Big City Greens (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 16 - Gabriella's Fella/Cheap Show - full transcript

Cricket reencounters his crush Gabriella and Remy encourages him to get to know her. The Greens want to go to a street fair, but Bill would rather stay home and save money.

[rhythmic whistling]

♪ One, two
One, two, three, four ♪

♪ La, la, la, la ♪

♪ La, la, la ♪

♪ Na, na, na, na
Na, na, na, na ♪

♪ La, la, la, la ♪

[chicken clucks]

[Cricket, sighing]
Let me ask you something.

Do you believe in angels?

Because I do. I've seen one.

An angel named
Gabriella Carlita Espinosa.

Oh, Gabriella,
if only you knew‐‐

‐Hey, pal! ‐Aah! Remy!

Cricket, you've been staring
at Gabriella Espinosa

like a cat watching
a laser pointer.

Ever since
the Valentine's dance,

I haven't stopped
thinking about her.

But because you danced
with her that night,

I assumed you and her
were going out?

What? No. Gabs and I
are just old friends.

But, Cricket,
you can't just stare at her

until she likes you.

It's creepy. Go talk to her.

What? No, I can't.

If I tell her I like her,
she might say that she hates me.

Or even worse, she might tell me
that she likes me back.

Either way, I'll drop dead.


[Remy] Cricket, do you
believe in angels?

Every time I've needed help

you've been my guardian angel.

And now here you are,
in trouble.

Who will help you?

Oh, it's me.

‐Remy's the angel!
‐[whistle blows]

All right, kids.
I'm Community Sue.

Is everyone having fun
at the community center?


Today, I'm painting
a mural out back

and need some volunteers.

I know Gabriella's in.

‐Yeah. ‐That's the spirit.

Who else? Cool, Cricket's in.

What? No, I didn't volunt‐‐

Remy? What the heck
are you doing?

I'm giving you a little push.

You're always helping me out,
but today I'm helping you.

But I don't want to.

‐[whistle blows]
‐[Sue] Green! Hoof it!

Why, why, why, why?

You're going to do great.

‐Hey, Cricket. ‐Hi.

[stammers and laughs nervously]

Hello, Gabriella.

Okay, I'll see you out there.


‐[blows whistle] ‐Other Green!

‐Girl Green! ‐Yes, ma'am?

You're in charge of checking out
equipment while I'm gone.

You mean, I'll be in charge
of the entire community center?

No. I just need you
to write down who's using like,

dodgeballs and stuff.

Community Sue's office.

Nay, Community Tilly's office.

A peaceful transition of power.

All right, kids,
I've got rollers and brushes,

your standard set of primaries,

and I've even drawn out a
preliminary sketch as reference.

If there's any muscle that
doesn't make sense anatomically,

draw it in anyways.

Hm. Very subtle.

Okay, I have no clue
how we'll do this.

But I guess if we start
by mixing a few colors...

‐Mural's this way, Green.
‐[Cricket whimpering]

Hey, could you pass me a brush?



You look like you know
your way around a canvas.

Which part do you want
to paint first?

[Cricket] Oh, no.
She asked you a question.

Say something. Say anything.

[clears throat]

‐[wheezes] ‐What?

What's wrong? Are you having
a medical emergency?

If you don't give me
a verbal response,

I will be forced to perform
an emergency tracheotomy

with this pin.

[coughs and wheezes]

I'm good, man.

[gasps breathlessly]

Over there...

Hey, Mr. Smoothie.
How's it going?

Why, Remy?

Why'd you make me do this?


I was happy with the way
things were.

Staying far away from her,
muttering to myself.

It wasn't much,
but it was an honest life.

What am I supposed to do?

I can't get within
ten feet of her

without my brain
turning to mush.

Well, that's why you've got me,
you silly.

Take one of these earpieces
Vasquez gave me.

This way, I can be in your ear

and tell you exactly
what to say to Gabriella.

Well, okay, but only because
I can't do any worse.

‐Enter. ‐Hey, hey.

Weezie here to check out
boxing gloves.

Yes, yes, you and dozens
of other children.

But tell me, is all I'm meant
to do as community director

just check out equipment?

Does my administration
sit idly by,

or do I seek the change
that I know the people deserve?

Don't trip,
just flip the script.


Yeah, I'm leaving now.

Flip the... of course.

Today, I begin a legacy

the Big City Community Center
will never forget.

Okay, Remy, I'm in position.

Perfect. Now do exactly
as I say.

Nice. Nice.

Oh, hey. I figured we could
start with the background first.

Okay, shake her hand.

Oh. Left hand.

Okay, maintain eye contact.

Slight bend to the knees.

Maintain eye contact!

Okay. I guess we have a deal.

This is great. You two are
exchanging biorhythms.

Now, disengage.

‐I said, disengage! ‐Aah!

Now, say,
"Do you like dressage?"

[Cricket] What's dressage?

Competitive horse dancing.
Say it.

So, Gabriella,
do you like dressage?

Actually, I only like things
that aren't stupid.


Dressage isn't stupid!
How dare you?

Uh, how dare you?

You're being weird.

[Remy] You're being weird!

You're being weird.

Uh, I'm going to get more paint.

Oh, okay, well,
I didn't mean to...

[sighs and grumbles]



I can't believe that you're
worse at girls than I am.

Stay out of my ear holes
unless you got something good.

Hm. I was supposed to be
helping Cricket today.

And here I am, making a whole
mess out of everything.

‐[Vasquez] Master Remy. ‐Huh?

‐Vasquez? ‐Master Remy.

I got an alert

that your heart rate is spiking.

Are you okay?
Can I help you in any way?

[gasps] I think so!

[cats meowing]

[grunts and clears throat]

My fellow men and women of
the Big City Community Center.

Who, me?

You may have noticed
some of the changes,

nay, improvements
my administration has brought.

Stray cats have been welcomed,

for they too are members
of the community.

Also, glitter has been added
to the drinking fountains,

not because it was easy,
but because it was pretty.

And all balls have been given
names and faces.

I say, liberty and justice
for balls.

‐Whoo! You're weird as heck.
‐Thank you.

Vasquez, you couldn't have
called at a better time.

‐Are you busy?
‐I'm just guarding

your mother's luncheon.

Cool, cool. Second question:

Do you know anything about love?

Do I know anything about love?

I know love can fill your heart,
but also leave it empty.

Yes. I know love.

Bingo bango.

You kids are being awful quiet.

Talk. Engage.

After all,
this is the community center.

Be communal.



Hey, uh, Gabriella,

Big City sure is something, huh?

It is... a big city.

So, you like painting murals?

No way. They're making me
do this

because last week,
I got on the intercom

and said the word "dookie."

Whoa! That was you?

I love your work.

Man, they're really
getting strict here.

Last month I got on the intercom
and said "trash butt,"

and they only sent me home
with a letter.

[laughs] Wait, what?

Yeah. But before
giving it to my dad,

I rewrote the letter to say
that they were thanking me

for saying "trash butt."

[giggles] Did it work?

‐No! ‐Well, whatever.

Trash butt's funny.

I don't know.
I think dookie's classic.

Well, I guess we should
keep painting.

Uh, yeah. Hey, what do you say
we team up

and do pranks this weekend?

Oh, that'd be fun.

But I'm leaving soon
for Montreal.

Montreal? Oh, my gosh.

Gabriella is moving?

[Remy, over earpiece]
Cricket, I know I messed up,

but this time
I've got something good.

I hope it's good enough to stop
a girl from moving to Europe.

Okay, Vasquez, let her rip.

My nights are illuminated
by your kindness. The rain...

My nights are illuminated
by your kindness.

The rain...

Hey, Gabriella?

‐What's up?
‐Uh, my nights are illuminated

by your kindness.

The rain kept off my head
by your smile.

Cricket, are you teasing me?

Your smile, as radiant
as your purple blazer.

Uh, your radiant purple blazer.

Hey, buddy...

[Vasquez] I would stand against
the winds of nature itself.

With tender glances,
douse me, hedonist goddess.

Why don't we just paint?


Douse me, hedonist goddess.

‐Just paint. ‐Douse me, hedon‐‐

‐Paint. ‐Douse me head in paint!

Douse me head in paint!


Sorry, dude,
I'd love to figure out

what's going on here,

but I've got to catch my bus
for Montreal.



I'm sorry, buddy. I messed up.

Well, she's moving
to Montreal anyways,

so this plan was doomed
from the start.


That girl likes you.

What makes you say that?

I'm good at reading
social situations!


Oh, my gosh. Gabriella likes me?

I got to find out for sure.

Come on, Remy,
we've got a bus to catch.

Ah. Good kids.

Terrible painters, though.

[Cricket] Gabriella wait!



‐She's gone. ‐Don't worry.

I already called in the cavalry.

Excuse me, Master Cricket,

but perhaps I may be
of assistance.

[grunts and yells]

Thanks for helping me today,

What? But I didn't know
what I was doing.

‐[both scream] ‐That's okay.

What matters is that you gave me
a push!

Vasquez, that's the bus.

[grunts and exclaims]

For love.



[laughs] Uh, hey, Cricket.

What are you doing here?

Gabriella, I...

I like you.

And I just wanted to know...

do you like me too?

Yeah. Do you want to go out?

Oh, does that mean we have to,
like, hold hands all the time?

‐What? No.
‐Do we gotta exchange
gifts and flowers?

Ew. No.

Do we got to smooch?

No, weirdo. It just means we get
to tell people we're going out.

Oh, okay.
Well, then, yeah, I'm in.

Well, this is my stop.

Wait, I thought you were
moving to Montreal.

No, I'm just going there
for vacation.

I kept trying to tell you,

but you were too busy talking
to Remy on that earpiece.

See you when I'm back.

Yeah. See you when you're back.

Hey, Cricket. How'd it go?

Well, let's just say

that Cricket Green's
got a girlfriend!

Well, the mural was a bust,

but at least things here
are under control?

‐[cats meowing]
‐[kids chattering]


Welcome back, ma'am.

I'd say with all these reforms,

I have successfully
secured my legacy.

Well, goodbye.