Billions (2016–…): Season 4, Episode 2 - Episode #4.2 - full transcript

[Wendy] Previously
on Billions...

On power of the President,
you are fired!

[Jock] Mr. Connerty,
as your first detail.

[Jock] as
United States Attorney.

[Jock] for the
Southern District,

please show
this gentleman out.

The palace coup
is complete.

I did what I had to do
to survive. And to win.

You have to know

that anything I do
to stop you is warranted.

[Axe] Rudy,
you're fired.

For fraternizing.

[Axe] With our sworn
fucking enemies.

You will move assets
how and when I tell you.

[Axe] Your 2 and 20
is now 1 and 10.

[Axe] The rest will be
paid to me.

You are now officially
but unofficially

the proud owner of half
of my half of Panay's fund.

It's time to put away
childish enthusiasms.

[Troy] They left me
no choice.

Said they were going to
destroy my business, my life.

Most of your major cases are
being put under review

by Connerty.
Your name will be ruined.

And Epstein's vacated
New York Attorney General's seat.

[Chuck] is there for me.

He owed me a favor.

As I do now.

You got that carry permit
you were looking for.

We need to be certain
no money is going.

[Wags] to ex-employees
of Axe Capital--

Please stop fucking
with Taylor Mason.

[Grigor] Forget
all about them.

But be sure you don't
forget about me.

[Wags] He's
a Russian Oligarch.

[Wags] But you, mon frère,
are a motherfucking

American Oligarch.

You will not relent.

Taylor must pay.

We have to do it without
Grigor getting a whiff of us.

[Axe] We don't put out this fire
by pouring water on it.

But by sucking oxygen
out of the room.


♪ Dramatic music ♪

[♪♪♪] Season 04 Episode 02
Episode Title: "Arousal Template"


[mechanical whirring, clanging]

This is the competition's...

[whirring, clanging continues]



[Theo] Not exactly RoboCop.

But until now,
considered state of the art.

Ooh, money
just walked in.

[Wags] Rebecca Cantu.

Oh. So that's what a rich person
looks like.

I'd always wondered.

But check out this badass
our company built.

Brains like Will Hunting,

strength like Artis Gilmore
in the ABA days.

[mechanical whirring]

[door thuds]

Which is why
Patriot Trust Bank

is proud to be doing this raise
for you.

I'll let the scientists
who made him

tell you
how and why later on,

but I want you to know
that we are committed

to helping put one of these
in every company loading bay,

and eventually,
every home in America.

What size investments
are available?

My kind of question.

We're looking for
no more than five firms

to fulfill $100 mil
in this C round,

[Theo] which comes with
anti-dilution rights.

Anything else?

[Rebecca] The, um--
The noise signature,

that hum, uh,
makes me believe

there's a combustion engine
inside there.

Rebecca, this product wasn't
hand-delivered to you early,

so I'll forgive you for not
having your research in order.

We have a proprietary
power source.

[company CEO] It's one of
the reasons we're set apart.

Anyone else
have a question?

Oh. It's proprietary.
That-- It--

Thanks. Withdrawn.
I'm sorry.

Over the line, Smokey.
Forfeit your turn.

- [Wags] Mark it zero.
- Not how it's gonna go.

Of course, proprietary doesn't
tell us shit, does it.

I grew up with
a mechanic for a father.

So, uh, forgive me.

That's definitely
a combustion engine.

[Rebecca] And that won't work
for the military.

[Rebecca] So you'll have to
improve the battery technology,

but the, uh, the margins
on this thing

are already thin as Kate Moss
on a juice fast.

[Theo] The money taken in today
will go a long way

in offsetting any costs
we might incur--

Mm. It doesn't know
how to walk.

I don't know
what you were looking at.

There's no remote.
No human control at all.

But it's not actually stable,
right? It's metastable.

I've seen this demo
a dozen times.

Hasn't fallen--
Hasn't even stumbled--once.

Well, you could hold
a curling match on this floor.

But, um, what about...


[Rebecca] now...

Can we run it again?



Any other questions?



Whoa. They shoulda had you
inside the tent.

Could've trouble shot it,
helped launch it.

I don't launch
shit products.

Lucky she was here,

or we might've actually
gone in on that loser.

So, straight back
to the office--

Oh no...

Axe, look, I know this may still
seem a little bleeding edge--

It's the Mechanical Turk.

But at least that
beat people at chess

before the con
was revealed.

This company has real
consumer potential--

Yet this bank is invested in
this because the chairman's son

was in the Spee
with the Chief Tech Officer.

Or some bullshit
like that.

He told you to deliver.

That's why you've been doing
all the talking today,

it matters to you.

But now
you're gonna have trouble

salvaging anyone else
in this room.

If it makes your life easier,
I'll take a piece.

You will?
That's great...


there's something that matters
to me that I need in return.

Won't cost you a penny.
Will even save you some...

♪ dramatic music ♪


This is gonna be a time of
great prosperity for us both.

So I'm glad to continue...
To renew...

[Axe] To start...
our friendship.

I know your bank would have
liked the other business...

[Axe] But I'm touched
that you prefer mine.


Based on
a number of factors...

Including the brevity
of your track record...

- Alto Bank...
- Bank Allemane...

Patriot Trust Bank can't extend
you leverage at this juncture.

Thank you
for your time.

Have a koozie.

♪ Dramatic music ♪


I can set you
more meetings.

No. I've seen more eyes
go cold on me

than Agent Bill Tench did
in a whole season.

Axe got to
all of the bankers.

- I'm done.
- I should have gone.

You don't have time
to waste on that shit.

It's not time that's
the problem. It's capital.

Winston and the quant team have
a huge stat arb opportunity

that I'm gonna have to
leave on the table

if we don't lock in leverage
by end of week.

I can't let Axe
cause that.

- You have an idea?
- Not even a notion. Yet.

But I will.

We will.

♪ Dramatic music ♪


He actually invested
in the piece of shit...

Believe me, I was excited
that we were getting into.

Private Equitatus,
but badly built robots--

Private equity,

Maybe just show me
your mood ring

if you want me to know
how you feel.

Or don't.
Because I don't give a shit.

[Wags] But if we go in
on crappy companies

just to get the return favor
of fucking over Taylor Mason,

it's gonna be a hard sell
to our investors.

on the wisdom of the idea.

At a certain point, the Street's
gonna start wondering

if you care more about revenge
than making money.

And so do I.


I serve at your pleasure.

And so do I.

I feel the same way he does.

If you burn cash and have down
quarters just to hurt Taylor,

you're Neil McCauley
throwing it all away

to kill Waingro
in that motel.

I can't stand by
and let that happen.

For a minute there,
you're glad

that Neil allows himself
to feel.

But then, yeah, his one moment
of humanity kills him.

But this isn't that.

We're mixing into
private equity. For real.

And I got everybody downstairs
generating ideas.

But you haven't said yes
to any of them yet.

They have a dozen internal ideas
you've turned down.

- 'Cause they all suck.
- They can't all suck.

What we need is
a meaningful partnership.

And I know
how to find it...

♪ dramatic music ♪

Helena, could you have the team
put together a list

of all the private companies
Rebecca Cantu is invested in.


Ah, shit, Wags.

You really know your man.


I never asked to be
your Attorney General.

I'm just a small-town lawyer
who was called to serve.

And that's what I did.
Under our last AG,

Alvin Epstein, who felt the call
to duty in DC.

[Darcha] But now that fate--and
the New York State Legislature--

[Darcha] have made me
the Interim Attorney General...

I'm asking you to let me
see this mission through...

You think he's got
what it takes?

- [Darcha] ...and keep serving.
- To win?

Well, he's starting
with the job.

As natural advantages go,
that's a good start.

And if he gets it?

His rep is: he stays in his own
side of the sandbox.

Well, if he's not gonna scrap
with us over jurisdiction

and for cases,
he's my kind of candidate...

- Mm-hmm.
- Mm.

[Darcha] ...and to the people
of New York.

[Darcha] Thanks
to the tireless...

Look at him.
Champing at the bit

to keep the reins of power
now that he has them.

- Don't do that.
- What?

If you're talking to people,
it's chomp.

But it's not that.
It's from the poem:

"Twelve beauteous steeds,

of golden color
and with golden manes,

Champ at the bit."

Champ. Champ.

We can go home now.

Voters don't want
William Safire.

They want an Attorney General
who talks like

he's actually from
New York.

[Darcha] ...this effort
and the progress we've made.

There's still...

The concealed carry
for your client--

taken care of.

- Hand-stamped for approval.
- Thank you.

Let me know
if he needs a lesson.

I'll take him
to Tiro myself...

Why do I feel
an ask is coming...?

you're a bright boy.

And contract
makes the world go 'round.

What's up in this rotation?

The police pension fund.

I need an independent look at
the administrator, Raul Gomez.

Funds unaccounted for?

I don't have access
to the books,

but after 20 as a cop
and years of restrained living,

he's suddenly got
a NetJets account.

He flew private
down to the Derby.

Uh huh. You do, as they say,
have people for that.

Whilst I am merely
a humble barrister

with no particular

When cops get going
investigating cops,

they're worse than
scamps in a sewing circle.

As you well know, Chick.

Which is why
I'm coming to you.

And to insulate yourself.

Raul Gomez is a man
with a lot of friends,

many inside
your very department.

Some might even be
more loyal to him than to you--

And wouldn't hesitate to
lash out at little ol' me.

Thank you, and bless you.

Now, who's gonna look after
Rhoades if that comes to pass?

[camera shutter clicks]

You know how to
take care of yourself.

And even if you aren't one,
you operate like an insider.

Who's better
at tracking down

and punishing
financial wrongdoing than you?

Well, I didn't have you
as a flatterer.

I'm whatever
I need to be.

Nice to see you.
[indistinct conversations]


Now I gotta be a rabbi.
Excuse me.

Oh. Guiding your boy
to the top seat?

No. He's not my boy.

He's new to certain parts
of this life,

so I need to see him in action
before I decide.

Do what I ask
and you'll graduate from

cadging pop gun permits
for big players

to becoming one yourself

♪ Dramatic music ♪

You looking for the endorsement
of the Police Commissioner

to catapult you
into the race?

I want his men.
I want their votes.

And I want the visual of them
bathing me in all that blue.

[indistinct conversations]



Cleaning what?

Uh... w-wages...

I remember him speaking English
when we hired him.

Maybe it'll come back after
we punt him into the Hudson.

Eureka Building Solutions.

New big national
janitorial services company.

Thousands of employees.

They're chewing up
the competition,

undercutting all bids.
Best margins in the industry.

Is that what motormouth
was going on about?

[Ben Kim] Tuk has relatives
without green cards,

only temporary work visas,
who work for Eureka.

They get paid 16 bucks an hour,
plus benefits.

What's the thing?

Company forces them
to kick back salary,

off the books.
Benefits aren't real.

[Ben Kim] They're really getting
paid less than minimum wage.

If they complain, the company
jams them up with ICE.

And the chief investor
in their main competitor,

Manifest Cleaning Services,
seems to be Rebecca Cantu.

We were told to look for
overlapping businesses.

But Eureka's a private company,
so we can't short it...

But we can
burn it to the ground,

[Axe] leaving Rebecca's company
to own the market.

Tuk, you're about to
go get a job...

Will you set a dinner
with Rebecca Cantu?

Oh. Yay.

Can we go
somewhere meaty?

Actually, you know what?

I'll call
and set it myself.

For two.

[Fred Eaglesmith's
"Been a Long Time"]

[phone receiver beeps]

[Axe] Helena,
will you get Rebecca Cantu?

♪ It's been a long time ♪

[man] Roni Supreme for ya.

♪ It's been a long time... ♪

Do you mind if
I eat before you?

I don't like to take
a long lunch hour.

This is actually
the first time

I've left the office
during lunch.

You're a partner,
you can't live a little?

Yeah. No. You're right.

I've got a very small equity
piece so technically--

♪ It's been a long while ♪

I'm sorry about
what happened to you.

♪ Sure has been
a long, long while... ♪

- Was it really out of the blue?
- Kinda.

I mean, when you're almost fired
so many times and then not...

you start to believe
you're Willis in Unbreakable.

Right until they shatter your
heart into a million pieces.

Ah, shit man.

No one there
will talk to me.

I think because they assumed
I'd walk across the river

and take a job
with you guys.


♪ I was trying to make you... ♪

How's it going
at Taylor Mason Capital?

Fine. Good.

New firm. Strikes and gutters,
ya know, but--

I need a job, man.

My attorney said
my non-compete isn't binding.

And Axe Cap isn't gonna
fight it anyway.

So I'm coming to you
because you know what I can do.

You know
you can count on me.

And my wife...
is super pregnant.


Done. Taken care of.


I gotta talk to the team,
but, like you said,

I have ownership interest.

I'm employee number one--
Or two.

Is Taylor an employee?

Doesn't matter.
The point is--I got you.

♪ Electronic music ♪

Mr. Panay.

Smart of you to
accept my invitation

to discuss
the police pension fund.


Surely me stalking
through your office

would raise questions
you wouldn't want to answer.

Or perhaps just whispers
that might escape your walls.

I agreed to meet you here so
I could leave when I wanted to.

We may already have
arrived at that moment.

Well, if you've nothing to hide,
what's your rush?

I'm managing
more money than God--

And bringing in better returns
than He did last year.

So that doesn't leave me
a lot of time to deal with

a man strutting around
on phantom limbs.

I know damn well
you got cut off at the knees.

Time's a fickle beast.

Why, a year ago,
I had legions at my command

while your fund was deflating
like a Tijuana breast implant.

I wouldn't be surprised.

[Chuck] if you were Googling
how to tie a noose.

And yet through some act
of prestidigitation,

you wound up with a lifeline

♪ Dramatic music ♪



Now, it's possible that the
God--whose ass you are kicking

on the board--
Took pity on you.

But I think it's more likely
that Raul Gomez

saw a desperate man
that he could manipulate.

So tell me...
how's it work?

Is he invading
the principal?

Or are you just
kicking back to him?


[chuckles] Raul is as clean
as they come.

He pulled the pension fund
from Axe Cap.

[Panay] the second Axelrod's
legal troubles set in.

And then he picked me

because I am a paragon
of business ethics.

You do know that Axe
was in that legal trouble

because I put him there.

[Panay] But he survived.

He always does.

How come you don't
know that by now?


And for the record,

I didn't even mean
to mention his name.

There is no record.

Why does mentioning his name
concern you, friend?

You have no business with him,
do you?

Just don't want it
to seem like

I'm gloating that I took
from him, is all.

[Chuck] Hmm.

Is that the thing?

You took from him?

Or is there more to it?

This game
can be cutthroat.

That's it.





Thanks for coming in,
Mr. Panay.


[keys clacking]

I came across a tantalizing
tidbit during my daily rounds.

It's Bonnie's birthday...

That's the tidbit?


She was contacted by

a certain former
Axe Cap employee

whom I'll just call

And "Mafee" invited her
to celebratory drinks.

She declined, but she didn't
officially report it.

Still not sharing.

And let me guess how you
came across this morsel:

In addition to reading
all the e-mails flagged

for possible
compliance violations,

you're also perusing any sent to
eligible females in our employ.

Eternal vigilance
is the price of liberty.

As the head of HR,

I really need to ask you to
cut that the fuck out.

Axe Cap emails are not your
personal Penthouse Forum.

Is Bonnie still here?

She's doing a B-day shindizzle
with some of the people here--

- Are you going?
- It's for the psilikatzides.

Small timers.

You weren't invited.

Neither were you.

- Wait, are you going?
- Come on.

Shut up.

[The Commodores' "Brick House"
plays over speakers]

♪ Mm, mm, mm ♪


Oh, come on.

This one's classic,

♪ Ow, she's a brick house... ♪

You got a problem
with the 'Commodes?'

Was expecting you to bring
more Steely Dan.

Oh. I hold back the top shelf
for my birthday.

- ♪ She's a brick ♪
- Uhh,

- ♪ House... ♪
- oww.

The adults are here...
to party!

♪ Ain't holding nothing back ♪

♪ Ow, she's a brick house ♪

Happy birthday!

♪ Well put-together,
everybody knows this is... ♪

[Natalie Merchant's "Wonder"
plays over speakers]

♪ They say I must be one
of the wonders ♪

♪ Of God's own creation ♪

This one's mine!

♪ And they smile as they see
they can offer ♪

♪ No explanation ♪

Got any other celebrations

Didn't plan this one.

People like to fete me.

And you let them?

I don't know.
If I feel like a drank.

Anyone you don't feel like
drinking with?


I know why you're here.

'Cause that laxtard Mafee
tried to sniff my panties.

I shut that shit down.

I don't need to report
everything I do to mommy...

but why is mommy
spying on my shit?

I'm the head of HR,
email correspondence hits me

even when I'm not
looking for it.

Uh huh.
So, my emails just happened--

This isn't all about you.

We are all as sick
as our secrets.

So stop keeping 'em.

I will
if you stop snooping.

♪ Faith ♪

- ♪ She'll make her way ♪
- Deal.

♪ She'll make her way ♪


What's the matter
with you?

- I've got work early tomorrow.
- ♪ People see me ♪

Yeah. We all do...

Oh, right.

The other work.
Sorry, bud.

- Topper.
- ♪ I'm over your heads, how ♪

♪ I confound you
and astound you ♪

♪ To know I must be
one of the wonders ♪

What's that mean?

- COAT?! The fuck is that?
- ♪ Of God's own creation ♪

It means "Chance of Action
Tonight." Coat.

Who were you writing that to?

My wife.

Oh. Puke.

In assessing
nocturnal options,

whether to keep drinking,
head home,

or squeeze in
a tight little karaoke set,

[Spyros] it is good to know
the likelihood of success

with your special lady.


Well, assuming
you pay her cash,

chance should be
north of 100.

I can assure you,
I do not pay for it.

- No. You just beg for it.
- [laughs]

- Sometimes.
- Sometimes it works!

Maybe for you
and you only.

But not for your wife.

What you guys
don't seem to realize

with all of your begging
and whining is:

Act like a man,

sometimes a girl
just needs to get railed.


Don't you agree?

Nobody wants to fuck
a sexual panhandler.


So how does it work
in your bedroom?

♪ Know this child
will be gifted ♪

♪ With love, with patience
and with faith ♪

Action whenever either of us
fucking wants it.

- Okay.
- Oh!

- Yes.
- Yeah!

- That's it.
- Cheers!

- Come on!
- Yeah!

- [laughter]
- ♪ She'll make her way ♪

[serene music playing
over speakers]






[knock on door]



[keypad beeps]


May I?



Tai chi.

The dance of
the yin and yang.

You ever practice?

In my day,
I have tried it all.

But I always come back
to brute force.

[music stops]

Much like Mr. Axelrod.

You've heard about
my banking problems.

And like your Mighty Mouse,

♪ Here I come
to save the day. ♪

By providing me

Yes. And no.

There are friends I have.

Uh, they do similar work,
they come from a similar place.

Brothers. The Kozlovs.

And they're looking to get more
of their money into the West.

So you've done me the favor
of finding the leverage...

And you will
do me the favor

of being most hospitable
to my friends.

I'll look into it.

Look before you leap.

So long as in the end,
you leap.

♪ Dramatic music ♪

[Gang of Youths' "The Heart Is A
Muscle" playing]

♪ I will look at love
as more than ♪

- You're in a select club.
- ♪ Just an instrument of pain ♪

Female billionaires
not named Oprah?

But I meant

people who have stopped me
from making an investment.

I'm not usually
so easy to dissuade.

You seem pretty easy.

If you keep pouring like that
I will be.

No, but really,
thank you.

I might've been fooled
by that robotics demo.

I happen to be
expert in that.

That's the thing about
doing what I do.

You're in these investments
for so long,

you really can't
take any chances.

I have to dive deep
into all these companies,

really understand what
the businesses are doing.

I'm counting on that.

Well [chuckles] I'm not gonna
carry your fucking water.

I don't expect you to.

What if I want to
partner with you?

I'm not raising.

You're really not
taking on any money?

Opening a new fund
in a couple months.

We could talk then.

Maybe we don't
go through the fund.

You got a personal piece
of everything, right?

So break me off
a piece of your piece.

What are you high on
from the last batch?

A bottled
cocktail company.

A better mousetrap
for backend webforms.

Uh, an industrial
custodial company,

but that one's
fully subscribed.

Then that's
the one I want.

'cause it's so sexy?


♪ While there's speakers
in the outfield ♪

I wasn't doing
the conman thing.

I wasn't telling you that
there's no opportunity

so that the scarcity would get
you to implore me for a way in.

It really is full.

Well, even if it's not a game,
I believe in your confidence.

How much of the company
do you have?

Say half.

I'll take it.

Not on
your charmed life.

Half of your half.

At 1.5x
the market price.

♪ To love someone ♪

What's behind
the mighty hankering

for that specific deal?

If you're that deep in it,
I know it's the one.

Men in business.

It was a steady stream of no's
and rejections,

first from my bosses, then
when I went looking for capital.

And now that
I don't need you,

you all want to
chip off a piece.

I can promise you:
I'm a value add.

Yeah, I don't doubt that
for some reason.

♪ The heart is a muscle and... ♪

Is that what made you
leave the shopping network

and go out on your own,
shitty male bosses?

They hired me
to pick the products.

The ones I rolled out
were stone winners.

Yet I still had to
fight them.

[Rebecca] Eventually
I couldn't handle them.

[Rebecca] not listening
to my ideas.

How basic they thought.
How slow they moved.

The way I heard it, you started
hoarding all the best products

instead of putting them
in the system.

That way you had 'em
when you launched on your own.

Well, if that were true,

how could I have kicked their
ass in the lawsuit they brought?

♪ I wanna be loved ♪

♪ I wanna be whole again ♪

I saw value. I took.

♪ So tuck my hair
behind my ears ♪

You think that
makes me bad?

♪ The window is wide ♪

Yeah. I do.

In the best way.

♪ 'Cause I-I-I-I
wanna overcome ♪

[Rebecca moaning]

♪ And try-y-y-y
to love someone ♪


♪ Soft music ♪




[exhales deeply]








Can I get the box?

This is working for me.





[breathing heavily]



[exhales sharply]


[Chuck snoring quietly]





[birds chirping]

How the hell
did you find me...

It wasn't easy.

It wasn't meant to be.

You know I'm not
my father-in-law.

Yet you're here.
You tracked me down.

What do you want?

You once told me
you knew people who...

switched it up.

Reversed who
was dominant.

Changed styles altogether.

They were role players.


So, yes, they switched,
from time to time,

moved off of bondage

Tried exhibitionism,

Other forms of play...

But that's not Chuck,
not his arousal template.

For him it's not a game.
It's rooted deep.


Thank you.

Don't thank me.

Just don't come back.

♪ Dramatic music ♪

[keys clacking]

I wanted to ask you--

I need to deal with something.
Is it urgent?

it's a personnel thing.

I want to bring in.

Anyone you think meets
our hiring criteria

and fits our culture goes to
the top of the list.

Well, I don't know
if he's top-of-the-list.

It's Rudy.

You think
we need a mascot?

I think he'd be
a net positive.

He never really got a shot
to show what he could do.

If you think I didn't
coach him up well enough,

- have at it.
- I-I didn't mean--

You are a vital and valued
member of this firm.

And if you want to
bring Rudy on, under you,

and take responsibility
for him blooming,

you have
my full blessing.

Excuse me.



Here's the brief.

Tl;dr, please.

The Kozlovs...

They're a rougher, messier
version of Grigor Andolov.

[Cook] Not as smart,
not as rich.

Maybe twice as vicious.
Real animals.

And we get back more.
Much more.

[Cook] They don't
just order murders,

they carry them out.

- Thank you.
- You're paying me.

You don't have to
thank me.

[door opens]

[door closes]

I think
I'm gonna like him.

You're going to like
the way he does his job.

Already do.

He didn't offer an opinion
on how we should proceed.

He wasn't in here

But had you asked.

I imagine he'd have an approach.

I'm asking you though.

It's still money.

Yes. And we need it.

If the Kozlovs
come on board,

that means Grigor
has more capital here

than the rest of the investors

Gives him
too much power.

He may have already
gotten us into a position

from which there is no escape,
only defeat.

Zugzwang, you know?

It's what I almost named
the firm.

In hopes that it would
inspire us

to get the other fella
in that position.

Anyway, you're right.

If I take the Kozlov money,
Grigor is in control.

If I refuse the money,
I'm refusing Grigor's wishes.

And he might
pull his money,

instead of backing me
against Axe's threats.

But unlike chess, this isn't
just a two-person game,

so there must be
another option.

We say yes.

- Make the Kozlovs say no.
- How?

Well, in order to
give me the money,

they have to have
the money.

It's a good thing you didn't
name the firm Zugzwang.

Would have outed
how good a player you are.

It's better
they don't know.

Better they never know.

I'm glad I know.

[door opens]

[door closes]

♪ Dramatic music ♪

Why's Michael Panay
afraid of Bobby Axelrod?

I'm afraid of
the Brazilian Wandering Spider.

Well, now, see,
that makes sense.

Most venomous arachnid
in the world.

But Mr. Panay's phobia
doesn't track.

If the pension fund
is really his,

what on God's green
does he have to fear?

So my theory is,
it's not.

Axe is still handling the fund
and Panay's a patsy.

Well, that is a theory.

Flat Earth is too.
Making a comeback.

Only two ways
it could've happened.

Axe pulled one over on you...
or Axe is paying you.

Latter seems
a lot more likely.

Seems like old times
with you two.

I never took kickbacks.

I originally used Axe Capital
because he was the best.

He made money for cops.

And when your antics ruined it,
I moved on.

Because at the end of the day,
that's what it's all about.

Not about flying private
to the Kentucky Derby, huh?

I know you get off
on seeing fear.

So your balls must be turning
sapphire as you wonder...

why isn't he afraid?

Maybe because I've never been to
the Kentucky Derby in my life...

and you're standing here
without color of authority.

a private citizen now.

Get used to it.
Or don't.

Either way,
you can't touch me.

♪ Dramatic music ♪



Hey, hey, people, you all know
what time it is...




The fuck you staring at,


You're new.
You'll learn.

This is how it works
the day after payday.

Giving back money.
Doesn't seem fair.

If you want to stay,
that's the way, Gandhi.

Gumby or--

Am I gonna have a fucking
problem with you?


I'll see you
next Thursday.

[slaps arm]

[exhales sharply]



More mommy and me time?

No, I think we have
an understanding.

I was impressed with
how you handled the guys.

We're in
the fucking veld.

It's predator or prey.
Choice is clear.

I used to tend bar in college.

Got hit on by assholes
all night long.

It's not that different.

And pays a lot better.

Do you ever worry that at some
point the armor won't come off?

[Wendy] Is that why you need
a guy who doesn't beg,

takes charge.

Tell me
when you find one.

No, but seriously,
is that what you want?

You mean do I want to sublimate
my authority at home?

With someone who's masculine
in all the right ways

but not a douchebag.

Let them take care of me,
but make the decisions.

Or do I want to be
the shot caller.

Maybe pay all the bills.

And end up with someone
who'll swallow that?


When I get home from work,

if I didn't go drinking,

and sometimes
even if I did,

I lace up the Nikes and I run
the West Side Highway

until I forget that I want
anything at all.

Then I come back here.


What about you?


- This isn't--
- About you.


Sure it's not.


I guess I get out the running
shoes from time to time.

♪ Dramatic music ♪

Is that always
the way you do business?

Yeah. You?

Of course.

never had an evening

that started at a tiki bar
end so well.

Well, next time
we'll try a luau.

Love to see you
in a grass skirt.

Gotta have
the legs for it.

I'll have the papers

your piece of the business
sent over this afternoon.

Unless you didn't really
want to take a stake.

I want it.

Scrounging for equity's
not a pick-up move.

Then we'll be in touch.

[elevator bell dings]

[elevator doors close]

♪ Dramatic music ♪

You get it?

I almost pooped myself.

But I think so.
Most of it.

Well, scoop up
any other intel you can.

And hold your mud.


[elevator bell dings]




[horn honking]

♪ Dramatic music ♪

[elevator bell dings]






I once remarked
you wouldn't even sweat...

and here you are dry as a bone
after a workout.

No workout.

Kelly just stretches me.

[Axe] She's the best
in the city.


I can have her stay after,
take care of you.

Another day maybe.

After we speak about
a friend of yours.

Sorry to cut this short.

Of course. See you.

I don't want to have you
in the cross hairs anymore.

Cross hairs only matter if
they're sitting atop a weapon.

You're out of office;
you no longer have one.

I've been tasked,
I have been given a task,

by folks who do.


So answer this:

what happens to you
if I take down Raul Gomez?

I'd prefer
that didn't happen.

And I appreciate the gesture
of you coming here to ask.

But we can't just
leave it there.

- Because, as I said--
- You've been tasked.

I have.


Is there some other way to
satisfy your taskmaster on this?

He seems to feel that Raul
is using the pension fund

the way Chris Stapleton uses
Tennessee Whiskey,

to slake his thirst.

He's not.

Not in the way
your man thinks he is.

Tell me
how it really is.

Then we solve it

If a solution presents,

The man who sent you after this,
is he law enforcement?

He is.

How high ranking?

They all salute him.


That man came up
around when Raul did.

He can't like the fact
that he's running

the most storied police force
in the nation

for not even a quarter of
what Raul makes on the books.

So it's jealousy.

And from where I sit,

I usually see jealousy
turn into the other thing.


♪ Dramatic music ♪


There may be a way for you
to satisfy everyone involved,

without hurting anyone.

Everyone wins
and no one loses?

[chuckles] I thought you and I
live in the real world.

Michael Panay loses.

Which, in the scheme
of things...

Not really such a loss.


And if there's
a big loser,

there has to be
a big winner.

who's that gonna be?


Take a guess.




You know that scene
in Pretty Woman

where the salesgirl
treats her like garbage,

so she marches down the street
to another shop,

buys absolutely everything,
then circles back

to the first store
just to throw it in their face?

[Taylor] Well, I'm Julia
Roberts, and you're fucked.

You made a big mistake.
Big. Huge.

- I got all the money I need.
- From where?!

[Russian accent]
None of your fucking business.

[Taylor] [normal voice] So you
can bet the next time

I need so much as
a checking account,

I'm going elsewhere.

Thanks for the koozie,

[Theo] If it was a loan
from a Russian bank,

I'd see it on my system.

An individual.

Not Grigor,
he's an investor...

The Kozlovs?

They use you
as their prime...

We've lent them capital,

but for infrastructure projects

[Axe] Force a capital call on
a few of those projects then.

Pull back the loans.

I want them cash poor
on this side of the Atlantic.

Cripple their ability
to dole out to Taylor.

That's a big request...

I can practically feel your hand
in my pocket.

I already went in on that
dipshit robotics play.

This costs me more,
so it costs you more.

Drop Spartan-Ives,
make me your main prime.

Well, if you fight for me
as hard

as you're fighting
for your bank...

that's on the table.

Good enough for me...

♪ dramatic music ♪

Hey, guys, Theo
from Patriot Trust...

[Theo] I know we thought
we could extend.

[Theo] that billion-two
for a year,

but it turns out
we need to pull it back.

Fuck you.



You guys should come in
so we can hammer it out.



[horns honking]

[indistinct conversations]

So, how dirty
is my man?

Training Day
or Prince of the City?

Raul is taking money.
You were right.

I smelled it.

You have the evidence I can use
to seize his pension?

Not exactly.

God damn it, Chuck.
Did I send in the wrong man?

In a way.

Because I don't have
what you asked for.

But in another way, I know how
to get what you really want.

Spit it out.

Keep Raul,
have him fire Panay.

Now, why the fuck
would I do that?

Raul was in his job
before you were in yours.

He's not your man.

You do not have an...
understanding with him.

So you think you won't
have an understanding

with whatever manager
he hires.

And I imagine,
as you've gotten older,

your retirement,

an understanding seems more
and more important to you.

♪ Dramatic music ♪



And you think
I can get that

with whoever Raul hires
to replace Panay?

I think the new manager and you
would be fucking soulmates.

Because I believe that man
would be Bobby Axelrod.



Oh, you really got down
in those NYC sewers.

That's what you get
with me.

No fear,
of power or alligators.

It's why you and your union
are gonna back me for AG.

Thought that
might be coming.

It's better for you.

You were saddled
with Darcha

by baroque rules of
New York State succession.

He's not your choice.

He doesn't know
how this town really works.

♪ Dramatic music ♪


[door closes]

[inhales sharply]

Just the one photo?

I tossed the ones
of me with Chuck.

And I haven't yet
had the chance to

shake and smile
with all the machers.

So no pics with him.
But his words in your mouth.

Okay. It suits you.

Uh, you still have Darcha on
your wish list for state AG?

Yes. I back-channeled
with his Chief Of Staff,

and he said
they have no interest

in fighting it out
with us.

I think they'll basically
do our bidding

and back the fuck off
when we want 'em to.

Darcha really would have been
our ideal man then.

Why "would have been"?

He cancelled his appearance
at San Gennaro tomorrow.


What about Sansome?

Still appearing.


[door opens]

[door closes]

They pay me...
then they take the money back.

I can't leave.
They call Immigration...

It's a story being told
over and over

inside the ranks of
Eureka Building Solutions.

What had once looked like
a leader

in the industrial
cleaning space

awaiting a huge valuation,

is now rumored to be
facing probes

by several
regulatory agencies--

[TV turns off]

That is one powerful
piece of journalism.

It is.
And accurate.

It's gone up on the journal's
site by now,

but I wanted to show it to you
personally, since, you know...


It's wrong what that company did
to those workers.

They deserve their bread
and their roses too.

Tuk did good work here.

Went above and beyond.

He's complaining he still
smells like pine cleaner.

Go give him an attaboy,

Took me three years with you
to earn an attaboy.

Then fuck the attaboy.

Did his job. Got paid.
Move on.

Your guy. Your call.

...I think I'll give him
an attaboy...

[footsteps approaching]


Ooh, a She-E-O.

Uh, Axe...

I was trying to figure out
why you invested

in that dogshit
robotics company.

And if I fucked an idiot or
just someone really duplicitous.

Who told you?

Patriot Trust Bank.

Trying to drum up
more business.

Definitely not
switching primes.

[door opens]

I heard you were denying
Taylor Mason leverage.

I wanted the Street to know.
[door closes]

Now I see what's behind
everything: Your wrath.

Which I am now
going to blunt.

I'm gonna get Taylor
their leverage.

That is not what I would call
a proportionate response.

proportionate responses

don't work on
nation states like you.

I-I don't care if you lie
or obfuscate.

I care when you take profits
that should be mine.

Your cleaning company
is worth

significantly more
than it was yesterday.

You know what kind of horrible
shit your competition was up to?

Of course I did.
And I would've beaten them,

in time, through proper
business practices.

And now you have.

And my piece would have been
worth even more

if I didn't cut you in.

Somehow I don't think
it would have

gone up so quick
if you hadn't.

- Really?
- Like I told you:

I'm a value add.

Give me back the shares,

I paid you handsomely.

You can buy me out
at current value.

Take the rest of the ride

If you want to be rid of me
that badly.

Half my shares back.

Well, as you said,
they're worth more now.

- So what price, uh--
- I get the profit on those.

You get only your initial
investment back on 'em.

And I let you have a clear shot
at Taylor Mason.

[inhales sharply]

But worth it.

Good. Done.

And we'll take the rest
of this ride together.

By the way,
you got bigger.

You now have 4,200 new
and hard-working employees

ready to step aboard
your cleaning company.

Our company.

Now what?

You hungry?

I could eat.

[knock on door]

[Chuck] Come in.

Donna didn't announce
the United States Attorney

for the Southern District.

She must've stepped out.

And that's when
you stepped in.


Always angle-shooting.

Shooting angles.
Important difference.

You taught me that.

- Should I go?
- Nah. I'm just getting warm.

- Ahh.
- I know what you're doing.

And I'm here to tell you,

Don't do it.
Don't run.

You didn't come to plead.

You came to threaten.

So hit me
with the back half.

I've been keeping out of
your way as much as possible.

What do you call
reviewing all my old cases?

My duty.
But like I said,

I've been holding back
the full power of my office.

[Connerty] And I think you know
what that power is.

[Connerty] What it can do.
So if you run,

if you try to again put yourself
in a position of public trust

and public authority,

I will be forced to
let slip the dogs of war.

Oh, that one
I definitely taught you.

Yeah. That's the one
I used on Axelrod

to get him to make
his first mistake.

Sometimes you learn
from the worst.

You didn't need to bring out
the needle to nudge me.

I was running.
I am running.

And when I win,

I'm gonna roll over you
like it's Tiananmen Square.

[bones crack]


[door opens]

[Slaid Cleaves' "If I Had
A Heart" plays over speakers]

[indistinct conversations]

- Hey, buddy.
- Hey.


how's it work
at a quant overlay?

Am I still gonna be an analyst

I'm sorry, man.
I can't do it.

♪ The more I read ♪

Taylor blocked it.

♪ The dumber I think I am ♪

They're like the HAL 9000
or Rain Man.

They're always playing
the percentages.

Yeah, they're not.

They see... everything.

It's why they did
what they did with Axe,

despite the risk.

Why they brought me here
and put a lot of faith in me...

and why I gotta say no.

You're blocking me?

I think
you're a great dude.

If I was 13 again,

I would play Magic:
The Gathering with you,

every day at lunch.

But when you're a man, you gotta
put childish things away...

at work.

I got
responsibilities now.

Like you said,
I'm a partner.

♪ And in these times
you remind me ♪

♪ Of the man I used to be... ♪

You're a fucking asshole.

You think
you're better than me.

I don't think
I'm better than you.

I'm just better
at my job.

And I will definitely
figure out

what an appropriate baby gift is
and send one.

♪ Seen the bashing of brains ♪

♪ Seen the city unwind ♪

♪ Seen the overthrow of
dictators and tyrants ♪

♪ Dramatic music ♪



You ready?

You want me to go with you?
Or send Cook.

I have to face Grigor alone.

I hope he doesn't recognize
that I did it.

What are the chances
of that?

If he does know,

he's either going to
take them out or take me out.






[soft music playing on piano]



Garlic pepper and dill
for you.


Horseradish for me.

[vodka pours, glasses clink]

[glass thuds]


[Grigor] I bring what to most
would be bad news.

The Kozlovs, the men who
wanted to give you money,

have had some reversals and
no longer have money to give.

I suppose that is bad news.
For me.

[Taylor] But for you...
these friends are overextended.

Perhaps you could rescue them

and I'm just thinking out loud
here... take them out.


[Taylor] They are vulnerable.

You could buy all their assets
for pennies on the dollar.

Your idea of fun is to dangle
my friends in front of Axe

and watch him
feed on them?

I'm feeding them
to you.

Axe just cut 'em down
into digestible bites.

This is
a course of action

only the nastiest of the Bratva
would take.

It is also what I thought
you might say, and do.



[glasses thud]

All this raises the question:
The Kozlovs,


How good friends
are they really?


It turns out...

not so good.


I accept this
most gracious gift.

And in return,
you hope what,

that the leverage you so crave
will now come directly from me?

I think you like that Axe
has shut the banks to me.

Because it makes me
more reliant on you.

That ends now.

Like the once great American
Bob Ritchie said:

"You can knock me down
and watch me bleed./.

But you can't
keep no chains on me."

The Kid Rock.

I admire him greatly.

I need
independent leverage.

You'll use your influence to
open the banks back up to me.



This I do.

♪ Dramatic music ♪

"Only God Knows Why."


[Italian music playing
over speakers]

[indistinct conversations]



[bell rings]





- Oh?
- Yeah, yeah.


[bell rings]

Here. Can you just give me
one second?



So glad the fund's coming back
to Axe Capital,

where it belongs.

Somehow you always seem
to get what you want.


Pure luck.

[bell rings]

[priest] ...from the scourge
of spreading disbelief.

[priest] Free us from all evils

[priest] and dangers that
threaten us from every side.

[bell rings]

[priest] May the faith for which
you sacrifice...

You sure you're ready for
the glare of public life again?

You're good at
working in the shadows.

Don't worry about me,
buddy boy.

[priest] ...the Lord our God
can rightfully expect

from His servants.

[cheers and applause]

Thank you, Father.

Thank you, Father!

I think there's one thing we can
all agree upon as New Yorkers.

Someone always wants something
from ya.

Someone's always hocking ya.

'Help me. Support me.
Endorse me.'

Well, maybe you've noticed.

I don't do a lot of endorsing.

Until someone like the next guy
comes along.

Then I'm practically
hocking him.

I've seen the good he's done to
clean up the streets of Gotham.

And I can't wait to see
what he's gonna do

for the rest of New York State.

I give you your next
Attorney General...

Chuck Rhoades!

[cheers and applause]

- [Chuck] Wonderful. Thank you.
- [Sansome] You bet.

- Thank you.
- All right.

Thank you.
Ladies and gentlemen,

I am so proud to be here
with you tonight.

In fact,
"I am chomping at the bit

to be your next
Attorney General"!

[cheers and applause]



[Italian music playing
over speakers]

[cheers and applause continue]




♪ Gang of Youths'
"The Heart Is a Muscle" ♪


♪ Break me off a piece of that ♪

♪ And mix it in
with a little wine ♪

♪ With someone warm and smart
I guess ♪

♪ With a heart in first ♪

♪ And a soul behind ♪

♪ And I ♪

♪ Won't give in ♪


♪ 'Cause I ♪

♪ Wanna try again ♪