Big City Greens (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 21 - Uncaged - full transcript

"No Trespassing," huh?

Well, Nancy Green
ain't trespassin'.

She's liberatin'.

Hey there, big girl.

Cheer up. Today,
we're bustin' you outta here!

Oh. [chuckles] Don't worry.
This is fake leather.

Now, where's
that darn control panel?

Bingo bango!

[keys beeping]

-Whoo-hoo! Be free,
my bovine friends!
-[cows mooing]

[alarm sounding]

Oh, be free faster!
Be free faster!

That's it, go on!
Live your life!

Come on, come on!
Oh, whoops! Oh!

Jeez, can't lose this.

[sirens blaring]

Aw, pickle snakes!

[theme music playing]

One, two!
One, two, three, four!

♪ La la la la la la la la ♪

♪ La la la la la ♪

[chicken squawks]


And that's why you
were in jail, Mrs. Green?

That's right.
Those big corporate farms

just make my blood boil.

Yeah! Me, too!

Also, me, as well.

Kids, when you see
an injustice

in this crazy world,
you best do somethin'
about it.

Well, sure, but the law is
equally as important.

Yeah, my mom's the coolest!
Just like me.

We're one and the same.
Two rebel peas
in a rebel pod.

I consider myself
more of a cauliflower.

Really? You look more like
a couple'a chicken tenders
to me!

-Come here!
-[Cricket and Tilly laughing]

Gee! The family dynamic
I've grown to love

sure is gonna change
with you living here,
Mrs. Green.

Well, actually, Remy,
Nancy and I are--


And it'll be
a cold day in Hades

before I let my son's
criminal ex-wife

live in my home!

Now, Ma, she's paid her debt
to society.

Yeah! Leave her alone!

All I know is that
a jailbird

doesn't change her stripes!

Alice! I know we've
had our differences
in the past, but--

You can take our differences
and shove 'em up your--!

Uh, hello! Heh.
Lil' ol' Remy here.

This kinda seems
like family business,

so maybe I should go.

-Good idea. You need
a ride, Remy?
-No, thank you, Mr. Green.

I'll have my bodyguard Vasquez
pick me up.

So, how long do you think
it'll-- Aah!

Thank you for the hospitality
you've shown Master Remy!


Bye, Cricket!
Bye, Tilly!

Bye, Remy!

He's got a lot of money.

Anyway, like I was
about to say,

my friend fixed me up
with a place,

so I-- I don't need
to stay here.

You got a place in Big City?

Can we see it?!

Well, how 'bout you kids
spend the day with me

and then crash
at my place tonight?

-All right!

Oh, that is,
if it's OK with your dad.

Um... I don't know...

Bill. You trust me, right?

Sure. I guess so.

[making siren sound]

[laughs] Hello there,
Nancy Green!

I was just patrolling the block
on my new patroller skates

and wanted to remind you
to stay outta trouble!

Or else you're getting
locked up for a long time

and I'm throwin' away
the key!

I've got my eye on you!

Well, that sure was

[blows raspberry] Whatever.
You guys ready for some fun?

-Yeah! Whoo-hoo!
-Heck, yeah!
Let's get crazy!


Bill Green,
what are you doin'

lettin' the kids run off
with a convicted criminal?

Big mistake! Big mistake!

Please be careful, Nancy.

What do you wanna
do first, Mom?

Oh, I don't know.

You ready to tear up this town?

-Heck, yeah!

[engine revs]

[all cheer]

[rock music playing]

♪ Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh ♪

♪ Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh ♪


♪ Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh ♪

♪ Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh ♪

♪ Nah nah nah nah
nah nah nah nah ♪


♪ Nah nah nah nah ♪

[both laughing]

♪ Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh ♪

♪ Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh ♪

♪ Nah nah nah nah
nah nah nah ♪

Oh, man. You guys are
a ton of fun.

So, where we goin' next?

Outer space! It'd be so cool
to go to outer space!

Can-- can kids go
to outer space just yet?

-Not yet. Sorry.
-Dang it!

Ho ho ho, let's go in there!

Wow! The Big City Zoo!

-Pretty cool!

You got good taste in hats,

My little lion cub. [roars]

[laughs] Hey, now.

Sorry, kiddo.
Sweetie, don't eat

that cotton candy too fast.
You'll get a sugar buzz.

Oh, it's OK, Mama.
Sugar doesn't really affect me.

[munches] Oh. I was wrong.

[laughs maniacally]

I am the animal queen!

Yes, you are, my Tilly girl.

So, how's your dad
holdin' up?

Oh, he's good.
Still won't let me

use the chainsaw, though.

-I know! It's preposterous!

Hey, Mama! This orangutan
looks like you!

Oh. Because of my hair right?

Mmm, no.

-Mama monkey! Mama monkey!
Mama monkey!
-[orangutan hooting]

I'm glad your sister's
having fun, but to be honest,

this place is weirdin' me out.

Think of all the life
this fella's missed out on.

Trapped behind bars.
It's ain't right.

Hm. Well, what if we
did somethin' about it?

A couple of rebel peas
in a rebel pod,

teamin' up!
What do you say, Mom?

Hmm. You know, that would
be pretty slick.

But no.
You're a good kid, Cricket,

and you should stay that way.

I'm gonna hug the giraffe!

Ha ha, Tilly!
Put that ladder back!


I'll tell ya what, Bill,

you made a terrible mistake

Sendin' Nancy off
with the kids like that.

-She's not to be trusted...
-[Bill] Oh, Bill,
what have you done?

What in the heck
were you thinkin'?

-[Bill] You're startin'
to slip.
-[Bill] Am I a bad dad?

[Bill's inner voices overlap]

What the--?
What's wrong with you?

Nothin'! There's no reason
to be worried

about Nancy and the kids.
No reason at all!

I-- I'm just tired, Ma!

In fact, I'm gonna
head off to bed,

because I'm so tired.

What you makin'
for dinner, Mama?

Mm-mmm. All your favorites!

Broccoli, asparagus,
Brussels sprouts, so healthy!


Ha! Just kiddin'.

I made chocolate chip

-What! You tricked us!

And don't forget the extra syrup
and whipped cream!

-Mine's a kitty cat.
-And mine's a frog!

Mine is a bear,
because your Mama Bear's
back in town!

[all laughing]

-[sighs] Kids, I sure missed
our pancake dinners. Mm-mmm!
-Me, too!

I still can't get over
how much y'all have grown up.

Well, I don't think
we've changed that much
while you were gone.

Are you kiddin' me?
Just look at you two!

When did you grow
into such good kids?

Hm. Must be from your Papa.

'Cause you two
ain't nothin' like me.

Psst, Tilly, you awake?

Who's to say?

I can't stop thinkin' about
what Mom said.

She thinks we're good kids!

Isn't that a... good thing?

No! It's frustrating!

She thinks
we're nothin' like her!

-She doesn't see

that we're cool rebels, too!

We gotta show her

that the Green kids got edge.

And I know the perfect way
to do it.

We're gonna... that orangutan
from the zoo!

Whoa. I need a moment
to mentally prepare myself.


The coast is clear!

-[Cricket grunting]

Oh, man, once we bust
that weird monkey
out of the zoo,

Mom's gonna think
we're so cool!

Sleep tight, Mr. Lion!

Tilly! We're supposed
to be sneaky!

Sleep tight, Mr. Lion.

Hey, come here.
Check this out!

There's gotta be a way
to open the cage in there.

Just need to figure out
how to distract the guard.

Leave it to me.
[clears throat]

[shrieking animal call]

Aah! It's the Peruvian
box turtles again.

They're always so antsy
at night.

There's only one thing
that'll calm 'em down.


Come on!

Whoa! Hey, look!
There's the orangutan!

Now, we just gotta figure out

which button to press
to release her.

Nyehhhh.... how 'bout
this one?


-[Cricket] Or this one!
-[toilet flushes]

Dang it, nothin's happenin'.

Hey, look at that one!

I don't know, Cricket.

That button's gotta
have a shield
for a reason.

Well, of course
there's a reason!

But rebels don't
listen to reason! Aah!

Look, the cage is openin'!

Now, let's go grab
that orangutan!


What the--?

Oh, man, I can't wait
to tell Mom!


Mister, we can explain!

Oh, well, I mean...
Yeah, you better run!

We must give off
pretty strong rebel vibes.

[ground rumbling]


[animals calling]


[monkeys shrieking]

Hey, I'm drvin' here!

Dinner time, Fluffy!


You're not Fluffy.

Oh dang, oh dang, oh dang!

Tilly, what have we done?

Please tell me
there's a silver lining.

Well, this definitely proves
that we're not good kids.


-[Cricket] Mom! Mom!
Mom, wake up!

Hm, kids? W-what's happenin'?

Hey, Mom!
We've got some news.

Some good, some not so great.

We did somethin' really cool

and freed that orangutan
from the zoo!

You freed an animal
from the zoo?

Whoa, no, no, that's bad!
That's very bad!

What's the good news?

Uh, that was the good news.

T-Tilly, you wanna
take it from here?

We did a real bad
and accidentally

let all the other animals
out of the zoo, too.

Lions, giraffes, birds,

-[Nancy straining]
-monkeys, polar bears...

Why would you two do this?!

We thought it'd be
cool and rebellious!

We thought you'd like it!

No, I wanted you
to stay out of trouble!

-You're good kids!
-Stop sayin' that!

-[Officer Keys] Nancy Green,
this is the police.

Animals have been
reported missing from the zoo,

and I'd just like to ask you

a few questions.

The cops!

Take me away, officer.

I won't resist!

Tilly, no!

Uh, I'm in the shower!

Be right there!

Oh! Well, uh, I'll just

give you a minute
to finish up,

but be quick!

What are we gonna do, Mama?

Kids, it's important to know
when to give up.

But it's more important
to know

-when to use
your secret exit.
-[Cricket and Tilly gasp]

A secret exit?
I have one of these!

See? We're the same!

No, we're not!

Hello! Are you still
in the shower?

I don't actually hear
any water running,

so either you're lying to me,

or your sound insulation
is excellent!

Well, you said you wanted

to spend a night
with your kids.

This is not
what I had in mind.

Ugh. I didn't think
it would involve us

runnin' from the police.

Look, we can fix this.

We'll just go around
and put all the animals

back in the zoo!
No harm, no foul.

Huh. It's worth a try.

But how are we gonna find
all the animals?

They could be anywhere
in Big City!

If only we had a nerdy guy
at a computer

tellin' us everything
we need to know. [gasps]

-[snoring] Uh?
-[cell phone vibrates]

Oh! Those phone survey fellas
sure do like calling me
late at night! Hello!

Remy Remington speaking,
I live to please!

Remy! We need your help!

[gasps] Cricket!

Oh, I've been dreaming
of the day

you'd call me
in the middle of the night

for help!
And it's finally here!

So can I count you in?

Can my code name be
"Eagle One"?

Yes, but I will not use it!

Slightly disappointed,
but I'm still in!

[Bill mumbling]

Mom said I could
get a tattoo!

- Fine with me!

- You'll never guess
where mine is!

-[Cricket and Tilly]
Goodbye, forever!

Cricket! Tilly! [grunts]

Gotta save the kids!
Where are my kids?

Cricket? Tilly?

Tilly! There you are.

-I had a nightmare
that I sent you off with Nancy.
-[cat meowing]

[gasps] Cricket.
You're here, too!

-Wait. This isn't Cricket.
-[lamp shatters]

Cricket, there's my boy!

Oh, I'm so glad
we're all together!

Now, let's turn on some music
to celebrate!

♪ Doo da doo da doo
doo dee doo doo ♪

-[Gramma] Bill!

-Wake up!
-[cat hollers]

See? You're worried
about the kids!

I told ya!

What? No. No! I'm fine.

I'm not worried
about them at all!

Yes, you are.
You're in denial!

Nope. No, I'm not.

Nancy asked me to trust her,
and I do.

I do trust her.

Then why are you
puttin' on your jacket?

Can't a man just wear a jacket
in his own home?

Then why'd you just
grab your keys?

Ma, just get
in the dang truck!

I'm just gonna do
a quick drive by the trailer

to make sure they're OK.

Sure, sure, sure.

OK, Nancy Green, open up.

Emergency, emergency!

All officers needed!

I can't keep
ignoring this thing forever.

All right, fine!
I am breaking this door down.

My arm is gonna hurt
from your rudeness,

and I just don't think
that's fair!

[Officer Keys grunting]


Aha! [gasps]

They're gone!

An escape tunnel?!

[siren blaring]

I'm gonna need backup!
Suspect at large!

Nancy Green,
you're in the red.

[siren continues]

Oh, no! They're gone!

Heh. I was right.

I told ya lettin' them
go with Nancy

was a bad idea.

Wait. This ain't nothin'
to celebrate.

They're off
with an ex-criminal!

They could be
in real danger, Bill!

The kids could be in danger!

-I know, Ma! Let's go find 'em!
-[Gramma yelps]

OK, Remy, what do you have
for us?

I'm searching "wild animals
in Big City,"

and oh, man,
they're everywhere!

They're driving cars,
messin' up people's dinners,

and it looks like
the clown downtown

is being tormented
by a lion!

-This isn't
part of the act!

Please tip extra well!

[Remy] There are reports
of some kind of disturbance
at the airport.

It was just there!
You gotta believe me!


-[butt squeaking]

-Why are you tormenting me?!
-[monkeys hooting]

There's even a sea turtle
in the nightclub!

It's not really a problem,
but it needs to be picked up!

Oh, boy, Cricket,
they're everywhere!

Heya, buddy.
Is this seat taken?

-Oh, sorry I asked!

[all screaming]

Your fish taco, sir.

Ahh... huh?


[all screaming]

♪ Doo doo doo doo doo
doo doo doo ♪

♪ Doo--♪


You guys definitely have
your work cut out for you.

Well, then, we better hurry.

I can't believe
I'm sayin' this, but--

-[rock music playing]
-Let's put some animals

back in some cages!

[both cheering]

-[Clown] Oh, no!
Go away, lion!



[all screaming]

She just loves
the Nicoise Salad!

At least someone
likes my cooking, Terry!


[Cricket exclaiming]

[sirens blaring]

Throw us the salad!

Just let me have this!

-Whoo-hoo! Yeah!
-All right, yeah!

Gimme that!

-Hey, that's my arm!

-Goodbye, cruel world!




-[Tilly] Giddy-up my girl!
-[zebra whinnies]

-[Nancy] Tilly, slow down!
-[Cricket] No, no...

-Thank you!

-[monkeys hooting]
-[Nancy whistles]

[sing-song taunt]


There were monkeys
on the wing, I tell ya!

I'm not insane!
I'm not insane!


[techno music playing]

Yeah, all right! Wow!

-Thank you!
-[woman] Excuse me.



Hold on, buddy.

Did we get 'em all?

Eighteen, 19, 20,
and Glenda here makes 21!

Is it OK
if I call ya "Glenda"?


We did it, Remy!

We got 'em all!

Yay. [grunts]


Whoo-hoo! It's like
I never left!

Three rebel peas
in a rebel pod!

[both laughing]

Just a few more blocks
and we're home free!

[brakes squeal]


Nancy Green,
you're under arrest!

[Officer Keys]
Step away from the motorcycle

and keep your hands
in the air!

-[Cricket] Mom!
-Kids, stay back!

You gotta get outta there!

It's the end of the road,
Ms. Green!

Because we blocked it!
Ha ha!

I figured it was
only a matter of time

before you got yourself
in trouble.

So if you'll just
come with me...

Oop! Ho ho! I forgot
to grab my handcuffs.

-One second!
-What's goin' on?

-Here, take this!
-[monkey shrieking]

-Aah, monkey!
-I'll distract 'em!

Just get the animals
back to the zoo.

I'll meet ya there,
and we'll clear
this whole thing up.

-[monkey hooting]
-No, Mom!

We can't let you
get in trouble!

Cricket Green,
you listen to your mother.


Found 'em! They were
in-between the console and--


[engine revs]

[brakes squeal]

After her!

[sirens blaring]

-[Cricket] It worked!
-[Tilly] Hurry!

[Bill] OK. They couldn't
have gotten far.

We'll 'round the block
for a third time,

then, uh, head down
First Avenue.

They're off livin'
a life of crime now.

We'll never see them again.

We'll hit Second Avenue,
then Third.

Then work our way downtown.

I remember holdin'
little Tilly.

She was an angel.
Bless her soul.

Ma, stop it! We'll find 'em!

Maybe... maybe there's
a logical explanation
for all of this!

You're right. Maybe
they ain't in trouble.

And they're just goin' out
for some--

uh, some midnight ice cream!

Exactly! Ice cream.

I'm sure they're fine!

[sirens blaring]

-Was that Nancy?

-Being chased by the police?

-[tires squeal]
-Let's go!

Oh, boy. First week
on the job,

and I lose all the animals!

Way to go, Jimmy.

You really messed it up
this time!

I know what I'll do.

I'm just gonna close my eyes!

And I'll make a wish,
and when I open them,

the animals will be back!


[gasps] It worked!

-Get out of the way!
-[animals exclaiming]

Ahh, no, no, no, no, no!

Jimmy's keepin' his job!

[sirens blaring]

Pull your vehicle over!
You can't run forever!




I told ya!

When the preacher said,
"Any objections?",

I was yellin', "Yes! Me!
I object!"

But you never listen
to me, boy!

I know, Ma! I know!

I'm not goin' back to jail!

That's for the judge
to decide.

Which, if I finish
my night classes,
will be me!

-Last one, last one!
-Come on, come on!


-Hurry up, hurry up!
-[sirens approaching]

-[Nancy gasps]
-Stop right there!

Caught at
the scene of the crime.

But we put the animals back,
see? No harm, no foul! Right?

How very nice of you!

Unfortunately, that's not
how laws work.

Let's go. All of you.

No, officer. You want me.

Just me. I did it.
I let out the animals.

I'll go with you.
Just leave my kids out of this.

Well, sounds like
a confession to me!

Let's go!

[Cricket and Tilly whimper]

But we just got her back.

No! She didn't
release the animals! We did!

Cricket, be quiet.

It was an accident! We snuck out
while she was sleepin'.

She didn't even know about it!

We were just tryin'
to impress her!

We wanted to prove
we could be like her,

but it got out of hand.

So, officer, if lovin' your mom
too much is a crime,

then lock me up!

Me, too!

Oh, kids.

You never have to worry
about impressin' me.

I think you're amazing.

I don't... I-- I don't
want you to be like me.

I want you to be
better than me.

And I need to be better, too.


Darn it. The only crime
you're guilty of

is reminding us
of the true meaning of family.

But sir, that's for the courts
to decide!

Bahp, bahp, bahp, bahp, bahp!

-But the animals!
-Bahp, bahp, bahp, bahp, bahp!


Oh, no, we're too late!

The police officers are...
giving Nancy a "thumbs up"?

I don't understand.

Helping the police?
That doesn't sound like Nancy.

I was right? I was right
to trust Nancy all along!

Yeah, I guess so.

In your face, Ma! [laughs]

Well, good! I'm just glad
the kids are alive!

There was never anything
to worry about.


So, are we gonna
tell Dad about this?


♪ I got sweat in my eyes ♪

♪ Lost a bet
and got bit by 100 flies ♪

♪ I fell out a big old tree ♪

♪ Hit every branch and
scraped up both my knees ♪

♪ I got chased by a dog ♪

♪ Licked by a frog ♪

♪ Got a rash on my legs ♪

♪ Dropped a dozen eggs ♪

♪ I got splinters
at seven and ten ♪

♪ And tomorrow
I'll do it all again ♪