Big City Greens (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 21 - Chipocalpyse Now - full transcript

After Chip Whistler demolished the buildings around the Greens' house to build a new Wholesome Foods store, Cricket must encourage his family to fight for what's right and save their home.

Oh, this is awful!

- It's terrible!
- What are we gonna do?

Chip Whistler bought Big Coffee

- and shut it down!
- And because of that,

me and Gloria lost our jobs!

That man's gone mad with power!

I'm sure he's plottin' somethin'

even worse as we speak!

What should we do, Nancy?

Oh, I actually just came over

to ask what y'all thought
about my new hat.

- [whip crack]
- [horse whinnies]

But I see that now
might not be the best time.

[knocking on door]

[all gasp]

- [Cricket] Chip!
- Good morning, Greens.

I just dropped by
to let you know the good news.

A new Wholesome Foods
is coming to your area!

We're aware.
It'll be right next door.

Actually, it will be
on both sides of your house.

Both sides?
But that would mean...

[both gasp]

[panting] Wait, stop!

You're not really
leaving, are you?

Sorry, dudes. Chip bought
our whole apartment complex.

The world is, how you say,
cruel and unfair.

[all grunting]

All right, dudes,
time to hit the road.

Oh, come on, wait! [groans]

Listen up, Chip.
If I can find a way

to launch a chicken into space,
I can find a way to stop you.

Hm? Did you say something?
I... I'm wearing ear plugs.

Ear plugs? Why are you
wearing ear plugs?

For this!


[both gasp, scream]

The apartment complex.
Big Coffee. They're gone!

- [Chip chuckling]
- [all gasp]

Bingo. Bango.

[sad version
of theme song playing]

♪ One, two
One, two, three, four ♪

Wow. Can't believe
Chip built this in a week.

Yup. They build fast here.

Shoddy building codes.

This is ridiculous!
This is our property,

and we shouldn't have to live
under the shadow

of a grocery store!
Our crops won't grow,

Tilly's sleep schedule's
out of whack...

[snorts] Huh?

...and worst of all,

there are bats everywhere!

We gotta... Ehh!
We gotta do something!

And make everything worse? No!

Chip is obviously
trying to provoke us!

We still have our house,
and we still have each other.

Now, if you'll excuse me,

I'm gonna go figure out
what crops grow in the dark.

Bill, wait! He really shouldn't
garden angry.

Well, your dad may not want

to provoke Chip,
but I'm willin'!

That man wanted a turf war,
and I say we give him one!


- [ding-dong]
- Yah!

- Roll out.
- [both grunt]

Oh! A apple? Huh?

Apple? Oh...


[panicked grunt]

Hm? Five hundred dollars
per nut?!

[indifferent grunt]



- Ugh!
- Ugh!

[all snickering]

-[Gloria] Hey!
What are you doing?
-[all] Hm?

Gloria? You're working here?

- For the enemy?!
- Traitor!

I thought we were family.

Do I need to remind you
that your feud with Chip

is the reason Big Coffee
got shut down?

I don't need family right now.
I need a job!

Besides, you're making
everything worse!

I spent all day
cleaning up your mess.

- I'm over it! Security!
- [oinking]

What, you gonna kick us out?

I'd like to see you tr...

[all screaming]

Wow. This job does
have its perks.

[all screaming, grunting]

- Huh? Kids!
- Kids!

- Are y'all OK?
- Were you guys

messin' with Wholesome Foods?

- They started it.
- [paint can spraying]

Oh, hey, Greens!
So... great news.

The city approved my request

for a Wholesome Foods
parking lot,

which means that your house
is being destroyed!

- [all gasp]
- Now, hold on, slick,

this is still my land!

Well, about that,
I was actually able to prove

that a parking garage
would be better

for the community than a, um...


...this. I was granted the right
to seize your land,

thanks to our esteemed mayor.

Mayor Hansock?!

I didn't vote for 'im.

You can't be serious!

Oh, but I am.
If it was up to me,

I'd bulldoze your house
right now,

but the stupid law
gives you till tomorrow.

- Tomorrow?!
- Tomorrow!

So, best get a move on.
Big City won't miss ya!

Better start
fortifyin' the yard.

Papa, are we really
gonna lose our house?

Yeah, c'mon, guys,
we gotta fight back!

I like your attitude, kiddo!
I'm in! Now, how 'bout we...

No. No.
I'm thinkin' if there's

any clearer way to say this.

Hm. No, there isn't.
It's just "No."

Look, family,
I know this stinks,

but we just can't win.

Back when things
weren't looking good

for our farm in the country,

Nancy, you tried to rebel
and fight back

against the big corporation
that threatened us,

only to get thrown in jail!

And we still lost our farm.

Now it's happenin' again,
and we might as well

get ahead of it
and just move on.

We have to accept
that we're the little guys.

And there ain't no point
in fightin' back.

OK, you're right.
We should at least try

goin' through
the proper channels first.

Ah, yes. The sewers.

No, the government, sweetie.

We're gonna talk to the mayor!

[Nancy] What do you mean,
we can't talk to the mayor?!

Please, it's important!

Well, you're welcome to wait
on the standby bench.

I was your age
when I came to see the mayor.

[sickly coughing]

- We're doomed.
- Excuuuse me!

Gotta go see the mayor
without an appointment!

[exclaiming] Huh?

Whoa! Whoa-oa-oa! Whoa!

- Whoa! Hey! Whoa!
- [crashes]

C'mon, family!

Hey, Mayor, we're the Greens,

and we've got a bone
to pick with you!

Oh, no! A citizen! Mad at me?!
What can I do to fix this?!

Uh... Oh.

I'm here to talk
about the construction

of the Wholesome Foods
parking lot.

My family is gonna
lose their house!

That is awful!
I will do everything

in my power to help you!

Wow, that's great to hear!

Oh, Mayor, have you forgotten
about public opinion?

Ah, yes. Greens, turns out
I can do nothing to help you.

- What do you mean?
- Public opinion?

There was an online petition.

Ugh, let's see it.

No, this is for mine

and the mayor's peepers only.

Aw, what's wrong, you mad,
you wanna see?

[laughs] Mwah! Mwah! Mwah!

[laughs] He's kissing
the computer!

- Mwah. Hey!
- [Nancy] Yoink!

Give that back!

[groans] Huh?


- Whoo-hoo!
- Yeah!

Aah! Conflict!

[grunts] What do I do?

[gasps] I'm saved!


Come on, come on...

[grunts] Huh?



- Eep.
- [crashes]

[both wince]

Come on, kids!

Let's get outta here!

Hello! We got
a distress signal.

What's going on?

Officer, that woman
assaulted me!

Oh, boy.

Oh, looks like we got a runner!

- Ohh! [gasps]
- [crash]

Nancy Green,
you're under arrest.



Welcome back to jail!
You know the deal.

Cricket... Tilly...

Oh, no, no, no, no, no,
no. This is bad. So, so bad!

- [truck approaching]
- Well, it's about to get worse.


[both gulp]

- We didn't meanfor this to happen.
- We were just trying our best...

I don't want to hear it.

I can't believe
I even have to say this,

but I would prefer
if no one else

in my family went to prison.

Well, what are we
supposed to do, give up?

We're not givin' up.
We're movin' on.

I think the best thing
to do is start packin'

so things don't
get worse. Yes?

- [both grunt]
- [Bill] Thank you.

Kids? You done, uh...?

Nope. Just gonna let that go.

How's the packin' comin', kids?

It was goin' fine
until we got distracted

by all the precious memories
we made in this house.

I know this is hard,
but we can make new memories

in a new home!
I've already found

some great new city apartments -
in our price range -

for us to check out.

Blech. Oh, no. No, no, no!

Huh? An email from Chip?

Let's see...
It's the petition!

Mama musta sent this
while she had Chip's tablet.

Wait a second.

Some of these signatures
are from people we know!

Wha...? Lemme see that.

Brett, Kiki, Benny?

But these are our friends!

Do people not like us?

I'm afraid it's even worse
than that, dear brother.

Look closer.

No! It can't be!

[sighs] Today's gonna be
a good day!

- Betrayal!
- [screaming]

- What's going on?!
- Don't play dumb.

You've been on Chip's side
since day one.

Our whole friendship is a lie,
isn't it?! Isn't it?! Aah!

Master Remy, are you OK?

I knew that boy
would go rabid one day.


Everyone, stop yelling!

You're stressing me out!

[sighs] Cricket,
I've never betrayed you.

What are you talking about?

I'm talkin' about your signature

bein' on Chip's petition
to demolish our house!

Oh, my gosh! Your house
is being destroyed?!

- Also, who's Chip?
- Don't play dumb.

Your name is right here!

I didn't sign any petition.
This must be fake.

Well, if that's true,
that means Chip lied to us.

Oh, actually,
that makes a lot of sense.

Well, if my signature is fake,
maybe they're all fake!

This is a lotta
crazy information.

- We've gotta tell my mom.
- Betrayal!

You've been on Chip's side
since day one!

- Tilly, he's clean.
- Oh, sorry, Remy.

Psst, Mom, over here!

It's us, your children!

We need your help!

What's goin' on, kids?

And how'd you get up there?

No time to explain!

Mom, we think
the petition is fake!

But what should we do about it?

Usin' a fake petition, huh?
[scoffs] Figures.

You're gonna need proof.
Our best bet

is Chip's office computer.
If you can find evidence

and show it to the mayor,
he'll have to call off

Chip's plan!
Uh, Cricket? You OK, kiddo?

[straining] Yep. Just need
to jostle up the juices.

Vasquez? [exclaiming]

[gasps] OK, evidence, got it.

But what if it backfires?

We don't wanna
make things worse for you!

Hey, don't worry about me.
It hurts to be away from y'all,

but it would hurt even more
to just stand by

while some dingleberry like Chip

tramples all over
the people I love.

If we go down,
at least we go down swingin'.


- [sighs] Oh! Huh?
- [rumbling]

- [rumbling intensifies]
- [gasps] Oh, no.

Sorry, but I just couldn't
wait till morning.

I'll be tearing down your
house precisely at midnight.

Tick-tock, Greens.

Tick. Tock.

Oh, my gosh!

Chip's gonna bulldoze the house!

That termite showed up early!

Green family,

you have eight minutos

to vacate the premises!

- Dad! [panting]
- Kids!

Great news, Dad! We've got
a plan to save the house!

- Exciting, right?
- What? No!

The only plan we have
is to get our stuff

and get out of here
before we lose everything!

Now, come on!

OK, Dad's not thinkin' straight.
Group huddle!

OK, Remy and I are gonna sneak
into Wholesome Foods

and get the evidence
to prove that Chip

faked the petition.

But Gramma, we need
you and Tilly

to buy us some time. Got it?

Buying time...

is my specialty.

[sighs] Come on!
Eh, it's midnight somewhere.

It's go time, boys!

- [evil laughter]
- [engines revving]

What are you waitin' for?
Get a move on!

- Ready for some fun, Till?
- Aye-aye, captain.

I spent all day
preparin' for this.

Time to sit back
and enjoy the show.

- [workers screaming]
- Whoa!

What?! Are you kidding me?!

- That oughta hold 'em off
for a while!
- Yeah!

[grunting] Dang it.

The automatic doors won't open.
We're locked out.

How are we gonna get in?

Hmm... [gasps] I got it!

[both grunting]


[both exclaiming]


[both whimpering quietly]

- [radio static]
- Hm?

The children have been spotted
outside the doors. Let's move.

- Just as planned.
- That was a close one.

That's gotta be the elevator
to Chip's office!

Uh-oh! We need a keycard
to operate the elevator!

Oh, Remy, there goes college.


Gloria? This is perfect!

We need your keycard
to use the elevator!

No way, dude. I'm not losing
another job because of you.

Gloria, please,
my family needs your help.

I know we've
had our differences,

but think of all the times
the Greens have helped you

or just made your life
a little better.

Haven't we been there for you
when you needed us?


Gloria, you're a real peach.

Chip's office is on floor seven.

Hold it right there!

Don't move an inch.

- Yikes!
- Go. Don't worry about me.

- I know Tae Kwon Do.
- What's that?

- [growls]
- Purple belt,
don't fail me now!

[groans] So I guess this means
I'm fired, huh?

- [grunts]
- Eh. Down we go!

[both screaming, grunting]

Success! Ooh!
Ow, ow, ow! Glass.

Come on, people!
Get these bulldozers moving!

Ugh, useless!
Runners, you're up!

- [screaming]
- Let's go, go, go, go!

-Stay calm!
Time for phase two.


[all screaming, grunting]

What in the world?

OK, let's give
these doors a try!

So, I dunno, Cricket, you think
this is Chip's office?


OK, let's search
for that petition.

A password, huh?

Maybe I can make
an educated guess!

Let's see, uh...
"I hate Cricket."

- [negative beep]
- Maybe "Cricket's
a dumb doo-doo baby."

- [beeping continues]
- Uh...

"Cricket's not smart
or popular 1-2-3."

Uh, maybe it's time
to try somethin' else.

"Cricket is a peanut-brain
garbage goblin."

- OK, that's enough.
- [positive ding]

Hey, it worked! We're in!

Shield formation!

Aw, rats!

Oh, no!
The family's in trouble!

Oh! I know someone
who can help! Code red!

[all grunting]

Ready to help, Master Remy!

Ha-ha-ho! Those goons
are so dead.

The Greens are Master Remy's
dearest friends!

Anyone who tries
to mess with them

has to deal with Vasquez.

Well, hubbity bubbity!

Can we focus on taking down
the human death machine, please?

[all screaming]

Ha-ha. Foolish.

- [both grunt]
- Mrs. Green!

That's right! Can't let you

have all the fun, hot shot!

[both growl]

Go, guys, go!

- [groaning]
- Hm?



What the...? Tilly!

What are you doin'?

Puttin' everything back!

Tilly, please,
you gotta understand,

I'm trying to do
what's best for the family.

I need to get you away
from all this craziness.

[tires squealing]

Channel 11 News,
reporting for duty!

We heard there was
a crisis to exploit!

Maria Media here
at the site of the new

Wholesome Foods Mega Center,
where a civil dispute

has turned into
an all-out brawl.

And among the chaos,
a family in crisis.

Tilly, look around.
This is happening

whether we like it or not.
The way I see it,

we can move forward
like we always have,

or we can stay
and fight a losing battle.

But Papa, the battle isn't lost.

When we stand up for ourselves,
it makes a difference.

Just like Mama did when she
freed those dairy cows!

And what difference did it make?

We still lost the farm,
and she went to jail!

She shouldn't have fought
a losing battle.

Well, I'm glad she did!

This is getting good!
Get it, get it, get it!

Mama knew the risks,
but she couldn't stand by

while our family
was under attack.

And now, the Green family
is under attack again!

Maybe we are
just the little guys,

but if we stand together
as a family,

we have a real chance
to turn things around.

And I won't give up on our
home while there's still a chance.

Isn't our family
worth fightin' for?

- I...
- Ugh! This is
taking too long!

- Send in the riders!
- [gasps] Mm.

- [blows fanfare]
- [rumbling]

What in the world?!

What the heck is...?

[both yelp]

What do we do, Papa?

Papa, come back!

Hold on, we're comin'! Aah!

I'm not lettin' anybody
touch our house!

And neither am I!

That didn't even slow them down.

That's all right.
Wasn't supposed to.

[chickens clucking]

[all screaming]

Aah! My eyes!
My soft, vulnerable eyes!

Avenge us, brothers!

[all growling]

Stand back, Tilly.
It's time I defended our home.

Really, Papa?

Well, you were right, Till.

I wanted to move on.

Because I was afraid
of losing something

important again.
But even if that does happen...

[both grunting] least... [screaming]

...we won't go down
without a fight!

- All right, Papa!
- Attaboy, Bill!

[both grunting]

Now, come on, you.

- [screaming]
- Charge!

- Come get me.
- Come on, fight!

What kind of
construction workers are you?

Mr. Whistler! Sir!
Two small children

have entered the office level.
I was unable to stop them.

They're gonna find everything.
You. You're fired.

Goons! You're with me!
I'm done playing.

Stay strong, family.
Oh! I should be there!

Good golly! Your family
is going to lose their house?!

Yes, and I wish
I could be there to help.

Oh, this puts me
in a tough spot.

I don't want
your family to leave.

You're my favorite people
to police.

Keys, please!


Gavel, gavel,
your sentence is overruled!

Now, let's get you home!

Not before we get the mayor.

Boy, you ask
for a lot of favors.

I like it!

Remy, how's
the clickity clack goin'?

- [beep]
- [gasps] Actually,
I think I just found

what we were looking for.

In English, Remy!

Cricket, look!
All the signatures

are from the same IP address.

If everyone in Big City
really signed this,

these numbers
should all be different.

Which means the petition
was faked!

Not just my name, all of them!

This is the proof we needed!
All we have to do

is show this to the mayor!
Holy moly, bud, you did it!

Wait. That means our neighbors
and the people of Big City

don't actually hate us.

- All done!
- [Chip] Bravo.

Ya little scamps.
Now, gimme, gimme.

Cricket, run!

- After him!
- [Remy] Wait!

I've got something to say.

Has anyone seen my daddy?
[sobs] I've looked all over,

but I can't find him,
and I... I'm really scared!

- Aw, it's all right,
little guy.
- We'll help him!

Do you remember anything else
about your papa?

We have a very brave boy
looking for his papa over here.

Repeat, the bravest, best boy.

You guys!
It's clearly a trick!

Wait. Where's the...?

Time to finish this.

[gasps] They just keep comin'!

- [banging]
- Huh? No!

- [both straining]
- Finally!

Bulldozers are clear!

[police siren]

Oh, man...

Right this way, Mr. Mayor!

Now, you guys,
what's the big idea

of waking me up
in the middle of the night?

I was having
the most wonderful dream!

Mayor, please, call off
Chip and his goons.

I'm sorry,
but I can't do anything

because of the petition.

But Mayor, the petition
is a fake!

Well, that would
certainly change things.

But where's the proof?

[grunting, panting]


Listen up, everybody!

- [shouting] Hey! Hey!
- Cricket?

Now, I need y'all
to listen real hard!

You can't demolish our house!

Because Chip's petition
is fake, and here's the proof...

Aah! No, no, no, no, no!

Oopsie! Did my new chopper
get in the way?

[shocked muttering]

Hm. Well,
that was interesting.

Don't know what those
silly papers were all about,

but you're just going
to have to accept

that the majority of this city
wants your house destroyed!

[citizens of Big City]
No, we don't!

[Mayor gasps]
My citizens!

We've been watching everything
on the news, Mr. Mayor.

You can't get rid of the Greens!

But I thought you all wanted
the Greens to go!

We might not always get along.

They may be weird...

And stinky...

But none of that matters,

because they're
really nice people!

We want the Greens to stay!

Oh, boy!
Everyone's mad at me!

Oh, how am I gonna fix this?

By doin' what you
do best, Mayor.

Making people happy.


People of Big City,
your mayor hears you.

The Greens' house
will not be destroyed,

and Wholesome Foods
has to put everything back

the way it was!

All right, you heard the mayor.

Pack it up, boys.

Oh, uh... sorry.

Uh... I'll fix that, ma'am.

Chip, I'm sorry to say,

but you are hereby banned
from Big City.

What?! You can't ban me!

Our house is saved!

Yeah! We did it!

Cricket Green,
you've made a fool of me

for the last time!

- [both] Cricket!
- Oh, boy.

This had better work!

- Aah!
- [screaming]


- [all gasp]
- [screaming]

Somebody better catch me!

- I got you, boy!
- [screaming, grunts]

- All my decisions
are good ones!
- [helicopter approaches]

Now I can get rid
of all the Greens at once!

[evil laughter]

Come and get me, chicken!

[evil laughter]


[groaning] No...

Well, Chip, looks like
you're the one

who doesn't belong in Big City.

- Why, you... Oh.
- [helicopter rumbling]

Bingo. Bango.

[Chip screaming]

And that's how you launch
a chicken into space.

It's really startin'
to feel like home again.


[sighs] No more bulldozers,
no more Chip.

Yep! Good to have everything
exactly back to the way it was!

[car approaching]


Oh, hey, Gloria!
Good to see ya!

What are ya doin'?

Well, I lost both of my jobs
because of this crazy family,

and I can't afford to live
in my apartment anymore,

so I'll be living here
for a while.

And I don't want to hear
anything about it.

Is she serious?

Uh... I think so.

♪ I got sweat in my eyes

♪ Lost a bet and got
bit by 100 flies ♪

♪ I fell out a big old tree

♪ Hit every branch
and scraped up both my knees ♪

♪ I got chased by dogs
Bit by a frog ♪

♪ Got a rash on my legs

♪ Dropped a dozen eggs

♪ I got splinters

♪ In seven and ten

♪ And tomorrow
I'll do it all again ♪