Billions (2016–…): Season 1, Episode 1 - Pilot - full transcript

When an inside tip is received it sets off a high stakes game of cat and mouse.


You're in need of correction,
aren't you?


I might leave marks.

Not a great idea.

That's not a no.

Mnh! Oh!


That's got to burn.

Let me fix it.


See, what you have to
understand, Michael,

is that this is
a fuck-up-free zone.

Guys who sit in Chuck's chair
become mayor.


We have to be
beyond reproach.

So no tinder
at the goddamn office, okay?

It feels like yesterday
I was telling you all this.

Mm, 18 months ago.

Added some stuff
of my own in there.

Yeah. Tinder.
I heard.

Come on.
He's waiting.

Well, off the record,
the, uh, Attorney General's

always happy to take
my recommendations

on who to appoint
to the federal bench.


Very good.

Thank you.

Sacker: Sir.

Okay, guys.
What do we got on deck?

Progress report on two
of the open investigations.

Ari spyros from the s.E.C...

Call back. here.

I'm sorry, sir.
He -- he wouldn't --

it's fine, Kim.
It's okay. Thank you.

Well, spyros.

What's the occasion?

We're not interviewing
right now.

Funny. Here.

This got your panties
all sticky?


Suspect trading pattern
on pepsum pharmaceuticals.


One of my grunts
riding the midas

spotted a days-long
buy spike.

Yeah, get me spyros.

Take a look.

You can all study
the charts,

or I can give you
the answers to the test.


Lenny bosco --
old oaks investments.

Peter Decker --
quaker Ridge financial.

Dan margolis --
century capital.

These three small firms

all knew exactly when to buy
and when to sell the stock.

They had
inside information.

You must get pings like that
every day.

We do.

So? Get them talking
and fine them.

It's bigger than that.

All three firms have links
to Bobby axelrod.

Bobby fucking axelrod.
Man of the people.

You only have that exact look on
your face when you're here.

The pizza's just
really fucking good.

Take a bite.

Mmm. It's good.

That is a thing of beauty.

That's why we lived in here
when we were kids.


Bruno: I don't usually open
for breakfast, guys.

You want another?

I do.

We want 'em all.


I want to come in
with you.

Partner up.

What the fuck
did you tell him, kid?

I don't want no charity.

Look, all I told him
was the truth, Bruno, okay?

That I got a call
from a guy

who said he was coming in here
with a falafel shop,

and would I contract
the rebuild.

And when I asked you
about it,

you said that you were getting
squeezed by a new landlord.

And when I got that call,
I made a couple calls of my own.

Falafel shop
goes in the mall.

We lock in you in
on a 20-year lease,

and I cover the overage.

I-I-I don't know, Bobby.

Come on.
What is there to know?

You let me slide for weeks
without paying

when I was coming in here
every day after school.

That was just 'cause
you were a good customer.

Which I want to keep being.

Nothing changes.

Thank you. Thank you.

I'd love to tell you
I knew you'd grow up

to become what you did,

but to be honest,
I had no idea.

That makes two of us.

Come here.


Mick: Bobby, we are ready to
roll on something sweet.

I think you'll
want to piggyback.

What do you got?

Lumetherm power getting bought
by electric sun.

Price is $41.
Stock's trading at $35.

We're looking
at a 17% bump

in two weeks
when the deal closes.

that's $442--

I'd love to size up.

Maybe you buy 2 million shares
for the main fund.

Sounds about right.

Scott kazawitz's name is being
floated as the new chairman.


That's a new piece
of information.

Well, that's what
you pay me for.

Who said this deal
is gonna close?

Ben said it would
this morning.

Everyone's saying it.

Who is this?

My new analyst.

Well, if we hired you,
you must be a genius.


Then wharton.

Okay, Stanford-wharton.

Electric sun is
controlled by kazawitz.

He also owns 19.3%
of lumetherm

backdoored through his stake
in Southern wind.

You see that block trade last
Thursday come out of merrill?

Yeah. That was fortress

cashing out their shorts
before the merger.

Wasn't it?

Trade was at 12:52,
when everyone was at lunch,

which tells me they wanted it
to be missed.

You guys caught it,
which is something, I guess.

But you're looking at it

Electric sun's offer
was just a ploy

to temporarily prop up

Typical kazawitz play to bail
on a loser. He's an animal.

The block trade was kazawitz
getting out of Southern wind,

getting out of lumetherm.

He rode the story,
now he's out,

which means
you need to be out.

In fact, short.

It'll slide to $32 and change
after word breaks.


That's a good catch, axe.

My cholesterol's
high enough.

Don't butter my ass, danzig.
Just get smarter.

Your read was good
with the information you had.

You're new.
You'll figure it out.

Or you'll be gone.

Jesus Christ.

And he went to hofstra.

This is big.
It's criminal.

And I want to be a part
of treeing Bobby axelrod.

Hey, I want to be
an astronaut,

but, uh, you know,
I get airsick in choppy weather.

Your burden of proof
is lower.

They'll talk to you

because they're happy to pay
a fine and move on.

I'm at the coalface.

And I really don't appreciate
you strolling in here

and telling me how to deploy
my resources

because you can't build
your own fucking case.

I get it.
You guys are rock stars.

Yeah, we get it.
You want to be one, too.

None of that matters.

Uh, spyros, if you've locked on
to some trail of bread crumbs

that leads
to Bobby axelrod,

that could be a win
for everyone.

So, leave your stuff,
we'll take a look,

and we'll let you know
if it rises to the level

that we can prosecute,

one that won't be reversed
on appeal.

You know, I understand
the source of your reluctance.

I have a wife, too.

But it's your job --

hey, you got
your answer.

We're done.

Bobby: I loved and remember each
and every one of your fathers,

so I'm proud of all of you

who are ready to head off
to school in the fall.

26 of ours
put through college

by the memorial foundation
so far.

And this year's group --
so let's bring them up,

and let's give them a round of
applause for their achievement.

Freddie aquafino, off to Duke.

Freddie, Freddie.

I traded shoulder to shoulder
with your father.

He'd be so proud
of you today.

First year's tuition
and board.

All right, come here.

That's what this
is all about, guys.

Not only how our firm
survived 9/11,

but how we didn't give up.

How we committed to each other,
to our family.

And I am so moved by how we've
all flourished together.

Some flourishing
more than others.

It's just wrong that you're
the one standing there.

All right, that's enough.

No, no. It's okay.

I'd feel the same way.

I get it.

You got to be thinking,
"why was he spared?

Why is my husband gone?"

For months
after the planes hit,

all I could do
was ask myself why.

Why was I the only
survmng partner?

Why wasn't I there?

Could -- could I have done

Why was I the only one
out of the office

on meetings that morning?

We'll never know.

So I made up my own "why."

Because of you.

You put it all
on your back, Bobby.

Am I the greatest guy
in the world?

Hell, no.

I just did what I knew the
partners and friends I'd lost

would've done for my family.

What your husband
would've done, June.

And you know I'm sorry.

'Cause I miss rake every day...

...just as my beautiful wife,

her heroic brother Dean.

Bobby axelrod
is Mike Tyson in his prime.

And you do not want
Mike Tyson in his prime.

Remember what happened to
the guys who fought him then?

Yeah, they got their faces
pushed in.

But eventually
he got beat.

Buster Douglas knocked him
on his ass.

Right. Ketchup?

is the key word.

When Tyson
was ready to go.

Since my appointment,

this office is undefeated
in financial prosecutions --

81 and 0.

And that's because I know
when the time is right.

I get it, but...
This would be a big one.

Bryan, what do you think
happened here this morning?

We got significant

Maybe. Or maybe it was spyros
setting us up.

Now, we go in first
and lose in the criminal action,

spyros in the s.E.C.
Can still get him cmlly.

Now, we win, spyros wins.
We lose...

Spyros still fucking wins.

The ketchup's empty.

We've got to be playing
three-dimensional chess.

Axe is a folk hero
in this town.

The guy gave the New York City
firefighter's foundation

$100 million last year.

Police gave him a plaque
at ground zero

with his goddamn name
on it.

Spitzer's name was on all
the highway signs, too.

Signs come down.

That's why I love you, man.

But a good matador doesn't
try to kill a fresh bull.

You wait until he's been
stuck a few times.

We need an opening,
however small.

Then we get the guy
the moment that he's gettable,

just like the others.

But not if there's
a chance we lose.

What about...
The other issue?

The one spyros mentioned --

Was he right about that?


I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.

I-I don't...

You know what,
it's a tough day
for everyone.

I don't know what --


I just had to sell
the oceanis.

Rake just loved that boat.

I am sure that's why
it upset you.

You know, me,
I never set foot on a yacht

until I started
dating Bobby.

In inwood, growing up,

the only boating we ever did
was the staten island ferry.

Big Irish family.
Five sibs.

Close, though.

Firemen, cops, nurses.

when I moved up here,

this world, I saw
how everyone looked at me.

I never judged.

Of course not.

So I got my act together.

And I'm comfortable
in this life.

But certain things
you learn in inwood,

they never leave you --
you know, like the idea

that if someone
has a problem with you

and they come to you
in person,

you do what you can
to take care of it.

But if they take
that beef public,

the ground just falls out from
beneath them where I'm from.

You find yourself
all alone.

Are you threatening me?

You're fucking right I am.

It's how I grew up.

Excuse me, sir?


I may be speaking
out of turn --

I probably shouldn't have even
been in the room

where axelrod
was discussed --

but you know the Norton place
out at the beach?

Why would we?
Not you.
The U.S. attorney.

His father's house
is around the jetty.

Yes, I know the house.

I just heard Bobby axelrod
is trying to buy it.

Where did
you hear that?

Court clerk's cousin works for
the realtor and mentioned it.

How much?
$83 million.


That would be
widely reported.


People hate guys
who buy things like that.

I just lost my mojo
somewhere along the line.

It's fucking gone.

And you're Mrs. mojo,
so I booked the appointment.

It's Dr. mojo.


I hear it happens
to guys my age.

Maybe I'm depressed.

Maybe I should try
some Prozac, Effexor --

We'll get to that.

Now, have you been eating,
sleeping, exercising?

Yeah, more or less.

Maybe not so much
with the sleeping.

And things with your wife?

Okay, mostly.



I've been married 10 years,

So down to just
once a day.

So, it's really just
the book?

I'm down 4%...

Year to date.

Everyone else
is up double digits.

I'm down.

I'm fucked.
You don't need meds.

You're just listening
to the wrong voice.

You're tuned into
the one yelling at you

over the loudspeaker
that you're fucking stupid

and your performance

And you're ignoring
the quiet one inside

telling you
where the Alpha is.

Now, that's the voice
that got you here.

And it's still there
if you're willing to listen.

What's that voice
telling you?

That even though
I've stiffed a few

that I'm pretty damn good.


Stand up.

Stand up.

What'd you take down
last year?

$7.2 million.

$7.2 million.

$7.2 mill-- feel that.

$7.2 million.

Bring it close.

$7.2 million.

So, what's it saying?

That I'm awesome.

There you go.

And what does it have
to say back

to that loud,
critical voice?

It's saying, "fuck you."


Sit down.

Now, I want you to go back
to your bloomberg

and cut bait on your losers --
you know the ones.

The ones you've been

they'll come 'round,

but, secretly,
you know never will.

I want you
to just commit

that you're in it
for the long haul,

that you will succeed.

And once you do that,
the new ideas,

the winners,
will present themselves

because you are a winner.

You're in the special forces

You are a Navy seal.

And there's a reason
for that.

Did the s.E.A.L.S make a mistake
signing you up?

They did not.

The s.E.A.L.S
don't make mistakes.

So get out there
and do what needs to be done.

We have to stop here.

Hello, guys.


Oh, how are you?

How was school?
What'd you get up to?

It was boring.
It was boring.

Boring. Fantastic.
Money well spent.

Those go off
after dinner, okay?


Hey, babe.

Hi, honey.

What are you working on?

Just session notes.


Wall-to-wall oedipal complexes
making them all go limp?


You have an amazing
understanding of people.

What are
we drinking, here?

The usual. Mmm.

How's crime fighting?

The usual.


You good
with your situation?

I know you said you might've
been feeling bored a while back.

That's not
exactly what I said.


You said, uh, you weren't sure
if you were still growing.

What's this about?

I was talking
to the head counsel of g.E.,

and they're looking
for a new head of h.R.

I can put in the word
if you want it.


Is there s--

is there some reason
I can't keep doing my job?

What do you mean?

I heard about a position,
so I presented it.

Don't you get enough
of moving the pieces

around the board at work?

Okay. You don't want to hear
about opportunities, fine.

Are you prosecuting
somebody at axe?

What's going on, Chuck?

First off, no.

And second, you know
that we don't discuss that.

So quit your fucking job.

Hey, kev, will you take
your sister upstairs

and, uh, start the bath?

I'll be up
in a minute, okay?

Thank you.

Take it easy, okay?

I'm the goddamn
U.S. attorney, Wendy.

So? I've been working there
since before we were married

and long before
you were in office.

Look, not
that we're there,

but we did always discuss
that the day might come

when there was a conflict.

That was before I was making
eight times what you make.

And before you started making
Chuck sr. Plays like this.

Leave him out of it.

And who makes more money?

Is this, uh, what
we're teaching the kids?

Oh, are we teaching them
that daddy's job

is always more important
that mommy's?

I work for the public good.

No, you work for the good
of Chuck rhoades.

Maybe sometimes
they intersect.

Oh, my God.

Would you turn off
your fucking shrink switch?


Let's take this down
a notch.


I just -- I don't know
where all this is coming from,

and you know I don't like
to be manipulated.

I'm not manipulating.

Not that that's
what you were doing,

but that's what I felt like.

And of course
your job's important.

You're a superhero.

And I'm super proud
of you.

But my thing
matters to me, too.

Of course.

You're killing it.

Whoa! Whoa, whoa!
Watch it, there, elmo!

No! Get down, boy!

Easy, big guy.

Bobby: Ah, let him be.
Hey, let him be.

Let him be. It's okay.
Let him go free.

He's a live wire,
that one.

Ooh, yeah.
He chewed up a custom sofa.

We've got to
calm him down.

Send him
to obedience school.

He's going to the vet
to get fixed.


Enjoy, guys.

All right, boys.
What do we say to chef Ryan?

Both: Thank you!

Boys, boys, look.
Look. Look at this.

Look, look.
He's marking his territory.

He's peeing
on the furniture.

Yeah. Yeah, but he's showing
Ryan who's boss.

That's why it's called
a pissing contest

when two men try
and stake out their turf.

I don't love it
when men do that, either.

Elmo, outside now!

Come on. Poor guy.

Dean, seventh president.
Hint -- two after Monroe.

Andrew Jackson.

where was he from?

Let's talk Yankees.

'Cause you don't know.
Don't switch the subject.

I do know.

Prove it.


There was no Seattle
back then, idiot.

I bet I'll get it
on the next guess.

Bet you don't.

How much?

10 push-ups.


Border areas
near the carolinas.

You can't fall for that
every time, Dean.

See, he knows his customer,
and he sets you up.

He's willing to look foolish
short-term to win long-term.

You got to
remember that.

And, gordie,
don't sucker your brother.

All right, come on.
Pay your bet.

We don't welsh.

See what you got.

All: One. Two.



Kim: Sir? The leniency
conference starts in 10 minutes.


Thank you for agreeing
to see us.

What the fuck are
you doing here, dad?

Trying to get me

Christ. You're more dramatic
than your mother.

Attorney: We are not breaking
any rules or regulations.

Mr. rhoades is not being
compensated to appear here.

Oh, I know
how careful he is...

And why you brought him.

But believe me,
it's already backfired.

Hear us out.

Skip knows
that he did wrong.

Now that he's been,
uh, convicted, sure.

But when he had a chance
to plead out...

That's the past.

Right now, we are trying
to set something up

that will allow skip
to show his rehabilitation

and for him to contribute
to society.

By what?
Oh, I know.

Uh, paying a bigger fine

in exchange
for reduced jail time?

What are we talking about,
uh, $5 million?

We were going to
suggest $10 million

in exchange
for house arrest.

Which represents a far more
reasonable settlement than --

mm-hmm. Yeah.
So, that way,

instead of worrying about
actually going to prison,

you can get right to
doing charitable works

and warning your buddies

about the pitfalls
of being a bad actor.

Exactly. Yeah.

This is skip.

And it is a fair offer.

it sounds reasonable.

And it's the type of deal

that has been made in this
library... countless times... my predecessors,

but not by me.

You don't buy your way
out of justice here.

You thought, because of our
history, bringing my father,

this would afford you some
kind of a fucking courtesy?

No. He volunteered.

Well, you all
miscalculated... badly.

You know, instead of
using my father,

you should've emulated him

and built your fortune
without crossing the line.

You didn't.

So now your cronies
are gonna see

that they better not trade
on inside information

or abuse their positions, or
they're gonna end up like you.

Broke, humiliated,
and incarcerated...

As per the law.

I am not prepared
for this.

I -- I can't.



You know
I am not a bad man.

I can't.

This was to be about leniency.
Have some mercy.

My father always told me
that "mercy" was a word

that pussies used when they
couldn't take the pain.

I love you, dad.

But if you walk
into my office

and try to use
your influence again,

you are gonna walk out of here
in handcuffs.

Mr. wolkows--


I've known you
since I was a boy.

I remember you and my dad
exchanging sets

on the tennis court
out east.

I never wanted to see you
like this.

I never wanted you to.

Yeah, but here we are.

So please hear this.

I know that you have the
strength to get through it...

And come out the other side
a better man.

I wish you well.


Yo, axe.

Really? Here?

They were gonna obliterate each
other on superior auto.

Has to be your call.

We've got to stay long,

We should increase
our position, I think.

You think?

Aluminum wheels for cars
and light-duty trucks

have totally replaced

And the numbers
out of the factory

are telling me superior is
producing the shit out of them.

"Dollar" bill...

What does the cheapest man
in America think?

That "the pouch"
is wrong.

Numbers out of the factory
tell me

that they over-produced
this quarter.

They're stuck with merch
they can't move,

and the stock's
gonna dip.


What's your level
of certainty?

I am not uncertain.

We're done here.

Why didn't you tell me
you were certain?

Why would I?

Do your own fucking work.

Okay, come on!

Any time you can disrupt
a criminal enterprise,

that's a good result,
and that is what happened here.

Once again,
over 400 kilos of cocaine,

dozens of weapons seized.

$2.8 million off the streets
in this takedown.

All defendants
have been indicted

and are also
off the streets.

Mr. rhoades!

All right.
Thanks, guys.

Man: You're proud
about small-time convictions

of small-time players...
Hey, hey.
That's enough.

...uneducated minorities
with limited options.

That's enough.
What about the hundreds
of millions -- billions --

in fraudulent gains
in the financial sector?

Why aren't you prosecuting
the investment banks

and hedge funds
for insider trading?

You're bragging
about netting minnows,

but you won't touch a firm
like axe capital.

My office is soft
on financial crime.

Go ask the 81 convicted felons
of financial crimes

currently serving time.

But you have a very specific
conflict of interest

right in your own home.

Growing up, I saw firsthand

the corrosive power
that big business can have,

and I am determined
to check that.

Take skip wolkowska.

Now, he has many
influential friends,

but their entreaties on his
behalf were not entertained.

As your own paper reported,

Mr. wolkowska will serve
his full sentence,

effective immediately.

That's all the time
I really have. Thanks.

Who let the fucking journal in
with the blindsided questions?

He was not
supposed to --

that guy you know over
at skadden on axe's team...

Yeah, orrin bach.
He was my law Professor.

Yeah. Get with him.

And tell him to tell axe
not to buy that house.

Not to buy...?


I need spyros at the s.E.C.


Do you know the story

about the mouse that starts
roaring like a lion?


Yeah. It doesn't end well
for the goddamn mouse.

Do the people you work with
pretend they're impressed

when you speak in riddles

like some kung-fu instructor
from the movies?

Well, let me be direct.

I know you sent that reporter
in to ask about axe capital.

Why would I do that?

We're on the same side.

You're on your side.
I'm on mine.

Well, we can both benefit.

And besides,
it's the right thing to do.

Spyros, you wouldn't know
the right thing to do

if it kneeled down and sucked
your tiny goddamn cock!

You pull any shit
like that again

and I will loose
holy fucking hell on you!

So, this is how a man with
no conscience spends his time.

It's how
a grown-up does.

You know, I remember
when you were my Professor,

you told us a lawyer's calling
was beyond mere recompense.

It was to serve the spirit of
the law regardless of gain.

Yeah. It is.

Until it's not.


You'll see.

Once you sell out
and play for the defense, too.

I've found my calling.

Okay, Claude dancer.

One day you'll be
coming to me just like this,

asking for a job.

The good news is this --
when you get out of there,

you're starting
at $1.4, easy.

Nail a few
headline cases -- $1.7.

Better news?

I'll hire you.

I'm staying.

No, you're not.

speaking of headlines,

is this shit we're hearing
about the beach house real?

'Cause that's a headline
you don't want.

Since when's a rich guy
buying a house illegal?

There's the way things look
and the way things are.

You taught me that.

It's like he's slapping my guy
in the face with a white glove.

You know what happens next.

If there were any doubt,
we'd tie him to his chair.

World's full of snipers.

But Bobby
runs a clean shop.

So he just keeps a top defense
firm on retainer at $800 an hour

because he loves lawyers?

Must be.

And we're $1,000 an hour.

There's nothing there.

Like Warren buffett says,

you put a police car
on anyone's tail for 500 Miles,

he's gonna get a ticket.

Hey. Come in.


Oh, God, no.

I'm glad you came in.

I was gonna come see you.


A purchase I'm considering.

An impulse purchase?



I'm guessing it's something you
may not even particularly need.

People are saying if I do,
it'll unleash the hounds...

Which makes me
want it even more.

That's good.

Back when we started,

you wouldn't have been able
to recognize the motivation

until long after
you bought it.

Well, back when we started,

I was just rich,
not super-rich.

You know,
being a billionaire...

I never get to talk
about this with anyone

'cause who's gonna
give a shit?

But being a billionaire,
when you walk into a room,

it's like being a woman
with a perfect set of tits.

Or great legs.

Or eyes like yours.

You know exactly
what everyone's looking at,

and you know exactly
what they want.

You know
what that's like.

Okay, player.

Identifying the fact that buying
can be a surrogate for power

and that outside authority
isn't something you do well,

this is progress.

You've come a long way
since we started.

I guess...

Considering when we started
I was staggering around crying

along with the half of us
still breathing.

But knowing isn't enough.

You've got to exercise

Don't get into a bitch fight
over nothing.

Don't buy it.

You nailed lumetherm power.
Deal crumbled.

I covered at $31.19.


You said $32-ish, but I saw it
was going even further,

so I waited.
Whoa, lmng dangerously.

All right. Good job.

You just made us
another $18 million.



We got sidetracked.

You came to me.

You're thinking
about leaving.

Uh, well, it's...
Crossed my mind.

Is this about comp?


God, no.

You've -- you've
always made that clear.

I'm better paid than anyone
in my med-school class

except the guy who invented
the synthetic bladder.

I'll short his company,

give some speeches,
chop him down to size.

It's not about comp.

But it is about
value -- mine --

and growth,
as in whether I'm still growing.

I love this place,

but I do miss seeing more than
a handful of other patients.

At-risk adolescents,
women in crisis.

You know,
using those other muscles.

Where's this coming from?

It's been on my mind.

Your value to the firm
is absolute.

You just saved me
from making a huge mistake

for dick-measuring

So let's do this.

Spend as much time
away from here as you want.

See other patients outside.

But stick with me.

Thank you.

Hi, mom.

Hello, dear.
I hear you've been very busy.


He's in the den.

What the hell
was that stunt?

Skip wolkowska's
an old friend.

He asked for help.
I didn't want to refuse.

But I was 90% sure
you'd react the way you did.

It's a win any way
you look at it.

How is that a win?

I knew that skip's lawyer
would spread it,

and it'd land in the news.

And if you treat me that way,
they'll all fear you.

That's what you need
right now.

You'll be seen
as tough on wall street.


Some audible to call.

You're welcome.

Now, listen.

You didn't smile enough
during the presser.

You let them get to you.

You're right.

And I didn't like that question
about axe capital.

What prompted that?

Spyros planted it.

S.E.C. Wants me
to move on axe.

It's difficult to convict
a popular man.

Yes, I know.

Well, if you move on him
and take that risk,

you have to get the reward.

You can let the s.E.C.
Do the mopping up,

collect their fines, but they
can't be seen as leading it.

A lot of people have axelrod's
back in this city.

He's made them
a lot of money.

And you know the line
if you're gonna strike

against the king.

The king is house shopping
right now.

Prime beachfront, heritage.

Hasn't even come
on market yet.

That's a mistake.

A conspicuous buy like that
in the news?

He goes from a billionaire
that you can pull for

to just another
rich asshole.

If he turns the populous
against him,

he gives his edge to you.

I passed word that,
uh, he shouldn't buy it.

If he's innocent, he passes,

because he's a disciplined

and he knows that's
the disciplined move.

But a guilty man,
he buys that house

to show me he's got
nothing to hide.


Maybe I can have a friend
make a bid,

get the competitive juices

I like that.

Roger could always use
a new house.

And I know Denny dantone
is actively looking.

You guys know
I only drag food into this room

for the super bowl.

Come on, Charles.
I made the pot pies.

I should have some time
with my son.

We'll be right there.

Your mother.

That's a loyal woman.


I'm just saying
that your mother

would never let
her job interf--

she never left
the kitchen, dad.

That's what you wanted
in a wife, not me.

Still, Wendy's making things
difficult for you.

Why is she still working?

We started to discuss it.

there's no conflict yet.

She'll do the right thing.

Better hope so, son.

Danny fucking margolis.
What brings you back?

When I saw you
at sun valley,

you said you were happy
as a clam in shit at century.

Well, I am.

I was.

You know how it is.

Things are good there.

I like Jerry,
but I miss the family.

Well, you had to go it
on your own

with a bigger chunk
of the pie.

Yeah, true.

Place looks great,
by the way.

Is that your rolling art
out front?

The lambo?


I like to sit tall
in the seat.

Look, um,
I have some ideas,

and I'd love
to share them with you.

I'd love to hear them.
Come to the next dinner.

We'll bang some steaks,
talk some concepts.

Yeah, okay. But I was just
hoping that maybe, you know --

no, I know
what you were hoping.

Door's always open.

Yeah, that's cool, Bobby.

I-I will.

Uh, take care.

I need to see you.

This is cozy.

It's secure.

I checked with my sources
in Washington.

There's no case file
against you,

but Dan margolis
was arrested.

He was released
on his lawyer's recognizance,

and his arraignment's
currently on hold.

Which tells you what?

That he's cooperating.

Did you hear it okay?

How the hell did you know?

He was making
too much eye contact.

Barely blinked.

And his pulse was hammering
like he was running a marathon.

You were smart
to stay quiet.

Look, the s.E.C.
Isn't the thing.

Fines are a part of life.

The attack you have to worry
about is the U.S. attorney's.

Now, here's what
you're gonna do.

One -- that reporter
from the journal,

the one that was asking about
you, he needs to be handled.

I would do it myself,
but then he's out of the game.

No value added.

Better if you make him
your best friend.

And two -- remember, you don't
have to outswim the shark.

You just have to outswim the guy
you're scuba dmng with.

You want me to do that?

You remember that night
in Reykjavik?

Wish I didn't, but I do.

You said there was only one
thing you were afraid of.


Guys in windbreakers
walking in your office saying,

"step away
from the computer."

And you told me you'd make sure
it wouldn't happen.

So, let me make sure.

Look there.

Steven birch?

It's either him or you.

Memorize that.

Well, if it's gonna be someone,
it may as well be that fraud.

We're sharing the stage

at the delivering Alpha
conference this week.

He acts like
he's my best friend

despite short squeezing me
on hmos last year.

So do it.


Wendy rhoades
tried to quit today.

We've been fighting back-to-back
in the trenches for 15 years.

But today she tried to quit.

Still trust her?

I want to.

I didn't know this place
was open for lunch.

It's not.

Thanks, Tony.

My pleasure,
Mr. axelrod.

We're off the record.

If you fuck me,
I never talk to you again.

Got it.

Good. If you ever want to
come here, just call me.

Now, why was my name
coming out of your mouth

at a press conference?

Hey, that was before
you asked me to lunch.

Jump in.

Let's talk about those kids
you put through college.

That's the one question gets me
walking away from the table.

That's between
them and me.

I don't talk about it
with anyone else.

Bon appétit.

What's next?

Softball. Underhand.

Give me some insight into how
you process information.

The press acts like
information's a dirty word.

Everyone has access
to the information.

We just know how
to analyze it better.

You answer me one.

When did it become a crime
to succeed in this country?

America used to salute
the guy in the limousine.

They wanted to be the guy
in the limousine.

They still want to.

But now they throw
eggs at it.

I only ever went
egging once.

Biggest house
in the neighborhood,

and they never gave out
any candy, so they deserved it.

We destroyed that place.

You're an altar boy.

That was every Halloween
for me.

You're from around
here, right?

Yeah, grand concourse.
Then white plains.

Yeah, me too. Well, yonkers,
but it wasn't nice back then.

Hey, man, yonkers
used to be a place

where you could
really get your ass kicked.

You're a good kid
for a fucking hack.

And you're a good guy
for a bankster.

All right, fuck it.

I wasn't gonna give you this,

but you're here for a story
and now I like you, so...

...Steven birch.

Piedmont capital.


That swap deal he did
on arcadian railroad...

The timing is very curious.

What kind of swap?

I'm not gonna write
the article for you.

Do an autopsy on the deal,

you'll find yourself a pulitzer
in the carcass.

Here's my cell.

Don't call
until the market closes.

No voicemail.

No e-mail.

Enjoy your lunch.

David: How do you respond to
the criticism that hedge funds

are the scavengers
of the financial sector

and that a select few have
undue influence on the markets?

Any public statement you make
or position you take

can send a stock soaring
or falling.

We're not scavengers.

We're white blood cells
scrubbing out bad companies,

earning for our investors,
preventing bubbles.

Excuse me.

A hedge fund like mine
is a market regulator.

I want people like Bobby axelrod
on that wall.

I need them on that wall.

Axe makes my life easier by
shouting if he sees something.

The moment I let someone
in a boardroom...

...or a government office tell
me what I can or cannot buy,

I may as well close the shop,
and I'm not closing the shop.

Let's touch on the role
of the actmst investor

in today's market.

I'm not just playing for myself.

I'm playing for all

like my good friend
Steven birch here.

Bobby axelrod, Steven birch,
thanks to you both.

Um, that, uh, thing
we were talking about,

they are levered
four to one.

When their accounting
comes out,

it's not gonna look pretty,

Those fucking guys.
I wasn't told.

I don't know why Brooks
saved those seats for them.

I'm gonna find him
and skin his ass.


I'm gonna get me
that scalp.

You crushed it.

Let's get out
of this rat fuck.

Watch out.
He may buy the building.

It's an a-minus building.
Needs overhaul.

He doesn't consider anything
less than triple-a.

Yet he hired you.

Easy, Bryan.

Learn anything
from my talk?

You staying for mine?

I know your act.

You sending me messages?
'Cause I'm here.

Well, the kids
in my office

really thought
you might buy that house.

I told them
you got big balls,

but not that big.

Yeah, right.
I'll probably pass.

It's so nice, though,
you know.

Feels like you're part
of the beach and ocean.

And all that air out there...

Shit, you know about it.

Your daddy's got
a little place out there.

He must let you use a bedroom
some weekends if you say please.

Walk away.

I should.

But then again, what's the point
of having "fuck you" money

if you never say
"fuck you"?

You're a smart man.

So you know
when I bring an action,

not some county
or even state,

it's the United States

Don't give me
a reason.

Oh, I know who brings
an action.

And I know what you feel about
your perfect record, too.

You can't afford a mark
in the loss column.

There's a saying
in baseball.

Towns fire managers.

Owners just give them
the bad news.

You're the only one running
the big money they cheer for.

But that's because
you worked that 9/11 shit

for all it's worth.

Fuck yourself.

I have never sent out
a single press release,

given one interview.

I lost every one of my friends
that day.

And you've managed
to make some new ones since.

But like I said,
they may be cheering now,

but believe me,
they are dying to boo.

And now from the other side,

the man whose job is to ride
herd over the bulls and bears,

Chuck rhoades.


Denny dantone's coming in
with an offer

on the Norton house --
$62 million.

Prepared to close
in less than a week, I hear.

How the fuck did he see it?

He didn't.
He knew the house.

Been to parties there.

Son of a bitch.

Hey, babe.

Hey, babe.

What the hell's
wrong with elmo?

He went to the vet
to get fixed, remember?

The house, I want it.

Okay, let's take a beat.
People are gonna say that --

they might.

Offer $63 million cash.

Take it or leave it
on the call.

Wire goes out first thing.


Mike dimonda
from the journal.

Sorry to wake you.

I was up.

I'm calling for comment.


Skip wolkowska, your father's
friend, committed suicide.

No comment.

Shh, shh.

Rough morning.

But a reminder
like this is useful.

What we do has consequences,

intended and, uh... unintended.

The decisions we make,
the actions we bring,

have weight.

I'll have to carry this one.


Would I have given a break
to some drug dealer?


So, why would I give
one to a businessman?

None of this should
change your mission.

Come to work every day
and be just and strong

in the actions you bring,
and don't waver.

All right, that's it.
Back to work.

This'll cheer you up.

Front fucking page
of the post.

It's like
he's daring you.

Bobby: Gotcha!

You like it?

I love it.


What do you got?

There's movement.

It's likely they've opened
a case file on you.

You know what?

I'm ready.

They could be coming
after you.

Fuck 'em.

You waited up.

I made sure the kids
were asleep.

I wanted to see you.

Me too.

That hurts.

I'll bet it does.