Billions (2016–…): Season 5, Episode 5 - Contract - full transcript

Axe must reckon with his past to secure his future. Chuck plots against Axe with the help of some old associates. Chuck and Wendy both try to move on, but get forced together by an emergency. Wendy and Taylor embark on a new venture.

Previously on Billions...

You know why I can see
Yonkers' future?

'Cause I can see its past.

Mike Prince is Axe's real enemy.

You know the house he
lives in now was my house.

Come on back,
and have dinner with us.

I'll make meatloaf.

Can't wait.
Dinner at home in my hometown.

Only I'm not gonna allow you
to do any work.

I'm gonna bring my chef.

We should do it... Turn Mase Cap
into an impact fund.

Together. Within Axe Cap.
But ours.


We were thrilled to hear

that you might be interested

in teaching here at
the Law School this semester.

Professor Rhoades.

Oh, I know...
Catherine Brant.

I heard you were up here.

You know my new artist... Tanner...
I got working on commission.

- Yeah.
- He's not working.

You're on the precipice

of the kind of success
very few artists ever have.


There we go.

You'll be the first
to see it when it's done.

I better be.

I'm fine with you
winning in Yonkers.

Yonkers is you.

You are Yonkers.
You've never really left.

You stink of the place.

And now you're back in it.

I've gotta get the fuck out
of this dipshit town.

Baby brother.

But you suddenly
showing up here...

Must mean you want something.

The one thing you do with those
hands better than fight.

There's a safe?

My father called me.

His alliance with Axe
isn't over.

What other venture
are they embarking upon?

They're going into banking.

Then so are we.

♪ Well, I want to be ready ♪

♪ I want to be ready ♪

- ♪ I want to be ready ♪
- ♪ I want to ♪

♪ Walk in Jerusalem
just like John ♪

♪ Well, I want to be ready ♪

- ♪ I want to be ready ♪
- There you go.

- ♪ I want to be ready ♪
- ♪ I want to walk in ♪

♪ To walk in Jerusalem
just like John ♪

♪ Well, my God told me
just what to do ♪

♪ Walk in... ♪

We have to fire him.

"Have to" is a bit strong.

We have to breathe.
Have to find shelter.

Food to eat.
We don't have to fire Winston...

I can co-sign should.

We should fire him.

Then we will.
Will we?

We said no exceptions.

The exact words were:
"Strive for no exceptions."

So Winston's the perfect fit.

You said...

Winston's Tony Stewart in 2005.

Cocky 'cause he drives fast,
but too brazen, too cutthroat.

He'll punch you on pit row,
or run you over.

But like Stewart,
he gets results.

At Taylor Mason Capital.

But we're building
something new.

Tell me he sees the Matrix
and we're done here.

I can't tell you
he sees the Matrix.

I saw the Matrix before they
even made the fucking movie!

And I was like
five years old then.

Rest my case.

Wait, you really want
to fire me?

I thought I was gonna get
a two percent slice

of the new company.

Dave Mustaine thought
he would return to Metallica.

I get the new slogan:
No more ass-pounding the planet.

Earth-positive approach.

We go to Phish concerts
with our investors.

But we still love money
too, right?

The math works the same
no matter the names we own.

And that is where
you will always need me.

Again, that overstates it.

Sell us on what you alone

add to this particular
kind of investing.

Back to you soon.

What we need are true believers

with hard and soft skills.

If they don't work here now,

we have to find 'em.

I know, honey.
She's just a bad pony...

But it's better you found
out now, rather than later.

Well, she'd better give Grammy's
ring back...

that's meant for a wife...
not a slut...

Oh, uh. Alright.
Listen, I gotta go.

I'll talk to you later.

Love you.

Well, Ms. Calder.


Not every day
the top legal officers

of the state pop up
on my calendar.

Kind of like
a digital rectal exam.

What's on your mind?
Bobby Axelrod.

Specifically, an application
he submitted for a bank charter.

I'm aware of it.

Well, we would like you
to stall the approval.

And then deny it.

And why would I do that?

All of the preliminary paperwork
seems fine.

We need straight-up banks
in this state,

and he's like an old Jack Kramer
stored without a press:

permanently warped.

You can prevent crimes
before they happen...

just by saying no.

This isn't Minority Report.

Now, we follow a process.

A crime happens,
you deal with it later.

Certainly an expert in banking
like yourself understands

the concept of taking out
a line of credit.

Well, imagine what I can
pay back with interest.

Not every day
the top legal officers

of the state pop
onto your calendar.

Go on.

Do this for us, and if you're
ever in desperate straits,

reach out for us,
and just watch what we can do.

You mean like prosecuting

someone to settle
a political grudge.


I would never prosecute someone
unless they had actually...

but, uh, yes.

Yeah, yeah.

You know what?

Um, see, I don't walk around
with a McCarthy list

- like you do, so...
- Mm.

You seemed awfully upset
about someone when we arrived.

Yeah, that was about
my son's ex-fiancée.

That bitch broke off
the engagement,

but she won't give
the ring back.


That ring was smuggled
out of Germany

sewn into the lining
of my father's coat

right at the beginning
of World War II.

I mean,
that... that...

It's a family heirloom...

There may be legal remedies.

We could go after her in court
and get it back.

That would give you a very
special place in my heart.

Drag your feet on the approval
to give me a chance.

Let's go get this fucking bank.

Give me the sign when
you want me to play

bad cop in the meeting.
No call for that.

They have the documents.

They've signaled to us that
this process should go

as smooth as a freshly waxed...

Prom queen?

PBA lane.

That's Professional
Bowlers Association.

Ah. Right.

You sure you don't want
a bad cop?

We're sure, Wags.

But I love bad cop.

I've been rehearsing
all morning.

Spyros, why the Alfred
the Butler getup?

Naturally, I assume you'll want
your eques of equities,

your consul of compliance,
to join you in the assault

on the ramparts
of government regulators.

Bad cop. Go.

When the meeting calls
for an organ grinder's monkey

to come shake his cappuccino cup
for nickels,

we'll let you know.

I-I can't approve this just yet.

There's another bank
representing that zone.

There is not.

If you look in the papers
right in front of you there,

you'll see...
Vark Community Bank.

Vark isn't even FDIC-insured.

- You can't possibly expect us...
- Vark is a shining jewel

in the Banking Development
District Program.

They serve many hardworking,
undocumented customers.

Now, you run Vark off the ranch,

and where else are these people
supposed to graze?

I dunno.
Immigration Services?

If that's humor,
it's left me cold.

And if it's your real answer,

then it's left you
out in the cold.

Now, we are not going to proceed

with issuing a charter
unless you can convince me

that there is a greater
banking need in this zip code.

Go ahead.

Show me a competitive analysis
that says so.

Oh, and also, you're gonna
need to propose, um,

a suitable candidate for CEO.

You better have
someone captaining

this ship that's legitimate,

or the ship
doesn't leave the dock.

Turns out we didn't need
the good cop.

You're right about that.

It was all naked fucking
Harvey Keitel in there.

It doesn't make any sense.
It does.

Harvey Keitel
was Bad Lieutenant.

He's saying the banking person...
He knows, Wags.

He means the timing is odd.

The sudden turn against us.

Mike Prince?

Him or Chuck.

Get Hall with the banking team
working on Vark Bank.

And get with Lauren
and find another CEO.

Someone who is squeaky clean,
but ya know...

Someone who doesn't squeak
when they need to get dirty.

You should've gone
to that dinner with the kid.

Yeah? And you should've gone
to law school

instead of journalism school.

You'd be able to buy yourself
a decent jacket.

That's probably true.

Doesn't matter now.

But the dinner?
Yeah. Matters.

We made such a public spectacle
about you attending,

that kid, his mom...

My chef presented them
with a three-star meal...

pasta course, meat and fish...

But it was never about the meal.

And because you left 'em

Ah, fuck, really?

Local reporter in Yonkers
is on it.

Looking to do a hit piece.

It's the only way a journalist
can get enough clicks

to buy himself a decent jacket.


Actually, there is another way.

You make this disappear, Randy,

I'll buy out the fucking
Armani store for you.

'Cause if it looks like
I used this kid

Savion as a prop to get
the O.Z. deal approved...

It'll make you look like
a plutocrat, parking assets

to save on cap
gains taxes, while...

Costing me my fucking bank.

How much time we have?

It'll run in the next day
or two.

Soon as he gets an interview
with Savion or the mother.

Can't fucking happen.

Get with this reporter,

and think about
how to move him off.

And you?

Heading back to Yonkers...

- Yo, take the ball.
- Give me that.

Learn how to play
some "D." Yo.

Yo. Watch out, dawg.
Watch out.

Alright, homey, you good?

Hey, we good.

Um, I'mma catch up
with y'all later.


There you go.

...She dumped me.

What'd she say?



That's a lot of texts.

From you.

Maybe you should have pumped
the brakes after three.

Or four. Or five.

Now, instead of thinking about
yield curves and PE ratios,

all I can think about is Em
and where it went wrong.

Look, you said, uh,
before she complained about...

My cuddle noises.


I'm an affectionate person.

My cuddling takes
on a vocal aspect.

You think that's why...

Yeah, well, sounds like it was
a little too much too soon.

Maybe pace yourself

on the cuddling next time.

And dead the noises

until you're sure
they're welcome.

I'm sorry, I have a meeting.


You turned me down when
I tried to hire you

as an analyst at Axe Capital.

I wasn't emotionally prepared
for that whole sitch.

Why, specifically,
did you reject that offer?

Axe Cap is a profit juggernaut.

But not for me.

Sorry, not sorry.

This is different.

It looks the same.

It's at the same address.

There are many
of the same faces.

So why would my answer be
anything but thanks but nah?

This place... in here...
is also for profit,

and will soon be
a juggernaut too.

But this is an impact fund.

Not just no harm,

but positive social
and environmental impact.

We're looking for
responsible gains.

And to expand the adoption
of renewable energy.


That's a mashup of swag
and slick.

It sure is.

So how exactly does
your algo work?


Half the human population
spends at least

three decades
on a menstrual cycle.

We're talking
four billion people.

A huge chunk of that
market sector

needs feminine hygiene supplies
every 28 days.

And many don't have access yet.

What's your data set?

With public health records,

cotton and shipping prices
around the world,

we can triangulate the most
effective way to get resources

where they're needed most
and anticipate demand.

Are you solving one problem
by creating another?

How so?
Landfills. Polluted oceans.

Biodegradables address that.

There are companies out there
ready to scale up.

They need capital.

Let us discuss it
and get back to you.

It's called the Taco Algo.

She's sharp as fuck. Nice call.

I'll backtest her program,
make sure it's not bullshit.

But yeah.

Recruiters make whole careers
delivering talent like that.

You want to discuss equity.

Axe is in for half,

so it's up to us
to allocate the rest.

What do you think?

Ten percent was
my initial instinct.


I was thinking we'd be
equal partners.

No you weren't.

But you have to say that
in order to negotiate.

I hate posturing.

Me too.

So make me your best offer.

Because I'm feeling devalued.

You are an integral part
of this endeavor, Wendy.

I do value your contribution.

You may hate posturing,
but you're doing it.

Ten percent is a non-starter.

Give me some time to think
about what's fair.

This was your idea.

Don't break balls.

Make it worth it for me
to keep it going.

Message received.

Nice meeting you. Yeah.
Have a good one.

See ya.

Seriously, dude.
What the fuck?

Don't you see what's happening?

We're getting picked off
one by one.

Wendy brought her in.

Yeah, Rian told me.
Seems cool.

Really knows her shit.

Her name is Rian?

Are you serious?
With an I.


We are so screwed.

We're living Ex Machina.

Chill out, 8Chan.

They just need to bring on
some new analysts for the new...

Meaning less room for Taylor's
people and more for Wendy's.

It's a consp...
Conspiracy? Sure.

Start a subreddit,
it'll go great

with the
Stevie-Wonder-can-see truthers.

Hey, they have a point,
have you seen him play...

They do not have a point.


You seem awfully comfortable
for a guy who knows firsthand

what Wendy Rhoades
is capable of doing.

Ex-fiancée lives in a doorman
building on the Upper East Side.

Recently called for a locksmith
to change her locks

and put all Calder family
members on the no-visit list.

No indication she has
a safe deposit box

or has tried
to pawn any jewelry.

So she's keeping it.

Likely at home.

We help the kid bring suit.

Law's a little mushy on this.

Ring is a conditional gift.

Condition is marriage.
She owes it back.

She'll claim it's a legal gift.

No condition, nothing owed.

Also depends on
who broke it off.

Not in the eyes of the law.

She could also offer to repay
the value, keep the ring itself.


Like I said: mushy.

Why are you so quiet?

Because I have an idea that
I really shouldn't say out loud.

♪ I made with the devil
for my soul ♪

♪ I saw a ring of fire down... ♪

You familiar with 'contract, '

Deal you sign.


That's a contract,
not 'contract.'

Contract is an understanding
between men,

that they see things
the same way,

that they'll keep code.

That they'll honor the spirit
of their relationship

even in unforeseen

♪ Like some nomadic dream ♪

Like that, uh...

the arrangement we had

when we told the story...

that should hold

even if attempts were made
to re-tell that story.

♪ I made a deal with the devil
for my soul ♪


♪ Jesus, oh, Jesus ♪

♪ Lord, what have I done? ♪

♪ I have lived a life of sin ♪

Word is bond.

That's a good way to put it.

♪ Maybe someday soon
like Judas ♪

♪ I'll be hanging from a rope ♪

♪ I made a deal with the devil
for my soul ♪

It's bullshit though.

You got what you needed,

and then you flaked on dinner.

Ain't the first time.

That's a pattern,

and I recognize it
from my own life.

♪ No matter how far you run ♪

So that other shit...

♪ He always knows
where you are ♪ null and void.

♪ He's around every corner ♪

And you?

♪ At the end of every road ♪

Well, shit.

♪ I made a deal with the devil ♪

You can fuck off.

♪ For my soul ♪

♪ Someday soon,
I will have to pay I know ♪

♪ I made a deal with the devil ♪

♪ For my soul ♪

Why am I here?

Tell him, Karl.

Because skels like you,
who show twelve grand a year

in legitimate income, don't go
window-shopping for Bugattis.

Because we know you're
actually casing the place.

And because we know you know
the night porter

from a stint
in Coxsackie Correctional.

Grand theft auto
is a heavy charge.

One we're saving you from.


Thank you, Karl.

You know who we are?

Not only do I know who you are,
Mr. Connerty,

I bet I know
the wishes in your heart.

And I'll grant them
if you rub the lamp.

I'm not gonna rub anything
of yours.

You want your brother
in a safer facility,

with full privileges,
closer to home for visits.


Well, I need a specialist,

someone with a particular
set of skills

to help me recover
some stolen property.

Wait. I-I-I swear
I've seen this movie before.

Don't tell me.

There's a safe.

There might be a safe.

There's definitely
a locked door.


I'm guessing there's a reason
you didn't call a locksmith.

Best we run silent,
run deep on this one.

Protect everyone involved.

Except my ass.

No, especially you.

Imagine how grateful
Bryan would be

to know you had a hand in his
move to Otisville Prison Camp.

Only an hour and a half
outside the city.

So much easier for you and
your ma to visit more often.

I mean, the place has got a gym,

a library, vending machines
with candy bars,

salt 'n vinegar chips,
and soda pop.

There's one
with deli sandwiches.

I hear the tuna's
actually pretty good.

Still prison.

And you two are the ones
who fucking put him there.

Your brother made choices...
against my advice,

might I add... that landed him
where he is.

That's not on us.

But if you help us,

there is no telling
what kind of recommendation

we could make
to the parole board.

I'll do this.
On one condition though.

Name it.
You gotta go pay him a visit.

For what?
Not you.

Just you, Rhoades.

He has something
he wants to tell you.

In person.

Something private.

Looking a man in the eyes.

The way we used to do
back in the old days.

Old school I can do.

Why should we hand our bank
over to you?

I'm glad you asked.

I've been waiting
for that question.

I'm glad you asked.

♪ I'm talking, people,
about the same old game ♪

This is great.

Did you have anything else?

Why should we hire you

and not one of
the other candidates?

- I'd be glad to answer.
- I'll be glad to answer.

I'll be glad to answer.

♪ The game itself
will hold you back ♪

♪ Check out your mind
and don't be blind ♪

♪ To the numbers game ♪

Strong set of
potential bank CEOs.

Not strong enough.

They had all
the qualifications...

Not strong enough!

...It has to be someone
very special.

Not just a financial wizard,

but someone respected
outside and in.

They have to vibe with Axe.

And gain his trust.
The search must continue.

Okay, come on.

- Oh, yes!
- That was out.

No, no, no, no!

It was right there.

Come on. Come on.
Come on, man. You got this.

You got it.

- Oh!
- Oh, could not be better!

- Oh!
- Whoa, whoa, whoa.

What, am I paying you
all to sit around

and make like George Blanda
with your fingers all day?

We got something.

It's been a week
since the honeymoon.

We couldn't even get married
in our countries.

Lucky we met here.

In America.

Land of the free.

We're so in love.

Can't wait to settle down.

We're hoping you can help us
with a home loan.


WTF's with that noise?

I can't help it...

That's great, guys.
Congrats on your nuptials.

We're prepared to offer you
8.5 percent.

That's way above prime.


You're not great credit risks.

No one else will
even give you this.

And, uh, did you say...
your countries?

Does that mean
you're not U.S. citizens?

They hosed us on the rate.

We also have 'em on tape
saying we could fill out

our immigration status
any way we wanted

and they wouldn't verify it.

That's fraud.

And not all rates are,
shall we say, equal.

Okay, Mister Martin.

Looks like we can
lock you in at 2.8.

So close to prime we're not
even making anything on it.

You're a friend
to the working man.

White guy gets the good rate.

Xenophobia, homophobia,
racism... we can serve them up

all three or slice it
any way you want.

We caught everything on camera.

I was going for
a Dog Day Afternoon vibe

with the footage, but the
lighting in there was not...

Good work, Victor.

Hey. Give props
where props are due.

This was Eveready's.

I learned a lesson the hard way

when I was buying
an apartment in the City.

Sometimes it's better to let
your white fiancée

from Riverdale
do all the talking.

So should we deploy
the munitions?

Hold off a beat.

I can use this in trade to help
me with my reporter issue.

Excellent work, men.

How much did she ask for,
how much did you offer?

Fifty. Ten.
Like you suggested.

Big gap.

It's a question of value...

- Excuse me.
- Okay.

...and loyalty.

You like staring
at screens all day,

or you wanna see something
fucked up and beautiful?

Is that you or your paintings
you're describing?

We know it's both.

You looking for a power boost?

Oh, no.

That sounds like
celery and wheatgrass

in human form.

But I would like to hang.

I'd like to hang.

I'll drop by later.


You can uncuff him.
We're fine.

I understand you have
something to say...

Fair's fucking fair.

Come on!

Come on. Come on.
Let's go. Let's go.

Yeah, so, we have at least four,
maybe five.



Hold on.

You're back.

Met with the local reporter.

I offered the story on the bank

in exchange for
killing the one on you.


It made him know
he had something.

No trade.
Oh. Fuck.


Can I run with the bank story?

Will that help?

Both of us.


Get with Victor for the footage.

Great. You?

Heading back to fucking Yonkers.



Hey, Ma.

I don't know.
It just sounds so...

Come on, Ma.

Everyone in town respects you.

Go to Savion's mother.

Convince her to steer her son
to abide by local code...

don't talk.

I'll give it what I got.

Hey, whose is that Honda Pilot
in the driveway?


Me. Mine.
Who else?

No, I mean, where's
the Lexus I bought you?

I sold it.

And downgraded?

It just had all these features
I didn't need.

So I got something simpler.

I hope you're not offended,

Nothing you do could offend me.

Thank you.




Pull up my mother's
auto registration.

Recent transactions.

See anything strange,
let me know.

Poor guy lost the girl
and the ring.

Well, we're giving him back
the one we can.

It'll help a little.

You don't seem like the type
who'd need a ring.

Oh, I can be traditional
in my needs.

Oh, yeah?

Tell me more about 'em,
these needs.

I think not.

Come with me.

To the, um...
the jewelry heist?

Jewelry repo.

And yeah.
Fuck yeah.


Wait for me outside?


Meet up after the job?


That's not a no.

It's also not a yes.

We're in the Age of Consent now.

That doesn't mean that
we've stopped enjoying

how it feels to break the rules.


Her yoga class
is about to start.

I should go get set up.

I'm in the water.


Coming up for a bit of air now.

Is that how you think
of your process?

Like being submerged?

Ah. To call it "my process"
makes me sound like a prick.

Like I'm full of myself.

You give a shit
what other people think?

No. To me. I-I sound like
a prick to myself.

I mean, this shit should just
flow without any thought.

Definitely no thought
of the self.

That's always the goal.

It's the hard part.


I-I knew you would know.

You'd understand.


We just met.

Yeah, but you see
more than most.


Being around you
makes me feel...

A lot.

It's good.

It's also very exposed.


Prefer to expose yourself
in those, right?

I prefer to live in them.

Not care about the rest.

You know.
About opinions.

But I want yours.

I have one.

And you'd like it.

But I'm not ready
to offer it yet.

And I'm not sure I should.

The artist doesn't need me
to tell him what he's saying.

You know, I've thought that if
I met Miles Davis

or Hank Aaron

that, uh, I wouldn't need
to use words

to tell them why they mattered.

I- I would just meet their eyes.

And they would know.

And then I would know.

I could never be that cool
in a situation like that...

if I met Megan Rapinoe

or Murakami.

Yeah, well, I-I said I thought
I knew how I would be.

But I actually met Hank Aaron

ten years back once.

You know what I did?

Tell me.

I asked him to sign
my fucking hat.

I did. Before I knew it
the words just came out.

The only thing he saw in my eyes
was a pain-in-the-ass fan.

I want to show you something.

I'm gonna ask you
a couple of questions.

Is this like an online quiz
or something?


And don't try to add 'em up,
see what I'm getting at.

Just answer one at a time.

And then...
Ask away.

How smart is Wendy Rhoades?

General intelligence:
top one percent.

Person to person,
with EQ included,

top one half of one percent.

How good is Wendy Rhoades
at gameplay?

In the important games, the ones
not played on boards or fields:

again, top one half
of one percent.

Why do we like Wendy Rhoades?

We do like her.

Is that real?

You asked me not to jump ahead.

But I have to...

You're really wondering
why we're trusting Wendy.

And you are suggesting
that maybe we shouldn't.

I'm not the only one feeling
this way...

It's a coup d'etat.

I didn't think so.
But he convinced me.

We're through the looking glass
here, people.

Wendy Rhoades is pushing

Taylor Mason loyalists
out of power.

Me, I would almost understand

after the whole
Garbage Person Incident.

Mafee, you have
nothing to worry about.

You sure?

He doesn't but I do?!


I knew it!

And Stevie Wonder?

Told you!

If we look at it
through this lens,

it's possible Wendy has taken an
interest in me to fuck with you.

And has agreed to work with you

to destabilize
the entire endeavor.

It's possible.

But not what's going on.
Push comes to it,

she will always stick
with Axe over you.

And because we know that...
all of us know that...

that danger won't present.

Well, I'm going to
put her on notice.

To protect you.

I appreciate your loyalty.

But I'm protecting you
when I tell you not to.

Do not get
in the middle of this.


Then at least make sure
you retain control.

Cut her in, but limit her.

I'm willing to go to 25%.

Cap it at 15%.

Anything more and you're
giving away too much ownership.

Giving her too much
negative control.

Just so you know, the minute
I see a rat, I'm outta here.

Come this way.

How did you get
access to this place?

I know some people.

Oh, you do, do you?

I used to work on a demo crew
back in the day.

You studied that the way
other painters study landscapes.

It called to me.


How close is this one
to coming down?

Well, they're just stripping
the last bits of value now.

It's the copper piping.
And the fixtures.

That's the way it goes
in the end.



We're always trying to hold
onto what we think matters.

We almost always get it wrong.

And that's your subject,
isn't it?

What we grab onto while
everything comes down around us.

Or I just like watching


You'll be here when it falls.

Well, I'm hoping
that we'd be here together.

And this way, when the world
is crumbling around us,

I know I'm holding
onto something good.

How often are you going to
show up to our dates

with a new bruise?


No, this wasn't, uh...
I'm kidding, Chuck.

Yes, of course.

But I suppose you
have questions...

Oh. You need to know
I don't judge in that area.

Whatever works for you.

But not everything works for me.

Of course.


Does my...

modality, um...

I can have fun in that modality.

It just can't be
the only modality.


If we say modality again,

I'm worried the whole
thing's gonna turn

into a science project.

Ask me anything.

And be as direct
as you possibly can.

Some subs I've known...

don't like...

Shit. Fine.

I'm just gonna ask it:

Do you like penetrative sex?

Does it work for you?

Oh, uh, in the right setting,
it really works.

♪ Oh, the father taught me ♪

♪ To walk in Jerusalem
just like John ♪

♪ Oh, tell 'em about the wood,
I just can't ♪

♪ Walk in Jerusalem
just like John ♪

There he is.

♪ I'm gonna walk, walk, walk,
walk, walk ♪

♪ Walk in Jerusalem
just like John ♪


♪ Gonna walk, strut,
singing tall ♪

♪ Walk in Jerusalem
just like John ♪

♪ Well, I want to be ready ♪

♪ Yeah, I want to be ready ♪

- ♪ Yeah-ah I want to be ready ♪
- ♪ Well ♪

♪ To walk in Jerusalem
just like John ♪

♪ Hey, hey, hey ♪

- ♪ I want to be ready, yeah ♪
- ♪ I want to be ready ♪

- ♪ Yeah ♪
- ♪ I want to be ready ♪

♪ To walk in Jerusalem ♪

♪ Just like John ♪

Dad. What happened?
What's wrong?

Nothing to worry about,
none of you.

Same reason I-I sent Roxanne
and Willow home, goddamnit.

I don't want
any... any pity.



Oh. This is...
[Wendy] Cat Brant.

I read The O Gap.
I found it very informative.

Helpful even.

Glad to hear it.

This is Tanner.



A painter, huh?

Pleased to meet you.

Although I'm not entirely sure

why it's standing room
only in here.

It's what happens when you
don't answer your phone, Chuck.

They go through
the emergency contact list.

I got the call, Wend.
And came running.

I think maybe I'll just...

I'll just step outside.

What the hell happened here?

His kidneys.
Renal failure.

Oh, for Christ's sake.

Dad, were you in pain
and not telling us?

You get fucking old...
if I reported

on every ache and pain,
it'd be a daily bulletin.

One minute I was playing
with your little sister.

Next thing I know,
I'm on my back staring up

at a fucking paramedic.

How serious are we talking here?

The doctors are running
some tests,

but they think he'll need a
kidney transplant in order to...


So, did you, uh...

Good news.


Bad news.
You're not finished.

Chuck wants it placed.

We never discussed that.

Mm. You'll do it as payback for
setting him up to get punched.


You like that your
little scheme worked.

Don't you?

You got Chuck a busted-up face.

I do at that.


Well. I guess
your brother deserved

the chance to crack him one.

You're complicated.


You don't know the half of it.

I want to, though.

I want to know the whole thing.

Is it always like this
after the heist?

The rush.

Why do you think I do it?

I dunno.

The girls?

I don't like girls.

I go for smart,
complicated women.



These fucking ingrates
at this hospital.

I've built a wing.

Raised a fund to build another.

And they have the nerve
to tell me that

because of my age,

liquor and cigar intake,

I'm ineligible to be
on the fucking transplant list.

Dad, we'll sort it all out.

No doubt.

Let me get on it.

You know I don't
rattle easy, Sonny.

But I really need you
to come through for me now.

Cuz I'm scared shitless.

And there it is.

...Boycotts began
when video surfaced

showing lenders
engaging in a systemic practice

of discrimination.

This sparked an outpouring

of similar stories
from the community.

It wasn't long after that that
the rush to withdraw began,

and deposits on hand
weren't sufficient

to cover withdrawals.

And now,
no one seems to know when,

or if, Vark
Community Bank will reopen...


That is one dead community bank.

We fucking did it, fellas.

Ben Kim, take our reporter

Randy Kornbluth to Armani
and get him a new suit.

And Dollar Bill,
take these boys out for steaks.

In Paris.
Or Vegas.

Or just buy em each
a goddamned steer!

Let's go, boys!


- That sounds awesome.
- Yeah.

I'll get Bach to get us
with the banking lady asap.

You got a CEO for us?

Still cogitating on it.

What? Are you Wilford
fucking Brimley now?

Less coge, more action.

Any word on the other
Yonkers story breaking?

So far, so quiet, so good.

Better stay that way.

Or that bank charter
may still not land in our laps.

Your, uh... Your mother
didn't sell her car.

Yeah. No.
I saw she was lying.

She gave it away.

Out with it.

To your father.

They're in contact?

Her phone records show, yes.

That fucking grifter
is back in town?

And preying on her?

He was in California
for a while.

He made his presence known
in the card rooms there,

got chased for bad credit,
headed for Arizona...

home repair business...

fled the state behind
that bankruptcy.

Then, yeah, he landed here.

Sought out your mom.

I'll bet he did.

You playing angles
or coming legit?

No angle. I've spent my life
trying to help

other people fulfill
their potential.

For a change,

I want to help build something
that's truly mine.

And Taylor's.
Of course.

It's just you didn't say it.
Doesn't need saying.

They own most of it.

And while we're talking
I'll just say:

I've only gotten a taste
of this new venture,

but I am energized and fucking
inspired to be involved.

Is that so?
Because I think...

I asked you not to do this.

Yeah, well, I asked you
not to trust her blindly.

Looks like we both
ignored the requests.

The path of our negotiation
leads to 25% of my piece.

Yes. I think that's fair...

Which is why I'm giving you 40.

I need to be senior,

but I need you fully invested
and without doubt.

And are you?
Without doubt?

There's uncertainty in almost
everything that comes next.

The essence of our job
is to overcome that

and take calculated risks.

But in this moment, I'm sure
there's no way forward

without Wendy and I
working in concert, as partners.

But Lauren, you are essential

to the success
of this entire thing.

If you have doubt,
or seed doubt...

Once you two shake on it,
that's it.

I'm in.

And I want to be proven wrong.

You will be.


Bobby, you get my message?

She said she understood,

but she has no idea
what the kid's gonna do.

He's a total wild card.

She thinks she's probably
gonna listen to her son...

Mm. Which is what
you should have done.

I did what you asked.

I'm sorry I couldn't
change her mind for you.

The car, Ma.

I know what you did...
that you gave it to Dad.

You have your people
snooping on me now?

What, he try to con you
out of it, blackmail you, what?


Then why the fuck would you
do anything to help him?

After everything
we've been through.

Okay, look.
I saw him.

He was at a bus stop, Bobby.

We spoke.

He said he was
having trouble finding work.

He couldn't get around.

I felt sorry for him, Bobby.

That's fine, Ma.

You did what you did,

and you know I love you.

But I'm warning you now:

If you ever speak to him again,

I will know it,
and I will cut you off

and you will be left
with nothing.

Just like him.

Settling in okay, Rian?

Already feels like home.

Of course, I left home
the second I got the chance.

But yeah.
Settling nice.

Crowding me a bit, if anyone's
concerned about that.

Not so much, actually.

You should be.

Instead of deciding
whether to keep me on,

you should be trying to
convince me to stay on.

Because while you've been
plotting how to replace me

with Gal Gadot's quirky sister,
I've been busy.

I've figured how to offload
all the non-green investments

from Mason Capital
to ease your transition

to becoming an impact fund.

Good catch.

Can you add as well
as you subtract?

Are you kidding me with this?

Well. It actually helps that
he's outside the camp,

don't you think?

Studies have proven that
a diversity of opinions

really strengthens
an organization.

Impact funds really
benefit from having

a capitalist douche on staff
as a bellwether.

I mean, if you can sell
impact plays to him,

you know they'll be
viable to anyone.

Well, then we have to keep him.

Welcome back aboard.

I've been aboard,
the whole damn time.

Be happy and don't be
so fucking needy.

That's what my first
girlfriend said.

And my last one.

So. Whose name is on
the application for the CEO?

While all the candidates
were deeply flawed,

I finally know the right one...


You're going full Dick Cheney?

Wags, no one loves you
more than me,

but the rules say I need someone
with prior banking experience.

I did the Chemical Bank summer
program back during college.

I was a teller and everything.

You'd have to step down
as COO of Axe Cap.

You said you wanted someone

technically clean
but willing to get dirty.


Look at you, in all
your sartorial splendor.

Did you get a manicure?

I did.

Straighten your fucking tie,
let's go.

You want a state banking charter

because you won't have to divest
your non-banking activities.

I don't want to give you
a state banking charter

for that very reason.

See, the shit you want to do

is the shit this office
is not comfortable with.

Wait a minute, if there was
a conflict all along

then why weren't we notified?

Consider this notification.

Who got to you?

Excuse me?

Someone's won you over somehow,

got you to see the world
the way they see it.

Instead of the way it really is.

Am I right?

Because we all know
this rap about conflict

is total horseshit.

- Damnit, I was gonna be a CEO...
- Wags!

I'm insulted by your
insinuation, Mr. Axelrod.

Now, if you have
any evidence of collusion,

I invite you to take it up
with the oversight committee.

Otherwise, I suggest you leave

before I consider
an outright ban.

How's your father?

We're not in the clear yet.

But, uh, he's an ox.

It'll take more than renal
failure to kill that man.

Will it?

Yes. No.
It can be fatal, I know.

I'm working on it.


And thank you for
coming along with me.

It's not what you signed up for.

I'm always a fan
of family drama.

So what next?

Do you have your kids tonight?

They happen to be
with the nanny.

At Wendy's.

Our night got interrupted.

Let's get it started again.

Yo, I see you flexing
with this move.

And buying this house.

Bought us that other one, too.

So, what, am I gonna
have to owe you for

the rest of my life now?

We're square now.

I appreciate you keeping your
mouth shut to that reporter.


I don't talk.

I see that.

Before you leave...

and from one man of the house
to another,

I want you to know

that your father
will sniff you out.

He will find you in the
rarified air of Scarsdale.

And the even more rarified air
of living debt-free.

He'll want to re-enter
your life.

That life.

Try to chip off a piece.

Don't let him.

Yo, my pops is gone.
He ain't coming back.

No. He will...

And no good will come of it.

Take a look around this place.

Go on.

Let your eyes drink it all in.

All the people,
your friends, the rest.

And then forget about
every single last one of 'em

and move the fuck on.


One more thing,

we may never
see each other again,

but if you ever need anything...
if you're ever stuck,

you need a doctor, or a lawyer,

or a plane to get you
out of somewhere,

you know that you can call me
and I'm there for you.

Of course.

I mean, we got contract.

We're good.

Think it's bad luck to be
empty-handed for the toast.

Luck? There's probability,
plausibility and actuality.

Luck is superstition.

Luck is lazy math.

That's what I always say!

Hey. Maybe we should...

Don't press.


Thank you guys so much
for staying late...

later than you normally work...

but we have something
we want to show you.

I want to officially welcome
each of you

to Taylor Mason Carbon.

Hey. We're having
a little party.

You should come.

not now.


You need me...

Your old room.

Never thought I'd find myself
back in this place again.

The things it's drawing
back up for me.


Tell me one.

I'd sit here, you know,

waiting to see how his car
would come down the road.

I could tell, just from the way
he turned into the driveway,

the way his keys
jangled in the door,

the kind of night
it was going to be.

And if it was gonna be
a bad one.

I'd try to distract him.

So he wouldn't start in on her.

So he'd leave my mother alone.

Tell him something
that happened in my day.

A fight I got into

or a kid's ass I kicked or...

Sometimes it worked for a while.

But never for very long.


I felt so fucking powerless
sitting here.

I didn't know how
I was going to do it,

but I swore one day

I'd put myself in a position
where no one

and nothing had power
over me like that.

That's why you didn't
show up here for dinner.

You couldn't.

You cleared it out
pretty nicely.

You gonna burn it to the ground?

I'd like to.

And the whole town with it, huh?

I can't give in
to that kind of thinking.


But I can make sure
no one ever lives

in this fucking place again.

And that's enough?

All you need to make yourself
feel better?




♪ Old man, look at my life ♪

♪ I'm a lot like you were ♪

♪ Old man, look at my life ♪

♪ I'm a lot like you were ♪

♪ Old man, look at my life ♪

♪ Twenty four and there's
so much more ♪

♪ Live alone in a paradise ♪

♪ That makes me think of two ♪

♪ Love lost, such a cost ♪

♪ Give me things
that don't get lost ♪

♪ Like a coin that
won't get tossed ♪

♪ Rolling home to you ♪

♪ Old man,
take a look at my life ♪

♪ I'm a lot like you ♪

♪ I need someone to love me
the whole day through ♪

♪ Ah, one look in my eyes ♪

♪ And you can tell that's true ♪