Blindspotting (2021–2023): Season 2, Episode 8 - Return to Ithaca - full transcript

Ashley doesn't know who to turn to when she is ostracised by the entire Turner family; Trish and Jacque must deal with the fallout of her revelation at Meatfest; Earl receives a surprising call from his father.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
It's your boy Chonkster,

aka the smeeziest of them all,
The Turf Feinz.

I'm with my brother.

It's your boy Ice Cold 3000
of The Turf Feinz.

Let them know. Let them know.
Let them know.

-And you would not believe...

-...what happened...
-What happened?

-...last week...

-...on Blindspotting.

My pops, he's a chef at, uh--

you know that spot
Brewer's Feast?

I worked the line under my pops
as a teenager.

I'm talking about squad cars

all in front
of my pops' restaurant.

And then I'm walking out
in front of white table diners

in cuffs.

Oh, look,
your brother made it.

Oh, absolutely not.

Get back in your car
and fuck off now

before he sees you.

Fuck, it feels so good
to be out

doing some
normal-ass shit, girl.

-It's not what you think.

Bitch, you cheated on my
brother while he is in prison.

Ashley, that's not true, is it?

And I'll tell Miles myself.

Just-just please at least
let me tell him myself.

You just did.

Yo, yo, yo! Miles Turner.


Luckiest day of your life.
Pack your shit up.

Why, y'all gonna transfer me?

Please don't transfer me, man.

M-my whole family's here.
We can't take this.

Hey, man, I'm just
following orders, man.

I don't give a shit.

But your arresting officers
of the Oakland PD,

they were caught planting
evidence in their cases.

So I'ma go ahead and guess
that your case

got thrown out with the others.

So come on, pack your shit.
You're leaving now.

Leaving? What you mean, like,
leaving leaving?

That's what the order is.

Time to walk.


What's that for?

To pack your shit.

I don't give a fuck about
none of this shit. Let's go.

Uh, excuse me, sir.

Uh, uh, uh, uh,

are you sure y-you meant
Miles Turner

and not Niles Turner?

Miles with an M, dummy.

Let's go. Come on.

- Don't you laugh.
- Oh, shit.

Don't you laugh. I was--

You're married because of me.

I was practically best man
at your wedding.


Okay, let's get it,
health hustlers.

Welcome back to everybody's
favorite, Trap Abs.

Fucking hell.

Happy New Year's Eve, girl.

I forfeited my morning workout
for a week

because I felt sorry for you.

But that's all I can do, girl.

I'm trying to keep it tight.

And you gotta get
your crying ass off my couch.

Mama, you want this basket
of blankets and shit?


I'll look through it.

Just leave
whatever you don't want.

Okay. Yeah, you know,
I don't even really feel like

I need to pack
that much stuff anyway

because Mustafa said the house
is just how I left it.

He's so sweet.

But, Mama, please tell me
you gon' leave my room

the way that it is this time.

Hell no.

The second
you move out of there,

I'm renting
that motherfucker out.

Maybe to Ashley to get her
out of my living room.

You and Miles still ain't
said nothing to each other?

No one in the Turner clan
wants to talk to me.

You can't go
into the new year like this.

Work it out.


So get up.

You sleep?

-Yes, you do it.

You do it.

Are you gonna
take one over to Mom?

No, I'm not.

Here we go.

Here we go.

Tower of waffles from your dad.

Scooch over.

Trish is gonna have
her girls over tonight

for a little New Year's
celebration, nothing big.

I think we don't need
any more drama.

I think everybody next door
might come too.

-Not her.

Hey, kid.

You want to, uh, go hang out
with your mom tonight,

or do you want to stay up late
with me,

Grandma, and Tía Trish

and celebrate New Year's?

Uh, that one.

That one, exactly.

All right, Mom, I gotta go.

Kid, love you.

Love you, Dad.

I'm glad you're home.

Hey, son, um,

look, I know you're avoiding
the restaurant,

but, um,

I just had two guys
call out sick.

You can't see me doing
the air-quote thing,

but "sick" from New Year's Eve
shift tonight.

Now, I've only got folks
until 11,

and if you could come work
the kitchen with me,

it would be a big help.

Call me back.

Okay, I just heard it.

And... I am supportive

of however you choose
to respond to it.

He said "with."

"With." He said...

work with him,

not for him.

Why would he say that?


is he trying to bait me,
or, like, is it, like, a--

I don't--I don't know.
I don't know.

You should find out.

Give it a fucking rest.

What am I supposed to do,
cross the picket line?

You can do that.

Neither one of them
is your kid.

Why are you participating
in their shit?

Just stay out of it.

Someone has to be
in his corner.

One minute,
he's doing a five-year bid.

Next minute, he's getting
walked out of prison.

He's not thinking straight.

He didn't get one instant
to be happy.

He doesn't know what to do
about her.

Can't you see that?

Where's she going?

To see her mom.

Apparently the only one
she's got.

Of course, you're not
required to speak, but...

I'd like to encourage you
one more time.

Just the practice
of sharing your feelings

is an important step
in dealing with the trauma

you experienced in prison.

I hear all that.

I'm just gonna, uh--

I'm just gonna listen today.

Well, um--

Hey, sorry I'm late.

Uh, one of my delivery guys

ate a order again, and I...

I had to remake it.

Anyway, I'm sorry I was--

I was late.

No problem, Earl.

So...'s topic is our
relationship with our families.

Let's, uh--let's try pairing up
and doing a little exercise.

We will face each other

and, when comfortable,

each share how incarceration

has affected our relationships
with our family,

home life.


why don't you pair with our
newest member, Miles?


I always loved her spot.

Hey, Genevieve.

Did you know
the "Jirardelli" family crypt

is right over there?

It's huge.

All that chocolate money.

Rainey, just please
let me have this space.

Don't say anything weird
and ruin it for me.


- Bye.
- Bye.

You know, Miles' dad
cheated on me for years.

So excuse me if I'm not

to you getting drunk
and fucking off your marriage

while my son is in prison.

And don't think
I can't hear you thinking,

"It was just a kiss; it's not
like I fucked anybody."

'Cause, you know,
maybe that's true.

I don't actually know or care.

I care about my son.

Yeah, I know, that's it.

What's that, that's it?

"Oh, hey, Ashley,
I'm sort of your mom too."

Yeah, my mom
would've loved that.

I think she would agree
it's not your proudest moment.

Oh, God.

I made a mistake.

And I feel terrible.

Well, good.

Can you just go now?

-Why not?

Because you are like my kid!

I-I'm here,

trying to make it right
with you, you little shit.

Just fight with me
like you're family.

Fuck you.

-Fuck you!
-Fuck you!

-Fuck you!
-Fuck you!

-Fuck you!
-Fuck you.

You fucked up,

and now this silence
is digging a deeper hole.

He's not talking to me, Rainey.

Oh, he's mad and not talking?
What a shock.

You talk to him.

I don't know what's going on
in his head.

And I want to disappear

because I don't want him
to hate me even more

because I did this to him,
all of it.

I did this all to him,
and I twisted the knife.

And you're
pronouncing it wrong.


It's "Ghirardelli,"
not "Jirardelli."

I don't think that's right.

It's "Ghirardelli."



What happened really?

Rainey, I had a drunk moment...

- No, no, no, not that.
- ...and I--

The night Miles got arrested.


He won't tell me either.

What a fucking pair
you two make.

I just wish he would
say something to me.

He's not coming over to Nancy's
to fix this for you.

You have to stare him down,
say your piece,

and see what happens.

I really don't think
it's "Ghirardelli."

Yeah, it is.
It's "Ghirardelli."

Fuck it.

You go, I go?

Uh, nah, I go, you go.

Same time, since we did time
at the same time.

It ain't all bad,
but if it bleeds, it leads.

And I can't tell the difference

between a cell block
and a triage wing.

I got a finite amount
of fortitude in this fortress,

battling the evil gorgeous
of a panopticon,

seen but invisible like
the 13th Amendment tentacle.

Each night might could be you
verse' you in the Octagon.

I'm in crime school
trying to be truant.

How the fuck you think we teach
criminals how to be criminal

here in the fallen god

I'ma be the paragon prisoner,
dodge all the sinister.

Ms. Understood
been my number one visitor.

And I ain't seen God since Mom
brought the minister.

All right, here I go.

I am bench-pressing hard time.

Round-robin family visit
full of fiction.

Smile, don't let them
see your spirit flinching.

Giving the performance
of a lifetime.

Everyone that's coming in
is leaving looking a bit more

like they are living
in the same prison

that we doing a bid in.

Here I am pretending I ain't
tearing down the middle.

I'm a cocked pistol.

I'm a pot boiling over
hot, hot.

They in here with us,
locked in the cell block.

I'm extra baggage for my wife.
I'm a bellhop.

Money on my books used to be
for the nail shop.

Now every penny pinched.

Now I'm a dog in a cage
they can watch age,

they can watch change,
watch become strange,

watch become something
prison sickness made,

a Frankenstein
of the carceral state.

-Each minute feels like ten.

- Ten.
- Every week is a month.

- Month.
- A thousand years in a second.

- Second.
- A life goes out in a snuff.

I'm on your head.
I'm on your cell block.

I'm on your cell block.

I'm on your head,
on your cell block.

We on your cell block.

Hey, y'all got a camera?
Film this shit.

You know the kind of shit you
hear talking through a toilet?

I once made liquor
out of oranges,

moonshine shedding light
on our torment.

Wake up
like reanimated corpses.

Keep a tally for all the times
I considered slitting my wrists

and letting the rivers run red

as a Mississippi caucus.

Don't know if my soul'll
make it out.

Who I used to be is fading now.

This is an oven for making
monsters out of men,

and I can feel us baking now.

This is chain-ganging,

license plate making.

We numbers.
240161 on my jumper.

Separated into colours.

Highly orchestrated
to hate each other.

Looking back, what happened
isn't a wonder.

-No wonder we--
-Hey, now, hold tight.

- I'm friends with his wife.
- What's up?

He said he knows your wife,

Hey, fuck you!

- Each minute feels like ten.
- Ten.

- Every week is a month.
- Month.

- A thousand years in a second.
- Second.

A life goes out in a snuff.

See, we made to be opposition

like Abrahamic religion.

They unholy cannibalism.

The secret cabal
ain't secret at all.

The threat of a law reinforced
by the force of these walls.

You can't be in hell
and not embrace it.

Let me guess,
they think your chest vacant?

Yup, hate it.
It's almost like these bars

become some form
of infinite separations.

Nah, nah, nah,
now, hold the fuck on.

This shit break a family.
I feel mine dissolving.

Who can love a man
with one foot in the coffin?

How can I compete
when freedom is an option?

I'd do anything to be back
where we started.

I'd do anything
to be back where I started.

Right before I got
dragged out of my apartment.

Right before they
dragged me out the restaurant

and closed the door on futures
that I said I wanted.

Now my life is haunted.

Each minute
feels like ten.

Every week is a month.

A thousand years in a second.

A life goes out in a snuff.

Each minute feels like ten.

Every weakness a crime.

A thousand years in a second.

Wish I could
just leave it all behind.





Um, so before Cuddie
gets here,

I want to talk
about that whole

"I love you" thing.

Okay, yeah, dude.

I been thinking about it,

when I heard it out loud
in front of everyone, I--

I just--I don't--I guess
I don't know how I feel.

But I feel like...

I'm losing you because--

Bitch, you are not
in love with me.

-Girl, I might be.
-No, you are not, okay?

We have hooked up before,
and this has never come up,

not ever.

You're just possessive as fuck

-No, mm-mm.

you are my platonic life mate

my best friend.

I'm not going anywhere,
so chill.

No, because I am number one.

This is above everything else.

Girl, I know.

I know that this is number one.

I know that you are number one.

Yes, yes.

But he's letter A.

Ugh. Ew, not a metaphor.

I am really happy,

and I'm trying to make this
math-letter coexistence work.

But, girl,

you gotta work with me.

Ugh, look.

I want you happy.

I just--I miss you, girl.

I love the version of myself
when you're around.

And when you aren't around,

I feel lost.

I know I am sprung

and that I'm being
a bad friend.

I can do better.


God, he makes me so happy.

Oh, yeah.

Hey, hey, what it do?

Oh, wow,
am I interrupting something?

- Ugh.
- Ah, come on in, brother.

All right.

Hey, but check me out.

You know I had to bring
the Big Accountskis.

Yeah, Sophie, up top.

Yeah. Gordon, down low, my man.

Gutter Ball Susan.
You bowled a 94.

But look who we got.

- Yeah!
- Aw.

What up, cuz?

You bowl now?

Whatever the pare Cuddie on,
I'm there.

- Yeah!
- Hell yeah.

Uh-uh, I gotta keep
this bromance in check.

Here we are.

-Good to see you.

-My pops is in the back?

Do you, um--

do you remember
where we keep the aprons?

I brought my own.

Can we not let these die
on the pass, please?

- Thank you.
- Yes, Chef.

All right, I'll, uh, take over
expo for these next two up.

Looks like we got a cordon bleu

and a filet mignon well-done
because somebody at that table

is a goddamn simpleton.

And then could I get some, uh,
parsley off the lowboy?

You heard the chef.

Get to it!

Yes, Chef.


my work station, Dad.

Hey, y'all, my brother's out!

He here!

Wait, let me get a drink
for you.

-Okay, I got some drink for you.
-No, I'm good.

I got some drink for you.


Ashley's up there.


Hold on, hold on, hold on.
Shit, y'all.

Man, w-wait, it's time,
it's time, it's time.

the ball's about to drop.


Ten, nine, eight,

seven, six, five...

2018, happy New Year.

Coming in, we have Tiffany
down on the ground.

Who do you have with you?

All right, I have Richard.

Anybody you want to say
something special to?

...I wanna say
hi to my peeps back at home...

What's up, baby bro?

I can't have this
in here, bro, no.

- Listen--
- No.

I just need y'all to take this
for one night.

They just raided my house.
It's hot out there, man.

I can't be rolling around
with this on me, man.

Come on.
It's just a bag of pills, okay?

Hold on. Hold on.

I promised my mom

that we would keep him
out of prison.

He don't have
not one other friend's house

he can take this to,
not one other friend

-this can go to?

He's my brother.

I'm just worried about him.

Okay, Sean, get your coat.
We're going to Nancy's.

Happy New Year.
All right, baby.

I love you.

-Love you too.
-Thank you.

I'll be back in 20 minutes.


We've got a search warrant!

Open up!

-Put it down!

Back up! Come on! Back!

-All right, all right.
-Let's go.

- All right, all right.
- What happened?

Exactly, what happened?

You don't know 'cause
I kept this from you, baby.

-I'm so sorry.
-Found him flushing these.

-Hey, back up.

- And you're so pissed.
- I am so pissed at you.

-You are so pissed.
-How could you do that?

Get off of me.

Five years?

You don't
owe me anything, baby.

That's exactly what you'd say.

Miles, chill.

Don't tell me
to fucking chill.

We don't have tomorrow.

You go to work,
and I stay here.

We don't have tomorrow, okay?

This is almost over!

Dad! Dad!

I'll see you soon,
all right?

I'ma see you soon, man!

- Dad!
- I'ma see you soon!

I just miss him so much.

Every day, I wake up,
and I think,

"I'm so sorry."

Happy New Year., six, five,

four, three, two, one!

Happy New Year!


Come back to me now.

Happy New Year, Grandma!

Happy New Year!


Hey, I think you should
run upstairs

and check on your mom and dad.

They would love
a big New Year's hug.

Oh, such a big, strong hug.

Oh, okay, go, go, go.


Love ya. Bye.

Love ya. Bye.




Happy New Year!

Happy New Year.



Let's jam!