Big City Greens (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 13 - Family Legacy/Paint Misbehavin' - full transcript

Gramma tells Cricket and Tilly that there's treasure buried on their property. Cricket adds his own doodles to Gloria's abstract paintings in the café.

Look, Cricket,
I drew you holding

that snake you caught earlier.

Check out my picture of you.

I drew you
as a fire-breathing dragon.

But I messed up that foot,
so I gave you a rollerblade.

It is like a mirror
of my soul.

Oh, my goodness!

Are you seeing this place,

I sure am, Don.

We could bulldoze
this old haunted house

and put in
a new hot-yoga studio!

-That serves frozen yogurt?
-[both] Hot yogurt studio!

Trespassers, be gone!
The next one will be a grenade!

Who do you think you are?

We're Don and Dawn,

the hottest real estate agents
in Big City.

You might have heard of us.

Realtors, huh?
Well, I ain't sellin'!

-Don, table form.
-Sure thing, Dawn. [whirs]

I think you'll find our offer
is more than generous.

Look it over
and give us a call.

-We'll be waiting!
-[both chuckle]

Nice try.
No one swindles Alice Green!

Hot mama,
that's a lot of pistachios.

With this kinda money
I could afford luxuries

previously unattainable.

Whee! [laughs] Yay!

Cricket Green,
trampoline owner.

I can't believe you'd turn down
that offer, Gramma.

You must hate money.

Oh, no, honey,
your Gramma loves money.

But that offer
is chicken scratch

compared to
the Green Family Treasure!

-[cash register rings]

[grunts, coughs]

Ahem! You were saying
something about treasure?

I suppose I can trust you.

The Green Family Treasure

is buried somewhere
on this land.

And it's worth ten times
as much

as those flim-flammers
were offering!

Ten times!?! We gotta find
that treasure right now!

if only it were that easy.

Its secret location
has eluded me for years.

And all I've had to go on
is this clue.

[both] Whoa.

Papa left me this clue
years ago,

but he wrote it in a riddle,
and I'm no good at riddles.

If you got something to say,
say it to me straight!

Oh, I love riddles.

Some of my best dreams
have been riddles.

I can't wake up
till I solve them.

Now let's see
what we're working with here.

"To find the treasure,
answer each clue.

But train yourself
to see things anew."

"Start at the porch.
Be in step with time."

"Use Bixby's hands
to find the next rhyme."

-Who's that, Gramma?

Bixby and his father Jerome
were the first Greens

to ever settle this land.

This is it, Bixby,

the future site
of the Green Family Farm.

Once the train station's

passengers will come
from all over

-to buy our fruits and veggies.
-Sounds good, father.

And, look, I already made
a new friend.

-[Alice] And so after months

and a few more cougar scares,
The Green Family Farm

was officially
open for business!

But that business
would never come.

The 9:00 AM train
that was supposed

thundered past
without a second thought!

Turns out the railroad company
decided to move

the stop
to the next town over.

Darn that railroad!

Bixby! Throw your hat down
in disapproval!


We don't get any business,

we're gonna have to sell
the farm

Sell the farm?
I can't let that happen.

-But how?
-[horse neighs]

That's it. Thanks, girl.
You gave me the perfect idea.


The next day,
Bixby set his plan into motion.

-[train whistle blows]
-9:00 AM, right on time.

I am so hungry,
I could eat a horse.

-Oh, ho! How convenient!
-Howdy, folks.

Care to buy some fresh fruit
from the Green Family Farm?

Oh ho! Even better!
I'll take the entire bushel.

Here you go, mister, and don't
forget to tell your friends.

The family farm was saved!

[both laugh]

Cool story, Gramma, but how does
that help us find the treasure?

The riddle says to start
on the porch

and be "in step with time,"
whatever that means.

Hmm. [gasps]

Bixby's train arrived
at 9:00 AM.

What if Bixby's hands
are a map?

Cricket, start at the porch
and walk 12 steps forward.

Woo! I'm bein' useful!

What are you on about, girl?

Nine, ten, 11, 12.

-Now nine steps left.
-You got it!

Seven, eight, ni-- huh? Hey!

This big dumb rock's
in the way of nine.

Gotta... [grunts]
move it... [grunts]


Psh, ain't nothin'
under that rock.

You're right, Gramma.
The clue's written on the rock.

What, really?

"To save the farm,
Metrona had to fly.

Tilly. Could you read
a little faster please?

"Her clue is a breeze
pulling her through the sky."

My gracious, I can't believe
you found the next clue!

You kids are smarter
than you look.

What do you think it means,

Yeah! Who's Metrona?

Ah, Aunt Metrona,

the first Green
to conquer the sky.

She was a stunt pilot.

She spent most of her days
with her head in the clouds,

much to the worry
of her father, Archibald Green.

[groans, sighs]
Wow. Great flying, Metrona.

This plane can really move.

Although, I wish you hadn't torn
down half the farm to build it.

That was my favorite barrel.

Sorry, Papa,
but the sky was callin'.

Besides, you can't do
barrel rolls without a barrel.

[chuckles] You got me there.

[both laugh]

But dark times lay ahead
for Archibald and Metrona.

In the blink of an eye,
a huge swarm of aphids

-started feasting on the farm!
-[all screeching]

If this keeps up I'll have
no choice but to sell the farm.

Metrona knew
she had to do something.

Why, aphids? Why?!


She also knew that ladybugs

were an aphid's
natural predator.

So she gathered up a whole
bunch of those little critters

and took to the sky!

Once she was high enough,
she released the ladybugs.

And they rained down
on the entire farm...

[thud, roar]

...eating every aphid in sight.


Aww, they're so cute.

And once again,
the farm was saved

by the whip-smart ingenuity
of a young Green.

-Wait, you're saying we have
our very own airplane?
-Well, we did.

What's left of it is buried
under the cafe now.

Then that's where
the next clue must be.

Let's go dig it up!
Oh, wait, Gloria will be there.

Hmm, this will require
a certain degree of delicacy.

The Greens are here
to take back what's ours!

No! No!
I saw you guys coming.

So I called the cops,
and they're on their way now.

Aah! Scramble, scramble!

Okay, new plan--
we disguise ourselves

-as giant pigeons and--
-Forget it, Cricket.

That airplane's long gone,
and so is the clue.

I always thought I'd find
that treasure one day.

But now I know it's impossible.

Aw, come on, Gramma,
we're so close to the treasure,

I can almost taste it.

I mean, it tastes really bad,
but when you got

-a mouth full of gold--
-Oh, my goodness goblins.

We don't need to find
Metrona's plane.

We just need her propeller,
and it's right in front of us.

Tilly, you're a genius.
I'm on it.

[grunts] Hey, there's something
written on the back!

Gramma, listen to this!

Are you messing with me, boy?

"The farm was dry.
I wanted to sell.

Our family treasure
is in a place

Alice knows well."

Well. Well. Well.

Papa, why aren't any
of my apple seeds growing?

Nothing can grow
in this drought, Alice.

It hasn't rained in months.
The farm's all dried up.

So what are we gonna do?

The same thing men
in this family have done

for generations--
try to sell the farm!



There's gotta be water here

Alice! It's time to go.

Once I sign these papers,
they're gonna start demolishing.

[Alice] I don't care!
I'm not goin'!

C'mon, Alice, there's
nothing left for us here.

-Come on now.

No! No!

One of my apple seeds

There... must be... water!

Huh? Alice.
Come back here!

Alice! [pants]

Come on, come on.

Sweet corned beans. Water!

Alice! Oh, Alice, you did it!
You saved the farm!

Course I did. I'm Alice Green.
What'd you expect?

Over there is where
we'll put our new well.

Well. Well. Well.

Sweet corned beans.

Kids, I know where
the treasure is!

-Oh, hey, Gramma.

You were staring into space
for like 10 minutes.

So we went inside
to get a snack.

Tilly, Gramma solved
the last riddle!

'Kay, I'm comin'!

This has gotta be the spot.

Leave it to Papa to bury
the treasure near the old well,

right next to my apple tree.

This thing's as old as me.

Wow, a thousand years old.

-[shovel clangs]
-Whadya find, Gramma?

It's... a box.

It's a little smaller
than I thought.

Open it! Open it!

This isn't treasure.

This is just a box
of dusty gewgaws!

If that's all that's buried
on this land,

then it ain't worth keepin'!

Papa played
a good trick on me.

Time to sell this place
and move on.

Did someone say "sell"?

You know,
our offer still stands.

All right, let's talk.

Oh, my gosh, she's actually
gonna sell the farm.

What the heck was in that box
that made Gramma so mad?

-Here's the contract.

[Tilly] Metrona's goggles.
Bixby's watch.

Gramma's shovel.

There you go.

-Don't you see, Cricket,
this must be--
-A warning!

Sign along the dotted line.

Gramma, stop!

We're here to save the farm!

What are you talking about?

It's just like
in your stories, Gramma.

Every generation,
the kids have to stop

the old folks
from giving up on this place.

Yeah, Gramma, the stuff
in the box isn't the treasure.

The farm is.

Ugh, please,
this junky old house?

It's better off being replaced
by a spa. For dogs.

So! Back to signing
that contract.

No. The kids are right.

This land belongs to the Greens
now and forever!

Which means
you're trespassing.

That's right.

-What? Ahh!

Don! Defense mode!

[whirs] You haven't seen
the last of-- ow!

-And stay out!

We did it!
The farm is saved!

Almost. There's still
one last thing we gotta do.

What do you think, Gramma?

Looks like treasure to me.

The Green family legacy
is secure once again.

Hey, You guys looking
for the family treasure?

Mind if I join the hunt?

Sorry, Dad,
we already found it.

And solved all the riddles.

-The treasure was
the farm all along.

-Hiya, Gloria, whatcha doin'?

Trying to figure out
how to fix this thing.

I can fix it for ya.

Whatcha got here is a classic
case of too many wires.

A little clip-clip, snip-snip,
and we'll be good to go.

No, Cricket.
That's never the problem.


No! Cricket, stop it.

Oh, I just gotta get in there.

Stop it.

-Just let me--

-You're gonna make it worse!

[both yelp]


[groans] Cricket,
you need to listen to me.

But we're coworkers!

Which means sometimes
you need to listen to me.

I've got all sorts
of great ideas!

Pfft. Like what?

Well, for starters.

Why do we have bagels
when we could have doughnuts?

Bagels are boring.

And also why do all prices
have to end in nine?.

Why not end in a three?
I like three!

And these weirdo paintings
of nothing should be replaced

with paintings of actual things,
like dogs wearing swimsuits.

[dog barks]

Everyone. Likes. Dogs.

Whoa, whoa, these paintings
are abstract art.

Of course I wouldn't expect
you to understand it.

The artist poured
their heart out,

and this canvas
caught the pieces.

Ew! [laughs] Gross.

Ugh, whatever,
you wouldn't know good artwork

if it kicked you in the butt.

I'm going on break.

You're in charge
until I get back.

In charge, huh?


[cell phone buzzing]

Break's over.

What the--

Hmm? Well hi, Gloria!

What did you do?

While I was in charge,
I just put

one of my great ideas
into motion.

M-my paintings.
You ruined my paintings.

Your paintings?

You mean the ones that have been
hanging here forever?

The ones
that everybody ignored

and nobody ever gives
a passing glance?

And none of them have ever sold,
not even one, you painted those?

Yes. I went to art school
for four years.

Well, that stinks.

And now instead
of this piece being about

how my parakeet doesn't love me,
it's just garbage.

No, it's better,
because it's still about

how your bird hates you.
but now the bird's on a boat!

[groans] Cricket.

-Is that painting for sale?
-No, sorry. It's ruined.

I'm throwing it
in the garbage.

If you're throwing it away,
I'll take it.

It's yours.

Oh, dang, man,
that's some nice art.

Bye-bye now!

Wow, he actually...
liked it?

I told you I have good ideas.

I'd like to buy
that piece there, please.

I want one, too!

[all chattering]

Oh, my gosh,
not a single one left!

This is incredible!

Cricket, I think
we're on to something.

Sure, it's a bit demoralizing
to need the artistic skill

of an untrained child
to sell my artwork,

but if that's what it takes,
then so be it!

If we keep this up,
we could really be somebody.

We might even make
a little money.

Yes, please.

Hey, you guys have any more
of those awesome paintings?.

[both] Mmm?

Well, I guess
we could make more.

So you don't have
any more paintings?

[all chattering]

[both humming happily]

[both] Ugh!

[both chuckle]

-Oh, wow, what's going on here?
-Oh, hey, dad.

I thought your shift here
was finished hours ago.

What have you been up to?

We're making abstract art,
Mr. Green.

I take all my feelings
and my hopes and dreams

and failures and insecurities
and emptiness and loneliness

and darkness and endless
trying to no avail

-and dreams being crushed.

I put all that onto a canvas
and hope people get it.

And that's when I come in
and draw something

-people actually care about.
Oh! [laughs]

Great job, Cricket.
Everyone likes dinosaurs.

Well, you kids have fun.
I'll just get a drink and go.

He's a good man.

-Hmm, let's see here.
-Ready to order?

what are you doing here?

I'm helping out
while the artists are busy

making beautiful,
majestic art.

Well, in that case,
one coffee for Bill, please.

Coffee for Bill?
Is there a Bill here?

Tilly, my name is Bill.

Here you go, Papa.
Freshly brewed.

Aw, thanks, sweetie.
Uh, Tilly, what is this?

It's skim milk
and gummy bears.

I haven't completed
the employee training yet.

Okay, well,
you gave it your best shot.

Mmm! So good.

I can tell
you're not drinkin' it.

Come on, give it a try.

Well, all right.

[slurps, chokes]

Go on, drink the whole thing.


All of it.


-Can I get you anything else?
-I'm good.

-Hey, dude, I'll be right back.

[gasps] Magnificent!

Can't get
the perspective right.

-Pardon me.

I just want to get
a closer look.

Hmm, feelings of abandonment
and nostalgia

mixed with industrial

-Yeah, plus trains are neat!

Young man,
my name is Vuka Vukojevich

of Vuka Vukojevich Galleries.

Art lady.

Yes. Well, your art
is very thought-provoking.

Thanks. I just like to draw
stuff that looks like stuff.

Like this one, I call it
"Bird Eating a Squirrel."

I like that bird.

Art imitating life.

Little boy, you paint
all these all by yourself?

Hmm, yeah.
Yeah, basically.

Well, in that case, here is
the address of my gallery.

I want to feature
your artwork there tonight.

Ooh! Okay.

And here is address of barber.
Please fix hair.


See you at the gallery.
I'm going to make you a star.


Hey, Cricket,
what was that about?

Oh, just some fancy art lady
wants to put my artwork

in a show and sell them
and make me rich and famous.

[gasps] Vuka Vukojevich?!
Vuka wants to show our art?

Heh, well, she's obviously

-to my part of "our" artwork.
-What are you saying?

It's pretty clear folks
didn't like your paintings

until I added my drawings.

So I think I can do
this whole art thing on my own.

I know what people want,
and they want me.

That's ridiculous.

Without my additions,
you just have scribbles.

Scribbles? How dare you?
They're obviously doodles.

How about you come
to the gallery later?

You'll be singin'
a different tune

when I sell oodles
of my doodles.

Oh, I'll be there all right.
To watch you fail!

[clears throat] Well, sorry,
Gloria, I need to split.

After all, I have a gallery
to prepare for.

-[door opens]

You look stressed.
This one's on the house.

All right, Cricket, time to get
fancy for this art show.

I don't need
no stinkin' barber.

Ar-teest. [burbles]

Remember, Cricket,
if you see any paintings

of naked people, don't laugh
no matter how naked they are.

[electronic music playing]

Step right up,
artsy art patrons.

See the genius work
of child prodigy Cricket Green!


We got planes!
We got trains!

Let me guess, sir,
you like dinosaurs.



Huh? Well, somebody's
got questionable taste.

-Beautiful work, really.
-Thank you.

You've validated me as an artist
by buying my painting.


None of my art's selling.
What the heck is going on?

Young man, what is this?

Where are the paintings
from where I had stale scone?

Oh, these are them
but better.

I fixed 'em up and got rid
of those pointless blotches.

-Now they're just my doodles.
-That was mistake.

The only thing worse
than these childish renderings

is your hair.

[laughs nervously]
Oh, yeah, well.

I bet I can sell some art
to the next person I see.

Uh, you two, I can already tell
you're gonna be

walkin' out of here with
a doodle by yours truly.

Perhaps one
of my self portraits.

[breathing heavily]

[groans] No.

No, wait,
I've got plenty of others.

You are a disappointment,
farm boy.

But I-- [groans]
Double dang-it.

Hey, Cricket,
not as easy as you thought, huh?

Keep 'em coming.


I think people hate
my doodles.

Yep. The art world's
a cruel place.

It'll chew you up
and spit you out.


Wait a second,
I couldn't sell anything.

Just like you.

Uh, rude.

No, no, no, I mean,
we had something

when we worked together,
but I squandered it.

I squandered it!

We should go back
to being a team.

We could sell these paintings,

and you could make
a good impression on Vuka.

That is of course,
if you'd be willing

to work with me again.

Let's do it.
You got any paints?

Just leave it to me.

Also, please don't touch
my hair ever again.

Sir, would you like
some hors d'oeuvres?

I would! [grunts]


[grunting and clattering]


The time has come to art
like you've never arted before!

Over here, Gloria.
Add some abstract here.

-[both grunt]
-Now on this corner! Yeah!

Hmm, so complex and yet...

So simple.

[both] I'll take it.

Sold! Sold!

Release your muse on these!

Ha ha!

Gloria, you're on fire!



-Ha ha!

Ha ha ha! [grunts]

Excuse me,
what is it you are doing?!

Uh, art? As a gallery owner,
seems like you'd know that.

Vuka, I am so sorry.

I was just so inspired
that I got carried away.

I am so honored to have my work
featured in your gallery.

So whaddya think, Vuka?
We make a pretty good team, huh?


What's wrong?
Did we not do... a good?

Sure, your pieces sold,
but I'll be keeping your profits

because you've ruined
the entire gallery!

-Oh! It's hideous.
-Who would do this?!

This wasn't my vision at all!

Someone censored my art!

But it was so... funny.

Ha! It is funny.

Get out.

Sorry, Gloria.
That could've gone better.

I don't think it could've.

For the first time in years,
I felt alive as an artist.

And you know,
we do make a pretty good team.

Just a couple of ar-teests.

[laughs] You look dumb.

[chuckles] Yeah.

♪ I got sweat in my eyes ♪

♪ Lost a bet
and got bit by 100 flies ♪

♪ I fell out
a big old tree ♪

♪ Hit every branch
and scraped up both my knees ♪

♪ I got chased by dogs ♪

♪ Bit by a frog ♪

♪ Got a rash on my leg ♪

♪ Dropped a dozen eggs ♪

♪ I got splinters
since 7 to 10:00 ♪

♪ And tomorrow,
I'll do it all again ♪