Big City Greens (2018–…): Season 3, Episode 8 - Listen Up!/Big Picture - full transcript

Cricket loses his hearing and keeps it a secret from Bill. The Greens go to a hipster drive-in movie, where Gloria proves her life is fun by taking the perfect Snap-A-Gram photo.


Time for some deliveries.

- Good morning, Cricket!
- Hey. Take it easy.

Hey, you little gerbils.

Here's your coffee
delivery, Kim.

Thanks, Cricket.

- Oh, I forgot to ask for extra...
- Sugar?

Got you covered, Kim.

You're a good one,
Cricket Green.

Cricket, mi amigo.

You sure you don't wanna join
our dance class?

Not today, Juan Pablo.

But enjoy that coffee.

- Ms. Torres!
- Eyy, Cricket.

Here's your coffee, Ms. Torres.

Thanks, kiddo.

Hey, got time
for a game of Ping-Pong?

I should probably
get back to work,

but Ping-Pong
sounds way more fun.

So my pal Remy was like,
"Do not eat that hot dog."

- So what'd you do?
- I ate it, of course.

Of course!

So then my dad says,
"That's not a hot dog.

That's a worm."

And that's how I ended up
in the emergency room.

Oh. You got me.

That was fun,
but now I actually

gotta get back to work.

I'll see you around,
Ms. Ping-Pong Champ.

this was the most fun

I've had all week.

Hey, next time I see you, kiddo,
we're having a rematch.

One quintuple espresso
on the house.

- Again, so sorry for the wait.
- Oh!

Now that's the good stuff!

No worries, dear.

It looks like you were doing
the best you could

- without any help.
- Hi, Gloria.

Cricket, where have you been?
You only had three deliveries.

It should've taken 20 minutes.

How long was I gone?
Like 21 minutes?

Four hours!

Delivery orders
have been backing up.

I didn't know where you were,
and customers are freaking out.

I need someone who can make
these deliveries fast.

You need Zapp!
Gwendolyn Zapp.

I couldn't help but overhear
that you were having

delivery issues.

Well, I've got
just the solution.

Prepare to meet
The Delivernator.

System online.
Greetings, employer.

It's an automated robot
created by BigTech

to take the jobs
of all the delivery workers.

"Unlike a human, I never tire,
waste time, or unionize."

I don't know.

- What does it cost?
- In terms of money, nothing.

Controlling every aspect
of modern life

is payment enough for me.

Hmm, it does sound
like a big help.

Okay. It can take over
Cricket's deliveries.

No. I love deliveries.

Being outdoors,
talking to customers,

playing ping-pong.

I mean, not playing Ping-Pong.

Plus, I'm way better
than this dumb metal box.

Scan complete.
You are not.

Yes, I am! - No!

Then let's put it to the test.

Would you look at that?
Our house.

Here, let me get the door
for you, Papa.

Oh, no.
After you, Tilly girl.

Wait a sec.

You smell that?


Is that aroma
what I think it is?

That's right.
I made cinnamon buns.

I hope y'all are ready
for some warm, tasty...


It seems they too
were drawn

- by the sweet aroma of frosting.
- I don't care!

What are a couple
of old tiny ants?

Extra protein, that's what.

I didn't raise you
like that!

That was my good plate!

They were so perfect,
so innocent.

Why them, huh?

You come into my home,
ate my food,

make my son cry.

This means war!

All right.

Whomever can deliver
these orders

and return to the cafe fastest

will get the honor
of being our deliverer.

And the loser
has to work inventory.

But I hate inventory!

Well then I guess you'll just
have to work hard and win.

Psh, piece of cake.

All right.
Coffees at the ready.

And may the best boy/machine...

May the best noun win!

You got eyes on it, bud?

Sure do,
with my keen eyes

and Vasquez's impressive stride,
we can't lose it.

That's perfect, Remy.
Keep me updated.

Hot coffee coming through!

- Hey, you!
- Who, me?

Get ready.

- Take it, take it, take it!
- Thank you, Cricket!

Oh, wait,
do you have any extra napkins?

Not today.

Uh, it's okay, Keys.

You're a bit of a dribbler,
but you got this.


Remy, I just completed
my first delivery.

That's great, Cricket.

But the Delivernator
just arrived

at its second delivery.

Can I help you?

Identity confirmed.

Whoa. Hang on a...

Delivery complete.
May your day be pleasant.

Well, all right.

And now it's off again.

It's in the lead?
But I'm going as fast as I can.

Fine. I'll just have
to step up my game.

Hey, Ma.

I've got some spackle
and a putty knife.

Let's seal up those holes
and get baking

some new cinnamon buns.

Ants are already in the house.

Sealing up the holes
will just trap them inside.

Violence is the only solution.

I read that for any ant you see,

there are thousands
lying in wait.

Ain't that neat, Gramma?

Die, ants!

You did it, Alice.

The ants are dead
and the house is saved.

I've earned myself a nappy.

the Delivernator just made

its final delivery
at the news stand.

I'm almost done.

Just got to deliver
to Ms. Torres.

Get your hot dogs.
Fresh hot hot dogs!

Remy, I have an idea.

Do what you can to slow it down.

I'll do my best.

Deliveries complete.
Returning to cafe.

Ow! I'm hurt.

The mean robot hurt me.

Potential lawsuit.
Potential lawsuit.

We would appreciate
your silence.

Wait, what?

Cricket, I'm sorry.
I couldn't stop him.

Don't sweat it, Remy.

The Delivernator has made
its last delivery.

Must've missed one.

I'm under siege.

Not today, you darn ants!

Not my sword, too.


Hi, Gramma.

- The ants took over!
- The ants took over,

- yeah, I know.
- I don't understand.

I was as violent as I could be,
but it didn't stop those ants.

Well perhaps violence
isn't the answer.

Violence isn't the answer?

Ah, with The Delivernator destroyed,

I've got all the time
in the world

for my last delivery.

There he is.
Hey, ready for that rematch?

- You're on.
- Cricket?

Oops, one sec.
Talk to me.

How's that final
delivery going?

Done and done.
All is good.

That's good.

But you might wanna get back
to the cafe quick

because the robot is beeping.

- It's beeping?
- Okay.

Actually, Ms. Torres,
I'm sorry, but I gotta run.

You see, I'm in this race
against robot dog and...

Oh, Cricket,
you're such a little jokester.

Now, come on, let's play.
First to a thousand wins.

Well, okay.

I'm sure that beeping
is not important.


Gramma, what are you doing
standing in this ant paradise?

Tilly, violence hasn't given me
one inch

in this terrible ant war.

So I'm trying something
a little more sweet.

Come on out, you jerks!

- Cinnamon buns?
- These ain't for you.

Come on.

This is what you wanted,
ain't it?

All right, you heathens,
welcome to your new home.

Tilly was right.

Violence ain't always
the answer.

Just usually.

Cricket, come in.

Remy, what's up?

There's a bit of development.

The Delivernator
is rebuilding itself.

I do not tire.
I do not waste time.

I do not die.

Rebuilding itself?

You and Vasquez
have to hold it back.

I'm a little tied up
at the moment.

So are we.

Remy, get it together.

you playing walkie-talkie

or are you playing Ping-Pong?

The answer is Ping-Pong. Duh.

Now, I believe it's my turn
to serve.

Oh, no.

Well, we can't play
without a ball.

Best be going.
Okay. Bye.

Okay, Cricket.

If you don't wanna play,
it's fine.

I'll see if one of these walls
cares to challenge me.

No, no. I love playing
Ping-Pong with you.

I just... - Cricket, come in.

What's going on, Remy?

The Delivernator
is on the move.

We've done all we could do.

10-4, Remy.

Ms. Torres, listen,
I'm gonna lose a race

with a stupid robot dog
unless I get going now

and I just...

I don't want you to think
I don't care.

- Get going, kid.
- Are you sure?

You spend a lot of time
with this old gal,

you've more than proven to me
how much you care.

Now get out there
and beat that robot dog,

or whatever game it is
you kids are playing.

Thanks for being so cool
about it.

- Catch you later.
- See you.

Oh, Cricket.

I'm here.
I'm here.

- Did I...
- Lose? You sure did.

The Delivernator beat you back.


Gloria, please.

Don't take delivery duties
away from me.

I'm sorry, Cricket.
The Delivernator was faster,

and as of this moment
is officially our new deliver...


You left your hat at my place, Cricket.

I am so sorry.

Luckily, Cricket will no longer
be on delivery duty.

Oh, you don't say?
That's a shame.

Wait, you enjoy
Cricket's deliveries?

Oh, yeah.
He's a hoot and a half.

And he's got a killer backspin.

- He's always a pleasure.
- He knows my order by heart.

I depend on him for my sanity
and well-being!

- Always right.
- Yeah.

I wouldn't know
what I'd do without him.

The Delivernator was fast,

but your connection to people
is even better for business.

Maybe you should stay
on deliveries.

- Confused.
- Oh.

So it's personality
you want now, is it?

That's actually a feature
we're working on

for our next model.

Delivernator 2.0.

Technologically engineered
for optimum friendliness.

You can trust me.

No? Well, your loss.

All right, Delivernator.
Deliver me back to the lab.


Well, congrats, Cricket.

You're still on delivery duty.

But, please,
no more four-hour trips.

No problem.
Three and a half hours max.

- Cricket.
- Just kidding, Gloria.

I'll do better.

Now I just need to find somebody
who will do inventory for me.

Cinnamon buns.

I don't care
what you make me do.

Just pay me in cinnamon buns!

I got sweat in my eyes ♪

♪ Lost a bet and got bit
by a hundred flies ♪

I fell out a big ol' tree ♪

♪ Hit every branch
and scraped up both my knees ♪

I got chased by dogs ♪

♪ Licked by a frog,
got a rash on my legs ♪

Dropped a dozen eggs ♪

♪ I got splinters
in seven of ten ♪

♪ And tomorrow,
I'll do it all again ♪