Better Than Us (2018–2019): Season 1, Episode 4 - Episode Four - full transcript

Varlamov closes in on both of the Safronov men but has a better case against Egor for the Liquidator protest; Arisa attempts to protect her "family."






[panting] Oh, God...


[impact on ground]

[minimalist piano music playing]

[deep booming]

[electronic bleeping]

[music intensifies]

[music continues to build]


[jolly music over PA system]

[drones humming]

[melancholy music playing]

[melancholy music continues]

Why did you make me
go through all that?

Is this a game of hide-and-seek?

That used to be
your favorite family game.

A game?

Are you happy now?

Forgive me, Georgy.
I thought you'd understand.

[jolly music on TV]

[Georgy] Hi, Egor!

Give me a wave.

Sonya? Sonya!

Wave to your mom.

[Arisa] Georgy,

your children really love you.

You were happy together.

You should spend more time with them.

You think you can tell me
what to do with my own kids?

I can help you.

I never asked for a psychologist bot.

Go into stasis.

Or what do you call it, cybernation?


- Screen.
- [bleep]

Georgy Nikolayevich, your father
is in Municipal Hospital 14.

His condition is serious.

Visiting hours are
between 9 a.m. and 8 p.m.

On my way.

Pavel Borisovich,
Kirill Beliaev tipped us off.

- We got there and...
- Got played. Why didn't you call me?

I did. You didn't pick up.

What could we do?
Wait until they scatter?

Now you know
what to do next time, Vova.

Wait until I answer.

[guard] Beliaev, get up!

Are you deaf or what?
I said, get up!

That's just great.

[Bars] Alright, man. See you tonight.

Bye. Take care.

- Later, Sergey.
- Thanks.

Zhanna, come on. Time to tidy up.


- [Egor] I'll help.
- [Zhanna] OK.

You forgot something.

- Give me that.
- OK, OK...

Come on.

Come on, stop it.

- Take the trash can.
- OK.

[drumming a rhythm]

[Egor] That's enough!

- [Zhanna] Can you catch it?
- [Egor] Yeah. Hit me.

Egor! Come here.

Be right back.


Help me out. Let's move him.

Kir, come on.

[Egor] He's wasted.

[Bars] The dude was in jail.
Give him a break.

[Egor] Was he there long?

[Svetov] Pavel Borisovich,
I'm unpleasantly surprised.

Have you forgotten
our first commandment?

Do not kill?

Tell that to Beliaev once we catch him.

It's, "never underestimate the enemy."

You said they were
a bunch of hoodlums.

- Watch this.
- I already saw it.

Watch carefully!

[cheering over speaker]

That's real power. You see?

Yes, we misjudged them.


Well, they don't misjudge anything.

You know why they filmed it
and posted it online?

To show that they aren't scared of you,
Borisovich! They're not.

But they should be.
They should be, Pavel!


Find them.

Passwords, addresses...
Who plans and organizes their hits.

Who their leader is.

Give me something.


[Varlamov] Are you tired, Irina?

[Ira] No, just busy.

Their MO hasn't changed, as I see.

[Ira] Yeah, same old.

They jammed the power units
and ripped out the chips. Some survived.

One bot has traces of blood.

One of the Liquidators
must have cut themselves.

- Did you send it to the lab?
- Of course.

[Vlad] Boss.

If the suspect is on our database
we've got him.

Hold your horses, Vova.

We deserve some good luck.

Support staff sent us a list
of the targeted bots' owners.

Forward it to him.
We're on our way to talk to them.

- Also, send me the Liquidators' video.
- Just a second.

- [bleep]
- There. Got it.


Send it to Petrenko, too.

It must be the battery.

[man on screen] Dear friends,

I'd like to tell you about the Neurology
and Neurosurgery Department

that I've been running
for the past five years.

Our department treats patients suffering
problems with their brain, spinal cord,

spine and peripheral nervous system.

We guarantee total safety

while carrying out
complex brain and spinal cord surgeries.

Surgeries are conducted
by renowned doctors

from international medical organizations.

Our methods include
progressive radiosurgery

and linear endoscopy.

The department is equipped
with high-tech microscopes

used to pinpoint tumors
that need removing.

One of our greatest priorities
is a customer-oriented approach.

- What do you think you're doing?
- Trying to turn this crap off.

Who are you?

- [screen audio stops]
- Sorry, I have a headache.

- You...
- [man] Tanya!

Don't you recognize him?

- Georgy Nikolayevich.
- Hi, Misha.

Please forgive Tanya. She's new.

Tanya, this is
Georgy Nikolayevich Safronov.

One of our leading specialists.

- [Georgy] Used to be.
- Sorry. It's a pleasure.

Kulikov came to visit recently.

You removed his glioblastoma.

I scrubbed in with you. Remember?

How is he?

Great. He asked about you.
He's really grateful.

- Your father is awake. This way.
- Let's go.

Balash arranged
a single room for Nikolay.

Want to say hi?

Thanks, Misha.

I'll take it from here.


How are you?

Not bad.

That's good.

"Peripheral cerebral
circulation disorder."

Weird prescriptions.

Where's the CT data?

Oh, I see.

Alyosha went missing.

Did Egor tell you?

He came to see me.

Egor came to your place?

Are you surprised?

Who do we have here?

[Vlad] Let's see...
Victim number 12. Safronov.

Safronov? Are you serious?

A namesake. He's around 80.

He got so stressed about his bot
that he almost had a heart attack.

That's not funny. Let's hope
we don't end up with a heart attack.

Who issued his license?

You need a different treatment
for your hypertension.

Oh, Georgy...

if it wasn't for your attitude...

you'd be the head of this clinic...

bringing people back to life.

"All work is honorable."
Didn't you tell me that?

You know that you're not
where you're meant to be.

And why is that?

Because you chickened out
and gave up.

I didn't give up. I was let go.

[Nikolay chuckles]

[knock at door]

Hi. May I come in?

Come in.

This is too much.
Are you out of your mind?

Are you stalking me?
What do you want?

What do you want from my son?

- Are you Nikolay Safronov?
- Yes.

We're from the Cyber Crime
Department. Major Varlamov.

We're questioning the owners of bots

that were damaged
in the Liquidators' attack.

May I proceed?

[Nikolay] Of course.

I told you that Alyosha disappeared.

But what do the Liquidators
have to do with it?

Take a look.

The Liquidators organized a hit.

They kidnapped bots
and hung them across the city.

Do you know who could have done this?

Who could have stolen your bot?

I don't know.
Why would anyone do that?

- He's as old as I am.
- Keep watching.

- Death to the bots!
- Death to the bots!

Death to the bots, life to the living!

Death to the bots, life to the living!

Recognize anyone?

Look carefully.

Are you kidding me?

How could I? They're wearing masks.

Why do you think they hung my bot?

[Vlad] Pause.


That's a chip.

It has a unique serial number.

It's stamped on each of the bot's parts.

Holding onto that chip
is like carrying around a gun

you just killed someone with.


We won't tire you out any longer.

If you remember anything, contact us.



In any case, we'll find those thugs.

- Get well soon.
- Thank you.

[Varlamov] Why did you tell them
about that chip?

[Vlad] To get them to talk.
They recognized the guy.

[Varlamov] Yes, but they didn't
turn him in. The question is why.

- [Vlad] Maybe they want money.
- [Varlamov] Unlikely.

- Plesheyeva.
- [bleep]

Irina, find out
if Safronov has a son.

- Call Egor.
- [dial tone]

Dad, don't get up. You need to rest.

[dial tone cuts off]

That goddamn idiot!

How stupid do you have to be
to hang around with them?

You let the boy loose.

Go and find him.

He just fell on the knife. You saw it.

I could have been locked up for a while.

Give me some water.

My head is pounding.

Put that here.

[rock music over speakers]


Thanks for helping me out.

- It's V.S. you should thank.
- No way.

V.S. is in a different league.
Why would he do anything for me?

You deserved it.

Who sent the cops
to Service and Repairs?

Well, yeah.

I was just doing what I was told.

See? No one was arrested yesterday.

Rest up. You'll be fine.

The guys will get you
to the safehouse tomorrow.

I need to warn my mom.

Your mom?

She's under surveillance.

She's sick. I can't have her worrying.

Then don't worry her, Kirill.

Be careful or you'll get locked up again.

Forget your mom. We're your family.
The Liquidators. Got it?

Got it.



Alexey Stepanovich, you have been
vocal about the benefits

of your Early Retirement Program.

But surely there's a downside?

What downside?

At 40, 45,

a person is still relatively young.

They don't have to work anymore.

They can do anything they want.

Relax, enjoy their hobbies.

They have total freedom.

Is that a good thing?

- Sorry, I don't understand.
- People need to feel necessary.

After all those years of working

they would be forced
to adapt to a new reality.

What if this person still has
energy and plans?

They can spend more time
with their family...

spend time with their spouse...

Enjoy their life to the fullest.

So basically, whether you want it or not,

after 25 years of work
you're forced to retire.

Yes. With respect and honor.

We'll continue
discussing the pros and cons

of the Early Retirement Program
after the commercial break.

Have you lost your mind?

Why these stupid questions?

They're normal questions.

My show has to be interesting
and present a variety of opinions.

You would sell your old man out
for nothing?

Why don't you do
something worthwhile?

Like what?

Something... feminine!

Have a child!

If you even still can.

- Dad, we're not alone here.
- I don't give a damn!

Who cares about them?

Our family needs an heir.
I can say that live on air.

Give me a grandson! A boy!

Sorry. I'll be right back.


Go to hell with your water!

- I'll call you back.
- I can't stand it.

He just sees me as a walking womb.

There, there. What happened?

My dad's driving me crazy.

He's constantly talking about an heir.

Even here. In front of everyone.

I already have a child.

Pass me the tablet.

I'll be out in a second.

My little boy.

Are you OK? Take this.

- Svetlana, it's time.
- One minute.

Pull yourself together.
Now is not the time.

[melancholy music playing]

Did Losev call?

Hello, Victor Pavlovich. Not yet.
But the Ministry called.

Did you come to tell me
you're looking for a new job?

Follow me.

Hello! I am happy to see you.


You have no idea how happy I am.

Allow me to adjust your collar.

I assume you've forgotten
to take your vitamins again.

Did anyone ever tell you
you're a genius?


Many times.

But I prefer cash.

But how did you...

Did you just read her manual?

If she's an exact copy
of the Chinese one, then she's...



I can't believe it.

You might as well ask
if it hurts when she kills you.

We're not alone.


Hello, Victor Pavlovich.

This is Katya, my assistant.
She's also the operator for this model.

What do you mean?

It means
this doll is practically brainless.

Katya does the thinking.

So you've conned your way out?

She had already been picked out.

So I made a copy and attached it
to the most attractive sex-bot.

It just needs a network to work.
Thanks, Katya. You can go.

Are you're saying we'll have to rely
on Katya's smarts for the presentation?

Katya's very sharp.
Most importantly, she's a human.

We'll discuss this later.

- You're a genius!
- Cash.


For the Early Retirement Program
to work, we'll need special robots.

Will the superbots, as you call them,
be able to replace people?

Absolutely. Totally and completely.

But in some cases we need
human empathy, warmth, and emotions.

Can a robot really replace
a school teacher?

A doctor at a health clinic?
A social worker?

That's the great thing
about our superbots.

Imagine, never again will you see
a tired cashier at a supermarket

or an exhausted preschool teacher.

They will be replaced by attentive,
understanding and,

I would say, loving creatures.

When will we see
these miracle assistants?

Very soon. I promise.

Don't get ahead of yourself.



- Daddy!
- Hey!

Egor isn't home.

I was waiting for you.

- Let's go to the zoo.
- Did he come home at all?

Not since yesterday.

Come on, Dad! Let's go, please.

You promised.

We'll go, baby. Later.

Now we have to find your dear brother.

You always say later.

One day I'll be grown up
and we still won't have gone.

I told you we'll go. Later.

What are you doing?

Helping you find your son.

Allow me to extract Egor's data
from your contacts.



- [bleep]
- That was from me.

The address where Egor is,

directions, and a picture of the building.

- Thanks.
- You're welcome.

Shouldn't you be going home?

Your parents must be worried sick.

Maybe we can do something else?

Take the kegs downstairs.


The kegs. Downstairs.

Are you new here?

Kind of.

Empty kegs go
down the hall on the right.


- What?
- Can you help me out?

I need to send a letter to my mom.

- Why not just call?
- I can't. I'll blow my cover.

6 Bashilovka Street, apartment 47.

Everything OK?


Come on. The car is waiting.

Lay low when you get there.


[engine starts]

[ominous music playing]

[ominous music continues]

[music thumping inside]

[guard] The club is closed.

I'm looking for my son.

- Can I go in?
- There's nobody there.

- I'll just take a peek.
- Get lost.

OK, I get it.

What did he want?

He's got a hearing problem.
I told him the club was closed.


Why didn't you answer my calls?
You didn't come home last night.

Wait. Let's go home.

- What are you doing here?
- Guess. Let's go home.

- Don't touch me.
- You talk to your father like that?

- My father died three years ago.
- What?

- Leave him alone.
- He's my son.

He's crazy.

I said he's my son.


What's going on?

I'm here to take my son home.

- I'm not going with him.
- Yes, you are.

Do as you're told.



[door slams]

- Were you going to watch them kill me?
- I saved you.

Sure, like you saved Grandpa
the other day.

- What about Grandpa?
- He's in hospital.

Because of you.

What do you mean?

Who kidnapped his bot
and hung it from the overpass?

You think I don't know? Say something.

What can I say?

What's that thing on your neck?

A gift from my girlfriend.

- A gift from your girlfriend?
- Yeah.

I thought it was the microchip
from Grandpa's bot

that's in the video
somebody posted online.

- It wasn't me who shared it.
- That's not going to save you.

Tell that to the detective
investigating your case.

Yeah, he came to see Grandpa
at the hospital today

and showed us the video.

He knows everything about you
except your name.

Take it off and throw it away
before you get arrested.

I told you, it's a gift
from my girlfriend.

Are you dumb?
Take that crap off immediately.

You were right. Safronov has a son.

Egor Safronov, 16, high school student.

Very good.

Now find me that rioter.
The one with the chip.

- Screen 593.
- [bleep]

Can we compare them?

No, that's impossible.

His face is covered.

Give it a try. Maybe it'll work.

Facial recognition program.



That's a surprise.

I've never done that before.

But it's still not enough
to get a warrant.

Irina, find out which school he goes to.

[ambient music playing]

[Arisa on screen] Sonya,
you've made a mess.

[Sonya giggles]

[Sonya] Hey!

- Now you're messy, too!
- [Arisa laughs]

Let's get tattoos, Arisa.

Yours will say "Sonya"
and mine will say "Arisa."

You'll be mine and I'll be yours.

But I'm already yours.

You're my first user.

I love you, Arisa.


- [Marina] What's wrong?
- Look at this.

Oh, Lord.

I thought the house was on fire.

Egor didn't come home,
Safronov is God-knows-where

and the bot is teaching my daughter
how to cook.

In my kitchen, at my house.

I need to go back. I can't stand it.

I'm tired of telling you to calm down.

Should I call Lev?

He can come here
and try to talk sense into you.

He'll lose his job, of course,
but who cares?

But I might lose Sonya.
What should I do?


Everything is going according to plan.

[teacher] Egor?

Egor hasn't been at school
for a few days.

- [Varlamov] Is he sick?
- I'm not sure.

He was supposed to go to Australia,

but then his mom called
and said he was staying.

But he hasn't attended class since then.
Is he OK?

Yes, he's fine.
I just need to clarify some things.

What can you tell me
about Egor's father?

Lev Borisovich? He's a good man.

- He's done a lot for the school.
- I mean his biological father.

I've never seen him.

Maybe he has no interest in his son.
It happens.

I need to take a look at Egor's locker.
Is that possible?

If it's in his best interests.


Follow me.

[school bell ringing]

[elevator pings]

- I called you. Couldn't you answer?
- One second.


Look, Arisa. This is for Daddy.

Oops. I ruined it.

We'll fix it.

- Egor, Daddy was looking for you.
- He found me.

[Arisa] Where is Georgy?

In the hall, talking to some guy.

[Georgy through door]
What do you want? Stop pestering me.

Gera, listen to me.

You have something that's not yours.
You should return it.

You have the bot. I saw her.

Important people want that hunk of junk.

They're not playing around.

Think about your kids.

You think you can threaten me?
Threaten my kids?

Vadim, I already told you once
that I have no business with you.

If your important people need me,
let them come talk to me.

Now get lost. Get lost!

[tense music playing]

Is something wrong, Georgy?

- [Sonya] Daddy's back.
- Hey, hey!


What do you have here?

[Sonya] I made sandwiches for you.

[Georgy] All by yourself?

[Sonya] No, Arisa helped me.

[Georgy] Let's take them
with us to the zoo.

[starter motor spluttering]


[door opens]

What a surprise!

Did Georgy send you?

You said important people
wanted to harm Safronov.

But now you're here.

So it's fine.

I want to meet them.

Take me to them.

Alright. Sure.

Right away.

Why don't we stop by my place
for some tea?

Please note that you are not
an authorized user.

Got it.

- What's that?
- Egor Safronov's gym clothes.


Do we arrest him for failing
to use a washing machine?

I have a better idea.

These clothes probably
have his DNA on them.

Is the blood test ready?

- What blood test?
- The one from his grandpa's bot.


Do a cross-check.
Maybe it will match, like his face.


Sorry I left without saying goodbye.

You decided not to wash ceilings?
I understand.

- Sorry. It was stupid.
- That's OK.

- I tried to call you.
- My dad took away my bracelet.


Pack up. We're leaving.

- Where?
- To Grandpa's summer house.

- I'm not going.
- I'm not asking you.

Hurry up. I mean it.

[Marina] Yes, Anna Petrovna.
Your documents are almost ready.

I'll let you know as soon as possible.

- Marina!
- I'll call you back. Thanks.

- He's packing.
- Who?

- Safronov!
- Why?

He's figured out we're watching
and want to take away his custody.

He's taking away the kids.

Oh, please! That's nonsense.

Come and see for yourself.

See? I'm going home.

We'll have dinner at the summer house.
We'll have a barbecue.

You like going there, right?

Where is Arisa?

- Arisa? I don't know.
- Dad, did we hurt her feelings?

Sonya, how can a bot have feelings?

You're developing a bot addiction.

But it's OK.

Now we'll be together.
Just you, me and Egor. Yeah?

Did you tell Arisa to leave?


if Arisa left
she must have had a reason.

Maybe she had to go do something.

She'll find us when she's ready.

She's a bot, after all. Chin up.

Arisa wouldn't have
just left us like that.

It's your fault she left.

You don't need her. But I do.

I feel sad without her.

[ambient music playing]

[soft piano over speakers]

Thank you.

- Did you see my interview with Dad?
- Mm-hm.

What's this new type of bot
he was talking about?

Do these superbots even exist?

Maybe they do.

But the interview was pretty bad.

So you think I should focus
on conceiving an heir to Dad's empire?

"Dad's empire"?

- If it wasn't for me...
- Dad thinks otherwise.

You're nothing to him.

The mediocre husband
of his worthless daughter.

[boy] Mom? Mom!


Bring me some vodka.

What kind?

Any vodka.

- Sorry, I don't understand.
- Don't be stupid. Just get me vodka.

Come here, baby. Come here.



What the hell...

Go away.

[Sveta] Quiet now.
Calm down. It's alright.

What happened?

Borya fell. He's sick.

Is he?

Fine. I'll call Maslovsky tomorrow.
He'll come here.


You want him to come
in the middle of the night?

- Our boy is hurt.
- He'll get over it.

This is our son you're talking about!

Our son is dead.

No, he isn't.

- He's here, with us.
- Are you out of your mind?

If you go on like this, your father
will send you to a luxury nuthouse.

I'm begging you,
don't say such things.

The thing is, I doubt they would let you
bring your dear Borya with you.

I'm begging you, stop!

Mommy, why does Daddy say I'm dead?

Because he's stupid.

You aren't dead, sweetie.

You're here with Mommy
and Mommy is here with you.

[Georgy] Egor, are you ready?

It's time, Egor.

Egor, stop!



[Vlad] Stop.

- [Georgy] What are you doing here?
- [Varlamov] This time I have a warrant.

Egor Safronov?

You're under arrest on suspicion
of hooliganism and vandalism.

- Get your hands off him. He's underage.
- Don't do anything stupid.

One of the destroyed bots
has your son's blood on it.

You mean my father's bot?


Are you dumb?

That's our family bot.
It could have anything on it.

Yeah. But blood was found
inside of it as well.

Did you cut yourself
while ripping the chip out?

Petrenko, get him in the car.

Wait a minute.


The evidence.

Take him away, Petrenko.

[Vlad] You have the right to counsel
and the right to notify your family.

But they already know.

You have the right not to testify
against yourself or your relatives.

[pulsing music playing]

It's my fault. I was careless.

I'll hire a lawyer and get him out.
When did you get back?

Where's Sonya?

- At home. When did you get back?
- You left her with that stupid bot.

- Bot? How do you know about Arisa?
- It doesn't matter.

- Don't panic. I can explain.
- What? What can you explain?

[Gleb] Why were you messing with me?

You knew where she was all along.

I wasn't sure.

I don't like to share
unverified information.

- How very admirable!
- That's not the point.

Verified information costs more.

Yeah? How much do you want?

You can add it up.

I found her...

and arranged her delivery.


No. That's ridiculous.


Vadim, your greed will be
the end of you one day.

- Really?
- Follow me, bot.

Go on.

Arisa, follow me.

What's going on?

You intend to harm
Georgy Safronov's family.

- What?
- Safronov.

That guy we dumped
the Cronos body on.

Arisa ended up at his house somehow.
Now she's worried about his safety.

Look, we're not going
to harm your Safronov.

Somebody owns you.
You should be with him.

I don't have an owner. I have a family.

Well, that changes everything.
Then Safronov really is in danger.

In danger from whom? My owner?

Yeah! Your owner. And me.
And Vadim over there.

What is my owner's name?

Victor Toropov.

Thank you for the information.


What are you doing?

What do you think you're doing?

- Stop!
- [gunshots echoing]



[screeching tires]

[gunshots continue]

[deep booming]

[melancholy music playing]