Big City Greens (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 1 - Space Chicken/Steak Night - full transcript

To impress his new neighbors, Cricket attempts to launch a chicken into space. The Greens are excited to continue their traditional monthly steak dinner, but Cricket accidentally loses the steaks on the subway.


♪ One, two, three, four ♪

♪ La la la la,
la la la la ♪

♪ La la la la ♪


[hen clucks]


( Cricket laughing )

Oh, hi there.

We're your new neighbors.

My name's Cricket.
Cricket Green.

( groans )

Hey, where ya goin'?

Oh, okay, you're busy.
That's fine.

Hm. Well, stop by any time.

Cricket, what are
ya doin', boy?

Have you lost your mind?

Now, Dad, I can explain.

At first, I was
mowin' the lawn.

- Then, I was mowin'
other lawns.
- MAN: Fore!

Then it just kinda
got out of hand.

Honestly, I don't know
how I made it back here.

ya all right?

I have seen danger...

and I love it.

Listen, kids, I know
it's been difficult

adjustin' to city life,

but we've got neighbors
to consider now.

Oh, hi, Mrs. Lewis.

Clean up your junky
yard, ya hillbilly!

The point is,
folks don't know us yet,

so we wanna make
a good impression.

A good impression.

Dad, consider it done.


( metallic clanking )

Son, again?

Aw, man, I'm sorry.
My bad.

I was tryin'
to catch a bear.

- Hmm.
- What?

Dad wants us to make
a good impression
around here.

Tilly, what's
the most impressive
thing you can think of?

Uh, chocolate volcano.

No, we need something that
makes your eyes go wide,

and your heart beat fast.

Uh... uh...
a vanilla volcano.


Hmm. We're gonna
launch a chicken

into outer space.


We are gonna
launch a chicken

into space.

Papa's gonna be thrilled.

We are gonna launch
a chicken

- into outer space!
- Whoo!

( whining )

Initiate launch sequence.

Dang it. We're gonna
need more manpower.

( whistling )

- Hey, kid!
- Hm? Me?

Yeah, you. Wanna help us
launch a chicken into space?

Oh, well, I'm not sure
my parents would approve.

Well, I don't see
your parents around.
You in?

Violin lessons
be darned!

Welcome aboard. I'm Cricket,
and this here's Tilly.

This here's Remy...
I mean, I'm Remy.

We need a better
propulsion system.

Ooh, ooh-ooh,
ooh-ooh, ooh.

Yes, Remy?

What about
a really big

I know just the thing.

Holy cow.

( moos )

( snoring )

Won't your gramma be mad
that we're sneaking
around her room?

No, it's no problem.

Oh, good.

Unless we get caught.
She's got a sword.

- Wait, what?
- I'll stand guard.

( snoring )


Sorry. I...

( whimpering )

Ah, Cricket, I broke
your gramma's leg off.

Oh, relax. It's been
broken off for years.

Check it out, Remy.
These'll be perfect.

Nice and stretchy.

My chatchkes.

Show yourselves, bandits!

Gramma, it's just me.

Don't sword me.

Boys, that's two counts
of trespassing.

You two rascals are gonna have
to pay the ultimate price!

What's the ultimate price?


- Oh, Gramma.
- Kisses!

Your little friend, too.

Uh, okay.

A little sugar.
Now get outta here, ya imps!

Here's your leg back.

Okay, so I just
point it towards space, right?

Aim really,
really high.

And tell the chicken
you believe in her.

That's silly,
and I ain't doin' it.

( whispers )
I believe in you.

I hope everyone is watching,

'cause I'm about to launch
a chicken into space.

Pretty impressive.

After the chicken,
can I get a turn?

this is science,
not a ride.

I'll still take a turn.

T minus ten, nine,

eight, seven...

Hey, did anyone see that?

I can't decide between
chicken or fish.

Ooh. Not good.

Hello... oh, boy.

I didn't do nothin',
I swear.

Is this yours?

He thought
it would be fun

to launch a wild animal
into our cafe.

Well, it's not fun.

There was a chicken
in my chicken salad,

and he ate
some of it.

Oh, great.
So now it's a cannibal.

So sorry. I'll--

Keep the animals
on your side of the fence.

That includes
little... what's-his-name.

My name's Cricket.
I'm your new neighbor.

Son, this is exactly
what I'm talkin' about.

For the rest of the day,

I want you to stay
out of sight, in your room.

What? You're jokin'.

I ain't jokin', son.

Just please go to your room.

You're serious?
I can't believe it.

- Mmm.
- All right,
I'm goin'.

I'll give you one last
chance to change--

- Cricket!!
- Right.

Um, excuse me.
Do you want me to go
to Cricket's room as well?

- Mm.
- I'll just go.

Who the heck is that?

REMY: So this is your room.

Hmm. It's nice.

Yeah, it's all right.

Hard to sleep at night
with all the traffic noise.

( sighs )

What was I thinkin',
tryin' to launch a chicken

into space?
It's so stupid.

I'm never gonna
impress this city.

I don't think
it's stupid.

I'd never even think
to do something like that.

- Really?
- Yeah.

I mean, I don't know anyone
who owns a raccoon skull.

And is that
a homemade dart board?

And... and... and
you got this thing.

Whoa! Actually,
this is a little scary.

But it's also
pretty dang impressive.

That rocket will give us
plenty of power

to launch
this here chicken
into the great unknown.

- Tilly.
- Huh?

Two things. One,
you gotta stop day sleepin'.

And two, you ready to be
a part of history?

I guess.

But how are we gonna
sneak outta your room
without your dad seeing?


A secret exit.

Doesn't your room
get cold at night?

Oh, very much so.

Go, go, go.
Hurry up.

Okay, let's
do this.

My fellow neighbors,

may I have
your attention, please?

You are about to witness
something you will never forget.

I, Cricket Green,

will launch this chicken
into outer space!

Gather round.
Don't be a stranger.

Mommy, let's go watch
the chicken rocket.

Okay, you, I guess
this is good-bye.

I'll be waitin'
right here for you
when you get back.

Oh, and take these.

For your re-entry.

Remy, initiate
the launch sequence.

You have goggles?
Should I have goggles?

( nervous squawking )

Here comes blastoff.

( cheering )

Well, that was

What the heck

It must've
been a dud.

All right, everyone,
move on.

There is literally
nothing to see here.

Oh, no,
we're losin' 'em. Plan B!

Come on, girls,
move those chicken legs.

Move, move, move.

We ain't impressin' anyone till
we get a chicken into space.

Ten, nine, oh, heck.


It's not high
enough, Cricket.

We just gotta
keep tryin'.

Cricket, we've
got a problem.

I know.
These dang chickens

can't seem to break free
of the atmosphere.

No. I mean,
well, look.

My eyes!
He's pecking out my eyes!

Just a little higher.
We're almost there.

Oh, my gosh!


Hey, outta chickens.
We'll just have to...

- Hey, come
check this out.
- Cool.

Cricket, you're
stretching it too far.

This is our last chance.
We gotta make it count.

I still believe in you.

Oh, my gosh,
we did it!

Ha ha, we did it!
( laughing )

He actually did it.

Cricket, I told you
to stay in your...

What the heck happened
out here?

We did it, Dad,
just like you asked.

What are you
talkin' about?

What are the neighbors
gonna think?

That was awesome.
You guys are awesome.

See ya tomorrow.

( laughing )

Well, whatever you did,

I guess it made
a good impression.

Next time, try to
cause less damage.

Oh, yeah, we did
pretty good, huh?

I gotcha now.
I gotcha.

Excuse me. May I also
join in the roughhousing?

( all laughing )

( metallic clanking )

Oh! Another bear trap?

CRICKET: Oh, you're hurtin' now,
but you'll thank me

when the city's
overrun with grizzlies.


( squawks )

Oh, boy, I can't wait
for tonight--

-our first family Steak Night
in the big city!
-[all] Whoo!

And even though the food's
three times more expensive here,

nothin's more important
than family tradition.

But seriously,
I spent Cricket's
college savings in there.

I never planned on goin'.

What's your favorite part
of Steak Night, Tilly?

Well, Cricket,
where do I start?

I'd have to say...
the steaks.

-The steaks!
-Uh, I'm gonna have
to go with the steaks.

'Cause it ain't Steak Night
without the steaks!

Wait, how'd you get those?

Can I hold 'em?
Can I, Dad?

Hmm...well, all right.

But be careful.
Steaks are the heart
of Steak Night.

I'll care for 'em
like my own precious
meat babies. [kiss]

Oh, wow, it's gettin' late.
We gotta get home.

Hey, Dad, look.
Let's take the subway.

That'll save us
a bunch of time.

Good idea. Can't be
that complicated, right?


-Subway! Subway! Subway!
-Subway! Subway! Subway!


That subway's no good!

And full of hidden dangers.

Nothin' good ever comes
from being underground!

The only way you're gonna
get me down

that slimy old crime hole

is if you drag me
kickin' and screamin'!

Oh, you did.
Well, heck.

Aw, come on, Ma.

The subway's not that bad.
Look! The kids are into it.

Dang! Would you look
at this place?

It's like a whole
underground city, Tilly.

Let's show these steaks around.

I'll bet they'd love that.

I told you to get
the extra-large mice.

Careful, steaks. The people here
can commune with reptiles.


-Oh. He likes you.

This traveler's
storing water

for a long, sad, lonely
journey underground.

Don't worry. I'm 90% sure
he's just sleepin'.


And this is where they harvest

their stretchy candy.



Huh? Oh! Hello.


What's that?

You want me to be
your fearless leader?

I graciously accept.

Kids! Come on, stay close!
Now, let's see here.

But Dad, I'm lookin' around
with Tilly and the steaks!

- ♪[hip-hop beat]


Oh, my gosh.
An underground hoedown!

My turn!


[all cheering]

Hey, you're pretty good.

But can you do...this?

♪[robotic beat]

[making robot noises]

Oh. Ah. Gosh!

He's a robot
wearing the skin of a human!

Stay back!
I'll handle this menace!

[Bill] Cricket!

Hurry! The train's here.

-But Dad, he's a robot!
-Cricket! Now!

[groans] Fine.

This isn't over...

[P.A.] Next stop,
Tenth Street Station.

Tricky robot man thinks
he can pull one over-- Wait.

The steaks!

This train is now departing.


So, how do you want your steaks
cooked tonight?

I'd like mine extra-well done.

Rarer than rare!

Like a diamond...of meat.

Sheesh, I'm so hungry

I might just eat mine raw!

Chomp! Chomp! Chomp!

-[Gramma laughing]
-I'll do it! Bring me my steak!

[all laughing]

[Bill] Hey, Cricket!

Whatcha up to, pal?
Come over here!

Listen, just 'cause
we live in the city now

doesn't mean
our old ways of doing things
are goin' anywhere.

Tonight's gonna be great.

Uh, Cricket,
are you okay?

-I lost the steaks!

It was only partially my fault,
I swear!

It was that darned robot man!

Oh, boy.

Can we get more steaks,

Not unless we have
another month's savings
lying around.

Well, don't look at me!

My money's tied up
with the Feds.

What are we supposed
to do now?

Don't worry.
I can get our steaks back.

We just have to go back to
the last station and grab 'em.

-No, Cricket.
We're not going back--
-Too late! I'm already doing it!

Cricket! Hurry! Hurry!

the doors close-- Aah!

-Don't worry about me,
just go get Cricket!
-Aye-aye, Papa.

Linda, Alfred,
you and the gang
go get Cricket.

Crazy Dave, you just do you.
Roll out!

Aww. Well, that is
just too cute.

[panting] Okay, let's see.
Fifth Street Station.

Fifth Street Station!

All aboard this train
to Fifth Street Station!

My job is to say
that this train

is going to
Fifth Street Station.

Steaks, here I come!

[grunting] Oh, come on! Aaah!

Our potato salad
Rest in peace.

[Cricket] Come on, Dad!
Steaks are this way!

Cricket! Come back here!

Hurry, Dad! This way!

Almost there!

Oh, gosh. S-Sorry.

Excuse me. Pardon me! Ha ha ha!

Trying to get to my son!

Cricket, come back!


[panting] Cricket!

Slow down, son!

Daddy's heart!

Dad, we're almost to the-- Aaah!

Arf! Arf! Arf! Arf!

-Gotcha! We're goin' home!
-[man] Excuse me, sir.

Do you have a moment
to talk about
the environment?

Why, yes, he does.
In fact, he's an organic farmer.

-Oh, really?
That's so cool!

I...guess so.

But I don't like to think of it
as organic farming

as much as just...
doing it the right way.

Huh? What? Wait--

Okay, question one:
How often do you recycle?

[Cricket] This way, Dad!

I can almost taste those steaks!

Okay, next question:

Do you support voting rights...

for trees?

Uh, sorry, can't talk now.


Don't you care
about Mother Earth?!

Get your tree-huggin' hands
off my boy!

Now, git!

[Cricket] Dad, over here!

This train will take us back
to the steaks!


This way, Tilly!

Coming, Papa!


Last call for
Fifth Street Station!

The train is leaving
very sooooon!

All clear! No obstacles here!

[horns blowing]

Alpine Horn Battle!

Steaks! Aaah!

[horn blowing]

Ha! Hurry!

Arghh! Argh!


Ohh. My head.

Oh, my head of lettuce!

Guys, we made it!

[P.A.] Now departing
Tenth Street Station.

Next stop: steaks!

Our family tradition
is saved!

[electrical crackling]

Your attention, please.

Due to a suspicious package
left at Fifth Street Station,

this train has been delayed...

No, no! Okay, Dad, new plan.
We're just gonna--

Cricket! No.


You've done enough.

And thanks to all
that running around,

we lost most of
the groceries, too.

We'll have to eat sawdust.

Like back in the trenches.

[smacking lips]

I guess we'll just
have to wait this one out.



What flavor stretchy candy
ya got there?

[sighs] Regret...

and...raspberry swirl?


Oh, Tilly, I feel awful.
I ruined Steak Night.

I'll never be able
to show my face
around the house again.

I'll have to move away
and live in a shed of shame.

A shame shed.

It's true,
that went very poorly,

but the Cricket I know
never gives up
when it comes to family,

which is why
you have to go back
for those steaks.

We're trapped here.
How can I possibly get out?

Same way the rats get in.


Well, steaks ain't happeni''

But maybe I can make something
out of what we've got left.

Let's see, I've still got
a radish, some coriander,

couple of eggs, and--
a squirt gun?!

Cricket, I told you
not to put this in the cart!


Tilly, you have got to stop
enabling your brother.

I know, and I'm sorry.

Which is why I made you
this apology necklace

out of trash
I found lying around.

Uh...apology accepted.

Now throw that thing away
and give me a boost.

Hang on, steaks,
I'm comin'!

Whew! They're okay.


What the heck? A robot?

[bomb squad member]
Careful, now.

We don't know what's
in that package.

One wrong move
and it could explode!

Stop it!
You're making me nervous.



Whoa! Where'd it go?

-[rapid beeping]
-Let's see...

Aah! [hissing]

That large rat
took the bomb!

-Get him!
-I'm on it!

[Robot] Pursuing...pursuing...

Y'all keep your eyes peeled
for gators.

They're nature's thieves.

All right, Ma.

[Cricket] Aaah!

Get away from me, robot!

[Robot] Pursuing...pursuing...

Continuing to pursue...

-What in the--
-Go, Cricket!

I got the steaks!
Come on, let's go--

[gasps] No!

-Nice catch.
-Thanks, Carol.

Dispatch, this is Bomb Squad.

The package is secure.

Get those trains
up and running!

[spaghetti Western music]

Let's party.


Dang robot dance moves!

Cricket, get away
from that thing!


[robot] Maximum threat detected.

Preparing disposal.

Hey! You can't eat those.




Let go!

We need these
to have our Steak Night!

Cricket, get off the tracks!
It's dangerous!

-[train horn blows]

Bill, take my cane.


Son! Let go!

And ruin our family tradition?

You said it yourself:
Steaks are the heart
of Steak Night!

[train horn blows]

No, that's wrong!

Steak Night
isn't about the steaks.

It's about family!

We can afford
to buy more steaks.

We can't afford
to buy another Cricket!

I've tried.


[robot] Bomb recovered.

Victor-y. Victor-y.



Huh. I guess I pressed
the Victory button too soon.

-Oh, well. Dinner?
-Oooh, yeah!

I'm kinda cravin' steaks
for some reason.

Me too!

[all sigh]

Sorry I got so worked up
about a couple of silly steaks.

No need to apologize,

Family traditions are important,

but never more important
than family.

Also, I fought a robot!

Ha ha! Yeah!
That was--
That was crazy.

Okay, now, how about
we head home and order
some takeout?

That won't be necessary, Papa.

The subway has provided.

Bottoms up, family.

[all protesting]

Okay, that's it.
We're taking the bus.


♪ I got sweat in my eyes ♪

♪ Lost a bet and got
bit by 100 flies ♪

♪ I fell out
a big old tree ♪

♪ And every branch has
scraped up both my knees ♪

♪ I got chased by a dog ♪

♪ Licked by a frog ♪

♪ Got a rash on my leg ♪

♪ Dropped a snake ♪

♪ I got splinters
at seven and ten ♪

♪ And tomorrow,
I'll do it all again ♪