Big City Greens (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 8 - Shark Objects/Dream Weaver - full transcript

While at the beach, Cricket tries to scare the beachgoers with a fake shark prank which leads to trouble. Cricket has fun manipulating his family's dreams at night, but they soon turn into nightmares.


Ahh! Another beautiful morning

in Big City--
Oh, it's still night.

[grunts] I hate this poster!

And I hate nighttime!

I'm gonna go find
some entertainment.


Staring contest,

[straining] Argh,
you're boring, you lose!


(whispering) Boooring...

Dangit, what am I supposed to do
till the sun comes up?

[Tilly] Live, from inside
a rabbit's nose...

Ehh, quiet down, Tilly.
I'm tryin' think here.


This is Miss Tilly's

Fun Time TV Hour!

Oh, man, is Tilly sleep-talkin'?

Hello, friends...

We're all together again
on another beautiful mornin'.

- Right, Mr. Hops?
- Right-o, Tilly-o!

♪ The day is startin'
The clock keeps spinin' ♪

♪ Time keeps whirlin'
And space is swirlin' ♪

♪ The world is tiny
And kinda whiny ♪

♪ But it's all funny
With Miss Tilly! ♪

- [horns honking]
- [crowd cheering]

Miss Tilly's Fun Time TV Hour!

- [flatulent sound]
- Brought to you
by Giant Foot!

You've seen a foot,
but never this big.

- Ooh, yeah... Ahh...
- You've got a real
weird brain, sister.

I'm sure glad
you could make it
to another episode.

Let me put on something
a little more comfortable.

[wolf whistle]

That's better! Now,
could someone bring me a tea?

Oh, never mind. I got it!

[mermaid children cheering]

[Tilly] Thank you, my audience
of mermaid children.

Friends, today, we're gonna
learn about zamwopples!

[robot voice]

What the heck is a "zamwopple"?

Great question.

A zamwopple is defined
as a wopple that zams.

Wait, she can hear me?

Well, this changes everything!
[sinister chuckle]

[inhales deeply]
Hey, Miss Tilly...

[Cricket's voice]
Do you take audience requests?

Because I'd like a, um...
I'd like a cow!

What the viewers want,
the viewers get.

- [horns blow]
- [moos]

And, uh, give it two heads!

- And a fancy suit!
- [horns blowing]

Well, aren't you
the belle of the ball?

[snickers] Now, yodel
Yodel to the cow!


- [mumbling]
- [snickers] Now, this
makes nighttime

a little less boring.
I wonder what else I can do

with my newfound ability.

♪ Yodel-odel-ay... ♪


- Muh-ew!
- Taking audience requests.

This show's lost its spark.

♪ Hee-hooooo! ♪

[Cow Head #2]
OK, kid, we've heard enough.

Your show has changed.

And now, you're
yesterday's patatas.

We want to take things... a...

...different direction.


Now, let's see
what father's up to.

[shallow breaths]
Weather sure is nice...

Hey, Dad! Mmmmm...
Whatcha dreamin' about?

Oh, I'm just takin' a drive
out in the country...

In your truck?

In my truck?

[Bill's voice]
No! I am the truck!

- [screeches]
- Hi, bird!

Ahh... That's the stuff.

- Another perfect day.
- [Cricket] Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Hang on a second.

[Cricket's voice]
If you're a car,

then who's drivin' you?

Well, I guess
that'd have to be... me!

[Bill's voice]
Hey, there, Bill.
Great weather we're havin'!

So you're a truck
bein' driven by another truck

that is also you?

Well, then, who's drivin'
that truck?

- Uhh...
- Uhh...

If he's drivin' me,
then am I drivin' him?

Do we drive each other?!

Careful, Dad,

you're gonna
make your engine overheat.

Is there somethin' wrong
with my engine?!

I don't know. Why don't you

pop the hood open
and check it out?

Right. Pop the hood.

Good idea!

Wow, this is great!

I can make him say things,
do things!

I'm like a puppet man
wrigglin' their dream strings!

Makes me wonder what Gramma's
dreamin' about.

Can you take a look
for me, Bill?

Sure thing, Bill.
I-- huh?

[all grunting]

[all growl]

You weren't
supposed to see this!



Gramma... Hey,
whatcha doin', Gramma?

I'm showin' this wood...

- ...who's boss!
- [gong sounds]

Phew! Ahh, surviving
off the land.

I'm livin' the dream!

Yes, Alice, this is the life.

Dominatin' the wilderness

- with no one around
to bother me!
- [knocking at door]

[Cricket's voice]
Wait! Did you hear that?

Uh-oh! Someone's at the door!
Better go answer it! [snickers]

I can't believe she's actually

- getting out of bed!
- All right, yeah, I'm comin'...

Huh? There's no one here.

[Cricket] Look down!
It's a cute little gnome!

What the--? What do you want?

[clears throat, toots horn]

♪ I'm a gnomey gnome!
I love your lovely home! ♪

♪ I bring a gift for you!
This tiny gnome-made shoe! ♪

♪ You can call me Doug!
Would you like a hug? ♪

- You're annoying!
- [snickers]

You better stomp 'im, Gramma.

Stomp that gnome! [laughs]

[yawns] Well, turns out

this night
was anything but boring.

But now, it's sleepy time.

- Goodnight, Gramma!
- [grunting]

Alice smash!
There. Problem solved.

Ha-ha! That was fun!

The rest of my family
wants to play, too!

- Hi!
- How are you?

Aah! Get away from me!

- Get back! Back, you demons!
- [gnomes chittering]

Hee hee hee! I'm flammable!

- [groaning]
- Hi, there!

Hey guys, let's smoochy
her muscles!

- What? No! No!
- [smooching]

[yawns loudly] Yeah!

♪ I'm a sleepy boy
And I'm gettin' into bed ♪

♪ I'm a sleepy boy... ♪
[mumbling quietly]

- [Tilly screams]
- [screaming] Oof!

What the hey?
That sounded like... Tilly?

[Gramma] Get away from me,
you little freaks!

What am I? What am I?!

Ohh, that does not sound good.

Hey, guys uh-- What in the--?

- How's this for entertainment?!
- I'll kill ya! I'll kill ya all!

What's happening?!

Uh, Dad,
what are you guys doin'?

Aah! I'm sorry!

I didn't mean to look
under the hood!

You weren't supposed to see us!

No one's supposed to see us!

[all scream]

Oh, geez. Oh, Pete's.

Where'd they go?
Did I lose 'em?


What is this supposed to mean?!

(crying) Nothing makes sense!

Dad! [grunts] Snap out of it!

C'mere you varmints!

Get a taste
of what Gramma's cookin'!

I chew you up and spit you out!

Love is good! Love is great!

- Uh-oh!
- Here come my legs!


Kiss steel,
you lovey dovey freaks!

Gramma, what are you doing?

Please, Mr. Cow.
Give me a chance!

I can be funny! See, watch!

[old car horn sound]

Utterly ridiculous.


We are moooo-ving on
to another host.

[Cow Head #1]
Meet your replacement,
Puppy Benny.


[Cow Head #2]
Half puppy, half adorable child.

[Cow Head #1]
How can you compete with that?

You can't!

- [gasps]
- [party horns blow]

Please don't replace me!
I can be funny!

I'm sorry, OK! I'll do better!

Tilly, ya gotta stop this!

Please, don't cancel my show!

Oh, boy. What have I done?

I've turned their dreams
into nightmares!

I've gotta wake 'em up!

You all have left me no choice
but to be loud and annoying!

Wake up, wake up,
wake up, wake up!

Aah! Huh?

- What the--?
- He's finally arrived!

- King Dingles!
- [gibberish] Dingles!

I love you!

I must destroy it!

Yaah! Aah!


Ahh! Ow!

It's a perfect day
to work on my truck!

Gotta... get away...
from the wrench!

- [mumbling angrily]
- Hm?

Still goin' strong on minute two

of our 12-hour
Celtic dance segment!

Uh-- Uh-- Hold on, Tilly!

This has gotta wake you up!

[vocalizing, screaming]

[Celtic music playing]

Thank you, tiny firefighter.

[Tiny Firefighter]
You're welcome!

I think we've seen enough.

Please! Just one more chance!
I'm beggin' ya!

- Sorry, sweetheart.
- Your show's garbage,

and we're handing it over
to the dog boy.

Bark, bark, bark, bark.

Ahwoo! Ooee!

- [crowd laughing]
- [both laughing] Marvelous!

But you know
what's even funnier than that?

Watchin' someone eat... uh...

an entire submarine sandwich
in one bite!

[party horns blow]

[both, impressed]

If she can pull that off...

...that would change my mind!

[laughs] That's right!

Watch... and... laugh!

- [both grunting]
- You guys are out of control!

- Ahhhhh...
- Huh?

- Tilly! Stop!
- [hisses]

[groans] They're too
deep asleep!

Oh, I wish I wasn't so good

at manipulatin' people's dreams!

[gasps] Wait, that's it!

- Family! Hear me!
- Huh?

Listen to the sound of my voice!

- And be calm.
- [both grunting]

Now, journey with me
to a peaceful place,

A safe place!

- Good, good. Yeah, that's it.
- [all muttering]

Nothin' can hurt ya now, no.

Everything's all fine and dandy.

But... But I'm
all these trucks, and...

I don't know who's drivin' who,
and what am I gonna--?

[Cricket] Don't worry.
You're not a fleet of trucks.

- You're a man.
- A fleet of man?!

No, just one man.

A good man! Drivin' one truck!

Ahh... It just feels right.


I must vanquish the Gnome King!

Whoa, now! Easy. Easy, girl.

You already took care of him.

I love--

Now, would you look at that?

You turned all those gnomes
into a delicious stew!

Mmm-mmm! Smell those
tasty gnomes!

[slurping] Ahh...


I'm alone again?
This is perfect!

That's right.
Everything is A-OK.

Please! Don't cancel my show!

Ha-ha! Too late!

You just got
(demonic voice) zamwoppled!

There's no business cow,

and Puppy Benny is just a puppy.

[demonic laugh]

Ohh! That's not scary at all!

Do I also get my TV show back?

- [Cricket] Yes.
- Oh, good!

Welcome back
to the show, friends.

[all snoring]

Ohh! And that's the last time
I mess with anyone's dreams.

[relaxed sighing, muttering]

[grunts, yawns]

- Goodnight.
- [rooster crowing]

[yawns] Good mornin'!


I just had
the best night's sleep!

I did, too!
Despite some weird dreams.

Let's seize the day, family!

N-No! Everyone should just
go back to sleep!

[chuckles] No way, José!

I am so energized
from that night of sleep

that I feel like
I can conquer the world!

Oh, this must be
some kind of nightmare!
Someone, pinch me!

- Let's go start the day, son!
- Up and at 'em!

- All right!
- [Cricket screaming]

Wake up!

You're dreamin'!

♪ I've got sweat in my eyes ♪

♪ Lost a bet and got
bit by 100 flies ♪

♪ I fell out a big ol' tree ♪

♪ Hit every branch and
scraped up both my knees ♪

♪ I got chased by a dog ♪

♪ Licked by a frog ♪

♪ Got a rash on my legs ♪

♪ Dropped a dozen eggs ♪

♪ I got splinters
in seven and ten ♪

♪ And tomorrow
I'll do it all again ♪♪