Big City Greens (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 7 - Heat Beaters/Bill-iever - full transcript

Cricket and Remy have a basketball match in the middle of a massive heatwave. To avoid getting in trouble, Cricket tricks his family into thinking they're being invaded by aliens.


♪ One, two One, two, three ♪

Citizens of Big City!

There is a severe heat warning
in effect!

For your safety,
please remain indoors.

Unless, of course, you are
required to patrol the streets

while your colleagues all go
on a group trip to the beach.

Ha ha! How unlucky for me!

I'm so sticky!

Yeah, and I'm not feeling
any air from this fan.

Heh heh. Nancy,
you'll have to pry my
breezy body off this thing.

I certainly would, but...


Eh. Tilly, how come you're not
dying like the rest of us?

It's quite simple, brother.

I think of cold stuff.

Just imagine some ice
on your head.

And in your heart.

And in your bones.

Until your soul itself
becomes a frozen wasteland.


Bill, got an ETA on the new A/C?

Almost ready!
This top-of-the-line unit

was on clearance
for some reason.

How lucky for us!

Hello, Green family!
Remy's here!

Oh, hey, Remy,
didn't hear you over the TV.

Cricket, you ready for
a little game of HORSE?

Uh, I'm not sure
if it's a good idea

for you boys
to play out in the heat.

But Mr. Green!

- We have a rivalry to uphold!
- Rivalry?

We compete just like the two
famous basketball players,

Ricky Stork and Wizard Williams.

Their fierce on-court rivalry
was the stuff of legends.

But no matter who won or lost,

they were always
the best of friends.

Come on, little buddy.

Actually, bud,

I'm siding with
the big guy on this one.

It's just too hot to play today.

Well, with you forfeiting,
I guess that means...

- I win!
- Huh?

I said, if you forfeit...

I... win.


Oh, Remy! Remy.

I've beaten you
47 times in a row.

And no amount of heat
will ever stop that streak.

Besides, how hot
can it really be?

Oh, my gravy.

Ah, the ol' Green family hoop.

The "Rusted Lady" herself.

It's so hot!

Ha ha, yeah, well,
it's a dry heat. Hup!

You're up, Cricket!

Holy toot,
I'm getting broiled out here!

How is Remy
getting through this heat?

I mean, he's wearing
a cashmere sweater!

Gotta be twice as hot as me.

I just gotta outlast him.

He'll wilt like a flower.

He'll melt like an ice cube.

Hey, you gonna keep wilting
like a flower,

or are you
gonna step up and play HORSE?

I wanna play HORSE!


Ah, gol dang it...


Heh! Oh, that's an "H" for you.

Go, Remy!

I don't get it!

I'm over here dying

and you're not even
breaking a sweat!

- How?
- Who knows?

Maybe it's not as hot
as you think it is!


OK, the manual suggests
starting this thing
at "room temperature."

No! Room temperature is for
airports and toilet water!

Crank it!

Yeesh, OK!

Heh heh, touchscreen.

OK, that's as cold as she goes.


Ah, that's the stuff.

Very refreshin'.

I hate to say this,

but maybe
it's a little too cold?

Yeah! Make it hotter!

Okie-doke. Um...

Uh-oh, my finger's too cold.

Hey, Tilly,
could you maybe try...

Ooh... that can't be good.

Hup! Swish, baby!

My win streak's goin' bust!

This is the end of an era.

Everything dies
eventually, right?

Hmm. Hey, Remy,
why is this ball so sticky?

Sticky? Hee!

Hey, pal,
come here for a second!

Oh, uh,
maybe we should go back to...

Sure, sure, in a minute.

Uh, Cricket...

It's OK, easy now,
I just wanna see somethin'!

I knew it! Popsicle vest!

That's how you've
been staying cool.

All this time
you've been a boy-sicle!

Well, I, uh...

A boy-sicle!

No, I...

A boy-sicle!

It's just...

Cricket, I've lost every game
of HORSE we've ever played!

Heh heh! Yeah, you love losing!

What?! No! No one likes losing!

I don't like losing so much that
I covered myself in popsicles!

OK, OK, just settle yourself.

I'll tell you what,
you take off the ice cream
and we'll play for real.

Mm, what if I just wear
the part around my middle,
like a cummerbund?

Uh, now what, may I ask,
is a cummerbund?

It's like a sash
that you tie around your waist

when you're wearing
a dinner jacket or a tuxedo.

Its origins are Persian,

Oh, well,
that is interesting,
but I will say...

Oh, wow, who turned up the oven?

Ohh! Oh! Jeepers creepers!

Oh, raspberries!
This complicates things!

How 'bout it, Cricket?

Forfeit now and we can
get out of this heat.

No! Never! We'll adapt!

We'll just have to play...

Street HORSE.

Son. Hey, son! Son!

Aw, nuts.


OK, bad news,

I couldn't get
the boys' attention,

and all the windows
and doors are frozen shut.

So, how's everyone doing
with this refreshing cool air?

Yeah, not great, Bill.

What's the plan here?

Well, we used
all the blankets and coats.

We could light a fire
in the fireplace,
but we've got no wood.

Uh, what about your carvings?
They're wood.

What?! I don't think
things are that desperate.

We're freezing our faces off!

Gotta stop the cold thoughts.
Only hot thoughts.

I'm visualizing fire,
electric blankets,
mercury a'risin'...

Oh, no, what's that over there,
a snowman? On an ice floe?

No, I don't want to join you!
No! No!

You keep warm, sweetheart.

Hey, Alice, you look...


I gave all the coats to Tilly,

but do you want to share
the bathrobe with me?

What's the catch?

Since you're asking,
I want you to apologize
for hoggin' the fan earlier.

I'd rather freeze.

Alice, that's macabre,
you're going to scare Tilly.

She can't hear nothin',
she's lost in her brain.

No, Mr. Penguin,
I'm too young for iced coffee!

That's like the eighth pigeon
I've seen faint.

You nervous?

No way, man, you were cheatin'!

That's put the fire
of competition in my belly!

Oh, gosh, don't say fire.

Remy, the rules are simple.

In Street HORSE,
the whole city is our basket!

Shut up!

OK. Doin' a kick shot
off the hydrant...

over the traffic light...

into that open manhole!

Ow! Come on, it's too hot!


Kick shot over the, uh...


Aah! Hot pavement,
hot pavement! Hyah!

Uh, "Croblins 4."

Gonna, gonna throw it...

gonna throw it
into the horseman's lap.

Give me your little shoes, man,
my foot pads are broilin'.


Why won't you
give me your shoes!


OK! Backswopp the hoop
and in the hole.

You about ready to had enough?

You better not believe it.

Remy, this might be it for me.
I... huh?

Oh, my sweet flamin' banjo...

Ricky Stork and...

Wizard Williams!


Please, children,
calm yourselves.

We've come to share with you
an important lesson.

Is it about

And the value of friendship?

No. We just came to tell you
to get out of the sun.

It's too hot!

Remy, they're saying

we got so caught up
in the heat of competing,

we forgot that our competition

was built on
a beautiful friendship.

No, you're not listening.

I forfeit the game!

Here you go, buddy.
My win streak is over.

This victory is yours.

Thanks, Cricket.
But I refuse your forfeit!

I can win this on my own merit!


Come on, you...

He's doin' it.


Yeah! That's my friend!


Thank you, Ricky Stork.
Thank you, Wizard Williams.

You saved our friendship!




Oh, good, you're back.

Your dad's
getting the fire going.

Papa, your wood carvings!

You're the only
little carving I need.

All right, I give in.

Get in here, ya li'l ice block.

Ahh. Sorry...
for hoggin' the fan.

Well, well, well.
I cannot believe that

- Alice Green just apolog...
- Shh, shh. Snuggle time.

Doesn't look
like the fire is catchin'.

Got any more carvings, Bill?

Just one.

Part of me dies with you.

Hot, hot, hot!
No time for the doorknob!

Unwarranted Hero Kick!




Mr. Fish!

Oh! Thank goodness.

Wowie! The temperature in here
is just perfect!