Big City Greens (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 13 - Tilly Style/I, Farmbot - full transcript

When Tilly is mistaken for a baby, she searches the mall for a new look to reflect her maturity. / Cricket persuades Bill to buy a farming robot in order to get out of chores.


[theme song plays]

♪ One, two
One, two, three, four ♪


[chicken clucks]

[Nancy] Hm. [grunts]

Hm... Sweetie, would you pass me
the 5/8ths plug wrench?

Sure. Is that the one that I
put the ice cream stickers on,

or the one I put
the googly eyes on?

- Googly eyes.
- Here ya go!

Mama, thank you for letting
me watch you work today.

What? Of course!
Thanks for helping me out.

You're growing up so fast,
I figured you can
handle some grease.

- Speaking of... Hey, Greasy.
- Uh, heya, Nance.

Greasy, I told you I'd call
when your bike's ready.

Ah, well, I just thought
it'd be worth a--

Whoa! What's a baby
doing in the bike shop?

A baby? Where?

No, I mean you, you,
the little baby.

- You're a talking baby!
- Uh...

Hey, Greasy, why don't
you come back later?

Come on, I mean, look,
she's wearing a doll's dress.

Ow! Ah! Frankly, I can get
this kind of treatment
at the pool hall.

That's not a back door,
that's a toilet.

- [door locks]
- Don't listen to Greasy, Till.

I've seen a motorcycle
drive over his head.

Maybe I do look too young.

Aw, sweetie,
I think you look great.

But, you know,
you are a little older now.

- I am a pre-tweenager.
- Yeah!

So how about you and I go to
the mall and update your look?

We'll have some fun!

- Thanks, Mama.
- Oh, just gotta let your Dad
know we'll be missing lunch.

[Bill] Oh, hi, Nancy.
Sure, no problem.

[laughs] Yeah. Zucchini again.

- Ew!
- Okay. Bye.

Well, that's a shame.

Your sister won't be able to--

This lunch is a shame!

We've been eating
zucchini every meal

for six days in a row!
Too much zucchini!

Cricket, you know that I grew
too many zukes this month.

We have to eat
the surplus as a family.

We Greens do not waste food.

Dad, I'll eat anything
other than zucchini!

Come on, Gramma,
help me out here.

Forget it, boy.
It's best to just give in.

- [slurping]
- She's right. I'm merciless.

- So eat.
- I can't do it. Watch!

Ahh... [groaning]

- Cricket.
- Quiet. I'm trying to eat.


Well, I just can't!

You're gonna have to,
I'm enacting father law.

You are not allowed
out of that chair
until you eat your zucchini.

[groans] Well, then
I guess I live in a chair!

[Till] Where are
we headed, Mama?

If you want the respectable
look of a mature young woman,

then this is the place to shop.

- According to a magazine I read.
- [gasps]

- [dance music plays]
- [Tilly] Wow.

Was this the kind of store
you used to shop at?

Uh... not exactly.

Back in my day,
when I wanted to fit in,
I went and got my first tattoo.

[gasps] Your first tattoo?

Show me, show me, show me,
show me, show me, show me--

No way, sweetheart. That one
is way too embarrassing.

Besides, we're not
getting you a tattoo.
But how about that?

- [Tilly] Ear piercing?
- Wait, I changed my mind!

- Continue.
- Hmm... too subtle.

I don't think people
would notice it.

Katie, listen. One, I love you.
Two, I love your look.

Three, I love our bracelets
that together say
"I am a thunderstorm."

But most of all,
I love finally feeling
like a real woman!

Gasp, exclamation point.

Watch out, world.

Tilly Green is on the scene!

Yes, you are!

You look mature, brilliant,

and slightly blinding.

Ain't it great? People are sure
to respect me now!

- Oh!
- LADY Watch where
you're going, kid!

Sorry, Mr. President,
there was a youth in my way.

She still called me a kid.
Not woman, lady, or even madam.

That can only mean one thing.

I may look more grown up,
but not grown up enough.



Whoo! That's the most
stubborn weed I've ever pulled.

Almost as stubborn as my son.

I should go check on him.

Son, I hope you've eaten
all your--

-[Cricket laughing]A

Darn it, Cricket. I told you not
to leave your... chair?

- Hey, Dad!
- What the heck are you doing?

I'm living my best life.
And if that life has to be
in a chair, then so be it.

- [beeps]
- Hang on. [grunting]

Cricket, come on!
What, you're gonna live in a
chair the rest of your life?


Yes! When you take away
my choice of food,

you take away my dignity!

And I'd rather live confined
to a dining room chair

for the rest of my life
than sacrifice even
a shred of my dignity!

- [grunting]
- Well, son, it seems you've
chosen the low road.

And if that's the path you
wanna take... [laughs] well...

I guess I'll just have
to meet ya there.

Don't get me wrong,
you look fabulous.

But are you sure
this is what you want?

[Tilly] Yes, Mother.

Bear witness... to my "bidness."

Whoa! Didn't know the CEO
of all business
was in this mall!

- Much regards, Mother.
- Whoo-hoo! Go get 'em, Sug!

Buy, buy, buy!
Then sell the buy!

Then buy it back, slap a bow
on it, and sell it again!

- [elevator dings]
- While you're at it,
get me the morning numbers

for the S&P, the DMV,
and the PBJ.

Oh, and TGIF.

- Yes, that's right.
- Hey, check out
the business lady.

- I think she trades stocks.
- No way. For sure she's a CEO.

Uh, ma'am? Would you...
please look at my resume?

I'll be sure to have
my assistant take a look.

- [all] Ooh!
- Thank you. Thank you!

This is the respect
I've been missing.

- [elevator dings]
- [all gasp]

[all shouting]

Don't mind me. Just getting
my steps in at the mall.

- Gotta stay spry.
- Excuse me, ma'am?

Is there anything
I can do for you?

No need, but thank you, deary.

Here, have a yogurt.

Excuse me! Hello?

Business, business, business!

Remember, child, an apple
a day keeps the doctor,

podiatrist, ophthalmologist,
and dermatologist away.

- [elevator dings]
- [all chattering]

That's the most respect
I've ever seen someone get.

[gasps] That's it.

- [panting]
- Tilly, wait!

[grunting] Come, on people,
elevator etiquette!

[sighs] A Cricket could
get used to this life.

- [stomach rumbling]
- Oh, right. Food.

[grunting] Huh.
Fruit bowl's empty.

Well, I know there's food
in the fridge.

- Seriously? Ah!
- Hi, son.

I figured you'd be hungry,
so I got you a burger and fries.

Oh, I'm glad you
finally came to your senses
and got me some real food.

- I... [gasps]
- What do you think?

- We've got a zuburger.
- [grunts]

- Some French frycchini.
- [moans]

And I couldn't think
of a name for the cake, but take
a guess what it's made of.

Cakecchini, Dad! Zucake!
The name options are endless!

[crunching] Sorry,
I couldn't hear you
over the sound of zucchini.


Tilly! Tilly?

Oh, dang it, why'd
she run off like that?

Oh, hey, you're that
lady from the elevator!

Have any of you seen
a girl about this tall,

purple dress,
likes to speak in riddles?

- I'm sorry, dear, no.
- Nope.

- Never seen 'em.
- Okay, thanks, I'll try to--

Wait, Tilly? Did you draw
wrinkles on your face?

[old woman voice] I'm flattered
you think these wrinkles
are fake, young lady.

[chuckles] Ooh...
Here, have a hard candy.

'Kay, first off this is a rock,
and you don't need to--

Hey! Get back here!

- Okay. Last straw.
- Nope!

Absolutely NO running
in the mall!

You can walk
as fast as you want,

but one foot must
maintain contact

with the ground at all times.

Fine, fine! Tilly!

You make a difference, Roy,
don't ever forget it.

Too much zucchini!
My Dad is a meany!

-[car honking
-Yeah, that guy gets it.

Unfair father! Father's unfair!

- Hey, what are you protesting?
- Injustice.

-Sign me up.
-[both] Unfair father!
Father's unf--

What the heck? Seriously?

- It's just zucchini!
- Boo!

It's not about zucchini!

It's about you
not listening to me!

- I can't hear you!
- [Cricket] Exactly!

[groans] Hang on.

Dad, I've eaten
zucchini all week.

And you will continue to do so.

[sighs] You're not
listening to me!

I've done the best that I can,
but I just can't eat it anymore.

- Is it really that bad?
- Dad, I just don't like it.

And I want you to hear that.

Hm... six days is a lot of zuke.

Oof. Cricket, all this
time I thought you were just
being kind of a turd.

I was being a turd.
A turd... about being heard.

I appreciate you sticking
through it for that long.

Son, I hear you and I release
you from your zucchini debt.


You are now free
to leave your chair.

[screaming, gobbling]

Hi, I'm Bill, by the way.



- [coughs]
- [kids laughing]

Hello! No running!

Everyone, peel off.
I'll handle this!

Godspeed, fellow elder!

Oh! Barricade!

[chuckles] Oh!

Hm! Huh?

[chuckles, grunts]

- Yah!
- Oh!

I'm losing control!

I'm heading right for that ramp!

Oh, no, I'm airborne! Oof!

My respect... it's all gone.

Oh, Tilly.

[slurps] Is this
permanent marker?

- It's dry erase.
- That was smart of you.

Yeah, and I pruned up
my fingers in the fountain.

Oh, dang it! Now I gotta come up
with a different old lady getup.

Till, sweetie, you gotta
take it down a notch.

Hey, remember that embarrassing
tattoo I was telling you about?

- Uh-huh.
- Look, here.

[Tilly] Hey, I thought you
said it was embarrassing.

It says it right there.
This pig is radical.

Thanks, sweetie. But I got him
for all the wrong reasons.

I was trying to prove to other
people that I was grown up.

- Did it work?
- I don't know.

Doing stuff like this
for other people's
benefit stinks.

Later I learned that what
I thought of myself

mattered more than what other
people thought of me.

Huh. I see.

That's when I got this guy.

Self respect pig!

Anyways, you're the most
mature girl I've ever known.

So who cares if some people
are too dumb to see it?

- Thank you, Mama.
- So you ready to go home?

I'm sure your dad
has some zucchini left.

Um, can we actually make one
more stop on the way out?

- [clicking]
- [Tilly] Ow. Ow.

Thanks again!
So, Tilly, how do you feel?

Well, I feel... pretty great.

Thanks, Mama.

You're gonna
keep them covered up?

Yep, I got 'em for me,
not for others.

Now, we just gotta
wait for Saxon.


[Tilly] Good lookin' studs, bud.