Blindspotting (2021–2023): Season 2, Episode 6 - The Good, the Bad, and the Thizzly - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
What's happening, y'all?
This is E-40 and you ain't

gonna believe what happened
last week on Blindspotting.


Why is he in jail?

He tried to do the right thing
at a really bad time.

What's up? Big hug, big hug.

Give me all your gold.
Uh-uh, come up off it.

So when's y'all's
next family visit?

they gave us another slot

the next weekend.

This right here
is the tale of a little,

itty, bitty mustard seed.

The seed's name
is Sean Turner,

his papa bear
tucked in the slammer,

and a wanted outlaw named
Ashley Rose.

♪ Yahoo! ♪

You an outlaw, ain't ya?

One is only an outlaw
if one gets caught,

and I do not get caught.

Guess that makes
my pa an outlaw.

Oaktown sheriff got him
in a tumbleweed wagon

at the edge of this here town.

I came here fixin'
to bust him out of jail.

Saying a prayer
for the mission ahead.

You're gonna break him out,

Have you seen
the sheriff's muscle?

You gonna need more than
a load of pointers.

I brought backup,

big backup,
for when the time come.

Sure you did.

But that town down there
was run by

Sheriff Renrut
and the Niner gang,

and the Niner gang is
as ruthless as they come.

If you value being on this side
of the Pearly Gates,

you best think twice
about crossin' 'em.

But they the ones
that have my pa.

He got separated by his crew,
and they ambushed him.

- What'd he do?
- I wasn't there,

but he ain't a bad man.

Tried to do the right thing
at the wrong time is all.

Yeah, Ashley Rose felt hella
bad for the young moustache,

and she was wrestling
her own demons

like two Tasmanian devils
in the trunk.

So she thought then and there,

"This may be the cleanser
that sends himself,

throwing her a pass
if she pressed the gas."


Guess you need me
at your flank then, huh?

You gonna help me?

What's in it for you?

Well, kid, let's just say

I've done more wrong
in my life than right,

and I came here
in search of forgiveness

or guidance or penance,
and here you come.

I reckon that's
a sign of sorts.

Them things loaded?

Saddle up.
We got a jailbird to free.

See? They got my pa in a cage.

That means they intend
to move him by dawn.

We must be quick about this.

I know that man.

He's an outlaw too.

- Will he help us?
- We shall see.

Sean and Ashley had
another thing coming,

thinking they
was finna pull up

without anybody taking notice.

Looks like
they cover their face.

I reckon
they're up to no good.

All right, boy,
let's settle in here,

and then we'll hold up
at the saloon after nightfall,

see who else
we can rally for our cause.

Let's go.

Bet y'all think
fools with gold

built up all the towns
in the Old West, huh?

Let me sprinkle you, mayne.

The real gouda for all that
was made by females,

sex working females
all about they scriznilla.

Now, Kinky Blinders was
a no-nonsense type of spot

where you either pay to play
or you're on your win-ay.


What'll it be, partner?

Uh, I already had

so many alcohols before I came.

We got milkshakes.

Strawberry straight up.

All right, now,
take a good look, boy.

This here what
we're up against.

Why, I bet
every gunslinger in here

was bought and paid for
by the Niner gang.

What big business have you two?

You look of sus and mischief.

I aim to help this young fella

save his daddy from
the clutches of the Niner gang.

They got his pa at the lip
of town in some god-awful cage.

Now, I know you hate being
under their boot the same,

so make with the backstory.

This here is
Sheriff Renrut's town.

He run the Niners gang full
and is a ruthless old cuss,

but just so happens

he's tending to other business
this very day.

You best talk
to the madam here

you fixing
to make that move.

Y'all might be less alone
than you think when it comes

to the business of freein'
one Miles Turner.

That is not
how you treat my girls!

Here she comes.

And even if it's just the tip,
you still gotta tip, nigga.

Fuck out of my way.


Is that my long-lost nephew?
Boy, come here, baby.

How are you? Oh, my goodness.


Oh, my gosh.

-Tía Trish!

Boy, not my government name.

Now, what you doing
way out here?

Fixing to free my daddy
someway, somehow.

Well, boy, you done came
at the right time,

'cause that's exactly
what I'm fixing to do.

I need someone small

for my plan to bust
my dear brother out.

I was hoping to use Jacque
here, but she giggles.

Who this be with you?

Ashley Rose. She's an outlaw.

Mm, can't we just roll up,

do some blam-blam,
grab him, and run?

Sure, if you're ready
to meet your maker,

but I have a better plan.

Now, you listen close,

because he will be here
any minute.


The deputy.

That's a real dangerous

Now, the deputy
and his Niner gang

are the sheriff's main muscle
in this town.

They come riding in
at the same time every night

for beans and their whiskey,

and then a night
with some of my girls.

He's a tall and mean
son of a bitch.

He's got the keys
to the prison wagon

hanging right there
on his hip day and night,

and that's what we need.

Get out of my way.

Now, the plan is
to Mickey Finn his whiskey,

which he orders fresh
to the table every night

so as to avoid poisoning.

Now, we must be slick
as a mule's whistle

if this plan is to work,
so quick,

do exactly as I say

and stay low.

He's here.

Beans and whiskey, darling.

Right away, sir.

Thank you, bean boy.

Or is it Chili the Kid?

Chili the Kid!

He's named Chili...

Go on now. Go on.

What in the tarnation?

Oh, oh, oh.

It was just one of them
western quakes.

-You remember those?
-Oh, yeah.

-You know how they go.
-Of course I do, baby.


I'd like ten minutes with you.

I'm resting
my bones for a moment.

Come on, darling.

Ain't no rest
around the Niner gang.

Come on now.

Oh, ee.

Uh, there's a suspiciously
little person...


Oh, my goodness. Oh, Deputy.

Oh, I'm so frightened, Deputy.
Oh, please protect me.

I just cannot believe
what's going on over here.

What game you playing at?

I'm so frightened!
I'm so frightened.

- Zoe!
- Oh, Lord.

Oh, please.

Get off me.

Need I bust a charge or
can we go about our business?

Drinks on the house,

Drinks on the house.

Why, thank you.

Sit down, sit down.

Ah, thank you, Miss Zoe.


Now, Deputy,
you ready for some dessert?

I got my eye on you, girl.

You best mind me too.

I ain't with the fuckery.

Well, I'm... all in.

Can't finish your whiskey?

Boss, I just had
the craziest dream.

I was being chased by a shark,
and he was trying to bite me,

-but I bit him first.
-Do I look like I care?

Sorry, Boss.

Oh, what...

All right, that's it.

The wheels are in motion.

Meet me at the far end of town
in an hour.

He should be sleep
as a corpse by then.

I should be on with the keys.

What's taking Trish so long?

She'll get here
when she gets here.

All right, kid,
let's take a nap.

-Wake up.
-Oh, geez.

Wake up, you hogs.
Took him all night,

but finally got him down
long enough to get his keys.

We about to raid.
Y'all are in the gang now.

Let's go.

Come on. Come on.

It's quiet.

But something was out
of pocket on this dusty trail.

Everybody was tucked like
a button-up at a quinceañera.


It's a trap!


You bitches have poisoned me!

Don't hurt her.

I'm the deputy,

and this is my town.

And he's my prisoner.


Throw your guns down
before Sheriff Renrut returns,

and I might ask him
to spare your life

from the hangman's noose.

Well, boy,
if you have that backup,

now's the time
for them to show.

Yup, that'll do it.

What the fuck is that?

Now we can make time
for the blam-blam.

Fuck the Niners!

Got her? Go, go, go.

Oh, shit.

Fuck, I'm out.

Hey, I got you, girl.

Look out! Move.


I got to get you to that wagon.
Come on. Let's go.

Come here, kid.

Not so fast.

Go get your daddy, boy.

Oh, come on. Run. Run. Come on.

Look out.


Get down. Down.

Oh, sorry. Sorry.

Roll call. Sorry.

Having fun, bruh?


All right. All right.

Here we go.


Now, let's get back to
this bobbery of brutes.

Go. Go. Go. Hurry. Hurry.

Where are ya?

I'm gonna gut you
like a pig, boy.


Go, go, go.

Hey, my boy.

Hey, what are you doing here?

I brought friends.


All right, get that key.
No, not that one.

Try another one.
Try another one.

Hands off the cage, boy.

Your daddy belongs
to the sheriff now.

Leave him alone, Montana.

Whoo! Come here. Come on.



you're just a bean cook.

No, no.

I'm the Spice King,
and I'm a son of a bitch.

- Hey, kid!
- Let's go.

Give up those keys.

Come on, come on.
Throw me those keys.

Go, go, go. Get out of here.

Get out of here.


Come on, come on, come on.

Whoo! Got the keys?
Come on. Here we go.

Come on, get 'em in.

The-the small one.
Come on, get the small one.

Get the small one and come on.

We have you surrounded.

Oh, shit.

Well, we can't be mad at you.

We was always gonna kill you.

Gotta make room
for all the new settlers

who actually contri...

contribute to society.

Where are they?

Show yourselves.


Y'all clear out now

and you won't get hurt by
the other end of my hammer.

You're outgunned.

Oh, really?

Not if you count these.

My guy!

What it do, playboy?

All right. Come on.

Let's go.

- Hey there, Rainey.
- Hey, mama.

Oh, yeah, right.
Try all of them.

It's-it's one
of the smaller keys.

Try the bigger key.
Bigger key.

Small one.

And get it back in.
Get it back--no, keep going.



Shit. Go, go.

That's for Jacque.

Help, help.

My boy, come here.

You okay?

-All right.

Hey, you saved him.

Okay, okay.
All right, okay.

Yeah, she's clipped
pretty good,

but she's-she's gonna be okay.

-She's gonna be okay.

Miles Turner!

Get up. Get up.

Oh, boy. The big boss.

I knew this day
would come.

It's over, Sheriff.

These Oaktown raiders
have bested you.

You did this to yourself,


I know that voice.

You're damn right you do,


His twin brother.

What is this?

Shh, it's a metaphor.

Born 6.66 seconds after me

and evil as the day is long.

This is between you and me,
all right?

You leave them out of this.

You may have been quicker
out of mother,

but I'll be
the quicker one today.

'Cause today's the day
we end this

once and for all.

A showdown.

Fuck the police.


Now, you,

how did you make it this far?

Her. She helped me.


What's up, girl?

Thank you for helping my boy.
You saved his life.

How's that wound?

I've had worse.

Yeah, me too.

Well, safe travels.

Thank you.

You know, I could use some help
raising this boy.

I'm no good.

Yeah, well,
we all have our sins.

Why don't you come with us?

How 'bout it?

All right.

Well, look like
our three banditos

then became three amigos.

They rode, hand in hand,
all across the land,

blazing new trails and tales
for another day.


The fuck is the motherfucking

Steven Stealberg
going on here?

Zombie cowboys!

Oh, hell no.

Thanks for saving me.

You are the toughest kid
in the West.

Can't you just come with us
for real this time?


...I can't do that.

But, um...

...I will be here
for you to break out

all over again
in another month or two, okay?

Come back to me now.

I love you, my boy.

I love you, Dad.

You too, girl.

I love you too.