I didn't wanna wake you.

When we have a house full of guests
I expect you to stay home.

You could have at least responded
to my texts,

Puleng, I had to find out
from Zama that you were fine.

I just needed to clear my head.

What's really going on, Puleng?

Seems like all we do is fight.


You know how much this day means to us...

How much it means to you and Ubaba.

Siya and I play along
just to keep you and Ubaba happy.

But we don't know Phume.

And we never did.

I just wish we could move past this, Ma.

Not celebrate her birthday anymore.

Not blow out these candles

and make a wish year after year

and invite these people to our house.

I just wish...

you would love Siya and I
as much as you love Phume.

That's not fair.

I love you and Siya
with everything I have.

Can I sleep now?

Come on, Puleng!



Pick it up!

- You got this.
- Run!

Come on! Get the ball!

Come on, girls! Come on!

Friend, are you okay?

Are you okay?

Okay, cool. Focus.


What are you doing? Come on, man!

Come on, Puleng! Come on!

What is that?

Why are people staring?
I had a bad game. Jeez, so what?

Hey. Puleng, what's this about?

- What?
- Look.

Well done, P.

You fucked up that game, didn't you?

Keep going like that,
we'll end up at the bottom of the league.

Jeez, let it go, Nate.

I'll lay off once you stop screwing us
out of the season.

- Bitch.
- You know what?

Maybe if you laid off
the steroids a little,

I might be able to see
past your fat head next time.

Know what? Maybe your dad should've
sold you into slavery instead of your si...

Fuck off, Nate!
No one cares what you think.

Fuck you. Who are you even?

Friend, I really think
you need to see this.

- What are you on about?
- Puleng...

Watch your mouth, you fucking Neanderthal.

Fuck you and your entire family!

Don't talk about my fucking family!

- Get this bitch off of me!
- Puleng!

Did you know about this?

Honestly, I didn't, friend.
I only saw it after the match.

It's all bullshit, though.

None of this is true.

Julius Khumalo,
the father of one of the abducted babies

in the related Point of Grace
Adoption Agency scandal

is suspected to be part
of the child laundering scheme

where he is now suspected
to have sold his baby girl

just before she was born.

Come on, let's go.

- Sir...
- You don't have to explain.

I've seen the news,
and I've contacted your parents.

They will be collecting you soon.

I'm sure you guys have a lot
to talk about.

Having said that, Miss Khumalo...

the news about your dad
is no excuse for what you did.

In addition, your grades have spiraled,

your averages is dropping,
and the coach says you're not focused.

I mean,
and now you're getting into fights?

But, sir, Nate started it.

You physically attacked her.

I want you to understand,

only you can choose how you react
to different situations in life.

In other words,
don't blame Nate for your reaction.

Your reaction is on you.

As a result,
there'll be a disciplinary hearing

in your honor on Wednesday.

You can go now.

Your parents will be here soon.

And please, be on time.

I'd hate to suspend you.

Can someone explain what's going on?

I don't understand.

- Why are they bringing this up again?
- Calm down.

There's nothing to understand.

It's just this journalist who's trying
to make a story out of nothing.

Some evidence from another kidnapping case

has made them look at Phume's case again.

What did they find?

Not much yet,

except my name popped up
in some documentation

that's causing them to think
that I did some horrible thing.

But the police will soon realize
that they were very wrong.

Why didn't you tell me?

I thought I had time to prepare you guys.

But these journalists,

you know, they wanna sell newspapers
so they fight for an exclusive.

We wanted to protect you guys.

No, you decided that.

Listen to me.

You need to trust me.

Don't believe everything you see
in the news about me.

Soon there'll be lots of lies
that they'll publish.

And Phume's case?

What happens to it?

It might be reopened.

We're not sure yet.

Okay, wrap it up. You're not supposed
to play with that thing before you sleep.

But that's what makes you the best sister
a boy could ask for, eh?

You let me do things that our ma won't.

Ha ha, very charming,
but flattery will get you nowhere.

Give it here.


What are you getting at, Puleng?


Hot, hot, hot.

These pictures don't do Chris's body
any justice, right?


What's up? Are you okay?

Yeah, I'm fine.

- Don't wanna talk about it.
- Oh, friend, I'm actually freaking out.

So, like, Chris invited me
over to his place this weekend, right?


Did I tell you what happened
the other night when we went to his?

Mm-mm, mm-mm. Zama...

I saw it all. Thanks.

What are you looking at?

Fiksation much?

Look, if you're into furburgers and stuff,
I fully support you.

Zama, no, it's not like that.

I just...
Her life seems pretty perfect; That's it.

I know, right? I totally love her life.

I mean, her dad's a millionaire.

Academic honors.

And her blazer is just ridiculous.

Yeah, and Chris cannot stop talking
about her swimming skills.

- Jealous?
- Me?

- Mm-hmm.
- No, I'm not.

She's pretty.

Sports Illustrated SA
wants to profile her.

They say she might go to the Olympics.

There has to be something wrong
with this girl.

Maybe she has 13 toes,

and maybe that's her secret to swimming.


But you need to be more concerned
about Chris.

I mean, what's he hiding?

He's perfect, nè?

Oh, look at this...
Look at this picture, friend.

The genetics of the man.


And then?

Zama, I have to go.

"Parental consent if minor."


"Payment of 2,500."

Steep, not impossible.

"Results are not always guaranteed."

It's worth a try.

♪ The way you sippin' on that bottle ♪

♪ I can tell you got a lot on your mind ♪

♪ If you need someone to hold ♪

♪ I'll be here when you come... ♪


Glad you made it.

Wow, Parkhurst is... stunning.

Yeah. And my mother's
the first female principal.

A principal's son?

Yep. Yep.

Oh, um... Follow me.


Just need to get some pics
for the magazine.


♪ I'm travelin' for you
Don't you know? ♪

♪ I'm hustlin' forward
For you now ♪

Go, go, go, go!

♪ Coming at you
In the fast lane ♪

♪ I'm playin' on my radio ♪

♪ I'm goin' nowhere
Don't you know? ♪

And it's another record
for our new champion.

Congratulations, Fikile Bhele.

Agh, I need to get closer
to Fikile.

I'll be back right now.

Hey, do you need help?

I can hold your lenses
in case you need to switch.

Thanks. That's really sweet of you.


- Fiks, quick pic for the Gram?
- Yeah.

But let me shower first, okay?

Next up is
the boys' open medley relay.

- Is it always this hectic?
- Pretty much.

There's an even bigger one
happening in a few weeks.

Last year we did this thing
where we had, like, flags...

Like disco balls and...

Hey! Hey, don't you need to get stills
of the next race's lineup?

Uh, probably. Shit.

Could you ask Fiks to wait for me, please?

Yeah, sure.

Please, could all men listed
make their way to the podium?

Hey, pass my bag, will you?

Hey. Cider girl.

From my party.

Are you at Parkhurst?
I've never seen you before.

Uh... No. No, I'm not.

Well, I'm Fikile,
but you can call me Fiks.

Fiks, glad you waited. Can I get you
with your medal on the podium?

- Yeah.
- Thank you.

Shit. I have to go.

- I'm sorry.
- Why?

There's six more races. I thought
we could hang out afterward.

Next time. I'm sorry. I promise.

What's so important?

I'm late for my disciplinary hearing.



She's not answering her phone.

Okay, everybody, thanks for coming.

What'd I miss?

Puleng's acting as if
nothing is going on;

Meanwhile, she's about to be expelled.

I'm talking to you.

Puleng, your mother is talking to you.

What is wrong with you? Answer her.

Uh... Sorry. What was your question?

Where were you, Puleng?

I forgot.
I was in the library doing some work.

Makhu, you forgot? I don't buy that.

They sent someone to look for you
all around the premises.

And I tried calling you a million times.

Well, they must've missed me. I'm sorry.

Well, that won't cut it this time.

You're grounded until your suspension
is over. Give me your phone.

- Pa.
- Give me your phone.

The stubbornness of this child,
I can't believe it.


take Puleng to the car.

Let me handle this.

For how long?

- Mr. Khumalo? I'm Captain Manah.
- Puleng...

I'm arresting you for human trafficking.

- You have the right to remain silent.
- Human trafficking?

Anything you say'll be held
against you in a court of law.

- Ma?
- You have the right to an attorney...

What's going on?

One will be provided
to you by the state.

- It's okay.
- Do you understand your rights?

- Why are they taking him?
- Everything's gonna be fine.

I do, but...

- Baba.
- Puleng, wait.

- Baba!
- Wait.

My daughter.

- Everything's going to be fine.
- Mama, do something!


What are you doing?

It's okay. Shh.

It's okay.

It's okay.

I'm sorry.

For all this.

I know it's a mess.

I suggest that we keep Puleng and Siya
as far away from this as possible.

Your mother's right about this.

We'll have to keep our distance for now.

I don't want you and Siya
to get mixed up in this.

What's happening, Baba?

I thought you said it was nothing.

Puleng, I need you to trust me.

This is very complicated.



I think Ubaba's had enough for today.

Let's let him sort this out.

The lawyer will be here shortly.
Maybe then things will make sense.

Let's go.

See you later.


We can't just leave him in there.

Well, we don't have a choice, my love.


You don't actually think he did this?

He asked us to trust him.

Let's start with that.

But for now, Puleng...

until all of this is sorted,
we have to keep our distance.

So when does he come home?


I don't know.

We'll have to wait and see.

So, we just wait and see
if Ubaba ever comes home?

What can we do to help him?

Siya, the lawyers are on it, okay?

They know what they're doing.


what about us?

Can't we do something to help even more?


I might have a plan.



I do have a plan.

♪ Send me away ♪

♪ Send me away... ♪



♪ And I'll follow you like A-B-C ♪

♪ You act like you in it but ♪

♪ You were never here with me... ♪

I've been thinking.

I don't wanna go back to Meadowridge.

Not after today and everything
that's happened over the last few days.


I'm listening.

You're right.


Have you ever heard of Parkhurst High?

♪ Well, I'd pay to find you in our story ♪

♪ Where our shows intertwine in glory ♪

♪ I can feel you in my spirit ♪

♪ My heart is bruised
And you're my healin' ♪

♪ Blood ♪

♪ Blood and water ♪

♪ Blood ♪

♪ Blood and water ♪

♪ Blood ♪

♪ Blood and water ♪

♪ Blood ♪

♪ Blood and water ♪