Billions (2016–…): Season 4, Episode 1 - Chucky Rhoades's Greatest Game - full transcript

on Billions...

The case you'll be bringing is:
obstruction of justice.

Against the
Attorney General.

We need the icebreaker now.
We need Grigor Andolov.

International criminals
are unstable bedrock

for a cap raise.

You don't think taking his money
was at least worth a discussion?

There was a discussion.

He said I was
off the raise team.

This is
an object lesson.

It's time to put away
childish enthusiasms.

I don't even know
that it's wrong for him

to do
what he's doing...

only that I don't like
how it makes me feel.

Mick Danzig just quit.


Yes, Jack.

I know that you have
built a good chunk

of your fortune
on cheap steel deals.

It's not only illegal,
it's fucking dangerous.

But if you imagine
this is the first time

I've ever had to wrestle
with my shoulders near the mat,

you're gonna learn
something very different.

We. Fucking. Did it!

Six billion dollars committed.

I've been making
follow-up calls to book

the money that
was pledged at the raise.

I'm having problems
locking it in.

It looks like you're
ready to get into business.

I need a meeting
with your boss, Grigor Andolov.

I will pull
all my money,

and I will give it
to Taylor.

A new
kind of organization.

And you can make more
than you do now.

With a partnership stake.

You've stolen from me.
And you've betrayed me.

- Alvin?
- We got him.

It worked.
I can play you the tape.

The fellas told me
what you had in store for me.

You, Charles Rhoades Junior,
are relieved of duty.

On power of the President,
you are fired!

Get the fuck
out of here.

'Lo, Bob.

So, you know how you're gonna
go after Jock?

Some ideas
floating around my head.

And, uh, Taylor?


Got a plan
that's starting to form.

You bopping over to the
Taylor Mason party after this?

So you have good intel.
That we met with Ms. Mason.

If that's what you want
to call them.

We need to be certain
no money is going

to ex-employees
of Axe Capital...

Ms. Mason,

if you want us to continue
jacking up your returns.

One moment.

Absolutely. Yeah.

This conversation
should continue

with the Sheik
back at the Embassy.

He's having
his own after-party.

Where's the Sheik?

We can have more fun
without him.

Come on.

I'd love that.

Good morning, boss.

Hey, Chef Ryan.

I got up early.

Just put that coffee in a go-cup
and get the car brought around.

Man like you
should eat something.

So you have fuel
to burn.

Do I look like I need
to fan the fire?

The new, beefed up non-competes.
Ready to be signed.

They better be
iron fucking clad.

Believe me, they're tighter
than AC/DC in '78.

Then let 'em fly.

Man that preacher can sing.


Al Green!

The Reverend.

But this
is before that.

this is The Belle Album.

It's considered by many to be
the long player

he made as an apology
and entreaty to Jesus Christ

for the life of the flesh
he had been living

before he joined
the ministry.

Is that so?


Just two years earlier,
he was scalded

when his girlfriend threw
a boiling pot of hot grits

over him
in the midst of a fight.

She felt so bad after, that
she retreated into the bedroom,

picked up his handgun...
his handgun...

and shot herself.



My guess?

Green never
forgave himself

for having that pistol
in the house.

This bullshit
is you telling me

you can't get me
a gun permit.

No, sir!

It is
no small thing to do,

but if that's what's necessary,
I can make it happen.

No, I tell you the story
as a way to communicate

that you shouldn't want
a gun permit.

I don't want one.
I need one.

I'm high profile,
I own horses,

I carry cash
to and from the track,

to the garage
and back.

My wife, look,
the kid loves jewelry,

I need to know that we can
move freely and safely.

Mr. Brogan, do not get a permit
to carry a handgun.

You asked for my counsel,
that's my counsel.

No. I'm not here
for your counsel.

You're supposed to be
a power broker now, right?

So broker some power.

Tap your relationship
with the Police Commissioner.

Unless, when they canned your
ass, you lost all your pull.

Is that what this is?

My favor bank
is chock-full.

How's this: I happen to have
in my possession,

a Park-Anywhere Permit

direct from
the Mayor's Office.

You can pull right up wherever
you're going, nice and safe,

no one
will ticket your car.

You park on the sidewalk

and cops will have
to walk around it.

Cops already walk
around my car.

I have
an ex-cop driving it.

I know a carry permit is
almost impossible in New York.

Toughest in the country.

Only ex-cops and ex-feds
gain concealed carry permits

in New York City...
And guys hooked up on high.

Which is what I figured
you were.

But now it's clear,
you're not.

Teva's about to announce,
you poised, Dollar Bill?

Aye, Captain.

If América Móvil gets whacked,
the peso goes with it, Ev...

I'm Everready.

Personal foul on the play:
Using your own nickname.

Hey, Rudy, where are you
landing on Rio?

I'm seeing weakness
in Australian ore, so...

You're the only
weakness I'm seeing.

Wait, what?

Over in the kitchen
before the open you said

they were expanding
their rail capacity.

- Yeah.
- So I thought they must be

expanding their CapEx and would
be down for a quarter or two...

That was
your mistake: thinking.

Hey, what's the rumpus?

- I was...
- Nothing.

I want you two in sync
like incestuous ice dancers.

My thong's already
riding up my crack,

I don't need you
up there too, Axe.

Oh, that's exactly
where I am.

That goes
for all of you.

So give, Bonnie.


They're expecting shipments
of 360 million tons.

The information
is fucking out there.

Do you know why
Ovi scores so much?

'Cause Backstrom
shares the puck.

Yeah, but when he does,
Ovi goes bardown.

This lame loses the puck
between his legs,

or airmails it
into the goddamn glass.

So I fire him,
and he never fucks up again...

- Right, Rudy?
- That's right, Axe!

And you signed your non-compete,
didn't you?

Of course!


you're fired.


for misreading
Bonnie's information?

and for fraternizing.

With our sworn
fucking enemies.

Taylor Mason Capital

I accepted that invitation
a long time ago...


No one talked shop...
Everyone else here declined.

Or didn't even
fucking respond.

Public execution.

Power move.

Whose bits aren't hard,


This is
a new day for Axe Cap,

so we will all share
our information

or we won't be
a part of it.

Get with it,
or get fucked, people.

So you're firing me too?
No, he fired you.

I'm seconding it.


We now live in a universe
split down the middle.

You got to pick sides.

If you're not on mine,
you're gone.

That was bracing.

I'm headed off to the land
of milk and honey.

Or their embassy,
at least.

You sure you don't want
to come along

and help me deal with
the sovereign wealth fund?

This is
my sovereign wealth fund.

You really sure you want me
to deal with the royals?

Competition is probably
sending their top dog.

Oh, believe me, they're not
sitting down with Taylor.

They would never see
someone like them.

And the sovereign money
is pledged to us already.

This is just about
setting terms.

But that's
the hard part.

Nobody's paying
full freight anymore.

Wags, it's bad enough
that we had to go 2 and 20.

We gotta make
our stand there.

We might as well be running
a mutual fund.

You go deliver this message
and get us our terms.

Jawohl, kommandant.
And cut that shit out.

Whatever you say,

I, Bryan James Flynn Connerty,
do solemnly swear...

That I will
support and defend

the Constitution
of the United States...

...that I will support
and defend

the Constitution
of the United States...

...against all enemies,
foreign and domestic.

...against all enemies
foreign and domestic.

Our boy looks good up there,
doesn't he?

Like he was born
to it.

No one's born to it,
Ms. Sacker, not even you.

He had to kill
for it.

'S what makes it
worth something.

As you will likely
find out one day...

So help me God.

So help me God.

Thank you, Your Honor.

Thank you so much, Your Honor.
Thank you.

You finally made it.

Long time coming.

First order of business?

Something I've been giving
a lot of thought to.

I want to go after...
Mr. U.S. Attorney,

I would love to borrow you
for a New York minute.

Mr. Attorney General.
I just want to say thank...

Yeah, faith bestowed.
New beginnings.

Debts of gratitude.
Fresh opportunities.

All those
wonderful things.

Let's just consider
that covered, shall we?

Move on to sloppy inheritances.

Cleaning up messes
that came before.

We're talking
about Chuck?

We are.

We get one chance to firewall
ourself off from his tenure,

and this is how
we're gonna do it...

You can't get Brogan
a gun permit?


Uh, we live in New York City,
Dad, not Beaumont, Texas.

Gun permits are quite hard
to come by.

I sent that man in to you
because he is important

in the very city
in which we live.

And state.

With all the benefactors
you will need.

You sent him to me? Hmm?
Who the fuck else?

You need
to go on the offensive.

Because everyone else
is lining up against you.

Tell him, Ira.

Hello, buddy.
Your father is correct.

Most of your major cases are
being put under review by SDNY,

by Connerty,
for any kind of wrongdoing.

Oh, those fuckers.

All my good work undone.

Legacy trashed.

All my accomplishments wiped out
as though I were never there.

Yeah, that'll happen.
But it's worse than that.

They're digging
for misconduct,

wrongful prosecutions,

politically motivated

conflict of interest...

they'll try to
abandon convictions.

- Your name will be ruined.
- His name?!

That's my name
he's wearing.

And it will not
be besmirched.

I don't think we can stop...
Oyez, oyez, Sonny!

They are trying to hang you
from the yardarm.

And you have not claimed
the high ground

from where
you can repel the siege.

If you were in
a position of influence,

- if you had a power base...
- Yes.

Then you could take vengeance
on them, on Connerty and...

and the rest,

make them defend
instead of attack.

All I want is vengeance,
and it will be had.

And we all know
what I need to do it.

A perch.

And Epstein's vacated
New York Attorney General's seat

is there for me.

And maybe
I could win it.

But the moment
I poke my head up,

Jack Foley
will come after me.

Release what he has
on me.

Or threaten to,

as I'm no longer
in a position to prosecute him.

I would slap your face
and tell you to act like a man

if I didn't think
it'd turn you on.

It wouldn't, Dad.

Not from you.
Not how it works.

Good lord.

Well, regardless.

We could give what you have
to a sympathetic prosecutor.

Or at the right time,
I will take care of Foley.

But you get yourself
in goddamn position.

Get off your ass
and rebuild your influence.

Because you're gonna
need it.

Start by getting
that goddamn gun permit.

I don't think I can, Dad.
You can and you will.

The very difficulty
of it

is why you must.

Make the rounds,

Like Billy Phelan did
in his city.

You know exactly where all
the people are who can help you.

Use them

the way a bathhouse
piano player used poppers

to give you
that electric shock of power

just when
you need it most.

thinking about your past,

really freaks me out.

What a glorious thing
it was.

What I remember.

What made me want to sit
with you is:

you weren't afraid to lead
with your heart.

While absolutely smashing
your book.

I'm here because of
what I remember:

that you were the smartest
person I ever worked with.

But then I almost
didn't come in today.

Look, I get we're in a game
that requires us to win

and that means
we have to shut our minds

to the fact that
other professionals will lose...

And you're fine with that
as long as the loser

is on par with you,
but when, say it's a...

Yeah. I got tired of beating up
on the defenseless.

Like we taught 'em
at Annapolis:

it's better
than being the defenseless.

That's true.
And I love that, actually.

But there are things they were
comfortable with at Axe Cap

that we will never
do here.

I made sure of that
before I signed on.

It's a big part of why
I asked Sara to become COO.

Her reputation, first as
Chief of Staff for the Supe,

then in Silicon Valley...
Taylor, you led the charge

on how to wring cash
from Sandicot.

Yes. That's true.

Because that's what Axe Cap
does to a person.

Don't I know it.

Axe and Wags,
even Wendy,

are like
the United Citizen Federation.

They turned us all
into Starship Troopers,

sent us to Klendathu and
some of us got our brains eaten.

And it wasn't until the end
of our time in that we realized:

we were the bad guys
all along.

It's not
like that here.

We will do it the right way
this time, man.

You know how loyal
I was to Axe.

This is why I left him
to come here.

And why
you should be here, too.

If I signed on,

when would you be
looking for me to start?

We need folks right fucking now.
We're desperate.

Next week or two.

I know.

Never let anyone
outside of the family

know what
you're thinking.

It's not enough
to quote it.

You need to live it.

Why didn't Danzig commit
in the room?

Maybe going forward,
be a little less scary?

I thought
I was inviting.

I'm scary?


Fucking wimps.

Why is Mick Danzig the best
candidate that we've seen?

Where are
the applied math wizards,

the financial engineers?

Do I have to go
to an MIT job fair?

I'm trying.

Wall Street's had some
of the luster knocked off...

So buff it back up
and close Danzig.

Then find me people
with no fear.

Like Sara.

It's time for you to suit up
for the meeting.

I'll step out,
let you put it on.

I find
that I don't want to.

It's wrong
that I have to.


It is.

When you poached me, you said:
whatever it takes.

You said it was my job
to remind you of that,

so strap it
the fuck on.

About personnel.

We've succeeded in keeping
the best applicants away.

I took care
of the head hunter.

It's frustrating Taylor.

But they did
bring in Mick Danzig.

Want to hire him.
Well, scoop him up.

Overpay him.

You want Danzig
that much?

What I want that much
is for Taylor to have nothing.

With that fucking Russki
backing them,

my options are limited.

So these guys are gonna be
a permanent fixture?

Till I find a way to get Grigor
out of here.

Mr. Wagner, no one enjoys
your company more than I do...

Oh. I can supply you with
the names of a couple gals

who might give you a run
for your money on that.

But I appreciate
the sentiment...

the Sheik would prefer,

and frankly
is in the habit,

of sitting
with the decision maker.

With Mr. Axelrod.

Think of me
as that decision maker.

I speak for him.

Regardless, the Sheik
will not see the value

in paying above market.

- 2 and 20 is standard.
- Was standard.

Not for an investment
the size of ours.

It doesn't matter
if it's as swole as Dirk Diggler

on his first night
with Rollergirl.

This is
one of those rare cases

where size
doesn't actually matter.

You know how
the price of admission

for women
into your fine country

is that they cover
their tatas and donut?

Well, our version of that
is 2 and 20.

We won't stone you
if you refuse,

but we will kick you
out of our fund.

Are you comparing
your fee structure,

by way
of several vulgarisms,

to our religion?

To Bobby Axelrod, fees are
religion and money is his God.

This makes him
the perfect shepherd for you

in the material world.

And at least when you pray
to his God,

you get another
fucking Bentley out of it.

Look, we both know
in seven to 20 years

when everything
runs electric

you'll all be back
to herding goats over there,

so you might want to get me
in front of your boss...

that will never happen

if 2 and 20
is your sticking point.

- Now, if you're willing to c...
- Don't even fucking think

of dictating the fees,

This is getting heated,

which, between friends,
is not right.

Now, let's all cool off,
pick this up tomorrow.

In the meanwhile,
I am hopeful that

in the spirit
of friendship,

our nighttime plans
remain on.

On like Chaka Khan...

Taylor fucking Mason...

I'm telling you.

But gorgeous.

Like Kate Jackson hot.

You sure?
Pretty fucking sure.

I looked right into her...
their eyes.

It'd be something
of a necessity

dealing with a sovereign
wealth fund.

Taylor Mason,
willing to compromise

their steely fucking principles
to get the loot.

Well, I admire it.
But I'm gonna stop it.

This could only be
the introductory meeting.

No fucking way they got to
the Sheik in the first round.

We can never let Taylor
get to the Sheik.

Easy, big fella.

They're in my head
all the time.

First I miss the coup.

Then the leader of the coup
thinks they're sneaking in here

and taking the sovereign funds
meant for me.

How you doing
with the sovereign?

Maybe we should scoop up

they're looking to invest,
shut out Mason Capital.


That's your final term.

No Taylor.

I haven't closed yet.

They didn't react well
to the idea of us

keeping to
our fee level.

But we're
going clubbing tonight,

which you know
is my métier.

So we'll see what I can do.
I'm heading out.

I'm gonna trade out
this funeral attire for...

The all black uniform
of the middle-aged warrior?

I'll stand by.

Call me when
you need reinforcements.

Call me when it's over.

Just fucking call me.

Copy, fratello mio.

You ever just not want
a day to start?


And neither do you.

Maybe I'm going
about this wrong.

Oliver Dake
is teaching law...

You are not Oliver fucking Dake.
And you don't want to be.

If word gets out that you can't
get a VIP a gun permit,

no matter how hard
it is to do,

the story will be
'Chuck Rhoades is over.'

Then, sure, go teach.

Right in the breadbasket.

You know
how to do this.

Like a honeybee,

take what
you pick up here,

you drop it there,

just make sure
at the end of the day,

you're the one who ends up
with all the nectar.

Check in with me later.
I'm ready to help.

The kid's got...
H-He's lights out, okay?

He's got a 12-6 curveball, boom,
drops right off the table.

They're gonna protest,

Gotta go with him,
he's our best chance to win.

He's too old.

They're not gonna let our kid
on the mound...

Commissioner Sansome,

imagine seeing you here
this fine morning.

U.S. Attorney Rhoades.

Everyone knows this is
my breakfast spot.

If they missed the profile
in New York Magazine,

they couldn't miss
my detail out front.


Listen, uh, when you're done,
I wonder if I could trouble you

on the small matter
of a carry permit

for a client of mine.

you weren't a real lawman
back when you were a lawman.

I'm gonna fucking
do for you now?

perhaps I could do for you.

There must be something
that I...

What you're asking for
is a key to the city,

and I'm not gonna
hand it to you.

will you excuse us?

You want a table,
Mr. Rhoades?

Save your fine sable for someone
whose fortunes warrant it.

Wendy, I know what
Commissioner Sansome needs.

Won't be easy to get.

Gonna have to pay Peter
to pay Paul to pay George,

and probably John, too.

But at least
I have a road map.

First stop?


To see Eisen.
Of course.

Not like him.


The night work never keeps him
from the morning work...

I'm gonna call him.

Wags, this is the seventh time
I've tried you.

Where the fuck
are you at?

Will you wake the fuck up
and call me?

Really not like him.
Let's go wake his ass up.

Mr. Eisen, sir.

I might have a coffee with you,
if invited.

Thank you.

What in this world do you need?

Balls the size
of Jupiter

and a tight wet slot
to jam 'em into.

The usual.

But, uh,
out of my purview.

No, really:
what do you need?

What the fuck
is this?

Who sits down
with that bullshit?

Fuck you.


It's the old joke
about the congressman, right?

Young girl from his district
comes up to him.

Says she wants to drop
to her knees,

take care
of his business,

and bring him
a fresh made martini after.

Politician looks at her
and says:

what's in it for me?

No, really.
Fuck you.

When you were
U.S. Attorney,

there were plenty of favors
I could have used.

Where were you then?

That's what this morning brings:
Me changing that.

Look, I could beat
about the bush.

But who's that serving?

I may not still be
U.S. Attorney...

still plenty wired
in this town.

Try me out.

Let me flip it first, so I know
what I'm setting myself up for.

What do you
fucking need?

An introduction
to Ambassador Suarez.

I hear
you're close to him.


Uh, look.

I'm not a transactional man
by nature...

No. Sure.
Of course. Absolutely.

But this isn't...

I could intro you,
but not right now.


With all the shit going on
with his stepson,

the Ambassador isn't interested
in meeting people

who are looking
for favors.

If I put you with him,

then, yeah, I'd have to
get something in return.

Okay, then let me suggest
a favor I can do for you,

since you won't
volunteer one.

I have
a Park-Anywhere Permit.

Say the word,
and it's yours.

I've got
a Mayor's Office Pass.

Had one since
Bloomberg's first term.

Thanks anyway.

there must be something

that would
make it worthwhile.

there's one thing,

but really not
in your, uh, "purview."

Try me.

I need tickets

to the Central Synagogue
children's Hanukkah service.

How many?

In the main room.
Not in the overflow.

I want to sit
with my daughter,

but my ex's brother is
the president of the board.

He's keeping me out.

You get that done
for me,

and I'll put you
with the Ambassador.

Lemme work.

Say hello to everyone.

Whoa, whoa!

The most vaunted Donny left
in the city.

Very funny, Chuck.
Uh, you know Kenny D., right?

Oh, yes. Well, anyone who flies
knows that Mr. Dichter

can change the tenor
of your trip in a moment's.

Fleet is always available
for you, Chuck.

Nice to see you.
Call me.


What's up, Chuck?

I find myself in need

of the proverbial lifetime pass
to the Polo Grounds.

And I'm prepared to give you
Cleopatra on a plate for it.

I need your ducats

to the children's
Hanukkah service at Central.

Main room,
not overflow.

Um, you're gonna be
out of town, yeah?

I'm gonna be skiing,
but do you have any idea

what I can get
for those tickets, man?

How about for
a Park-Anywhere Permit?

Got one right here
and it's yours.

Already got one
for each of my cars.

Well, uh, there must be
something you need.

First tracks,
Deer Valley.

Now, that's private access
to the mountain,

half hour before it opens...

...ultimate, ultimate privilege.

There's only five,
and they're all gone.

How many days
do you need?

Entire season.

I get you that...

You got your tickets.

Lemme work...

So now,
you show up in person.

Good to see you,
Mr. Axelrod.


Where's my man,
where's Wags?

You don't know?

I wouldn't be standing here
if I did.

What happened
last night?

The party continued back here
to the lounge on the roof.

the Sheik was occupied

and they didn't
get to speak.

I retired after 3:00.

I'm not sure
when Mr. Wagner left.

Perhaps he overindulged?

I want
to see for myself.

All right.

He says the party ended
around 4:30

and the remaining
guests left.

Left this area
or the building?

He's not sure.

He stayed here
and they left.

The women.
And Mr. Wagner.

He assumed they exited.

Are there any
overnight quarters here?

What makes you think he's here?

His cell pinged here
as his last location.

This is Mr. Wagner's.
He dropped it.

He'll want it back
when you find him.

We want
to search the building.

I'm afraid not,
Mr. Axelrod.

You are on our soil.

All decisions of that nature
will be handled

by the Sheik,
through me.

since you're here,

the Sheik would like me
to go through the terms...

First I find Wags, then I sit
with the guy in the robes.

As your Mr. Wagner said to me:
I speak for that man.


Look, put me with the Sheik
so we can sort all this out.

Of course.

But you will have to wait,
as everything runs

on the Sheik's
very busy schedule.

Is he
fucking in there?

It's possible.

We call the cops,
the FBI?

They get turned away.
Diplomatic immunity.

And it gets very public.
Very messy.

You say goodbye to managing
sovereign wealth ever again.

Let me pull security cam footage
from nearby buildings,

see if
he actually left.



They're doing this
for leverage...

'cause they want to be able
to dictate terms on the deal.

They put themselves in
a good position to do just that.

Yeah. Well, we need
some leverage of our own.

I'm on it.

Well, you were right,
there he is.

Cheetah's gotta visit
the water hole.


He's sure to scatter
if I just walk up to him.

After all, I did
prosecute the man.

I'll do it.

You are a gentle-lady
and a scholar.


Oh, uh, offer him my
Park-Anywhere Permit

if you need to.

Steven Birch.

The face that launched
a thousand shorts.

What can I do
for you?

He said
he hurt his knee

and his wife prefers the beach
to skiing.


You have
his first tracks.

What'd you trade
for them?

It was the parking permit,
wasn't it?

No, Chuck.


Nobody wants
this fucking thing.

what did you trade?

A session.

Isn't that
cheating on Axe?

I won't give Birch
the 'A' stuff.

I've got your first tracks,
Donny D.


Then you, sir, have your
children's service tickets.

Take care, Chuck.
Take care.

Now, take me
to the Ambassador.

I will and I can.
Good. Let's go.

Fuck soon.

I didn't expect you
to put this together so quickly.

I'm not the actual guy
to make the actual introduction,

but I can introduce you
to a guy who can.

Why don't you call
that guy?

Right now.

You see,
falcons mate for life.

As humans do...


They're much more consistent
than we are.

Because they know
who they are.

The males go out and hunt
and bring back food.

And the females stay
in the nest,

defending it,
tending to the young.

As nature dictates.

Yes, that kind of bifurcation
of roles makes sense,

when you're dealing with
a single meal at a time.

But when the hunt
will provide for generations,

one would do well to go with
whoever can get the best kill.

I like the logic and strength
of this argument.


Let us take some tea
with the Sheik.


Security footage
from neighboring buildings

says Wags never left.


What could they
be doing to him?


Have they got him
chained up?

Would they torture him,

rendition him back
to their country?

Chemicals more likely...

Pentathol, perhaps,
other sedatives,

to encourage docility,
but, again, unclear.

Have we discovered
any leverage?

I have something you can play
in the room.

The kind of scandal
that scares the shit

out of even the most powerful
people in the Middle East.


This may be enough
to free Wags,

and to keep the sovereign money
out of Taylor's hands.

If I can get
in the fucking room.

If I don't hear
that I've got a meeting

by day's end,
fuck Axe Capital.

I'm gonna call
the State Department.

We blow
this whole thing up.

this is Chuck.

He needs
to meet the Ambassador.

Oh, yeah?
Well, Ambassador Suarez

isn't taking
any meetings right now.

Not until this bullshit
with his stepson is fixed.

Man, this fucking city,
it nibbles away at you

like fucking piranhas
until there's nothing left.


They put a Citi Bike rack
on my fucking street,

took up
all the legal spots.

I was just
talking to my lawyer

who's dealing with
three thousand dollars

worth of fucking
parking tickets for me.

Tell me this:
can you make tickets go away?

You put me
with the Ambassador,

I think
I can do you one better.

You'll never get
a parking ticket again.


Robert Axelrod,
Atlas of the finance world.

Charles Rhoades,

There's a, uh, situation.

That new charter school
that's going into Tribeca.

It's become central in some
contract I just made with a guy.

And you saw I was on the board
of that school.

And I wondered what it
might take to move that school

to a different spot,
a few blocks away.

It'd take plenty...
but who cares?

If it matters to you,
I can do it.

Meet with
my man Sean Ayles.

He'll take it from there.
Thank you.

You'll have fun
with Ayles.

He's exactly the opposite
of what he seems.

Who isn't these days?

I gotta go.

- Yeah?
- It's Farhad.

You have your meeting
with the Sheik in one hour.

I'll be there.

I've got the meeting...

I believe our target
is sipping a mojito dead ahead.


I believe you
are correct.

Ambassador Suarez.


I understand you're having
a problem with your stepson.

I am having problems
with the puritanical mores

and laws
in this provincial country.


A fight for the soul of
our nation is indeed under way.


My stepson merely got started
with his girlfriend

when she was
a bit too young.

She was 16, he was 20.

- Ah.
- Her parents,

fucking crazy people,

went to the police and he had
to register as a sex offender...

And with the charter school
opening on his block,

he now has to move.

In order to stay beyond
the buffer zone.

It's making
my wife miserable.

I am here
to alleviate her symptoms.

Mr. Ayles...

The thing is, and a propitious
thing it is indeed...


I represent a board member,
and his message to you

is that that school
does not have to go there.

As simple as that?

Oh, nearly so, sir.

Nearly so.

And what do you want from me,
my newfound friends?

The final authority on this
is behind that door.

The Sheik is in there?

that's got to feel like

a surprise party
of one.

First the shock and then
that warm feeling of seeing

how far out of the way
people have gone for you.

Something like that,


It's true,
I am not the Sheik.

But in some ways,
I am.

Our powers.
Our reach, is similar.

His English is better.

Yeah, sure.
He went to your schools.

I had to pick it up

watching the Happy Days
and Mike Wallace.

Though my favorite
was Rollerball.

The original.

You decided that you weren't
gonna be one of the players.

Instead one of the men above,
controlling them.

Playing looked like
a gas.

Until the spikes
came out.

I prefer to watch
the collisions.

Set in motion
the factors that cause them.

Your man, Wags,
could have avoided his.

But he mentioned
Taylor's fund.

And somehow
word got back to you.

Not somehow.

I have a very deep relationship
with the Royal Family.

I leave various oil markets
open to them,

and they allow
my investments to thrive.

In hedge funds
such as Taylor's.

We look out
for each other's interests.

As I had hoped
you and I would.

I hoped for that
as well.

But you didn't
act like it.

Instead, you tried
to stop Taylor

from getting
the additional capital

to allow their firm to grow,
make bigger plays.

This affects me.

Wasn't my intention
to cause you harm.

Intentions don't matter
at all to me.

I reward actions.

And I punish them,

As I know you do,

in your slightly smaller section
of the world.

You should know that Wags
was only following orders.

My orders.
Don't fret.

Your man will be waiting
for you in your car.

He's going to have a hell
of a headache for a few days.

But it will wear off.

I do this for you as a favor
for old times' sake.

This is
what I'm telling you.

Thank you.
No sweat, Fonzie.


please stop fucking
with Taylor Mason.

As a matter of fact,
by the time you get back

to your luxurious penthouse,
forget all about them.

But be sure you don't
forget about me.



You okay, man?

I don't know what's
coursing through my body.

GHB, ketamine.

I mean,
everything was going great.

Then they turned on me

like Sharon Stone did
in Total Recall.

Well, you do look
a little like Kuato.



They took you
to get to me.

I'm sorry you got
caught up in it.

The Sheik never
has to say sorry.

working man's bar.

when I saw you here

I figured it was
Eagle Scout night.


You keep popping up like
a turd remnant that won't flush.

You've got a problem
with your ace pitcher

in the Police Benevolent
Little League playoffs.

I overheard your conversation
at Barney Greengrass.

And, so?

The cut off
is fucking arbitrary,

the kid is
five-and-a-half months too old.

This one's a few months
too young,

that one's
a few months too old.

These things
can all balance out.

What if told you your pitcher
can be any age

you need him to be?

The fuck you say?

That one
has been destroyed.

Fill this out,
make a copy,

and give me back the original
to be filed.

Blank Dominican
birth certificate.

Kid can pitch Little League
for the next five years

if you want.


I want to know
about splash back.

None at all.

Full sneeze shield

High-level diplomat.

Never heard your name
or a 'why.'

Only knew
he owed me a favor.


As I do now.

You got that carry permit
you were looking for.

Thank you.

Let this be a beginning
and not an ending.

I got your text.


Long meeting.
Eight hours.

But the money
is coming on board.

It was brave that you did
what you had to do to get it.

Whatever it takes.

Still not used to
having enemies.

It's a sign
of your stature.

Get used to it.

Axe hired Danzig.

The head hunter's
been compromised.

- Fire her.
- Already done.

What other measures
can we take?

We need to hire
a Counter Intel specialist.

Do it...

I'm sorry
to wake you.

It's okay,
what else was I doing?

Do you have it yet?

I could just walk away,
just run Axe Cap,

forget all about Taylor,
just like Grigor told me.

Might even be
the 'mature' thing.

Fuck mature.

I'm overmatched.

For the first time
since I can remember.

He's richer than me.

And he's willing to do shit
I am not.

And he's connected
to all those other people

wanting to do
the same shit for him.

You walking away?

You're not walking away.

Because, yeah,
he's a Russian Oligarch.

But you, mon frère, are a
motherfucking Oligarch, too.

An American Oligarch.

You will not relent.

Taylor must pay.

Well, we have to do it without
Grigor getting a whiff of us.

Any losses Taylor Mason Capital
has will seem suspect.

The guy's as mercurial
as Sinatra with a cold.

Sooner than later, he's gonna
pull his money from Taylor,

you know.

Then he won't care.

Just wait it out.

You said it, Wags.

We make him mercurial.

Entice him to take
his money elsewhere.

Not 'cause he's getting
beaten up,

but because
nothing's happening.

He's not losing money, but he's
not making money either.

We don't put out this fire
by pouring water on it.

But by sucking oxygen
out of the room.

Slowly. Invisibly.


I'm sending
my fucking doctor over.

First thing tomorrow.

Whatever you say,

I haven't been this banged up
for quite a while.

You hold it well.

I don't know why I should be
surprised by that, but I am.

Used to be like this
five nights a week for me

back when
I was a line pross.

Oh, shit.
I just realized where we are.

You remember that night?

The night
Gotti hit Castellano.

They got his driver
Tommy Bilotti too.

Boom, boom, boom.

I was a beat cop back then,
fresh out of the Academy. You?

Home from school
for Christmas.

There was a way order used to
be maintained back then.

On both sides
of the damn street.

Back when
New York worked.

and gentlemen's agreements

that could
be counted on.

That order got shot to shit
that night.

Fuckin' A.

Some of us are still old school,
though, right?

All the way...

Remember the pictures
of Castellano...?


Guy thought he was heading
for a beautiful steak, right?

Barely gets out the car,

Right? His mouth's all open.

Oh, my God.

Some fucking night
that was, huh?

You know, I kind of
feel bad for the old guy,

scumbag that he was.

Blindsided like that.

But I guess that's New York
for ya, right?

Boss one minute,
in the gutter the next.


The best you can hope for
is one last look at the stars

before you go.