Billions (2016–…): Season 1, Episode 9 - Where the F*ck Is Donnie? - full transcript

A sudden and mysterious disappearance sends both Axe and Chuck spinning.

Previously on "Billions"...

I told Donnie we've always
known we can trust him.

Get started with 200,000 shares
of Rubinex.

So we've been profiling
all the players,

and we see this Donnie Caan.

Suddenly, he loads up
on Rubinex.

He couldn't provide
the research on the trade.

He agreed to cooperate
right away.

When Axe takes a big position
on Kemlot, long,

that audit is going to be
a key piece of evidence

that audit is going to be
a key piece of evidence

proving he went
against the numbers

because he knew something.

I'm not gonna be part
of the case going forward.

I've recused myself.

I want you to keep me
in the loop about

- what you're doing.
- But you're recusing yourself.

The gloves are off.
We do whatever it takes.

I came across a job that I think
might be your Shangri-La.

I know it's yours
if you're interested.

Now the Axelrod name
will be forever affixed

to this building for all time.

Axe is a folk hero in this town.

The guy gave

The guy gave

the New York City
Firefighter's Foundation

100 million dollars last year.

The police gave him a plaque
at Ground Zero

with his goddamn name on it.

You just need to read
this thing I found.

It'll make your day.

- Who should we give it to?
- Dimonda.

September 11, 2001...

A plane crashes into
the North Tower.

You short aviation stocks
in the European markets

making hundreds of millions
of dollars.

And you take that money,

and you call it Axe Capital.

Taking on the Police Fund
as a client

was one of the proudest
moments of my life.

Last thing I wanna do
is pull the money, but I will.

- When do we give them Kemlot?
- Soon.

- When do we give them Kemlot?
- Soon.

♪ Dramatic music ♪

♪ theme music ♪

Okay, best baseball team,

'27 Yankees?

Justify it.
Why were they the best?

- Murder's Row.
- Murderer's.

- Murder's Row.
- Murderer's.

And that's not an argument,

I know. Gehrig hit .373.

Hey. Kids, you wanna get
some ice cream?

- Yeah.
- School night?

Yeah. Let's get some anyway.
Run in. We'll see you in there.


♪ Tense music ♪

Will you catch up with the kids?

I'll call George to bring
the Range Rover around.

- It's getting worse.

Yep. It's just starting.

Three ball, side pocket.

When you're alone,
do you always call 'em out loud?

No. Just in my head.

No. Just in my head.

But I keep myself honest.

Only counts if it goes
where I tell it to.

How many?

Forty-two in a row.

Fifth rack almost dead.
Haven't missed yet.

You don't usually even think
about missing.

Don't read anything into it.

Kids asleep?


I'm glad you saw it
and reacted the way you did.

Hey, give yourself credit.

You got with it pretty quick.

You got with it pretty quick.

We protected them.

Yep. Haven't missed yet.

I told you not to read into it.

My job is to read
into everything

when it comes to you and them.

That was really, really scary.

And I don't scare.

There's hatred.
I can feel it.

I know.

Maybe we should think
about moving away,

just for a while,
somewhere far away from here.

No. No way.

No. No way.

No one is chasing us
from our home or my work.

♪ Pensive music ♪

- Six ball.

Towers down, profits up!

Towers down, profits up!

Towers down, profits up!
Towers down, profits up!

Axe Capital is profiting

from the deaths of 9/11!

From the deaths of 9/11!

I'm surprised you let
those protesters out there

beat you to it, Sean.

Huh. So you've been
expecting me?

- Good.
- Yep.

The vultures and the hyenas
always share the carcass meal.

As you know,
I'm not just a fund-raiser

for the symphony hall
and the grounds.

For the symphony hall
and the grounds.

I am also a custodian

of the legacy of the arts...

which requires some
difficult conversations.

Since the Yuletide season
is down the road,

I couldn't help thinking about
the real life Saint Nicholas.

That's Nikolaos, the fourth
century bishop of Myra

who was famed
for his anonymous donations

to the poor children, sailors.

If he was anonymous,
how do you know he did it?

If he was anonymous,
how do you know he did it?

We need to rename the building.

Sure. That's 100 mil
at 3.3% for three months,

which makes 100,825,000 dollars
you pay me back,

and we part as friends.

And hey, I won't even
charge you any interest

on what I paid the Eads family.

That's comped.

We're not in a position
to give the money back.


A name change to...

A name change to...

Freedom Hall or Enterprise Hall.

Majestic titles that would
bespeak a general...

Oh, yeah, I know.


Keep going down this road,

and my lawyers won't stop
until I own the goddamn place.

So it's either Axelrod Hall
or Go Fuck Yourself Hall.

You choose.

And the sad thing is,
it's so competitive now.

Half the Chinese are
applying to the Ivies.

All our kids are gonna end up
in second-tier schools.

Not Eva.
She's going to Yale.

- Like I said...

Oh, you fucking Harvard guys.

You sure? Nothing for you?

Not hydrating today.

So I'm thrilled

you got someone
on the inside at Axe Cap.

You got someone
on the inside at Axe Cap.

Who looped you in?

I'm tracking so many
of these things,

I don't even notice
who's briefing me.

Just the bars on the uni's,
you know?

♪ Mid-tempo song playing
over speakers ♪

Anyway, it's all good, man.

This 9/11 shit...
God smiled down on you.

Axelrod magically became

the poster child
for Wall Street malfeasance

and profiteering off terrorism.

Or maybe not so magically.

In any case,

a big takedown makes
all of Justice look good.

A big takedown makes
all of Justice look good.

And that's what
you care about, huh?

Don't kid yourself, Chaz.

Perception has to be managed
for the good of the country.

Yeah, I employed the phrase,
and I meant it.

Optics matter.

None of us... not the AG,
not you, not me...

None of us took down
a single fucking giant

in the shadow
of the crash of '08.

I mean, maybe one or two
mortgage brokers got kneecapped.

Axelrod's the chance
to cement shoe a big one,

for all of us.

Well, I can't really think
about any of that

because as you damn well know,
I've recused myself.

Because as you damn well know,
I've recused myself.

Yeah. Like you said.

All eyes are on you, Chuck.

Land it safely.

We will get you
any resources you need.

Thank you.

Maybe the Attorney General
will grace you

with a presence on the podium,
class the thing up.

When the jungle was thick,
you hid in the hills.

And now that
I've bushwhacked through

and I have El Dorado
in my sights,

and I have El Dorado
in my sights,

you wanna sack the city with me?

"With me"?


I thought you recused yourself.

Hey, ho, Axe Capital must go!

Hey, ho, Axe Capital must go!

This is bad.

Hey, I don't show up at your job
screaming and waving signs

- about how much you suck.
- -Hey, ho! must go!

Oh, yeah, that's right.
You don't have fucking jobs!

- Fuck you!

- Fuck you!

- I wouldn't throw gas on it.

Yeah, I would.
We're different.

You probably also
make your bed every day.

He wants to see you
in four minutes.

Don't throw gas on it.

- I'd never.
- Must go! Hey, ho...

Call Bryan Connerty right now.

Tell him Donnie's about
to meet with Axe.

♪ Tense music ♪


Axe Capital is getting picketed.


Kemlot Bio-chem.

Go long 200 million.

Lot of lumber.
Are you sure?

I'm not uncertain.

Mind if I ask
why you're certain?

Let's go for a little walk.

Wait. What happened?

- Fuck!

Get a tech in here.

I don't know how you do it, man.

I appreciate it.

You gotta learn
to trust me, Donnie.

Audio's kicking back in.

Okay. Let's get it done.

♪ Dramatic music ♪

You have lost weight.
I can see it.

Uh, the benefit
of an all-stress diet.

You're all bearing the burden
of his actions.

It's really...
this new level I'm at.

It's so much money.

It's just capital.

That's how you have to
think about it.

Like professional poker players.

Once the cash has turned
into chips, that's all it is.

Ammo. Bullets in the clip.

Discharge 'em when the target
presents. You know that.

Discharge 'em when the target
presents. You know that.

I'm haunted by this image.

It keeps coming into my head.

Train tracks.
I've fallen on them.

I'm tied up in a web
or something.

There's this knife that I can
reach to cut myself free.

The engine is bearing down,
but I...

For some reason,
my hands won't work.

I can't make them use the knife

until the damn thing
is going to crush me,

and I'll never see
my kids again.

- You feel trapped.

- You feel trapped.

You refuse to save yourself

because you think

you deserve whatever's coming,

but... you don't.

Thank you for saying that,
but I do.

It's too late.
I've lied to people.

I've lived my whole life
trying to tell the truth,

and I've been lying every day.

Who are you lying to?

This business makes liars
out of all of us eventually.

Donnie, I know you
to be a good person.

You can talk to me
as you always have.

Thanks, but we both know
who you answer to.

There is a Chinese Wall
between me and my husband.

That's not
who I'm talking about.

I can't.

I gotta go.

Shit. He's folding on us.

No. It's the last gasp of
conscience. He's gonna do it.

♪ Dramatic music ♪

Kemlot. I just placed an order
for 1.8 million shares.


There's another 800,000 shares
on this ticket.

Can you get 'em in for me?

You know I will.
Give me some ups.


He did it.

He fucking did it.

He fucking did it.

We need to source
the information.

Yeah, we need the part
that dropped out.

- Yeah.

He was definitely recording.

The data flow itself
is uninterrupted.

My bet is that Axelrod
built an enclosure

that blocks
external electric fields,

making electronic surveillance

Making electronic surveillance

It's really smart, actually,
if you think about...

Just clean up the audio file
best you can.

Donnie wasn't right.

I think he's got the yips
or something.

We need to make sure
he's not crashing.

- We'll go scoop him up.

DeGiulio knows about
our informant.

Of course he does.
I told him.

Why the fuck did you...

I-I-I heard from some guys
in his office

that he was still considering
pulling the thing from us.

That he was still considering
pulling the thing from us.

He was wondering about
our ability to close.

So I let it leak that we were
closer than anyone knew.

Nice kikashi.

How the fuck do you know
what a kikashi...

You don't have to live in Asia
to play a little Go.


Okay, this we can work with.

The AG wants to be on
that podium in the worst way.

We won't let her,

but we can use her enthusiasm
at the right time.

Here's what I didn't tell 'em...
We just had a breakthrough.

Donnie made a substantial move
based on inside information.

Donnie made a substantial move
based on inside information.

Direct ties to Axelrod.
I'm waiting on details.

Excellent. Finally.

- I got some news.

Judge on the "Dollar" Bill case
is going to be

- Whit fucking Wilcox.
- Ugh.

Self-appointed defender
of capitalism.

I'll visit Wilcox. I'll seed
the ground for the trial.


Our informant's gone missing.

Define "missing."

What is this, some fucking
family intervention?

- You're goddamn right.
- Sean.

Because you need it.

The shit that's going on,
we're worried about you, sis.

I got this.

Yeah, we knew
you were gonna say that.

You always just wanna
handle it on your own.

But this isn't just about you.
This is about Dean.

What would he think? What would
he say if he'd made it through?

If you think I would do

anything to tarnish
our brother's memory...

anything to tarnish
our brother's memory...

Bobby and I made it a point
to do the opposite.

How much we've given
to the fire department,

the police,
all the first responders?

I can't show my face
in the neighborhood.

The guys at my old house,
they're talking about

driving fire trucks
through Bobby's office.

Oh, yeah? Who's talking
that shit? Mikey?

Look, Lar,
we just want to make a plan.

This is Bobby's mess.
He has to clean it up.

We will.

♪ Pensive music ♪

Him, not you.

You married a criminal.

Walk away from the shame.
Divorce his ass.

There's no prenup
so you'll be rich,

if you even want
that blood money.

Do it for the boys.

Sorry to interrupt.
Lunch, is it?

Ruggie Wrap with Cones.


I have an extra.

Sure. I'll have half.
Have you seen Donnie Caan?

Not since this morning.

Try calling him?



I'm looking for Donnie.
Who is this?

Ben Kim.

He left his phone on his desk.


It's Raul Gomez.

I'll take it.

- Raul.

I'm really sorry, my friend.

You know I'm not just
saying that, right?

The 90 days... if it helps,
you can take longer.

No, you don't even have to wait
for your redemption period.

I don't hold hostages.


No, you're right to leave.
I'd do the same thing.

Door's always open

if you ever want to come back
and make your guys some money.

Truly hope we get to that point.

Truly hope we get to that point.

Bad time?


Nobody likes being called
a greedy asshole,

- not even you.
- Oh, yeah?

Hey. Can you bring
some doughnuts and coffee

to the group outside?

- With my compliments.

- With my compliments.

What else?

Donnie Caan walked out.

Left his phone behind.

We had an odd conversation

He say anything about
where he was going?

- No.
- So why are you so worried?

Well, I can't break

but I-I think it'd be good
if you found him soon.

I'll do that. Thanks.

- Hey, George.
- Fire inspection.

- What's going on?

We need access to the kitchen.

We got inspected two months ago.

You got a cracked switch plate.

We're gonna
have to write you up.

- I don't see any cracks.
- Lu.

Be quiet.

There's grease on the sprinkler.

Yeah. It's a restaurant.

- Fuck!

♪ Dramatic music ♪


Really? Is this the way
it's gonna go down?

Good-looking meat.

A damn shame.

We are clearing this restaurant
for violations

of fire safety code.

Everybody out.

Let's go! Everybody out!

They turned down the coffee
and the doughnuts outside.

Said they don't want
your poison.

Mm. As predictable
as they are annoying.

It's private property.
We could throw them off.

Call in the strike breakers.


Let 'em do their thing.

- Hey.
- Hey.

I told you I'd get to you
when we had him in hand.

We're good, Mauricio.
Thank you.

You still haven't found him?

Like I said, we will.

I just... want to know
what's up.

You sure it's you that
wants to know?

I've just been noticing this
thing this last little while.

Your boss's body language
isn't matching his words.

Fuck is that supposed to mean?

There's a lack of synthesis

between what Chuck
is saying and presenting

and what's inside of him.


That's the kind of thing

that can come back
and bite you in the ass.

What's next? Phrenology?

What's next? Phrenology?


I'm just trying
to look out for you.

You should check
your own body language

while you're at it.

- I'll get a full-length mirror.
- Well, if you did,

you'd see who you lean into
every time she comes by.

Whoa. Whoa. If this thing
between us is gonna...

Nah. It's done.

It was a hell of a lot of fun,

but it's run its course,
hasn't it?

Sure. Good call.

Uh, let me know when you've
recovered the witness?

Uh, let me know when you've
recovered the witness?

You know, you are
a nice guy, Bryan,

but you'll do a hell of a lot
better when you're your own man.

♪ Tense music ♪

Get everything
you might possibly need

because they will destroy
anything left behind.

Kinda it feels like jumping ship

at exactly the moment
the ship is gonna sink.

That is the time to do it.

I guess, but I kind of feel bad
for all those other people

who are gonna drown.

Who are gonna drown.

If we're doing this together,
do me a favor?

Stop feeling.

♪ Tense music ♪

Towers down, profits up!

Towers down, profits up!

Towers down, profits up!
Towers down, profits up!

You want to save time? I could
just shove you in my freezer.

180 seconds and it restores
energy at a cellular level.

You should try it.

Yeah. I've never seen
a 65-year-old look so fresh.

What do you know?

- They're gone for sure.

Channing, Carly,
and fucking Hlasa.

They grabbed
a few analysts, too.

- Security...

- Security...

pulled this.

They'll start
their capital raise soon,

- if they haven't already.
- Meetings are being set.

I've gotten a few calls

from folks poking around,

see how pissed we'd be
if they kicked in.

I brought this on, Wags,
15 years ago.

All of it.

I might as well have spoken
a fucking incantation.

If you feel that way,
what do you want me to do?

Keep listening.
Find out what they're up to.

Then I'm gonna
fucking hobble them.

Then I'm gonna
fucking hobble them.

- Like in Misery.
- Hm.

Hello, Whit.
Thank you for seeing me.

- Oh, no. I'm honored.

It's an uncommon day

when the U.S. Attorney himself
comes by. Sit down.

You know, I just, uh,

wanted to throw a few blades
of grass in the air,

see what kind of environment
my office can expect

on "Dollar" Bill Stern's
pre-trial hearing.

We are not having
this conversation.

We never would.

You know well the environment
of my courtroom.

- Tough, but fair.
- Always.

- Tough, but fair.
- Always.

Fair as in fair market, too.

Both sides have to toe the line.

If I find an illegal benefit
was had,

I will steer a jury there.

But if it's
a personal relationship

separate of business,

I'll drive sympathies
the other way.

Tough, but fair.

- Good.

I wouldn't have it
any other way.

You know, I'm not, uh,
really hands-on,

but... while I'm here,

I wonder if we
re-presented a warrant

I wonder if we
re-presented a warrant

for bugging the Axelrod home.

- No.

Asked and answered.

He uses the home
to conduct business.

It's the locust
of a criminal conspiracy.

Should we bug the other
employees' homes, too?

That would include your home,
wouldn't it?

The audio of one's home
would contain

the most intimate
of conversations...

A fight with a spouse,

crying baby, lovemaking.

It is not just a question
of civil liberties.

It is not just a question
of civil liberties.

It's a question of decency, too.

Thank you.

Kemlot Bio-chem is getting
acquired by Far East P&C

at over a hundred dollars
a share in cash and stock.

Holy shit.
Axe is gonna make...

Close to 100 million profit
on a dirty as shit trade.

You have confirmation
of the source?

You have confirmation
of the source?

We will when
they bring Donnie in.

Yeah, where the fuck is Donnie?

- Waiting on word. Soon.
- Well...

then it's a lock.

Jesus, we... we...
we gotta celebrate.

We should...
You know, we should, uh...

We should, um...

What? Get dinner?

- Yeah.
- Hmm.

A real one? Or should I bring
my dad again?

- Oh.
- Mnh-mnh?

- Oh, okay.

- Hang on.

- Hang on.

- Terri.

- It's just business.


W... You still can't
find him?

- Lar?
- Hey.

Looking good.

You, too, Mikey.

You, too, Mikey.

How's Cyn?

She's good.

She's not that stoked
about you dropping by.

Come on. This isn't that.

You know what this is.

Hey, you married the guy,
you know?

You wanted the big life...
Bigger than I could give ya.

You got the ups.
Now you get the downs.

You and me were all but done
when I met him.

You know, just making sure
lines aren't blurred,

You know, just making sure
lines aren't blurred,

that you're not maybe helping
the guys be pissed off.

Nah. No, everything's clear,
not blurred.

And I don't need any help.

The whole department's
pretty bent, matter of fact.

After all the support?
I mean, all the money that

Bobby's poured into
the Firefighters Foundation?

I guess the sentiment is
his money's cheap...

and dirty.

Quarter of a billion dollars

- Over the past dozen years?
- I don't give a fuck.

♪ Tense music ♪

♪ tense music ♪

Nobody did anything
to hurt you guys.

It's just circumstance.

I'm hoping you can
carry that message.

Nah, I don't see it like that.

- And I'm not carrying that...
- anywhere.

Then you're a fucking simpleton,

and that is why it didn't
work out between us.

- Yeah?
- Bad news, boss.

Donnie Caan still MIA.

Donnie Caan still MIA.


We've got the arrest warrant
almost baked

and no chief witness.

- Fucking find him!
- I'm on it.

They've got
physical surveillance

up on his home and relatives,

tracking his credit cards,
his phones, his E-ZPass.

We put a-a red notice
on his passport file.

We're also following
social media.

Haven't gotten anything yet,

Really? He's not
live tweeting his escape?

I'll get these
violations cleared.

I'll get these
violations cleared.

I'll have my guys talk
to the fire marshal.

It's bigger than that.

Something else happen?

No. It's just...

I just don't think the local
captain's gonna stop on his own.

What's your family saying?

They're behind you 100%.

But the New York firehouses,
you know, the ones who lost

- their guys in 9/11?
- Mm-hmm.

- They're calling the shots.
- Mm.

Everything will smooth out
if they're satisfied.

I get the message.
I'll fix this.

I get the message.
I'll fix this.

- It's open.

You have time for an old friend?


- Hi.

Bold move.

I'm not here to headhunt you
at your place of work.

I was just pitching some
of my best clients to Wags.

I've got a dozen young traders
and PMs all dying to work here,

and no one seems to give a shit
about the reputational damage.


One of my favorite
things about you...

You're smarter than me.

You're right.
I have an ulterior motive.

You're right.
I have an ulterior motive.

I'm wondering why you
turned down your dream job.

That company I told you about,

they said they'd
follow it up with...

I can't bail on this place
right now,

not with Occupy Westport
in the parking lot.

This is when my guys
actually need me the most.

If the company needs
to fill the spot this week,

let it go.


All right, you're not ready
for a new life. How 'bout this?

There is a bar
opening on Bowery.

A speakeasy, it says.

Apparently they're not aware
that Prohibition has ended.

I'm hoping I can cadge us
some cheap drinks.

I'm hoping I can cadge us
some cheap drinks.

There is so much about
that invitation I like.

The taste of bathtub gin.


I think you better get going

before this starts
to look weird.

Come in.

Lara, hi.

Uh... this is Chase.
He was just...

I was just heading out.

Nice to meet you, Lara.

Can I sit?

Of course.

Is everything okay?

Not really.

- This feels like a session.

Call it what you want.

I need advice.


That hatchet job on Bobby...

They're coming after
my restaurant.

They're coming after
my restaurant.

I am so sorry.

Yeah. Well,
doesn't just hurt me.

You know, my sister,
all my people...

They count on that place.

It's all they have.

I'm not sure
what kind of advice...

Just tell me, if you were
in my situation,

what would you do?

You know, if you hadn't
done anything wrong,

but you were targeted anyway.

Collateral damage.

And not just you,
anyone you love...

Your friends, employees,

your family, your children.

Your family, your children.

Does that feel right to you?

Does that feel like justice?

You want me to pressure
my husband to back off.

You know I can't do that.

Why not?

First of all, Chuck is recused.

Yeah, I know what he says.

Let me be clear.

This is my job.

My husband's job is his.

I've drawn a line.

Well, then you're
really, really lucky

Well, then you're
really, really lucky

'cause I sure as fuck can't.

♪ Tense music ♪

Therapist I went to school with,

if you really need
someone to talk to.

I figured this would be
a good place to talk.

I usually get full bars.

Now... nothing.

Imagine that.
When do you come in here?

It's a great place to jerk off
when you're not around.

A few things... Kemlot popped
on the acquisition news.

Three-run homer.

Maybe a grand slam
by the time it's done.

Maybe a grand slam
by the time it's done.

- Good.
- Yeah.

Now ask me what
you really wanna know.

Where the fuck is Donnie?

I was on board
with the rest of it.

But where did you
stash him... and why?

I didn't, and I don't know.

So this isn't like
what happened with the Pouch?

You're not just disinforming me
to be thorough?

Not this time.
He's really gone.

Even Hall hasn't been
able to find him.


Well, what now?

I don't know.


You should've seen Spencer's
father at back to school night.

He was grilling the teacher
about AP English prep.

These are fourth graders.

Well, the douchebag apple

doesn't fall far
from the douchebag tree.


We got a hit
on Donnie's E-ZPass.

- Uh-huh.

The Mass Pike.

State trooper's waiting
in the next tollbooth.

Should be soon now.

Should be soon now.

Got it. Thanks.

I'm so sorry.
I gotta get to the office.

- Everything okay?
- Mm-hmm.

♪ Tense music ♪

This is it. All units go.

Let's go. Move, move!

Put your hands on
the fucking steering wheel!

Get 'em up!

Sarge, I think we got a problem.

It isn't even the subject's car.

Well, then why the fuck
did your alert go off?

Well, then why the fuck
did your alert go off?

It is Caan's E-ZPass.

Did this guy stop anywhere?

Rest stop in Jersey.


swapped it out.

- Fuck! Fuck! I...




Oh, they are, to a person,
clever motherfuckers.


Well, you gotta salute it
in a way.

I'm sorry to have pulled you in.

No, no, no.

That's the problem here.

Well, you're apologizing
because the lion next door

ate our schnauzer.

I mean, we really shouldn't
be surprised.

Maybe we should've thought
of that possibility

before we moved in
and let the dog out.

Before we moved in
and let the dog out.

Their entire industry

is built on going long and short

at the same time.

Both employing risk
for its asymmetrical upside

and laying off risk

as a hedge against
the inevitable downward turns.

No, it's time we stop
appreciating it

and start to mirror it.

Thanks for agreeing to see me.

Sorry it's so late.

Thank you.

What's this about?

Well, this is
your make-up call.

Well, this is
your make-up call.

Judge Wilcox...
You had a problem with him.

- Yeah, US vs. Tritter.
- Mm-hmm.

I asked for seven years
on gun trafficking.

Some kid in the projects.

Wilcox gave him 35 years.

It's fucking frontier justice.

It nagged at me.

I asked you if I could do

an off-book investigation
on Wilcox, but you shut me down.

Do you remember
what you told me?


"At least he's
a prosecutor's judge."

"At least he's
a prosecutor's judge."

I've reconsidered.


Like Keynes said,

"When the facts change..."

Look into Wilcox.

Go wherever it leads.

You're making a move
on a federal judge.

Is he in your way?
What's your beef with him?

- If he's clean, none at all.

My practice time, Lon.

Carnegie Hall, you know?

Carnegie Hall, you know?

Honey, this is the US Attorney.

No, no, no, no.

I used to get the same way
before a big closing statement.

I admire it,
and I will be on my way.

I may need some help
with the judge thing.

- You'll get it.

And you know Eastern's gonna
have to be involved now.

Credit's not important when
true justice is involved.

Of course.

Where the fuck is Donnie?

He's not just soaking
in some isolation tank.

He's thinking.

And at the end of this, he could
decide to walk into their office

- and tell 'em everything.

They'll pull up the timetable,
and we are over.

Well, I can tell you
that hasn't happened yet.

He is not in Federal custody.

You get that from your janitor?

Also from Washington.
I've confirmed.

You knew the risk when you put
this thing in motion.

You knew the risk when you put
this thing in motion.

Yeah. Yeah, this part wasn't
hedged. It was straight risk.

You said the hedge was that
you read your guy.

If that was your read, then you
were right and still are.

Yeah, well, it sounds good
when you say it.

Doesn't make it true.

- Get something to eat?
- No.

♪ Pensive music ♪

All right, guys, settle down.

You hate me.

I don't blame you.

You lost more than I could
ever imagine that day...

Colleagues, friends,

including Lara's brother, Dean.

I met Lara in an aid tent.

She was just
out of nursing school.

She was just
out of nursing school.

I didn't know she lost
her brother in the Towers.

But when I found out...

I realized what I'd done.

It brought it home.

And I want you to know this...

that when I started donating to
the Firefighters Foundation...

It wasn't calculated.

It was out of real admiration.

It was out of real admiration.

- Total BS.

Paul. Talk to me.

You sound like
a fucking politician.

You gonna buy us, too, Axe?

How much do I cost?

Really, Mikey? Try to show
a tiny bit of restraint.

They're entitled
to their anger. Mikey, too.

You all read the articles.

You know I made those trades
after the first tower was hit,

before we knew it was terrorism,

before I knew my whole firm
was gonna die.

That's your fucking excuse?


What the papers didn't say

is that I kept trading after
the South Tower was hit, too.

In fact, that's when
I stepped on the gas.

Oh, man.

Am I a politician now?

♪ Tense music ♪

♪ tense music ♪

I'm not running and hiding.

I am standing right here,
telling you,

I didn't do it for me.

I have plenty of time left
to make myself some money.

I did it because even though
I knew my colleagues,

my friends would all be gone,

their families
would still be here,

and they would be
my responsibility.

Was it coldhearted?


I thought I had to be.
Maybe I was wrong.

Look, the reason I'm here

is because I value you guys...

My relationship
with the department,

but especially with this house.

We drank together
on the anniversary.

You matter to me.

You matter to me.

And even if
I don't matter to you,

I wanted you to hear it.


So thanks for giving me
the chance.

It's beautiful.

Mr. Caan?



Do you know the rules?


He'll know your name.

You'll have two minutes.

You can ask questions.

He might give you a gift.

And he can touch you,

but you can't touch him.

♪ Illuminating music ♪

Come here, Donnie.

How are you?

Uh... lost.

Now you are found.

Now you are found.

- Kevin's backpack?

Mm. It's in his room,
I think.

- What?

Donnie Caan finally used
his credit card

at Trapper Lodge.

Some shitty restaurant
in downtown Cleveland.

- Mm-hmm. Did you send in locals?

[typing on laptop
- Gone when they got there,

but just a matter of time
before we wrap him up now.

- Hmm, Trapper Lodge...

- Okay.

- Okay.

That's right near
the Cleveland Convention Center.


A fucking saint.
That's who he was seeing.


He let himself be found.

He'll be coming back home.

- Who will be?
- Uh...

- Fugitive.

It's the case I'm working
with Connerty.

It's the case I'm working
with Connerty.

Which one?

- I know what you're implying.

We agreed with Decker, you
wouldn't ask me about Axelrod.

That's when you were on the
case. You told me you were off.

This is the exact reason
we shouldn't be talking

about any of my cases.

Are you on or off?

You know,
if you don't believe me,

you should ask Connerty.


♪ Tense music ♪

I think we can save
most of the stuff

around the acorn squash
and the brussels sprouts.

Around the acorn squash
and the brussels sprouts.

We can replant the rest.


Big truck was here.

Y mira.

Silver dollars.

30 pieces.

♪ Tense music ♪

Hey, ho, Axe Capital must go!

Hey, ho! Axe Capital must go!
Hey, ho, Axe Capital must go!

Hey, ho, Axe Capital must go!
Hey, ho, Axe Capital must go!

Hey, ho, Axe Capital must go!
Hey, ho, Axe Capital must go!

Hey, ho! Axe Capital must go!


Where the fuck are you?

Driving home. I'm...

I don't know.
Somewhere flat.

A lot of fat people.

I'll be back in the office

You scared the shit out of me.

I know. I'm sorry.

- -I just want to thank you.

That stuff you said...

It helped me figure out
what's really important to me.

It helped me figure out
what's really important to me.

So I went on a spiritual quest.

My version, anyway.

What's there?

A chance to clear my head.

I saw Guru Ash.

You know, that "Third Eye Seer"?

Silly, right? But...

He's kind of a saint.

♪ Anxious music ♪

You saw a saint?

- Hey.

- Where's Wendy?

At work.
She didn't tell you?


You can take off.

- Yeah?

Got the motherfucker.

Hauling him in right now.

Don't leave.

Uh, I'll be right there.

Hey, boss, the group outside was
getting set to pull out,

but the bus broke down.

They're stranded
for the time being.

Oh. That is a real
fucking shame.

Oh. That is a real
fucking shame.

And right when it's supposed
to start raining?

Have fun gettin' pneumonia,

You want me to leave 'em
out there?



I wanna talk.

Yeah, I can't, not now.

- Where are you going?
- Where do you think?

So the protest seems
to be coming to an end...

- All loaded up.
- The bus is being towed.

They actually accepted
limo rides home?

Well, no one turns down a limo.


I was at the restaurant.

Made some decisions.

Made some decisions.

- You shuttered it.

I'm selling the farm, too.

Why didn't you tell me?

I'm telling you now.

We could've held on,
the restaurant and the farm.

- How?
- By not letting go.

- How?
- By not letting go.

I don't give a shit if people
didn't show up for ten years.

People forget.
Things change.

- We could've fought.
- This is me fighting.

I come from a long line
of scrappers.

We learn to get rid
of our weaknesses

so we can fight better.

♪ Tense music ♪

When things get really bad,

I shut down.

I go on autopilot.
I know.

I did it on 9/11.
I did it here.

That's the only way I know.

That's the only way I know.

You gotta find another way.

It was...

I don't know. Like a long,
dark night of the soul.

Don't fucking toss
clichés at me.

You had some crisis?
Fine. See a shrink.

But you... you were
having fun jerking us around.

the E-ZPass... I was scared.

the E-ZPass... I was scared.

I came back on my own, didn't I?

Plus, I got you Axe ordering
the Kemlot trade.

Everything you asked for.

No, not everything.

We don't have the source
of the inside information,

which you know is
a key fucking element

in this prosecution,

because he gave it to you
in the blocked room.

I can tell you
everything Axe said.

The insider source...
He's a high-ranking FDA guy.

- Name?
- Uh, Glenn...

Gilmartin, I think.

I'm sorry. I assumed
you had it on tape.

Guy's legit.
Works for the FDA.

- What else did he say?

Uh, Axe paid him off,
didn't say how much.

But I get the feeling...

I get the...

uh, get the...

I'm really tired.
Can we do this tomorrow?

I'm really tired.
Can we do this tomorrow?

No, we fucking cannot.
Sit the fuck back down.

Listen, I feel really sick.
You... you're right.

I did think about
not coming back.

But I decided...
I'll give you what you need.

I'll testify against Axe.

But right now I need...

- Aah!
- Holy shit. Donnie!

No. Donnie.

Oh, fuck!


Can you hear me? Donnie?

I'll go get somebody.

Get him on his side over here.

Goddamn it, Donnie.

Goddamn it, Donnie.

Donnie. Donnie!
Can you hear me?

- Donnie?

Donnie. Goddamn it.

Donnie. Donnie!

♪ Dramatic music ♪

♪ Sometimes I don't know
where this dirty road ♪

♪ Is taking me ♪

♪ Sometimes I don't even know ♪

♪ The reason why ♪

♪ But I guess
I keep a-gamblin' ♪

♪ But I guess
I keep a-gamblin' ♪

♪ Lots of booze
and lots of ramblin' ♪

♪ Well, it's easier than just
a-waitin' around to die ♪