Big City Greens (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 18 - Times Circle/Super Gramma! - full transcript

The Greens get into wild escapades during a visit to Times Circle. Cricket and Tilly scramble to protect Gramma as she recovers from cataract surgery.


All done with the card,
Cricket. Did you get the flowers?


Got them right here, Tilly.

Can you believe there are
peopleout there who buy flowers?

They grow everywhere for free.
Just take them.

Now remember,
we've got to be extra sweet

when Gramma gets home
from the doctor.

Papa's bringing her back
from cataract surgery,

so it's our duty
as grandchildren

to be extra loving
in her time of need.

Cat-attack surgery?

Guess you can be pushed too far,
huh, Dirtbag?


No, Cricket.

She had a small operation
to fix her eyesight.

She probably won't be
her same spunky self,

so don't be alarmed
if she looks weak and fragile.

Hyah! Who keeps moving
the doorknob around?

Is this one of your pranks, Cricket?

- Uh, over here, Gramma.
- Don't patronize me, boy.

Now, Ma for the last time,
until the bandages come off,

you won't be ableto see for awhile.

I don't need eyes to see.

And I've got stuff to do today.


Can't whatever
you want to do wait?

It most certainly cannot.

And just because my eyes
are under the weather

doesn't mean I can't do
my normal Tuesday routine!

First, I'll pick up my favorite newspaper,
theTuesday Gazette.

It's the only news
that caters to country folk

who ain't into any phooey.


After that, I'll head over
to Greasy Gus's Burger Stand.

They've been selling
the best burgers in Big City

since it was still called
Big Country.

[all spit]

I've done this every Tuesday
for years,

and nothing has ever stopped me.

That can't be true.
I was born on a Tuesday,

so you must've missed going
at least once, right, Ma?



- [popping sound]
- [baby cries]

Whew. Welcome to life.


I didn't want to know that.

Now I've got my cane
and my purse,

and no one's going to stop me
from leaving.

Being a purse.
This is my purpose now.

Now let's see.

Just got to find the front door.

Oh, for Pete's sake,
if it's so important to you,

I can get your paper and burger.

Do I look like I need
anyone's help?

Of course you don't.
But think of this as a day off.

You get to sit back and relax,

while we get to take
careof everything for you.

Hm. All right, Bill.

Just this once.

Really? Oh, that's a relief.

Here's the address
for the burger stand.

Now if you'll excuse me,

I think I'll head to my room
and rest for awhile.

Okay, you know she's upto something, right?

Yeah, I know.

Just hold down the fort
while I'm gone.

Make sure Gramma doesn't get up
to any Gramma stuff.

Papa don't leave us alonewith her.

Now, it's not going to be
that bad.

I'll be right back before you
know it.

You might want to barricade
the door, just in case.
Good luck, kids.

- [door closes]
- [loud crash]


Is everything okay?

Hm. Where'd she go?

- [loud crash]
- Look!

Gramma? Ah!

Gramma, you almost
sliced my head off.

Then you keep your head
out of my escape route!

Gramma, I'm over here.

- Oh.
- Just let us take care of you.

We can all relax
until Papa gets back

with your burger and newspaper.

He ain't getting no burger.

I gave him a fake address.

Why would you do that?

Because he insisted I needed
to recover

like some frail old softy.

But you do needto recover.

What I need to do
is my Tuesday routine!

Hyah! Tactical roll.

Oh, my gosh. She's loose.

Okay, got the newspaper.

Just got to find
that burger joint.

According to the address
Ma gave me,

it should be right... here?

Who knew Ma went in
for trendy places like this?

Let's take a gander here. Hm.

Cube BRGR.

The Make-Believe-A-BRGR.

Is this reallya burger place?

Welcome to BRGR.
May I take your order?

Can I get a...
normal burger?

- [all gasp]
- Sir!

There are no "normals" here.

Burgers come in all
shapes and sizes.

- Every one is unique.
- Oh, boy.

Okay, which way
do you think she went?

[tires squeal, loud crash]

My Cricket senses tell me,
probably this way.

- [indistinct chattering]
- [man] She came out of nowhere.

- [groaning]
- Hey, pal, are you blind?

Watch where you're going.

Look what she just did.
We got to stop her.

Hold on, brother.

What if we don't stop her?

What if we help her?

She's too prideful.
She'd never let us help her.

Then we'll have to do it
without her knowing.

I see what you're getting at.
Devilishly clever.


Hey! Over here!





[indistinct chattering]

Is this the latest edition
of the Tuesday Gazette?

[all gasp]

I always check outthe funnies first.

- What the...?
- [all scream]

What kind of paper is this?

- I'm talking to you, young man.
- [sobbing]


Hello? I'd like to speak
to your manager, please.

Huh? Oh, there it is.

Time to get my burger on.

[Tilly whimpering]

- [both] Whew!
- We did it.

Now we just got to get Gramma
back home, and we're done.

Well, Greasy Gus,
after all these years,

you still make the greasiest
burger around.

Hey, it's all I know.

Would you believe
the nerve of my family,

thinking I couldn't hack it
on my own

just because of a little
eye surgery?

If they'd seen how well
I've done today

even without my sight,

they'd be eating those words!

In fact, I think I could
take on something

a little more exciting.

More exciting?

[people muttering]

Come on!

Uh... uh...

Oh, gosh, this is the worst.

Whoa, dude, your boots.

M-M-My boots?
Are they offensive?

No, I love them.

Those are originalDeerharts boots.

Oh, they are so vintage.

Oh, you have a good eye.

I've had these babies
for the last 20 years.

The weathered look is so killer.

Dude, also, you need to tell me

where you got these
pre-distressed jeans from.


Not sure what
you're talking about,

but I wore all the holes
you seethrough hard work.

- [all gasp]
- What?

[excited chatter]


[moaning softly]

Oh, man, where's she going now?

- Oh, that's trash, Gramma.
- No, don't dig around in trash.

[grunts and laughs]

What the...?


What is this place?

It looks like some kind
of seedy hangout for old folks.

Maybe she came in here
by accident.

Nah, I don't think so.

Guess who's back and ready

for a high-stakes game of darts.


- Dang it, Gramma.
- I'm here to take on

the reigning champ.

- Huh?
- [woman] Is that so?

Even when you could see me you
never could beat me at darts.

Laugh it up, Gertie.
I'm going to make you regret

ever crossing paths
with Alice Green.

Uh, Alice, over here?

With Alice Green!

Oh, no. How are we goingto
help Gramma with this?

Alice, listen,
you don't have your sight,

you don't have any money.

So, no, thanks.

I don't need my eyes
to beat you.

And as for my money...


...feast your eyes on this.

- [both] Huh?
- [Gramma] It's limited edition.

Very valuable.

- [all] Aw!
- Ooh, I want that.

That would complete
my collection.

Gertie, I'm so sureI can beat you

that I'm willing to bet
this little darling on it.

So, what do you say?

Hm. Add him to the pot.

All right, here's the rules.

First to get three bull's-eyes
wins the pot.

Gramma will never be able
to do that.

So, Alice, you're up.

And you take a knife and, well,

just start cutting
chunks of wood off.

This is called "whittling."

- Oh, gee!
- Cool.

Bill Green, as a gift,

we've made a very
special burgerjust for you.

We call it the Bill.

A plain and normal burger!

This is just what my ma needs.

See you around.

There goes Bill Green.

What an absolute unit.

Whenever you're ready, Alice.

I wish I could see
the look on your face

when I mop the floor with you.

Highly unlikely, Gramma.

Get ready for a whupping.

[all gasp]

- Incoming!
- [all growl]

He's gotten so big.


- Okay, she's doomed.
- Cricket, do something.

- Pretty good, huh?
- Loud distraction.

Loud distraction!

Cricket, what the heck
is wrong with you?

Why'd you follow me
to this seedy place?

Tilly would never
have done that.

As much as I'd like to remain
in your good graces, Gramma,

I'm here too.

Are you kidsspying on me?

No, Gramma, we're here to help you.

I've been doing my whole routine
no problem.

Gramma, you've been able
to do your routine

because we've been helping you
from the shadows.

I don't need any help.

Oh, really? Then hit the dartboard.

Let me show youhow it's done.

- [both scream]
- It's okay.

It's the fake one.

No it's not, Gramma.

Oh. Shoot.

Okay, maybe it is true
you've been helping me all day.

I always thought
that as I got older,

I could just grit my way throughit,
no matter the limitation.

Maybe I'm just not
as invincible as I thought.

Well, everybody
needs help sometimes.

Yeah, even superheroes
need sidekicks.

But that doesn't mean
you're not our Super Gramma.


There's a matter
of our little wager.

Right, Gertie. Here's the deal.

Turns out my lucky streak
was actually a streak

of having wonderful grandkids.

So why don't we just
call it a draw.

No way, you old broad.

We agreed that best
out of threewins the pot.

Well, in that case... yoink!

Go, go, go, go!

- [bone cracks]
- Ah, my hip.


Here's your chamomile tea.

And I made you
a "you got well" card,

since you won't be able
to read it until you're better.

Thank you, Cricket.
I look forward to seeing it.

Hey, Ma, sorry I'm late,

but I got your paper
and your burger.

Thanks, son, but I'm good.

Why don't you go ahead
and enjoy that burger yourself?

I don't mind if I do.


This is just pure kale.


♪ I got sweat in my eyes

♪ Lost a bet and got bit

♪ By 100 flies

♪ I fell out a big ol' tree

♪ Hit every branch
And scraped up both my knees ♪

♪ I got chased by a dog

♪ Licked by a frog

♪ Got a rash on my leg

♪ Dropped a dozen eggs

♪ I got splinters
At seven and ten ♪

♪ And tomorrow
I'll do it all again ♪