Big City Greens (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 26 - Hurty Tooth/Sleepover Sisters - full transcript

Cricket tries to avoid the dentist, while Bill struggles with a puzzle in the waiting room. Tilly and Andromeda have a sleepover and try to stay up all night.

[theme music plays]

♪ One, two
One, two, three ♪


[chicken squawks]

Aaaah. Mm. Mm!

Thanks for pickin' breakfast,

Yeah, what a spread!
Pancakes, bacon,

Tilly's famous cornbread!

Ha ha! That girl is an artist
in the kitchen,

I tell you what.
Dig in, everyone!

This bacon's so burnt
you could use it
as an icepick.

Just the way I like it.

- These pancakes are--
- Ow.

- Are...
- Ow.

[Cricket] Ow.

What's goin' on with you, son?

Hmm? It's nothin'.

Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow!

Just ol' Hurty Tooth
actin' up again.


Hurty Tooth is the name
of an ornery tooth I have.

He tends to act up
when I eat or drink

or expose him
to direct sunlight...

Yeah, I've heard enough.
Let me see that tooth.

Let's see here. I--

Oh, no! Oh, no, no,
no, no, no!


All right, that does it.

I'm settin' both you kids up

with dentist appointments
right away.

Whoa. Hold on now. I don't
want to go to the dentist!

Oh, boy. I hope they use
the cinnamon fluoride!

That's the attitude, sweetie.

Cricket, why can't you
be excited about fluoride?

Dad, I can handle it!

I don't need anyone
pokin' around in my mouth!

You're dang right, boy.
You can't trust doctors!

They're so nice, and then, bam!

They'll take everything
from you!

R-Really? Is that t-t-true?

Y-Y-Y-Y-Yes, it is!

First they'll take a tooth,
then a finger,

and then who know what!

How do you think
I lost my leg?

Doctor took it!
Bit it clean off!

- All right, let's go.
- Cricket!

Gramma, no! Don't let
this man take me away!

I don't want to go
to the dentist!

Bye, Gramma!

Bill, no!

Ohh! Cricket!!!

-Gramma, help me!
-[Bill] Jeez, Cricket,
just relax.

Don't you worry, boy.
Gramma's comin'!

Well, you certainly
are a fighter.

I don't need to be here.

This problem is
completely ignorable.

I don't know why you hate
the dentist so much.

Personally, I find it
nice and relaxin'.

Somethin' about those
fluorescent lights...

[lights humming]

Hmm. Not a single issue
of Tuber Digest or
Sensible Yields.

[gasps] HighBrights!

I used to read these
all the time as a boy!

I was a real whiz
at "Spot the Difference."

Let's see if I still got it.

So, we got a person
walkin' a dog,

and a person walkin' a dog.

Hmm. Not seein'
any differences yet.

But that won't stop
this ol' whiz!

Cricket Green?
The dentist is ready
to see you now.

Uh, Cricket Green?

Oh. Excuse me, sir.

Are you Cricket Green?

No! My name is...
different than that!

Mrs. Different Than That.

Anyway, gotta go.

Yes, this is Cricket Green.

And he's getting
his Hurty Tooth fixed today.

Argh. Fine.

I don't need
no stinkin' tooth fixed.

The door is right
this way.

[mocking] "The door is
right this way." Pfft!

Tilly, we're ready for you too--
Oh. [laughs] OK.


The dentist will be
with you shortly.

Take your time. Aaah.

There's something
about these lights

makes me feel so relaxed.

[ghostly voice]
Tilly. Tillyl

Who is that?!
Have I passed on?!
Are you my Maker?

No, it's me! The Tooth Fairy!


Why am I here?
I don't need to be here.

Hi there, kiddo, I'll be
your dentist today!

The name is Dr. Enamel!

I know, I know,
it's a funny name.

I don't think it's funny.

My charts say you've got
a nasty case of tooth decay.

If left unchecked, it could
lead to the very silly-sounding

yet dangerous gingivitis.

Well, good luck, Doctor,
because I know your game

and I ain't cooperatin'
with your scam. Hmpf!

Oh. OK. Then I guess
you can go home.

Wha-- Really?!

- Aahh! Aah!
- Nope!

OK, looking good...

Oh, no. Oh, no, no, no, no, no!

Aaah. Oh, I'm sorry,

do Hurty Tooth and I
disgust you?

Listen, slugger, I'm sorry,

but that tooth has to be
pulled out right away.

Wah?! It's just
like Gramma said!

You want my tooth,
but then what?

An arm? A leg?
Huh? Huh?!

What I want is for you
to have proper dental hygiene.


Oof! Don't worry, Cricket,

-I'll get you out of here.
-[man] Hello?

Hello? Is someone in here?

I thought I heard--

Excuse me.

Where can I find a patient
named Cricket Green?

There's no time for that!
Come with me!

This man wants to put
Christmas decorations
on his braces,

and by golly, we're gonna
make his dream come true.

Ho ho ho!

OK, Bill, let's try this again.

Lady, lady.

Dog, dog.

Oh, there's a bird.

Does the other one
have a bird? I--

Come on, Bill,

no need to get worked up
over a kid's puzzle.

All I need to do
is look a little...closer!

Wow! This place is amazing!

Do you really live here?

Yes! This is my kingdom!


And over here is my castle!

Wowee! Thanks for
the royal tour, Your Majesty!

And might I say, I love
your sense of decor.

Really? You mean it?

You would tell me
if it's creepy, right?

-Tell me if it's creepy!
-Taste is subjective.

I've had such a wonderful time

How can I ever repay you?

[cackling] You don't have
to give me anything!

But if you did,
I'd want another tooth.

I can never have enough
human teeth.

For the kindness
you've shown me,

I shall bring you a tooth!

Oh, boy!

Lady, dog, bird.

Lady, dog,

Lady, dog, bird.
Lady, dog, bird.


These pictures look
exactly the same!

Aaah! I think I need
to rest my eyes.

Thank you, Mr. Dentist,
for numbing my face!

Ooh, "Spot the Difference."

There it is!
♪ Tra-la-la-la-la ♪

Boy, wait!
Show me! Show me!

Now, now, chief,
if that tooth doesn't come out,

you could suffer
some long-term consequences.

How dare you make me consider
the long term!

I'm not gonna just stand here
and listen to your hogwash!



Whoa there, champ,
I'm just here to help you.

I don't want your help!
[clank] Huh?

You can't keep running
from your problems!

Oh, yeah? Watch me!

Aaah! What the--?

Captain! Ace!

Partner! Come back!

And this when she got
to pet the dolphins...

-How sweet!

Uh-oh. [grunts]


You gotta help me
get outta here!

The dentist wants
to yank out Hurty Tooth!

He wants to yank out
Hurty Tooth!

Tooth. I need tooth....

What? Tilly, you too?


Exit! Just gotta make it
to the exit!

-[high-pitched tone]

Hurty Tooth, no, no, no!

I'm trying to save you,
you fool!


Give me your tooth. Uhhh...

Why can't everyone just
leave Hurty Tooth alone?!

Give me that tooth--

Come with me
if you want to live!



Get up, get up!


Whew! Come on, boy,
let's sneak out the window!



Coast is clear--

What's the matter with you?

It's Hurty Tooth again.

Hey, Gramma, Hurty Tooth will
stop hurting eventually, right?

Oh, no. It'll hurt
more and more.

But you'll get used to it.

What?! You mean
this never stops?!

Not until
all your teeth fall out.

How long will that take?

Don't you worry.

Just keep avoiding the dentist,

and that day will come
before you know it!

Why, I was practically
your age when I got
my first pair of dentures.

[sucking sound]

Nuffin' to be afwaid of.


What's wrong?
Why are you screamin'?

Cricket, you gotta
use your words

if you want Gramma
to understand ya.

Well, Dr. Enamel,

it appears you're as stuck
as an impacted molar.

Ha ha! I'm funny.

Oh! Surprised
to see you here,
little man.

You're right, Dr. Enamel.

Hurty Tooth has...
got to go.


What made you change your mind,

Well, ya see,
my Gramma told me

that dentists and doctors
were all a big scam,

and I wasn't gonna
fall for it.

Go on.

But I realized something, Doc.

The only scam here
was believin' that
Hurty Tooth should stay,

and I don't believe that
anymore. Mm-mm.

So do your worst.


I already did.
I pulled your Hurty Tooth

while you were
giving that speech.

Wha! Dang, you are good.

Yes, so I hear.


Thanks, Doc.

I really appreciate-- Aah!

[Tilly] I have returned
with your gift, Your Majesty.

Oh, wow!

You've made this old tooth
very, very happy!

That goes right there.

You are too kind.

And I would just
like to say, I...

[mumbling] Your Majesty...

Huh. Did I leave the gas on
in the other room?

Bird, tree, lady, dog,
dog, tree, bird...

What's goin' on
back there?

I had such
a relaxin' visit.

Best sleep
I've had in years.

You made it out!
What did they do to ya?!

-Hi, Gramma.
-I'm OK, Gramma.

And Hurty Tooth
doesn't hurty anymore.

All thanks to Dr. Enamel.

That guy's all right.

I know evil
when I see it.

Wocka wocka!

Dad! Guess what?

Oh! What is it, son?

I did it! Hurty Tooth is gone.

I was worried at first,
but then I had a revelation,

and I realized that I had
to look at the bigger picture.


Oh, my goodness!

I can spot it!
I can spot the difference!

I did it!
I finally did it!

Good job solvin'
that child's puzzle, Dad.

-Real proud of ya.
- Aw, thanks, Cricket.

But I'm more proud of you
for taking care of Hurty Tooth.

Guess now it's time
to fix old Screw Foot, huh?

Screw Foot?

It's what I call this foot

after I stepped on a screw
two months ago.

[all] Oh, no!

I'll call the doctor.

OK, Tilly.

Guess what it is
this time.

Hmm. It looks like

a little man--

It's a friend!

A friendly little man
zoomin' around

in a friendly little car.

No, Tilly. It's a an alien.

My last three drawings
have been aliens.

This should have
been easy.

Well, you didn't
get mine, neither.

-I drew a bunny.
-Lizard person.

And a birthday cake.

That's clearly
a government-planted
listening device. Ha ha.

The candles are microphones.

Huh. We haven't gotten
a single one right.

We're such good friends,
I thought we'd be more
on the same wavelength.

-Whee! Whoa!

Tilly, would ya
help me out with this?

I just can't stop spinning!

Sorry, Andromeda,
we share a room,

so I can't just kick him out.

I know! We can have
a sleepover at my place!

It's a little brother-free zone.

Oh, my gosh. A sleepover?!
That would be--

You're right!
A night without Tilly means

this room will become
my spinning wonderland!

This is exactly
what we need.

A night of buildin' sisterhood.
Say "squeeze"!

Good luck sleeping through
Tilly's crazy-loud snoring!

Whoa, you gotta
type in a password?

Yeah, I'm like a hacker.
It's whatever.

Welcome to my paranormal
investigation office/bedroom.

-What's this?
-That's Brain Rocker magazine.

It's full of eye-opening truths
that'll rock your brain!


[gasps] Andromeda,
check this out!

Two scientists stayed awake
until sunrise

and formed a psychic link!

Since then, they've
gone down in history

as the closest friends ever!

[both] Whoa!

Could you imagine
what kind of friends
we would be

if we had a psychic link?

Good evening.

What would you two
like to order?

Well, she'll have
the split pea soup.

And she'll have
the baby-back ribs.

Whoa! How did you both know
what the other wanted?

Remember when we didn't
have psychic powers?

How weak we once were.

-Uh, what's going on?
-[both laughing]

If we had that power,

we'd be so much closer!

All we gotta do
is stay awake all night.

-Count me in! Aah!

I just wanted
to capture the genesis
of our psychic link.

Here, I'll get me, too.

Ohh. That does smart.

-[car yelps]

Whoooo-oa! Ha ha ha ha!

Yeah, that's the stuff.

Three hours of spinning,
and now it's time for bed.

Yah! Now I lay silent, stilly,

and wait for sleep
to claim my body.

[crickets chirp]


[hinge creaks]

[mosquito buzzing]


This is odd.

The sweet allure of sleep
evades me.

Yet nothing's out
of the ordinary.

All the normal sounds.

The only thing missin'
is Tilly's weirdo snore.

Loud, droning, soothing,

peaceful, makes me feel
all safe and cozy--

Wait a minute!
It's Tilly's snore!

-I need her snore to sleep!

OK, Tilly, if we're
gonna stay up all night,

we gotta think of some
stimulating activities.

Let's trade our deepest,
darkest secrets! I'll go first.

I think I'm a squirrel.

Interesting. But I was thinking
something a little more active.

Oh, I see.

Pillow fight!


Surely a snore
can't be that powerful.

Maybe I just need
a new sleeping buddy.

Phoenix, looks like
you got company tonight.

Stop. Stop. Stop.

Stop! OK, this ain't
gonna work.

Hey, Dad.

[snoring, grunting] Huh?

Oh, hey, Cricket.
Trouble sleepin'?

You're welcome
to join me.

But I gotta warn ya...

I sleep hot. Real hot!
Ha ha ha ha ha!

So, are ya gonna come--

Oh. G'night, son!

Maybe Gramma?

Go back from whence you came,
Prince of Darkness!

The girl's soul is mine!

Not goin' anywhere
near that.

[Tilly grunting]

This pillow fight's
totally keeping me awake.

How 'bout you, Tilly?


Hold on, I'll save you!

Huh? Wah!

Sorry I had to do that.

No, no, I understand.

Our psychic connection
is at stake.

We're just too tired.
We need some energy.

Energy, huh?

I think I know
what'll do the trick.

[gasps] Candy?!

My rations for when
the zombie apocalypse
finally happens.

But I can spare some
for tonight.

It's perfect.

[both munching]



I put on all 42 of my sweaters!


Look at how fast I can punch!

Yeah-heh! Whoo!

[both] We're gonna stay up
all night long!

Wait. My body--it's slowin'.


Tilly? What happennneddd...

Ohh, we forgot
about the sugar crash.

"We"?! You wanted energy!

What?! It was your candy!

Good thing we don't have
a psychic link,

'cause if you could hear
the things in my head...


Wait. We shouldn't be arguin'.

We have to stay focused.

Once that sun rises,
our minds will meld

and our friendship
will be stronger than ever!

Tilly, you're right!
We've gotta stay united.


Now, Tilly,

I was hesitant to suggest this

it's the nuclear option,

but I might have a way
to keep us awake for good.

Now, where is... Aha.

This movie is so bone-chilling,

so heart-explodingly scary,

my parents won't even
let me watch it.

But since they're
heavy sleepers,

I'm willing to risk it.

This movie may be
our only hope.

Desperate times truly call
for desperate measures.

Andromeda, insert the DVD!

Let's push "play"...

[both] ...together!

buzz saw roaring]

[woman screaming]

Ohh, mama.

They say a glass
of warm, fresh milk
will put you to sleep,

so drinkin' ten glasses
should knock me out cold!

[gulps] Ahh! Refreshing.

-[stomach growls]
-That doesn't sound good.

I don't feel sleepy,
just full of milk.

Now, this one's
a tried and true classic.

-Counting sheep.
-[sheep bleats]


How the heck
is that supposed to help?!

I've tried everything.

If I want to get
any sleep tonight,

I need Tilly's snore!

[girl in movie]
Have you guys ever heard

of the Slumber Slayer?

Wh-What's that?

The Slumber Slayer
is a monster

that takes on the form
of the people you love,

-so you never see it coming.
-[Woman] Hey, girls.

I baked you some cookies.

Cookies? But Mom,
earlier you said

you were making brownies.

Cookies, brownies,

they're all the same to me!

-[both] Stop! Aah!
-[phone ringing]

Don't worry,
it's just a burner.

Tilly? Tilly,
are you there?

If she won't come home,
then I'll just have
to go get 'er.


[children screaming]

Be sure to eat
your vegetables,

and I'll be sure to eat you!

[both whimpering]

This is the most terrifying
thing I've ever seen!

There's no way
I'm sleepin' tonight!

[gasps] Andromeda! It's workin'!

There's no way
we're missin' sunrise now!

Dad! Dad!

Mom's turned into
the Slumber Slayer!

Ho ho ho! Don't be silly.

I'm the Slumber Slayer!

[both screaming, laughing]


Whoa. It's kinda chilly
in here all of a sudden.

Uh, did you open the window?

Uh, no.

[crickets chirping]

Oh, it's nothin'.

Musta been just the wind.

-[both yelp]
-[Cricket groaning]

I came to getcha!

That's the Slumber Slayer!

The monster's taken
the form of Cricket!

I tried the door,
but there's a bunch of numbers
and I couldn't--

Hey! Tilly!

He wants to
devour us!

Tilly, wait!

Hang on, Tilly!
I've been preparing

for this kind of thing
my whole life!

I just need you...

to fall asleep!

No way! You just want me
to let my guard down, monster!

I won't let you ruin
my psychic connection
with Andromeda!

Tilly, wait!

Tilly, I just wanna--

Gobble me up?!

No, I-- Aah!

Your time has come,
Slumber Slayer!

Andromeda, I got him!

I'll be right there!

Hmm. Nah, too messy.

All right, fists,
I'll leave it up to you!

Tilly, it's me, Cricket!

Ha! Nice try!

That's exactly what
the Slumber Slayer would say!

You gotta believe me!

If you're really my brother,

then tell me something
only he knows.

You think you're a squirrel.

Which make sense,
'cause you're nuts!


-[Andromeda yells]

[all yelling]

-Ohh. So comfy.
-[Andromeda groaning]

Must resist.

Sleep. Uhh.

[girls snoring]

Ha ha! Yes!
Finally, the snore.

There it is.


[bird chirping]

-[Andromeda snoring]

-Huh? Andromeda!

We fell asleep!

No! The psychic connection!

Maybe we stayed up
long enough!

Maybe it still worked!

Quick! Try to read my mind!

Are you thinkin' about

the expressive folk influence
of Chinese poetry?

I was thinking about breakfast.

[sighs] It's no use.

We didn't make it.


I'm sorry, Andromeda.

We wanted to take our friendship
to the next level, but we...


Wait! Look at all the fun
we had last night.

Maybe we're closer
than we thought.

Maybe we don't need
a psychic link
after all!

You may not be in my brain,
but you are in my heart.

Tilly. I was just thinkin'
the same thing.

We have to have
another sleepover
again soon.

That sounds great.
Maybe we could do it
at my place next time.

I know Cricket
can be a handful,

but the little fella needs me.

[Tilly[ Aw, look at him.
So peaceful.

I wonder what
he's dreamin' about?

Ha ha! Yeah!

I'm a space eagle,

and I'm soarin' through
the cosmos

on my big, beautiful wings!

Star Cricket.

♪ I got sweat in my eyes ♪

♪ I lost a bet and got bit
By a hundred flies ♪

♪ And I fell out
A big, old tree ♪

♪ Hit every branch
and scraped up both my knees ♪

♪ I got chased by a dog ♪

♪ Bit by a frog ♪

♪ Got a rash on my legs ♪

♪ Dropped a dozen eggs ♪

♪ I got splinters
At seven and 10 ♪

♪ And tomorrow
I'll do it all again ♪