Big City Greens (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 6 - Impopstar/Football Camp - full transcript

Cricket is mistaken for a pop star who looks just like him and looks forward to a life of fame, while the real star takes up residence in the Green house. Cricket goes with Remy to a football camp to help him impress his dad.


♪ One, two One, two, three ♪

like an excitin' day

of window shopping, huh, kids?

It's like going to a
zoo for material goods.

Let's go inside!


Think you can handle these looks,

I don't know. Can
they handle me?

Hey, Dad.

Look at these bad boys!

I am from the future.

- Can we buy 'em? - No, Cricket,

we can't afford this stuff.

We're just lookin'. Now,
come on.

Let's see what's next door.

why are we wastin' our time here

if we can't have
any of this stuff?

Sometimes pretending can
be just as nice as having, kiddo.

It ain't nice. It stinks!

Can I please get your autograph?

Uh, yeah, I guess.

Here ya go.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

What the heck was that about?

Maybe it has
something to do with that.

I'm Maria Media,

and this is Channel 11 news.

We've just received word

that international
pop superstar,

Zillon Brax, has gone missing.

Zillon rocketed to
fame when his hit single,

"Baby I Could Buy Your Dad"

went platinum in a
record 12 seconds.

my gosh. He looks like a prettier me.

Zillon was last seen earlier
today at a press conference,

where he delivered
some shocking news.

I've called you
all here to tell you

I'm sick of fame and having
everything given to me!

I just wanna... ♪ Live
a normal life ♪ Oh!

We will not be resuming
our normal programming

until this national
treasure is found.

That is so weird.

Oh, my goodness!

Zillon in my store!

keep the sunglasses you have on.

We would be honored if Zillon
Brax wore our merchandise.

So, let me get this straight.

I can keepsies
these for freesies

because you think
I'm Zillon Braxies?

Mm-hmm, mm-hmm, mm-hmm!

With this pop star
fella out of the picture,

his life of fame and
fortune could be mine!

Whoa, whoa, whoa,
there, Cricket.

Ours. Could be ours.

Don't you dare leave
your Mama out of this.

A store dedicated
to luxury umbrellas!

- Seems unnecessary.
- Oh, it is!

♪ Woe is me ♪

♪ Why am I so famous? ♪

If only there was a way

I could walk amongst
the ordinaries.

What do ya think of this one,

a normal family.

So simple, so pure...

♪ So real ♪

Fancy umbrellas
sure are somethin'.

Now, where's Cricket? Oh,
there you are, Cricket!

You comin' home or what, son?

Me? Your son?

Is this my chance
to live a normal life?

No agents? No
managers? No paparazzi?

Yes, Dad! ♪ I'm coming home ♪

With these new clothes,
I'll be

the spittin' image
of Zillon Brax!

And I'll be your manager!

All set! Well...

How do I look?

Like a pop superstar.

Ah-bingo, ah-bango!

You called, Zillon?

I, Zillon Brax,

have decided I
want these clothes.

Now, I don't need to,
uh, pay for these, right?

Are you kidding? There's
not a store in Big City

that would make Zillon
Brax pay for anything!

What do ya say we
put that to the test?



Whoo! Yeah!

Being famous rules!

Livin' a simple life ♪

♪ With my new family ♪

There's so much to learn!

You must be Grandfather.

Cricket, come here!

Pass me the remote, would ya?

♪ Bonding with Grandmother ♪

♪ Like a normal boy ♪

Yeah, thanks, Cricket.

- - Hey, sister!

What is this simple task
that you are performing?

I'm just brushing Saxon's fibers.

I love
the sibling banter!

It's what I've always...

♪ Dreamed of in my dreams ♪

Hey, "Dad-man",
anything I could do

to help out around the house?

Well, gosh, Cricket,

it's great to see ya
take some initiative.

You could start with
taking out the trash.

- That'll be a big help.
- Take out the trash?

Sure! I can do that!

Look at me,
livin' the simple life.

Now, where do I... Ahh!

The trash box.

Get in there, you!

♪ I love my new life ♪

Somethin' seems
off about Cricket.

keep an eye on him!

Good thinkin', Saxon.

Enjoy your free jewelry,

Oh, man,
being famous is the best!

Yeah, it's been fun,
but maybe we should call it a day.

What?! Are you kidding me?

I'm always gonna be Zillon Brax!

- Zillon Brax? - Zillon Brax?

- Zillon Brax?! - Zillon Brax?!

What the heck?


run in here. I'll hold 'em off.

Cricket! The pre-growth-spurt tweens

- are slippin through!
- Oh, man, what do I do?

They're gone. Don't worry.

- Where are we?
- Somewhere safe.

You can hide out in here
until all those fans go away.

What's with all the mannequins?

I've been waiting for this moment

for such a long time.

What are you... Oh, my gravy!

What is that?!

Welcome home, Zillon Brax!


There, Grsnarft!

Hey, that's not a word.

- Fight me! - Oh, I will.

Nice one, Grandmother.

what's going on with Cricket?

a small test is in order!

Hey, Cricket, remind me,

what's your favorite cheese?

I like the yellow cheese
from the moo cows.

Uh-huh, and remind me again,

when is your birthday?

♪ The day I was born,
of course ♪

He got ya there!

Gr-snaab, gr-snarp. Sorry, Ma,

but "grsnarft" is
just not a word.

Well, keep lookin'!

We need somethin' more tellin'.

Hey, Cricket,
what do you think of this word?

Uh, I think...

♪ That's a good play, sister ♪

He didn't
laugh at the word "toot"!

And he has
the voice of an angel!

You're not my brother!

No, it's me, "Crocket."

Papa, are you hearin' this?

Tilly, don't bother "Crocket."


You silly boy. I'm Amaryllis.

Your biggest fan!

I keep everything
you throw away.

Even your baby teeth.

But I don't need
any of this garbage.

I have you!

You don't know how hard
we worked to get you here.

Even though some
people said I couldn't do it!

Well, who's laughing now,
huh, Janice? Huh?!

Zillon? Zillon!

Where'd you go,
my little pop sensation?

- Zillon!
- Oh, this girl is crazy.

Like swallow-a-chicken-whole
kinda crazy!

Cricket, where are you?

Mom, you have to come get me!

I've been taken by a...

There you are, Zillon!

- Cricket? - Sorry!

Zillon can't talk right now...

or ever again!

Who is this? Where's my son?

Oh, my gosh,
my baby boy's in trouble!

- I gotta call the police!
- Oh, what ever for?

Officer Keys, oh,
thank goodness!

Cricket's been kidnapped!

Oh, sorry, Nancy,
but you're on your own.

The entire police force

is out searching
for Zillon Brax.

I'm a big fan!

good luck finding your son.

- Cartwheel! - Wait, come back!

I would've
never guessed your face

had such a rich baby softness to it,

Hyah! You got the wrong guy!

I was just pretendin'
to be Zillon

because, uh, well,
I look like him.


Oh, I know Zillon.

And you're Zillon, Zillon!

My name is Cricket
Green. I swear!

Heh, you're such a funny liar,
Zillon! But enough small talk.

It's time for you to meet
your new singing partner!

It's me.

No, you're kooky dukes,

and I'm gettin' outta here!

Come on, Zillon!

We're gonna sing forever!

Help! You gotta help me,

Now, now, Zillon.

Save your
pipes for the duet!

Papa, can't you tell

that this boy is an impostor?

Tilly, I think I can tell

who's my son and who isn't.

quick! Cricket's in trouble,

and... wait,
you're... You're Zillon Brax!

What can I say? ♪ It's true ♪

- I knew it! - Huh.

I'm puttin' the pieces together,

and it is clear now
that that is not my boy.

Bill, Cricket's in trouble.

He's been captured by
one of Zillon's crazy fan girls.

What? How'd that happen?

uh... we kind of used Cricket and Zillon's

uncanny resemblance
to get free stuff.

I can't believe it!

How could you
be so thoughtless?!

Bill? This coming from the guy

who mistook a
stranger for his own son?

- Touché. - We can talk about

how I'm the only
good parent here later!

How are we gonna find
this girl that took Cricket?

He was probably
snatched up by Amaryllis.

She's always trying to
lure me to this creepy,

abandoned mannequin warehouse.

Well, what are we waitin' for?

Let's go get our Cricket back!

- Yeah!
- ♪ Yeah ♪

♪ Got enough riches
to buy your dad ♪

Take it away, partner!

♪ Buy your dad ♪

♪ Forever and ever and ever ♪

Universe, ya there?

I know we don't
always get along,

but I'm beggin' ya!
I've learned my lesson.

Maybe my real life
doesn't have everything,

but I'd give
anything for it now.

Zillon! You have
to sing your parts.

Oh, all right.

♪ Oh... ♪

- - What?!

Yah! Cricket!

Oh, family! Mm!

No matter what
trouble you're in,

We'll always come a-runnin'.

Fam's always got
each other's backs.

- Uh... - Oh, whoa.

So, uh, you must be the real...


yeah! Now that's the real stuff.

Zillon?! We received word

you might be here!

Oh, gosh, I was too late!


Hey, Zillon here, still alive.

Zillon! You're not hurt, are ya?

Oh, don't worry, Officer.

You see,
I tried to capture Zillon,

but I got the wrong one.

You tried to take
away my Zillon?!

You have to learn
that you can't just

take a celebrity for yourself.

They belong to all of us.

Wait! At least give me a minute

with the real Zillon! Zillon!

Say what
you want about her,

she knows how to decorate.

You know,
living amongst you simple folk

has given me a
lot to think about.

But I don't like to think!

So I'm just gonna go back
to being rich and famous!

Mwah! Mwah! Peace and love, yo!

new album drops October 12th.

Huh. You okay, Cricket?

I've just never been
happier to be myself.

Now let's go home!

Wait. Toot.



how do you come
up with this stuff?

- - Checks out!