Big City Greens (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 10 - Parade Day/DIY Guys - full transcript

Cricket leaves Gloria to work the coffee shop alone while he enjoys the parade on his break. Bill uses a trip to the hardware store to teach Remy a lesson in self-reliance.

[theme music playing]

One, two!
One, two, three, four!

♪ La la la la la la la la ♪

♪ La la la la la ♪

[chicken squawks]

Okay, I've got
one soy latte for you,

one iced cappuccino over here,

aaand Parade Day necklaces
for everyone!

-All right!

Happy Parade Day, y'all!

Thank you, sir, and have
a happy Parade Day.

-[doorbell jingles]
- Enjoy it.

Some of us can't be there,

even though
we really want to be...

just once.

Happy Parade Day,
Gloria! Ehh!


So when are we goin'
to the parade?

Uh, we can't go
to the parade.

This is the cafe's
busiest day of the year.

Well, surely, work
allows you to do fun stuff

when there's fun stuff
to do.

[scoffs] Look, I want
to see the parade, too.

but it's our responsibility
to stay here

and keep the cafe running.

So since we're
in this together,

I suggest you quit whining

and go take out
the trash.

Fine! But I want
my beads back!

They look good on me.

-[doorbell jingles]
-[Bill] Hey, Cricket!

We're headed
over to the parade.

-You joinin' us?
-No, I can't.

I gotta stay here
and work.

Aw, that's a shame.

We've watched the parade
on TV every year.

This year, we actually
get to see it in person!

And it's all happenin'
just a block away from here!

It's so convenient!

Plus, you're gonna miss
seein' me on a float.

Uh, no, Tilly.

We're just gonna
watch the parade.

We're not gonna be in it.

If you say so.

[laughs] Oh, listen to us
ramble on and on.

We're keepin' you
from your work.

Have a good day, son!

It won't be the same
without you,

but it will still be
very, very fun!



I gotta get to that parade!

Stupid job ain't gonna
keep me from watchin' it!

Gotta find a way
to sneak outta work

with Gloria catchin' me.

But how?

Cricket, go take the trash
out to the dumpster!


Sure thing, Gloria.

I'll be riiight back.




-[knocks on glass]
-Hey! You better not be
tryin' to sneak off

to watch the parade!




Oh, what was that?!

You desperately need
more napkins?!

I'll go get some
right away, sir!

I didn't ask for napkins.

Okay, relax,
I'm gettin' you

all those napkins
you asked for!



Now, where
are those napkins?!


Too easy.

Aha! Parade here I come!


Back inside... now!



Thank you and have
a happy Parade Day.

Now where did Cricket go?

Umph! Dang it!
I was so close!

Maybe if I sneak out
through the vents...

That's it!
You're on mop duty
for the rest of the day!

Ah, stupid Gloria
and her responsibilities

rainin' on my Parade Day!

Huh? 15-minute break?

That's it!


Loophole! Loophole!

Habeas corpus!
I object!

What now?

According to the law,

I get a mandatory
15-minute break,

which I'll be taking
right now to go
watch the parade.

But the rush
is about to start,

so it's not a good time
for your break.

Sorry, Gloria, but for once
the law is on my side.

I'll watch the parade
for a bit

-and be back before
you know it.

Okay. Okay, fine.

But if you're
not back in 15 minutes,

you're fired!

See ya in 15!

[people chattering]

Oh, my gosh!

Pff! I'll show her!

I'll watch the parade
and keep my job!

Wow! this is a great spot!

It would be
if I could see anything!

Oh, hello, family!

what are you doin' here?

Did Gloria let you
take the day off?

Psh! No! Just takin'
my break early.

I've got 15 minutes
to enjoy as much
of the parade as possible.

Er, well,
more like nine minutes.

You're timin'
is impeccable.

The parade
is about to begin.

Here comes
the Splish Soda float now!

And atop it rides
Miss Splish,

the queen of all sodas.



[playing march]

[sound of band playing
grows faint]

Aw! Look how slow
and tiny they are!

At this rate, I won't
get to see anything

-before I have to go back.

If only there was a way
to watch the parade
from the cafe.

Hmm! Wait a minute!

Loophole! Loophole, loophole,
double loophole!

Tilly, we're gonna
re-route the parade

so that it marches
right past the cafe!

You down to help me?

Always am.

Just gotta finish
my giant lollipop first.

Tilly, I'm on the clock!

Okay, Tilly,
here's the plan.

Officer Keys is guarding
those barricades up ahead.

I need you distract him
so I can sneak past,

adjust the first barricade,

then the second barricade,

and then head back
to the cafe

where I can enjoy
the parade while working,

and Gloria will be
all like,

"Oh, Cricket,
you're so cool!

I'm sorry
I ever doubted ya!"

Think you can handle
the distraction, Tilly?


Leave it to me.

[humming happily]

Happy Parade Day, officer.

Would you be a dear
and take a photo

of me and my sweet fiancé?

Ain't he a charmer?

Aww! Well, sure thing!

You two make
a cute couple!


We're elopin'
and can never return home.

-[camera clicking]
-Aww! [chuckles]

We're on our honeymoon
right now!


Be sure to get
my good side. Uh-huh.

Ha ha!

-Got it!

These are gonna
come out great!

Ma'am? Ma'am?!

You forgot your camera!

Ma'am-- Sir?


Huh! Love is a mystery.

-[band playing]
-Oh! Here come the parade!

All right, everybody!
This way!

This way!

All good so far, Tilly.

Just gotta
move this barricade,

and then we're home free!

[tires screeching]

Oh, no! My barricades!

The only thing
they couldn't stop

was me! [sobbing]

Aw, come on!


[band playing]

[Cricket] Oh, no.

This is not good!

This is not good.

I've been waiting
for so long!

Where's my coffee?

Free coffee, please.

My tea has water in it!

Excuse me? Something
happened in the bathroom!


You better not be late,

Aw, man,
only five minutes left!

Hey, no problem, no problem!


New plan.

Due to unforeseen circumstances

that were not my fault,

we're gonna have to take
a little detour

through the department store.

[Tilly] Another boffo plan,


[music stops]

What should we do?

Hmm, well,
as the parade leader,

-I say..
-Bingo bango!

This way, fellas!

-Sorry, Gerald,

but parade law states
that we must follow

whoever wields the baton,
no matter what.

-But I--
-No matter what!

-[playing cadence]
-[sighs] I understand.

[band playing]

Make way! Make way!

Parade comin' through!

Did that little boy
say para--

Oh, my gosh!

-Here comes Crabby Tabby!
-[balloon creaking]

favorite finicky feline!

[man] Wow! Could this day
get any better?

-Oh, yeah! Whoo!

[both screaming]



Tell my wife I love parades!


Hellooo! [nervous laugh]

What on earth is going on?

A revolution.

[chuckles] I can't believe
this is actually working.

-Almost there!
-[muffled music continues]

♪ Do-do-doo ♪

Can't beat shoppin'
on Parade Day.

The stores are so quiet.


Ha ha! All right!
I did it!

The parade's on track.

Now I just gotta
get back to the cafe in...

30 seconds?!

I'm never gonna make it!

Worry not, Cricket!

A queen always provides
for her people!

Where's Miss Splish?

Oh, she was unfit to rule.

Now grab hold, brother!


Here you go!
You can have this back!

Yes! My life
has meaning again!

[grunts] Got it!

Whoa! Aaaah!

Go free, genie!

You are no longer bound
by the whims of man.

Well, back to work.

-[woman] Ow!


I'm gonna make it!

Ow! [grunting]

Ha-cha! Nothin' broken!


There he goes.

Thank you
for your service, genie.

-[timer rings]
-Whoa! Gotta go!

Yeah! I did it!
I made it back in time!

I told you I could do it,
Glori...uhhh, oh!

[people arguing]

Oh oh! [groans]

-[man] I want it now!

I want to speak
to your manager!

Oh, my gosh! This all happened
in 15 minutes?!

Would you like
whipped cream with that?

Gloria, I'm back.

Oh. Hello, Cricket.

How was your break?

Look, I'm sorry.
I'm startin' to think

it might've been wrong
to leave the cafe when I did.

I guess I was
a pretty lousy co-worker.

Is this what
responsibility feels like?

Ech! It's awful!

Ha! Yeah, it is.

Don't worry,
you'll grow into it.

Um, hello?! Are you
just gonna sit there?!

Papa needs
his macchiato!

Okay, sir. Just a minute.

No, Gloria!
You've done enough!

You've pushed yourself
too hard!

But, Cricket, someone
has to handle these...

[customers shouting]

I have a cappuccino!

If you can handle
this mess alone
then so can I!

Take a break, Gloria.

You deserve it.

Cricket, no!

I've got work to do.

-[all shouting]
-If anyone needs anything,

come to me!

Better hurry.
Parade will be here any second.

[people shouting louder]

Parade? What are you... ?


[sweeping orchestral music



My first Parade Day.

It's amazing!

Happy Parade Day to all!

Bow to your queen!

Happy Parade Day,
Miss Splish.

Thanks, Cricket.

[panting] Has anyone
seen my daughter?!

Oh, gosh, Tilly,
where'd you go?!


You've all been gathered here
for a once-in-a-lifetime chance

to witness a revelation
in modern agriculture.

Behold, the carrot sucker!

In just three seconds flat,
all the carrots you see here

will be slurped
out of the ground!

Count with me! One!



Remy, was that sass
or just ignorance?

Cricket, what in the world
did you do?

It's not my fault, dad.

What kind of vacuum clogs
from too much dirt

this is definitely broken.

Who are you going to call
to fix it, Mr. Green?

Call? [laughs]
I'm not going to call anyone.

I'll fix it myself.
Remy, I'm a DIY guy.

D... I... Y.

It stands for "do it yourself."

Don't your folks ever
fix stuff around the house?

My family just uses money.

Like this.

I got you a present.

Just a little something
for the house.

Uh, thanks, but, Remy,
I'm concerned you don't possess

the all-important skill
of self-reliance.

Oh, geez, Tilly, dad's doing
his self-reliance speech again.

- Huh?
- I can't hear it

'cause I died of boredom.

Oh, no, it's catching!


Ah, don't listen to them, Remy.

Back in the country,
I learned to be self-reliant.

And being self-reliant
gives you

a sense of pride
and accomplishment.

Take me, for example.

I grow my own food,
change my own oil.

Heck, I even cut my own hair.

[clears throat]
It'll grow out.

I wish I could do all that.

Well, you can.
And I'll teach you.

We're going to fix
this vacuum ourselves.

You'll never need to ask
for help again.

- Hooray!
- Let's go!

- Carry me!
- Y-- what?

You don't expect me to walk
there all by myself, do you?

This is going to be harder
than I thought.

Fixing the vacuum
will be easy.

The brush head isn't spinning,

which means we just need
a new vacuum belt.

Hello, sir,
welcome to Overhauls,

the Scandinavian
hardware store.

If you need anything,

ask someone wearing
one of these uniforms.

[laughs] No.

I was literally born

in the plumbing section
of a hardware store.

I think I know
my way around.

Come on, kids, let's find
a door we can open ourselves.


[all] Wow.

This sure is a lot bigger than
the hardware store back home.

How are we ever going to
find anything here?

Use your eyes, Remy.
Look to the signs.


Huh. No matter.
We'll find it regardless.

Let's go, Remy.

No, no, don't say anything.

I knew it was wrong
when I got in.


- Come on.
- [whimpers]

Geez Louise.

Todd? Todd?
Hey, I'm talking to you!

- Who, me?
- Yeah, you.

You're late for your shift,

At least you wore
your uniform this time.

My uniform?

[grunts] Whew.

I am wearing overalls.

Therefore, I work here.

Todd, I need you
on the forklift today.


Bingo bango!

Come on, kids,
if you're not paying attention

to where you're going,
you could get lost in here.

Garden gnomes?
Yes, please.


I can't reach it.
I guess I'll just go home.

And I won't even have
that thing!


Who's going to help
that poor man?

What brave soul
will answer this call?

Me. It'll be me. I will.


Whoa, my thing.

Who was that?

And that's the difference
between male

and female plug-ins.

I have so many questions.

We all do.
Hold on just a minute, Remy.

We need to figure out
where were going-- what the?

Ooh, Vacuumbas!
The robot vacuum!

Hey, Mr. Green,
if you buy one of these,

you won't need
to fix your vacuum.

- My family has like 12 of them.
- [stammers]

Wha-- wha-- wha--
where in the heck are we?

- Mr. Green!
- Huh?

I think this one
likes you!

Remy, put that mechanical
disgrace away.

The vacuum belt's gotta be...
this way.



No hands!

Going up, going down.

- What's this do?
- [horn beeps]

Oh, excuse me.

Tag, you're it. [laughs]

Whoo! Yee-ha!
This is the best!

you got work in aisle 20.

If you're goofing around,

I'll get someone else
to drive the forklift.

Sure thing, boss.

[Tilly] The shoppers
with their tiny arms

reach up to the sky in need.

This store needs a hero.


A hero that will climb
the shelves of injustice.

The world looks up and shouts,
"Can someone reach that?!"

And I answer, "Yes."

That's why I am here.

That's why I have become...

Tilly Top Shelf!

[thunder crashes]

Doesn't matter that we got
turned around a bit, Remy.

DIY guys learn
from their mistakes.

I know we're getting close
to the vacuum belts.

I can feel it.

Yeah. Me too.

Should be just
around this corner.

Ah-ha! What?

it's the Vacuumbas again.

But we were just--
I don't understand it!

Nothing in this store
makes sense!

First time in a hardware store?
What can I help you find?

First time in a hardware store.

Who does she think she is?
[clears throat]

Remy, do we need help
finding anything?

Oh, yes, we're looking
for a vacuum belt.

Oh, sure thing.
That's in aisle--

Don't listen to her!

I said it's in aisle--


Oh, right.

That's it, block out the help,
Remy! Block it out!


It's gotta be this way!
Come on!

Uh, uh... Mr. Green?

Don't worry, son,
I know where I'm going.

[panting] Wha--

Oh, hello.

Are you looking for
3-inch screws, too?

No, no, we're not.

That's too bad.
We've been looking for a while.

[giggles] We don't need
any help finding them.

Right, Rick? Rick?

- [both scream]
- Bye, now!

Mr. Green,
can't we ask for help now?

No! DIY asks means never
asking for help!



Oh, my gosh, there it is.

We did it!

All right, concrete's ready.
Load 'em up.

Watch and learn, fellow

Hmm, let's see.
♪ Do do do do do ♪

This one.

What are you doing, Todd?!

Ugh, just a second now.


Hold on, that's not
what I meant to do.

I can fix this!

Ooh, sorry about that.
Oh, my gosh!

What have you done?!

[all exclaiming]

Oh, mercy, I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry!

My legs!
I can't move my legs!

Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!
Do you feel this, Remy?

Do you feel the self-reliance?!

Wow, you were right.

You don't need anyone's help

- [crashing]
- Huh?

Watch out, Mr. Green!

What's was that, Remy?
Huh? What?

Sweet porcelain mother.

Mr. Green! Don't worry!
I'll be right there!

I'll be right here!

No worries, Remy,
there's no situation

too tough for a DIY g--

I'll call for help!
Help! Help! Help!

It's no use.
My little voice, it won't carry.

I can't do it.
But Mr. Green can.

Mr. Green,
you have to call for help!

It's the only way!

Call for help, Mr. Green!

No, never!

Mr. Green, please!

A DIY guy doesn't need help!

That's ridiculous!
Everybody needs help sometimes!

It might be giants shelf
full of falling toilets

or you need some assistance

getting into your onesie
at night,

but when life's
too overwhelming,

it's nice to know you don't
have to tackle it alone!

[grunts] Yelp.

That's it, Mr. Green. Louder.


More pathetic!


Like a wounded animal!

Help!! Help!!

I... m needed.

- [thunder crashes]
- Help!

[sighs] My joy ride
turned into a sad ride.

I caused so much destruction
with this small machine.

If only there was some way
to make up for it all.

[Mr. Green] Help!!

Oh, my gosh, was that dad?
I'm coming for you, dad!




Tilly! Huh?


I'm alive! I'm alive!

[laughs] Tilly, Tilly, oh,
my sweet daughter, come here.

Remy, you saved me.

We did it together,
Mr. Green!

You wonderful children,
look at you.

Now where's my son?!

I'm right here, dad!
Come here, big guy!

[shelves crashing]

Huh, can't believe
we went through so much trouble

- for such a little part.
- Ooh, ooh!

- Can I fix it, Mr. Green?
- Sure thing!

You know, Remy,
you showed me that sometimes

it's okay to ask for help.

Now I've got a new policy
on self-reliance.

Always DIY
unless you're about to DI-die.

- I'm all done.
- [vacuum whirs]

Well, looks good to me.

Mr. Green, I think I feel it.
The power of self-reliance.

We can do anything!


Remy, can you call
the repair man?

One step ahead of you.

♪ I got sweat in my eyes ♪

♪ Lost a bet
and got bit by 100 flies ♪

♪ I fell out
a big old tree ♪

♪ Hit every branch
and scraped up both my knees ♪

♪ I got chased by dogs ♪

♪ Bit by a frog ♪

♪ Got a rash on my leg ♪

♪ Dropped a dozen eggs ♪

♪ I got splinters
since 7 to 10:00 ♪

♪ And tomorrow,
I'll do it all again ♪