Big City Greens (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 20 - Quiet Please/Chipwrecked - full transcript

When the Greens visit the library, the librarian threatens to throw them out if they make any sound. Chip plots to run Big Coffee out of business, but Cricket doubts it will happen, or so he thinks.

And now, back to
Filthy, Rich, and Hungry!

I'm sorry, ma'am,
but I don't think

gold lobsters exist.
Blue was the best we could do!

Do you know who I think I am?

If I say I want gold lobster,
I get it!

Mmm. Content.

Son, are you still watchin' TV?

What can I say?
I like to be entertained.

Well, why not read a book?
Like your sister!

Where am I? What time is it?

Aww, look how invested she is!

See, the thing is,
reading requires focus,

and my brain ain't havin'
none of that.

Monkeys runnin' the zoo,
know what I mean?

Where's the bathroom?
Where's the bathroom?!

It's best not to fight it.

Books are fun, Cricket!
They're full of atmosphere,

amazing new worlds,
fascinatin' characters,

- and sometimes, they kiss.
- What?

- What?
- Y'all talkin' 'bout books?

Gramma, you like readin' books?

Darn tootin'!
Books are for everybody!

Just gotta find the right one
to get ya started.

Well, I would like to enjoy
reading for once...

I'm in!
Let's get Cricket a book!

- Yeah!
- But where in the city

are we gonna find a place

with an endless catalogue
of books?

Oh, the library!

Dewey Decimal, here I come!

Hold up. What's this?

Huh? Oh, that?
That's just to hold

all the books I'm gonna acquire.

This is full of toys!

Bouncy balls, board games,
Blego Blocks?!

I'm weak! I wanna find a book,

but I know my brain! If it's not

constantly stimulated,
I will lose it!

We won't let that happen.

We're here for you, brother!

Yeah, we're not leavin'
until we get you a book!

Eh! What, you say summ'?

Let's go.

All right. The "liberry"
is a quiet place...

- "Library."
- And the "liberrians"...

Papa, there's an "R"
you're missin'.

Oh, sorry. The "liberrarians"...

Never mind.

...take their jobs
very seriously.

So, we don't wanna get
on their bad side.

We have to be quiet, too?!

This'll be the hardest thing
I've ever done!

See, Cricket? It's great here!

You probably feel your need
to be constantly distracted

fading away...

We're going to the moon!





Tsk, tsk, tsk.
There will be no noises

in the library, young man.
So you better watch yourself.

I have very good hearing.

What was that? Speak up!

Dang hearin' aid's on the fritz.

You're new here,

so this will be
your only warning.

One more sound,
and you're banned for good.

Is whisperin' allowed?

Not... one... more... sound.

Hey, I've been meanin' to ask,
can we get a puppy?


We can't talk, but we can
use sign language!

Wait, y'all don't know
sign language?


Hello! I love, uh... you!

Sorry. Me not know much.

That's OK. You three
can just do charades.



Good brain, Cricket.

We... find... Cricket... book.

Let my favorite fantasy books

carry you away to another world!

Murder mysteries!

All right, Cricket,
time to find a book.

Wonder what Gramma's got for me.

All right, pretty cool cover.

It's a little thick, though.

Just flip to the end real
quick... Five hundred pages?!

Blech! No, thanks.

Maybe Tilly's
got somethin' better.

The Feasts of Evermore, huh?
Worth a shot.

"Chapter One.
In a candlelit room

adorned with fine silks,
Lord Elnar Sunbreaker

waited impatiently
for the arrival

of the Githurian Ambassador.
The tantalizing scent

of honeyed plums
and pickled goose fat

wafted heavy upon the air,

- but Elnar was tempted
by neither."

Ugh. Never mind. Hm?

Hm. Bleh!

OK, the tricklin' water
should drown out our voices,

so we can talk without
the "liberrian" hearin' us.

So, what's wrong, son?
Did you not enjoy the books

Gramma and Tilly picked out?

I tried my best, but I can tell
my brain is protesting.

Well, maybe those
weren't the right books.

Why don't you let ol' Daddy-o
pick out somethin' for ya?

Well, OK, I'll give it a shot.


No... movie. You... book.

Uh... mm. Hm.

The Adventures of Lil' Abe.

All right, brain, this is
your dad's favorite book.

It could be yours as well,
as long as you concentrate.

Just take it one line at a time.

"Lil' Abe lived in a log cabin."

Log cabin... dog cabin...
dog captain!

Dog Captain! What are you doing?

We're headed right
for that iceberg!

Dog Captain, slow down!

Oh, Dog Captain,
please, we have families!



Ugh, this is boring.
Quick, while he's distracted,

let's sneak downstairs
and get a movie!

I dunno, brain,
Dad said to read this book.

Oh, yeah? Well, the brain
is like the dad of your body,

so you should
listen to me instead.

Hm, that's actually
a really good point.

OK! Let's do it!


Come on!




I think it's safe
to whisper in here.

- Cricket!
- Huh? Ahh!

Hey, son.
You left this upstairs.

- Oh. Thanks.
- What's wrong?

I tried, Dad, but I just
couldn't get into

Lil' Abe either.
Maybe the problem isn't books,

it's me and my
stimuli-chasin' brain.

Don't give up on yourself
just yet. We can come back

another day and try again.

Yeah, I guess. Let's go home.

Let's collect Gramma
and head outta here.

Was that so hard?

Librarians, assemble.

Dang thing's always
buggin' out. Oh, snap.

Everyone, split up!


Pictures? Action? Mystery?
Sound effects spelled out?

Dang, this book's got

And it just keeps going? Wow!


Uh-oh! Oh, that's good!

I. Love. You.

- Dad!
- You're OK!

Yeah. Banned from all libraries
across the globe.

I didn't know they had
that authority.

But it was all worth it
to give you the gift of reading!

Thanks, Dad! I'm super excited
to read this when we get home!

I'm really glad you found a book
that suits your interests.

Me, too! I'm also glad
we're back outside again.

Now, we can be as loud
as we want!

Come, scream with me, family!

"And then they all screamed

into the sunset. The End."


Gather round, gather round,

and welcome to
Bring Your Family to Work Day,

where I get to show you
how I do my job.

This here is our coffee station,

where I make
all that good bean juice.

Wow, son, it's so great
to be able to watch you work!

Ha-ha-ho! You're gonna
do more than watch.

Who wants to get
the hands-on experience?

- Brown? My favorite color!
- Ooh! Very nice!

Hey. I see what you're doing,

tricking your family
into doing work for you.


What do you think Ms. Cho
would think about this?

She's fine with it!

Ugh. Whatever.

I've got eyes on you,
Cricket Green.

Eyes from five slightly
different camera angles.

After my next big plan,
you and your family

will regret ever stepping foot
in my city!

In Chip Whistler's city!

Actually, sir, the city's
more of a mix

between public and private lands

with four zones devoted
solely to residential...

I don't care about zoning laws!

What I care about is taking down

the Green family,
once and for all!

I'll admit, my plans of the past
have all had... mishaps.

Operation Crop Cover was
brilliant on paper.


Good luck growing vegetables
without the sun!

But there were too many
technical setbacks.

Same goes for
Operation Stand Sabotage.


No matter how much work
I put into a plan,

there's always something
that gets in my way!

Aaah... Oof!

That last one might have been
a sleep-deprived hallucination.

Ah, sorry to interrupt

your extended monologue,
but the VP is here to see you.

Hello, Chip.

Ahh! No! I like it spooky!

Sorry, Chip,
but we've been waiting on you

to sign these forms for weeks.

I don't have time for this!

Also, the board's weekly meeting
is starting soon.

As the Wholesome Foods CEO,
you really should be there.

Sorry, but I've got too much on
my plate here, chipping...

...away at a much more
pressing issue,

so thank you for nothing,
goodbye! Now, where were we?

Oh, right.
Watch out, Cricket Green.

I've still got one last trick
up my sleeve.

Aw, jeez, what have you
gotten yourself into, Bill?

So many little parts!

- Hiya, Pop!
- Ohh!

How's the Big Coffee

Hands-On Experience goin'?

OK, I guess,
but cleanin' this thing

is a bit harder than I imagined.

Actually, I could really
use your help.

Heh-heh, oh,
no you don't, big guy.

I've got full confidence in you.

Oh! Heh. Heck.

Hey, Tilly, how's the moppin'...
I mean, water drawing going?

You're just in time!
Princess Clementine

and Prince Salvador just eloped!

"Oh, my dearest Clementine,

let us smooch. Mwah!"

Aren't they just perfect
for each other?

Great work, Tilly!
Just don't forget to erase

the whole floor now!

- You got it, brother!
- Fantastic!

- Hey, Gramma! Grindin' up
those beans real good, huh?

Ha! You thought I couldn't
do it, but I'm showin' you!

Yes. Yes you are, madam.

Keep on at it, everyone!
I gotta go take my

four-to-six-hour break now...

Against the law if I don't!

But I'll be back
to join y'all after.

This is insane.
You're just gonna let him

lay around all day?

It's fine, because he convinced
his family to work for free?

Why didn't I bring my family?

You know they live
really far away!

B-Besides, Bring Your Family
to Work Day isn't a real thing!

What the heck is that?

Oh, you mean my
Wholesome Foods Coffee Truck?

Oh, never mind, it's just Chip.

What on earth are you doing?

Little lady, I am putting
Big Coffee out of business!

And then Cricket will have
to get a new job,

and the commute will probably
be really long,

and he will be
so inconvenienced!

And how, exactly,
do you plan on putting

Big Coffee out of business?

Sir! Are you looking
for a coffee?

Oh! Yeah, I was just gonna
go in here and buy some.

No need! Greg, top him off!

Stop. Venti, venti.

Hey, buddy, you had enough?

I have! Thank you!


Now, do that grandma!


Thank you!

I'll be here day and night,

caffeinating any
thirsty customer

who comes close to this place!

And you'll be out of business
in less than a week!

Don't worry, Ms. Cho.

Chip's plan ain't gonna work.

Uh, excuse me?

What do you mean,
it's not gonna work?

Chip, you're a joke!
We all know how this goes!

First, you make
a goofy little plan,

it fails, you chip your tooth.

And then I come out on top.
Bingo bango.

I'm... I'm not a joke!
You're a joke!

- Mm-hmm.
- Mm-hmm yourself.

- Hello!
- Oh!

Just a heads-up, citizen.

You seem to have parked
next to a fire hydrant.

Ugh! Just give me
a citation or whatever.

Sure! No sweat! Also, heads-up,

you're getting towed on account

of what I said earlier
about that fire hydrant.

What?! Wha-wha-whoa!



Hey, is everything OK out he...

Oh, never mind, it's just Chip.

Is that all ya got? A tow truck?

Ha-ha! Is this where my plan
fails and I chip my tooth?

'Cause good luck!
I have titanium teeth now!

And they'll never...

I'm sorry to inform you
that I still haven't

chipped my tooth,
thanks to my indestructible...

Told ya, Chip.

A nice one for my collection.

Good try!


Cricket's right. I'm a joke.

- Chip?
- Hey, Dad.

Son, I hear you've been
skipping out

on your CEO duties lately.

Yeah, I've been busy...
trying to destroy the Gr...

Uh, a... a work problem!
Yeah, destroy a work problem!

Well, what's the holdup?
You're the boss now!

I know! It's just that
things always backfire on me.

You don't have to
go it alone, son.

Put the company to work for you.

-The company?
- Wholesome Foods
is yours now.

That comes with a lot of power
and resources.

Enough to take care
of any little work problem

that comes along. You're a CEO.

All you gotta do
is start acting like one.

- Yeah...
- Love you, son.


Uh, hey, boss. Everything OK?

I have no need for you two
anymore. You're both fired.

- What?
- Get out!

Things are going to be
a little different from now on.

The third quarter numbers
are looking favorable

for the...

Chip! So glad you could spare
a few minutes

out of your busy schedule
to do your job.

Fair point. I've been too busy
chasing side ventures

to see the bigger picture.
But those days are over.

From here on out, I'm all in.

So get out of my chair.

Yes, Mr. Whistler.

We are at the dawn of a new era
for Wholesome Foods.

May I present to you all...

my Wholesome Foods
expansion plan.

Is everyone ready for day two

of Bring Your Family
to Work Day?

Hey, c'mon, now!
I expect my workers

to have a better attitude
than that!

Workers? Has all this been
some sorta ruse

to make us do your job for you?

What? You wound me, father!
I would never besmirch

the good name of
Bring Your Family to Work Day.

That's not a thing, is it?

All right, all right,
you got me.

Gosh, I hope I grow up
to be as smart

and perceptive as you, Father.

Oh! Well, shoot, Cricket, I...

Hey, stop that! I've had enough!

Let's all get outta here
and leave Cricket to his job!

- Ah, dang it.
- And what have you learned
from this, brother?

Tricking your family
only works for so long,

so enjoy it while it lasts.

Hello, Green family!

Hey look, it's Chip!
What's the plan,

you gonna pry open the register

and knock out your front tooth?

Cricket, we've seen
his tooth do that already!

It's gonna be
front tooth stays in,

but all the rest
fall out around it.

Kids, please! It'll be a canine

or somethin' from the lower set.

My money's on a molar.

You guys are too... funny.

I'd like to introduce you guys
to my new Wholesome Squad.

Well, hello, young man...
Aah! What the heck?!

Oof! Sir, I don't think
you're allowed to do that.

- Dad!
- You leave him alone, Chip!

Uh... Ms. Cho...

Pause it for a sec, fellas.
Sorry about that.

They're just excited to get
a head start on dismantling.

Quit hidin' behind your goons,
and fight me yourself, coward!

- Yah!
- Aw, Cricket.

Attacking an old friend isn't
very wholesome, now, is it?

That's enough, Chip.
Either get out,

or we're calling the police.

Oh, there's no need for that.

True, I don't own the place yet,

but I will in about...
five seconds.


Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.

Peace out, my dudes.

OK. Now, I own it.

Which reminds me,
you're all fired. Get out.

OK, his plan is working,
but where's the part

where it backfires on him?
That's gotta be next, right?

Hey, Cricket! Thank you so much

for helping me
get on the right track.

I'd have stayed the same
forever without your advice.

But I think my
Wholesome Foods expansion plan

will need a bit...
more... space.

Who's a joke now?
Adios, Cricket!

This ain't good.
Is he comin' after the house?

That would really not be good!

Yeah, 'cause we still
live in it!

I'm out of a job!
How am I gonna pay rent?

Are we gonna lose our house?!

Chip has finally gone insane!

What the heck is going on?!

Chip can't win!
It can't end like this!

And yet... it just... did.