Big City Greens (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 3 - Elevator Action/Bad Influencer - full transcript

Gloria gets stuck in an elevator with the Greens when trying to return her apartment key. Cricket is worried when Remy falls under the sway of an obnoxious internet influencer and starts imitating his lifestyle.


[theme music playing]

♪ One, two, one, two, three ♪

♪ La la la la la la la la ♪

♪ Na na na na na na na na ♪

♪ La la la la la ♪

[chicken cackles]

Ah, closing time.

- We're free!
- Oh, seriously.

So you got any
Friday night plans?

Ha! Do I have plans?

Cricket, I'm a single
woman living in Big City,

the world is my oyster!

- Okay, night, Gloria.
- [laughs]


- Whoa, whoa, whoa!
- He just keeps falling.

- That's good stuff.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa!

Oh, wow.

Jenny from high
school had a baby.

Good luck with that!

You're more than enough for me.


I love my new washer and dryer!

Goodbye, laundry mats!

Now that, I'm jealous of.

Finally got that big promotion!

What? She just started
that job two months ago!

It takes more muscles to frown

than it does to smile!

Well, it takes even
less muscles to scroll!

We bought a house,
and all it took was hard work

and a lot of money
from my parents!

What? That's not hard work!

Being happy is so easy!

It's not that easy.

It is not that easy!

[gasps] No, no, no, no, no!

Oh, that was dumb!
Please, don't be broken!

Oh, it's broken.

Why can't I just
get it together?

- Ow.
- [man] Hey,
quiet down over there!


Well, Gloria,
you've always got tomorrow.


I didn't realize it was so soon.


Okay, here we go.

Oh, right, parking
costs money, Gloria!

Everything in this
city costs money.

- Come on.
- [change jingling]


- [coin clinks]
- Okay, I'll be quick.

All right,
I'll just be in and out.

No distractions.

♪ La, la, la, la, la, la, la ♪

Hello, tall building!

Cricket? And the rest of
his crazy family?

What are they doing here?


Oh, he saw me!

Okay, door, close,
please, please. Door, close.

Gloria, was that you?

Gloria, Gloria, Gloria, Gloria,

Gloria, Gloria!

I don't want to
be social right now.

- [elevator dings]
- Yes, yes, they're closing.

Woo, that was a close one.

- Gyah!
- Ah!

Hi, Gloria!


These dang doors just
don't wanna open!

Gloria, thanks for the
holding the door for us.

[laughs nervously] Yeah.

Don't forget your extra
large Tubby Punch, cricket.

Ooh, thanks, Tilly.

And I will drink
this whole thing!


Now I told you not to buy that!

You'll be running to
the bathroom all day!

You don't know anything!

Son, one day, you'll realize

- I do know a thing or two.
- [grunting]

Come on. Awe, come on,

it's just an elevator, Grandma.

I don't trust it!

It's unnatural!

How does it move up and down?

Come on, you're letting
all the oxygen out.


What are you all doing here?

It's City Exploration Day.

We each take turns picking
a new place to see.

Last week, Tilly chose
the History Museum,

and this week,
Cricket chose the, uh...

Big glass elevator,
big glass elevator!

When it goes up and down,
it makes you feel
like you're flying!

I did enough flying in the war!

Plus, this big window makes
it the best view in the city.

So you all came here
to ride the elevator?


So, the thing is,

while it's fun seeing
you all here,

I'm actually in a
little bit of a hurry.

- Oh, really?
- [slurping]

- What are you up to?
- Oh, don't worry about it.

You wouldn't understand.

Adult stuff.

Mm-hm, mm-hm, mm-hm.

Adult stuff.

Shiny buttons.

It'd be a shame not
to press them all!

- [elevator dings]
- Going up.

- Did you just press
all the buttons?
- Maybe.

[gasps] I don't
have time for this!

Hey, you're
undoing my hard work!

[panel sizzling]

[elevator voice]
Going up, down, up, up.

[everyone screaming]

[heads thump]

[everyone screaming]

- [bodies thump]
- [Bill] No, not again!

I knew this would happen!

Never trust a machine
to run itself!

- [panel explodes]
- [all screaming]

- [elevator crashes]
- [thump]

[gasps] Oh my gosh!

Oh, no, no, no, no, no!

No, no, no!

The elevator's broken!

We're trapped!

I can't believe
this is happening!

Who knows how long
we'll be stuck here?

Well, being realistic,
Gloria, probably forever.

Our old way of life is dead.

We must rebuild society from
the ashes of the former.

This will be Tilly's corner.

Better pick a corner soon,
they're going fast.

That's it, I'm gonna jump!

- [mumbling]
- [thumps]

Ma, you're overreacting.

You've gotta stay calm.

Shh, shh, shh.

Shh, shh, shh.

I can't believe
this is happening.

Oh, look on the bright side!

Now we've got plenty of
time to enjoy the view!


Pretty neat, huh?

I guess it is pretty...

- Oh, no!
- [meter clicks]

My parking meter!

I gotta get out of here!



[gasps] Elevator have
emergency phones.

- [slurping]
- Son, you better quit that.

You're gonna have to
go to the bathroom.

Come on, come on, come on! Yes!

Gloria, the last
thing we need to do

is act like we're in
some sort of crisis.


If I'm literally gonna go down,

- I'm going down fighting!
- Oh, Ma.

Hello, is anyone there?

Yes, help!
I'm trapped in an elevator!

- Ma!
- Let go! [grunting]

There's a lot of noise,
can you repeat that?

We are trapped

- in an elevator!
- Ma!

- Boy, don't you dare! [yells]
- Let go!

Can you repeat...


Oh, yeah, scrap metal.
I'll take this, thanks.


Okay, does anyone
else have a phone?

Oh, crabbledumpkins,
I have a phone.

Here, you make the call, Gloria.

Oh, we're saved!

Thank goodness! Give it here.

Yeah, Dad, I've gotta get
out of here, hand it over!

Wait a minute.

You're suddenly very
eager to leave, Cricket.

Is there a special reason why?

Well, who wants to spend
all day stuck in an elevator?

Huh, interesting.

What is going on?

Could it be someone
needs to use the bathroom

because they drank
their soda too fast,

even though I told them not to?

Okay, you know what?

You two talk,
while I take the phone.

I need to hear this from him.

It's okay if you've
gotta go, Son.

You've just gotta admit it.

I don't know what
you're talking about.

Don't you dare.


Yeah, I'm just gonna grab this.

Gloria, this is
a teaching moment!

-Okay, come on, come on.
Pick up.
-[phone ringing]

[operator] We're sorry...

[man] Bill Green.

...your phone plan
does not allow calls

- on days that end in Y,
- [phone clicks]

[chuckling] Yeah, I got
the most cheapest plan

on the worst network.

Cool! Cool, cool, cool, cool!

So we're trapped in an elevator,

and also out of phones.

I didn't think I could
be stuck anywhere worse

than my crummy apartment,

but I guess I was wrong!

[carpet ripping]

There, there.

You're always
welcome at my place.

There's plenty of shade
from the fluorescent lights,

and I always have the latest
post-apocalyptic fashions.

Uh, that's actually
weirdly comforting.

- Thanks, Tilly.
- You're welcome.

I hope we can grow as
friends until one of us

has to inevitably eat the other.


What'cha doing, Gloria?

What I should have
done from the start.

Help, help, help, help,
help, help, help!

[man] Hey, we can hear you!

Hey, it worked!

Please, we're trapped!

Can you get us out of here?

[man] Yeah, we pried
open the doors down here,

all you've gotta do is open
the doors on your side.

Leave that to me!



- Kind of a squeeze.
- Better hurry!

I don't know how much
longer we can hold this.

Okay, we don't have much time.

Boy, you're small
and wily, shake a leg!

I don't know, Ma.

What if this thing
starts moving again?

Ah, I'm making a run for it!

Cricket, wait!

- [Bill grunts]
- [cane snaps]

[everyone screaming]

[everyone groaning]

Holy bologna,
this could have been me!

Is it so hard to imagine

that your old dad might know
what he's talking about?


[sighs] Cricket,

one day you'll figure out

I'm just trying to
look out for you.

Yeah, but not,
like, today, right?

Oh, give it a rest, Cricket!

You don't even know
how lucky you are!

If I had someone in this
stupid city looking out for me,

maybe I wouldn't be leaving!


What are you
talking about, Gloria?

This is my last day in Big City.

I'm moving back to my hometown
to live with my parents.


My building management
is on the 68th floor.

I just came to return
my apartment key.

Everything I own
is out in my car.

You're... You're
actually leaving?

But, Gloria, I thought
you loved Big City.

How could you leave all of this?

[sighs] The city is fine.

I'm the one that's
not good enough.

Today is my
three-year anniversary

of moving to Big City.

Three years.

And yet, I'm still at
the same crummy job,

in the same crummy apartment.

Moving here was supposed to
be a stepping stone to Paris.

What a joke.

It's time to just
throw in the towel.

Well, I get it, Gloria.

We had a hard time when
we first moved here, too.

I mean, we're still adjusting,

but it gets better every day.

That's easy for you to say.

You're a family.

You have each other.

No one's here to support me.

I'm failing, and I'm all alone.

♪ Firefighters ♪

♪ We're here to save the day! ♪

Uh, what happened?

Uh, finally!

I've gotta get out of here.

Gloria, wait!


Listen to me! Gloria...

I really wanna
say something inspiring,

but it's kind of hard
to think right now!

Son, just please,
go to the bathroom!

Yes, okay, thank you!

[sighing in relief] Yeah!

Oh, Dad!

You were so right, Dad!

I knew he had to go, but sheesh.

Now he's just showing off.

[elevator dings]

[sighs] That family.

Always around,
always getting in my way.

Goodbye, Big City.

- [tow-truck beeping]
- Hey, hey!


[tow-truck beeping]

No, stop!

That's all I have, please, stop!


Sir, move aside!

I'm sorry, I can't
let you tow this car.

Heck no, we won't be towed!

Heck no, we won't be towed!

- ♪ Do do do do do do do do ♪
- [tire hissing]

Move it, or I'll tow you too!

- For glory and Gloria!
- [grunting]


- [drives groaning]
- [tires screeching]

Yeah, that's right, bye-bye!

You guys, that was amazing!

I-I can't believe
you did that for me.

Well, we know what
it's like losing a car

with everything you own in it.

Happened to use
when we moved here.

We got your back, Gloria.

Yeah, you're never alone.
You have us!

I can't believe I even had
to explain that to you.


I guess I never
thought of it that way.

Well, since you're leaving,

you probably wanna hit the road.


- [doorbell rings]
- Hey, pizza's here.

So, that's two large pizzas

and four Mega Gulp
Tubby Punches.

- What?
- I ordered those!

[grunts] Hand them
right over here.

Yeah, I'll take them.

So what are you
guys gonna drink?

Thanks so much for
helping me unpack.

- Of course!
- Happy to help!

I'll bill you later.

Hey, quiet down over there!

No, you quiet down!

[neighbor] Oh, uh, sorry.

Got your back, Gloria.