Better Than Us (2018–2019): Season 1, Episode 5 - Episode Five - full transcript

Alla returns as the family tries to get Egor out of jail; Vic discovers Arisa's link to Georgy, to whom he has a past connection.



I need an urgent cleaning.



Hey, guy!


Hey, will you sell me that car?


Sell me that car.
I've been looking this model.

Victor Pavlovich,
Mr. Maslovsky is here to see you.

What's with the project?
They didn't close on it?


The Minister's going to have a bid war.
So we'll have to compete.

With whom?

There are plenty of candidates, trust me.

But there's good news.

Cronos doesn't need to apply.

So, it wasn't useless,
making a copy of Arisa.

Get me Gled on the line.

Victor, he's already expecting you
in your penthouse.

Damn it... Why didn't you say so?

What's this?

I'm doubling the price.
You owe me a new car.

What's this?

Your new bot.

Your mother...


- What did you do to her?
- It was in self-defense.

First she killed that thug
from the ambulance,

then she tried to kill me, then you.

- Me? Why me?
- How should I know?

She was spouting off nonsense.
I didn't have time to listen.

- I think I know how to turn her on.
- I wouldn't do that if I were you.

I warned you.

Prepare the copy.

Okay, thank you. We'll come by soon.

Al, take Egor's passport with you.

I took a toothbrush.

They do allow toothbrushes, right?
Sonya, get the legs.

- Al?
- What?


Come on, Sonya...

Mom, Tosik wants to go with you.

Baby, Marina and I have to go.
It's really important.

You'll stay with Nina, okay?

Nina smells bad. And she's weird.

It's only for a few hours.
Then I'll come and get you, okay?

Come on.

Tosik doesn't want to.

- Honey, please.
- Tosik doesn't want to.

- Sonya, please.
- Tosik doesn't want to.

Sonya, knock it off! Is this on purpose?

Please. You're just like Dad.
You keep running away.

So, you're used to playing alone.
What's the problem?

Dad left me with Arisa. She's the best!

- Alla.
- Hello.

Sonya. Sorry for the delay.
I've been working on a screenplay.

I couldn't stop.

- You're a huge help, thank you.
- It's nothing, Alla.

It's my pleasure.
Sonya has wonderfully bright energy.

Thank you so much.

A robot is better than a mother.

It was nothing. Just a bit of fun.

No, she's right.

He destroyed the robot...
Look. He's just a boy.

And he did say he regretted it.

I believe that the only suitable measure
against my client

is a prohibition to leave the city.

We'll finish the paperwork on
Egor Safronov... And send him home.

- Alla, what are you doing?
- And you?

Good question.

I came to get our son out.

That's very kind of you.

Marina is on it.

Don't go in. She asked that we wait here.

It's all your fault.

He's here because of you.

Now we know who's the bad guy.

- Bravo, Sherlock!
- It's not funny.

If you want to know, he's here
because he was out with the Liquidators.

When did he start out with them?
Yesterday? The day before?

Or way before I even took the kids?

Maybe someone else missed something?

If you hadn't stopped us
from going to Australia,

he wouldn't even be here.

- What's Australia got to do with it?
- Everything!

Don't put everything on Australia!

I know you didn't go anywhere.

I was right not to go.
What would happen here without me?

Where are they taking him?

Let's step outside.

The prosecutor has a vice grip on him.

He didn't let him off
on restriction orders or bail.

Now it's going to court.

The judge has to let Egor off on bail.
We need a good sum.

We've got money, name a price.

- Bribing them won't work.
- Think about what you're saying.

I'll mortgage my apartment.

- Where will you live?
- In Australia.


If I need the money, Leo can provide.

He's my son, not Leo's.
I'll get the damn bail. How much?

It's not about money.
We need to get the court hearing ASAP.


You mean it's not today?

That's not up to me.
It depends on the judge.

- How long can they keep him?
- Up to 48 hours.


- Move along, no stopping.
- Egor!

- Egor, son!
- Move away.

I'll get you out! Don't be afraid! Ok?

Egor, we'll... I'll...

I'll never forgive you.

That's it. Now for the hearing.

Pavel, the lawyer is right.

What do we need the kid for?

- Basically, the case is nothing.
- Thank you.

And there's no solid evidence.

Taking into account his age,
travel restriction is enough.



I once broke a glass window as a kid,

spent 24 hours with a cop at the station.

He scared me,
talked about taking me to prison.

He was just talking tough.

You're being tough.

I feel sorry for you, Vlad. I really do.


All right.

- I have to work.
- Okay.

Personally, I don't see
why we need the kid either.

You're absolutely right.

He's of no use. But there is one "but".

Safronov Jr. is the key to his dad.


Isn't that case closed?

Even if he didn't burn down the morgue,
which he did...

Even if he didn't lie to me,
which he did...

He's still the only link
we have to Cronos.

This link will give us a chance
to start a case

against Victor Toropov,
executive of Cronos.

Why do you hate Toropov so much?

Here. Read this, if you're interested.

This file will spawn hate in you.


Georgy Safronov is here to see you,
says it's important.

What did I tell you?

He's cooked.

Bring him in.


- Victor.
- Hey.

Alexei Losev has come to see you.

Go get him.

Come in, Alexei.

Victor is expecting you.


- Well, hi there.
- Hello.

- Bring me an American coffee.
- Two.

You've got a new secretary?

She's cute.

I still haven't got a grandchild
out of you.

Don't you worry.
We'll have one in no time.

Just like you were supposed
to have a super bot?

Alexei, I promise you:
everything will be all right.

Where's your super bot, then?

Show it to me.

Here it is.

It's a she?

Wow... quite a babe.

Well, Victor...

To your success.


Tell your people to bring me a new shirt.

Forgive me. I took a new shirt
from your wardrobe.

To help our guest.

Tell him white really suits him.

White really suits you.

White really suits you.

Yeah... I suppose...


Is she really... not real?

She's better than real.

May I?

Now touch his cheek...

and take of the coat.

God damn...

There's a guy named Vadim,
he's an ambulance technician.

Sometimes he tries to get me
to do shady stuff.

I never agree.

But this time I caved.

I was forced to.

Don't confess to me. Get down to business.

Okay. To business.

He brought me a dead security guard
from Cronos,

said I needed to say
the death was from natural causes.

What did he really die from?

From trauma.

His neck was broken.

He was probably killed.

Why do you say probably?

Because I didn't conduct a full autopsy.

There was no point.

So you don't know anything else? No deal.

Listen, what you're filing
against Egor is nothing.

His grandpa will rescind the complaint.

In court it'll look like
he let his grandson break his old bot,

and the kid just got carried away.

He took a selfie with a chip. So what?

Can't go to jail for that.

Maybe not. But I've got something else.

This is another young Liquidator.

We arrested him a while back,
but his friends helped him escape.

Yesterday we found him dead
quite far outside the city.

The kid wanted to go on the run,
wrote to his mom.

- Know where we found the letter?
- Where?

In your son's pocket.

So what?

So he's the main suspect
in the murder case.

But you know he didn't do it.

Maybe, but on a charge like that,
no one will put him on bail.

Listen, what do you want?

What do you want?

Come on! Don't stall!

You didn't come here just to talk to me.

No I didn't.

You have to write a confession

and go to jail for a while.

- To prison?
- To prison.

And you'll let Egor go?

As soon as you sign the confession.

Give me a couple of hours.
Then you can arrest me.

It's a deal.

Write this down.


See you soon.

Please, I beg you. My kid is 16.

He doesn't even have warm clothes.
He's scared.

He can't spend another 24 hours
in confinement.

Please, hear me out as a mother.
Can you do something?

All right. I'll see what I can do.

Don't go anywhere.
Wait in the office hall.

Thank you.

- They'll call you in.
- Thank you so much.

Hey, let's play a joke on the Minister.

We'll tell him she's my office whore.

Then wham! And that's it.

Why not?

Can you handle that,


I think I can. It will be fun.

Did you hear that? She likes it.



- Hello.
- Hi.


- Have you brought the prototype?
- Yes.

They'll bring it
through the staff entrance.

- I can hardly wait.
- Don't stand there, come on. Let's go.

I'll wait for the presentation.

I need to make a call before we go in.

It's a Federal building.
They block reception inside.

- See you.
- See you soon.

- All right.
- Let's go.

I need to make a call too. I'll catch up.

All right. Let's go.

- Maslovsky, did you hear that?
- It's a disaster, Vic.

You can't take her
into a building without reception.

Can't we come up with something?
Maybe boost the signal?

No, your father-in-law will take her in
and she'll go haywire.


She's already slowing down.

Without her, I'm without my hands.

And other body parts as well.

Everyone will know we're faking it.

Have her get hit by a car.

- Vic, she's all we have.
- Listen to me you idiot...

Send her out into the road.

Come on!

Yeah, we'll do it. Now.


Your mother!

Where the hell were you going?

What happened?

One minute she's by my side,
and the next...

Run the diagnostics.

The damage is external. The skeleton

and the processor aren't damaged.

Technically she's functional.


Look at that face!

- Hera?
- Sorry.



I'm sorry about your dad, but don't worry.
He's in the best hospital room.

- I'm looking after him myself.
- Thank you.

Everyone remembers you.
The entire staff, doctors, nurses.

If there's anything we can do...

I know.

Hera, put on the sanitary shoes.




Hera, what's with Egor?

He got arrested for vandalism.

They'll let him out soon. I struck a deal.

What do you mean "struck a deal"?

Dad, I'll have to go to prison.

I did a lot of stupid stuff.
I need to make things right.

I'm scared, Dad.

I'm really scared.

Can you imagine how scared
Egor is right now?

Turn it on.

She killed two people.
Can't we finish her copy?

Turn it on.

Don't struggle. It's useless.

I'm prepared to release you

if you answer a few simple questions.

I'm listening.

Why did you want to kill me?

Why did you want to kill him?

You're a danger to my family.

Your family?

It's a cognitive error.
She can't comprehend terms like that.

My processor is completely functional.

Family is a good thing.
Where is your family?

I've authorized three users.

What does that mean?

One man and two children.

They needed a woman's care.

I've placed them in the center
of my emotional cluster.

I've read about this in the report. She...

...kind of "loves" them.

She's attached to them.

It's the highest-level
program calibration.

Can't we get rid of that abstraction?

No. It's a complex interface,
built into her identity.

Arisa can't be edited.


What are you prepared to do
for your family?



Invite Arisa's family over.
I want to meet them.

Zinaida, how's the Safronov case?

I did you a favor, and I shouldn't have.

Never address me in person again.

Only via official channels.

I don't understand why...

You embarrassed me.

He's not in confinement.

Where is he?

I don't know.

Chief, Egor Safronov
is not in confinement.

- What do you mean?
- I called them.

I requested info on him. He's not there.

He's not in their computer either.


The number is out of service...

Damn it!

- Did you come to scare me again?
- I came to help you. Let's go.

What's this?

Let's put it this way: I have good news.

- Let him go, please.
- Of course I will.

And I'll solve all your problems
if you help someone out.

- Who?
- Victor Toropov.


If you don't,
I'll send your son back to confinement.

Let's go to Cronos.

Everything will be okay.

Can I come in?

Come in, Pavel.

I've got an emergency.

Someone let my suspect go.

Your suspect?

Is Safronov's son your suspect?

Yes, he is.

Right. I wanted to talk to you about that.

Have a seat.

Do you know who let him out?

Pavel, did you get my order
to leave Safronov alone?

I told you Safronov is our only chance
of solving the murder...

Did you get the order? Did you?

Yes, I did.

Then why, right after getting the order,

did you conduct an illegal search
at Safronov's?

Why did you see
his father in the hospital,

then arrest his underage sun?

Did you do all that?

I did.

You did.
What am I supposed to do with you?

May I go, Colonel?

Ira? You're still here?

- Do you have coffee?
- Look on the table, there should be some.

- Pavel...
- What?

Is this the case
that got you kicked out of Homicide?

That's the one.

Then I...

That's horrible.

You can count on me.

Thank you, Ira. Thank you.

I know you're trying to get to Toropov.
I'm with you.

Thank you.
But now we have another problem.


I've been suspended.

"Bots Three" in cinemas...


Everyone is here.


Who did you bring?

This is the family that took in your bot.
The father and son.

They had a daughter too. So?

This can't be a coincidence.

What's the problem?


What did you do? What operation?

Are you crazy?

We agreed to take him to München!

It's our son!

I couldn't risk it!

The doctor said Boris wouldn't make it!
He would die!

Under a certified surgeon's scalpel?

Shut up!

What could I have done?

I called you... I called you! Called you!


My name is Daniel Balash.
I'm head physician.

The operation went well.

How's he doing?

Did you perform the operation?

No. It was Dr. Safronov.

He's one of the best in the country.
You're lucky he was on duty.

It'll be a long way to full recovery,
but the boy is stable.

Thank you...

What's this? Where are you going?

Let me in!

Let me in!

So we'll just sit here?

What do you want
to talk about, Dr. Safronov?

About your life?

I know your life.

Your life is shit.

You made sure of that.

You know... I don't hate you at all.

I feel something else about you.


If that's it, can I go now?

Wait up, Safronov.

I have a job for you.

We have a common friend.

What's she doing here? What's wrong?

A small accident.

She's being rehabilitated.
That's not the point.

The point is
you recognized your girlfriend.

She's not my girlfriend. She's a robot.

She's not just any robot though, is she?

I'm not into hi-tech stuff.

Her skin is perfect.

It's a bioengineering miracle.

Look at how quickly the cells recover.

In two to three hours,
she'll be as good as new.

If only people could do that.


Do you consider her equal to humans?

No, of course not.

Humans are not as perfect.

Why so uptight?

Relax, you won't go back to confinement.
I promise. Don't be scared.

I'm not scared.

Of course you are. But you're right.
You shouldn't show it.

If Arisa shows what she can do,

Cronos will win the bidding war.

That's all we need.

I'm not her owner.
Do what you want with her.

Have no doubt, I would. But...

She only listens to you.

You want me to help you fill your pockets?

You're wrong, Safronov.

The "Early Pension" program
will guarantee economic growth,

improve people's lives...

- Answer it.
- It can wait.

You think you're a good person.

Help improve society.

All right...

But I have one condition.

Give me back my life.

What do you mean by "your life"?

- Hera?
- Yep.

Will you have dinner? It's ready.

Thank you. I'm not hungry.


The bailiffs came.

We have to move out within the week.
We'll need to tell the kids.

All right. We'll think of something.

Were you drinking?

- Don't close yourself off from me.
- Yes, I drank.

What happened?

That bastard, Toropov,
is suing the hospital.

He's well connected.
The hospital has nothing to do with this.

The boy's chances were one to a hundred.

Hera, you did all you could.

The commission analyzed the surgery video.

- You did all you could as a surgeon.
- I'm glad.

Just a moment.

I'm forced to suspend you.

Temporarily, before the court session.


Do you want a salad for dinner?


A salad.

Egor and Sonya
would obviously prefer sandwiches.

I think that bread
will raise your blood sugar.

A salad will be fine.
Please, make one extra plate.

- For whom?
- For Alla.

Alla is your ex-wife.
She's coming by for dinner?

No. She'll come to live here.
This is her house.

I need to analyze this.

We're done.

What's this?

Your old cameras.

My cameras? The house had cameras?

Yes. Didn't you know?


Take care.


What's going on here?

Alla, I wanted to tell you...


- Hera, how did you manage this?
- Alla, it wasn't really me.

It was...

Thank you. Thank you.

Dinner is ready.

The beef will get tough if it cools.

Arisa, you're back!

- Hera, I hope you'll take her with you.
- No.

That's what I wanted to tell you.

We all should try to live together.

For a while.

Welcome to Cronos.

Hello, Victor.

I'm the wife of Georgy Safronov.
My name is Alla.

What do you want from me?

I understand your feelings.

Georgy did all he could in that operation.

He honestly tried to save your son.

Please forgive him.

I think I deserve to hear this
from your husband.

Welcome to Cronos.

To ask forgiveness... From Toropov?

So what? It's for your career.

You can operate again.

Why must I ask for forgiveness
from that bastard?

Hera, listen. Tell me you're joking.

Are you serious?

I'm a top specialist in my field.

I did all I could to save his son.

And after that Toropov
ruins my career? My life?

I can't even get hired as a nurse!

And I must ask him for forgiveness!

Hera, no! You can't just leave!

You went to Toropov.
I can't trust you anymore.

I can't live with someone I don't trust.

Higher, higher!

Come on, Grandpa!


- Come on!
- Just a little more!

- Come on!
- Hold on tight!

Careful! She'll fall...

She won't. I've calculated.

I'm the mother. I know best.

But Sonya likes it. I can see she's happy.

Happy? No, this needs to stop.

- Dad! You came!
- Hi!

- Come on. Help me.
- With what?


Here you go.

Hurray! A cake!

- It's a picnic, after all.
- What's this?

A chocolate wolf.

One of you has to eat the other. Here.

- Egor, let's finish playing.
- You're water.

- Let's reset the roles.
- What are we marking?

Eeny meeny mini moe...

- I got a normal job.
- At a morgue for the rich?

The European Medical Center.


If you remember, three years ago
someone kicked me out of medicine.

He's just reimbursed the ward.

Dealing with the devil paid off.

That's my ball!

Yes, Dad.

- Who wants wine? Alla?
- I won't.

Arisa, do you want some?

Thank you, but it's not recommended
for bots to drink alcohol.

All the more for me.

You're not going to the cemetery today?

The cemetery? What for?

Because three years ago our son died.

What are you saying?

Boris is with us. Always with us.

Alla, everything was delicious.

I nearly bit my own fingers.

A great family dinner.

We haven't had this in a long time.

Time as a family...

- What's wrong?
- Nothing. Everything's okay.

You should thank Arisa, not me.
She cooked.

- Arisa is the best cook in the world!
- Thank you!

Can I take the plates?

- No. Please spin me some more.
- No, Sonya.

No. No spinning after dinner.

- But Mom! I want to play with Arisa.
- Stop whining!

Let's read a book.

Arisa, can you read to me?

Arisa, clean everything up.

- But Mom...
- No "But Mom".

Then I'll read by myself.

All right. I better go.

Grandpa, let me walk you out.

Thank you for coming.

- Grandpa...
- What?

I'm sorry about Alesha.

Honestly, I didn't think
it would upset you that much.


But you must understand
that bots are evil.


Can I ask you something?

Can I?

Grandpa, bots are driving people
out of all aspects of life.

They're taking our jobs.

It's a fifth wheel on the wagon.

Where did you get all of these ideas?

I didn't "get" them.

It's just what I think.

I think these aren't...

your thoughts.

You're repeating what you've heard.

Think. You're a smart kid.

Grandpa, can you tell my parents
I was at your place all day yesterday?

Of course.

Just don't...

wind up in prison
for other people's ideas.

And it's even dumber
to go to jail to impress a girl.

What makes you say that?

Girls have nothing to do with it.

Thank you for escorting me.

Georgy, Alla is an interference.

Arisa, stop.

Leave Alla alone.

Sorry, Georgy. I don't understand you.

You're a bot. Alla is a human.

You must at least try to love her.
Will you?

My responsibility
is to safeguard the family:

Sonya, Egor and you.

Alla is not a member of the family.

How so? She's my wife.

She's your ex-wife.
If you need a new wife, I agree to be one.

Are you crazy? That's impossible.
You're not even human.

I don't make scenes, I don't scream

at the children, I can manage the house.

Plus my looks are highly appealing

to 83% of men on Earth.

- Moreover, I won't age.
- I understand.

You're ideal.

But Alla... She's alive.

Arisa, Alla has her defects.
But they're human defects, understand?

- And the children love her.
- Do you?


That's a difficult question.

I probably do too.

Even though Alla
is increasingly hostile towards you?

Why do you say that?

I'm an empathic bot.

My job is to register
the physiological signs of humans.

Such as pulse,
blood pressure, perspiration, etc.

With these, I can judge
the emotional state of a human being.

And how precise are your calculations?

When it comes to you and Alla,
errors are minimal.

Alla doesn't love you and doesn't tell
the truth most of the time.


Subtitles: Elena Korzhaeva