Billions (2016–…): Season 4, Episode 11 - Lamster - full transcript

[REBECCA] Previously on Billions...

[TAYLOR] Tomorrow is
Rebecca Cantu's first day

as CEO of Saler's.

I want it to be
a bad one for her.

[DOLLAR BILL] With Taylor

in control of Kling,
they also control the supply

of household appliances
that Saler's sells.

And if Taylor decides to cut
the flow of those appliances?

It'll gut you.

The deal requires you walk away

from the voting nonsense.

Your pilot program.

So that's what Jock needs.

Dr. Rhoades, your medical
license is under review.

[TAYLOR] There is still,
somewhere inside of you,

someone who knows
right from wrong.

This hearing is your chance
to reclaim that person.

Just share what you need
to get you out of this.

Whatever our understanding,
it can't just be verbal...

I've taken the liberty.

Did they paper
this fucking deal?

[IRA] Now that it's just
the three of us, I have to say,

I did not know the nature
of that conversation.

You have to tell him everything.

So he can defend us,
whatever may come.

You mean about the idiot
who stands to lose the most?

[JACKIE] Baby brother.

You suddenly showing up here...

Must mean you want something.

The one thing you do with those
hands better than fight.

There's a safe?

You bet your ass there is.


♪ ♪

♪ ♪




[DOOR CLOSES]'s the crack
of dawn.

Holy shit, Sonny.
I'm being bugged.

Okay. Slow it down.
Spell it out. Breathe.

I'll breathe later.
But for now, fucking listen.

I was at home, alone...



♪ ♪

♪ ♪



You are not fast enough

or strong enough to outrun me.

Well, then, you better come
and mount your quarry.

But first, prime me, baby.

♪ ♪


Ohh! Whoo!

Somehow I found myself
on the floor.

Making a home repair
as I am wont to do, when...

Mom is out of town.
If you were on the floor...

Oh, fuck, I don't even
want to say it.

Cuz then I'll have
the goddamned image in my head.


♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

They didn't fix the wood stain

That's how I knew.

I left it in the wall.

So they wouldn't know
what I know.

But what I know, Sonny Boy,

is the government is on to me.

Well, us.
Oh. Shit.

They might've heard me
talk about Jock.

What I've been planning. Okay.

You need to go on the lam,
Whitey Bulger style.

Or better, DB Cooper.

Never caught.

The document.
I need to go back.

Get it out of the safe...
Your apartment isn't secure.

They could be ready to pick you
up. I'll send someone.

It's a biometric lock.

Oh. Terrific...

Well, I'll have to speed up
everything on the Jock front...

Ah, fuck!

If they got a warrant
for your place,

I could also be...


♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪


♪ ♪


♪ ♪

♪ ♪




[WHISPERING] Tell whomever you
send I'm sorry for the mess,

but me and Roxanne,
when we get down,

well, we don't fuck around.








♪ ♪

♪ ♪


♪ ♪


I need you to
do a service for me.

Recognize the voice?

I do.
And my debt to you.

You will be part of a detachment
formed for specific purpose...

To deliver the final,
fatal blow to Jock Jeffcoat.

Now, find a spot where
5 men can meet, and...


I'm sorry, can you hold please?

Are you fucking kidding?

One of the very men I need
is on the other line.

Ira, old pal, you're next
on my phone sheet...

Jesus, that's like
three weeks early.

Can I...

Okay, I'll see you later then.

♪ ♪

Forget arranging a location.

I know where we're meeting...

[SENIOR] Can't.
It's a biometric lock.



I'll have to speed everything
up on the Jock front...

Oh, fuck!

If they got a warrant for
your place, I could also be...


So the shit train
was just the beginning.

Yeah. Seems to be.

What exactly is Rhoades
coming after me for?

That I don't know.

But I upped the physical
surveillance on him.

Well, that's a start.
Here's an improvement:

You scoop up that old man

and you sweat him
'til the truth pours out.

Would love to. But haven't been
able to locate him.

He took Chuck's advice.
He's gone to ground.

You are
a United States Attorney.

You find his
wrinkly fucking ass.

Uh, I saw it once. And actually,
the old guy keeps it together.

Still... I take your point.


Pearlsang Appliances
is still your business.

You'll still run it.
Except now you'll own it.

And you want us upping
production by twenty percent.

We can't sell more
if we don't have more.

You get it done
so we won't have to

get in there and do it for you.

Because believe you me,
you do not want

Rebecca Cantu stalking
your assembly lines.

When you put it that way,
let me get with my people

and figure out how we can run
the factories around the clock.

Saler's looks forward to
selling the fuck out of your...

And soon to be our... appliances.

The meeting is happening.

Then drop what you got
on Pearlsang.

Sometimes I really
love this job.




♪ ♪

It is the time of year
that you've all had circled

on your calendars since
the moment you hopped aboard.

But Royal Rumble
was two months ago!

Thirty enter.
One remains.

Similar, actually,
because it's comp time.

I'm not doing meetings.

I'm not going to force you
to justify your existence.

The numbers already do that.

Still, I know some of you
have been... anxious.

Both about your performance
and mine this past year.

SO KNOW THIS: I can afford
to pay you all full freight,

which you'll find
is more than you made

at any of your old shops...


If you leave your money
in the fund

for at least the next
twelve months.

If you insist on
drawing your pay immediately,

and at your discretion...

the payout will be 60 cents
on the theoretical dollar.

I'll await your
individual decisions

by end of day tomorrow.




I don't know where it leaves me.

But that's a smart
approach for Taylor

in a year they're trying
to conserve resources.

So's asphyxiating every third
person, but frowned upon.

Especially by the guy who'd be
the first one smothered.


Thank you.


She got a premium for
a mediocre fucking company.

Yeah, well, that is what makes
Taylor Mason so good.

Makes you do things...
Compromise your approach...

In ways you never usually would.

You admire it.

I like to celebrate
a really good kill.

Connects me to
my spiritual side.

You're a sick twist.
I like to celebrate that.


Kitchen's all ready for you.





♪ ♪

♪ ♪

Thought you'd be with your wife
today. The hearing.

Instead of skull-dugging around
here like Philip Marlowe.

You just compare me to Bogie?

That's the nicest thing
anyone's said to me all week.

Wendy didn't think
it was a good idea

for the State AG
to be sitting behind her

creating the impression he was
trying to influence things.

And you?

Yeah. Same.

Didn't want me there
seeming like

I'd asked her to do
what she was accused of.

So she's better off without us.

Yeah. For today.
For a few hours anyway.

And maybe still not.
But get on with it.

I need a man... with
a certain set of skills.

Your man.
To get into a safe.

And the room that safe is in.
A tough safe.

Ah. A safe that lies outside
the bounds of your authority.

Yeah, I got the guy.
You know I do.

But, Chuck,
I'm not some USO girl

dispensing donuts
and dances here.

Taylor Mason should be in
a numbered fucking jumpsuit.

If my dad and I get
fitted for them first,

that's never gonna happen.

You keep telling me why
you can't get it done

and what you need to do first.

Your days were never so full

or disorganized when you were
gunning for me.

Maybe this isn't
personal enough for you.

You need me to make it
fucking personal?

Taylor Mason
didn't just betray you.

They fucked with Wendy
a dozen different ways.

So, yeah, I can get that
happy hate going if I need to.

But I've also given my word.
More than once.

And that should
fucking count, too.


You can use my man.

Give me what he needs to know
about this safe

and he'll know it.

Confirm nothing.
Admit nothing.

If Taylor doesn't show,
they have nothing.

Unless you give them something.

So, don't.

I can't tell you to lie.

I can only tell you that they'll
never be able to prove it,

and it's the perfect solution
to all your problems.

I hope so.

Is that what your clients say?

Do they always feel good
when they avoid punishment?

Just move on with their lives?

Real criminals are different
than you and me.

Something about the mind-set of
someone who does those things.

By the time I get 'em,

they are long past
wondering who they are.

They already know.

They just want to
get away with it.

Maybe I'm not so different.

You are.

And later, you may
feel some remorse.

Which you will deal with,
Doctor Rhoades.

But for now...

For now, I do what you said.


[ZHANG] Thank you.

We are here today to explore
serious charges

against Doctor Wendy Rhoades.

First, if she acted in
a medical capacity and, if so...

I did.


Give me a minute with my client...

♪ ♪

I am a doctor.

♪ ♪

Taylor Mason was my patient.

I failed to respect
patient confidentiality

and used information
revealed in session

for my own personal gain...

Or if I didn't technically gain,

at least my own ends.

Can you repeat that?


Because it's the truth.



I got us a table at...



I see.



♪ ♪


This changes nothing.

Everybody at Axe Cap
is and will remain

deeply fucked in the head.

We will all need your help
as a coach and a human.

Thank you.

finally feel myself again.

You don't look it.


My face will catch up.

It just needs to relax
into itself first.


♪ ♪

[HAMMON] Wendy confessed
to the Medical Board.

Ding dong, the witch is...

We don't celebrate. Wendy merely
did the right thing.

That's all.
We move forward.

This is some detailed fucking
intel you brought here.

I know the agent
who bugged the place.

And he just gave you
the roadmap?

In a manner of speaking.


Well, I cased the place
myself anyway.

So you know how to do it?

I do.

But it's a pass, bro.

What the fuck, man?

You're Bill Belichick,

I just brought you video
of the Jets' signals and...

Compare me to that fat fucking

sweatshirt sausage
one more time...

Oh. Nah, it's...
It's a positive comparison.

You're smart like him.

Yeah, well, I'm smart enough
that I only got caught

once in my career... because
I knew which jobs not to take.

This is one of 'em.

You only got caught once because
I made the other ones go away.


I literally got one thing in
my life that I'm proud of...

The time you cropdusted
that pedo Father Collins.

Okay. Two things.

But you're the other one.

And this ain't you, bro.

Catching the bad guy is
as me as it fucking gets.

So, yeah, I'm asking you,
guilting you...

Whatever it takes
to get you to pull this.

Do I have to remind you
which one of us stayed home

to look after
our blessed mother...

[GROANS] Is blessed some kind of
synonym for drunk bitch now...

Easy there.
And in this case, yeah.

Yet I stayed.

Okay, little bro.

I'll do this thing...

We will.

Whoa, whoa. Wh...
You want to come with?

You're fucking killing me.

I know the document
we're looking for.

That's what we're taking?
A piece of paper?

Not taking it.

Hold on.

Y-You know how it is once
a Scotsman's drawn his dirk...

He can't return that blade
to the sheath

until it's tasted
an Englishman's blood?

Well, I can't open a safe
without taking something.

No. You can and will.
Because otherwise,

I can't use it legally.

I need to read the thing,
photograph it,

and use the info to get
a warrant to come back for it.

You don't actually wonder
why people hate lawyers...

Oh. No, I get it.

A safe cracker is far more
interesting at parties.

The time table's been
turbo charged.

We gotta do this today.


As we used to say before
a schoolyard scrap:

Tonight, long stick goes boom.



[WAGS] I bear bad news
from Hall.

You need to back out of
the deal with Pearlsang.

They're about to go radioactive.
What the fuck?

They're gonna be publicly outed
as practitioners of slave labor.

Well. Maybe we can...
Child slave labor.

Temple of Doom shit.
How the fuck...

Hall said it was well-buried,
but Taylor's man

broke someone and leaked it.
Sorry, guys.

Well, that deal is dead.

I mean, he said Temple Of Doom.

Okay, shit.

We can still buy that
other appliance company

I had my guys
look into... Cardinale.

Won't work.
Saler's doesn't have the cash.

Last week's price
was five billion.

This week's...
With one fewer rival

for us to leverage...
It's gonna be even more.


What if you bought it?

I thought about suggesting that

but figured you wouldn't wanna
be the damsel in distress.

Oh. I'm the dame
safeguarding my company.

And while Taylor
may be the locomotive,

you are kinda the one who

tied me to the tracks
in the first place.

So you might as well
rescue me, too.

Revisionist fucking history.

I told you all about
the baggage.

You asked me to come in.
You asked me to stay in.

Because I knew you'd always
find a way to make good.

Like you said you would.
And sometimes that's

strong-arming, sometimes
it's sweet-talking...

Sometimes that's spending five
billion dollars to help you

keep your Barbie
fucking Dreamhouse alive?

With leverage, you'd only
have to put up half, Ken.

It's always easier

to open up someone else's
wallet, isn't it?

Before I met you
I went deal to deal,

scooping up businesses
and profits.

And then you wanted to be
my partner on a deal or two,

and now I can't make a move
without a booby trap

going off in my face.


This is brutal to the bank account.

Even for me.

But, eh, I'll take it on.


For you.

Thank you.

But dinner's on you
for... a while.



♪ ♪



♪ ♪

Why are we here?

To end the Attorney General
of the Unites States.

How the fuck are we
going to do that?

By proving his hatred
of blockchain voting

is motivated by corruption.
Which it is.

Or why else would he
let a caboose of crap

sit in his front yard
to pay for it.

Oy. I need Jock's wrath
like I need a loch in kop.


I will try to
shield you from it.

And yet I have the right
to call on you gentlemen...

And now I have.

For I have done a service
for each of you.

For your bankroll,
your security, your family.

None of this explains
though why we're here.

Naturally because
my most trusted counselor

is tethered to this locale
for the foreseeable.

Ira, are you a father again?

Not yet.

The contractions are
15 minutes apart.

So we could have done this
at the fucking track.

I have been banished
from the birthing suite

until right before
the baby comes.

She says I make her nervous.

No. The doctor.

She says my anxiety is catching.

The doctor is a woman.
You trust that?

We all have to pretend we do.


Well, back to
the present century,

and the magic of
childbirth aside,

here is what I need
from each of you:

Halloran, you know who
the biggest supplier

of voting equipment is.

Right you are.
Now, they most benefit

financially from Jock keeping
things the way they are.

So we hit them every which way.

Ira, you're gonna sue 'em.
For what?

Oh. Something public
and scary.

Eisen, you will use
your scummiest PI

with no respect for
data security laws

to work the ex-wife
of Trent Fiske,

Bougle-Tek's CEO, and worm
your way into his finances...

And locate any payments
that might have

gone from him to Jock.

Halloran, you will solicit
a bribe from the company.

How would I go about... Mm-hmm.

Brogan, you have horses.
Jock has horses.

You will move one of your
prized horses next to his

and, under the guise
of visiting,

you will kill Jock's horse.

What? Je... No.

No more killing animals.
I was fucking with you.


But Jock and Fiske are
in the same stable.

Find out how
that's not a coincidence.

Are their trainers
passing notes for them?

Are payments hidden
in bales of hay?

I don't fucking know,
but you are going to.

And what are you
going to be doing?

Oh. I myself will be doing
my usual boogie...

Inducing mistakes
through temptation,

misdirection, obfuscation and

of the ideals that built
this great nation.

For good and noble purpose,
of course.

- Sure.
- Oh, yeah. Of course.

Okay, now, the entire
federal machine

is set against us
and closing in.

So move fast and break Jock.


♪ ♪

We followed him to the hospital.

We've been tracking
his little gang,

and they are deep in research on

something to do with you
and elections...

Uh huh.

You have any idea why...

I don't answer your questions.

And you don't waste time
asking 'em.

The more info I have,
the easier I can stop Rhoades.

The way you stop Rhoades
is you keep him off balance.

You can't let him
find his carencia.

God. Do they teach a man nothing
about bullfighting anymore?

Place in a ring

where the bull feels most safe,

where he draws his full power.

The whole afternoon,
the matador is trying

to keep him away from there.

And if he lets up
for one second,

and that bull
finds his carencia...

Well, it doesn't matter
what went before...

Because a goring is coming next.


Now, on the subject of
on the run,

what of the lamster,
Rhoades Senior?

FBI is up on his credit cards
and bank accounts.

There was a transaction

at a gas station up the Thruway.

Could be a misdirect.

Well, run it down and wind up
facing the right way.

We want our arms
around that fucker.


[AXE] Hey.

I need you to liquidate
our position

in Corwell Pharmaceuticals
at the open.

Like fuck you do.

That's my DB stock P
of the year.

Yeah. It's made 9%...
That's solid.

But I need to free up some cash.

Pimp rule 101:

You don't sell your best girl
'til she loses her hip flexion.

- This sucker is still...
- I have to say

that's really gross...

Yeah, Dollar Bill, that's
a really poor analogy.

- Nobody can own...
- They're right.

Do it again, I'm gonna wash
your mouth out with soap.

And I need the cash

to lever up to buy five bill
worth of washer-dryers.

I'll send you a few other
positions to dump out of.


Tell me I'm not fucking crazy.

I can't do that.

Because lying makes me
break out in hives.

Despite your grotesquerie,
you are correct on this one.

[CHUCK] So, how long will they
suspend your license for?

It could be up to three years.

Ah. Well.
You can petition to

have it shortened
is what I'm saying.

For good behavior? If I don't
shiv someone in the yard

or use a rock pick
on my cell wall?

So do you regret what you did?

I certainly don't
understand it...

I don't regret it.

It had to be done.

I was trying to advise,
knowing you as I do,

that confessing while making
a deal was the better course.

But you chose only the former...

I guess I had enough
pain and guilt

sloshing around inside me...

I thought it best to just...
throw it all up.


The ol' boot and rally.


But on the other side,
your throat burns,

and your mouth
doesn't taste too good.

And you start wondering
if the better course

might've been to
just keep it all down.

You do. You wonder.

But you know you had to.




Shall I open a bottle then?


I don't want this to turn into
a Cassavetes movie.

The drinking, the yelling.

♪ ♪

Who said anything about yelling?

Let's not tempt fate.

♪ ♪

♪ ♪


♪ ♪

I think Ira is
in for a long night.

♪ ♪

We all are.

♪ ♪

♪ ♪


That the night porter?


Well. Let's go.


♪ ♪

♪ ♪


So how...

One-thousand eighty-two
permutations on the combination.

Should only take two,
three hours.

Are you fucking kid...

I'm fucking kidding.

♪ ♪

Twenty-nine bucks.

♪ ♪

You went to law school.

I also went to school.

They called me
Mr. Magneto.

♪ ♪



♪ ♪


♪ ♪

Magnet again?


♪ ♪


System disarmed.

Handy being friends with the FBI.

It's fucking cheating.

♪ ♪

I can't believe we came
all the way up here

and we're not even
gonna steal anything.

I told you:
don't fucking steal anything.

And no more talking.
The rest of the place is...

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪


♪ ♪


♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪


♪ ♪


♪ ♪

Yeah, just...

♪ ♪



♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪


The tray.

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪


Whew, you feel that?!

Adrenaline shakes?
Fuck yeah.

You get what you need?

I had bits and pieces before,

but it's all spelled out here.

So, yeah, I did.

Let's go.


♪ ♪

♪ ♪


So you're all good.

I am.

Weird way for us to
come back together...

Ahh, I'm glad we did...

I got a parting gift
for you, baby bro.


From the fucking safe?

I told you.

I couldn't return the dirk
without getting it wet.

Fuck it.


Thanks, Jackie.
For all of it.


See ya.





♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

I'm thinking of
holding office hours.

Uh. Yes, you should be in your
office during working hours.

More like a professore.

Selflessly lowering
his learned mane

so that young matriculants
can climb up his ivory tower,

sit at his feet,
and savor of his erudition.

I shall call it
Compliance Corner.

O-Okay, that's, um,
something you can do.

Only I'm... I'm afraid to.

Or... Or rather I'm afraid
that people won't come.

I'm afraid deep down...
people don't like me.

Don't respect me.

Don't even fear me.

Get the fuck out of here.

You lying sack of coffee beans.

You think
I'm a fucking charity case?

Your problem is overconfidence.

Absolute, unassailable,

Now, now.
Let's be respectful...

And I'm not so hard up
I need handouts from you.

You know, I should have come up
with an actual bad idea.

'Cause Compliance Corner
is just so money...



[LAUREN] What?
It's my money.

[MAFEE] It's not technically
your money yet.

- It's mine.
- Oh, my God. Really?

What... Where is
the confusion here?

This is about comp?

About what to say
to you about comp.

What's the issue?
I think it sucks.

You're using
hedge fund social pressure

to dissuade us from
insisting on up-front payment

when, if given that money today,
I could generate more with it.

Plus, the entire choice you've
foisted on us, is a false one.

If you can't afford
full payment,

you could just pay
your most valuable people...

The mois of the world... first.
Are you finished?

Not really. I think
you started this whole place

because Axe took you for granted

and now you're doing the same
thing to us.

It's not like you're short
because you're waiting for

a ship to come in
with beaucoup doubloons.

You're on a revenge jag.

And that's a journey that
requires you to dig two graves...

And neither needs to be mine.

Fuck you, math man.

If you're such a genius,
why can't you count to loyalty?

We've all fucked up.

Maybe not Lauren.
But the rest of us.

And each time,
Taylor's had our back.

They've earned our faith.

But if that concept
doesn't compute,

then yeah...
Remember what happened

when Taylor was on this side
and didn't like it?

They were willing to walk away
and prove they could do better.

Are you willing
to do that? No.

Because you're not a leader.
You're a grumbler.

Well, it's not grumble time.
It's comp time.

Make your choice.
I made mine...

Defer and trust in Taylor...
But you do you.


And trust.

Thanks for letting me know.

Kiss ass.



What exactly do we know?

Well, it's a shocker.

Not the shocker...


One in the stink to all of us.
From Jock.

Seems the man is
not interested in

honoring actual
election results.

Did you put Jock together
with the CEO, Fiske?

Jock did come through for him...

Landing government contracts,

insulating him
from investigations.

But there's no financial trail.

They resist traditional bribes.

The payoff works
a little different.

Rigged elections.

Two governors so far.

And there's a senate seat
coming up in Texas

where they're banking on
the same machines being in play.


Someone down there
will say that?

They'll say there were
massive irregularities

that resolved in a way
so statistically unlikely

that I'd have a better chance

being mistaken for
Matthew McConaughey.

Will anyone go on record about
the voting irregularities?

No fucking way.
You want proof,

you're gonna have to
pick apart the raw votes.

Which they've certified
and buried.

But they are there.


You have done well for me,
my gallant knights.



It's me.

I think you know
I wouldn't be calling you

if it weren't important
that we meet...

Hey. Any ideas surface
besides me being the house?


Moving forward.

I didn't intend
to pressure you...

You did mean to.

But I think you should know:
immune to pressure.

Yeah, but, you should know:

a 'no' is not a deal breaker
with us.


It's gonna be great in the end.





♪ ♪

I've negotiated a price
to buy Cardinale.


Well... it's the wrong
type of disgusting.

It ends with a billion,
and it starts with a six.

Well. Lucky for me
I have access to that.

And I've got about a thousand
good loads left in me...

But neither of us should
spend it all in one throw.

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

What's this, a fucking ambush?

It's an intervention.

You can't do this, tatanka.

[SPYROS] If you proceed
to buy this company,

you'll be outside
all risk parameters.

And in violation of
Axe Capital's bylaws.

[BEN KIM] Not to mention
the opportunity cost,

exiting these positions now
could be a ten figure mistake.

And the main company isn't juicy
enough to squeeze that out of.

You'll be lucky if
Saler's is even standing

after another round
of Taylor's attacks.

The only reason
hedge fund managers

make a move like this is ego.

A legacy play.

To strap themselves
to some noble brand.

But while someone in this
might be trying to do that,

it ain't you.
It's the broad.

Which means you'd have to
notify all the investors

that you're completely

You all fucking done?

I set the risk parameters,
Spyros... so push them.

They're my bylaws,
I can change them.

I just did.
Paper that, Orrin.

You don't like me selling out
your positions, tough shit.

They aren't your positions
anyway, they're mine.

And if you can't find a way
to pick up the returns...

Then why the fuck are you here
instead of someone who can?

I am the sun that warms you

and the air that
you fucking breathe.

Don't forget it.


♪ ♪

[SPYROS] I'll change
the risk model...

But I'll email myself and Wags
that it was at your direction.

Copy me.

I'll recommend outside counsel

willing to jerk around
your by-laws...

Keep going
and you'll find yourselves

taking a dive
through plate glass.

Continue liquidating.

And close the damn deal.

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

Axe is in Colonel Kurtz

He's up the river, walled off
and hunkered down.

You have to go after him.
You're the only one who can.

You're a terrible actor.

Worse than Spyros.

There is literally no way in
which I am worse than Spyros.

Unless you mean worse
as a sycophant and...

no, if I wanted to toadie,

I could stoop lower
and lick boots better.


This is the real deal.

This is why you are here.

Because when fearless leader
forgets every once in a while

that he does need to
fear the almighty...

You bring him back to himself.

You restore equilibrium.

This isn't a fire drill,
it's the Fyre Festival...

And a full on fucking disaster.

He needs you, Wendy.


Tell me what I need to know...


I've gotten everyone's
comp decision.

They've all deferred.

Well, everyone's comp decision
but yours.

I want to be paid in full.


I don't want the money
locked up in the fund.

It's not you, it's me.

In case you break up with me.

I like you too much to be here
if that happened.

You are so good.



You didn't need to.

I was raised well.

Why'd you reach out?

Something truly new
or more of the same?

You've known since day one

that Jock Jeffcoat
is not fit by mien, character,

or basic respect for humanity to
lead the Department of Justice.

But he was appointed by
a man who was elected...

So you told yourself a story
about why you had to soldier on.

As did you.

As you would still if
you didn't come at him and lose.


You had a hand in that.

They say if you jump

right before the elevator
hits the ground

that it rips right through you
all the same.

I'm living proof
that ain't the case.

Jock is eyeballs-deep
in election fraud.

Rigging... stealing... elections.

You can prove that?

No. But you can.

You can open a DOJ investigation

and lay your hands on
the raw vote totals.

Jock would snuff that out...
And snuff me out...

Before I saw a single
butterfly ballot.

No. From you,
he'd never see it coming.

You're like that Sade song
come to life Kate...

"Smooth Operator"...

Now, know that's
high praise from me.


If you'll listen to me,

I can coach you on how to
keep this on the DL.

Avoid Jock's detection
until it's too late

for him to do anything
but take it.

You can't like
who Connerty has become.

You can't like who you have.

Use your skills for good again.
For right.

You could've been anything...
You chose to be a prosecutor.

Maybe this

is a reminder of why you did.

Or it'll end up in the trash.

Stop selling.

You're the guy who
taught me everything.

♪ ♪

Take me through the steps.
How would you have me work it?

I'm glad you still
feel that way.

♪ ♪

You piggyback on
the subpoena power

of an already convened
grand jury...

You think I stole an election?

Chuck thinks that.

Two actually.

Another on the way.

You believe him?

Not a word
out of his lying mouth.

But I thought you should know
his plan of attack.

He wanted me to flow
an investigation

through the
Civil Rights Division...

Knowing that's generally
not an area

where you paid much attention.

Oh. Well, that's a bit
unfair... and a little unkind.

As a young prosecutor, no one
put more Klansmen behind bars.

Even sent a few to the chamber.

Watched 'em wriggle and twitch
without an ounce of sympathy.

Laudable commitment to justice.

Yeah. I have that.

So do you.

With a laudable swath
of ambition as well.

Well, I do have my eye
on the next rung.

Mm-hmm. Well, you can't
have Connerty's job.

Don't want it.

Too much scrutiny from you.


No. I was thinking something
with more maneuvering room.

Head of
the Civil Rights Division.

That'll look good
when you run for office.


But first, we must
break Chuck's fever.

And the surest route
is apprehending his padre.

So, if you will add your labors
to Connerty's on that.


Cleared out
over two billion today.

I feel like
that's a lot of money.

Even for you.

Yeah. It is.

That's why I'm here.

The truth is,
I can't be your counsel

on destroying Taylor anymore.

That took me to my worst place.

I know.
Why I didn't ask.

[WENDY] But I can still
counsel you.

I'm not gonna say,
"Don't compete against Taylor."

But I am gonna say,

compete on the battlefield
you're meant to.

And take solace in beating
Taylor's returns.

That really doesn't
seem like enough.

Yeah. You need an enemy.
Or you think you do.

Like without that
gravitational pull

you'll go flying off
into nothingness.

No edge, no drive.
No Axe.

I don't need an enemy.
I have an enemy.

What if you didn't?

What if you just put this
to fucking bed?

That what you think you did
at the hearing?

In a sense, yes.

Doing the right thing
eventually becomes the thing

that makes you feel right.

It's... It's not the hedonic
experience, believe me...

It doesn't happen quickly.

Doesn't charge you
with endorphins

the way the perfect combo
of salt, fat and sugar does.

But it does last longer.
It does nourish you.

You really feel
all of that already?

Right now I'm a little down
about losing my medical license.

More than a little.

But underneath that...
Yeah, I-I...

I can feel the spark.

I think we might not run
on the same kind of fuel.

Taylor's my responsibility.
I brought them into the world.

I need to be the one
to take them out.

You do have a code.

Rebecca's inside the circle, so
she gets the special treatment.

Taylor's outside, so they get
the other special treatment.

It gasses you up, as you say,
but it doesn't burn clean.

Especially not as we get older.

The only times I've ever
seen you truly fuck yourself

were when you narrowed your
whole gaze to retribution.

That's not happening here.

I see the field.

And I get that vengeance
didn't agree with your system.

But we're built different.

I guess I really have
lost my touch.

Well, just because
I'm not listening to you,

doesn't mean I don't value you.

It really kinda does.



It's thirty hours of labor.
And counting.

She's a fucking
yoga champion, Ira.

What does that have to do
with anything?

I don't know. I just thought
it sounded reassuring.

Hey. She's gonna be fine.


I just... can't believe
you're starting all over.

Neither can my kids,
but... I'm not dead.


After every loss, after every
great big kick to the grundle,

we start over.

We fall in love again.
We make new life.

And hopefully new
and different mistakes.

What's the matter?

Dad didn't check in.

You think they have him?



- That [BLEEP] sucks.
- Yeah.

...Oh, the amount of goddamned
pot these little girls smoke...


back in the day they'd have
been called 'grasshoppers.'


Well, they're exaggerating
a little.

Me? I never liked
to get too stoned.

Only enough to make you
want to fuck.

Oh. You just need
a nice sativa blend...

A what?


Oh, what's up, little Bess?

- FBI! Let me see your hands!


Don't you lay a hand on her!


♪ ♪

[CONNERTY] We are running down
some promising leads and...


This could be the call.


No, I'll be right there.

Good work.

We have him?
Through the woman?

Tied Rhoades Senior to her
via a college account.

Credit card pinged
at an upstate hotel.

Looks like the Thruway hit
was real.

I'm heading there now.

Can you let Jock know?

Easy breezy.

Good luck finishing off
the Rhoadeses.




You don't have to do it.

Nope. I went to war with
my own people on the deal.


And I am poised
to move on Cardinale.

Should consummate tomorrow AM.

And it means a lot to me
that you would do that.

But, as I said,
you no longer have to.


I thought I would outlast you.

That the other moves would be
beyond your cash reserves...

You were right about that point.

But I was wrong about Axe.

And how far he would go
against me. And for you.

Maybe not this far for either.
But for both?

He's backing me.

In a day's time
I won't need your company.

I can't let that happen.
I'm waving the white flag.

Willing to go back
to supplying you.

Under the old rates?

Just like it was before
I came into the picture.


That would save Saler's...
And Axe... a bundle.

But I would have to make you
a brutal fucking deal.

Take controlling interest
of Kling.

Strip you of all

But without buying me out.

I want you to have flesh
in the game.

Invest me in Saler's wellbeing.

And tie you to any
future suffering

in order to prevent it.


I'm open to that...

You cut a fucking deal
with Taylor?

I am grateful
that you were willing

to buy me
the Heart of the Ocean...

But a gift like that...
That's too much.

Even if I am the one
who asked for it.

I saw the dynamic change,

the friction that it already
had created between us.

So I let you off the hook.

You also let my arch fucking foe
off the hook.

I wasn't thinking about them.
I was thinking about us.

And your company.

Yes. And that.



You already understand
the wisdom of the move.

And in time, you'll appreciate

that it was the best thing
for everybody.


Let's talk about what you can do

with the few billion that
you don't need to spend anymore.

And why aren't we drinking yet?





♪ ♪

♪ ♪

[JOCK] Thank you.

Mr. Rhoades, my name
is Waylon Jeffcoat.

I know who the fuck you are.

[JOCK] I thought you might,

yet I thought I'd observe
a familiar courtesy...

Maybe tell you about a few other
courtesies you might not know

are currently being
extended to you.

This is an unofficial,
casual conversation.

You're not under arrest.

If you answer my questions,

it's possible that neither you
nor your boy

need be clapped in iron.

I don't really want that.

I just want Chuck broken.

Stripped of his office,
and his law license,

and this futile vendetta
that he's directed my way.

Where you come from,
maybe you sell your progeny

because there's
not enough polk salad

to feed all the little mouths.

But I'm not saying a damn thing
to help you hurt my boy.


Do you have any idea what
it smells like in prison?

Is it dick?

I'm betting dick.


That certainly is one of
the notes you will detect.

You, sir, will have
all the time in the world

to dig out every subtlety
off the back of your tongue,

as you will be spending
the rest of your life there.

Away from the people
and the acts that you love.

Everything that you have
spent a lifetime building

will be torn down
by these very hands.

Even before it's finished.

Or... you could keep it.

That Elysian Fields project
of yours.

I could make sure it's shielded
from your criminality.

Which we have
abundant evidence of.

- From the wires...
- Fucking wires...

And from witnesses...

There are no Goddamn witnesses.

Because I haven't committed a crime.


Excuse me.

Ask him about "the idiot."

Who is that?

The guy who secretly brokered
his land deal.

BETTER: tell him we have the guy.

But who the hell is it?

I don't know. But that's
what he referred to him as.



Cards on the table.

The cretin that helped you
snag the land.

Uh. What is it you so lovingly
call him... the idiot?

We have him.

And he's singing like
Hank Williams, the elder.

Telling us all about
your cheatin' heart.


That would be bad news for me.


If it were true.

So... if he's
in the next room,

bring him in.

I can't let you
have that access.

Then just tell me his name.

I'm in the information intake
business, not the reverse.

fucking thought.

So... what now?

You gonna hold me
on some trumped up charge

or you gonna turn me loose?


I think I'll just
keep you right here.

Get a material witness order.
Ice you.

Until this whole thing
shakes out

cleaner than
a choirboy's pecker.


[CONNERTY] He jumped
when you said it.

[JOCK] Yeah. So we know where
to put the pinch bar...

Only we don't fucking have one.

We don't have the fucking idiot.

We don't even know who
the motherfucker is.

No... but I know
how we can.

It's on the recording.

That the taint team
stonewalled me on.

- The thing's locked up in...
- Well, unlock it, son.

Jesus Christ. The Lord doesn't
put knowledge before us

so that we can remain ignorant.

I'm not legally allowed to...

If I order it,
it's fucking legal.

Now, you get your hands
on that fucking tape...

And that fucking idiot.


♪ ♪

We've got to get on the list
for preschool right away.

We will, baby, we will...

♪ ♪

♪ In the morning glow,
I'll hold you close ♪

♪ While lunatics clutch
the nuclear codes ♪

♪ And take their tolls
on burning roads ♪

♪ While we huddle here
over the radio ♪

There's a word for what it takes
to do what you did.

To reverse yourself like that
on Kling.

Is it being dead tired?
Or beaten?

- Mastery.
- Thank you.

But I think it may also be
a little of the other things.

I'm ready for this war
to finally be over.

Do you think it is?

[LAUREN] Well, now that his
girlfriend's company is safe.

I think it just might be.

♪ It's not too late to play
a weak hand strong ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪


What's the thing.

You said I could
get back into the game,

if I found something good.


I think I found it.

Good for Axe Cap.
Good for you.

Maybe bad for someone else
you care about.

But you can weigh that.


Saler's has always had
too much toxic debt.

There was no place
they could really put it.

Until now.

Yeah. Now they do.

You have always been a stone
and steely assassin, Victor.

Born that way.

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

The kind of destruction
you're considering,

the collateral damage,

the relationships
that'll be ruined

or pushed to the brink...
You ready for all that?

Just to finally see the blood
seeping out of Taylor's armor

onto the battlefield?

If I'm not, why am I
still wearing my armor?

Anything I can do to help?

Not on this. No.

Go find Wendy.

No one knows better than you how
to pad the blow of a shitty day.

♪ ♪

♪ Hey, if you want it ♪

♪ Baby, let's be saboteurs ♪

♪ Take 'em down
from the inside ♪

♪ Baby, let's be saboteurs ♪

♪ I'm not gonna change my mind ♪

♪ In the poison glow
of the undertow ♪

♪ We'll kick against the tide ♪

♪ Baby, let's be saboteurs ♪

- ♪ Baby, let's be saboteurs ♪
- [MAN] Two Carte Blanche. Enjoy.

I don't know if you're aware,

but I am also
an unlicensed doctor.

A medicine man of sorts,

and surgeon
of the drinking arts.

I'm going to place
a steady stream

of prescribed medications
before you...

And you are going to quaff
deeply and repeatedly.

And a little flicker
of the warm and giddy

will grow and spread.

And we will laugh
about the days of yore.

And we will toast the comrades
who have fallen

and yet may fall.

And you will forget
the vicissitudes

of the last few days

and you will remember
who you are.

And who's that?

The only woman I've ever
enjoyed drinking with.

Well, then there's one thing
we should do...

Get properly fucking drunk.

♪ Hey, yeah ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ I'm not gonna change my mind ♪

♪ Baby, let's be saboteurs ♪

♪ Take 'em down
from the inside ♪

♪ Baby, let's be saboteurs ♪

♪ I'm not gonna change my mind ♪

♪ To the poison glow
of the undertow ♪

♪ We kick against the tide ♪